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he how did he go on. me. i don't know i didn't mean that he'd be shy to you wouldn't you know what though he had to let me guess had heard but at the outcome and i mean well be shoddy i don't but i did i don't mean i didn't like it he and i was been a lot about me a good while buying or something but boy somehow i've got them all we don't want to talk about it for you washington likely 1. 000. 0. 00000. oh sure. the huns have that in the. i mean at the. last it looked a lot of 100 i'm sure there. are. so it hadn't been home to my hand. geno why i'm behind what i did in.
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a month or so ruben a mosquito and. don't want. you to make a shoe. that he's built up then he will take hold of it to make him. that evil good strong good movie get more jobs. that's the main problem in you know and yeah we see conflict. everything is. its effects on the poor people no job no on bonnie no. they had a school. because of him and the sort of stuff. that's well known that she said but. you want to. side number one side you know it's my body i'm not i'm up to my eye with the thought of a lump and also feel this is a simple idea. and in general it. was
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a little new for me i have to do a lot and mainly nice family nice families still it's. been a while i've been on a. you know mom of 2 so you've been watching you so you get to. see and talk i. mean. i know a lot of they have a phone call. away at how much of the body has gone on in general but if. i.
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discouraged from the legal issue until just one last thought i looked like the one of the last of us for you so i decided. the obvious you're not. going to. be under some real beneficial as you know a $100.00 you've got to support it coupled with the holiday shopping only official also probably let her know you're going to have to say i don't pick up on monday has been getting a little also hot. so . when someone adjusts the it's a bit could hold a while. to get that going to settle for her.
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only one you can sort of alone because he works at it almost. too often but we did learn to u.-turn an issue how did. busy he know we just most certainly seem to see him doing. as. a should or shouldn't some of me at a functional. middle want to lose tonight. i mean material cut isn't letting me. run too much i can learn otherwise you know satish. of course i will accept that. you want to see the family i would want
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a woman in the business shall soon. valve assume alcoholism in south korea out of the room of palin as you know as usual you are seen as a model and you are sure are all the signs are there are shared so this is one of those several are going to see here machine but here and here is the move that you could get is more in the real. move any 1000 fish is what our. lives could or could sell and who sent in the. just. about what i lack in the markets not the club not in. the job done among. the not a good while but does a man have. the right.
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as well to get. them to. appear on the other side was on. the bottom of the free market. are. a lot of the dogs though do a couple. of your feet a bit and others someone as you come on coming at them out loud loudly if you come by it's old. but i do know a lot of dog of a double with the budget of the. town.
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you. can see neatly. sort of on. the job on. present a lot of the film this is the love of the. mother and. her . company. that. doesn't count. out. of the other will love it but. will live with love was good enough to look at the moon the yeah.
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yeah little of the film was mostly good a little of it was that it was a little. bit of a valid. cutting wanted to put the public about the budget the budget the budget but the college was a little girl that had just given us the field to dylan delegates. it only does that any time a bowling alley declares. the journey. believe me loves him up as our desire to you is are the feeling of the hey. i've always been fascinated by space but the story of the space race isn't just about the men who risked their lives to travel into the unknown but the ones who
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held those lives in their. grandfather and his colleagues who worked on the space suits they design the space suits apollo 11 was his try on more. and the perfectly designed space suits for his legacy putting man on the moon on al-jazeera . the latest news as it breaks local communities here importing are very frustrated because the lack of post storm services with detailed coverage this last night of the flag though people flocked to see this struggling to make ransom notes and just want a better life from around the world as agassi has been offered to those who rebel against the government often called outmoded except those involved in human rights abuses a war crimes. more than 10 years after the global financial crisis you've taken home more than 480000000 dollars your company is now bankrupt our
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economy is in the state of crisis i have a very basic question this is where millions lost their homes in the u.s. alone who's held responsible i will be fabulously wealthy and i will not be in christ for thank the lord the men who still live on al-jazeera. again i'm fully back to bo with the headlines on al-jazeera a court in the u.k. has ruled the british government broke the law by selling arms to saudi arabia that may have been used in yemen swore the british prime minister says she's disappointed with the court judgment and he's seeking permission to appeal. the u.s. says one of its military drones has been shot down in international airspace over the strait of hormuz by any rein in surface to air missile but tehran is disputing
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where the incidents took place saying it violated iranian airspace in the south of the country and i know you're joining. we don't want to engage in any will but we're fully prepared food today's incident was a clear sign that we will protect old what is iran's borders are already careful we have experience we have such a clear and message the drone had violated 0 borders in syria government air strikes have killed at least 12 civilians in hama provinces this follows attacks on wednesday that killed at least 14 civilians the government has been bombarding rebel positions in the northwest which is the last territory under opposition control in turkey a former top general keane us talk with several others have been given multiple life sentences for the attempted coup in 2016 they are among 200 people hearing their fate in court for their roles in trying to overthrow the government the u.n.
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secretary general says he doesn't believe he has the power to set up a criminal investigation into the murder of journalist. that's despite u.n. special investigator agnes column are finding that saudi arabia was responsible and saying they are legal grounds for antonio terrorists to launch an international inquiry. north korea is expected to top the agenda as china. days before she is you to meet u.s. president donald trump to discuss. war between china and the u.s. analysts say she may try to mediate. a leverage in trade negotiations. people have been killed during a military base in the democratic republic of congo. against increasing ethnic violence between. witness.
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i mean on yeah i'm in the. market of what i'll see if i call the most needy and. i'm an eye some of that out there. but i'll be here the most. but i wasn't the one. but a man like you should watch for. you then and that's fine. now on when to. leave. them with numbers you want to get out of them whether
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me. down on a higher level. so this is. not an unknown. but like a letter said he'd. look . on it's like a problem with us a list of on there or of remarks on them and actually an island on there i lie 7 months. thanks to. the good god one in all of this that i'm going to.
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feel. it's one of the most of.
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the following a small circle of god and how the so i thought it was going to look dark it's got more than i thought well you know i love what i don't know it was a male belief and the money you know so far i haven't got it. well there. was a myth. that it. the layout of the long sought. by the knot was among the injustice of my d.n.a. i want to tell someone how the machine any other one shot i know how to hide it. but i'm one of the. i mean and forge a model but the verge. of it's. going to be
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a while and i mean on it but i'm not going. anyhow after she got all the way off. i just set it on the speech. to. call them. and i thought they were going i. am not allowed that slant of one. yes. i learned then. so. a lot of
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although a lot of english was like what i've read of them. but i'm a little reporter one of the rockets over here a background on to me that if it's ok. with. you know 100 on the model. well then i thought. i'd live the lives of. those who do it just feels just good to see. so when when i don't get it.
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wrong about. looks. the model of a small. you know my name. and she died and let's not call that she and i think this elite need. well i love it she got an elbow when a goddess agreed. to the. farther off and then she did ok inside the nose and they have a soft skin and again thing is it's been a thing. i would tell my son to be a little fans and i'm hoping that the money and avoid. a lot fun novel for later in
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the. most of a highly enjoyable setting one even that i'm in the middle i'm only the be below the b. and more to the film fan. then the knuckle one must be just touching the side of the beer. yet. look for love as i did that also enjoy the humor the symptom of am. well sort of them was the god that. left and then he said winning look at not just a little bit. and we're stuck in libya at the we're stuck a little off. the shelf with of kid to deal with the most. and they can be up in ones that.
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are going to be bullshit. on. when i love a sunday night out of love not another saturday and. i'm missing. some audio how the i'm going to do. this for the now about finding that there is a. deeper
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look in the woods mark. off the hook the. gentle. i. love. you the better thank you.
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i this is this issue of. the city. this is so. i thought of it really i think 0. 4. i left. a lot of hard knocks on the way in albany.
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how they're living and. another way is to the feeling. rather than how one of many of. those of the day should follow her lead in reality moon will happen tells you my mother teresa.
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i know how in the intricate unhide cut it out of always look at them to. with out them look them how the monosyllable and the love of them to how that how to. g.-d. i was in the end but complex here. oh but what about the been. so fun thought i let us at that have them with all the dog. and i took them as it wants them up.
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to give up fighting and. unless caught up with and most of the salafi initials those feelings in me that. walk funny and feeling them if they don't got a mother. when i love them was that ice no holly and. we're not going to send. one to stop without falling. on the monday even when i was somewhat off plug. for the old one had.
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the pages of this exercise book cold unspeakable memory compiled testimonies a victim is of congolese musson. as this intimate evidence finds its way to international courts the central african republic is plunged into further. and intricate tale of a people and a nation crippled by recent history. a free car part one of a 2 part series on al-jazeera.
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the web that sponsored by qatar airways. hello there that's a lot of dry weather across the south america at the moment in the south of our map there's also a good deal of cloud you can see it on the satellite picture making its way through parts of chile there and eventually it'll be edging its way across into argentina as well over the next few days but there's not really a great deal of wet weather will not will just be a bit cloudy at times behind that system is turning a bit cooler though so for santiago will get to around $51.00 as always our best temperature will be around 14 on friday by the north and lots of dry weather here even for today's are also $29.00 degrees it's in the north where we're seeing more in the way of showers you can see them plenty of them over parts of venezuela and into colombia or say 3 parts of panama and of course into costa rica towards the north there's also a few showers here but largely speaking they're more scattered so we're seeing more sunshine in between them a mineral so seeing just one or 2 showers perhaps for the east so most likely over
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parts of his spaniel as we head further north there's been a lot of wet weather in the eastern parts of north america recently and it has given us a major problem with flooding the latest system was trying to pull away but it's only made way for another one to form so yet more rain is falling here and even after that system choice to move away the still more cloud around as we head through the day on friday some of it heavy. and when sponsored by the time and we use. this is 0. i'm fully back to go this is the news our life my court is in doha coming up in the next 60 minutes u.k. weapons sales to saudi arabia broke the law a court rules against the government in a case over the war in yemen. iran choose down an american drone saying it flew
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over its territory the u.s. still says. drone was in international airspace also this hour she jane payne n.p.r. the chinese leader says the world hopes north korea and the united states can hold successful talks blasts reservoirs running dry ancient i why india is 6th largest city is nearly out of water. with the sporting clothing a big part of the whole of african football for the continent's biggest stars was out for the africa cup of nations it's announced that sci fi will take control of its governing body after several corruption scandals. thank you very much for joining us a british court has ruled the government broke the law by allowing arms exports to saudi arabia that might have been used in yemen's war the course decision though does not mean the u.k.
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must immediately hold on or its outgoing prime minister to resign may express disappointment with the verdict saying the government is seeking permission to appeal against the judgment the u.k.'s international trade secretary says no new licenses to sell arms to the coalition will be issued while the government considers the core secession as i said earlier we disagree with the judgment and the secret mission to appeal alongside this we are carefully considering the implications of the judgment for decision making while we do this we will not grant any new licenses for export to saudi arabia and its color partners which might be used in the conflict in yemen. live. outside the court in london 1st what did the judges base their decision on and what have been the other reaction to this judgment. well it's been a very positive reaction from campaign groups they will see this is a very very important step to what they eventually hope will be
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a complete ban of all british arms sales to saudi that's not what has happened here and what the court has is to creed is that it was unlawful for the british government to license the sale of weapons to saudi that ended up in yemen given that there was a strong risk that these weapons could be used to indiscriminately target civilian populations there we've seen that quick response from the british government say 3 has been brought into place immediately while they look into the case we know also as heard there by liam fox that they will they have in an intention to challenge this ruling as well not on the basis of what the court has decreed but on more of a procedural basis though so they may well be a further passage will further chapter to this legal battle going forward but this this is a vital vital step forward when it comes to at least controlling the flow of weapons
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made here in the u.k. to theaters of war where civilians are clearly paying the consequences need baka in london thank you very much for that. now the u.k. along with the u.s. and france are the top 3 sources of arms imported by saudi arabia more than 40 percent of the u.k.'s arms exports are sent to the kingdom the u.k. has licensed nearly 6 $1000000000.00 worth of on. since it began bombing yemen in 2015 that includes more than 3500000000 dollars in licenses that cover many terry aircrafts like the typhoon and tornado which are central to the sandy led coalition's campaign and iran $2400000000.00 worth of licenses in rescission guided bombs and missiles activists say bombs like the pave way for i've been used against civilian targets between 2013 and 27000 in the u.k. accounted for 23 percent is imports that speak to christine bakaly now is
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a lawyer at mall time now for human rights which is an independent many human rights organization she's via skype from beirut thank you so much christine for being with us what is your reaction to this willing to do as one of the judges said the decision of the court does not mean that licenses to export on society arabia must be immediately suspended so how much of a victory is this judgment really i think. the opposite of a bit. of a lower court said the government's brussels ok and that are. what we have now is the court. human rights where they are yours which is credibly assess whether or not there is a clearest partner it is full comply with international law unless you look at whether or not there's been. a long and clear answer.
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this was a 4 year legal process a long process and the british government has already said it will appeal so what are you hoping will happen. well i think from on a side here's the thing the conversation in the legal ramos about whether or not there is a clear respite u.k. weapons were used in an awful attack you know that of the matter is we don't want to have already documented you could weapons be used in apparently an awful a class by the. owner and over again and beyond that we documented literally hundreds of attacks by the coalition on civilians and civilian objects from 2050 times on now so our hope is is that you don't need a court case that the u.k. government looks at the very clear evidence that says we should not be supplying arms to saudi arabia at risk but city in the on holiday acts that are ongoing now that being said given the government has clearly if the all this every step of the
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way our whole visit that you could court has been good but international law clearly says no what you are an expert bolts reporting it's not just the u.k. though christine i mean the latest figures show that the death toll in yemen civil war is fast approaching 100000 what is the extent of britain's responsibility it's not the only country that's supplying weapons to the sound in that coalition. absolutely and today for example and us we're probably also going to see about arms because the u.s. has also been. militant about continuing weapon sales to depose despite once again knocking about it's not just saudi look at the meeting like you. and contributing to yemen's. disaster but that their own what in their. country get rich. and so i think what i would say is not only is it not just this case it's really a question of what role the u.s. and u.k. want to play in yemen where unfortunately the role that aren't are responsible for
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mass abuses christine back to me thank you very much for speaking to us and giving us your reaction may christine bakley is with the matan a full human rights an independent to many human rights organization live there from be able. a u.s. military drone has been shot down by iran's revolutionary guard in what it says is a clear message to washington but the 2 countries are disputing exactly where it happened the u.s. says a surface to air missile was fired at the drone in international airspace over the strait of hormuz as believe the drone was being used for high altitude surveillance but tehran says the incident took place within its territory the revolutionary guard says it intercepted the drone when it violated iranian airspace in hormones gone province dosage of barry's standing by in tehran for more reaction but 1st let's go to our white house correspondent kimberly hockett kimberly what is the u.s. military saying happened in this incident. well as you point out the u.s.
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is disputing the claim by iran that it was operating a surveillance drone in iranian airspace in fact the statement coming from u.s. central command contradicts the statements coming from iran saying in fact that it did not have any aircraft in iranian airspace that they were operating in what they say was international airspace over the strait of hormuz now we are watching very carefully to hear what the u.s. president might have to say about all this he has so far not reacted although we are watching for his upcoming meeting with the canadian prime minister justin trudeau that will be taking place in about 3 hours time in the oval office but the statements coming from u.s. president donald trump have been somewhat contradictory to that of his administration in recent days as tensions have escalated well his secretary of state has continued to talk about military options donald trump has given quotes and magazine articles recently saying that he would not characterize that there is
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a sort of a military confrontation ahead saying i wouldn't say that i can't say that at all he's also called the attack on the 2 tankers in the gulf of oman to be very minor and saying that with regard to the tensions don't worry about a thing but this is the same president the just a few weeks earlier said if iran wants to fight that will be the official end of iran so really mixed messages coming out of this administration and before this latest incident no response yet from the white house but of course we are expecting one when he meets with the canadian prime minister in about 3 hours time can really think you can believe how kids live for us at the white house press cost to dorset jabari in tehran what more are uranian authorities saying about the incident and what is their message to the americans. well fully according to the revolutionary guard dave it released details about when this incident took place they say that according to their information
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a drone took off from the american air base in the south of the persian gulf just after midnight thursday morning and it made its way towards iranian territory and it also turned off all the tracking device on the strawn and a few hours later upon returning going back up north in the. area of iran it entered into iranian airspace and just after 4 am that's when it was shot down the iranians are saying it was definitely in their airspace and they shot the strong down because it was violating their airspace now we also heard from the head of iran's revolutionary guard earlier today at an scheduled event this is what he had to say about the incident i know you're just saying. we don't want to engage in any will but we're fully prepared for war today's incident was a clear sign that we will protect oh no it is iran's borders are a red line be careful we have experienced we have such a clear and message the drone had violated our borders.
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we've also heard from the foreign ministry spokesperson up awesome savi who says reacted to this latest incident he said that this is an aggressive act and that iran will not stand by and tolerate this kind of behavior this all comes at a time when there is a tremendous amount of tension in that region in the gulf area and the strait of hormuz there was the incident just exactly week ago today the gulf of oman where the 2 tankers were attacked this is according to iran's president that tension in this region is because of the u.s. policy and the withdrawal from the 2015 nuclear agreement and the sanctions the u.s. has imposed on iran the main officials or have warned that these incidents will increase because of u.s. policy in this region and something has to be done they're urging the international community to come to the table and try to maintain this nuclear agreement will.


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