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tv   Sri Lanka The New War Within  Al Jazeera  June 21, 2019 1:32am-2:01am +03

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well as government tory tees were quick to take advantage of the mishap accusing y. daughter of being behind the corruption scheme. his representatives are materially responsible but why do is the mastermind the alleged theft is a blow to the opposition that is frequently accused of large scale corruption one of the causes they say for the economic and humanitarian crisis is their business well as endured for years most of the factors have been sheltered tells in the border city of at a cost of more than $10000.00 u.s. dollars per day the bill was split between the united nations and the venezuelan opposition which was repeatedly laid to pay and i'm getting the factors thrown out on the streets. these defectors were evicted this week from this shelter for protesting for not receiving enough food.
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donald trump speaking a short time ago at the white house let's listen. it's a friend of my we've worked hard together we work in particular in the u.s. and ca and we hope to have by partisan support i think just to you to be making the rounds of congress later if you think it's a terrific thing but it's great to have you so we're going to be talking about that and generally we'll be talking trade and other things and we're then going to have lunch and some meetings and it's an interesting day but it'll be like camp positive day i think like usual so we want to have it we want to have very positive days we only have positive days so i want to thank you very much from there for me to do what the q. thank you donald for for this meeting it's an opportunity for us as you say to keep talking about how we've worked hard to great to build a great trade deal that's good for canadian workers good for american workers good for mexican workers as well we're moving forward on the ratification process
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aligned with you obviously today as well on top of the great news from the canadian and american economies we're continuing to work on on a broad range of global issues obviously which means today we're going to be talking about as well but this is just a really great opportunity for us to continue to work and to develop and to build on the closest ally and soon the world between canada and the united states well this will be the largest trade deal ever made and i want to be close if you take a look at the numbers 2nd is so far away you don't even call it 2nd so it's very exciting and very exciting for mexico very exciting for canada and i have to also thank the president of mexico because he's really been doing a job on the border and a job in mexico a lot of very positive things have happened and the flow is very substantially slowed down they have 6000 mexican troops on their southern border and it's been
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it's really been tremendous to donald trump in the oval office told he with just an . true. we will not he's been asked to listen and keep speaking and we'll get back to that as soon as he is our last question is potentially about the shooting down of the drone in the meantime let's talk about how he tweeted earlier and said that warned that iran had made a very big mistake after its revolutionary guard and american drone i think there's questions now taking place with all of trouble justin trudeau so let's just dip in and have a listen to the a lot of years. we were able to shave $1500000000.00 off the price when i got here they were going to spend a lot more money than we spent and i would say the plane basically is an upgrade over that model we actually are getting things that they don't get we're saving about $1500000000.00 so it's going to be terrific it's under construction right now by boeing. go ahead question. oh
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i made a big mistake. this drone was in international waters clearly we have it all documented it's documented scientifically not just words and it made a very bad mistake ok now i'm afraid you'll find out and you. will find out you'll find out there are obviously obviously you know we're not going to be talking too much about it you going to find out they made a very big mistake. right now where there are no concerns we'll be discussing that it will be one of the issues i think you'll be discussing right now with justin would have been happy to have a hit. well i guess they indicated they're going to be alone should have done sooner but what are you going to do can't win them all he should've done it sooner but he can't win it all and eventually he'll do what's right for apps but see what
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he does. that really. conflict obviously we were very concerned about the escalation by iran recently we have a significant presence in the area including leading in the nato mission in baghdad in iraq we look forward to discussing with our closest ally their perspectives on this and how we can move forward as an international community. and. while i don't know that he's trying to make a you try to get him in we're what we've got a lot of the things to discuss. otherwise i'll represent him well i will tell you we have a meeting set up with president xi and it's obviously on the big transaction that we're talking about a negotiating our people are actually speaking now we'll see what happens with that but anything i can do to help can and i will be doing if. she was you to say never meet my 3 of us i would at justin's request i will absolutely bring them in to us
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and right. it will that when when it is radically when we consider far i have to get the democrats to approve it all right so i like your positive thinking but if and the if is really subject to the democrats let's see what happens but i really believe that nancy pelosi and the house will approve and i think the senate will approve it rapidly it's going to be very bipartisan it's great for the farmers manufacturers it's really great for everybody and unions it's great for unions i mean i we have tremendous union support too it's a tremendous it really is it shows a partnership between 3 countries and sort of 3 countries in a trade sense we're competing with the european union with competing with china it gives us a bigger dialogue gives us a much bigger platform it's really good for all 3 it's something that's very popular i hope politically they can do what they have to do now
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a day after the election it would win with a tremendous support but we have an election coming up but i think nancy pelosi is going to do the right thing and of our son canada mexico well we'll see i mean you know they have to do what they have to do we understand that we can't have. began tremendous shipments of certain products so we understand that very well we were very pleased with the lifting of the tariffs on steel and aluminum they've been lifted as you know and there won't be hopefully tranship ing of this trend shipping i'll call justin and he'll take care of it. and he doesn't take your probably call him a 2nd time and if he doesn't then we'll have to talk right but i think that i think that that situation is very well taken care of very important for both countries and for all 3 countries the farmers very very important more so in that case from us and canada but the farmers are really happy with that the manufacturers are very happy mexico is thrilled you saw the vote it was a very lopsided in
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a positive way vote a great vote and i think it's going to be something very special again it's the largest trade deal by far ever entered into and we're very close to having fire allies it's been a lot of jobs for our country a lot of wealth for all 3 countries and we're really competing against the world you know we're not competing with each other so much just brings a sin to a position where we're not competing with each other we're competing against the world and that's what we're doing we're competing against big sections of the world including asia and including other areas and i think it's going to be very special i think it's going to end up being a very important deal but the biggest ever made as you. might say. where we thought about that that's an interesting question. they played phenomenal basketball i watched a little bit of it they were really terrific congratulations by the way that was a great job by a great team so we'll think about that if they'd like to do it will think about
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that we have a lot of other folks coming up and the presidential medal i just spoke to him we're going to be presenting the presidential medal of freedom to roger penske roger penske is a great gentleman who has won 18 indianapolis 500 s. he's won just one daytona we won day if they turn he won indianapolis he won probably more than anybody in the history of racing i can't imagine anybody even being close foote roger penske is going to be getting the medal of freedom and he's very through. to be getting it and that will be announced over the next little while but i guess actually i'm announcing it pretty much now they're going to be putting something out they'll be putting something out a little he's very deserving he's a great gentleman i've known him a long time and a very brilliant guy you know when you think of all the countries that want to win indianapolis and they tell around they fight and they spend even canada they spend a lot of money and they say and you know when
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a man wins indianapolis when he wins it 18 times and he just won the daytona and he won. many things over the course of years and he's become a very successful man we talked about electric cars today i think nobody knows more about that subject in terms of common sense than roger penske so roger penske will be getting and receiving the presidential medal of freedom. oh absolutely when i came here on was in 14 to 18 different sites of confliction they were extremely hostile they were hostile when they signed the deal they were screaming death to america and i think probably iran made a mistake i would imagine it was a general or somebody that made a mistake in shooting that drone down and fortunately that drone was unarmed it was not there was no man in it and there was no it was just it was over international
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waters clearly over international waters but we didn't have a man or woman in the draw we had nobody in the drone would have made a big difference let me tell you would have made a big big difference but i have a feeling i may be wrong and i may be right but i'm right a lot i have a feeling that it was a mistake made by somebody that should have been doing what they did i think they made a mistake and i'm not just talking to the country made a mistake i think that somebody under the command of that country made a big mistake here how do you figure on leadership. let's just see what happens you just see what happens it's all going to work out your money you're going to say it . i don't know i find it hard to believe it was intentional if you want to know the truth i think that it could have been somebody who was loose and stupid that did it but we'll be able to report back and you'll understand exactly what happened but it was a very foolish move that i can tell you it's your right there are members of your
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construction we're trying to force you and the natural now to in fact in many cases it's the opposite but i will say look i said i want to get out of these endless wars i campaigned on that i want to get out and then afghanistan for 19 years as you know we've reduced very substantially in afghanistan we beat the caliphate we took back 100 percent of the caliphate when it was 99 percent just and i said we're going to get out we're going to start peeling back and everybody went crazy because it was 99 so i said all right so often it should up so we got 100 percent and we're pulling that back out of syria we're pulling a lot of people back but this is something this is a new wrinkle this is a new fly in the ointment what happened shooting down the drone and this country will not stand for it and i can tell you thank you very much. so they have a donald trump justin trudeau holding a press conference at the white house talking about things many embarrassed but of particular interest of course comments about donald trump saying that the
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reiterating that the shooting down of the joined by iran meant the iran had made a very big mistake and he was off what the u.s. response would be and he said you will find out. but he did he express the fact that he thought that it was a genuine mistake that a general someone had made a mistake the iraq the drone was clearly ever international waters he said i have a feeling it was a mistake made by someone doing what they should not have been doing i find it hard to believe it was intentional someone loose and stupid he. he said and he also denied that donald trump denied being pushed into cold feet by members of his administration. brianna white house correspondent being listening in as well a company what do you make about. well i found the comments that followed the very end of that oval office appearance with the canadian prime minister to be perhaps what many would find the most reassuring and that is donald trump reiterating his
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2016 campaign pledge that he went into the white house promising to get out of these endless wars as he called them that he has made that effort and made good on that whether it be syria or it really seemed to signal that he didn't want to go to war with iran he was pressed as you pointed out about some of the more hawkish members of his administration namely the national security advisor john bolton his secretary of state might pump a 0 who are much more hawkish * have said the united states continues to consider military options and well we heard there from the president he's not ruling it out just the opposite very very strong wording he does seem to be leaving a bit of space for this to be interpreted as an accident to potentially allow iran to save face while the united states still very much pointing the finger as we heard in the pentagon briefing in the last hour from the air base where in fact the
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u.s. air force central command commander griffin said very clearly that the united states considers this and unprovoked attack on a u.s. surveillance asset even laying out the permit parameter saying that this was surveillance that was conducted they believe the united states in international waters that the nearest point of land to iran was 34 kilometers away so the arguments being made by the united states is that this was unprovoked that they were acting in good faith within the parameters. of international operations the u.s. president there in the oval office now it appears almost playing both hands saying on the one hand that there is a very potential is great for some sort of response saying rather vaguely we will find out but at the same time leaving that space that this could have been an accident that this could have not been the iranian leadership the top commanders but in fact somebody lower down in the actual eyes that perhaps made
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a mistake in shooting down this drone. or kimberly thanks very much so do stay with us because we have some comments from the u.s. house speaker the democrat nancy pelosi of course who says that the u.s. has no appetite for war let's have a listen to what she had to say i think it's a dangerous situation a high tension wires are up in the region. we have to be strong and strategic about how we protect our interests we also cannot be reckless and what we do so would be interesting to see what they have to say whether. i don't think the president wants to go to war there's no appetite for going to war in a country. there becomes one simple easy the saying there is no appetite so that's reflected by the view of many on capitol hill of course and that we're going to see what happens next is deliverables are saying that this was a really cool in the daily news with the run a fly in the d.c.
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put it. yeah the united states or rather the white house specifically has been rather quiet about the discussions that are taking place we have been repeatedly pressing the white house trying to get a better grasp on what kind of planning is taking place as a result of this incident but i think the statements there from nancy pelosi really reflect the sentiment of the u.s. congress democrats as well as many republicans that there is no appetite and there is a recognition there is no appetite on the party of the american public for another conflict this is one of the things that allowed donald trump into the white house this feeling that the american people have been misled into a confrontation such as the 2003 invasion of iraq by the united states led on faulty intelligence so there is a healthy skepticism that is occurring not only among the american public but members of congress who are saying to this white house we're not convinced of your
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intelligence whether it's that grainy video that the white house said conclusively prove that the attacks on 2 tankers in the gulf of oman was by iran they're not comfortable with the additional deployment of $1000.00 troops that the united states put forward just as of monday or even some of the designations of the i.r.g.c. the international revolutionary guard corps run a sovereign states ability to defend itself into declaring that a terrorist organization there are many in the united states that are questioning all of this even questioning why the records perhaps there was not located until we heard from the pentagon saying that it fell in international waters. there is this feeling that there are members of the administration that are moving and marching towards a conflict that many of the american public and a large portion of congress do not support of course the military will will have precise coordinates of where this drone was when this happened and so you would
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assume that it would be possible for them to present evidence over the support they're only human. indeed if this wreckage were to fall and on land in iran then there would be no question or no dispute the problem is that it fell into the water now the u.s. is is saying and iran is countering this that it was precisely 34 kilometers near the so the nearest point of land in other words the nearest point of land near iraq now iran is saying that in fact this was in the iranian space now the pentagon in its briefing did lay out the privateers and i'll give them to you they call this not only a dangerous an escalatory attack that they said was irresponsible they said this occurred in the court of quarter of dubai u.a.e. and muscat oman in danger and innocent civilians i don't have a map in front of me and perhaps we can pull one up to take a look at where this is exactly but there seems to be disputed this is the crux of
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the dispute between iran and the united states about who potentially have the ability to be there and whether or not this was in fact international airspace the problem being that the wreckage is now at the bottom of the ocean making that making that sort of ironclad ruling much more difficult you know you wonder how deep the water is there and if it could be retrieved at all sorts of. questions at this point it could be we'll leave it there for the moment can be held at the white house well all the while they were on the foreign minister had this to say via twitter he said that the u.s. wages economic terrorism on their own has conducted covert action against this and now encroaches on territory we do not see war but will that its lead defend our skies the land and waters and will take this new aggression to the united nations he said and show that the u.s. is lying about international waters all right let's speak now to the dosage of bahrain who's a study by on the phone for us from tehran to tell us more about the response from
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rome. well nic we've heard from the foreign minister but even earlier today after the revolutionary guard announced what happened according to their. understanding of the events we heard from the head of the revolutionary guard. who was at an event and he was very adamant that what happened was absolutely not an accident that the iranians felt work certain that this was a violation of their airspace by a u.s. drone and that's when they decided to strike it down and the head of the revolutionary guard said this is a warning this is in no way meant to be an accident that it's a warning to the american that we order the iranian borders whether it be land air or sea. are a red line we will protect our borders and we are not afraid to take action and
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this is what happened early this morning the revolutionary guard released a statement saying that they shot down a u.s. drone near their mobarak region which sits in the country and that's in the strait of hormuz where the incident in the vessels last week were attacked as well so it's this area that's seen a lot of activity and hostilities recently and the revolutionary guards this morning were adamant that this was a measure that they had to take because they felt that their airspace was violated by a drone that was spying on iran. as we've been hearing donald trump has been falling off various quotes about this incident since iran's foreign minister made tweeted his response about not seeking war but zealously defending skies land and walters and among say things that donald trump has been saying is that he believes that to iran might have mistakenly shot down the u.s.
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train speculating that it was someone being nuisance cheap it might we get a response on these kinds of don't trump was being coming up with a well i think they were to have i think if the u.s. president has been paying attention to what their weapons you're kind of saying well the past 12 hours they not only have issued statements but they've issued. videos on their social media accounts which congratulate their effort basically at fighting what they believe is an enemy invasion into their space they see this certainly not as something that was ever an accident no one is the revolutionary guard would have been able to as the u.s. president believes pull the trigger by accident this is not something that would happen in iraq and it was very very deliberate and calculated and they believed and here really that they were being violated their airspace was being violated and they responded without hesitation without thinking about the consequences obviously of their actions that this was
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a response that they needed to have because the head of the country's revolutionary guard has said and many other leaders as well that the borders of iran are red lines and they will not hesitate to protect them so what you think going to happen next in terms of how the revolutionary guard will deal with this because presumably the u.s. administration will keep applying the pressure keep saying that iran was to blame you know what kind of iran do at this point. well i think we've been trying to confirm that they are trying to salvage any part of this down drone but it's in an area that is very very deep we don't know exactly where they know where it went down but we don't know how long it will take them or whether they can retrieve any part of this drone that is certainly that their number one priority at the moment usually in the past scenarios like this of course not on the scale and on
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this environment when things like this have happened the revolutionary guard there already is of course to provide video and pictures of what they've managed to. shoot down or take from the u.s. military and this is certainly something we were expecting in the coming days but in terms of down the line internationally i think the government will continue to use this as a point to say that the u.s. government is wrongly accusing yet again this will be the 1st 3rd incident that has happened in this region over the past month where the americans blame the iranians for what is taking place and they say the radius of aggression and force and the iranians continue to deny and say they're only protecting their borders at the. only do they have a maritime famous needles jabari the entire on just to recap this situation the united states drone was shot down early on says day but it's around the united
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states and iran are disputing exactly what happened the u.s. military says a surface to air missile was fired at the unmanned craft an international aspects of the strait of hormuz it's believed a drone is being used to honey altitude surveillance but iran's revolutionary guard says the drone violated iranian airspace homes gun province so they were they say well within their rights to attack it. let's get an expert view just a bronc is a research fellow at the roll united services institute and he says the drone was an advance model the united states would not want to lose the producer to the try to and it's based on the global hawk the significant thing about that is it's got extremely powerful terrain and maritime surveillance mapping radar as well as. electronic tacl and infrared sensors so it has a very very sophisticated set of sensors to tell it exactly where it is at any
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given time it's not g.p.s. dependent although it will cross reference so this is one of the least likely drones if you like in the world to get lost so the idea that this might have accidentally flowed into iranian airspace is very unlikely it's called missions that is to skirt space as well as maritime areas so that leaves you with either the iranians shooting it down in international airspace as a sort of controlled escalation a warning to the united states in the international community that their status quo with the sanctions particular oil exports is intolerable or you could argue potentially that it strayed into iranian airspace perhaps deliberately less likely i was just a part of many else these are very expensive and relatively scarce assets so the u.s. will be more than just symbolically annoyed at losing it. well let's hear now from the russian president vladimir putin who is warning the united states not to use force against iran but. i want to say it would be a catastrophe for the region at the very least because it would lead to an influx
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of a possibly to an increase in the flow of refugees from the region. and a reminder now of what the president on the trip had to say a short time ago where he repeated that iran had made a big mistake by shooting down the u.s. drone this drone was in international waters clearly we have it all documented it's documented scientifically not just words and it made it very bad mistake ok. you'll find out and. you'll find out you'll find. obviously obviously you know we're not going to be talking too much about it we're going to find out they made a very big mistake canadian prime minister justin trudeau is in town to talk about trade but the situation is rather taken over things and he was sitting next to donald trump in the white house. obviously. very concerned with the escalation by iran recently.


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