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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  June 22, 2019 6:00am-6:34am +03

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many is in the u.s. air force he joins us live now from washington 1st of all how do you explain president trump's decision to order a strike and then to pull back i see it as a process failure within the interagency process i think the president is perfectly it's a perfectly legitimate for him to make sure that the response to the shooting down of the drone is proportional but that but that that calculation about about casualties was something that he needed to make before making his decision not after making his decision but what does that reveal then about internal deliberations that might have taken place i mean from your experience what is your sense about this would president trump have been advised then not to proceed with strikes or did he really just change his mind. well just as you mentioned
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you know we have an unfortunate change in pentagon leadership so. it's not certain to me you know whether the principals got together to discuss in the situation room you know how to respond or whether this was something you know where. the principals met with out the president and then perhaps john bolton briefed them and as your reporting suggested perhaps he just didn't focus on casualties as he was making is the liberation you know certainly the the history of the trump administration has been one where the the so-called principals process has been a haphazard as at best given the well and in general within the administration. the department of defense which went obviously crucial at a time like this. what is it that you can glean well now and going forward in terms of clarity on us and get to vhs when it comes to iran.
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well i think there's clarity in terms of the u.s. objective the president believes that there is a better deal to be to be made than the one that his predecessor barack obama made in the jay c.p.o. way. of the of the the the challenges that is is there a realistic path forward you know to achieve that i don't see at the present time the other presidents indicated that he wants negotiations with iran but he himself has has undermined the prospects of diplomacy you know by by withdrawing from the j c p a way. not just of status no i was just i was just going to say. it's obviously he believes this is based on the president's belief that there is a better deal to be done by withdrawal from the j c p o a from the nuclear deal has in fact sort of got we've gone from
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a situation from relative stability in the region to this sort of tit for tat escalation that could that risks a broader conflict is that affects calculations old decision making in washington. it certainly affects decision making in tehran you know the iranian government has been clear that it's not going to go sheet with the trump administration unless and until the trump administration. comes back into the j c p a way but i also want to mention that you know my pump aoa said he wants you know negotiations without preconditions and yet he himself has put forward at least a dozen conditions in terms of what he wants iran to do to become a quote unquote normal country that would transform you know iranian foreign policy you know so you know the united states has a legitimate objective you know dealing with things like missiles dealing with iran's behavior in the region but it to me the better course of action would been
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to negotiate with iran inside the j. c.p.o. way rather than now trying to pressure iran into a negotiation beyond the j c p a way p.j. crowley thank you very much. you at the news hour live from london much more still ahead in the democratic republic of congo to the far northeast of the united states we tell you about the families who journeyed more than 10000 kilometers in search of a new life. china's president. to being feted by kim jong il and during a lavish 2 day state visit. the world's broken sword. and in sports and big decisions have been made by basketball's leading teams and he will be here with that story and more.
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russian president vladimir putin has ordered a temporary ban on flights from russia to georgia to violent protests broke out in the georgian capital over a visiting russian politician a 2nd day of demonstrations is underway outside the parliament building in the capital tbilisi after russia said gave a speech there on thursday in russian. speakers already resign but demonstrators also want interior minister to go and now also calling for an early election tensions remain high between between to b.c. and moscow 11 years after they fought a war over the breakaway region of south ossetia. the georgian capital. the tensions are running high in particular because of those injuries that were sustained yesterday so the protesters have 2 reasons to be out on the streets of tbilisi the capital tonight and one of course is the way in which. your thirty's allowed these russian m.p.'s to come to georgia when there were no
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diplomatic relations between these countries and for them to come into the parliament and talk and about the kind of language that they use as well. it's something that i wanted to have to a chance to touch on is how georgians particularly european leaning liberal minded georgians see the way which russia uses all the doxy conservative values as a way of going against them so whenever we have these kinds of speeches made by politicians particularly russian politicians it riles georgians because they see that as an attack on their own values they're more freedom loving let's say liberal values and these are concerns that they've had for a very long time we've seen movements here organize themselves to say what is the government doing to counter this kind of russian information and propaganda where they try to erode or to to take take inroads into their european values.
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protest as in hong kong a blockaded police headquarters and as they keep up that calls for bail an extradition to mainland china to be scrapped they've been demonstrating for almost 3 weeks and the crowds are not showing any signs of backing down as bride reports from hong kong. protesters back on the streets gathering friday morning around the government's main offices the word spreads on social media to get moving . again one of the city's main roads is brought to a standstill by the crowds was c their destination the police headquarters and an angry standoff of was that was the demonstrators accuse them of using excessive force and breaking got there largely peaceful protests a claim the police deny was i don't think i thought oh ok you know fashion all and
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they are armed and they have here and we have nothing we just the haven't really heard gone by the walked into the police is still refusing to hold an independent investigation into the way they dealt with the demonstrations at the back of the building some protesters try to block the security cameras filming that was and to venice trapped by the protest the offices inside not able to make the last few meters to the cable the whole road emotion was against the place was they. exercise or tomatillo on june 12th the people of the area was angry about there was other officers come to help their colleagues and this chaos i was seeing a chance to get inside the demonstrators search for it was i was absolute chaos at this gate now with protesters jamming themselves inside the gateway not allowing the police to close the case was
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a process to set up close to 000000 god fearing was it that the city could once again be using pepper spray. on i was it seems the police fearful that use of force will make the situation worse a calf will to show restraint was. but it also shows the anger on the streets of hong kong isn't going away. and many thousands of home congas are ready to keep up the struggle with their governments the. 000 code. and the protesters stayed out in the streets late into the night this was the scene outside the police headquarters until just a couple of hours ago and the demonstrators started to disperse on kong is now bracing itself for a 3rd weekend of mass rallies against that extradition bill. l. and other news north korean state media says its leader kim jong il and china's president xi jinping of agree to strengthen ties between their countries she
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departed pyongyang from beijing on friday after a lavish 2 day state visit the 1st by chinese leader in 14 years his trip confirmed china's support for its ally as north korea faces u.s. led sanctions over its nuclear and missile program both countries are deadlocked in their negotiations with president donald trump adrian brown has more now from beijing. well when people talk about a cult of personality this is what they mean and it's been playing out on the streets of the north korean capital pyongyang this is regimented seemless north korean pageantry with thousands of children and many others pressed into service for the occasion i think it probably would have exceeded what president xi jinping experiences in his own country at a banquet on thursday evening the north korean leader kim jong un said that socialism was the unbreakable core of friendship between china and north korea the leaders of both countries indorsing each other systems earlier in the day president
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xi jinping alluded to the nuclear diplomacy which remain stalled he said china would do all it can as well as the international community to push that diplomacy forward china of course has its own concerns about those talks remaining stalled because it's worried that the north koreans might resume testing of ballistic missiles and of course while the world's attention has been looking one way china has decided to put on trial the man the chinese official who once led into bowl mongering way has pleaded guilty to corruption charges but of course the dominant images from now on state t.v. remain president xi jinping visit to north korea and chinese people are being left in no doubt that he's being feted by the people of north korea around 30 people including several children have been killed in a fire snatched factory in indonesia fire broke out in a private home which operates as a factory in the north sea much in town of n.g.i.
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when it has reported hearing an explosion and they say the course isn't known pfizer this type are common in any team years ago at least 46 people were killed and dozens more injured in a file x. factory near the capital jakarta. 2 u.n. delegates will remain in venezuela to monitor the country's deepening humanitarian crisis u.n. human rights chief michel is currently on an official visit to the country she held talks with opposition leader on friday and is also due to meet president nicolas. meanwhile hundreds of mostly venezuelan migrants are stranded on the peru chile border they were refused entry to chile earlier this week many had traveled by land for at least 8 days to reach the border if i have set up a makeshift camp to provide basic medical services and some tents u.s. immigration agents are trying to work out why there's been a number of asylum seekers from africa crossing the southern border with mexico
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some of been sent thousands of kilometers north to a new arrival center in the state of maine as is all new reports from portland. it was not a choice but rather a matter of survival to flee his native democratic republic of congo he tells me police officers back home stabbed him in the stomach mistakenly thinking he was taking part in anti-government protests he decided the danger was too much for him and his family earlier this year they left the d r c boarding a boat for south america in search of a better life for the u.s. at one point they walked through the jungles of colombia for 7 days with no food fish mistook a move of a we were very hungry and all our food ran out so i would grab a banana off a tree and start a fire and cook the banana the and kill the hunger so me and my children were able to sleep that's all we had. as 8 year old daughter jessica witness something along
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the journey that no child should ever have to see and lights down men almost one night people were trying to cross a river but the water was strong some people die i saw this. nearly 5 months later this is now home a few cots in a makeshift shelter in a gymnasium in portland maine 3700 kilometers from the southern border at last count this emergency shelter is also home to 223 other asylum seekers all from subsaharan africa most from the d.r. c. and angola they've all arrived in the last week and requested to come to portland while their asylum cases are being reviewed. this gymnasium is now completely full there are beds everywhere during the day the migrants usually leave here go out into the city and try to find work outside the shelter we find this man
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a 31 year old taxi driver also from the d r c it was ben and portly for of 11 months but still is not legally permitted to work. but i'm still waiting for my documents to be able to work and make my life better without work it's a little hard so right now i am volunteering at a place in exchange for a place to stay with children and some food and he says his dream is for his daughter to be able to go to college someday. a human drama playing out in real time far from the southern border but with families from africa just seeking peace . al-jazeera portland maine. the u.n. office in uganda says it's struggling with an influx of refugees from the democratic republic of congo at least 4000 people are flat there to escape fighting between rival hema and lendu militias in a tearing province some are being resettled in
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a refugee settlement from where harmattan reports. it's been 2 days since of noir family at the chung wali refugee settlement 2 of her 5 children aged 4 and 7 didn't survive the journey from the north east of the d.c. to western uganda what they needed for nike india when the fighting started we ran to the boat in the panic one child fell into the water and drowned another child died because we had no food or medicine that's when i said if i stay in congo the whole family will die. conditions in uganda are basic but the refugees are grateful hungary's forces have been deployed to fight militias in the area around the town of juco it's an eternity the province at the center of the current into ethnic conflict one challenge the congolese army is facing is that some militiamen armed not just with machetes but with more sophisticated weapons to army commanders appealing to help to restore calm. do you can't survive without the presence of
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soldiers this is why we've been deployed here we call on all communities to support this armies so that we can restore peace and security. the conflict between the him and linda groups is about access to farmland as well as gold oil and gas resources . the problem today is that number of people who've been displaced is between 300-002-4000 extension 00 areas around because of attacks currently the army is heavily deployed as now trying to secure those areas. back in uganda some of the 4000 congolese who fled fighting this month alone trying to settle into a new country piece by piece a temporary home takes about a day to build the shelter is basic and meant to be temporary they get the canvas from the united nations but everything else is sourced locally in some cases and entire family sleeps in here. the shelters near the road
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a meant for older people so they have easy access. thousands survived a long journey across the border to get here where at least for now they say how do . the refugee settlement uganda. still ahead on the news out why this chechen human rights activist released early from the russian jail won't be returning home to continue his campaign spain supremes course sentences 5 men who call themselves the wolf pack to 15 years for right in a case that sparked mass protests. and then later in sport the ferrari chain get some bad news out of the french from pre. hello again welcome back to international weather forecasts we are going to be seeing thunderstorms across central europe and eastern europe as we go through the
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rest of the weekend the temperatures are fairly high we have plenty of moisture across the region and this is what we're looking at particular here across the central area we're talking about switzerland austria as well as into northern italy also here towards the east as well as ukraine you could be seeing the potential of the storms as well the northwestern russia into moscow we could be seeing some very active weather with some winds as well as very heavy rain tempers there at about $31.00 degrees out here towards the west though it is going to be on the rise as well we're talking about those temperatures for paris at $25.00 degrees here on saturday by the time. we get to sunday winds are going to be shifting from the east and that means temp is going to be rising anywhere between $3.00 to $4.00 degrees across much of the area plenty of sun across the region and down towards madrid well it's going to be a hot day as well with a temperature of $34.00 degrees there well here across the northern coast of africa not much in terms of clouds or rain in any area but we are going to be seen as very
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hot temperatures as well on the coast and for tunis it is going to be a day of $33.00 degrees tripoli at $31.00 and over towards the gazi sun at 29. al-jazeera welt i meet some extraordinary women. who are making things happen that way. following their daily struggle to survive. for their families to thrive. egypt's women street silent as on al-jazeera. when the news breaks these protesters and the still events. when people need to be. seated. if you don't have the right.
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on the story needs to be told. i'll just see you as teams on the ground to bring you into the trees and lightning so on and and online. welcome back a look at the headlines this hour the u.s. president says he called offer tahlia 3 strikes on iran just 10 minutes before they were due to go ahead donald trump says u.s. forces are ready to launch attacks on 3 targets but he wanted to avoid mass casualties. and teheran is showing off what it says is deborah from the american
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surveillance drone which was shot down over the strait of hormuz on thursday our other top story thousands of people have demonstrated outside georgia's parliament for a 2nd day now over a russian politician who was allowed to give a speech there on thursday in response to russian president vladimir putin has temporarily banned flights to georgia. chechen human rights activist or you today of has been freed from prison in chechnya early after a court gave him parole he was arrested last year and sentenced to 4 years on drug possession charges which his supporters say were punishment for his human rights work today have reported on disappearances and torture in the region before his arrest but says he will not return to work in chechnya because the risks are too high. for some time but we will keep doing our work right now i have work to do at home i
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need to sort things out i need to rebuild my house to finish construction after that we will see. u.s. secretary of state my own bias singled out russia iran myanmar and china for criticism as he presented the u.s. government's 2018 annual report on international religious freedom the report outlines the issues people around the world encounter while when practicing their faith for all those that run roughshod over religious freedom all say this the united states is watching and you will be held to account. in iran the regimes crackdown on the bahais christians and others continues to shock the conscience in russia jehovah witnesses were absurdly importantly branded as terrorists as authorities confiscated their property and then threatened their families in burma burma rohingya muslims continue to face violence at the hands of the military hundreds of thousands of flooded been forced to live in overcrowded refugee camps.
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and in china the government's intense persecution of many face phone gone for tyshan of christian and tibetan buddhists among them is the norm the chinese communist parties exhibit extreme hostility to all religious bates since its founding the party demands that it alone be called god daniel fell part is a professor of political science university of notre dame and author of the book religious freedom and islam he joins us live now from notre dame indiana 1st of all what is the purpose of a report like this well the report comes out every year it's produced by the state department it reflects the commitment of the united states government to bring attention to one of the most widely violated human rights in the world religious freedom and so it details virtually every country in the world what the religious freedom situation is and how it has gotten better or gotten worse is anything likely to change isn't there any sort of action beyond condemnation.
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well we have a u.s. ambassador for international religious freedom who. you know travels widely and brings attention to religious freedom violations and many countries and also brings attention. brings out the information so that activists and voices of many kinds can shine the spotlight on countries so even if the united states is not likely to put military or economic sanctions or some kind of hard power there is the kind of soft power of bringing attention and exposure to terrible violations it's very difficult isn't it in the sort of polarized and somewhat confused political climate we have at the moment because of course as you say in foreign policy the united states and many other western countries have very strong strategic economic political relationships with countries that do nothing to promote religious freedom
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and actually actively violate people's ability to to live in peace and to practice their religion. yes it's true and it's inevitable that you know concerns for religious freedom another human rights are going to come into conflict with strategic interests stand interest in fighting the war on terrorism and economic interest and that just can't be avoided but nevertheless we can give more attention to this violation than we have we can bring it up in diplomatic meetings with other governments and a wide variety of activists can shine the spotlight we hope that that kind of exposure and accountability and calling for accountability will hopefully bring some change we just have to do the best we can with the tools that we have does it sort of backfire in some way because given that it clearly this concern for alleges freedom and the way this report is for is that presented it is clearly so sort of isolated and divorced from the way international relations and foreign
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policy is conducted that in some ways it sort of i don't know if it highlights a type of well hypocrisy on the part of the u.s. and other countries well it reflects the longstanding commitment of the united states to promoting human rights which is consonant with the international community and international law that strongly embeds human rights i might also point out that there are many some 16 or so european countries and the united states and used to be canada who have now adopted religious freedom into their foreign policies as well as the european union so it is increasingly a multi lateral and international cause thank you very much daniel tresor of political science and there at the university of notre dame. well now at least 7 people dead and more than 20 are being treated in hospital after a bomb blast at a shia mosque in the iraqi capital police say
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a suicide belt or improvised explosive device was used in the attack which happened in the east of baghdad many of the injured are in a serious condition of no immediate time of responsibility. that of the world food program has appealed to yemen's who see rebels to allow the delivery of more aid to the agency has partially suspended its operations in yemen after failing to reach an agreement with the group on how to best distribute food the decision will affect around 850000 people living in the capital sana the suspense of story. and we're hopeful that the authorities and the authorities in samarra will come to the senses and do what's right for the people who are hopeful that the good hutus who prevail in we can put our system back a boy. if we can get this worked out and we don't see any reason why it should be we'll be back on the streets within hours. syria's government has been accused of using siege and starved tactics to force refugees to leave
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a camp in the does it smuggling routes that used to be a lifeline for people in the rock band camp have been closed and aid agencies say conditions in the camp a deteriorating fast 100 has more from beirut rock band camp was home 240000 syrians for more than 4 years and the past 3 months it started to empty more than 14000 have left this remote desert region along a corridor open by syrian government forces it's the only way out. but assault on it it's because of the tight seizure by russian and syrian government forces the people had no choice because they were hungry they decided to leave to areas under regime control but at least 60 percent of the camp's population remain and many prefer to stay instead of being killed by the regimes security men were for months now syrian government forces have besieged the camp closing smuggling routes that used to be lifelines some goods still reach rock band but the trade is controlled
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by businessmen who seem to be profiting from the situation. bank of 8 loaves of bread cost $500.00 syrian liras or $1.01 pupil of fries cost $1.00 and a half is this possible people don't have money if you shop owners here are controlling the prices in the do not fear god we have no one to help us by god the evacuations are organized by the syrian government which is giving the refugees a bad one choice return to government rule or stay in what aid agencies have described as extremely challenging conditions. people are leaving because of poverty but then the regime sends them to the front lines to fight they don't come back they are either killed by the opposition or the assad regime and iranian militias we hope they open a road to the north to rebel areas or to any other country we don't want to go back to living under the regime. this erie of government is refusing to open an
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internationally guaranteed safe passage to opposition controlled territories it has also been preventing the united nations from delivering much needed aid to rock band for the past 4 months the united nations says these people are in need of food medicine and water but it can't do anything without consent from government leaders in damascus. the u.n. and the syrian arab red crescent are working on a plan of departures from the us will ask human terms systems. what's being discussed at the moment on home hans need to. deliver assistance our smallest chance called from 20 hour the opposition accuses the government of using a tactic employed throughout the 8 years of war siege and starve people into submission and rock band it appears to be succeeding and yet again the international community is failing to act. beirut hundreds of algerians or rallied across the country for an 18th straight week calling for the
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removal of elite figures from the government dozens of protesters were arrested in the capital algiers massive demonstrations have taken place there since the ailing president abdelaziz bouteflika was forced to step down in april several prominent politicians and businessmen linked to beautifully have since been detained or questioned over corruption allegations. spain's supreme court has sentenced 5 men who called themselves the wolf pack to 15 years in prison for raping an 18 year old girl judges overall to lower courts which are convicted the men of a lesser offense of sexual abuse sparking mass protests and calls for spanish will to be changed if barca reports. spain's highest court in the madrid has delivered its verdict with men previously convicted of the sexual assault of an 18 year old woman and now guilty of the more serious charge of rape the man called themselves the wolf pack and. all the acts took place in an
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atmosphere of terror of absolute subjection the only thing the victim declared to the court was i close my eyes and waited for everything to end as soon as possible . one to one ahead of the decision some of the man arrived at the courthouse in seville where they must check in 3 times a week. the supreme court ruling overturned 2 previous court rulings in a case this brought thousands of people onto the streets in protest. the attack happened here in pamplona when the city was holding the sound for men bull running festival the woman was dragged into a residential hallway in the early hours of the morning the court heard how the man shared jokes and videos of the rape in a whatsapp group footage was used as evidence in the trial the defendant's lawyer said the sex was consensual a rape charge in spain requires evidence of violence or intimidation the woman.


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