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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  June 22, 2019 4:00pm-5:00pm +03

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and it's heavy handed response to the demonstrations use a show here of solidarity for those blinded by rubber bullets in thursday's police crackdown. the violence began after opposition m.p.'s heckled russian deputies invited into georgia's parliament georgia has had no diplomatic ties with moscow since its war with russia of a south of setia in 2008. later clashes between protesters and police were the worst in 7 years since georgia's governing party came to power with more than 200 people injured and around 300 people detained he was 3 months right. pick to do it his interior ministry wouldn't 30 of the colleagues were among those who did each. pledging their right to identify but even if they were. to publicize that they were continuing chasing. after
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those. so far the government has responded by removing to speaker of parliament was that opposition politicians say that snooki. has to be somebody responsible for what happened yesterday and that's the minister of interior but even biggest and fundamental change that is in the interest of this country east to a changed electoral system to make sure that nobody grips our the way it is now and the power is shared proportionately unfairly because baseball is may have strengthen the resolve of people opposed to this government but it may have wider consequences with russia now threatening to capitalize on this georgian political drama. more than a 1000000 russians who are ists visit georgia every year lot of the putin has announced a ban on flights to georgia from july to a russian citizen safety from what moscow calls. and he russian he styria but
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russians who are as i spoke to were optimistic i enjoy my life here my stay here and i hope it's going to be the right of what i don't worry about my. tonight. headed person and it doesn't matter which country they come from understands very well that there are governments and there are just normal people and the 2 the same thing. banning russian visit is may hurt today's economy in the short run. for the to move and the only convince the protesters that their feelings about russian aggression and the competency of their own governments are correct robin 1st deal with al-jazeera to d.c. . let's also to come here and al-jazeera including promises made in venezuela president maduro tells a visiting you any human rights treat it take a suggestion seriously plus. i think it's less of a question of citizenship and more of a question of humanity how one city in the u.s.
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is coping with a large influx of refugees from africa more in that state. hello again welcome back to international weather forecasts we are going to be seeing thunderstorms across central europe and eastern europe as we go through the rest of the weekend the temperatures are fairly high we have plenty of moisture across the region and this is what we're looking at particular here across the central area we're talking about switzerland austria as well as into northern italy also here towards east as well as ukraine you could be seeing the potential of the new storms as well that northwestern russia into moscow we could be seeing some very active weather with some winds as well as very heavy rain tempers there at about $31.00 degrees out here towards the west though it is going to be on the rise as well
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we're talking about those temperatures for paris at 25 degrees here on saturday by the time we get to sunday winds are going to be shifting from the east and that means temp is going to be rising anywhere between $3.00 to $4.00 degrees across much of the area plenty of sun across the region and down towards madrid well it's going to be a hot day as well with a temperature of 34 degrees there well here across the northern coast of africa not much in terms of clouds or rain in any area but we are going to be seen as very hot temperatures as well on the coast and for tunis it is going to be a day of $33.00 degrees tripoli at $31.00 and over towards the ghazi sun at $29.00 . monitored truck quantify i'm value received data being a new car for. your data your identity is a commodity and you have to understand where i'm from but it come from ah so you
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feel it is time to reclaim our cyber so we have to put in them a something that cannot be sold we are creators we are optimists we are bred bookie give us back our data just so you know. welcome back to the top stories here this hour donald trump has repeated he does not want war with iran the u.s. president could be called off an attack saying he wanted to avoid mass casualties the strike would have been in response to iran's downing of a u.s. surveillance drone. on the reuters news agency is reporting that hundreds of u.s. contractors will be evacuated from an iraqi military base balad was hit by 3 mortar
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shells last week. and russia has suspended flights to georgia or after the visit of a russian politician and sparked protests in the capital tbilisi on friday the opposition has accused the government to being too close to moscow. now the world food program has suspended some operations in yemen not offending to reach agreement with who the rebels are distributing food supplies that decision to expected to affect around 850000 people in the who they control capital sana who need help right mohammed as more. panic buying in fun is all sit. off to the u.n. world food program said it would stop distributing food aid before the war this market was a bustling focal point for vendors who sold fruits vegetables and exotic spices but 4 years of a saudi u.a.e. led war and diversion in aid supplies have caused an unprecedented food crisis more than 850000 people in the capital sanaa are affected by the suspension in food aid
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deliveries and yemenis fear the situation could get much worse. a government oh i have the suspension will harm us the people will be affected by this not only the people of a village or a province or a city but the entire nation. this is the suspension of aid is literally a real war on yemen it literally means war. most of the people need food aid on a daily basis because the country is in a very bad economic condition and living expenses are high but the world food program says humanitarian workers in yemen have been denied access to those in need aid convoys were blocked and local officials interfered with food distribution we're not talking about a little bit of diversion here we're spending $175000000.00 per month so if it's 10 percent 15 percent 20 percent of this being diverted then it's not just being diverted into the hands of political. systems well as for military whatever
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was happening is innocent children. it is a victims of war or die and as a result of us not being or get our food into these areas. since 2015 saudi arabia and its allies have been fighting against the iran backed rebels for control of the country. the war has caused the world's largest humanitarian crisis with the country on the brink of famine and most of those in need are in who controlled areas the world food program says it's seeking support from the sun a base or to bring in a biometric registration system that will prevent the diversion of aid but while fighting continues between warring factions uncertainty is growing for many who say they don't know where the next meal will come from mohammed al jazeera. hundreds of civilians in mali have been killed in a series of attacks in the last 3 months tens of thousands of homes the battle for
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land is putting farmers against herders. malcolm webb met survivors of a recent attack in mopti region. to young to understand that his parents have been killed. his neck was cast in the same attack on his village. you bring him bars 2 months old his mother was also killed. medical workers here say they've never seen anything this bad. what else in the world doesn't come to help us we don't know when this will end even here we don't feel safe before and bank us a patient was killed in his hospital no one's protecting us were afraid will become the target of an attack one of them in this ward all the children's parents roy the missing or dead we've changed their names and hidden their faces for their safety
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relatives have come here to take care of them their village in central mali was attacked last week. the rest of the survivors now sleeping on the roadside in a nearby town they belong to the for lonny ethnic group what the village chief told us was tragically familiar. it was about 10 pm and it was raining and we started hearing people shooting at the village so we ran the next morning we collected everybody and came here the same people later burned all the houses and took all the animals. militia connected to the full lonny and gone groups have been attacking each other's communities every week in a steadily escalating conflict hundreds of being killed in the last 3 months and nearly $50000.00 have fled their homes many of them now staying in camps when people run they carry whatever they can. for sleeping on here are some
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pots cooking utensils whatever is essential for survival containers for water. now they're living in tents here with the village life continues when a grinding mill it to wait for their meal this evening but life here having left everything else behind is very difficult. 15000 u.n. peacekeepers haven't been able to stop the violence nearly 200 of them have been killed making it the un's most dangerous mission ever. growing protests calling for the un and other foreign forces to leave almost since they arrived 6 years ago this camera phone video shows one in 70 last week. u.n. peacekeeping. yes we know that the situation is not easy in this country we feel terribly sorry specially for the losses of these last. reefs. and
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we can only support it's the money and the responsibility because after all. the attacks haven't stopped. mother was killed he was shot in the leg everybody here says the violence is getting worse nobody knows how it will and malcolm webb al-jazeera the region mali. nearly 200 venezuelan migrants have been left stranded along the border between chile and peru they were denied entry into early this week but countries have been tightening visa requirements making a challenge for hundreds of families. who are living conditions. as well as president has promised to take the recommendations of the un's top human rights official very seriously. as the humanitarian crisis there worsens.
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to raise the issue of 715 people the. political reasons. 3 day visit to caracas did not go unnoticed in venezuela. many took to the streets to demand she condemns human rights abuses committed by president government. here as a recognition of the hard work that non-government organizations have done over the years to condemn the humanitarian crisis that's happening it's a relief and an encouragement for the venezuelans who are going through this crisis every day and for those who speak out against what they're going through human rights groups say currently there are over 700 political prisoners in venezuela. met with some of their relatives and heard stories of the victims of violence. i'm calling on the government to free all of those who have been detained or
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deprived of their liberty for exercising their civil rights in a peaceful manner. the message was read to aid in meeting with government and military officials and press any who promised compliance with her advice. you can count on me dr michelle as president of the republic head of state at head of government to take all of your suggestions recommendations and proposal seriously so that human rights system prevails even deeper in venezuela the un human rights chief also held discussions with my rival and opposition leader. in the middle. but the high commissioner suggested has to do with the office monitoring human rights violations the follow up report will be presented next july 5th before the united nations and we will follow up to prevent the violation of human rights but he's leaving behind a team of observers to money to the situation in the country. political and
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economic emergency that has force to millions out of the country for many. it is a way of shedding light on the abuses committed by the government for others she failed to hold accountable for the grave crisis the country is currently in the. polls have just opened in mauritania as presidential election with around one and a half 1000000 people a little to vote could be the country's 1st peaceful transition of power in decades 6 candidates are vying to succeed president mohamed. who 1st took office after a coup in 2008 mauritania's and several military coups since declaring independence from france in the 60 years ago. well in the last week the u.s. city of portland in maine has been dealing with a sudden influx of around the 300 refugees from central africa the city has largely welcome the newcomers and is on the explains the benefits might end up going both
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ways. local children provide some lunch time entertainment for the more than 220 asylum seekers from central africa and women and children for whom portland's exposition center is a temporary new home volunteers serve up the food not the seafood for which maine is famous for but instead local dish is providing a taste from home for these mainly congolese and angolan expatriates already happening out so we have boxes so far but it's not the only place you'll find people from this small dorothy eastern seaport helping out their newest residents happy. is the president of maine's congolese association. a local community center there part of it has been inundated with donations for the refugees so much so they've had to temporarily stop accepting anymore to graduates and.
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been witnessing it's all communities american and in a great community working together portland is a city that is mostly white but the largest group of immigrants are congolese everybody is helping. i don't see why i want to i think it's less of a question of citizenship and more of a question of humanity i'm an immigrant here and coming here i came here 2011 and it was take the most of what is time my life and everybody's been welcoming to teach me willing to help me people in the state of maine are generous having contributed over 400000 dollars to a fund to help the newly arrived refugees from africa but it's also a state of older people with the average age being 45 years old one of the highest in the country many of the younger more educated workforce moved out to seek opportunities in bigger states a man director's manes state economist she says the refugees can plug that gap i
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think universally workforce availability is the challenge we need more people to come into the state if we can have a more diverse population in the state that's attractive to a lot of people who are younger and looking for a place to live and argument that just a little care from the community could be a big investment for a better future for everyone. portland maine. all right time for a quick check of the top stories here on al-jazeera iran's foreign ministry says it will respond firmly to any u.s. threats on friday president donald trump confirmed he called off an attack on iran saying he wanted to avoid casualties the strike would have been the sponsor iran's downing of a u.s. surveillance drone. when all the reuters news agency is reporting that hundreds of
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u.s. contractors will be evacuated from an iraqi military base over potential security threats the base which is just north of the capital baghdad was hit by 3 mortar shells last week. 2 other iraqi bases hosting u.s. forces have also been hit by rockets in the past week local officials blamed iran but shia militias for an attack on wednesday in which tehran denied donald trump was nominated army secretary mark esper to be the next secretary of defense early this week acting defense secretary pat shanahan withdrew his nomination after facing questions over his personal life yes but will take over on sunday if confirmed he would be the 3rd man to lead the pentagon in 6 months. venezuela's president says he will take recommendations made by the u.n. human rights chief seriously nicolas maduro made the pledge after meeting the un human rights chief michel bash away earlier she met with opposition leader one of.
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you can count on me dr michelle but surely as president of the republic head of state and head of government to take seriously your suggestions your recommendations and your proposals so that human rights system even deeper prevails the world food program has suspended some operations in yemen after failing to reach agreement with the rebels on distributing food supplies that decisions are expected to affect around 850000 people in the who he controlled capital sana'a who urgently need help and at least 3 people have died and dozens more are feared buried under rubble after a building under construction collapsed in cambodia a 7 story building collapsed on the beach town of see a new pill rescuers athon 20 people so far. polls have opened in mauritania's presidential election with around one of the half 1000000 people legible to vote 6 candidates vying to succeed president mohamed odeh abdul aziz those were the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after inside story on so much about
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how. al-jazeera. and. will the u.s. attack iran there is intense debate in washington following the dunning of a u.s. drone donald trump accuses tehran of making a big mistake iran says the u.s. violated its sovereignty so what does this mean for the already tense legion this is inside story.
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hello and welcome to the program i'm peter davi a tense standoff between the u.s. and iran following the downing of an american surveillance drone in the strait of hormuz iranian state t.v. has been showing what it says is drone wreckage retrieved at sea the american media says president trump ordered air strikes against military targets in iran but then later changed his mind once again he lashed out at his predecessor barack obama saying he made a desperate and terrible deal with iran donald trump said he'd stop the strike against iran earlier congressional leaders were briefed on the incident and called for a robust response but they also told the president to act with caution. the hi kanchan wires are up in the region for a lot of different reasons some by lateral region some some of. the high tension
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lines. and 3rd we must act in a way that does not that does deescalate and does not escalate the tensions and the situation here the president may not intend to go to war here but we're worried that he and the administration may bumble get into a war we've been flying patterns like this for months we're trying to collect intelligence to make informed decisions we're told the iranians before they shot the drone down that if you engage against american personnel or assets you do search your own peril the president does not want a war with iran or anybody else but he is the commander in chief well speaking to the press during a meeting with the canadian prime minister the president from cold the dunning of the drone quotes a very big mistake i have a feeling i may be wrong and i may be right but i'm right a lot i have
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a feeling that it was a mistake made by somebody that should have been doing what they did i think they made a mistake and i'm not just talking to the country made a mistake i think that somebody under the command of that country made a big mistake the u.s. maintains it was flying in international airspace but iran disputes where the incident took place during a televised speech the head of the revolutionary guard reiterated his position. on a. insight is that means it's a clear and concise message to the defenders of the borders of the islam runyan nation respond to all foreign aggression and our reaction is and will be categorical and absolute the borders represent a red line. ok let's get going let's bring in our guests today they are mohammad marandi he's head of american studies at the university of tehran he joins us from the iranian capital hillary mann
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leverett is c.e.o. of the political risk consultancy group strategy and formerly u.s. state department official she joins us from washington and keeping us company in london sahil shah he's a policy fellow at the european leadership network where he leads the iran project which works to protect the iranian nuclear agreement welcome to you all mohammad marandi in tirana welcome back to inside story as far as the trumpet ministration is concerned is there as of today a plan b. when it comes to what do we do next i think that's probably the most important problem that the team in washington has created for trump there is no exit strategy this maximum pressure policy that the united states has imposed on iran is really a dead end the iranians are saying that we after 10 years of negotiations agreed to a nuclear deal we've given significant concessions we've been flexible. and now the
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united states has exited the deal it is forcing other countries not to abide by their commitments including other countries who were at the negotiating table and it is demanding that iran give new concessions and the iranians know that this is a slippery slope that will lead to disaster if you run appeases the united states then in future every time the united states wants something more they will impose sanctions again so the iranians are saying we will not appease the united states if the united states wants to talk about even other issues than the nuclear program they have to show that they are reliable partners that they can commit themselves to previous agreements and that they will implement them if those were implemented then perhaps the iranians and the americans would be able to talk about other issues but the americans have gone down a very different road and because of that not only can the iranians not renegotiate
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the nuclear deal that is impossible but they cannot negotiate with americans on any other issue because the americans are unreliable so trump is has is now standing in a dead end he can only escalate which is dangerous or he has to retreat which is something that i find it very difficult for someone like him to do and leverage in washington is there any chance that they can hold talks that are basically built on the idea of mutual interest. i think potentially talks based on mutual interest i have tremendous respect for my my colleague in teheran professor marandi but i think the premise that any talks with the united states based on the united states proving that it's a reliable partner are not going to work it's not just under the trump administration that the united states is not reliable the united states under multiple administrations has has found itself even though it comes the president
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comes to office constantly demeaning and insulting iran they always come to realize and understand that they need to talk to iran because of the strength of iran in its region and in geopolitics and geo economics each administration comes to understand a need to talk to iran and each administration does try to do so but then in the end is not reliable whether it was the reagan administration over in lebanon over u.s. u.s. hostages whether with the clinton administration in bosnia whether was the bush administration where i served over afghanistan or even the obama administration and now trump the united states is not reliable it's the united states is looking at its interests as it sees it and i think there are talks possible based on this idea of mutual interest and perhaps mutual respect but the idea that the united states is going to be a reliable partner would defy you know 40 years of u.s. iranian interaction particularly from the u.s. side where i see a potential possibility here is that president trump unlike his predecessors does
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see some value in having a deal with a strong iran that benefits as trump sees it the united states u.s. interests and u.s. companies this is different than prior administrations it's still not an ideal situation i would i would think from the iranian perspective or even for other international partners but it is the one difference the president puts on the table that his predecessors have not so he will show in london who's the u.s. president listening to. that's a very good question and i think we could probably have a pretty mixed answer given the fact that we now know that he called for air strikes but then recalled to the order given the fact that he felt the proportionality of the consequences which he has told media was would be about $150.00 deaths wasn't you know aquittal to the unmanned drone that
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iran had shot down i think the fact that the strikes were actually ordered shows that certain voices were winning at a point in the debate but then because they were recalled perhaps trumps own intuition tempered or somebody else influenced him we're not quite sure but what we know in europe is it's become very difficult for europeans to see how their voice can matter on the hill and who their allies really are due to the fact that it's not just a trump and his administration that aren't necessarily handling the iran file very well but also democrats have been remarkably quiet until this recent escalation and there are a number of ways in which democrats could help deescalate and help europeans. make sure that iran sees some value in staying within the constraints of the deal and also not acting out in the region in a way that could bait the trumpet administration's more hawkish voices into
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conflict mohammed into iran as far as the administration where you are is concerned what so this suspicion as to 2nd guessing what donald trump's game is here i mean you can't threaten conflict is country you can't threaten conflict and push people back to the negotiating table while the iranians believe that. it's the united states that's left the negotiating table the united states was a part of the p 5 plus one and these negotiations had taken place for over a decade so even rex tillerson the u.s. secretary of state the 1st us secretary of state under trump he was at the negotiating table until trump left so that's that's one issue that the 2nd issue is that the very fact that there is so much chaos in the white house and we really don't know what happened we don't know if they seriously were about to carry out a strike we don't know at all often what goes on in the white house in that because
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they're and everyone speaks of confusion there and that's another reason why the iranians simply cannot negotiate with the united states they're both unreliable and it's unclear what they're after the the president is constantly speaking in inconsistent ways and if he's his. secretary of state and another senior officials like bolton there are language and their statements are inconsistent with what the president says so the iranians basically cannot count on anything that comes out of washington what's important for you ron is that the united states is waging war on iran this is an economic war trampas admitted that and he says it's a brutal these are brutal sanctions so he's brutalizing the iranian population he's attacking iranian women and children on a daily basis basically and the iranians are saying that the united states has escalated the situation through not only violating the nuclear deal but trying to
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harm ordinary iranians as much as possible. constantly threatening iran we have to remember that trump just recently spoke about destroying iran constantly speaking about our options on the table surrounding himself with people who are constantly speaking about war so the iranians they are the only side that right now are abiding by the nuclear deal for the for the last year the year the americans left the europeans have not been abiding by any part of the nuclear deal they're in complete violation because they're fearful of trump and so the iranians are saying why should we continue to abide by a nuclear deal whereas the other side is doing absolutely nothing so the iranians are in a difficult situation they believe that they're the ones who are trying to deescalate the situation that's why they've remained in the deal but on the other hand we see that the europeans are constantly telling be iranians not to raise tensions whereas
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it's the other side that is raising tensions and the europeans are cooperating with americans to a very large degree ok mohammed let me just pause you there for a 2nd because if what we're talking about here is mixed messages from the trump white house maybe some of those mixed message. does come from john bolton president trump security advisor he has long argued for using force against iran now he's been dismissive of international diplomacy and he's advocated the use of military action he did criticize the 2050 nuclear deal saying quote only bombing by the u.s. and israel would take out iran's uranium enrichment installations quotes now he supports the m e k that's an iranian opposition group in exile formally listed by the us as a terror organization john bolton has repeatedly told the group regime change is needed in tehran mr bolton has adopted a tough approach to iran throughout his professional life for decades he's promised
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consecutive iranian administrations the u.s. would quotes come after them hillary in washington has anything we've seen up to now breached the threshold of response because there seems to be a trickle down which is this was an unmanned drone mr trump today talking about that on twitter had it been a manned aircraft maybe we would be having a completely different conversation now. well i think what's what's potentially interesting and important to see through what is a very dangerous very serious and very very dangerous situation is that while on one hand there is chaos in some sense in the white house and in the teens here there is an intentionality to it that i think is really important to to see and to understand president trump since the 2016 campaign has focused on basically 2 things of iran iran strength he understands iran strength and either he
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wants to deal with it where iran is basically working with the united states as trump sees it in u.s. interests or he's going he looks he's looking to fundamentally weaken iran those are their 2 in some ways 2 diametrically opposed goals but for trump the idea that you can be in a negotiation with iran is real he's in a negotiation in a sense with north korea something that john bolton had also opposed previously and in a sense by iran shooting down this unmanned u.s. drone which is a large and expensive asset for the united states it gives a ron some leverage in dealing with the trauma ministration and my assessment is that trump is is trying to put that out there too to iran that you get that iran you down this really important expensive asset of the united states and trump has pulled back this is an opportunity for iran with some having the united states
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pulled back having the united states in a sense stepped out step stepped down for iran to to negotiate or at least talk with the united states not because iran is going to necessarily get that much from the united states but it can constrain the united states so iran can build its relationship with others and to continue to build its own posture in the region so he'll in london is parts of the dynamic as far as mr trump. kind of backing him self into a corner or being backed into a corner if you will the way that he it would appear senna coding to mohamed in tehran that he has 0 traction now with the europeans because they privately and publicly are still on board when it comes to the j c p o a but they can't do anything more than that because tehran and washington are at loggerheads. well i think i'd like to agree with a colleague from washington which is that iran may now be in a better place optics wise to enter some kind of a negotiation but i think that what we have to keep in mind is their current limit
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is the text and the letter of the j c p o a those constraints are ones that they feel that they've you know a lot really now have to abide by and the things that are part of the framework that trump wish were a part of the j.c. namely ballistic missiles as well as regional behavior those are things that europeans have also frantically tried to have been out on agreement to the fore in the past before trump withdrew from the deal and i actually i should correct myself trump did not withdraw from the deal he violated the deal and what we're seeing is a huge discrepancy where the u.s. is seen as an actor that can withdraw from international agreements and iran is seen as violating it and this goes to show how the international community is really needed here to step in and urge for restraint but also highlight the fact that all of these escalations are occurring because of the u.s.
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as with for all or violation from the g c p o a and also it could be a result of those around trump who are trying to bait him into a conflict and for europeans this is extremely risky it is an absolute gamble to think that this is what is needed to get both countries to feel comfortable being in a negotiation but in fact because both countries have now shown their muscle and the u.s. has shown restraint and an awareness that war would probably break out and be very catastrophic for the middle east that we may have a very narrow window here now for diplomacy and i think europeans need to lead that effort because we need to fold this from being a u.s. iran conversation in. into something more multilateral and i'm not just speaking about the participants in the j.c. p.o.a.'s but if we start to talk about those things that trump wanted to speak about like ballistic missiles we really need to have
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a regional conversation on what constraints make sense for iran in the context of what other countries are also willing to concede hillary 2 points if that window for opportunity is closing just interruptions to and hold out for for a 2nd if that window for opportunity is closing picking up on that point from sahil in london saying it's got to be a multilateral approach was the approach historically before donald trump more productive because it wasn't primarily a binary choice it wasn't washington versus tehran there were lots of other people in the mix but those people are now not in the mix and they're feeling threatened and perhaps more aggressive than they were even just 4 weeks ago or 6 months ago. well the reality is that the other parties were ineffectual the europeans did not keep up their side of the of the deal with iran not even the chinese and even keep up their side neither did the russians the reality is and what trump i think lays bare to the world is that the united states in a lot of ways is still the is still the superpower the aggressive belligerent
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superpower and here i think it's important to understand again 2 things for trump he has complete disdain for the j c p a way really not because of iran but because of the europeans he does not want to benefit european companies or chinese companies in doing business with iran he's focused on iran in either one of 2 ways and they're diametrically opposed and they're really important to understand to either have a great deal that he can show that he achieved in. opposition to his predecessor president obama that doesn't have to even deal with any specifics about melissa missiles or anything else it's just a deal that trump can pack can tout as his own the diametrically excuse me oppose goal of tribe which is also important to understand is that if he can't get a bigger better deal with oil with with iran that he can tout as his own then i think he is fundamentally looking to weaken if not destroy iran and i think he is
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willing to burn the persian gulf along with iran that will give him a good opportunity to focus on domestic here in the united states domestic oil and gas drilling and fracking which he sees as really important for his reelection for the united states to become an energy superpower to have energy dominance and the on the international stage so these are 2 very different goals and if he can get a deal with iran that would be great for him but if he can't this idea that he's going to settle for some middle of the road diffusing of tension keeping the price of gasoline down i don't think that's there i think his other goal though the other side of the extreme is. also they're to fundamentally weaken if not destroy iran and push up propel the united states as an energy superpower that will be to the detriment of not just iran but traditionally important oil and gas producers like got there and russia ok mohamed very very briefly please mohamed because we're
4:43 pm
trusting towards the end of our discussion does this increase the chance of an escalation if only as a miscalculation a horse if it's a manned croft horse if there's another u.s.s. this sense july the 1988 when a u.s. naval ship misidentified a civilian aircraft well the iranians or don't believe that the u.s. misidentified that civilian aircraft and they gave false information to in the international community in the western media accepted that information until years later when it came out that they had lied and that is something that iranians believe is happening today the iranians don't believe the american version of what happened with the drone the iranians have recovered pieces of the drone in their territorial waters and they believe that the united states doesn't want the 2 to come out and the commanders of the iranian armed forces actually said that there was an american spy plane with i mean 35 americans on board that entered iranian
4:44 pm
airspace but when the iranians warn them to leave they left so the iranians do not want to attack american soldiers they just want to protect their sovereignty and therefore i think this shows that it's the iranians by staying within the j. c.p.o. a by refraining from attacking manned aircraft even though there were inside iranian territorial waters that iran is behaving. reasonably but that the united states is not and the big danger is a you're absolutely correct if the united states goes down this road then i think it would be a tragedy for the international community of oil and gas installations in the persian gulf region will be destroyed the behaviors destroyed it $100.00 with a lot. i don't know the 1000000 is i want to live. in london if i may and i do apologize as usual for interrupting you mohammed show in london is the 3rd way solution here i mean why not say used back channel communications to talk to the
4:45 pm
new relatively new iranian envoy to the u.n. he is formally a nuclear negotiator he knows what all the cards on the table oh well president rouhani himself is a former chief negotiator so i think that what we really need to do is try to figure out a way in the short term to stabilize what could turn out to be escalation in a number of flashpoints between the u.s. and iran but in the medium to long term europe russia and china really need to get together and figure out how they can sustain they are the iranian economy in some way iran has accepted that it's not going to get to any of the pre secondary sanctions levels but really you know we're on a slippery slope on the nuclear side whilst climbing a ladder on the military side and the 2 together is quite could be quite disastrous so i don't see a 3rd way solution outside of the framework which was already agreed upon in the j.c. p.o. a unfortunately the iranians improper rightfully see what trump is offering in
4:46 pm
terms of talks as not genuine because in the same breath they're also announcing sanctions for example very shortly before. the japanese leader was in tehran they announced new sanctions on the petro chemical industry so it's not seen as genuine and therefore there isn't much of a 3rd way out of the current crisis other than just retrying to at best a return to as much as we can of the chase c.p.o. way and for here the unions that may mean not saying things like it's essentially game over for europeans if iran starts to blur the lines but to figure out how to ensure that those. learnings of the lines don't result in things that are unacceptable to the us and will lead to conflict ok we have to leave our conversation there thank you so much to all our guests today on inside story they were mohammad marandi hillary mann leverett and sahil shah and thank you too for your company you can see the show again anytime on the website al-jazeera dot com
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so books discovers the drama behind the scenes as it reduces day facing the mothers of disabled children and the fun social stigmas by broadcasting and the well. a nudge a 0. 000 this is the opportunity to understand lane a very different way where there are people going up and saying we don't leave our . president trump has confirmed he called off an attack against iran as terror and says it will respond firmly to any u.s. aggression. hello i'm daryn jordan this is obviously live from doha also coming up.
4:49 pm
russia suspends flights to georgia where protesters are demanding the resignation of the interior minister after violent clashes. we meet the survivors of ethnic violence in mali that's left children orphaned and forced tens of thousands from their. album promises made in venezuela president nicolas maduro tells of visiting new and human rights chains go take us a gesture him seriously. iran says it will respond firmly to any u.s. threat that's according to its foreign ministry despite president trump saying he doesn't want a war with iran but he's warn that if a conflict does happen it would lead to obliteration which are confirmed on friday he called off a tally or 2 strikes on iran saying he wanted to avoid mass casualties from washington is alan fischer this was the reason the u.s. was prepared to launch an attack the doning of an unmanned military drawn by iran.
4:50 pm
these pictures are said to be the missile launch which are really in television says was filmed by the islamic republic's revolutionary guards the u.s. said the drone was over international waters a claim disputed by to iran donald trump says while 3 sites had been identified for strikes he canceled the operation they came in they said so we're ready to go we'd like a decision i said i want to know something before you go how many people will be killed. in this case or rainy and i said how many people are going to be killed. so i'd like to get back and they're great people these generals they said they came back said. approximately 150 and i thought about it for a 2nd i said you know what they shut down. and. drone plane whatever you want to call it and here we are busy sitting with $150.00 dead people and that would have taken place probably within a half an hour after i said go ahead and i didn't like it i didn't think it was i
4:51 pm
didn't think it was proportionate in toronto the revolutionary guard put on a display of what it said was wreckage from the u.s. drone recovered and a really intended trick the head of its space division claims a manned u.s. spy plane near detroit was not targeted there i wonder at the same moment when the aircraft was being tracked another spy aircraft called p 8 was flying close to this drone that aircraft is man and has around 35 crew members where we could have targeted that plane it was our right to do so and yes it was american but we didn't do it we hit the unmanned aircraft. well secretary of state my point is heading to the region to talk to allies saudi arabia and the united arab emirates the u.s. special representative in iran has been in riyadh brian who promised the u.s. would continue to exert maximum economic and diplomatic pressure on iran our
4:52 pm
diplomacy does not give iran the right to respond with military force in iran needs to meet diplomacy with diplomacy and not military force iran's foreign ministry responded saying it needs diplomacy with diplomacy respect with respect and war with zealous defense the rise in tension in the region has led a number of international airlines to cancel or divert flights away from the area america's federal aviation administration says in a statement because of heightened military activity it is banning all u.s. carriers from operating in the gulf region a situation it says it's keeping under review alan fischer al-jazeera washington. meanwhile the reuters news agency is reporting that hundreds of u.s. contractors will be evacuated from an iraqi military base of a potential security threats u.s. companies lockheed martin and sally port global both of operations that the ballot
4:53 pm
based which is north of baghdad was hit by 3 mortar shells last week but no one was injured 2 other iraqi bases hosting u.s. forces have been hit by rockets in the past week local officials blamed iran backed shia militias for an attack on wednesday in which teheran denied well mama june joins us live now from the iraqi capital mohammed so what more details are emerging about why these u.s. contractors will be leaving iraq. well there an iraqi officials we've been speaking with still neither willing to confirm or officially deny this reuters report we were told last hour that a statement would be issued potentially by the ministry of defense within the next few hours that still has not happened we are calling numerous government officials here trying to get some type of on the record statement about where this all stands in regard to the reuters reporting now all that having been said reuters is reporting that 400 or approximately 400 contractors working for
4:54 pm
sally port global and lockheed martin these are u.s. contractors working out of the air base that they will start being evacuated and that that evacuation could start imminently reuter's also reporting that this evacuation will happen in 2 stages in the most likely these will be evacuations done by aircrafts now all of this coming of course at a time of heightened tensions you mentioned of course the fact that is one of the one of the bases here that has been attacked by these mortar attacks in the past several weeks these have been coming with more frequency nobody is claiming responsibility for these attacks but at a time when there is so much concern because of the heightened tensions between the u.s. and iran and because it offers a feeling increasingly squeezed between those 2 biggest allies the u.s. and iran people are wondering if more of these type of evacuations will be happening now there was also this attack that happened in south of basra
4:55 pm
a few days ago in which a compound that was housing exxon mobil's facilities here as well as the iraqi oil drilling company as a result of that there were evacuations from that facility and really right now this is the last thing that i don't discover mint wants to deal with they want as well as other regional players to try to the escalate tensions if this evacuation is something that starts to happen well it's going to be oh. one more piece in this puzzle just showing that things are really escalating at a time when iraq is really trying to deescalate and deron mohammed we know that iraq and iran have extremely close ties so how is baghdad viewing these rising tensions between the u.s. and iran. look there i doubt the government is doing as much as it can to try to deescalate the situation but at the same time it off is really caught in the middle between the u.s. and iran has been at the center of
4:56 pm
a flurry of diplomatic activity of late in may you had u.s. secretary of state mike pompei o making an unannounced visit a trip to read out in which he spoke to numerous government officials about what he called the rising threat by iran toward american personnel inside of iraq since that visit happened you've also had a visit by the foreign minister of iran the foreign minister of germany the foreign minister of oman all of those visits at the top of the agenda as were discussions of how to try to deescalate tensions just in the past few days you had the 1st state visit by the kuwaiti emir shifts about how to him and it was made clear when he 1st got to right off the top of his discussions going to be trying to find a way to deescalate the tensions we had been told over the course of the past month that iraq was also going to try to play a mediation role of some type that a delegation was going to be created perhaps one going to iran and one going to washington d.c. but then subsequent to that we were told by officials here on background that they believe that iraq really wasn't capable of playing a mediation role so it's
4:57 pm
a very difficult time for it off right now they are trying to get things going to provide basic services for the people of it off they don't want to get caught up in any kind of conflict between the u.s. and iran and because you have the added conundrum here of the fact that there are so many shiite militias that are backed by eat on that's another reason why the u.s. is so concerned that perhaps they could play a role in targeting u.s. personnel u.s. locations here so it's a very complicated matter at all right now and they're just trying to do their utmost to navigate it and to try to deescalate the tensions and whichever way they might be able to do so daryn june the dead thank you for joining us on set now is mohun when the well. he's a military analyst and retired jordanian air force general general thank you very much for coming in president trump says he called off the attack against iran because he didn't think in his words it was proportionate but it does reinforce i think one strategy though for the u.s.
4:58 pm
that the military option is firmly on the table and the president from presumably is opposed to use it i think he did not cancel the strike or the cruise missile strike say that's their weapon they're going to use to hit the division of the guard radar missile site i think the main reason why. he did not have a home supports there is a division in american politics. so. he doesn't have a full strategy comprehensive strategy yet that human aspect normally normally when you give briefing like this you start with the schedule how much graduates the number but merely the didn't he didn't have the support of the international community in actual fact these are 2 important factor to launch a war also he doesn't have like what's the alternative for it is a secret diplomacy he doesn't have so many options on that. because iran really
4:59 pm
showed the brave face in a way towards american let's talk about the broader regional strategy here because i mean how is all of this playing into iran sphere of influence with its proxy militias in lebanon yemen syria iran because of that terence influence is growing and that's also angered the u.s. and its regional allies and help stoke up this crisis in the 1st place exactly as. iran using this cement to order strategy hybrid strategy with for france syria lebanon iraq and syria and yemen. succeeding on that they have this big sphere of influence and america cannot fight these 4 fronts at the same time so there's. a weakness in american how to handle such a threat let's just go back to the incident that actually happened with the shooting down of the drone i mean iran chose to shoot down this unmanned u.s.
5:00 pm
surveillance drone rather than a manned u.s. navy p. 8 poseidon surveillance aircraft that we understand was also operating in the air at the time so what's this telling us about iran's military thinking and its missile technology i think they should the this drawn to global or due to political reason. of course this aircraft is full of. all these intelligence and it's very dangerous play and i concede that but also iran saying that these 8 is courting the global take this nonsense because the p 8 main mission is so hard submarine is. so different mission.


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