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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  June 22, 2019 7:00am-7:34am +03

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there's also an interior minister to go off to hundreds injured and at 1st base protests and police crackdown they also want an early election tensions remain high between georgia and russia 11 years after they fought a war of the bike lane of south ossetia all in firestar walker has more now from tbilisi on the protests the tensions are running high in particular because of those injuries that were sustained yesterday so the protesters have 2 reasons to be out on the streets of tbilisi the capital to noise and one of course is the way in which. your thirty's allowed these russian m.p.'s to come to georgia when there were no diplomatic relations between these countries and for them to come into the parliament and talk and about the kind of language that they use as well. it's something that i wanted to have to a chance to touch on is how georgians particularly european leaning liberal minded
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georgians see the way which russia uses all the doxy conservative values as a way of going against them so whenever we have these kinds of speeches made by politicians particularly russian politicians it riles georgians because they see that as an attack on their own values they're more freedom loving let's say liberal values and these are concerns that they've had for a very long time we've seen movements here organize themselves to say what is the government doing to counter this kind of russian information and propaganda where they try to erode or to to take take inroads into their european values still ahead . protesters surround hong kong's police had cortez and block just streets and city. and we'll tell you about the tunisian fisherman who attends the graves of an unknown victims of the mediterranean my current crisis.
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hello again it's good to have you back across southern australia and south eastern australia temperatures have been diving in the overnight hours and some locations have actually had freezing temperatures anywhere between minus one to minus 4 across the region now on the way up in the afternoons not getting past really the mid teens in many locations here so here on saturday adelaide at 13 melbourne at 12 in sydney only getting up to about 14 degrees there out towards the west though it is going to be stormy we do have a strength that's coming in from the indian ocean and that is going to bring some winds and some probably thunderstorms as well to perth and that's going to possibly give some hail with some gusty winds so perth 18 degrees there even alice springs only getting to about 15 degrees as
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a sunday high well for the north and south island of new zealand a lot of mixed weather over the next few days rain is going to be the problem down here towards christchurch here on saturday temper wise we are looking at about 12 degrees by the time we get towards sunday it's going to come down to about 10 in the rain starts to make its way towards auckland at 14 degrees there and then very quickly up here towards japan we are going to see a mix of rain also temperatures though much warmer we're going to see tokyo at $25.00 degrees and a warm day for saka with a temperature of 30. on counting the cost 2018 was the deadliest year for the aviation industry in years we'll find out just what went wrong also it's really considers a new domestic current so you could lead to its exit from the euro but should you be worried about your kids having too much screen time counting the cost on al-jazeera. this is the opportunity to understand the reason
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a very different way where there be falsely happens and we don't leave out the. welcome back at our top story this hour the u.s. president says he called off a tiny tree strike on iran just 10 minutes before they want you to go ahead donald trump says u.s. forces were ready to launch attacks on 3 targets but he wanted to avoid mass casualties. to iran meanwhile has shown off what it says is deadly from the american surveillance drone which was shot down over the straits of hormuz on thursday and thousands of people have demonstrated outside georgia's parliament for
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a 2nd day after a russian politician was allowed to give a speech there on thursday in response russian president vladimir putin is temporarily banned flights to georgia. protesters in hong kong a blockade at police headquarters as they keep up their calls for a bill allowing extradition to mainland china to be scrapped they've been demonstrating for almost 3 weeks now in the crowds are not showing any signs of backing down on the bribe reports from hong kong. protesters back on the streets gathering friday morning around the government's main offices the word spreads on social media to get moving. again one of the city's main roads is brought to a standstill by the crowds was their destination the police headquarters and an angry standoff was the demonstrators accuse them of using excessive force in breaking up their largely
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peaceful protests a claim the police deny was i don't think as are all clear fashion now and they are armed and they have here and we'd have nothing we just haven't really heard gone by the walk into the police is still refusing to hold an independent investigation into the way they dealt with the demonstrations. at the back of the building some protesters tried to block the security cameras filming that was and the venice trapped by the protest the offices inside not able to make the last few meters to the cable the whole of emotion was against the place it was they. exercise or tomatina on june pro the people of the area was angry about the other officers come to help their colleagues and this chaos was seeing a chance to get inside the demonstrators search for it was i
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was absolute chaos at this gate now with protesters jamming themselves inside the gateway not allowing the police to close the gate was a process to sit on hold for when the other girls or god fearing for their privacy could once again be using pepper spray. and then out of the room it seems the police faithful the use of force will make the situation worse a calf will to show restraint was but it also shows the anger on the streets of hong kong isn't going away my shot and many thousands of hong kong has already to keep up the struggle with their government was the bride al-jazeera own cause. the protesters stayed out in the streets late into the night this was the scene outside the police headquarters until just a couple of hours ago when the demonstrators started to disperse hong kong is now bracing itself for a 3rd weekend of mass rallies against the extradition bill north korean state media
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says its leader kim jong un and china's president xi jinping of agree to strengthen ties between their countries she departed from beijing on friday after a lavish 2 day state visit the 1st by a chinese leader in 14 years is shipped confirm china's support for its ally as north korea faces u.s. led sanctions over its nuclear and missile program both countries it deadlocked and then negotiations with u.s. president donald trump adrian brown has more from beijing. well when people talk about a cult of personality this is what they mean and it's been playing out on the streets of the north korean capital pyongyang this is regimented seemless north korean pageantry with thousands of children and many others pressed into service for the occasion i think it probably would have exceeded what president xi jinping experiences in his own country at a banquet on thursday evening the north korean leader kim jong un said that socialism was the unbreakable core of friendship between china and north korea the
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leaders of both countries indorsing each other systems earlier in the day president xi jinping alluded to the nuclear diplomacy which remain stalled he said china would do all it can as well as the international community to push that diplomacy forward china of course has its own concerns about those talks remaining stalled because it's worried that the north koreans might resume testing of ballistic missiles and of course while the world's attention has been looking one way china has decided to put on trial the man the chinese official who once led into bowl mongering way has pleaded guilty to corruption charges but of course the dominant images from now on state t.v. remain president xi jinping visit to north korea and chinese people are being left in no doubt that he's being feted by the people of north korea around 30 people including several children have been killed in a fire at
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a matchstick factory in indonesia fire broke out in a private home which operates as a factory in the north sumatra town and enjoy i like mrs reported hearing an explosion that police say the cause is not yet confirmed fires of this type are common in internees here 2 years ago at least 46 people were killed and dozens more injured at a file extraction near the capital jakarta. at least 7 people are dead and more than 20 of being treated in hospital after a bomb blast at a sham mosque in the iraqi capital police say a suicide belt improvised explosive device was used in the attack which happened in the east of baghdad many of the injured are in a serious condition there was no immediate claim of responsibility. the head of the world food program is appealed to yemen's who see rebels to allow the delivery of more aid the agency has partially suspended its operations in yemen after failing to reach an agreement with the group on how to best distribute food the decision will affect around 850000 people living in the capital sana'a the suspense is
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started. and we are hopeful that the authorities and the authorities in samarra will come to the senses and do what's right for the people who are hopeful that the goodies who proverbial in we can put our system back in place. if we can get this worked out and we don't see any reason why it should we'll be back on the streets within hours. chechen human rights activist or you have to t.f. has been freed from prison in chechnya early after a court case and parole he was arrested last year and sentenced to 4 years on drug possession charges which his supporters say were punishment for human rights work to t. have reported on disappearances and torture in the region before his arrest but says he will not return to work in chechnya because the risks are too high. not your share of ocean every observer that moral human rights into the kitchen for some time but we will keep doing our work right now i have work to do at home i
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need to sort things out i need to rebuild my house to finish construction after that we will see. libya is usually the embarkation point for african migrants aiming to reach europe by sea but the recent fighting there has forced many to flee west into neighboring tunisia from there they hope to cross the mediterranean into southern europe a sonicare girl reports from the coastal town of czars as many have drowned and those who've been rescued a stuck in refugee centers. it was supposed to be a passage to a new life but it turned out to be one of the deadliest shipwrecks in the mediterranean this year in may 60 people drowned when a boat carrying them from libya capsized off the choosing coast near the city of spock's only 16 survived after they were rescued by a chinese in fishing trawler. these are
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a man that made it out alive navigating their lives as asylum seekers in tunisia their home phone now is this refugee center. they are free to take up casual work when it is available but without proper documentation it amounts to the bare minimum iran who's from bangladesh manages to stay in contact with his wife but he has no idea when he will see her or they baby son again moreland was the one of the . people to shipwreck he says he spent months in libya where he was kidnapped and tortured for ransom listable gets me this man holds a. broaching mean. rules of money. they collect money money being outed. was one of the fisherman who helped save the men that night he and others have
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witnessed the increasing death toll from such shipwrecks as the northern mediterranean countries such as italy continue to prevent boats from libya landing on their shores by criminalizing such rescues shamsuddin insists it won't stop him from saving lives. i don't care about politics or the politicians we are all part of humanity and we have to help people we as fishermen are not going to stop saving people even if the tunisian politicians are getting pressure from europe. despite the incredible danger there will be many who will take a boat from libya just to get to the other side of the mediterranean sea in the hope of finding a better life in europe there's absolutely no guarantee that they will even survive the journey and those who don't make it will invariably wind up washed up in this part of the 2 missing coast. this is the makeshift sober tree where the bodies of
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the dead are laid to rest the graves of the children who drowned at sea identifiable by the small mounds with his own resources shops a dean also tends to the graves and make sure that the victims have a proper burial a final acknowledgement for those who died nameless on a foreign shore with nothing more than hope to guide them. al-jazeera that aziz. on sunday the people of istanbul will vote for the 2nd time in 3 months who they want to be that mayor the 1st results which showed a narrow win for the main opposition candidate was cancelled following appeals by the ruling ak party it's had control of turkey's largest city for the past 25 years and i'm carcillo has more from istanbul. both remember was declared the winner of his stumbles may or elections 3 months ago. he's from turkey's main opposition party c.h.p. left him almost mandated lasted only teen days. the governing of parties said there
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were irregularities and corruption in the polls and appealed to the supreme council which can see the results so that if you look at the comedy that is simple election has been an old you have 4 vote cast in one envelope and you know only one of them which counts for istanbul mayorship people will respond to this on june 23rd the council said a number of polling station officials were not civil servants as a law that forced them home or the office and ordered a room only fully stumbled. turkey has a very secure election system but in the march 31st elections the opposition was much more poll savvy than the ruling party that's why they couldn't present any solid evidence for what they claimed was corruption on the other hand the supreme election board needed to address the irregularities only that would have eased the public conscious. because. the party's been on the former
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prime minister. to his rival by 14000 votes it was a shock defeat and of the parties and that's pretty sad when a fight you control of the city where turkey is present treasure typepad john had once served as a mayor. the only reason i thought should be out of the ballot box the bell yelled and voted out has only one vote for him indeed for him at least it's obvious that's why we say they stole the votes. president are john's loyalists believed their victory was stolen but other wings of the party accepted their loss. to. the opposition alliance and a memo supporters protested against election boards the station calling it. turkey's western allies urged the government and the election board to respect people's choice and democracy. council has launched an investigation into some from
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friends. heads on a stumble because of they were responsible for closing polling station off for schools about the council recently sat in line with existing laws and regulations in place in those officers is not possible for them a oral rerun in istanbul on june 23 that's promoted the opposition to say the council's decision was politically motivated. al jazeera the stumble. plenty to catch up on right here al jazeera dot com don't forget you can also watch us live there as well al jazeera dot com. just a quick look at the headlines now u.s. president donald trump says he called off for toiletry strikes on iran just 10 minutes before they would use a go ahead attacks were ordered against 3 iranian targets after an american surveillance drone was shot down on thursday but trump says he changed his mind in
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order to avoid mass casualties they came in they said sure we're ready to go we'd like a decision i said i want to know something before you go how many people will be killed approximately 150 and i thought about a 1st said you know what they earned and. drone plane whatever you want to call it and here we are busy sitting with $150.00 dead people that would have taken place probably within a half an hour after i said go ahead and i didn't like it in all the developments there are reports from the reuters news agency that hundreds of u.s. contractors will be evacuated from iraqi military base of a potential security threats evacuation from iraq's base will take place in 2 stages nearly 400 contract is said to be getting ready to leave imminently. now in our other top stories russian president vladimir putin has ordered temporary ban on all flights from russia to georgia after violent protests broke out in the georgian
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capital over a visiting russian politician demonstrations have been taking place outside the parliament building in tbilisi tensions remain high between georgia and russia 11 years after they fought a war over the breakaway region of south setia protesters in hong kong of blockaded a police headquarters as they keep up the calls for a controversial extradition built to be scrapped thousands of mostly student demonstrators set up roadblocks and trapped vehicles in the generally peaceful protest the territory is bracing itself for a 3rd weekend of mass rallies against that bill and north korean state media says its leader kim jong un and china's president xi jinping of agree to strengthen ties between their countries she departed pyongyang from beijing on friday after a lavish 2 day visit the 1st by a chinese leader to the country in 14 years counting the cost is coming up next looking back at a deadly year for the aviation industry that's it for myself and the team here in
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london there is more news from doha at the top of the hour. sri lanka's easter sunday bombings reverberated around the world with religious and ethnic tension rising one o one investigates it is the new front line in sri lanka on al-jazeera. hello i'm come on santa maria this is counting the cost on al-jazeera here with a look at the world of business and economics this week safety in the air 2018 was the deadliest year for the aviation industry for years so as the big players gather in france for the paris air show we'll be asking what went wrong the world's safest form of transport also this week it's a these populist coalition is considering a new domestic currency is that a move that could lead to its exit from the euro and if you worried about the kids
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having too much screen time or being too exposed to the latest tech then we will show you this order. which speaks doesn't listen. so would be in the airline business these days what with trade tensions and disputes over aircraft subsidies and loans and the slowing global economy but you know there's a far more troubling trend to deal with when the industry could well do without. 2018 was the deadliest year the aviation industry has experienced for some time yes there were $37800000.00 flights last year which averages out to around $103000.00 flights a day so that volume is important to remember when we consider these numbers but there were 523 deaths last year the highest number in 4 years and up from just 59 in 2017 and this is already looking bad $232.00 deaths from the accidents involving
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ethiopian airlines and rushes era flights that is well above the 5 year average of $199.00 fatalities a year according to the aviation safety network and front and center in all this is boeing a manufacturer once praised by pilots for its perceived safety there was that phrase very boeing i ain't going and yet 2 of its brand new 737 max jets have crashed indonesia's lion air in october and ethiopian airlines in march killing $346.00 people boeing expects the cost of grounding what is its fastest selling jet will be more than a $1000000000.00 and the airlines themselves expect losses of more than 500000000 due to the grounding and on top of all this spring is facing claims for compensation from the airlines shareholders filed a lawsuit claiming boeing put profitability and growth ahead of airplane safety and honesty and families are also suing the american airplane maker and so this week's
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paris air show boeing executives were out to reassure the public and its customers that it is getting on top of the problems with the 737 max let's start with this from natasha butler at the port in the french capital. the latest model of the boeing $707.00 dreamliner on display at the paris air show it's one of the planes that boeing is banking on to salvage its reputation the u.s. plane maker is in crisis over it 737 max absent from the show it's been grounded since march off to 2 fatal crashes the mood was somber as boeing executives that their priority was for the 737 max to fly again and words simply cannot express the sorrow and the sympathy that we feel for the families and the loved ones of those that were lost in these tragic accidents these accidents have only intensified our efforts to ensure the highest level of safety in quality and
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everything we do. the 737 max was boeing's fastest selling plane until a crushing oktober an ethiopian airlines accident less than 6 months later killed a total of $346.00 people preliminary investigation suggests the software designed to improve the plane's handling was faulty boeing hadn't informed pilots about the new software leaving them clueless when it failed the barras airshow would normally be an opportunity for boeing to showcase its sales and successes instead this year it's become an exercise in damage control as executives try to reassure airlines that they fixed the 737 max boeing's troubles have created a window of opportunity for the companies are driving european plane making a pass given the day or buses a production constrain the company both sides in about $11000.00 sales of the next
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generation single while jets they can only produce so many at a given year given all the difficulties in ramping up so if the troubles continue it's an opportunity but realistically the problem should be solved by next year so the window of opportunity will quickly cause international regulators will decide if and when the 737 max will fly again boeing had hoped that would be within weeks but in a further blow for the plane maker u.s. regulators say the plane is unlikely to take off before december. let's talk more about all of this now with aviation analyst alex machar's joining us from london hi alex. just a terrible year for boeing or terrible 6 or 8 months really for the company one of the things it was talking about doing. was rebranding the boeing 737 max jets is that not just the ultimate sticking plaster i mean literally sticking something on the plane and trying to change the look and hoping no one notices exactly hello
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come out well ultimately as you were saying with boeing facing its low. largest crisis in over a decade they are being forced to take measures that is less to do with the business and commercial side of the crisis and more to do with the reputation that has suffered massively in fact in one of the greatest ways boeing has ever experienced and ultimately the 737 max that phrase is a household name across the globe for all of the wrong reasons and the company to believe that the only way at the moment that could be necessary to restore that passenger trust is to actually stop for a ferrying it to the name that has such a negative association following those 2 fatal accidents and perhaps rebranded that there is talk that they will drop the word max from the aircraft and industry leaders and airline c.e.o.'s across the world some of them are very vocal in saying that they too agree that boeing should rebranded the c.e.o. of qatar airways the c.e.o. of kenya airways they have both said that they believe it's the only way passengers
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will fly and not be too concerned when this aircraft is back in the skies honestly i'm struggling to see how that works out so i mean if i call on a plane called the 737 greatest plane in the world but i knew it was still a max i'm still going to feel a little bit concerned about it and i think a lot of fliers would feel concerned about and you make a very valid point but i think come out that's because you yourself would know that it was a 737 max for the rest of the public it's actually very unlikely that they would know if the aircraft itself isn't called a max now that may be astonishing you may think how could boeing try to hide away in this way you know and try to almost trick that passengers into thinking they're on a different jet but it is to do with optics and ultimately the airlines are already speaking to the manufacturers saying that the passengers are telling them when we see 737 max on the safety card or if the pilot mentions it in his announcement we will not fly and ultimately they think that just by removing the phrase and not
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letting you know the majority. passengers won't notice i know that the 787 the dreamliner obviously didn't have anything major or is as fatal crashes but it had its problems with the batteries in its early life and it got through all of that it seems it did the $77.00 recovered pretty well after what was a very turbulent entry into service again the dreamliner was becoming a household name it didn't suffer as much as the 737 max had has right now following those 2 accidents but the dreamliner there were you know contradictory statements saying that it was nicknamed the nightmare liner after all of those problems with the onboard batteries that you know one aircraft here in london was on fire at the gates at london heathrow also ethiopian airlines who have suffered this latest 77 max crash so you know again back then the optics were very bad but it does go to show that aviation is incredibly resilient and also passengers quickly forget alex there was an order this past week for my a g.
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the owner of british airways and iberia for some 737 planes. they count 737 dash 8 planes or dash one. of those max jets or not are we sort of is there a bit of smoke and mirrors going on here actually this was particularly interesting because in what is somewhat extraordinary measure i agee who the parent company of british airways they have given boeing the biggest vote of confidence that the company has seen since the crisis by signing a deal this week at the paris air show for 2737 max jet aircraft this is very unusual given that this aircraft is in the heart of its crisis it's good news for boeing but it has been met by backlash from the people that noticed that actually these are max jets because interestingly enough they decided not to mention the word max when they notified the london stock exchange here that they
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are signing this deal and again that's probably because this could have sent. it says across the industry that at the heart of its crisis you have a major airline player ordering such a large amount of aircraft that passengers claiming they simply will not fly so with a vote of confidence like that alex what's your feeling bottom line can boeing get its way out of those tenets of vive given that really i know there are other plane manufacturers out there but really it's only boeing and airbus that really matter in the grand scheme of things for most airlines most big airlines at least for most airlines exactly the dominant players a boeing and airbus a notably boeing are extremely resilient we shouldn't underestimate the damage this has done and more so how this has kind of filtered down to the most basic level where i have people on the street telling me they won't fly the 737 max it will need probably to something like a rebrand where boeing a force to have to change the name to be able to hide away from the fact that this aircraft is the one that has suffered so famously but boeing as
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a company they will get over this they got over the 787 dreamliner and get over the problems with this aircraft but the handling of this hasn't been so great and again this is why the company has suffered so badly i'm sure is that it's always a pleasure talking to you thank you for joining us thank you of course another issue we haven't addressed for the airline industry is pollution you have 800000 odd flights every day and that's a lot of carbon emissions but the growing pressure for greener skies is resulting in change things like more efficient engines and even electric planes once again here's natasha butler at the. stylish sleek and fully electric the evie asian prototype is a glimpse into the future and more environmentally friendly flying powered by batteries the 9 seats a plane on display at the paris air show would produce ciro carbon emissions and be fueled by sustainable sources the c.e.o. of the israeli start up behind the plane says he could fly commercially by 2022 can
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we build an all electric 787 to compete with today's planes were absolutely none other it acknowledges not even close to that but to fly the speed of this size and to beat those designs that are out there since the seventy's or eighty's well here it is this was build the way we believe planes in the 21st century should be build electric planes could be a sustainable option for short flights but cutting c o 2 emissions on medium and long haul travel is a bigger challenge aviation officials say that the airline industry is responsible for 2 percent of the world's carbon emissions climate activists say that is nearer to 5 percent and one of the problems is that the technology needed to reduce airlines carbon footprint is still out of reach some airlines are experimenting with hybrid technology and biofuels nicholas chavez company is working.


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