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tv   Afghanistan  Al Jazeera  June 22, 2019 8:33am-9:01am +03

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where maduro's government is expected to be criticized for mismanagement that's led to chronic shortages of food and medicine meanwhile hundreds of mostly venezuelan migrants are stranded on the peruvian chilean border they were refused entry to chile earlier this week many have traveled by land for at least 8 days to reach the border a makeshift camp has been set up to provide basic medical services u.s. immigration agents are trying to work out why there has been a surge in the number of asylum seekers from africa crossing the border from mexico from the southern u.s. some have been some of sent thousands of kilometers to a new arrival center in the north east state of maine gabriel is. meeting some of them. it was not a choice but rather a matter of survival to flee his native democratic republic of congo he tells me police officers back home stabbed him in the stomach mistakenly thinking he was
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taking part in anti-government protests he decided the danger was too much for him and his family earlier this year they left the d.r. see boarding a boat for south america in search of a better life in the u.s. at one point they walked through the jungles of colombia for 7 days with no food fish mistook. we were very hungry and all our food ran out so i would grab a banana off a tree start a fire and cooked a banana and kill the hunger so me and my children were able to sleep that's all we had. as 8 year old daughter jessica witness something along the journey that no child should ever have to see and lights them and. one night people were trying to cross a river but the water was strong some people die i saw this. nearly 5 months later this is now home a few cots in a makeshift shelter in
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a gymnasium in portland maine 3700 kilometers from the southern border at last count this emergency shelter is also home to 223 other asylum seekers all from subsaharan africa most from the d.r. c. and angola they've all arrived in the last week and requested to come to portland while their asylum cases are being reviewed. this gymnasium is now completely full there are beds everywhere during the day the migrants usually leave here go out into the city and try to find work outside the shelter we find this man a 31 year old taxi driver also from the d.r. see if lisbon and portland for a levon months but still is not legally permitted to work. i'm still waiting for my documents to be able to work and make my life better without work it's a little hard so right now i am a volunteer in
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a place in exchange for a place to stay with children and some food. he says his dream is for his daughter to be able to go to college someday. a human drama playing out in real time far from the southern border but with families from africa just seeking peace gabriel's al-jazeera portland maine. or.
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stand well back is the advice that buddhist festivals underway in thailand the neighboring lauer's and low flying aircraft and birds are advised to clear a key keep clear to when hey has been to see why. the people here each rocket sent to the skies is a high velocity message to the gods they're not meant as aggressive or threatening symbols but it did explosive gestures of gratitude some festivals in this region are about wishing for good luck at the start of what they hope will be a bountiful weight season for farmers this one in roy it's north east thailand is about saying thank you to the gods for answering prayers made at a nearby buddhist temple. my prison wishes were answered that's why i launched the rocket today it's a tradition that if you get what you want you launch a rocket to one of the gods and spirits. people like not to on pay almost $500.00
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for someone to build the rockets but there are no qualified rocket scientists here just secrets and techniques passed from generation to generation chachi one sees so on for example is an electrician for most of the year now. it's like my family business my uncle was the one who asked me to help him out and it's been more than 8 years that start building rockets wants to fester wars of the i called back to my full time job in bangkok. at this festival there are 2 sizes of rockets and as well as the religious theme there's a sporting side to it there are prizes for the longest flight time with the winning . larger rockets spending around 7 minutes in the year before crashing back to worth hopefully in an uninhabited field but increasingly it's also become about gambling with money betting on whether rockets are launched smoothly or spiral out of control the noise is deafening the smoke is choking and it's dangerous but
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people come in the thousands. it's a frenetic scene here there are hundreds of rockets launched over the course of the day the largest of which are packed with 200 kilograms of propellant. safety doesn't appear to be a main priority but everyone has a good time those who take part say they are determined to preserve the festival where once a year everyone becomes an expert on flight and some really do become rocket scientists wayne hay al jazeera roy it thailand time for sports with andy. thank you very much hosts england have suffered a surprise defeat against sri lanka at the cricket world cup it's a result that puts trying to back in consensually for a semifinal spots so helmick reports. there have been few surprises in the cricket world cup so far and it didn't look like this game would provide was england had
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sri lanka 2 down in just the 3rd over. was the sri lankan did recover somewhat i vish to fernando in qusayr mended put on the 3rd wicket stand of 59 it was. after fernando fell men discontinued the rebuilding job with andrew matthews by mendis got out with sri lanka on $133.00 for 4 with 20 overs less time the loss of wickets slowed their progress they collapsed to 2047 was matthews off with some resistance scored 85 from 115 balls but sri lanka looked well short of ending on 232 last week milingo who got 4 hits on the day bailed them out he took jonny bairstow for duck and then got out james vince was. joe root an england captain owen morgan attempted to get things back on track yeah however they were faulted when morgan fell for just 21. and when luke was caught behind for 57
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england looked in real trouble at 127 for fall but they collapsed a 186 a 9 was and were eventually bowled out with 212. was a winning it by 20 runs in what's been the biggest upset of the world cup so far so well malik al-jazeera have well all the same to play each other once in the group stage for the top 4 going into the semifinal sri lanka 5th in the table now south africa next up for them i win would have made progress the semi is all but certain england i now have much is coming up against australia india and new zealand. hosts egypt's have won the opening game of the africa cup of nations they beat zimbabwe one nil issues tournament being played in the northern hemisphere summer for the very 1st time now the head of qatar's world cup organizing committee says
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he's unconcerned about the french investigation into the bidding process surrounding the 2022 events us in our forty's in brazil where cats are taking part in the copper america brazil's 2 time world cup when a cafe has been named to the ambassador for the castle formants on choose day former european football president michel platini was questioned by french police investigating alleged corruption and i think i'd like a cry for it from what i understood he was not arrested from what i understood was he was asked for questioning and there's a very big difference between the 2 he was asked for questioning in relation to many different matters not just in relation to the 2022 that was in russia 2018. i believe also the nearest place you are many different issues and then he was read as well he was he was let go roger federer is back playing on his preferred grass surface as he builds up to next month's wimbledon championships federer did drop a set against spain's you're both about to start good but did eventually make it through to the semifinals of the howard dean in germany the 37 year old aiming to
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win this title for a 10th time. i got off. you know great 1st. broken 1st game and then i broke in last games in between it was tough i think the result that doesn't lie we both are chances especially the 3rd so. yeah one game at the very end that cost him dearly for my side i'm very happy actually was my level. french open champion actually barty is closing in on the world number one ranking your stride in beating venus williams and c. sets to reach the semifinals at the birmingham classic in england batting will overtake no mary saw at the top of the standings if she wins this title on sunday. now one of the most talked about young players in college basketball has found out where he'll be playing in his 1st season as a professional. the 1st in the 2019 n.b.a. draft the new orleans perkins. was
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a player of the years on williamson on his way to the new orleans pelicans the draft sees n.b.a. teams choosing the best available college and international players he knows a little q you say you want to go. you know he will be so you going to have a player be that she is gone is little known. for me to be slow to number one i mean our kid jimmy no bird in the formula one officials have rejected ferrari's attempt to overturn a time penalty which cost sebastian vettel victory at the canadian grown preety weeks ago vettel was found guilty of rejoining the track in an unsafe manner while ferrari made their case during practice for something french grand prix but we're told no significant new evidence had been presented it means ferrari a still looking for their 1st victory of the season with vettel 3rd in the championship behind him a sadie's pair of us and lewis hamilton. and
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a leading rider in the world superbike series is facing surgery after a horrific crash during practice the masonic circuit in italy michael vandermark had just set the fastest lap time when this happened the dutchman suffered several injuries including concussion cracked ribs and a fractured rights wrist ok that is how sports looking for not more lighter. and that's it for the news hour thanks for watching but we're back in just a moment with much more of the day's news see you in a minute. it's my privilege to name al-jazeera english the broadcaster of the year the country has
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a fight each other and we've been told that we constantly hear this is the largest demonstration that's been held to refugees since over 700000 lived here the some of the nicest losers on the planet earth be a warning to think of it could be but that is. al-jazeera english proud recipient of the new crystals called cost of the year award for the city given. they wanted 43000000000 pounds with a weapon that was 6000000000 intermission. there's no hope of any more because there's always a small cobbles people for really really good mystics. in assonance we in the united states have privatized the ultimate public function war shadow on al-jazeera. sri lanka's easter sunday bombings reverberated around the world with
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religious and ethnic tension rising one a one aced investigates by is the new front line in sri lanka on al-jazeera. well you know. some of it i like. president donald trump and he doesn't want war with iran after admitting to calling off strikes to avoid casualties. and his regional tensions escalate a report says the u.s. is preparing to evacuate hundreds of contracts from a military base in iraq because the security concerns.
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0 life from a headquarters and. also a heads. russia suspends flights to georgia where protesters are demanding the resignation of the interior minister in the wake of violent. protesters in hong kong calling for an unpopular extradition bill to be scrapped take out their anger on police. hello u.s. president donald trump has repeated that he does not want war with iran but warned that if a conflict does happen it would lead to obliteration comments come shortly after he admitted to calling offer a tell the story strikes on iran to avoid mass casualties attacks were ordered ofter an american surveillance drone was shot down over the strait of hormuz on
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thursday to her on says it chose not to target a u.s. plane which was traveling close to that drone from washington alan fischer reports . this was the reason the u.s. was prepared to launch an attack the doning of an unmanned military drawn by iran. these pictures are said to be the missile launch which are really in television says was filmed by the islamic republic's revolutionary guards the u.s. said the drone was over international waters a claim disputed by to iran donald trump says while 3 sites had been identified for strikes he cancelled the operation they came in they censor were ready to go we'd like a decision i said i want to know something before you go how many people will be killed. in this case or rainy and i said how many people are going to be killed. so i'd like to get back to you on that great people these generals they said they came back said sir approximately 150 and i thought about it for
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a 2nd i said you know what they shut down a man and. a drone plane whatever you want to call it and here we are sitting with $150.00 dead people and that would have taken place probably within a half an hour after i said go ahead and i didn't like it i didn't think it was i didn't think it was proportionate in tehran the revolutionary guard put on a display of what it said was wreckage from the u.s. drone recovered in a really intended trick the head of its space division claims a manned u.s. spy plane near detroit was not targeted that i wonder is it at the same moment when the aircraft was being tracked another spy aircraft called p. 8 was flying close to this drone that aircraft is man and has around 35 crew members where we could have targeted that plane it was our right to do so and yes it was american but we didn't do it we hit the unmanned aircraft. well secretary of
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state my point is heading to the region to talk to allies saudi arabia and the united arab emirates the u.s. special representative in iran has been brian who promised the u.s. would continue to exert maximum economic and diplomatic pressure on iran our diplomacy does not give iran the right to respond with military force in iran needs to meet diplomacy with diplomacy and not military force iran's foreign ministry responded saying it beats diplomacy with diplomacy respect with respect and war with zealous defense the rise in tension in the region has led a number of international airlines to cancel or divert flights away from the area america's federal aviation administration says in the statement because of heightened military activity it is banning all u.s. carriers from operating in the gulf region a situation it says it's keeping under review alan fischer al-jazeera washington
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meanwhile the road turns news agency is reporting that hundreds of u.s. contractors will be evacuated from an iraqi military base over how to ensure security threats it says the evacuation from the balad base will take place in 2 stages hundreds of military contractors work there it was hit by a mortar attack last week but no one was injured john hendren has more from washington d.c. . what happens now in the standoff between the united states and iran could depend on 2 things number one whom president trump is listening to and number 2 whether there are further provocations now the president of the united states was elected on a campaign saying he would pull the u.s. military out of iraq and afghanistan and another divisive and potentially unpopular conflict with iran could split the base that he needs in order to get reelected however he is long talks tough on iran and his national security director john
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bolton has long been an iran hawk the president is also getting criticism from republicans such as congresswoman lynne cheney who says that weakness is a provocation so we've been getting some heat on that secondly if there is another provocative incident between the 2 countries that could also set off some kind of military conflict and in a sign that things are getting tense or the u.s. is evacuating 40800 military conflict tractors from a base in belladonna rock that is after that base was struck with mortars on saturday a week ago in another base and other site in basra where exxon mobil the oil company was operating under u.s. auspices was hit with rocket attacks also and that attack was blamed on iran backed militias and that is that's coming from local officials there so
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whether there's another provocation could determine what the united states does at the moment things are calm former white house official hillary mann leverett served the director for iran in the persian gulf at the national security council and she says president trump canceling the attack sends a message to iran. i think the president's 1st choice is to have a dialogue that would lead to a bigger better deal and i think that the launching of an attack or ordering the launching of an attack and then ordering it to stop is a message to the iranians i'm not sure that they will get it it may not be all that coherent but i think it is a message to the iranians that look the president united states can attack but has stepped back has actually stepped back and is now waiting for iran to come to a negotiation or to a dialogue of course iran is not going to want to negotiate or talk on these terms but the problem for iran is that president trump has these 2 goals either to get
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iran into a bigger better geo which could potentially be good for iran or to to take even stronger i think military action against iran both of those goals can in trump's perspective from the white house's perspective serve his purpose either he has this great deal to advertise as he's going into a reelection campaign which he just launched this week or he's got you know he's got himself looking tough against iran on the world stage when he calculates and he may be wrong but i think this is the calculation that the europeans and even the chinese and the russians are not going to come to iran's aid and so either he will benefit because he's the triumphant person who can bring about a bigger better deal or he can watch iran be fundamentally weekend with no one coming to its aid either way trump thinks that he he will have a win. well the tensions between the u.s.
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and iran have pushed or oil prices up by almost 10 percent in the last week analysts say it's been driven by fears of a u.s. military strike on iran which could disrupt supplies from the middle east the region accounts for more than a 5th of the world's oil output more than a 3rd of global oil exports pass through the strait of hormuz russia has suspended flights to georgia after violent protests broke out in the georgian capital tbilisi over a visiting russian politician there have been demonstrations outside parliament after russia's surrogate gavrilov gave a speech there on thursday and the russian parliamentary speaker has resigned but demonstrators also want the interior minister to go and are now holding for an early election tensions remain high between georgia and russia 11 years after they fought a war over the breakaway region of south of such a problem for syria walker has more from tbilisi. the tensions are running high in particular because of those injuries that were sustained yesterday so the
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protesters have 2 reasons to be out on the streets of tbilisi the capital to noise and one of course is the way in which. your thirty's allowed these russian m.p.'s to come to georgia when they were no diplomatic relations between these countries and for them to come into the parliament and talk about the kind of language that they used as well. something that i wanted to have to a chance to touch on is how georgians particularly european leading liberal minded georgians see the way in which russia uses the doxy conservative values as a way of going against them so whenever we have these kinds of speeches made by politicians particularly russian politicians it riles georgians because they see that as an attack on their own values they're more freedom loving let's say liberal values and these are concerns that they've had for a very long time we've seen movements here organize themselves to say what is the
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government doing to counter this kind of russian information and propaganda where they try to erode or to to take take inroads into their european values police in hong kong remove some of the barriers placed in front of their headquarters by protesters angry about an extradition bill demonstrators wants an apology from the police after it used tear gas and rubber bullets on some of them during a massive protests on the 12th of june a bill that will allow the extradition of criminal suspects to mainland china was temporarily shelved by the local government but many wanted to be scrapped entirely and earlier on friday one of the busiest roads of hong kong was once again blocked off by the protesters robert bright has more on the. protesters back on. the streets gathering friday morning around the government's main offices the word spreads on social media to get moving. again one of the city's main roads is
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brought to a standstill by the crowds. their destination the police headquarters and an angry standoff of the was above the demonstrators accuse them of using excessive force and breaking got there largely peaceful protests a claim the police to know was i don't think i thought oh ok well fashionable and they are armed and they have here and we have nothing we just the i didn't really learn gone by the walk into the police is still refusing to hold an independent investigation into the way they dealt with the demonstrations at the back of the building some protesters try to block the security cameras filming that was under venice trapped by the protest the offices inside not able to make the last few meters to the gate the whole world.


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