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the us drone was shot down by mistake that perhaps it was some lower ranking general who took the decision to do it it was just a wrinkle in the carpet as trump said are the americans then do you think perhaps leaving the door ever so slightly ajar to just open the possibility of dialogue and that could that then tie in with the reuters story that trump could have use the armani's as interlocutors to speak to i would make us i would say president trump he wants to keep the door open because he has interest to have so to negotiation with iran this is the man who want to achieve something for the sake of achievement i mean let's not forget what happened with north korea and iran he want to see to say i have started negotiation with iran and that's to him is important he want to say that i forced iran to negotiate with me or to start negotiating with. look it's difficult to get a handle on donald trump's foreign policy on iran if we can call it that but but but what's that run strategy here do you think because as you just said iran is
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under painful sanctions they're feeling the pain from a financial perspective from an economic perspective it's been close to a military confrontation as we saw late last night so what's the thinking in iran right now how does iran get out of this i think iran cannot maintain the current status quo which trump put iran in i think iran wants different players to contribute to a serious negotiation the pressure of the united states to have you know behind the closed door negotiations because current status quo is very tough on iran i'm not sure they can maintain it for a long time all right mushrooms were good to get your thoughts thank you. well time for a short break here on out as iraq when we come back defying trump u.s. senators vote to block the sale of arms to saudi arabia and the u.a.e. . pomp and pageantry but has there been progress on nuclear talks we report on the chinese president's landmark visit to north korea more on that stay with us.
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again it's good to have you back here across parts of southeast asia we are seeing some very heavy rain particularly across parts of malaysia not so very heavy rain showers here and these will really continue over the next few days there across the south though it's quite nice across parts of the java as well as into bali lombok is also looking quite nice as well sunny conditions there with temperatures into the low thirty's but up here towards the philippines in the luzon particularly we are looking at temperatures there of about $32.00 with very heavy rain showers in the forecast here across much of the southeastern part of australia it was a chilly morning temperatures for new south wales got down to about minus 3 to minus 5 degrees there coming back up to about 13 degrees as we go towards a saturday but we do have a big storm system that is making its way towards perth and that will bring some
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very very gusty winds as well as thunderstorms as we go through the rest of the weekend there so perth expect to see a touch of 18 degrees but it is going to be a rainy day for you over here towards president a nice day on sunday with the temps are there of 21 degrees and then here across the north and south island we are seeing very heavy rain across parts of christ church things get better as we go towards sunday but the temperature is coming down to about 9 degrees there not clear about 30 for you. sri lanka's easter sunday bombings reverberated around the world with religious and ethnic tension rising one o one investigates it is the new front line in sri lanka on al-jazeera.
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al-jazeera. wherever you are. welcome back to the top stories here on al-jazeera u.s. media reports say donald trump ordered air strikes on iran but then withdrew the order as more planes were in the air and ships deployed the u.s. president has described the shooting down of a u.s. surveillance drone by iran as a very bad mistake meanwhile iran's foreign minister has released a version of a map he says shows where the drone is intercepted after it violated iranian airspace tehran says it was shot down in southern iraq. now thousands of
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demonstrators in hong kong are occupying roads around police and government buildings they want the complete withdrawal of a controversial extradition build the government headquarters has been close with protesters outside calling on congress leader to resign and mass demonstrations have been held over the past 2 weeks against the bill which would allow criminal suspects to be sent to mainland china the trial brian has more now from those protests in hong kong. protesters out on the streets of hong kong again thousands of them taking over a cause. all of the main highways through the city mostly students they started gathering early friday morning at the legislative council complex and government buildings just within a kilometer of here and then made their way here to the police headquarters in the process occupying harcourt road it's one of the busiest or affairs through this part of hong kong these protesters are angry at the way they say police of over reacted using excessive amounts of force allegations that the police deny and it
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wanted to come here to make their voices heard they have a completely surrounded the police headquarters this is the front of the headquarters building they have occupied the street here they've also occupied the back of the building there has been. an attempt at negotiation police came out to try to talk to the protesters but it very quickly ended as this standoff continues the protesters here have been organizing themselves as they have for the past couple of weeks through social media and also using euphemisms for the various of for people to come out and demonstrate afraid of course that they could be prosecuted for sit ins like this if they cannot be identified as inciting people to join so this is known as an all day break 1st what people are waiting to see now is after work at this friday if people will turn out for what's being termed an annual dinner when we could see the numbers of protesters once again search. north korean
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state media says its leader kim jong il and china's president xi jinping have agreed to strengthen ties between their countries well that announcement on friday came just before she left north korea it confirms beijing support for its ally has pyongyang faces u.s. led sanctions on its nuclear and missile program agent brown has more from beijing . well when people talk about a cult of personality this is what they mean and it's been playing out on the streets. of the north korean capital pyongyang this is regimented seamless north korean pageantry with thousands of children and many others pressed into service for the occasion i think it probably would have exceeded what president xi jinping experiences in his own country at a banquet on thursday evening the north korean leader kim jong un said that socialism was the unbreakable core of friendship between china and north korea the leaders of both countries indorsing each other systems earlier in the day president
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xi jinping alluded to the nuclear diplomacy which remain stalled he said china would do all it can as well as the international community to push that diplomacy forward china of course has its own concerns about those talks remaining stalled because it's worried that the north koreans might resume testing of ballistic missiles at least 24 people have died in a factory fire in indonesia the blaze gutted a building that was being used to make much sticks and north some archer it's not known yet if there are any survivors a saudi u.a.e. led coalition fighting in yemen says it's targeted who the rebels sites in the port city of her data that attack was in response to or who think drone strike on a saudi city which isn't a date is yemen's main entry ports or a delivery last month huth is pulled out of the port as part of a un brokered deal. well the world food program says it's partially suspended its aid in yemen that decision's
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been made after it failed to reach an agreement with the rebels on how to deliver food to yemen's most vulnerable people an agency has complained that subjects food supplies have been diverted. the united nations office in uganda says it's struggling with an influx of refugees from the democratic republic of congo at least 4000 congolese people have fled to uganda to escape fighting between rival hemmer and lendu militias they've completed over farmland am control of gold and coltan mines in the past before violence flared up again recently. the georgian president has called russia an enemy and occupier saddam is out of action he has come to a foreign visitor brought to head how many violent protests have taken place in the capital tbilisi after russian politician was allowed to address palm and far as to walk i reports. thousands of protesters trying to storm the georgian parliament incensed by the presence of russian politicians who earlier had been invited inside
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protesters faced off with riot police and were then pushed into retreat from moscow you know to allow this guy if you like they came out you know not only a lot. to talk about to see if you. feel so peaceful so to speak. it was a cycle repeated throughout the night even dozens injured being successive waves of police firing tear gas and we understand from the bullets. protesters we've seen a number of egypt's social precincts hits just kind of says all rubber bullets to the face. lifts i never saw a smile pulls away from the scene and then it was as if. the crowd outside struck up the tensions on thursday were already running high sergey governor of
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a russian deputy visiting as part of an international group of orthodox christian politicians had been allowed to address the parliament in russian something that many georgians saw as a provocation will not tolerate russian expansion to georgia and will not tolerate nationalization of the georgia which happening unfortunately under this government for the last 7. feet 20 percent of georgian territory is under russian military occupation of the georgia lost a war with russia in 2008 moscow rec. noised breakaway regions south the city and of hard as independent states and built military bases there moscow's influence in a country which wants to join the european union and nato is often a flashpoint in georgia's domestic politics russia there are doubt if any players. in the east all destroyed territories members of the russian duma and that's
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another question whether the actual parliament because there is no opposition there but these individuals in our view must not have been allowed on to georgian territory. georgia's government has blamed the opposition for thursday's violence but has acknowledged inviting the russian deputies may have been a mistake protesters are demanding resignations or a return to the streets robin 1st steelworker al-jazeera tbilisi. the contest to become britain's next prime minister is down to the final 2 contenders barres johnson who will face jeremy hunt following several rounds of voting by conservative party and pays a final choice is being made by around 160000 party members to reason most replacement. the opposition in syria is accusing the government of using siege and starved tactics to force war refugees in the camp in the desert around 14000 have left rock band camp in the past 3 months. reports it's unclear how many of the remaining 27000 are ready to return to government controlled territory rock band
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camp was home 240000 syrians for more than 4 years and the past 3 months it started to empty more than 14000 have left this remote desert region along a corridor opened by syrian government forces it's the only way out. but assault on it it's because of the tight seizure by russian and syrian government forces the people in bonn had no choice because they were hungry they decided to leave to areas under regime control but at least 60 percent of the camp's population remain and many prefer to stay instead of being killed by the regime security men were for months now syrian government forces have besieged the camp closing smuggling routes that used to be lifelines some goods still reach for a ban but the trade is controlled by businessmen who seem to be profiting from the situation. back of 8 loaves of bread cost $500.00 syrian liras or
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$1.01 pupil of fries cost $1.00 and a half is this possible people don't have money if you shop owners here are controlling the prices in the do not fear god we have no one to help us back on. the evacuations are organized by the syrian government which is giving the refugees bad one choice return to government rule or stay in what aid agencies have described as extremely challenging conditions. people are leaving because of poverty but then the regime sends them to the front lines to fight they don't come back they're either killed by the opposition or the assad regime and iranian militias we hope they open a road to the north to rebel areas or to any other country we don't want to go back to living under the regime. this eerie and government is refusing to open an internationally guaranteed safe passage to opposition controlled territories it has also been preventing the united nations from delivering much needed aid to rock
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band for the past 4 months the united nations says these people are in need of food medicine and water but it can't do anything without consent from government leaders and damascus. the u.n. and the syrian arab red crescent working on a plan of further departures from the us will humanitarian assistance to the. what's being discussed at the moment and hope hans need to agree on this both deliver assistance. to well. the opposition accuses the government of using a tactic employed throughout the years of war siege and starve people into submission and rock band it appears to be succeeding and yet again the international community is failing to act that. beirut. the u.s. senate has voted to block $8000000000.00 in arms sales to saudi arabia and the united arab emirates and other countries i'm full of republicans joined democrats and what's being seen as a protest against president trump support for the saudi crown prince mohammed bin
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some on 100 reports were congressional disapproval in the u.s. senate republican firewall protecting president trump there is a visible crack my relationship with saudi arabia is forever changed and it will not go back to the way it used to be with key support from trump ally lindsey graham and a handful of other republicans the senate voted to block the president from selling billions of dollars in u.s. arms to saudi arabia you cannot have a strategic relationship the united states behave in a fashion that shows no respect for human dignity no respect for international norms. president trump is certain to veto the measure and it's not likely opponents will muster the 2 thirds majorities they need in both the house and the senate to override a veto but with the u.s. facing a potential military conflict with iran the senate republican leader says it is no
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time to abandon a key regional ally so the question the senate will soon consider is really those whether will lash out at an imperfect partner and undercut our own efforts to build cooperation shock around and achieve other important goals or whether we'll keep our imperfect part of clothes and use our employees are there any sense for a majority of senators the answer was to punish the world's largest arms importer in the resolution is passed it was a protest over saudi agents killing of. an american resident in journalist for the washington post always so blind to the malign influence of saudi arabia that we just give money and weapons to anybody regardless of what they do you can chop up a dissident you can cut a dissident into pieces without bone saw and will still give you weapons it was also a protest over the killing of civilians by the saudi immorality led military coalition
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using american weapons in the war in yemen ideas are bombs that are dropping on those civilians. we cannot morally continue to support such a still. the vote might not be veto proof but it sends a message to trump into the crown prince of saudi arabia that neither the threat of a conflict with iran nor a long standing alliance are enough for the u.s. senate to turn a blind eye to. washington. time for a quick recap of the top stories here on al-jazeera u.s. media reports say donald trump all the best rides on iran but then withdrew the order as more planes were in the air and ships in position it's also being reported by the reuters news agency that terrell's warned of an imminent attack on a given a short deadline to agree to engage in talks. disputes american assertions that the
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drone was downed in international airspace iran's foreign minister has released a version of a map he says shows where it was intercepted after it violated it rainy and space well congressional leaders are urging president trump to proceed with caution. we have an untrustworthy adversary the high kenshin wires are up in the region for a lot of different reasons. 3rd we must act in a way that does. and does not escalate the tensions and the situation the. thousands of demonstrators in hong kong are occupying roads around police and government buildings they want the full withdrawal of a controversial extradition bill chief executive carolina announced last week she would suspend the bill but has yet to cancel it completely mass demonstrations have
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been held over the past 2 weeks against the bill which would allow criminal suspects to be sent to mainland china for trial. north korea's state media says its leader kim jong un and the chinese president xi jinping have agreed to strengthen ties between their countries well that announcement came on friday just before she left north korea it confirms beijing's support for its ally as pyongyang faces u.s. led sanctions over its nuclear and missile program. at least 24 people have died in a factory fire in the asia the blaze got a building that was being used to make matchsticks in north sumatra it's not yet known if there are any survivors. the saudi u.a.e. led coalition fighting in yemen says its target who the rebel cites in the port city of data attack was in response to a drone strike on the saudi city of jews than a day as yemen's main entry point for aid delivery last month who has pulled out of the port as part of a un deal those are the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after one
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of many stations that are watching. americans are struggling to pay their rent a problem isn't just limited to places that he's. a former governor of the indian central bank has cost jobs of the country closed up. we bring you the stories to the shaping the economic world we live in. counting the cost on al-jazeera. sri lanka's soldiers are once again out in force a decade after the brutal civil war ended. its a tough response to the easter sunday bombings a coordinated attack targeting churches and hotels. with a local muslim group behind the college religious bonds has escalated across this island nation. one
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o one east investigates where the fight is the new front line in sri lanka. laxman niranjan feels closest to god when he's playing the church organ. he accompanies christian services throughout the capital colombo. on easter sunday he was playing hymns here at st at least tried when the congregation walks by an explosion. but what is the n s a level really did i even know it again just talking to you about it i'm shooting. this at the point i failed to joel trauma left side about 20 meters strong i'm not. going to want to see all of it
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everything going down with the tools it was just on a little piece was pulled out again and he couldn't breathe. but that cannot be about the by the end i look for a doctor and sausage running at the back of the church. of anonymous stores we're going to where i thought i'll name. the clock it's in athens still marks the exact time the bomb tore through the church luxman remembers worshippers flaying in a state of shock panic and chaos for little and their what out of the given the order that would be carried to injure dr and to order the. killer you know there were cops as i don't drop off each other because of bloody scene that it was of the large shutter broken limbs blood covering hands and feet but that it was a sight that was hard to see. the floor in the church was covered in blood and flesh oculus at the door of the sounds of the screams are still ringing in my ears
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the baby screaming in the past and gentle to the church. i can't get it out of my head. it was only later that laxman realized the magnitude of what had happened plainness in the eye of the woman or anyone and i didn't realize it was a bomb blustered light or trust for my head explode or a little. ugly ugly bananas i went to the hospital and a song many who don't make this coming in for that only then didn't realize that hortense had also been attacked. more than 250 people were killed and 500 injured in the coordinated attacks by 9 suicide bombings. along with financing the strife over 20 horrifying minutes the bombers here 3 luxury hotels in downtown colombo. the group also attacked 2 other churches in the towns of new gone both in
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batticaloa. sebastian's the new combo that suffered the most casualties. father nuristan pereira shows me where it happened the bomb blast or the he entered from this door with the heavy leg a delay there is we saw in the c.c.t.v. camera he came in that tree and he was just standing here then suddenly the. last. people sitting on the pews. the whole entire area read the body part of your. read this well off the blood around 100 entertain my close friends my religious died in these parts. that it is it isn't bad weather here. at the time father pereira was preaching as another church rushed to st sebastian when he heard his congregation
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was under attack is alive you lived for years so why your being as a priest in this church so my friends. and deal and they are all in this case you're a spiritual man turns such a horrific thought like that test one spy. it is very difficult to express personally according to our heart and mind i fear that while he is going to do. he has taken the sway of friends and i was passed through their hair and lived there. 2 days later father pereira began burying the dead. body in them it is maybe
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painful for me but i try my best to give them a better service at the last news not the last great we had it is i mean yes the body for a new place each one trying to put it. on the other side of the country you passed a koloa zion even jellicoe church most of the victims the truth of. the time must remember this is the last song this sign of the sunday school. cal show your sump of creamer and her husband a showing me the last images of the 2 children film just minutes before the bomb blast. went to go out after this performance the sunday school teacher asked them to the few had to face dead who were to die for jesus all of them raise their hands
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. because. soon after that the bomb blast happened. show here says she's been unable to leave her house since their deaths. her youngest child continues to ask about her all the siblings. and belongings scattered around their home bring memories flooding back either what i don't know man i like it that my son played the guitar very well or the guitar still hear him . i cannot forget the time when we read together as a family and he'd play the guitar while i'd sing. downside of my daughter would laugh and dance with her younger sister helen whenever i think of that my house feels so empty that there's no noise at all in the bungalow i can take it
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when i think of it. tosh earlier says the cruelest thing is knowing that the bombings could have been prevented sri lanka's government was warned repeatedly by local and foreign security i didn't seize that an attack was imminent if i don't know that those who knew about it could have addressed the situation or planned this attack would never have happened to the children that he had i don't know that they feel. that we can do anything to them and saying god has to do that. the in late 28 days the sri lankan president fired the prime minister claiming he was doing little to investigate an alleged plot to assassinate and. it led to 7 weeks the political infighting and the constitutional crisis into the prime minister was reinstated.
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chumpy can run a worker is one of several cabinet ministers who say this rift between sri lanka's leighton's resulted in them ignoring the warnings. as a minister of this government i must apologize i am ashamed. of. concrete work you know that kind of calumny right actually that president and prime minister and a whole garment. should apologize to the people they are part of the suicide bomber who coordinated the attacks on hush him was a firebrand cleric aligned with a little known muslim group called the national tao we or n t jangan. attracting thousands of followers through his online sermons the 31 year old pledged allegiance to austin's shortly before the bombing. he started the tensions between the muslim community and the christian community that hasn't really played
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out here to where the it's played out in certain other parts of the world that tells me that the people who did it ideologically what are not more in tune with global fundamentalism than with a grassroots sense of persecution so i would say it's quite possible that as isis loses ground in places like iraq and syria they seem to be looking at south india and sri lanka the subcontinent in general lanthorn nurofen is a counterterrorism advisor to the armed forces there have been several signs that radicalization extremism is becoming a problem in this country but for whatever reason some were dismissed as being prejudiced and racist and i think we were we were all so busy patting ourselves on the back for coming out of the war and building a liberal politically correct society that we really missed a trick here in terms of keeping an eye on our own safety. since 2001
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muslims have been the target of riots by singhalese buddhist nationalist groups then late last year that runs followers were accused of retaliation by singing buddhist statues. the police investigation uncovered a large cache of explosives which shocked. and other thing in muslim politicians intra lanka's government we ministers brought it up in the cabinet wife. in front of the president and prime minister that all of us believe there is a very sinister force at work and we need the government to take quick action to prevent. something that could be my traverse and food. but he says nothing was done it was only after the easter attacks that security forces descended upon qassam critique a muslim enclave on shore lanka's east coast with darren found in teacher.
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we all thor's he's arrested 100 people affiliated with the group and seized weapons and other materials which they say indicate the n t j well organized and planning further attacks. special forces of into this building because they suspect a member of the intake air with building bombs here. some local muslim leaders say the raids a truthful to life because they've been warning the author about zahra since 2016 only knew that his top down preaching and propaganda and the company misleading the youths. some of us we have believing he's going to live didn't mean extremism you know he's thought to do that in his speech. 2 days did you report him to the police yes of course everyone knows they intimidate people no police no everyone no
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one my question is why you did not ask him. muhammad subfield leads an association which oversees $56.00 mosques in cats including he says he was concerned about xerox all month which called for the killing of number labels. but mohamed couldn't stop him building this religious sentiment downtown. i strongly believe you i did my part. but the police. and all of them to conduct the program then they did the program so the security personnel must take all the responsibility in terms of this blast and misters i had on activities. mahmoud hizbullah was the governor of this region at the time of the attacks
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a political ally of sri lanka's president he's been accused of not doing enough. before the acer attacks did you have any knowledge of the in t.j. and their role in iraq if in this area of course they're there they're functioning no 2. indeed here as as a devil in this group. not terrorists we don't know about the terrorism as a religious group they are functioning but only think that extreme on the religion when wasting their norm using nothing in the white could be a tux a photograph surfaced from 2015 showing his blood shaking hands with zac brown as 2 other easter sunday suicide bombers the gone. to his school law and some polity. really knew one we knowingly or unknowingly supported these type of extremists you had these groups without you know concerning the consequences of this
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a number of politicians have accused you of being involved in the n.t. before the attacks is that a fair accusation how involved did this come. i am totally denying the allegations. of the count to 10 percent of sri lanka's population and most practice if used but in recent years conservative interpretations of the faith taken groups at towie. gradually within the 2025 years than this community have a very very keen interest to practice islam as a saudi arabia as the middle east you know because within 15 yes they have the muslim community they have changed the address. critics of the law as governor he allowed too much change to the social fabric of cotton. to this town
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have a problem with radicalization. this ridiculous situation and specially extreme mean we had some issues before. 2 years ago and they're taking their people and. remind from that there is. that extremist religious group. that national but we expect that. the terrorist groups. say yes a lot of. muslims that conservative mosques say they follow peaceful teachings and now being unfairly targeted. at one of these mosques we meet mohammed. who taught when the suicide bomber was in his light is that her darling. and was identified as though he'd from the beginning so we say and because he committed
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suicide people are looking at does suspiciously or not that we have thought of but not although he'd sent does follow his line of preaching. none of us in sri lanka who are align ourselves with the head on with it but he thought his action has affected all the muslims in sri lanka. he'd also feel good. mohamed says as ron became more radical he lefties months and started delivering his own hardline sermons alienating across caton groups. then in 27 tane he when he the hiding after a violent clash with a group of sushi movements or any of the artist. he has antagonized politicians and also antagonized islamic groups who were against his teachings or who didn't follow his teachings so he accumulated enemies on all sides because of his actions he says clerics now educate youth year about the dangers of extremism but he fears
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islamophobia and new aggressive security measures who discriminates against members of the muslim community. they were would buy this so they get out there checking every house and the muslims are welcoming them and are prepared to identify the perpetrators. but if this situation continues it's natural that the muslims will feel victimized by the money going down so these actions have to be stopped if we want to stop a lot of people are exhausted on being brainwashed then we need to unity and cooperation among all the risks. under the state of emergency. 10000 soldiers have been deployed across the country and as during sri lanka's civil war the been given powers to search interrogate and arrest anyone without a court order so they've been sweeping the same houses in this neighborhood for the
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last guy searching again and again and again. some politicians fear a whole community is being demonized for the actions of a few. that he needs to be education among security forces so that they will not. over do over each demand it and. certain producers to create a sense of grievance among minorities certainly governments should not become regulators of lifestyle. but the government has imposed a temporary ban on muslim face coverings islamic schools and sermons by clerics and now subject to tie to monitor. conservative members of the government also want bans on foreign islamic teachings and burkett's on things solutions islamophobia
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you know people's identity their faces right and as a human not as a mostly i say human we all human should you know that. this is mostly my didn't. c need the clampdown we hear reports of attacking shops in homes owned by muslims we head to a town hours north of columbus where there's been an outbreak of communal violence and inflammatory social media post by a local muslim has reportedly triggered the mobs fury apparently a curfew has been parsed and papal i'm allowed out. we're going to see if we can get close to the thought that there's some damage over there you can say there's some damage over there and it appears as though someone is throwing rocks into their shops. when we begin filming a story owned by
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a muslim man grab your stuff they are stopped the police try to stop it stop they say showing such images make sure lanka look bad. but a day like that there's no hiding the violence sweeping the country. 20 movie which is are a target. hundreds of muslim owned properties of burnt down. the government says the only way to stop such attacks is tougher hate speech laws the while and attacks against the other religion that cannot be accepted we should poorly really get that type of extremist group with dates coming from. their days coming from islam is where those coming from. in recent weeks there were demonstrations by powerful signal of buddhist groups linked to past violence they accuse governor has blocked into local muslim politicians of being involved in the
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attacks the men deny having links to the in t.j. and quit they government parts we had to stop all this ridiculous i'm not totally wasn't even saying hello in solar darcy ralph how cute and 7 of the muslim ministers also step down they all insist the government is failing to keep muslim sites from persecution there is a gender fear say causes that is being exploited by certain under nearly mans certain is enough forces out there who survive on propagating their own brand of ideologies. as face becomes the new front line in post bush lanka those scarred by the easter attacks feel abandoned and wary future ask other previously unknown it's
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not us but you know us some people call upon very. mean in the harmony of my message here try your best to keep close to your relationship if i'm going to members. though somebody is family handles happy it's ok stand just be to hand and work to have the next. i mean tension and heightened security st sebastian stretching new gumbo is slowly trying to recover but the hope of priests like father pereira. yeah i mean that had to stay in there with a chance they stayed in the and i was on my people in this just in the rubble. but for many parishioners church will always be the place where loved ones came to
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pride and never climb. a palm tree quark is investigating the security lapses that led to the easter sunday bombing but sri lanka's president is refusing to cooperate his. father pereira says the politicians are just as culpable as the suicide bombers. i would like to say that it's a terror act by the villain and the gun. he would damage to families we need to even to the society members should resign and go home. i myself personally. i never going to war them. into just so you have no forgiveness. we help them then. i am not ready to accept them because they may going to do the thing i mean it is
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a game. laxman says he writes that his family would not harm in the easter sunday attacks. but for him for lanka will never be the same again. and i would to family out of it and how do you console a family who has experienced debt album. in one house the father is alive but the children murdered by. in another the children are life but the father does not want them wadi in the church there was one abandon charge crying without beatings. who will console the child and the what i've said politicians come and go but the child will live it to swaddle whatever. a lot of help in future i hope you can move forward and that all religions can prosper together
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in harmony. for now unity remains elusive in a tiny island nation of many faiths and in the cities. where the bigotry often spirals into bloodshed another war with the could to rile the prosperity bilks from 8 years of pace. business updates to you by qatar airways going places together.
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business updates to you by qatar airways going places together. this is al-jazeera. this is that he was a live from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes president trump reportedly hold it strikes on iranian military targets then changed his mind in response to the shooting down of a u.s. surveillance drone. meanwhile iranian state media release images showing what it
6:49 pm
says of fragments of wreckage from the drone. on the streets of hong kong controversial extradition bill completely scrapped. with. school protesters in georgia angry over a visiting washington politician try to. forced their way into parliament. and support the african nation later with house egypt taking on. the record 7 time champion their star player mohamed salah can wrap located his liver in for. a tense standoff continues between the u.s. and iran following the downing of an american surveillance drone in the straits of hormuz u.s. media reports say that president donald trump ordered air strikes against military
6:50 pm
targets in iran and then changed his mind it's also being reported that he was warned of an imminent attack and was given a short deadline to engage in talks the reports say the planes were in the air and ships deployed until the order was given for them to stand down the intended targets of the morning raid were believed to be radar a missile batteries inside iran earlier trying called the downing of the drone a very big mistake u.s. congressional leaders are calling for a robust response but they're also telling the president to act with caution now the pentagon has released what it says was the flight path of the drone the u.s. says it was flying at high altitude in international airspace when it was hit by a surface to missile but iran has disputed where the incident took place the country's foreign minister has released his own version of the map saying that the drone was intercepted after it violated iranian airspace british airways quantas
6:51 pm
and have rerouted flight paths in the gulf after the u.s. federal aviation administration ordered all u.s. operators to do the same mike hanna reports now from washington. grainy footage released by the u.s. department of defense shows the moment when the drone was shot down. earlier to release these pictures of a similar class drone argue for global hawk which costs over $100000000000.00. rainy and chris t.v. released the sportage of the attack saying it had been obtained from the iran revolutionary guard corps tehran contended the drone penetrated the ring in a space not so and so as the u.s. military iranian reports that this aircraft was shot down over iran are categorically false the aircraft was over the strait of hormuz and fell into international waters senior members of the u.s. congress have been briefed on the situation the high kanchan wires are up in the
6:52 pm
region for a lot of different reasons some by lateral region some multilateral some of. the high tension lines. and 3rd we must act in a way that does not that does deescalate and does not escalate the tensions and the situation here the president may not intend to go to war here but we're worried that he and the administration may bumbled into a war we're told the iranians before they shot the drone down that if you engage against american personnel or assets you do search your own peril the president does not want a war with iran or anybody else and but he is the commander in chief national security figures gathered at the white house and the president sent out what appeared to be an ominous tweet iran made a very big mistake he said but then during a meeting with the canadian prime minister the president indicated that the tweet
6:53 pm
was not a warning but a literal observation i think probably iran. i made a mistake i would imagine it was a general or somebody that made a mistake in shooting that drone down i find it hard to believe it was intentional if you want to know the truth i think that it could have been somebody who was loose and stupid at the same time the president did not rule out a u.s. response because i think you'll find out and. you'll find out you'll find me i mean obviously obviously you know we're not going to be talking too much about it president trump has made clear in the past he favors some form of negotiation to resolve the crisis rather than armed action this despite the urging to forceful action from some in cabinet in particular the national security adviser john bolton the question is whether this latest incident will tip the balance in
6:54 pm
the favor of the administration's hawks at the expense of those who advocate dialogue mike hanna al-jazeera washington. meanwhile iran's ambassador to the u.n. has called for the international community to demand that the u.s. and what he calls its unlawful and destabilizing measures in the gulf are diplomatic editor james pays reports from the u.n. in new york ok if either finding it on the iranians are determined to persuade the international community that they're the ones telling the truth in addition to the broadcast of this video which the iranian press t.v. says was filmed by the islamic republic's revolutionary guards the foreign minister mohammed job and zarif has been busy on twitter he said we retrieve sections of the u.s. military drone in our territorial waters where it was shot down he posted this hand drawn map which he says shows the exact flight path as well as marking iranian territorial waters he says it proves iran acted in self-defense it's
6:55 pm
a point that iran's ambassador to the u.n. magid tucker of and she makes in a letter to secretary general antonio good terrorists and to the current president of the un security council in the letter he says the drone was in full stealth mode as it turned off its identification equipment and engaged in a clear spying operation despite repeated radio warnings it entered into the iranian air space where the air defense system of the islamic republic of iran acting under article 51 of the united nations charter targeted the intruding aircraft at 4 o 5 hours in the letter iran says the drone was in the air for almost 4 hours it says it doesn't want to war but it reserves the right take any necessary measures against hostile acts it wants the international community to respond so far though no meeting of the u.n. security council has been scheduled james out jazeera at the united nations let's
6:56 pm
go live now to. al-jazeera sources barry is there for a story in the last hour iranian media has released what it says are. pictures of fragments of the drone that was shot down what can you tell us. well. we've actually seen a video now of the local state t.v. reporters have been invited by the revolutionary guards to an unknown location at one of the red cards bases in the capital in teheran where they have put on display pieces of this drone that they say they shot down they've also interviewed the head of the revolutionary guards aerospace division the his name is our ai the day he spoke to the state t.v. reporters during the interview he said that the drone entered into iranian air space and they were given 3 the different warnings and the last warning that was
6:57 pm
given to them was at 3 55 am on thursday morning before they iranians responded they said that their last warning and the 2 previous ones were went on respond that they didn't nobody responded to them so i 4 or 5 am they fire this missile to bring down the drone now according to this official they say that they are not not looking for any confrontation but the will defend their borders and the these this is here it aerated what we've been hearing over the past 24 hours that the iranian borders are a red line for the country's military and the revolutionary guards and what's being made the door so these reports from the reuters news agency others saying that the u.s. sent a message to iran the leadership. of the knights. asking for talks. well this is not the 1st time the
6:58 pm
united states has tried to do this just last week the japanese prime minister was here on an official visit he brought a letter to the supreme leader ayatollah ali how many from u.s. president donald trump the supreme leader then said that he's not interested in responding that this president does not really deserve a response response this is something that's been consistent within the islamic republic's response to american trying to bring them to the negotiating table the supreme leader has said that the iranians negotiated for years over this nuclear agreement which the united states then pulled out of and impose a series of very very hard economic sanctions on iran so the leadership here is has not changed this position the spike the threats and they've said over and over again that the united states cannot pressure iran in turn to go she ations and this latest development the most serious and significant so far doesn't seem to be
6:59 pm
pushing them in that direction either there are so many thanks i was there was there was a body there reporting live from tehran joining us here in the studio mcjobs where a director of the gulf studies center at university so the plot thickens 1st of all we get these reports that president trump 1st of all stood up his his military and then stood them down again and now it seems that they sent a message by oman overnight saying we want talks you know if you go back 12 hours ago and look how things were developing the 2 capitals the one in washington and they're trying to reveal or not a 2 of the stories now and then the last 2 parts of the story that the americans they decided to have a military action station the tump last minute has changed there was no noticeable addition in the last one hour we we start receiving reports that actually this there was a message between. there was
7:00 pm
a command communication between the iran and washington by our own man and the message was clear washington is not and the trump is not interested in war and he needs a negotiation now we are moving ahead now the iranians say ok these are the photos of the drop more important they warned the drawing 3 times i think iranians they are trying to counter the narrative of the americas about the whole story the americans revealed a video of the basically showed a video for a minute 4 seconds the iranians show of the video of one minute and 4 seconds so there is sort of competition on narrative as well and then there's this this of course this argument about where the drone actually was when it when it was shot down was it in internet.


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