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thousands of demonstrators in hong kong argufying roads around police and government buildings it's part of protests to push for the complete withdrawal of a controversial extradition bill the government headquarters have been closed with crowds gathered there calling for the resignation of hong kong's leader you're watching live pictures now from there many are dressed in black to honor a protester who died after falling from a scaffold on saturday mass demonstrations have been held over the past fortnight against the bill which would allow criminal suspects to be sent to mainland china for trial our correspondent robin mcbryde is on the street with protestors and brings us the very latest. there's now several 1000 people out protesting and they've taken over once again one of the major highway highways in hong kong until a few minutes ago this highway it's called harcourt road was busy with traffic it's now busy as you can see with protesters they've been gathering around the main government and legislative council complex here this is all part of their ongoing
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campaign they want to bring the government to a standstill that in a way has been thwarted somewhat by the government bring itself to a standstill they've given the workers here in this complex the day off nonetheless the protesters gone ahead it's there it is peaceful it is fairly good natured but certainly there is still a lasting resentment and anger not only about this extradition bill but also about towards the police here. they are angry that police classified one of their protests last week as a riot and also the level of force used by police now the protesters have called for a protest outside the police headquarters that's a couple of blocks in this direction so they are gradually moving there but as you can see they are blocking at the moment to this highway they're blocked one side of the highway and if you just get a look over here there are some protesters trying to block the other side of the highway some traffic on this side of the highway was blocked for
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a time remains to be seen if they can get up the numbers to completely block this road as you can hear a lot of the drivers beeping their horns down to happy for the moment at least the police keeping a very low profile allowing the students to vent it seems that to occupy this road as we wait to see what happens. still ahead on al-jazeera into ethnic fighting forces hundreds of thousands of people to flee their homes in the democratic republic of congo. and the quest for oil and gas and find pressed stocks what could become a diplomatic showdown between taki and. the west and sponsored by cattle and ways. ok this time the year's all about the wind wind and dust strength of wind temperatures dependent they're all you can see some
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cloud around not much except in turkey roses and slow moving pretty big thunderstorms and they like to carry on aleppo's a 30 by roots count to 28 in the forecast baghdad diary to about 40 mark and this is the time of year where you tend to get a breeze coming out of the plains or rock or moving southward so that can be quite a strong wind as it has been just recently but is tending to ease a little bit which will attempt is to rise a little bit to around 37 lock in cobol now dry is $31.00 so the breezes been a dusty one but recently cleared up on friday it's weakening some degrees it comes down across qatar where has been very much notice $42.00 degrees is reduction in temperature still middle forty's in the far south in the n.t. quarter and 45 cross in mecca the chance of showers has increased somewhat in western young but it's not a big chance to be honest intense disappear come saturday and the breeze has become whiter so it's a dry and hot picture the opposite will hoffa's it drying cultish picture for most
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of southern africa there are a few showers around coming off the waters here into places like harare if you're lucky otherwise it's sunny. the weather is sponsored by qatar airways it's my privilege to name al-jazeera english the broadcaster of the year the country has a fight each other and we've been told that we can still be here these are still all just demonstrations it's been a hell i will need to refugees says over $700.00 per year in some of the emergency rooms of the apartment or they think the big bucks that they do. here in doing. from bruce appealed to the new kristen's gold coast to. the city.
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hello again i'm. reminded of the news this hour the new york times is reporting that u.s. president donald trump ordered air strikes against targets in iran but then withdrew the order with planes in the air and ships and position of land attacks were to be in response to iran shooting down a u.s. surveillance drone washington says the drone was shot down in international airspace but iran disputes this iran's foreign minister on the other hand says the drawing took off from the u.a.e. and was shot down by the revolutionary guard off the air it violated iranian airspace they say it was shot down near karimov iraq that's an almost gone province in southern iran. and thousands of demonstrators in hong kong occupying roads around police and government buildings it's part of protests to push for the complete withdrawal of an extradition bill you're watching live pictures now where
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the government headquarters have been closed with crowds gathering mad calling for the resignation of hong kong's leader. now dozens of people have been injured in violent demonstrations in georgia's capital tbilisi police fired rubber bullets and tear gas at protesters who tried to storm the parliament they were angry after a visiting russian politician was allowed to address the assembly priyanka got to reports i thousands of protesters trying to storm the georgian palm and incensed by the presence of russian politician surrogate gavrilov earlier inside i protest has faced off with white police and then pushed into retreat. the cycle repeating much of the night leaving dozens injured must go on not to allow this is. what they hear of the local. people who took the above issue in the.
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east each week and so now these protesters along with some opposition politicians want snap elections tensions were already running high on thursday a surrogate gavrilov who was visiting as part of an assembly of petitions from orthodox christian countries address the parliament in russian something that many in this form was soviet republic fall that acceptable well not tolerate russian expansion to georgia and will not tolerate rationalization of the georgia which happen unfortunately under this dormant for a loss of a. 20 percent of georgia state's 3 has been under an illegal russian military occupation off to war in 2008. bosco recognized south of here. as independent states and set up open its military bases there the 2 countries
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haven't had any diplomatic ties since and most influence in a country which wants to join the european union at me too is often a flashpoint in georgia's domestic politics russia is. in the east all destroyed turtles members of the russian it's another question whether the boys actual call it because there is no opposition there with these individuals you know you must not have been allowed into georgian territory. georgia's prime minister is blaming the opposition for thursday's violence moscow things radical political forces are behind what happened it's deputy foreign minister says russia will keep trying to globalize relations with georgia that's something these protesters will do anything to fight. al jazeera. now the saudi u.a.e. led coalition fighting in yemen says it's targeted who thier rebel sites in the
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port city of data the attack was in response to a drone strike on the saudi city of just a day that is yemen's main entry forward for a delivery last month or who these pulled out of the port as part of a un brokered deal and now that the world food program says it's partially suspended its aid program in yemen it comes after it failed to reach an agreement with the rebels on just how to deliver food to yemen's most vulnerable the u.n. agency has complained that some of its food assistance has been diverted since the start of the war the w.s.p. has been feeding more than 10000000 people there every month. protesters ensued on have returned to the streets demanding an immediate transfer of power to a civilian government they have rejected calls for talks by the military jet into and they're calling for justice after security forces killed dozens of activists and an attack on. the joint us says it's investigating the crackdown on the african union has been meeting in ethiopia to try to find
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a diplomatic solution to the crisis has more from at us about. what to do in sudan we're at the african union headquarters in ethiopia where different regional neighbors and other international powers are meeting to try to decide what they think is best to happen within sudan so this meeting is closed to the media but i was able to speak to the former ethiopian ambassador to egypt who's part of the negotiations here i asked him how the negotiations are going so far he said that he is on mute ethiopia has said that what they think is best would be to have a civilian led transitional government on the other hand we have egypt who are very important in all of these negotiations so egypt chair you and what they have voiced is that they would prefer a military transitional government so why is this all important why is this coming to a head will on wednesday egads a regional bloc here in africa they met sudan is also
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a member of that though they were not present at the meeting but they met in the agreed that what they think as a regional bloc that would be best for sudan would be to have a civilian led transitional government so those members are now inside a you meeting with a you members trying to not only convince egypt but the as a whole for what they think should be done within sudan now even with a unified voice there could only be political pressure from these groups within sudan any real change would have to come from within the country. hundreds of thousands of people are fleeing their homes in the democratic republic of congo because of into ethnic fighting around $4000.00 congolese have crossed the border into uganda this month alone. a reception center where aid agencies are struggling to cope with the new arrivals. after days of running the taba family
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arrived in uganda they say the village in the democratic republic of congo was burnt down and attackers with machetes had to did some of the neighbors the survivors walked for days trying to reach lake albert which forms the border with uganda but crossing one of africa's largest lakes was frightening. we spent the night at the hoping to cross in the morning but when we set off with our boat we got lost and then did up in hostile territory people started shooting at us we ran away and eventually found our way here. another danger is ebola the virus has killed at least 1400 congolese since the latest outbreak began last august ugandan health workers are in high alert to stop its spread every person is screened so far there have been no cases of the virus reported in this area. the refugees are then brought to this reception center with a given temporary shelter and food paid for by the ugandan government the u.n.
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and international donors many families have been. they say they are desperate and when they present. the names of the list they then proceed to the table all the here where they get a basic meal. 7 is called the last name and also given. enough for a few hours until the next meal this will likely be in the evening. the united nations says more than 300000 people have been displaced by into effect by. in north eastern areas. since the beginning of this month most are fleeing into ethnic conflict between him and linda groups the fighting is about access to farmland as well as gold oil and gas resources. already this month aid workers say nearly $4000.00 refugees have arrived in uganda something that we realize that we are
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seeing like. we're having a lot of children. we know yet to understand what is happening so our. lives trying to dig out and understand the problem and what is the problem with. uganda has more than a 1000000 other refugees from neighboring countries such as south sudan when your rivals from the d.r. see and others following in the footsteps already limited resources al-jazeera uganda. hunger in court has sentenced for human traffickers to life in prison over the deaths of $71.00 refugees and migrants the bodies of $59.00 men aged $20.00 and $4.00 children were found inside an abandoned truck off an austrian highway in 2015 they had suffocated to death inside an airtight refrigerator vehicle while being
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transported from hungary to germany the judge said that the traffickers had shown a cruel indifference to the lives of those trapped inside. well the race for the u.k. conservative party leadership is down to the final 2 contenders frontrunner and pray bricks at n.p.r. boris johnson will face off against foreign secretary jeremy hunt they survived several rounds of voting by the conservative party and the way that will be announced on july 22nd. meanwhile the leaders of the european union have failed to reach an agreement on who will take the blocks top jobs those appointed to head the european commission will steer the e.u. for the next 5 years on issues including monetary policy and migration and trade leaders will meet again at the end of the month to try to reach a consensus while now greece and cyprus have the e.u. to issue sanctions against turkey after deployed a 2nd drilling ship off the north east coast of cyprus the vessel is looking for oil and gas and what cyprus says is its territory. has more from nicosia
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the greek cypriot leaders and not been saying the words they expect action with the european summit underway in brussels is if a new summer like we agreed to prepare the ground at the european summit and take the appropriate decisions even going so far as to impose sanctions against tokyo if it is proven that there has been drilling inside the cypriot exclusive economic zone turkey says it's drilling ship footy has started exploring the sea floor in an area 45 nautical miles west of cyprus it's far from the areas cyprus has licensed multinational oil companies to explore but still within a 200 nautical mile radius where cyprus claims it has the sole right to exploit mineral wealth under the sea. both the e.u. and the united states have called on to key to stop explorations they term provocative and illegal turkey has a different view would have done a big nakedness warning actors from outside the region that are forming
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corporations with cyprus do not chase illusions that who yield no results don't participate in an unlawful plans no one will stop turkey from following its path of determination cyprus and turkey haven't had normal diplomatic relations since 1974 when turkey invaded the island in response to a greek could tempt turkey still occupies more than a 3rd of cyprus and talks to reunify the island have so far failed cyprus says it will share the wealth from water or oil and gas it finds with the turkish cypriots living in the occupied north whenever they reach a settlement but it has provided no legal guarantee that the turkish cypriot share of the money will be set aside until that date. and now the prospect is real in the last few weeks such a signed agreement with companies to export gets to egypt so suddenly it's this is now we'll. and so that turkey could end up just the picture in terms of the
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official estimate is about $4.00 trillion cubic feet that's not enormous but it's so the government says it's worth $9000000000.00 of the people say words but a lot less and not if it will help reduce the the big debt ratio that we have this is also the fun of what's this a few years ago many greek and turkish cypriots thought their newfound wealth could hasten a political settlement there's a danger that they may find instead that it makes their divorce permanent jobs at all plus al-jazeera nicosia. and these are the headlines the new york times is reporting that the u.s. president donald trump ordered airstrikes against targets in iran but then withdrew the order with planes in the air and ships in position the planned attacks were to be in response to iran shooting down a u.s. surveillance drone washington says the drone was shot down in international
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airspace iran disputes this iran's foreign minister has released his own version of a map saying the drone was intercepted after it violated iranian airspace terror on says it was shot down a crew emo barac that's in almost gone province and southern iran congressional leaders in the u.s. are urging president trying to proceed with caution. we have an untrustworthy adversary the high kenshin wires are up in the region for a lot of different reasons. region some. tension one. 3rd we must act in a way that does not that does. and does not as the cantons and the situation here now another day of protests is underway in hong kong with thousands of demonstrators occupying roads around police and government buildings the government headquarters have been closed with crowds gathering there
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calling for the resignation of hong kong's leader as well as the complete withdrawal of an extradition bill you are watching live pictures now of those protests outside those buildings with with various different protest leaders addressing those crowds mass demonstrations have been held over the past fortnight there against the proposal that would allow criminal suspects to be sent to mainland china for trial. and several people have been injured in violent demonstrations and georgia's capital tbilisi police fired rubber bullets and tear gas at protesters who tried to storm parliament the unrest began after a visiting russian politician sergei gavrilov was allowed to address your makers there the saudi u.a.e. led coalition fighting in yemen says it's targeted truthy rebel sites in the port city of data the attack was in response to a drone strike on the saudi city of how data is yemen's main port for a delivery. all those are the headlines to join me here for more news on al-jazeera
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after the strain. 8 years after the fall of gadhafi more is still raging in libya but it's not just a domestic showdown outside powers are involved 2 spoke about the axis of evil the abu dhabi the so are these and the ship since. talks to al-jazeera. welcome to the stream hundreds of people in bangladesh have gone missing over the last decade with family saying that state agencies are behind and many of those disappearances ok i'm really good luck today will hear from relatives pushing the government for answers and ask what these cases say about political freedoms and underbrush in your thoughts through twitter and you tube.
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the death of a father sister brother or mother one of the most emotional tests that any family can face but when a relative just found the lack of closure makes the loss even harder to cope with that's the situation many families in bangladesh are facing as days without their loved one turn to months and then yes several families say their relatives were simply snatched away by police and paramilitaries because of their links to the political opposition or activist groups. or mothers call is one organization that regularly protests for information on the whereabouts of those who are missing last month families braved the heat during ramadan to once again call for justice civil society groups say there have been more than 500 enforced disappearances since january 2009 that's when the awami league led government of current prime minister sheikh hasina came to power and cases are still mounting on saturday house and mahmud a leader within the opposition bangladesh nationalist party was taken from his home
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by the elite rapid action battalion his family says the ira b. denies arresting my moon whose precise location is unknown for more on this we are joined from the bangladeshi capital dhaka. she's director of why i doubt that's mother's call which is campaigning for the safe return of family members who have gone missing personally i'm clearly is an exiled independent journal. this focusing on human rights issues he's in the swedish city of namo that we start out is a secretary general at the international federation for human rights which recently released a report on missing people in bangladesh she joins us from paris we also invited representatives from several bangladesh government offices to join us including the home and foreign ministries but instead they sent us a statement i will be sharing part of that statement with you during the program but i guess it is good to have you here to explain what is going on in bangladesh for some families let me share a family picture with you this is
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a very sad one this is a mother with a son who disappeared many years ago you are very close to this family sanjeeda this is part of your family can you tell us the story about what happened to your brother. my brother changed the islam she won 2000 turning 4th of december you was abducted by a rapid action back lee and it was just before the election of 2000 people people generally know you were on those aboard that election and before that it action huge abduction happened by the law enforcement agencies in violation and my brother shows the muslim should warn and with him there were 5 other prince who were staying in bush in daraa and rapid action belin reptilian came with their double garver and uniform and abducted and then from there. we got all the.
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and from that day we have started going to the off responsible agencies everywhere grab of 3 separate quarter from my family but they have denied and there was they were saying that there was an operation happen. in on that time with them but they were not actually even touching or taking any case we have tried to file a general diety we have tried to silence if fire but police was not taking the case because we want to mention that a rabbi was arrested them and. it is like 6 years and within these 6 years from our side we do all these 6 families and including on that what led the night to our the other person was also abducted by rab. so we have started doing. some reading back to cations then all the legal documents to the law enforcement agencies including the open history. a rabbi office is police police office of
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business and then all the. branch offices our. headquarters but deal now or we have never had any order of investigation or any any reply from did write here side and that as indeed i thank you for sharing that story because i know it can't be easy to talk about your missing brother in front of an international audience and to have to relive that every time you do so thank you for sharing it's powerful and you're not alone we got a tweet from someone who describes an attempted abduction so this is an organization. they say alert attempted abduction of boko bangladesh human rights defender nor khan director of human rights organization we got a video comment from noor himself who talks about the experience of what he believes is this attempted abduction have a listen to what he told us when i lived in my office lost my home. one microbursts
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. our son and then strikers don't. stand a chance and better. or worse. and. i don't think that's going to be many. against and for deserve better ends and expect to be shot for. they. maybe try to get me to 3 days before they try to collect some information regarding my movement from our stuff. so to steam his rickshaw was stopped in traffic he ran back to the office i mean this sounds kind of like a harrowing experience there but how common are stories like this and what do you know about nor story. well i was actually reading a story in
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a report that came out in the model today but this is very common we know that is he these are micro buses are used by these agencies a reputation battalion is one the director general of course intelligence is a not a detective bunch is another so all of them use these very fancy is these obviously bought using taxpayers' money to dart the citizens and keep them as secret prisoners so in bangladesh it is a very common thing that people are abducted and they are kept in secret detention as secret prisoners it is a it is a one party police state right now debbie i want to show you a clip from a report the al-jazeera dated back in february it's about a student need of the bangladesh national spotty who was abducted on the way to
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a birthday party and this is i want to back our spondon stalking to his wife have a listen debbie. there's husband was abducted on his way to a birthday party he was a student leader of the bangor this nationalist party the main opposition force in the country that alleges number of the our it was on the 2nd of december 2013 it was his friend son's birthday hugh went out with 6 friends 4 of them are standing together at one corner and the other 2 were in front of the shop suddenly security forces got out and picked up 2 of them put them in a van both white. very i'm just wondering with all of these cases the stories coming out of bangladesh are you working out who is it that is being abducted why are they being adopted are they all the same kind of people i think what's really scary to understand is that while the key says of people seem to oppose the
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ruling party have been targeted or have been highlighted you sensually the feeling is that anyone can be taken at any time it is a very strong climate of fear people do not feel safe whether they are going out of their house or even staying at home any time of the day and in this case simply going to a friend's birthday party could soon a position of being grabbed and so that there's there doesn't seem to be very much consistency there's no sense that well i'm a high level or organizer and danger there are people who simply went to a rally or simply said something on facebook and they disappeared to. let me share this with you because i did say that the government of bangladesh sent us a statement i'm going to share this with in. reading treatise to how you respond to this the government strongly disputes reports about so-called disappearances of people in bangladesh the allegations of the manufacture it to discredit the
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government by its political opponents and have no basis in fact in many cases these disappearances of turn out to be attempts by people charged with crimes to avoid prosecution sangita help me out with this the sum in your brother yes he was a criminal. no actually they can check there was no case against any criminal case in the police stations and where from our side our family are going to them to find him out wherever he is he is their responsibility to find him how do you know from independent country no one can we get is that they're like this. all right tell you when you were a smiling laughing but no in a happy way when i read that statement and while i'm in the the statement if you look at it i mean it takes a special kind of psychopathy would do to come up with this kind of apology
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i mean what they're claiming essentially is that more than $500.00 people have just disappeared have just decided that they're not gonna meet their mothers they're not going to meet their daughters they're not going to meet their son brother sister and they're just going to do some i don't know elissa in wonderland kind of ripley's simply because they want to discredit the government i'm in i was expecting the government of bangladesh and india i mean obviously these are very smart people in charge of efficiently running the state or can be could have done better. you know like instead of coming up with this loss it will cover story. actually there is no name the thing is that you need actually bothered to come along with some kind of manufactured excuse but if you talk to send you down to other families of disappeared as i did i managed to meet with some of the families
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of the disappeared when i was in bangladesh recently they went to the police and they were not they were not just told not to give a report the police refused to take every part when he went back and he kept assisting they were not just told change the way but then later on track then and with being disappeared themselves because they were also your family also if i can add it is not only the families that are at large and you does not only know like journalists like me your human rights activists they do. i mean the former chief justice of bangladesh is to render kumar sinha has written a book in his memoir he specifically mentioned how the d.g. if i actually adox people and keeps them in secret prison in court you cut. their use is not the instance where a senior police officer has actually had me to during a seminar he was bragging that crazy do you remember we actually abducted that
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doctor and no one actually could you know like do anything to us so he was practically bragging about this and bangladesh government as whenever we bring this case a student i mean 1st they're trying to deflect and they come up with this kind of very funny all adjustments there are you know promise to investigate and then of a doomed to see if. i think it is you that is why the examples that you just listed there that is why we're seeing comments like this on you tube this person mentions an acronym that you just mentioned that the director general of forces intelligence some solemn on you tube says every single person in. bangladesh knows all of these disappearances are done by the ira be the. police it's an absolute and known fact he's not the only one someone else says actually this disappearance this is actually everyone knows the government agencies are involved but one other person
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on you tube writes actually these disappearances are a drama of the be in the b.n.p. of course being the opposition the bangladesh nationalist party so that seems to be the pushback people have what do you make of that back and forth there. the people who disappeared are not just members of the b.n.p. are supporters of the b.n.p. they are ordinary people who may have spoken up on something some of them a labor activist some of them a student some of them people simply about express their opinion on facebook they're not aligned to a political party so i don't think we can see oh this is a man effect at situation the reality is that there are hundreds of families out there in bangladesh still grieving and wondering what's happened to their loved ones and all the government can do is simply deny obvious and blame the victims and even threaten their families with and that enforced disappearance the reality
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is that enforced disappearance is a crime against humanity and it's time for the government above where they actually did something and in a very transparent systematic mean sort of obs of skating i think at this point in that conversation it's you want to hear from the government of bangladesh because there are so many accusations and they're reluctant to talk about it apart from earlier on this year when gallery's he's a senior adviser to the prime minister scheck has cinna was on head to head with medicare sam from al jazeera now before i play that clip i want to show you something this is a free arm on campaign and you can see the number of days since he was abducted is a barrister bangladeshi barrister had been sent but he's known to his friends as ahmad so his lawyer during head to head aust well this question let's roll the tape we're moving this government stop pushing the ridiculous line
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the disappearances are not happening and will these men be released so they can return to the family. room disappearances happen it is deplorable. and but i have also stated that this is not a government policy of moving people so where is his client i wouldn't know since you are the lawyer you tell us really is your plan you just go and do want to respond when and with with proof there is credible evidence he was being held in dhaka can torment a military base in the middle of dhaka and that's credible evidence from foreign embassies and your government knows where he is no one believes that you don't know has mean you were in the audience let's talk about waiving disappear people are going. we'll we know about at least 3 secret prisons in in tarka city there are 2 in inside the dark
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a containment in military b. is the headquarters of bangladesh military they are the headquarters of the d.g. a far away there are several holding. units inside the headquarters compound and their ease in the holding facility a secret prison in another part of the continent it's called the e.t.t. . headquarter and there is rather one quarter in tora. near the airport to know about these 3 secret detention facilities which are absolutely illegal not only under international law but also and of bangladeshi law and. we have now i smell a very naive question but what happens that what you know is happening to people that. well at least in in case of their wrath want water in
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torah i actually used to live right behind it many years back it is a it is a touch a chamber and the guardian newspaper actually ran a investigative report about that you know people's fingernails being plucked out i have documented cases where people were tortured with dream machines but you know are in a very cynical really there was a time when these to torture people killed them and returned those bodies to the to the families but now this simply you know dispose of the bodies and they don't even let the families know what happened to do to their loved ones so in in in in a very cynical in a very. sad really. no dead bodies are actually.
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worse than having done bodies or torture marks and this is what is exactly happening in bangladesh today and people who i think mr goh horace the are coming coming international channels like ours as iran and being you know they're trying to help us with this missile reason actually promised during the trial i was in the audience that there will be investigations and i knew that there will be no investigations he is simply you know promising something that he cannot deliver we have not because this is a policy you know sort of thing you don't have this or we have not seen any investigation the 6 years and there are plenty of examples of people where a back and came back up to 2 years up to 3 years after 15 months and they hear the secret detention sales what is happening over there and. how.
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binded binding their eyes and how they are doing the torture inside the cell and they will the people who are under the top in on those sales actually they did even don't know where they are all the are moving from 11 place to the places so i can say like we have seen some loud dean who was found. other side of the border so how come one person abducted by the law enforcement is involved in taka and then he is found later on in other countries. he said the border that there are plenty of examples what happened and the government should reply on the actually government the way its average where they are replying that people are hiding themselves. so you got that story that you just told us and the excerpts we just heard from to steam as horrific as they are explain these 2 tweets that i want to
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share with you from the hunt for those who says authoritarian regimes use lots of tools to suppress opposition voices and people the reason behind using these tools is to create a reign of terror among people so that people will think twice before raising their voices or taking part in any protest against the regime we are always scared to speak out against the regime because of this widespread use of disappearances because family members of victims are put in an adverse situation they don't know whether their relative is alive or dead and it's very painful to think about some gita it is not difficult we know for you to be able to be part of an organization that so public speaking about something like this do you face threats you and your mother. we are facing that the last 6 years and when you started standing for the human genome started campaigning for my brothers as. filing the india to get in your case so we have started doing the human chain in
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press conferences so that that comes to the. front of them so that they can do anything and so the big and actually can inform the public by dancing the elected selected goldman sunday to more i ask it i'm going to show everybody little bit of the report that we did have a few things share and there's a picture of you your brother is always close to literally you have a look here on my desktop everybody so you can see what i say on my laptop take a great. question there's a picture of your prophet do you know where he is right now i still billing. the they have doctored up. one of the few office shields have shared with you was taken from rab 12 that hit us to be on 2013. the us given they were keeping the secret
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since actually so i still believe i still believe as he killed a little you feel that his ally he is alive and i want my brother back i want my brother back because. only supporting the opposition party being activists for the opposition but it cannot be a reason to. debbie let me share this with you again we're going back to the statement that the government of bangladesh sent to us and they put this whole issue in context from their perspective since the 26000 terror attack on the costs wholly artists and bakery individual seeking to join banned extremist organizations or who left bangladesh to join jihadist groups have been using the term in force disappearances to conceal their actions that last sentence really let out at me your response to that is what it's a very cynical use of the fear of terrorism to to do once again deny that there's such
1:45 pm
a thing as enforcers appearances these enforced disappearances were happening before 2016 and they're happening right now and what they have done to sun judah and all these families is not only threatening them denying them on marginalizing them they've also been torturing them i said by implying that if families kept quiet then media love ones will be returned and so when women when the women of my going out there and standing out and calling for the return of their loved ones they're doing they're under the threat that somehow speaking out will actually prevent the family members from being. and there is a. torture. name thank you very much for telling us what is happening from your perspective the air force disappeared in bangladesh thank you so much for joining us but you can i will join you again in the stream but in the meantime you can at a.j.
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stream on twitter. i'm a bubble gum wellington boots. with this plague of. her
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mother. mother. mother. mother. mother says it's the luck. of the luck. it's. freezing winds and rugged terrain and at times seem
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impossible. but afghan traders who brave the walk on corrie do all that it's no choice. combating the impossible to sell their goods and isolated areas. we follow that daring journeys as they overcome the extremes. risking it all afghanistan on al-jazeera. as tension escalates between the u.s. and iran over the shooting down of an american drone there are reports that donald trump ordered military strikes but then pulled back. we're worried that he and the administration may be getting to a war democratic senators say the president must seek congressional approval before launching any military action.
1:49 pm
hello i'm the star and this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up thousands of people begin another day of protest in hong kong after a deadline passes for the government to scrap a controversial extradition bill. and tear gas was fired at protesters as they tried to storm georgia's parliament over the visit of a russian politician. now u.s. media reports say president donald trump approved airstrikes against targets in iran and response to the downing of an american surveillance trying planes were in the air and ships in position until an order was given for them to stand down targets of the dawn raid was said to have been raised on missile batteries it's not clear
1:50 pm
if the planned attacks might still happen while senate leaders have the president trying to act with caution and democrats are insisting on congressional approval before the launch of any military operation mike hanna has more from washington d.c. . grainy footage released by the u.s. department of defense shows the moment when the drone was shot down. earlier to release these pictures of a similar class drone argue for global hawk which costs over $100000000000.00. rainy and chris t.v. released the sportage of the attack saying it had been obtained from the iran revolutionary guard corps tehran contended the drone penetrated the iranian airspace not so and says the u.s. military iranian reports that this aircraft was shot down over iran are categorically false the aircraft was over the strait of hormuz and fell into international waters senior members of the u.s.
1:51 pm
congress have been briefed on the situation the high kanchan wires are up in the region for a lot of different reasons some bilateral region some multilateral some. high tension lines. and 3rd we must act in a way that does not that does deescalate and does not escalate the tensions and the situation here the president may not intend to go to war here but we're worried that he and the administration may bumbled into a war with told the iranians before they shot the drone down that if you engage against american personnel or assets you do search your own peril the president does not want a war with iran or anybody else and that he is the commander in chief national security figures gathered at the white house and the president sent out what appeared to be an ominous tweet iran made a very big mistake he said. but then during
1:52 pm
a meeting with the canadian prime minister the president indicated that the tweet was not a warning but a literal observation i think probably iran. i made a mistake i would imagine it was a general or somebody that made a mistake in shooting that drone down i find it hard to believe it was intentional if you want to know the truth i think that it could have been somebody who was loose and stupid at the same time the president did not rule out a us response this is really how i think you'll find out and maybe you'll find out you'll find me i believe you are obviously obviously you know we're not going to be talking too much about it president trump has made clear in the past he favors some form of negotiation to resolve the crisis rather than action this despite the urging to forceful action from some in cabinet in particular the national security adviser john bolton the question is whether this latest incident
1:53 pm
will tip the balance in the favor of the administration's hawks at the expense of those who advocate dialogue mike hanna al-jazeera washington let's speak to mohammad marandi who is the head of the american studies department at the university of tehran he joins us now via skype from the iranian capital mamma then we start by asking you how all of this is being viewed in iran is this and even further escalation despite president transported orders to stand down. well the view in teheran is that all of this is so utterly hypocritical because the united states hasn't been engaging in war with iran for a long time now the americans have been imposing economic warfare on iranian women and children for quite a while they even tried to prevent iranians from importing medicine which is bad to the loss of life and we know that the united states is constantly threatening iran
1:54 pm
with military action all options are on the table and this is not the 1st time an american drone came into iranian territory and was shot down but if you listen to the western corporate media or western state owned media you'd assume that the american narrative is true despite the fact that the united states has a history of lying one of the things that iranians remember is the downing of the iranian airliner in the 1988 where the americans shot down an iranian airliner in international waters with missiles and then the united states covered up lied about the iranian plane's altitude and direction and blamed the iranians for aggressive action and only years later did the truth come out back then the u.s. and western media mimicked what the united states has to say so no one here trust
1:55 pm
the american narrative and everyone expects the iranian armed forces and the iranian government to protect the country's sovereignty putting aside the issue of where this trying to shut down and there are busy contesting narratives around that and the potential airstrikes these reported as strikes that trump ordered and then called off could that be a form of deterrence it's been suggested that it's part of a strategy for the u.s. to share their strength so terror on will back down is it how is it being viewed by that. well at that the so used to turn so i think it is also a would be extraordinary who is to turn own the americans are the ones who are trying to strangle the iranian people with trump cards brutal sanctions the americans are constantly making brats trump actually tweeted that nicole completely destroyed iran and american forces have surrounded iran the americans are
1:56 pm
almost 50 basis or around in the country and this particular drone was signed alongside the writing post for hours before actually entering iranian airspace so they did terrence what is the deterrent is iran's response the united states the very fact that the iranians were able busy to down the most advanced america are using step up the acknowledge the wit and humor me and made the surface to air missile is what i think is real deterrent not as i want to focus on these airstrikes these potential reported ordered air strikes that president trump thought about and then changed his mind about and how how is he being viewed in iran given that he gave the order to stand down while reportedly planes were in the air and ships were in position for a retaliatory strike against iran i don't think he's. respected by anyone
1:57 pm
whether he orders busy a stand down or not you can ask families who've lost family members due to a lack of medicine especially for cancer patients what they feel about trump and the u.s. government but there is obviously some sort of division in the u.s. capitol inside the white house but i think one reason why he may have told them to stand down is that he recognizes that the iranian response will be relentless and that their iranian response will be disproportionate the iranians will also in my opinion target any country that supports u.s. armed forces in their strikes against iran so for example i would i would since this particular to their own left from the united arab emirates i think people should leave the united arab emirates and i think that airplanes are not by over the united arab emirates because basically what the this country is doing is that
1:58 pm
it's aiding the united states in its aggression against the iranian people so i think it would be an enormous miscalculation on behalf of them of the americans to assume that the iranian response to any strike will be limited it will be larger than that the 1st initial strike it will be disproportionate and it will be relentless and it will not only target the rats or it will target those countries like the u.a.e. or perhaps only busy arabia that allows the united states to carry out this attack you cannot expect iran iran's infrastructure to be targeted and such regimes have their infrastructure intact naaman randall at professor at the university of terror on speaking to us from the iranian capital thanks for being with us on out of. meanwhile enron's ambassador to the u.n. has called for the international community to demand that the us and what he calls
1:59 pm
its unlawful and destabilizing measures in the gulf our diplomatic editor james a as has more from the united nations in new york ok if either finding it on the iranians are determined to persuade the international community that they're the ones telling the truth in addition to the broadcast of this video which the iranian press t.v. says was filmed by the islamic republic's revolutionary guards the foreign minister mohammed job and zarif has been busy on twitter he said we retrieve sections of the u.s. military drone in our territorial waters where it was shot down he posted this hand drawn map which he says shows the exact flight path as well as marking iranian territorial waters he says it proves iran acted in self-defense it's a point that iran's ambassador to the u.n. magid tucker of and she makes in a letter to secretary general antonio good terrorists and to the current president of the un security council in the letter he says the drone was in full stealth mode
2:00 pm
as it turned off its identification equipment and engaged in a clear spying operation despite repeated radio warnings it entered into the iranian airspace where the air defense system of the islamic republic of iran acting under article 51 of the united nations charter targeted the intruding aircraft at 4 o 5 hours in the letter iran says the drone was in the air for almost 4 hours it says it doesn't want a war but it reserves the right take any necessary measures against hostile acts it wants the international community to respond so far though no meeting of the u.n. security council has been scheduled james out jazeera at the united nations now thousands of demonstrators in hong kong are occupying roads around police and government.


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