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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  June 21, 2019 10:00pm-10:34pm +03

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has always said that it doesn't want nuclear weapons. absolutely i think this we're now at a point where we need to accept the fact that maximum pressure doesn't work and as most analysts have already set for months that maximum pressure will not work on a regime such as the iranian regime which is a revolutionary one which cannot show weakness and i think the problem with next pressure is maximum pressure to what extent to what effect to what end and i think what we saw what we just heard from the from the defense department here is maximum pressure works to a degree that it precious the iranians but the iranians don't really know to what end what is it that we're trying to achieve with iran we're trying to pressure them back to the negotiation table that was never going to work particular because the rain is already felt like they made a 2nd phase here with the j.c. they made concessions and now despite the fact that they were biting by the deal they nonetheless were phased and were actually punished with sanctions so you actually rightly say the the americans were the ones that escalated in the 1st
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place now what the iranians are trying to do is trying to push the boundaries trying to see you know how far they can actually go where the red lines are for the americans and it is very very difficult now and i see you know if we look at if we hear the debate on capitol hill right now between republicans and democrats but also within the parties between the white house and different departments in washington because becomes quite clear that it's difficult to come up with a coherent approach because of the kind of stuck between a rock and a hard place because on the one hand we we can you know we have to make sure that the iranians don't do that again we have to make sure the rings don't escalate further we have to establish these red lines kind of with a lot of resolve and determination at the same time we also do or a military escalation in terms of a full out war so how do we do this without kind of crossing that threshold of war here and that is the very very difficult task but the fact and you alluded to that already there. the p 8 plane was targeted yesterday and there were considerations
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in the revolutionary guard to actually down a plane with 35 u.s. personnel on it that would have been clearly an escalation and i think the americans could've couldn't have except that in the iranians also determine that this would have been too risky so they went for a drone which is on land but it was really pushing the boundary you know in the salami technics 2 way that we're just underneath the threshold of war now and i fear the iranians cannot escalate further but what is needed now is a more diplomatic approach so the u.s. has effectively created this crisis it's blown out of all proportion to the to what iran was was supposed to have done it was complete compliance with the with the nuclear deal with the us that that withdrew from it we write have to be skeptical about about u.s. motives are we right to be skeptical when the president says that he called off this attack with with 10 minutes to go this this response to this the downing of the drone. i mean there is so what this is all about to terence right now isn't it
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and the problem with the terrence is it's based on capability and credibility so you know how capable is the united states very capable as the president said you know most powerful military in the region the problem here is with intent and motivation to what extent is there a political win in washington to escalate further and also bear the consequences of a retaliation from iran and i think that's where the problems come in so you know qatar is hosting the biggest u.s. airbase in the region qatar would be the 1st to be targeted because most of the strikes would be flown from there the same would go for the u.a.e. and saudi arabia they would be on the absolute brink of that war they would get the 1st barrage of ballistic missiles so the end that would have hit american strategic interests i don't see how the americans would be interested in seeing that escalation through the problem with the credibility both militarily but also diplomatically is that the americans have never really spoken with one voice the problem with the truck ministration is that there is no clear strategy which hasn't
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been can it hasn't been committed to communicated effectively and coherently what the americans want to achieve so on the one hand there busy is no credibility that the americans would ever stick to any agreement they have undermined trust that they have built over the years during the obama years with the with the iranians and at the same time there is also no credibility that the americans are willing to take that capability that they have militarily and strike the arena and that kind of schizophrenia is something where the iranians are playing with at the moment and they have been so far been right to test the boundaries and have not face any consequences and risk many thanks indeed for being with us. earlier iran's ambassador to the u.n. called for the international community to demand that the u.s. end what he calls its unlawful and destabilizing measures in the gulf are diplomatic editor james bass reports now from the u.n. in new york ok if either finding it on the iranians are determined to persuade the
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international community that they're the ones telling the truth in addition to the broadcast of this video which the iranian press t.v. says was filmed by the islamic republic's revolutionary guards the foreign minister mohammed job and zarif has been busy on twitter he said we retrieve sections of the u.s. military drone in our territorial waters where it was shot down he posted this hand drawn map which he says shows the exact flight path as well as marking iranian territorial waters he says it proves iran acted in self-defense it's a point that iran's ambassador to the u.n. magid tucker of and she makes in a letter to secretary general antonio good terrorists and to the current president of the u.n. security council in the letter he says the drone was in full stealth mode as it turned off its identification equipment and engaged in a clear spying operation despite repeated radio warnings it entered into the
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iranian airspace where the air defense system of the islamic republic of iran acting under article 51 of the united nations charter targeted the intruding aircraft at 4 o 5 hours in the latter iran says the drone was in the air for almost 4 hours it says it doesn't want to war but it reserves the right take any necessary measures against hostile acts it wants the international community to respond so far though no meeting of the u.n. security council has been scheduled james out jazeera at the united nations. this is the news hour from al-jazeera still to come on the program. traffic at a standstill again in hong kong as protesters say then on moving until they get what they want. a welcome home mail for the war weary we're in uganda where congolese refugees are fighting sanctuary. the new orleans pelicans.
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sports n.b.a. team is trying to change that for chooses the draft pick gets underway in new york details coming up later. the president of georgia has cut short a trip abroad after mt russia protesters tried to storm parliament $240.00 people in clashes with riot police the kremlin has condemned the violent protests and described it as an anti russia provocation president so long as little bit fairly has called russia an enemy an occupier step boston is in moscow with russia's reaction but 1st let's go live to robyn for us to walk up in tbilisi for us we're hearing that georgia's speaker of the parliament has resigned robin tell us more. that's right directly about the speaker. but
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the parts. of the state spread out like quite embarrassing. for the arts. the state just said that the public would resort nobody wanted to. fight protests on the streets bigger story. that says you may take. we. have a good state. going to come. rushing to keep you going to probably come to these kinds of politics and i don't. know they would be here but they would know that it's going to be so much i go down the street i become so last night that somebody we can see i think i think you
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might think i'm going to let you get up even up but still i think i could be the number think stating maybe 3 i don't think i'm going to run i could be the guy who got projectile to buy to keep the guy keep guns and be proud but i really think of many thanks to many apologies for the sound quality that on weapons the 4th step boston then is following developments for us from last go what's been the reaction from that step. well very closely these events in georgia are being followed here in moscow basically the main line is that this was all pre-planned protest basically for 2 main reasons people here in russia say one is to make sure that the ties between russia and georgia will not be improving as they were in the last couple of years
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and also the other reason is there is a political power struggle going on the kremlin called the russe of russia for weak provocation and they also warned for the safety of russian tourists of course georgia's a very popular tourist destination for many russians the foreign ministry spokesman called the nightmarish provocation and said it would hurt and harm georgia more than anything else but the state media was very clear they called it a coup attempt basically elected by former president really interestingly is that the russian lawmaker was basically at the heart of this whole protest who was actually the man was sitting in the speaker's chair in parliament during that speech he said that he saw signs and avid ins that it was all pre-planned he sat as soon as all the commotion started i saw posters with anti russian slogan so he said this was all trap it was all a plan basically to make this happen to make this who attempt possible the last
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thing that russia wants obviously is a very strong anti russian power in georgia so if this coup what they are describing here would succeed of course the ties with russia would be worsening and also the chances and that's something that russia is very scared of is that georgia would become a member of nato would be increasing start many thanks to the lawyers in moscow with a breakdown in relations decades georgia became a soviet republic after the red army invaded in 1921 after the collapse of the soviet union in 1991 georgia west. applied to join the european union and nato that infuriated the kremlin the simmering tension exploded into a 5 day war in 2008 over the breakaway region of south ossetia hundreds were killed and thousands forced from their homes when russian troops invaded leaders in moscow recognized south of setia at another breakaway region
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a casita as independent states they remain occupied by russian troops diplomatic ties have been cut off since that 5 day war let's get a few now from lincoln mitchell is a political analyst an expert on georgia he's also a scholar of the sultan institute of war and peace studies at columbia university and joins us now via skype from san francisco good to have you with us lincoln has given all that we've just said it's perhaps not surprising that feelings about russia are running so high and tbilisi despite the fact that the the 5 day war was over a decade ago well of the war will end in a decade ago but russia continues to occupy you know roughly 20 percent of georgian territory is not present here are in no way independent state they are they are occupied by russia and they're propped up by russia. and iran considers always relatively strong in georgia the current government has tried to run
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a very difficult needle trying to have better relations while still maintaining the whole west aspiration still still speaking out against russian occupation it's not trying to get into nato so it's a difficult challenge very good so what so what's the root cause of the anger here is it is it russia or are people angry at their own government. well there is 2 root causes the media cause is the gesture of having a representative from the russian duma from russia in a parliament assembly from russia to speak from the speaker's chair in the georgian parliament while russia occupies georgian territory so i think that's not hard it's pretty easy to understand why we're never georgian people might be very angry about that but that's just the immediate the larger picture cause is a sense in georgia that the current georgian government has not met its promises when it won in 2012 which is now you know that's perhaps 7 years ago or 7 years ago that they are not and there is economic stagnation that the problem of russian
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presence on georgian territory wasn't been solved that corruption is probably growing on me again so there is frustration that the georgian government debt bubbles up at times like this and turns into very big demonstrations which is only known because the georgian government is not very well have not handled this well they have been violent they seem to were who's who's leading this problem is growing so that this violence really from what you're saying i mean that there was no real way really of heading it off it was going to happen if you bring a. russian lawmaker to address that that the georgian parliament this is the kind of thing that's going to happen well that was necessarily going to be violent but they could have expected instead of expected large demonstrations now the speaker of the georgian parliament or the share of the georgian parliament has resigned because you know what happened on his watch but there still is this game inside georgia of who's to blame for this who fight it is god because that was a mistake that should have been avoided that could have been avoided and now the pain of consequence for they could really get to talk to many thanks indeed for
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being with us like michel that. thank you protesters in hong kong have been continuing their calls for the complete withdrawal of an extradition bill which would allow criminal suspects to be sent to mainland china a trial mass demonstrations have been held over the past 2 weeks the crowds are not showing any sign of backing down to serious rock mcbride reports. protesters back on the streets gathering friday morning around the government's main offices the word spreads on social media to get moving. again one of the city's main roads is brought to a standstill by the crowds. there destination the police headquarters and an angry standoff. the demonstrators accuse them of using excessive force in breaking up their largely peaceful protests a claim the police deny. i don't think i know a little fashion now and they are armed and they have here and we have nothing we
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just really are gone by the walked into the police is still refusing to hold an independent investigation into the way they dealt with the demonstrations. at the back of the building some protesters try to block the security cameras filming that was and the venues trapped by the protest the offices inside not able to make the last few meters to the gate the whole of emotion was against the place was they. exercise or tomatina on june pro the people of the area was angry about the other officers come to help their colleagues and this chaos i was seeing a chance to get inside the demonstrators search for it was i was absolute chaos at this gate now with protesters jamming themselves inside the gateway not allowing the police to close p.k.
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the process to stop posting for a little girls are gone my theory was nobody said i could once again be using pepper spray. and then out of the room it seems the police fearful that use of force will make the situation worse a calf will to show restraint was but it also shows the anger on the streets of hong kong isn't going away my cock and many thousands of hong kong has already to keep up the struggle with their government was the bride al-jazeera hong kong let's go live to hong kong al-jazeera t.v. of the pollen is the protest has once again then divya out in force not so the police though. that's right you know adrian since i've been here in the past few hours i haven't seen a single police officer not despite the fact that i'm standing right in front of the police headquarters here and as you can hear behind me people are seeing even
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more protesters are gathering in the been gathering through the evening and as rob had described in his package what they've done is the barricade at the front of the police station and now the back of the police station and to a certain extent they're trying to push the boundaries here i have all of them. carrying railings up the drive and using that severity of the police and their flashing railings into into the police station that's what's happening right behind me and everything and every time that happens people are cheering so the sense you get here is that people are largely peaceful but a handful of them are taunting the police and there are asking the police for on cers from that protest rob was talking about in this report about a week ago where police fired tear gas and pepper spray of protesters there was holding the police to account asking them why they use such excessive force and they also want police to release the protesters that they had arrested at that time . for the moment many thanks david part of the reporting live from hong kong now
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the rain in spain falls mainly on the plate as we know the rain in india is late his tell us more is coming that's right this is the 2nd latest monsoon season that india's had on record and it has been deadly in terms of the wave up towards the north and also dealing with a drought situation because the rain has not come in certain locations i want to show you where it would normally be this time of year this is a current you can see all the clouds all the rain down here directly down here across the coast and also down to the south normally this time of year the monsoon will be well up here across the majority of india right now though the monsoon is officially all the way down here towards the south not even past 9 only coming through the central part. bangladesh so it has a long way to go it's about over 10 to 12 days late right now and that's had a big impact of course to the north we have been dealing with a lot of heat and that heat has turned deadly across many areas many people have had to go to the hospital because of heat stroke temperatures right now still into
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the mid to low forty's across much of that area now we get had get a little bit of rain we will get a liberal a bit rain here across parts of kolkata on saturday but the rain is going to end again and the monsoon is not there yet for new delhi though over the next few days we're going to be seeing a little bit of a break as we go towards monday and tuesday but unfortunately the monsoon will not be there yet it's still going to be about another 7 to 10 days before new delhi start to see a real break and gets those temperatures down and the rain and back to you. kevin many thanks still to come here on the news out seeking refuge on the shores of tunis here but can the country afford to grant asylum to ask for it plus. i'm weighing heavy reporting from the northeast in thailand where we'll tell you why the people here use rockets as a way of saying thank you. and sport we'll have the latest from copa america where favorites europe why put up
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a real fight against japan's young samurai us. al-jazeera wild to meet some extraordinary women. who are making things happen and weighing. funnelling their daily struggle to survive. for their families to thrive. egypt's women street silent as an al-jazeera. one of the really special things about working for al-jazeera is that even as a camera woman i get to have so much empathy and contribution to a story i feel we cover this region better than anyone else working for it is you know it's very challenging liberally particularly because you have a lot of people that are divided on political issues we are we the people we leave
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to tell the real stories are just mandate is to deliver in-depth journalism we don't feel inferior to the audience across the globe. it is good to have you with us hello adrian finnegan here in doha with the news from al-jazeera the headlines donald trump has confirmed in a series of tweets that he ordered air strikes on iran but then withdrew the order as all planes were in the air and ships in position to honest and eyeing reports that it was born of an immediate attack and given a deadline to agree to engage in talks iran disputes american assertions that a u.s. surveillance drone was downed in international airspace the country's foreign
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minister says its maps pinpoint where the drone was deceptive after violating the radio their space the revolutionary guard also says that it reframed from shooting down a u.s. plane that had 35 people on board that was in the vicinity of the drug. the speaker of georgia's parliament has resigned following russia's panty washing protests demonstrators in the capital tbilisi were infuriated when a russian politician was allowed to address m.p.'s russia's influence is a highly sensitive subject since the war in georgia 11 years ago all right let's return to our top story on the tense. off between the u.s. and iran it's led k. l. m. quantas british airways singapore airlines and emirates airlines so already direct flights to avoid radium controlled airspace over the gulf of oman matthew driscoll this the end it's aviation news magazine he says commercial airlines are trying to
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avoid getting caught in the potential crossfire it's an incredibly busy area i mean . dubai all the middle eastern carriers there's a lot of traffic that goes through that area and i think that that's the problem the short term problem is everybody's going to have to do some rerouting or recruiting. so the flights may take a little bit longer they may have to put on some more fuel that may increase costs a little bit for the airlines but i think the f.a.a. and the airlines are acting out of an over abundance of caution which is a good thing because they don't want to have another malaysian airlines that was shot down over the ukraine in 2014 and going back even further in history they don't have another iran air flight 655 that was shot down by the u.s. navy in july 1908 i'm actually looking at a british airways flight that left from new delhi and normally it would have
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a pretty straight shot over the gulf to. england and now it's taken a hard right turn and it is flying over the middle of iran right now so it's not flying anywhere near the persian gulf so you'll see everybody kind of flying to different directions. because they want to avoid the gulf. algeria's former prime minister after at all here we are here and 2 former industry ministers have been referred to a public prosecutor to be investigated over allegations of corruption tens of thousands of algeria nz have gathered once again across the nation for an 18th street we could protests there calling for the removal of elite figures from the government servant prominent politicians and businessmen linked to ousted president of the disease beautifully have been detained or questioned since the president was forced to step down in april but speak to a teague who was a journalist and joins us via skype from strasbourg process then continuing
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18 weeks now but we're kind of in limbo at the moment in al-jazeera in algeria i'm sorry. kind of a. lot it's the 18 friday of protest and gets pied the chief of staff warning huge to modes ocurred today all around the country we are talking about more this 1000000 and a half people gathering in the center of the algerian capital algiers but it's also happening all around the countries for example constantine alarmed and also in batman beat up some very message important demos so that means that after the holy miles of down and things went low low and low things massively are back on the on the streets of algeria and people want now that they're released from this little discussion to find out a solution of the political about coming up here as it is we've got these former officials charged with corruption and. lots of arrests but what about
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the the current ruling elite i mean are we likely to see any any resignations or are there going to be changes at the top. afraid as you can probably tell. the from the video that was breaking up there we've lost. scott we're trying to get him back and speak to him again a little later in the program many apologies now hundreds of thousands of people have been forced to leave their homes in the democratic republic of congo due to into communal fighting rival militia from the head and lendu ethnic groups of fighting in the mineral rich it to the region and around $4000.00 congolese across the border into uganda this month alone some of them being given sanctuary in the chiang wali resettlement camp as they flee the violence al jazeera is how tough is that. john wiley refugee settlement has been around for decades some of the new arrivals are setting up temporary structures the one with the wide canvas is
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finished these men over here are putting up a new one these will be for the elderly because they're near the road which means it will be easier access people have been telling us how they managed to escape the d r c one woman said when their village was attacked the family ran to get a boat nearby budgie in the commotion and panic when the children fell into the water and drowned but the family had to keep on going but because there's no food or medicine another child died that's when they all decided if they stay in the d.r. they're all going to perish and they came to uganda congolese forces have been deployed in the telling the locals in the d.r. to tell them where these militia groups are hiding the challenges facing that they're not dealing with men who are just carrying machetes hacking people to death some of these. questions are now being asked who is funding the militia the speculation the biggest forces at play here could it be people in the international community could it be powerful politicians or generals in the d r c because they
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want to get greater access and control of mineral resources in the d.r. sea and the region such as gold oil and gas north korean state media says that its leader kim jong un and china's president xi jinping agreed to strengthen ties between the 2 countries in and spends on friday came just before she left north korea and confirms beijing supported its ally as pyongyang faces heavy u.s. led sanctions over its nuclear and missile programs adrian brown reports from beijing. well when people talk about a cult of personality this is what they mean and it's been playing out on the streets of the north korean capital pyongyang this is regimented seemless north korean pageantry with thousands of children and many others pressed into service for the occasion i think it probably would have exceeded what president xi jinping experiences in his own country at a banquet on thursday evening the north korean leader kim jong un said that socialism was the unbreakable core of friendship between china and north korea the
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leaders of both countries indorsing each other systems earlier in the day president xi jinping alluded to the nuclear diplomacy which remain stalled he said china would do all it can as well as the international community to push that diplomacy forward china of course has its own concerns about those talks remaining stalled because it's worried that the north koreans might resume testing of ballistic missiles at least 30 people including 3 children have died in a factory fire in indonesia the blaze gutted a house which was being is to make matchsticks and north sumatra police suspect that it sparked i gas canister explosion fighting in libya is forcing migrants that escape into neighboring tunisia and hope of eventually crossing the mediterranean to reach europe but a sunnier gager reports from the chin is ian beach resort of czars is many people have drowned while attempting to cross the mediterranean and survivors and are
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stuck in a refugee camp. it was supposed to be a passage to a new life but it turned out to be one of the deadliest ship wrecks in the mediterranean this year in may 60 people drowned when a boat carrying them from libya capsized off the choosing coast near the city of spock's only 16 survived after they were rescued by a chinese in fishing trawler. these are the men that made it out alive navigating their lives as asylum seekers in tunisia their home for now is this refugee center. they are free to take up casual work when it is available but without proper documentation it amounts to the bare minimum emraan who's from bangladesh manages to stay in contact with his wife but he has no idea when he will
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see her or their baby son again more than to because they want to go. before the shipwreck he says he spent months in libya where he was kidnapped and tortured for ransom listable gets me. this manholes. approaching me. flows of money of my family money money. i would say it. was one of the fisherman who helped save the man that night he and others have witnessed the increasing death toll from such shipwrecks as the northern mediterranean countries such as italy continue to prevent boats from libya landing on their shores by criminalizing such rescues shamsuddin insists it won't stop him from saving lives. i don't care about politics or the politicians we are all part of humanity and we have to help people we as fishermen are not going to stop saving people even if the
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tunisian politicians are getting pressure from europe. despite the incredible danger there will be many who will take a boat from libya just to get to the other side of the mediterranean sea in the hope of finding a better life in europe there's absolutely no guarantee that they will even survive the journey and those who don't make it will invariably wind up washed up in this part of the tune is in khost. this is the makeshift cemetery where the bodies of the dead are laid to rest the graves of the children who drowned at sea identifiable by the small mounds with his own resources shops a dean also tends to the graves and make sure that the victims have a proper burial a final acknowledgement for those who died nameless on a foreign shore with nothing more than hope to guide them. al-jazeera that is.


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