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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  June 21, 2019 9:00pm-10:01pm +03

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yes and to the current president of the u.n. security council in the latter he says the drone was in full stealth mode as it turned off its identification equipment and engaged in a clear spying operation despite repeated radio warnings it entered into the iranian airspace where the air defense system of the islamic republic of iran acting under article $51.00 of the united nations charter targeted the intruding aircraft at 4 o 5 hours in the latter iran says the drone was in the air for almost 4 hours it says it doesn't want a war but it reserves the right take any necessary measures against hostile acts it wants the international community to respond so far though no meeting of the u.n. security council has been scheduled jamesburg days out jazeera at the united nations matthew driscoll is the editor of asian aviation news magazine he says that commercial airlines are trying to avoid getting caught in the potential crossfire.
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it's an incredibly busy area i mean. dubai all the middle eastern carriers there's a lot of traffic that goes through that area and i think that that's a problem the short term problem is everybody's going to have to do some rerouting or recruiting. so the flights may take a little bit longer they may have to put on some more fuel that may increase costs a little bit for the airlines but i think the f.a.a. and the airlines are acting out of an over abundance of caution which is a good thing because they don't want to have another malaysian airlines that was shot down over the ukraine in 2014 and going back even further in history they don't have another iran air flight 655 that was shot down by the u.s. navy in july 1908 i'm actually looking at a british airways flight that left from new delhi and normally it would have a pretty straight shot over the gulf to. england and now it's taken
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a hard right turn and it is flying over the middle of iran right now so it's not flying anywhere near the persian gulf so you'll see everybody kind of flying to different directions. because they want to avoid the gulf look at the weather update thanks to an al-jazeera then defying trump u.s. senators voted to block the sale of arms to saudi arabia and the u.a.e. . and syria's president is accused of waging a brutal scene jhon style of campaign on internally displaced refugees. let me take itto things like no place on. the wild west that rain. underneath the strongest fos day ston most skilled armed.
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nations will come to traffic in stadiums that are problems in class. to. discover how a news destination defeat the women's world cup france 29 t. monitor the truck quantified m value list of data being the new car hold up on your data your identity is a commodity and we have to understand where i'm from or come from us leaving it's time to reclaim our cyber so we have to put in them a something that can all be sold we are creators we are activists we are geeks give us back our data on a dozen. al-jazeera stands swear every year.
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more than 10 years after the global financial crisis you've taken home more than $480000000.00 your company is now bankrupt our economy is of a state of crisis i have a very basic question this is where millions lost their homes in the us alone who is held responsible i will be fabulously wealthy and i will not take in price for thank the lord the men who still live on al-jazeera.
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hello again this is al jazeera let's remind you of the main news again this hour u.s. media reports say that donald trump has ordered air strikes on iran but then withdrew the order as warplanes were in the air and ships in position tehran is denying reports that it was more of an immediate attack and given a deadline to agree to engage in talks. iran disputes american assertions that a u.s. surveillance drone was downed in international airspace iran's foreign minister says that iranian maps pinpoint where the drone was intercepted after violating iranian airspace the revolutionary guard has also said that it refrained from shooting down a u.s. aircraft with 35 people on board it was flying. at the same time as the downed drone. the united states envoy on iran has said that it's important to do everything possible to deescalate tension with iran brian hope is in saudi arabia
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as capital riyadh to meet with the kingdom's deputy defense minister during a news conference he said that iran should meet us to plan to see with diplomacy and not military force. thousands of demonstrators in hong kong are back on the streets demanding the complete withdraw of an extradition bill that occupying roads around police and government buildings others are outside the government headquarters calling for the resignation of hong kong's leader mass demonstrations have been held over the past 2 weeks against the bill which would allow criminal suspects to be. sent to mainland china for trial let's go live now to hong kong does it has to be a good poland is for us or protest is a bit out on the streets once again in force not so many police around today what's been happening to fear. that's right there and it seems the focal point of these protests are the police this time protesters have surrounded the police headquarters which is just behind me and what they're doing is they're trying to
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barricade the police in toronto using using railings using plastic ties trying to tie up any any doorway or any exit from the police station taunting them and telling them not to come out and to reinforce the security here on the ground but as far as security goes i barely since since i've come here i haven't seen a single policeman despite the crowds increasing as people leave work many of these people have been here since early morning that the students the younger people they're not being joined by office workers or other people who are leaving their office or their places of and weimann so the numbers are increasing around here at the police headquarters and around just in front of me about 20 meter 2200 meters the government headquarters there demands along with asking the chief executive to step down and of scrapping that controversial extradition law are for the police to stop labeling last week's protests as riot that's when police had fired on
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protesters using tear gas for spray bullets and people were arrested so they're also asking for them to arrest the protest to release the protesters that they have arrested and i just want to show you something and they're also handing out posters like this asking for an investigation into the police so it's very much focused on the police actions from last week and they're very much calling for some kind of a statement from the police itself to be a many things to be a grip on and live in hong kong. north korea's state media says that leader kim jong un and china's president xi jinping have agreed to strengthen ties between their countries the announcement on friday came just before she left north korea it confirms beijing's support for its ally as pyongyang faces u.s. led sanctions over its nuclear missile program. roads have been closed after a huge fire tore through the largest crude oil refinery on the east coast of the united states faces the philadelphia energy solutions refinery say the blaze is now
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under control there's been no confirmation of workers and been injured and it's not clear yet what caused the fire. the president of georgia has cut short a trip abroad after anti russia protesters tried to stall pollens they fought with riot police when a russian politician was allowed to address m.p.'s russia's influence in georgian politics remains a highly sensitive subject since washing troops went to war in georgia 11 years ago robin for us to walk a report style from tbilisi. thousands of protesters trying to storm the georgian parliament incensed by the presence of russian politicians who earlier had been invited inside protesters faced off with riot police and would then pushed into retreat. not to allow this guy to come to you but they could not talk not only a lot for the church but to see in church. so
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peaceful so to speak. it was a cycle repeated throughout the night even dozens injured being successive waves of police firing tear gas and we understand brotherhood. protesters we've seen a number of the in shifts so she receives hits just kind of stays cool rapidly in the face. lifts i never saw a smile pulls away from the scene and then every time i listen. to the child struck the tensions on thursday were already running high citic a governor of a russian deputy visiting as part of an international group of orthodox christian politicians had been allowed to address the parliament in russian something that many georgians saw as a provocation will not tolerate russian expansion to georgia and will not tolerate
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nationalization of the georgia which happening unfortunately under this government for the last 70. 3 percent of georgian territory. isn't the russian military occupation of the georgia lost the war with russia in 2008 moscow recognized breakaway regions south the city and of higher as independent states and built military bases there moscow's influence in a country which wants to join the european union and nato is often a flashpoint in georgia's domestic politics russia as well as. in the east all destroyed territories members of the russian duma and it's another question whether the actual parliament because there is no opposition there but these individuals in our view must not have been allowed on to georgian territory. government has blamed the opposition for thursday's violence but has acknowledged inviting the russian deputies may have been
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a mistake protesters are demanding resignations or a return to the streets robin 1st steelworker al-jazeera to. the saudi led coalition fighting in yemen says that it's targeted who think rebel sites in the port city of her data it's hacked was in response to a drone strike on the saudi city of just her data is yemen's main entry point for a delivery last month the hoodies pulled out of the port as part of a un brokered deal. the u.s. senate as a voted to block $8000000000.00 in arms sales to saudi arabia the united arab emirates and other countries a handful of republicans joined democrats in what's being seen as a protest against president donald trump support the saudi crown prince mohammed bin solomon john hendren reports from the u.s. capitol for congressional disapproval in the u.s. senate republican firewall protecting president trump there is a visible crap in my relationship with saudi arabia is forever changed. and it will
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not go back to the way used to be with key support from trump ally lindsey graham and a handful of other republicans the senate voted to block the president from selling billions of dollars in u.s. arms to saudi arabia you cannot have a strategic relationship the united states and behave in a fashion that shows no respect for human dignity no respect for international norms president trump is certain to veto the measure and it's not likely opponents will muster the 2 thirds majorities they need in both the house and the senate to override a veto but with the u.s. facing a potential military conflict with iran the senate republican leader says it is no time to abandon a key regional ally so the question the senate will soon consider is really those whether will lash out at an imperfect partner and undercut our own efforts to build
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cooperation shock around and achieve other important goals or whether we'll keep our imperfect part of clothes and use our employees are there any sense for a majority of senators the answer was to punish the world's largest arms importer in the resolution is passed it was a protest over saudi agents killing of. an american resident in journalist for the washington post always so blind to the malign influence of saudi arabia that we just give money and weapons to anybody regardless of what they do you can chop up a dissident you can cut a dissident into pieces without bone saw and will still give you weapons it was also a protest over the killing of civilians by the saudi immorality led military coalition using american weapons in the war in yemen ideas are bombs that are dropping on those civilians. we cannot morally continue to support such a still. the vote might not be veto proof but it sends
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a message to trump into the crown prince of saudi arabia that neither the threat of a conflict with iran nor a longstanding alliance are enough for the us senate to turn a blind eye towards our. 0 washington serious opposition is accusing the government of using same agent stock of tactics to force war refugees from a camp in the desert around 14000 of already left count over the past 3 months in a harder reports now it's unclear though how many of the remaining 27000 the ready to return to government controlled territories roca bandcamp was home 240000 syrians for more than 4 years and the past 3 months it started to empty more than 14000 have left this remote desert region along a corridor opened by syrian government forces it's the only way out but assad. it's because of the tight siege by russian and syrian government forces the people
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had no choice because they were hungry they decided to leave to areas under regime control but at least 60 percent of the camps population remain and many prefer to stay instead of being killed by the regimes security men were for months now syrian government forces have besieged the camp closing smuggling routes that used to be lifelines some goods still reach work ban but the trade is controlled by businessmen who seem to be profiting from the situation. back of 8 loaves of bread cost $500.00 syrian liras or $1.01 pupil of fries cost $1.00 and a half it is possible people don't have money if you shop owners here are controlling the prices in the do not fear god we have no one to help us back on. the evacuations are organized by the syrian government which is giving the refugees one choice return to government rule or stay in what aid agencies have described as
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extremely challenging conditions. people are leaving because of poverty but then the regime sends them to the front lines to fight they don't come back they are either killed by the opposition or the assad regime and iranian militias we hope they open a road to the north to rebel areas or to any other country we don't want to go back to living under the regime. the city and government is refusing to open an internationally guaranteed safe passage to opposition controlled territories it has also been preventing the united nations from delivering much needed aid to look bad for the past 4 months the united nations says these people are in need of food medicine and water but it can't do anything without consent from government leaders in damascus. the u.n. and the syrian arab red crescent working on a plan off for the contras from the us will humanitarian assistance. what's being discussed at the moment and hope hans need to agree on this post
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deliver assistance. to well. the opposition accuses the government of using a tactic employed throughout the years of war siege and starve people into submission and rock band it appears to be succeeding and yet again the international community is failing to act. beirut. the united nations office in uganda says that it's struggling with an influx of refugees from the democratic republic of congo at least 4000 congolese people have fled to uganda to escape facing between rival hammer and lendu militias they've competed over farmland and control of gold and coltan mines in the past before violence flared up again recently. it is good to have you with us hello adrian finnegan here in doha the headlines on al-jazeera u.s. media reports say that donald trump ordered air strikes on iran but then withdrew
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the order as warplanes were in the air and ships in position to iran is denying reports that it was warned of an immediate attack and given a deadline to agree to engage in talks. the revolutionary guard has revealed that it refrain from shooting down a u.s. plane with 35 people on board that was in the vicinity of the downed drone iran's foreign minister says that iranian maps pinpoint where the drone was intercepted after violating iranian airspace i hope. as in the past our armed forces have showed that our national security is our red line and we won't let our land be a place for foreign forces for trespassing twice we gave warning to this drone this drone has a system that transfers the messages to its base and unfortunately they didn't respond and for the last time we gave a warning and when it continued into our territory it was shut down. the united states envoy on iran has said that it's important to do everything possible to
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deescalate tensions with iran brian hook is in saudi arabia's capital riyadh to meet with the kingdom's deputy defense minister during a news conference folks said that iran should meet u.s. diplomacy with diplomacy and not military force. thousands of demonstrators in hong kong are back on the streets demanding the complete withdrawal of an extradition bill they're occupying roads around police and government buildings others are outside the government have courses calling for the resignation of hong kong as leader of. north korea's state media says that leader kim jong un china's president xi jinping agreed to strengthen ties between the countries that announcement on friday came just before she left north korea it confirms beijing's support for its ally as pyongyang faces u.s. led sanctions over its nuclear missile program at least 24 people have died in a factory fire indonesia the blaze gutted a building that was being used to make matchsticks in north sumatra there's the
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headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after risking it all next. on counting the cost 2018 was the deadliest year for the aviation industry in gives we'll find out just what went wrong also it's only considers a new domestic current so you could lead to its exit from the euro but should you be worried about your kids having too much screen time counting the cost on al-jazeera.
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thank. you. thank. this year winter has come to this narrow strip and afghanistan. and the a concordia the temperature is unseasonably cold minus 15 degrees celsius.
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the high g. and his drive up early winter can be a problem. and any moment heavy snow focus is not the only road through the valley trusting them and their goods to several months. ago but they still want to know they wor never could kind of get out that big of us to go. and just get on the right kind of tough tough. tough tough. tough cyclists so if a guy got to get in fights with us and the broke. part of her to give him her. i can't marry. him on tape number so. medicaid has some issue with a child of. god she has been traveling through the will concord will for well over a decade. the elderly much and drove from village to village selling and trading
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his match in times. this year he took a chance on hiring on dr. ballard all the help but the feeling that it is. one of the of the mother going oh now that it would go another the top of the snow mess of. course is the. closing like this the bottom of the it is a. side the folks ready to cut off a little hope but. also not fight over there very effectively. even over the bills which are going. to help out. this. week. on the minimum the fellow at a government is cutting a deal but it will still bust up and i don't buy the how does that. make.
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what is out of what is all over. the world concrete or ready a mountainous region situated in the far north east of afghanistan. it's bordered by the hindu kush mountains and peaks some reaching close to 5000 meters. battling extreme conditions these 2 men will have to cross the only road that cuts through the a concrete or
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a 350 kilometer path carved into the mountains and covered by snow. if it were not for those few willing to risk taking this route people in the villages here would have to go without basic necessities such as flour salt. without these goods the inhabitants of the what concord would struggle to survive the harsh winter with temperatures often dropping below minus 30 degrees they did a very good guess about what the title was something. that passed that i don't know but you make it. seem. more that while there are still day robots on the tube sort of the bus models that are caught on the other subtle ways. to get out i think ultimately. they are on the other edge and other then by the fall of the house. and it was said that. that
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up to. what is going on is. that. the tournaments. i don't. follow does i must be right that some other place about us clear enough of them with the title to find that movie this year or the other. would touch upon myself. lloyd does come out. the door that has done nothing. the sun nothing. they were to the dealership to do is look at what about it is nothing or. what i did
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not go to all those are going to save a. few double figures single syllable. of the sea that will see the sun listen i will see them there as well as my. mother there was a whole lot of just. how much only good players. so much turmoil said anything. going on the net but about this kind of the thank you doesn't make you. a woman with. double can double. double to double double in his rickety truck carries with him all sorts of merchandise rice flour shoes generators
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and even composites. he doesn't only sell his much and dice he also hopes to exchange it for some livestock your fish in a fight. yet be so mob who are so caring. more they were thump on the slimmest at the you're not making money month or 3 but nobody on the market than you or just more than you'd sort of hope not a mini washout of not of me who got stuff i does alone bush has your time definitely. yes on the idea of your that is so bonus. or go then it hurt us yes you should in a jokingly yes your the i saw you with that thought my. joy. good joy you dude shall go kill us must go. there to float. again which is the almost out.
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there actually was anything else we're going to keep going to get you coming with us from with you to the top. but i'm going to bet you're on the look at your jeep remind you never had a chance i know you are still a. child or. any. general but it will affect that i'm going by with. a lot of. paid overtime because. this it i case point of that. here was that you got this puppy gaps courage and kept. training is commonplace entrepreneurship part of the debate about which is making me miss this at the moment you can ball up there and then you got a huge more joshua young off your. total body just made in the political to the listener 50 leaves demeter good to get the latest out of this fund could all be
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spun and when someone is on the run it was our jobs through part of. the reason for. the suffering of the nerds are you should kill none of them are all yankees who put you. back on the road the man continued to the next village. or you're already on. the person. that got him the museum of young a harmonic 9 from q how was your ass time one that given him a medically. us your newest. coming. coming
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out. and the. part of afghanistan salt comes directly from the salt mines in the mountains at the other end of the country. have been a market cabin and i could not go for hope you're not gonna. remember. all too well with a c. 300 kilos unloaded into the back of the truck carriers are too proud to ask for anything in exchange but hygiene still makes a small gesture. no more it was obvious not a lot of this much of. it was going on under the national how about you know tyrol you are taking a child i'm trying to push people who don't show them by i don't but i think you may be. night food is fast approaching hygiene his driver are invited to spend the night at the village
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leaders home what is negative. because of our who was behind us hold the higher power tightly with energy in their own assertions you could tell a good start to how could someone suddenly know what i mean when i go marco but one of them says a business get us that's just a bit too much good at every. new high g. is well known in the world concord or. every time he does his rounds villages offer him a place to stay. and we continue. the although it was a 180 well i don't want to hold toad. the menu really changes the rice and potatoes of the base of every meal let alone it was worth it for her to address the north korea right now the reality it's. the shortage of asians in august only and more than they had a new bottom and then
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a mission to modify what they've done but he ain't joe. thanks lou of the a mission of more but one of the cast i mean no mr lock him out of the mine to go out and make it i mean on that i wish in the mission. but because looking for bonnie i'm awfully boring which cannot but what i think about naomi but more time on what i mean when i know i mean bandish i think that. on the film in the moment when one has eyes and i was aware of what motivated her it was found in me but to be i don't know that i took me on wishing me on it really actually could do it and again i'll tell you eugene a. wonderful is a look. you know. when
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i was over. a very cold night has caused some unexpected problems. and poor quality diesel has frozen the truck won't start i don't have. what this is what i got to make. me about about a little to go to school will. get thank i will nearly. with school photos you're. right.
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though you don't know what. you're humble though a little bit of both of. as haji and his driver move high into the mountains a layer of snow has covered the road it may be already too late to get through. all this stuff. coming up the going to take the place of the pull of mail but i had to. step in and go to minot with the family but i never felt the job the go. all the psycho. killer ships a.f.l.
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kind of fight all of the fight on the lips of almost all of a. country is teaching his young driver to be cautious misreading the dangers could lead to serious accidents. will. stop. oh oh. oh.
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i. i. at an altitude of more than $3500.00 metres even the smallest movement is tiring for hygiene. the uh uh. uh. so i took that as a hose behind us behind us and i swallowed whole body on the on the scene behind us and each journey gets harder and harder for him up on this trip he makes
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a stop at the only health clinic in the corridor. to. check the kind of. conditions that. mothers are some where. the gift shop will come a cue ball of stuff. you have to clean that does not make any comment you don't need i'm a doctor thank you. for. good sort of but it's not. but it's not for me. as a kid. just wanted to get one show up because you have the most of house on it as it was going. to show up at the show.
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there is still a day's worth of travel before they reach the end of the corridor the most dangerous part of the trip. down the whoops right there with better hope was except . it was a play out about staying at that with the cycle hard enough to. have. the full facts not subject to the orders to have them. thank.
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you for telling the sunday times that i'm going there with that you're going to sit in the got to listen to. this and that they know the whole of the. cyclists shuffle. a lot of us. a rest stop near a village for hygiene an opportunity to make a bit of money for the village is a chance to stock up on much needed supplies while of the clock or. on older smaller military men moving a lot of money to. come to the. i'm going to but i'm even if. i'm. going to come. for booth and now
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that the deal was done none of the stuff had done the actually did. the nose would have been any part of evolution towards henri paul. with the. they serve or double your idea here but from the number much higher they should be and probably you know you have had on your frame i don't respond on all bird records like the monitor but by somebody good has got to be in accordance on what i said. before the device had become more about what i said by making my chorus one for me but on the road with after after the. salon because wal-mart this door makes no not only among them is a modern shuffle tough to look ahead but i wish i had i'm sure he has a lot of people that i can die borders i have 5 and that love of. money yeah but they did not i'm not that anyone does them to clear my head that it was but then
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the one i just figured out a little bit by going to exeter brzezinski why bush think i could wish them a person down when i'm on it yet but it was an emergency that ron you know i mean there are hindsight shy satsu about if that's your guy or i write your address at this hour early i mean more calls are what i'm going to have to hook up ok we're going to have now with the correct your group going to more of that as a member go out there i'm your brother but our i got all that i've got a visual lot of cash right about tell me did your opponent get of it but is that number one. she hasn't always been a tradesman as a young man he food against the soviet union under the leadership of afghanistan's most respected military leader ahmed shah masood was that young to say most of. your choice or this whole moment you had been caught there was a must. also the police had to report when you're in
9:44 pm
a city to focus on the upstream side of them so long but that he and your court you know might a couple really fast for you but they're very nervous from. a lot of the reforms from meissen on both what the what the just the or what but it sure does so it was more classic and just. in my home but i don't think you more than you want to know money on the kind of nation of course and also you know mine for one another so when we had someone with a whole coordinating. but when you were in your own zone as they were going to ask her a lot of what he's here is there's a good bit of a noise around here i was sure of our new voters are coming. after 10 days of traveling. to finally reach the end of the car door the last of
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the flowers sold and barely a few minutes. to. get a seat in the side of us and. now i think i may have the past. morris has made it in past me and him. well you know your double your good you're good you're just finished. with your daughter choice. but i. was like well.
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it will now take. another perilous week to get home. the weather sponsored by cattle. hello again welcome back to your international weather forecasts were fairly dry across much of southern portions of south america
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we do have some clouds here pushing across parts of one as it is right now but really no rain in those clouds it's going to be a mostly cloudy to cloudy day here on friday 15 degrees one side is getting better as we go towards saturday coming up to about 70 degrees but also into southern brazil we're looking quite nice here in rio as well as apollo temperatures there into the mid twenty's with plenty of sun in the forecast speaking a plenty of sun it is that way across much of northern caribbean as well as over here towards the east now we are picking up some thunderstorms in the heating of the day but in terms of a lot of rain that's not what we're talking about it is going to be quite nice cross cuba as well as over here towards has been yola where the rain is going to be a big problem central america is going to see plenty of rain over the next you days managua a rainy day a few of the tempter there of 30 and also it has been quite rainy here across the eastern seaboard thunderstorms and flooding has been the big problem that in philadelphia we have actually seen quite a bit of rain there we have seen about over 150 millimeters of rain just in the
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last 24 hours and unfortunately that is going to keep the water levels quite high but no more rain in the forecast there for new york we do expect to see 25 as your forecast. the west sponsored alys. this is al-jazeera. hello i'm adrian frank and this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes president trump reportedly ordered strikes on iranian military targets they have. changed his mind in response to the shooting down of a u.n. survival story that u.s.
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surveillance for iran releases pictures of what it says is wreckage from the drone it also reveals it decided not to shoot down a nearby unmanned u.s. spy plane. russia and georgia exchanged tough words after a rally turns violence in the georgian capital over a russian politicians visit. and informed the african combination of later with health egypt taking on zimbabwe in cairo 7 time champion egypt will help their star player muhammad fall i can rap like a template or perform. a tense standoff continues between the u.s. and iran after an american surveillance drone was shot down of the straits of hormuz u.s. media reports say that president donald trump ordered air strikes against military targets in iran but then changed his mind tehran has denied reports that it was
9:50 pm
warned of an imminent attack and was given a deadline to engage in talks the reports say the planes were in the air and ships deployed until the order was given for them to stand down the intended targets of the morning raid were believed to be radar missile batteries inside iran earlier trump called the downing of the drone a very big mistake u.s. congressional leaders are calling for a robust response but they're also telling the president to act with caution now the pentagon has released what it says was the flight path of the drone the u.s. says that it was flying at high altitude in international airspace when it was hit by a surface to air missile but iran's foreign minister has released his own version of the map saying that the drone was intercepted after it had violated iranian airspace the revolutionary guard said it refrain from shooting down a u.s. plane with 35 people on board that was in the vicinity of the drone several
9:51 pm
international airlines have rerouted flight paths in the gulf after the u.s. federal aviation administration ordered all u.s. operators to do the same. a white house correspondent kimberly halakhah is standing by for us in washington d.c. but 1st let's go to door such bari who is in teheran dorsal iranian media has released what it says a pictures of fragments of the surveillance drone that was shot down what more can you tell us about that yes the iran's revolutionary guard invited the state t.v. reporters in the capital and they reveal that this what was left of what they say is the drone an undisclosed military base belonging to the revolutionary guards earlier today the head of the revolutionary guard aerospace said that the iranians actually had 2 planes in their sights that entered into their airspace on thursday morning and that they received 4 warnings one at 2
9:52 pm
o 5 am and then and another at 355 twice in those 2 hours and that the one knew that the military plane that we had the 35 people on board did hear those warnings and they left the iranian airspace but the drone stayed and that is when the rains actually hit that drone and down that and he also had this to say hope. as in the past our armed forces have showed that our national security is our red line and we won't let our land be a place for foreign forces for trespassing twice we gave warning to this drone this drone has a system that transfers the messages to its base and unfortunately they didn't respond and for the last time we gave a warning and when it continued into our territory it was shut down. news agencies are reporting door so that the u.s. . sent a message to iran's leaders via amman over night. asking for
9:53 pm
negotiations what's being made of that bet. well there is a lot of denial we've made calls to difference have departments within the government and we've heard from the iran's supreme national security council they have categorically denied this reports that iran has received any common message via along from the united states government and we've also heard from the foreign ministry and they've also denied that anything like this has occurred that they received any kind of a warning or a time limit now we know that the supreme leader is against any kind of discussion with the united states just last week on thursday when the japanese prime minister was here he had a letter from u.s. president donald trump for ayatollah ali khamenei and the supreme leader refused to even respond to that and he said that the iranians will not negotiate any further at any point with the united states government because of their behavior and that's
9:54 pm
referring to the u.s. decision to withdraw from the 2015 nuclear agreement last year and their position of economic sanctions on iran this has put iran at a position where they say they cannot negotiate they cannot be forced or bullied into negotiating with the americans. as there is still such a broad reporting live from the crowd it's go live now to white house correspondent kelly held coots in washington has there been any response from the white house yet to these these reports that donald trump 1st i was advised and strikes on iran they canceled it as the planes were in the air. yes sorry to cut you off there adrian we've just had a tweet from the u.s. president 3 of them in the last minute and a half i'm reading them in real time with you here but while the president starts off blaming barack obama for his deal with iran of giving $150000000000.00 the president goes on to recount how he made that decision with the planes in the air
9:55 pm
ready to strike and then that abrupt turnaround just scrolling down here he says about iran in the 2nd of a series of 3 tweets on monday iran shot down an unmanned drone flying in international waters we were cocked and loaded to retaliate last night on 3 different sites when i asked how many will die 150 people service the answer from a general 10 minutes before the strike i stopped it not proportionate to shooting down an unmanned drone i'm in no hurry our military is rebuilt new and ready to go by far the best in the world sanctions are biting and more added last night iran can never have nuclear weapons not against the usa and not against the world so that coming from the us president in just the last few moments on his account at real donald trump so we've now got the 1st response from the us president getting
9:56 pm
a little bit of insight into what was going on in his mind how close the united states caved to essentially striking on iraq as certainly donald trump when he spoke in the oval office yesterday said if there had been if this had been not a drone but some sort of aircraft with a man or woman inside it that would have been different we know that there was a meeting in the situation room with congressional leaders we know that those planes were then ultimately in the air but donald trump calling them back and now we have an understanding of why saying that when he realized the impact to iran in terms of human casualties. he felt this was not in any way proportional to the collateral damage that would be experienced on the ground so that's the breaking news coming from the u.s. president adrian now let's get to his administration because his special envoy to iran brian hook has been in riyadh talking about the president's maximum pressure
9:57 pm
campaign those ask the lady sanctions that have been in place which many people felt would lead iran to lash out which many people say that's exactly what's been occurring here still the administration seems to be justifying those actions take a listen our maximum pressure campaign against the islamic republic of iran is working iran is feeling the effects of our maximum pressure campaign. it's very clear i was able to tour a display of weapons iranian weapons that have been interdicted. in saudi arabia and this is a display that the entire world needs to see we have a similar display in washington d.c. at our department of defense and it is it is without a doubt that iran's efforts to use surrogates that they organize train and
9:58 pm
equip. to attack saudi arabia and to destabilize the region needs to be countered we'll sort of wind is playing on capitol hill how to deal with iran a political wind can really. well it really is kind of a fractured feeling in washington right now not just in the the insights we've gotten from the u.s. president but also on capitol hill because you know this is a deeply divided u.s. congress and typically democrats tend to be kind of pushing back on most policy of republicans more lockstep but in the case of a rod democrats seem to be on the same song sheet if you will with republicans in terms of the intelligence that they felt that iran had been behind the downing of the u.s. drone the attacks on those 2 takers in the gulf of oman amman in fact now see palosi such not only believe the intelligence but that she called iran
9:59 pm
a bad actor but it seems that most of them also have this very strong feeling that the united states must do everything it can to deescalate this situation obviously after that meeting with the president those planes did go up in the air but in the minds of the u.s. president according to a tweet now we know why those planes were turned around that he was concerned about the cost and that it wasn't proportional in terms of human lives to the downing of a u.s. drone i can believe many thanks indeed can be how could a white house correspondent live from washington let's bring in chris creagh an assistant professor at the defense studies public king's college london and he joins us now live from london been listening to all of that no doubt with the with interest we have a bizarre situation that kimberly was saying that u.s. politicians are urging the president to do everything he can to deescalate the situation this president trump saying that iran can never have nuclear weapons hangover but it was the u.s. that escalated this in the 1st place iran has always said that it doesn't want the
10:00 pm
. clear weapons. absolutely i think this we're now at a point where we need to accept the fact that maximum pressure doesn't work and as most analysts have already set for months that maximum pressure will not work on a regime such as the iranian regime which is a revolutionary one which cannot show weakness and i think the problem with next pressure is maximum pressure to what extent to what effect to what end and i think what we saw what we just heard from the from the defense department here is maximum pressure works to a degree that it precious the iranians but the iranians don't really know to what end what is it that we're trying to achieve with iran we're trying to pressure them back to the negotiation table that was never going to work particular because the rain is already felt like they made a 2nd phase here with the j.c. they made concessions and now despite the fact that they were biting by the deal they nonetheless were phased and were actually punished with sanctions so you actually are.


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