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that isn't necessarily doing that or maybe duplicating a replicating network and we have decades of research demonstrating accountability duplications and accountability is always a problem a bit i want to bring bitches and because we reconnected on the phone very quickly beatrice i pulled up this year woman sued over death of babies thinking qualification of course that as renee where is the lawsuit now in just about a sentence or 2. yeah i suppose that the case is in the hypo to jinja and it is absolute hearing on 25 january 2020 i live right now we are in the preliminary stages of pursuit where we are responding to. to the replaced it given to ice bearers are responding and they will been very quick to you to send us their responses to. and we believe by the by 2020 each will be hired fully and everyone will. mean the
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bitterest olivia patients and dr noel sullivan thank you so much for joining us that's all the time we have for today's discussion but thanks of course our community for pitching this and keep the conversation going online following us on twitter we are at the stream and i will see you next.
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bottles in cameroons rivers. on. plastic everywhere. but if bottles can be fishing doubts. and bubble gum wellington boots what more can be done with this plague of polymers
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. earthrise reimagining plastic. on al-jazeera. stories generate thousands of headlines with different angles from different perspectives. on just longstanding international is finally separate the spin from the facts the misinformation from the journalism protesters complain about the under reported of police violence the sensationalizing of the demonstrations with the listening post on al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera. hello there on the blog this is
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a news our live from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes there and shoot down an american drone donald trump says that's a very big mistake we'll have a live report from washington. you carry a weapon sales to saudi arabia broke the law the court rules against the government in the case over the war in yemen. prostitution ring in pyongyang the chinese leader says the world hopes north korea and the united states can't hold successful talks. with all the sporting fluting a big overhaul of african football as the confidence of biggest stars warm up for the africa cup of nations it's announced. that fifo will take control of its governing body after several corruption scandals. iran made a very big mistake that's the warning from u.s. president donald trump after iran's revolutionary guard shot down an american drone early on thursday the 2 countries are disputing exactly where it happened the
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united states says a surface to air missile fired at the unmanned aircraft in international airspace over the strait of hormuz it's believed the drone was being used for high altitude surveillance but terror on says the incident took place within its territory the revolutionary guard says it intercepted the drone and it violated iranian airspace in homer's gun province let's go straight to our white house correspondent kelly how could he joins us live now from washington d.c. and we have reaction kimberly from the president. yeah after days of the president almost downplaying the escalating tensions between the united states on iran we've had in the last hour reaction to the downing of that surveillance aircraft the u.s. surveillance aircraft the president taking to twitter very short tweet but very strong in terms of the message iran it made a very big mistake are offering no further details on what he means by that in
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terms of what action he might take but it's very clear that the united states is disputing the account from iran of what has occurred in fact the official statement from central command the united states central command is that this was an unprovoked attack on a u.s. surveillance asset in international airspace of course iran disputing that account but there is no question that the downing of this drone nic has caused increased friction between washington and tehran and you have to remember that this comes on the heels of just a few days ago monday to be specific where the u.s. president announced he was sending an additional $1000.00 troops to the middle east and then follows of course last week that we were widely reporting the incident that took place with regard to the attack on those 2 takers which the united states says corners of their intelligence very grainy video was the result of actions by iran so there's no question that there is increased friction between the 2
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countries taking place we are expecting the u.s. president to speak in the oval office with the canadian prime minister in a couple of hours and we expect that that time that he will labrat further on this tweet where he is pointing the finger at iran right now saying iran has made a mistake or guru thanks very much kelly how could the white house let's know get the reaction from there on his door to do bari. according to iran's revolutionary guards they say that this drone took off from a u.s. air base in the south of the persian gulf where it made its way towards iran now they say that this device of legibly turned off all detection devices while it was making its way towards iranian airspace and shortly after 4 am local time at 45 exactly the iranians shot this drone down now this comes as the head of iran's revolutionary guard has been speaking at a scheduled events in western iran let's hear what he had to say i know you're
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joining. we don't want to engage in any war but we're fully prepared for war today's incident was a clear sign that we will protect old notice iran's borders are a red line be careful we have experienced we have such a clear and message the drone had violated our borders. reaction has been coming in swift the spokesperson for iran's foreign ministry has said that this is an act of aggression and it will be noted and responded to accordingly we've also been hearing from a certain if you m.p.'s who said that they think this should go to the united nations that the iranians should complain to that governing body it was in the united nations and also it comes as tensions are high in this region the united states withdrawing from the 2015 nuclear agreement and. in stating some sanctions on iran has had the iranian officials saying that they are waging economic terrorism on iran and the recent escalation of tensions in this region is at it as
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a direct result of those policies well not only do both sides disagree on where this happened they're also reporting a different model of drone but there are very similar and all use for surveillance in fact the united states says it was a more advanced version than that claimed by iran known as the m q 4 seen trying to whatever it is large with 40 meter wings by water. commercial airlines including the boeing 737 and it flies way out of view it's much multitude almost twice that of a typical passenger jet it can stay in the air for up to 24 hours without refueling and that since radar system provides a live 360 degree view well let's bring in justin braun who is a research fellow at the roll united services institute a british defense and security think tank joins us live now from london and just a nobody arguing about whether this did happen but just where it happened what do you make of it well i think it's interesting to note that this is.
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the broader maritime surveillance demonstrator it's a pretty subset of the try to and it's based on the global hawk the significant thing about that is it's got extremely powerful terrain and maritime surveillance mapping radar as well as. electrical and infrared sensors so it has a very very sophisticated sets of sensors to tell it exactly where it is at any given time it's not g.p.s. dependent although it will cross reference so this is one of the least likely drones if you like in the world to get lost so the idea that this might have accidentally flowed into iranian airspace is very unlikely it's called missions such as to sky space as well as maritime areas so that leaves you with either the iranians shooting it down in international waters or in international airspace. a sort of controlled escalation a warning to the united states and the international community that the status quo
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with the sanctions particular oil exports is intolerable or you could argue potentially that it strayed into iranian airspace perhaps deliberately less likely i was just a part of males these are very expensive and relatively scarce assets so the u.s. will be more than just symbolically annoyed at losing it there would be some who would say this is exactly what the hawks in the trumpet ministration wanted to happen and now look at donald trump's reaction to it. i mean donald trump is inherently anti interventionist he's very much an inward focused presidential figure now there's certainly characters within his security administration john bolton in particular who are very keen and quite openly quite keen to see iran sort of taken down a peg ideally militarily militarily on the other hand taken as a whole this administration is very keen to avoid a war in iran you know donald trump ran on just as obama before him run on
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a platform of getting out of what he saw as wasting american resources in these long winnable wars and of course the dia d. . the prospect of a war with iran is disastrous it's something it knows it can't easily win it will be bogged down and for a long time it will take losses and all of this is far as the dia ideas concerned takes away from the main goal which is getting ready to try to challenge in trying constrain the rise of china as well as provide a backbone of deterrence in europe against the right continuing bellicose russia so yes there are figures in the us who are keen to see an engagement with iran taken as a whole i'd suggest that's not actually the case then what about the flip side what about the iranian side given the tensions they may have been provoked may have been provoked by the drone flying into their own space but nevertheless to shoot down the pretty dangerous game. it is also notably as was mentioned in your program that this is a very high flying aircraft yes the bombs the variant as was try tone is also
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intended to come down to lower altitudes to a sort of medium altitude to take take kind of a closer look to the global hawk which just spends most of its time at 60000 feet but even so you're talking about a large vehicle mounted say 11 like radar guided sam so very very similar in fact to the system that shot down on it 17 in ukraine so this is a large strategic system that can threaten anything in kind of commercial space and most military aircraft within a certain range this is not a shoulder fired you know relatively common manpads type system so it's an escalation in terms of shooting down the drone it's also an escalation in terms of weapon system used and the implication but of course it's notable that this was an unmanned set and just as with the tanker attacks assuming those work conducted by iran this is very carefully calibrated to avoid loss of life these are symbolic escalations by iran who seem to have calculated that the u.s. actually doesn't want to war that they do have some space to push back and really
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pushed it out you know trying to force the americans to confront the fact that they don't actually want a war and for iran the status quo is this is intolerable just a wrong thanks very much abbi for that perspective just in broke a british court has ruled the government broke the law by allowing exports to saudi arabia that might have been used in the war in yemen going prime minister to resume aid expressed disappointment over the verdict saying the government will ask to appeal and in the meantime britain's international trade secretary says no new licenses to sell arms to saudi arabia will be issued. as i said earlier we disagree with the judgment and will seek permission to appeal alongside this we are carefully considering the implications of the judgment for decision making while we do this we will not grant any new licenses for export to saudi arabia and its coalition partners which might be used in the conflict in yemen when the bucket has more now from london. this is very much being seen as
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a partial victory for campaign groups in the for the long and hard for this well they're hoping for eventually is a total ban on all british arms sales to saudi but that may be some way off yet the british government in response to this ruling has decided to freeze all pending arms sales to saudi looks into it although the british government has said that it will challenge this ruling the courts has not what's in any way. the british government to completely suspend licensing sales of weapons to saudi what it has ruled upon is that it was a lawful for the british government to grant these licenses of weapons sales to saudi arabia knowing that these weapons would potentially end up in yemen and used potentially against civilian populations there we know that many tens of thousands of civilians in yemen have been directly affected by the saudi led a bombing campaign over the past few years the british government has license 6000000000 dollars worth of sales of weapons to saudi since the start of the war
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in march 2015 there has been growing scrutiny growing momentum publicly for the british government to do more to control the flow of weapons from the u.k. to saudi but of course lucrative deals are in the pipeline a significant section of the british economy is dependent on saudi going ahead i'm buying british weapons all of that now remains very much in the air while the british government works out what to do next in the wake of this court case well andrew smith is from the campaign against arms trade the organization that brought the legal action. well we certainly will come to judgment but it should never have taken a 4 year legal process brought on by campaigners to make the government follow its own arms export controls because tens of thousands of people have been killed and the worst humanitarian cases in the u.k.
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meet where he's going to sensual and back traces you can you pay to jets in the u.k. made bombs have had a devastating impact on the. case which we put to the court of appeal was a very strong one the court of appeal has come down very strongly on our favor and to set a vitally important precedent as a result of this judgment the u.k. government has to review u.k. arms have been used to take a view on its. forces have violated international law and very devastating war in yemen the main result from today's can't be any new licenses awarded going forward so. this isn't just a legal question it's also a political one and we have to make sure that this judgment is not cast to one side 1st because much political pressure on the government to act as possible the court has done its job judy it's time for the government to do this. more than 40 percent of the boards are sent to saudi arabia it is the 2nd biggest weapons exported to
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the kingdom worth $2700000000.00 france comes in 3rd with $733000000.00 worth of sales to riyadh but both of those figures are dwarfed by the united states which sent 11 the half $1000000000.00 worth of weapons to saudi the figures were related by the stockholm international peace research institute from the years 2014 to 2080 . oh the so all of weapons to saudi arabia is also being discussed in washington where u.s. senate has holdings several the same to blocking a multi-billion dollar deal with the kingdom and the 90 day let's bring in john 100 joins me from washington d.c. and said john tell us more about what's happening here. well right now the senate is considering blocking arms sale to saudi arabia billions of dollars in arms and this really reveals the split between a rather traditional congress which wants to send a message to saudi arabia both over the killing of
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a washington post journalist jamal khashoggi and over the killing of civilians in yemen they want to block those arms going to saudi arabia but many republicans led by the senate majority leader say that the united states needs to stay with its ally and continue providing those arms the democrats say they can afford to block these arms because saudi arabia was the world's largest arms importer from 2014 to 28000 this would really not set them back that much but the senate majority leader mitch mcconnell says the united states needs to stick with his allies and this is what he had to say there's no shortage of productive steps at members disposal but recklessly counseling u.s. arms sales to cure regional partners is not on the look so the question the senate will soon consider is really those whether will lash out at an imperfect partner and undercut our own efforts to bill cooperation shack around and achieve other
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important goals or whether we'll keep our imperfect partners close and use our influence whether we'll push riyadh and away from the united states and push them closer to moscow adventure or whether we'll stay engaged and help our partners course correct. well we can. so this reveals a rift in the republican party between president trump and some republicans it does appear that $47.00 democrats will get at least the 4 votes from republicans they need in order to pass this measure and set up a showdown with president trump card john thanks very much john 100 and in washington d.c. . well still ahead here on the news hour including one of turkey's 5 former top generals has given multiple life sentences over the failed 2016. protests and violence in democrats or republicans congo and fears they could lead to the
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spread of disease to neighboring countries. and in support little messy i rescued argentina at the property market action from the match against paraguay coming. to sudan where protest is a back on the streets demanding an immediate transfer of power to a civilian government they've rejected calls for talks by the military joint and they want justice after security forces killed dozens of activists in an attack on june the 3rd the says it is investigating the incident but it's also dismissed a state prosecutor after he denied his office was consulted ahead of the attack priyanka gupta has this report. the familiar chant to protest is fill the night once again signaling that's a downstream solution is far from over. the. women and men are
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making they really known to the military gentile god. they think their ruling generals are not serious about handing over power to civilians why did we have the revolution we had the revolution to have a civilian government we will now go back to revolution now the youth are out to change that change the government to have a civilian government the military took over the revolution and the blood of martyrs was wasted therefore we are out here to change that and god willing the military growing before. the protestors have little trust in the military leadership. up to this month's violent crackdown led by a paramilitary group known as rapid support forces dozens of unarmed people were killed. hundreds injured and many others alleged sexual assault but sudan's military wants negotiations to resume veterans are worth nearly one we are removing our call to all political forces and the forces of the declaration of freedom and
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change and we are saying to them come there is no need to put preconditions for dialogue there is no need to prolong the people suffering there is no government working now in the citizens have been affected a lot in our foreign policy harmed by the lack of government we cannot afford to remain without a government any more we do not want things out of control a new coup could be carried out because of the country's impasse. protest leaders have rejected that call and a demanding accountability and lifting of restrictions. if the will. go a good order. separated for long term russian restoration. on the thing. to order the rest of the internet. meanwhile the african union which is suspended sudan's membership following the june 3rd crackdown is meeting in addison to figure out
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a way to end the impasse while those diplomatic efforts continue behind closed doors on the streets a major internet blackout and a media calm down protest is keep the pressure on. al jazeera. the u.n. secretary general does not believe he has the power to set up a criminal investigation into the murder of the saudi journalist jamal khashoggi a special report a special report from the special reporter. from the state of saudi arabia responsible for his death and says there are legal grounds for antonio terrorist to launch an international inquiry or to mark a soldier's fiance hotties changes has spoken to al-jazeera and she says the world has been left in the dark about saudi arabia's investigation. when it comes to the comments from shippey and other saudi officials that the u.n. report did not come up with anything new i would like to ask them why they didn't
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put the perpetrators on public trial and why you didn't hold them accountable why can't the saudis be more open and provide us with details of the investigation and the so-called trial that is happening behind closed doors let's bring in richard fuld who's a former united nations special rapporteur self and he joins us live from geneva mr foote welcome to the program. report has been widely lauded but isn't there a danger that it's just going to disappear without trace that nobody will take this on. well it is a matter of political will and that's a very difficult. item to be very sure about what will happen it is a historic report and it's extremely persuasive within the framework it
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adopts but it's not a definitive legal finding it's an inquiry and needs to be followed up as effectively as possible and it's disappointing that the secretary general hasn't accepted her recommendation for appointing a commission to do a proper criminal investigation yes it was the surgeon general antonio terror's says he doesn't believe he has the power to set up a criminal investigation is that true do you think. i think he has the authority if he seeks to exercise that there's a lot of ambiguity and flexibility in what the secretary general can can and can't do past secretary generals most notably. hammer show from sweden were very creative in initiating
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innovations based on the necessities of upholding what the charter of the un seeks to do which is to protect human rights to protect peace and security and this secretary general has been consistently disappointing in taking the kinds of initiatives that would make the un relevant to the well being of the peoples of the world right so why do you think he is not currently seeking to exercise his power to set up a criminal investigation if indeed he does have power as you say. i think it i mean this is pure speculation but my guess is that he hasn't received a green light from the permanent members of the security council particularly the united states and the un it should be understood that is essentially an instrument
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of geopolitics and if you don't have the geo political wind blowing behind you it's and it is difficult and understandable that the secretary general that has been rather recently elected would be reluctant to do something that would have a strong negative impact on his overall credibility so where else can we look. for example with the international criminal court be a viable institution to take this on. my sense is that it would be the european parliament did pass a resolution saying that what happened to jamal was a crime against humanity and article 7 of the rome statute governing the international criminal court says that murder is
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a crime against humanity in fact it's listed as the 1st of those crimes and this is such a. dramatic crime committed under where appears to be the authority of the acting head of the saudi state that to neglect it is to create a very gaping black hole in the whole idea of criminal accountability being seriously pursued in the international domain or it will have to leave it there former united nations special reporter richard fuld thank you. chinese president xi jinping says he hopes his north korean counterpart will keep talking to the united states she has been meeting kim jong il in syria today a visit to pyongyang to pyongyang just days before talks with u.s. president donald trump on the escalating trade war raging brown reports now from beijing this is a visit it's been
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a long time coming but was only confirmed on monday the welcoming ceremony for president xi jinping and 1st lady. came with military honors and seamless pageantry chinese state media said. was awash with exuberance. a reception that possibly exceeded anything she could even expect in his own country . the last time a chinese head of state was here was 14 years ago a reflection of a relationship that in recent years has often been strained mainly over north korea's nuclear bomb and missile development so i think this is about repairing the relationship between pyongyang in beijing which has been very rocky ever since. korea. and the 1st think it's about that in the shorter term about. north korea and china getting on the same page. with the u.s.
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which have installed president she said the international community wants those negotiations to succeed and china is willing to help you during the past 15 months he's met kim 4 times in china but this was their 1st encounter since kim met u.s. president donald trump in hanoi 4 months ago which ended without any agreement on north korean nuclear disarmament officially president xi is in pyongyang because it's 70 years since china and north korea established diplomatic relations with the visits also happening just days before he's due to meet the u.s. president donald trump who so far been unable to persuade him to give up his nuclear arsenal but a former senior north korean diplomat believes kim is using she as a messenger to pass on a new offer to try to could end the impasse they want to use the prison says in as a kind of maybe in g.
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20 brzezinski's in ping use coming to joe pan next week and president season playing may deliver this new offer directly to president trump so it's up to president trump where she would accept this new proposal or not so she's visit to pyongyang appears timely what have. could well determine the outcome of his planned meetings with president trump next weekend adrian brown . the former chief of interpol has pleaded guilty to accepting $2000000.00 in bribes while he was a government minister in china. northern china which is why if so this is politically motivated judge's verdict and sentencing will be announced later man disappeared while visiting home last year he was china's vice minister of public security before he took over at the french based global police agency
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a pro democracy politicians are among protesters in hong kong demanding direct talks with the city's leader. under growing pressure to step down after hundreds of thousands of people rallied against a controversial extradition law she apologized suspended the planned changes for protesters want the bill dropped altogether and for her to resign another mass rally is planned for today. still ahead here on out to yemen rebels say they've attacked. in saudi arabia with a missile. and. get a direct line to the president what he said about possible talks with the u.s. president. wrong place wrong time more details emerge about the shooting of baseball legend david.
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i know that we've seen a lot of heavy downpours over parts of turkey recently we take a look at the satellite picture we can see the area of cloud as it circulates around us that's what's given us our recent very heavy downpours and they have given us a problem with flooding as well more showers are likely as we head through the day on friday again very heavy and not really moving anywhere as we head through saturday elsewhere it is largely dry now and also lushly quite hot baghdad 42 degrees to ron's at 37 and forcing kabul we're at 32 now here in doha it's been horribly windy over the past few days really has been blowing very very strongly that when the winds will begin to ease on friday still a blustery day just not quite as bad and then on saturday those winds should drop out so saturday will be a much more pleasant day still hot of 42 just not as windy for the south
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a bit more humidity is around the south coast of oman and that will ensure the temperatures insula don't get quite so high we'll get to a top temperature of $31.00 degrees down towards the southern parts of africa we've got a few showers over the coast of mozambique and across madagascar but we're also seeing a good deal of cloud make its way towards cape town so cape town's looking pretty wet on friday but it should brought up as we head into saturday. they wanted 43. homes with a weapon that was $630.00 and. there's no any more because there's always a. mist. in essence we in the united states have privatized the old public function more. on
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al-jazeera. you're watching out there a reminder of our top stories this hour and u.s.
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president donald trump is warning that iran made a very big mistake after its revolutionary guard shot down an american drone both sides of the street exactly where it happened iran says it was sending a clear message to washington that it will protect its borders. a court in the united kingdom has ruled the british government broke the law by selling arms to saudi arabia that may have been used in the war in yemen britain's international trade secretary says no new licenses to sell arms to saudi arabia will be issued while the decision it's considered. chinese president xi jinping says he hopes his north korean counterpart will keep talking to the united states she's been meeting kim jong il enjoying a 2 day visit to pyongyang just days before talks with the u.s. president told trump on the escalating trade war. all right let's get more now on our top story and increasing tensions in the gulf russian president vladimir putin has warned the united states against using force against iran. i want to say it
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would be a catastrophe for the region at the very least because it would lead to an influx of 5 and possibly to an increase in the flow of refugees from the region. the war in yemen has once again spilled across the border who 3 rebels say they fired a cruise missile at a power station in saudi arabia the saudis say rebels fought a rocket at a decent nation's plant and no damage was done the white house says it is closely monitoring the reported attack on the power station in jan province the missile attacks have been increasingly targeting saudi cities ports and oil infrastructure mohammed has more from yemen's capital sana. these kinds of acts and reprisals by both sides both these and saudis seems are endless and listen also without new in sight the scat tanks also have played it in the latest. days and weeks by the whole of these as they have started to target saudi
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and for a structure they have already destroyed a cutting to the whole of these military spokesperson the airport now it has been put into out of service and we are now witnessing also the new development with the targeting the saudi power plant. and this. according to how these. had its goal and now the warning that the coming days. will be full with money surprises to the saudi arabia. that the spokesperson of the healthy military says that the preparing for more attacks and case saudi arabia is what he described is adamant to continue its attacks on yemen and reprisal to the whole of these attacks on the
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power plants injuries and the saudi fighter jets targeted this morning the 1st brigades which is to the. north side of the capital sanaa. a turkish court has sentenced 209 people to life in prison in one of the biggest trials over the failed 2016 coup former air force commander. was among those convicted of violating the constitution and attempting to assassinate the president the government says about 250 people were killed when a faction of the military tried to take control of the country since then with already as have a rest and tens of thousands of people in a crackdown that alarmed rights groups. as more now from istanbul. the trial in i was one of the most important court appearances of the defendants following the 2016 attempted coup because 2 of the defendants are consider some of the key
12:41 am
architects of the attempted coup. turk who was the former force command and also ali yes as a top military aide to president there were 224 defendants 13 outlaws and 17 of the defendants got back to back life sentences multiplied more than 140 times a way of saying here that. they will spend the rest of their lives behind bars the international community has been concerned about some of the proceedings because we're talking about more than 77000 people who were arrested mr personnel and also civil servants and the international community international human rights group groups have been asking for more transparency in this explains why the ministry of justice has been saying that they're proceeding so far are in compliance with the turkish constitution we're talking about a delicate issue here in turkey against a backdrop of the strained relations over many decades between the party and the
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military establishment which for many decades also presented itself as the guardian of secularism in the country that changed after 2000 when they managed somehow to sideline the military establishment and give more power to political parties and 2016 is widely seen here also as a turning point because that coup was the bloodiest so far in the modern history of turkey 250 people were killed and thousands were injured and i think some of the sentences that we saw today and in the past were message by the turkish government that it does not tolerate the army meddling into political life in the country syrian government air strikes have killed at least. civilians in the in italy been how many provinces 3 children were among the dead and several rescue workers were injured this fall as attacks on wednesday that killed at least 1470 and the government has been bombarding rebel positions in the northwest which is the last
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territory under opposition control. the delivery of basic services is still causing protests in iraq's southern city of basra residents in the all rich region have taken to the streets outraged by continued power and water is here it dozens were killed in demonstrations and police trying to stop them so stratford is in basra where residents say nothing has changed since then. these protests mark the year anniversary since what became violent protests this time last year over the lack of seats in. lack of access to clean running like an ice chest to electricity the people here are angry that nothing has been done since those protests process started as i say this time last year but turned very violent the crackdown on those demonstrations resulted in dozens of people being killed and many government buildings in the city being attacked and destroyed by the i mean ask that we are
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against the corruption and the political elite that are controlling our fate specifically we are talking about the clerics both shia and sunnis who are trying to exploit our feelings for their own political gains. and we have to operate corruption because best friends suffer so much people here sleeping in the streets no services no clean water no electricity no health services the messages on these banners a calling full bore jobs and they're calling for justice for the people that were killed in the crackdown in the protests in basra this time last year this incredibly high unemployment mounting anger amongst these people who accuse the government. ignoring them for many years for basically since the fall of saddam hussein in 2003 basura could be one of the richest cities in the world because of its potential oil wealth and yet the people in many areas of the city are literally
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living in poverty the people we've spoken to are increasingly angry and say these protests will go on until they start to see some sort of evidence of the government doing something about their problems. dozens of people have been killed during an attack at a military base in the democrats republic of congo thousands have protested in a teary province near the border with uganda against increasing i think violence between the lendu and him a triage at least 160 people have been killed and 300000 displaced in the past 2 weeks. has more from a u.n. camp in uganda where the congolese have been seeking refuge. this is a people from the d.r. see 1st arriving the gates here they go through a medical screening and because this is the ball outbreak in the d.r. see ugandan health officials are on high alert making sure no one is sick so far they've been no reported cases of ebola in this area when we 1st arrived we met
12:46 am
a family that a come across they galba by boat mom dad several small kids and the mother say that they've been it was destroyed by various militia men they've been walking for days to get to the shores of lake albert when they got to make alba they was fighting in and around the area when they thought it was safe and managed to cross the lake by boat it took them 4 hours then they made all these other people who'd been waiting also for help from ugandan officials they saw it as harrowing photographs of people who'd been killed in the conflict in the d r c families who've been had stood by machete soldiers mostly been killed in the same way an indication the conflict in neighboring d r c is getting worse families have packed their belongings anything they could bring from the d r c m cross into uganda where they are getting on to the u.n. to. they'll be taken to a refugee statement where they'll be given basic food and some temporary equipment to build temporary shelters while they try to adjust to
12:47 am
a new life here in uganda aid workers say on average they have seen about 200 people coming here every single day but sometimes it's been higher 830-405-0604 this in the month of june they've seen more people than usual coming into uganda from the d r c a sign that the conflict there is worsening they also saying they're seeing mainly children teenagers young people they're not seeing the elderly they say is a cause for concern. a growing number of children in eastern india are dying from the brain disease and suffer like this the deaths of at least 110 children and be hostage has caused some families to leave their homes some say the virus is out of control because of poor hospital facilities doctors have urged to run 400 cases. a cold and hungry has extended the prison sentences of 4 traffickers who let 71 people die in the back of a lorry a judge raised those sentences from 25 years to life without the possibility of parole he said the man had shown cruel indifference to the lives of those trapped
12:48 am
inside the 71 victims had paid the smugglers to transport them through hungry to germany in august 2050. russian president vladimir putin says he's ready for talks with his u.s. counterpart donald trump he made the comment during his annual direct line with vladimir putin live program but the russian leader says it's reelection campaign could further complicate relations between them but most of the questions from the public were about domestic issues and explains now from mr. well this is one of the most important finest moments in the year for president putin the question and answer session with the russian population it's widely televised it's carefully orchestrated and choreographed and interestingly this year most of the questions more than half of them were all about domestic issues it was all about the living conditions of people in russia who said they are very much deteriorating the
12:49 am
economy is going to a very difficult time for years already income and wages is at a very low level for the last 6 years and questions about these issues also health care was an important question put an answer saying that yes he admitted that things have not been easy but there is a positive trend and the government is really working hard to improve the situation this all comes amid the fact that his approval ratings and also his trust ratings have gone down significantly compared to before his reelection last year there was a little a little bit talk about international issues he blamed partly the economic distress of the country on the international sanctions that are imposed on russia but he also made this comparison that china and japan are also going through a rough time and basically do all in the same boat together because it all came from the united states because of the trade war with china he basically also said
12:50 am
that this whole attack on who while way was a way for the united states to weaken china as its main global competitor or donald trump's nomination to fill the u.n. ambassador role is for you seeing some tough questions over climate change crofters previously said she believes both sides of the roads have for a little humans like him or has this report. kelly kraft is the wife of a billionaire coal executive and like her husband has been an influential donor to the republican party she served as an alternate delegate to the un for 2 years under president george w. bush but until becoming ambassador to canada 18 months ago most of her career was in the private sector but the u.n. post has been vacant for the past 6 months with the deputy ambassador jonathan cohen serving as acting permanent representative action against very much under the direction of the secretary of state today have instructed our u.n.
12:51 am
ambassador jonathan cohen to raise around attacks in the u.n. security council meeting i just finished briefing the security council as secretary pump ayos request. the previous ambassador to the u.n. nikki haley initially appeared to act independently of the state department and from her 1st moment in the u.n. building signaled a new and tougher diplomatic posture by the u.s. this is a time of strength this is a town of action this is a time of getting things done there appear to be little consultation with the then secretary of state ricks to listen ambassador haley unstring directly to the president. but this will change when my compo took over the state department and began to play a prominent role in directing the activities of the u.s. mission we think these sanctions would bite as did the new national security advisor john bolton a former u.n. ambassador who was quick to stake his own claim to control we've imposed very stringent sanctions on iran more are coming. and what we expect from iran is
12:52 am
massive changes in their behavior i think. it was clear nikki haley's time up for tanami was over and many within the u.n. were concerned about what appeared to be a lack of clarity in the u.s. position what many diplomats say is that it's very hard to get a clear decisions out of the u.s. mission to the new one at present and that is a probably because bolton and other members of the administration are fighting over what policy lines to take we will miss you nikki haley resigned was feted by president trump and returned to a home in south carolina in departing she left an empty seat on the national security council and what's been made very clear is that it's a seat the new ambassador to the u.n. will not occupy. mike hanna i'll just hear a washington. the n.b.a.
12:53 am
draft is that the.
12:54 am
thank you very much african football is facing a major overhaul on the eve of the africa cup of nations taking full control of its governing body café after a string of scandals left the organization in chaos sports correspondent any winnings as more details. it's a huge embarrassment and a difficult position for african football to be in and it causes other problems with world football politics and they've decided this via their executive committee
12:55 am
or in car or for the start of the africa cup of nations and they're going to do it via the free for secretary-general fatma some over who had been at the women's world cup in france she's been in power shoot it in egypt to actually ready to take over some of the running of african football who formally do this from august for a 6 month period of course the current person in charge of maid of maid is the subject of an ethics investigation by fay for. allegations of corruption and sexual misconduct now it's been said that this is i joint idea between the african football authorities in favor that's not the case this is very much face is decision and i can tell you that it's not a popular decision with for instance the head of the wife alexandra chair for him because i've seen a letter a private that's where he's already written to favor president johnny and i'd say no to say that this could present going forward a possible conflict of interest the africa cup of nations kicks off on friday in
12:56 am
egypt who are hosting for a record 1st time 7 time champions will hope moments can replicate he's fallen for a little school 22 league goals fall in last season and he and a team have been warming up in cairo. afghan organizers have introduced a new ticketing system through security at the tournaments a new online process needed fans to submit copies of their national id cards for background checks it's also designed to stop tickets being sold on the black market the 1st 2 games are sold out but some supporters have been put off by the new system and the high prices. and yes i won't go to a match because it's really expensive and i really like watching here at the cafe the cafe has its own atmosphere also whenever i check the website to register for certain times it says i need to update the data i get bored 2nd and 3rd class tickets have sold out so only 1st class tickets for my and they're really expensive
12:57 am
. messi had to come to argentina's rescue at the copper america in brazil however birth 14 time champions were lucky to get away with a 11 draw against paraguay argentina haven't won the cup a since 1993 and on the evidence they look unlikely to break their streak the paraguayans took a 1st half lead in this group the natural belo horizonte thanks to richard sanchez the assist they from me go on but after the break you know want to penalty in fact no one on the pitch actually noticed paralyze even peteris handing the ball but we are dead and missing school the penalty but the drama between there has parable one spot kick themselves 6 minutes later johnson is goalkeeper franco out of money saving their penalty to make the final score $11.00. now the other game in group b. so colombia qualified for the quarter finals with a 10 win over asian champions qatar who are one of the 2 teams that have been
12:58 am
invited to play in this year's competition despite the loss the qataris put on another encouraging display following their opening game draw at just 4 minutes away from another door however. heading home the only goal for the 2001 copy of champions. sorry as the scribe is moved from chelsea to you ventures as a step up any career sorry signed a 3 year contract with the city are champions having spent just one season with chelsea during which time he won the u. roeper league he described chelsea as having an inferior history to uva i. strain to go top of the standings at the cricket world cup and then looking good to do that right now in nottingham against bangladesh david warner club the bar highest score of the tournament so far 166 to power the australians to 381 for 5 in the 50 overs in response the bangladeshis are 144 for 3 after 24 point one
12:59 am
overs it has emerged the shooting of baseball legend david ortiz last week was a case of mistaken identity the former boston red sox player was shot and wounded at a nightclub in the dominican republic prosecutors in the case now say the truth behind the attack were actually paid to kill teasers francis told david fernandez the t.v. host who was sitting next to him and was shot in the leg during the incident the n.b.a. draft takes place in new york later where french rises to snap up college players for next season and its service men that you're about to see zinah williamson who is projected to be the number one pick here is the 18 year old may not be a pro yet but he's already got 3400000 followers on instagram of 3 standard performances for duke last season it's the new orleans pelicans who have the all important 1st pick and although they are not the most box office franchise
1:00 am
williamson says he'd be happy to go there. i'm such a simple do i just i just want to like honestly i just want to be in. i don't have a. sister being. 4 and. has been ruled out of wimbledon a woman 12 has had surgery on a fractured kneecap defending queen's club champion met in chile which has suffered an early exit from the events in london he was beaten in the 2nd round biology team is diego short term 6464. that's what we'll leave it for now most vote again later for me nic we'll see you later thanks very much indeed just before we wrap up this news out some more news on our top story the shooting down of the u.s. trained by iran we have of course as we've been reporting for.


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