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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  June 22, 2019 8:00pm-8:34pm +03

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of course is adding to everyone's concerns tara heidi thank you are a lot of muscle to come here and i'll just say including a prominent human rights advocate who was freed in chechnya dollars to continue his work just somewhere else and not in the region plus. i think the artist that people would see in this exhibition be able to grasp hold it and idea the works of some of the world's most unique artists go on display in the u.k.'s largest ever sculpture festival on that stay with us. hello again welcome back to your international weather forecasts well for the northern part of asia we're going to be seeing a little bit of a break in the rain here most of the heavy showers that we have seen across japan the heaviest are going to be pushing into the pacific ocean now we are going to be seeing some lingering showers here on sunday for sendai tokyo as well as sapporo
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sapporo all getting to about 19 degrees there as we go from sunday and into monday the showers will be along the coastal areas but for the korean peninsula it is going to remain dry we are looking at temperatures into the high twenty's pyongyang maybe 30 degrees is going to be a forecast high but for the russian maritimes it is still quite chilly with a lot of us stuck at about 17 degrees there well the rain has been quite heavy here across much of china and as you can see these thunderstorms are really building up we do have a break here across the northern central areas for one over towards shanghai but over the next few days it's really going to be over here towards fujian province that we do expect to see some of the heaviest rains as well as crossing over towards taiwan taipei a very heavy rainy day for you at 28 degrees there maybe getting a little bit better by the time we get towards monday and then very quickly over here down towards the southeastern part of asia not looking too bad for parts of the philippines but by the time we get towards monday more heavy rain in the forecast for parts of manila.
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welcome back a quick reminder of our top stories here this hour the u.k.
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is sending its middle east minister to iran and remarks and will be to rein in leaders as tensions with the u.s. continue to escalate following the downing of a u.s. surveillance for sometimes to call for urgent de-escalation in the region. meanwhile donald trump has repeatedly doesn't want to war with iran the u.s. president confirmed he called off an attack there saying he wanted to avoid mass casualties. and the world food program has suspended some operations in yemen after failing to reach agreement with the with the rebels on distributing food supplies that decisions are expected to affect around 850000 people in the who think control capital sana urgently need help bring them out as more of. this panic buying in sonas old city after the un world food programme said it would stop distributing food aid before the war this market was a bustling focal point for vendors who sold fruits vegetables and exotic spices but 4 years of a saudi u.a.e.
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led war and diversion in aid supplies have caused an unprecedented food crisis more than 850000 people in the capital sanaa are affected by the suspension in food aid deliveries and yemenis fear the situation could get much worse. than no i have the suspension will harm us the people will be affected by this not only the people of a village or a province or a city but the entire nation. this is the suspension of aid is literally a real war on yemen it literally means war. most of the people need food aid on a daily basis because the country is in a very bad economic condition and living expenses are high but the world food program says humanitarian workers in yemen have been denied access to those in need aid convoys were blocked and local officials interfered with food distribution we're not talking about a little bit of diversion here we're spending $175000000.00 per month so if it's
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10 percent 15 percent 20 percent of this being diverted in is not just being diverted into the hands of political. systems well as for military whatever was happening is innocent children innocent victims of war or dying as a result of us not being or get our food into these areas. since 2015 saudi arabia and its allies have been fighting against the iran backed rebels for control of the country. the war has caused the world's largest humanitarian crisis with the country on the brink of famine and most of those in need are in who controlled areas the world food program says it's seeking support from the sun abased to bring in a biometric registration system that will prevent the diversion of aid but while fighting continues between warring factions uncertainty is growing for many who say they don't know where the next meal will come from mohammed al jazeera. the mayor of
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qatar to mean been handed acehnese on his way to the pakistani capital to hold talks with prime minister in one car both leaders are expected to discuss investment projects and security in the region according to a recent post from one of them one console media accounts. with announce an investment worth $22000000000.00 in the country so i've been giving it has more now from is none of that. people in pakistan's foreign office are calling it a diplomatic success as pakistan has waged itself between between vi was in the gulf cooperation council after receiving money from the g.c.c. and the u.a.e. it still calls all sides friends and they're all willing to help out this friend which is by giving them injections of cash as the economy of pakistan is on the verge of collapse in addition to the loans that it has received from saudi arabia and the u.a.e. prime minister and run khan's instagram account says qatar will be investing
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$22000000000.00 in addition to that it has received money from china as well as a loan from the international monetary fund the international monetary fund or the i.m.f. has some of the strictest conditions that we've seen so far and it's 13 flown that it has given to pakistan since the eighty's and an effect of that is being seen on growth reduction. highest inflation that pakistanis have seen in years people are struggling to buy basic things and that we have seen an indication of what's to come in the government's budget prime minister manmohan insists that he's got the team in place he has to resurrect the economy because previous governments left it in a position where a lot of this money which is coming in loans is going back to these lenders for debt servicing but all in all economists are warning that this money is going to be coming in in this year as a gesture of goodwill as imran khan is making a new beginning but unless pakistan's government makes sure that it restructures
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its economy in a way where subsidies are cut where government spending is reduced pakistan is going to be back to square one come the end of fiscal year next year around. rival ethnic militias battling for control of land and rich resources of course hundreds of thousands of congolese to seek safety an estimated $4000.00 across the border into neighboring your gander this month alone. reports from resettlement center that. it's been 2 days since of noir family at the chung wylie refugee settlement 2 of her 5 children aged 4 and 7 didn't survive the journey from the north east of the d.r.v. to western uganda. when the fighting started we ran to the boat in the panic one child fell into the water and drowned another child died because we had no food or medicine that's when i said if i stay in congo the whole family will die . conditions in uganda are basic but the refugees are grateful hungary's
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forces have been deployed to fight militias in the area around the town of juba if the need to be the province at the center of the current into ethnic conflict one challenge the congolese army is facing is that some militiamen are armed not just with machetes but with more sophisticated weapons to army commanders appealing to help to restore calm. do you can survive without the presence of soldiers this is why we've been deployed here we call on all communities to support us armies so that we can restore peace and security. in the conflict but you know him and linda groups is about access to farmland as well as gold oil and gas resources. the problem today is that number of people who've been displaced is between 300-002-4000 extension 00 military is around because of attacks currently the army is heavily deployed as now trying to secure those areas. back in uganda some of the
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4000 congolese who fled fighting. tried to settle into a new country piece by piece a temporary home takes about a day to build this shelter is basic and meant to be temporary they get the canvas from the united nations but everything else is sourced locally in some cases and in . the shelters near the road are meant for older people so they have easy access. thousands survived a long journey across the border to get here where at least for now. meant uganda. the ethiopian prime minister expected to make a 2nd visit to sudan to help mediate the ongoing political crisis. stakeholders in khartoum next week to negotiate a civilian led interim administration the opposition wants those responsible for killing protesters earlier this month to be held accountable before talks resume.
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there are 200 venezuelan migrants stranded along the border between chile and peru they were denied entry into chile early this week both countries have been tightening visa requirements making it a challenge for hundreds of families. who are living conditions. and as well as president nicolas maduro has promised to take the recommendations of the un's top human rights official very seriously. visited caracas as a humanitarian crisis there worsens. to raise the issue of 715 people they say have been jailed for political reasons. 3 day visit to caracas did not go unnoticed in venezuela. many took to the streets to demand she condemns human rights abuses committed by precedent. and. here as a recognition of the hard work that non-government organizations have done over the
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years to condemn the humanitarian crisis that's happening it's a relief and an encouragement for the venezuelans who are going through this crisis every day and for those who speak out against what they're going through human rights groups say currently there are over 700 political prisoners in venezuela. met with some of their relatives and heard stories of the victims of state violence . i'm calling on the government to free all of those who have been detained or deprived of their liberty for exercising their civil rights in a peaceful manner. the message was read to aid in meeting with government and military officials and president. who promised compliance with her advice. you can count on me dr michelle as president of the republic head of state head of government to take all of your suggestions recommendations and proposal seriously so that human rights system prevails even deeper in venezuela the un human rights
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chief also held discussions with my rival and opposition leader. and i'm in the middle of them tonight. but the high commissioner suggested has to do with the office monitoring human rights violations the follow up report will be presented next july 5th before the united nations and we will follow up to prevent the violation of human rights but he's leaving behind a team of observers to mourn and to the situation in the country venezuela is in a deep political and economic emergency that has forced the millions out of the country for many we visit is a way of shedding light on the abuses committed by the government for others she failed to hold accountable for the grave crisis the country is currently in. mauritania's president has cast his ballot in the country's presidential election 6 candidates vying to succeed mohamed old abdulaziz who 1st took office after a coup in 2008 around one and
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a half 1000000 people are legible to vote what could be the country's 1st peaceful transition of power in decades or attorney has had several military coups since declaring independence from france nearly 60 years ago. southeast asian leaders are gathering for a summit in thailand with the us china trade works better to be on the agenda foreign ministers are holding talks now ahead of the main meeting on sunday disputes over territory in the south china sea a controversial waste imports are also expected to be up for discussion. police in hong kong have removed some of the barriers put up in front of their headquarters by protesters rallying against a controversial extradition bill the demonstrators want the police to apologize for using tear gas and rubber bullets on some of them during a protest last week a bill that would allow the extradition of criminal suspects to mainland china has temporarily been suspended by the local government but many want it scrapped entirely. at least 3 construction workers have been killed in cambodia when the
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tower block the building collapsed rescuers in sihanoukville found 20 survivors in the rubble of the 7 story building one of many being built on a popular beach resort by chinese investors excavators are combing the daybreak for more signs of life. of course in russia has granted the early release from prison of a human rights activist from chechnya or you have says he won't go back home to work because the risks are too high he reported disappearances and torture before his arrest did he have served 3 months of a 4 year sentence for drug possession his supporters say the russian charges were exaggerated. human rights into. at least not for some time but we will keep doing our work right now i have work to do at home i need to sort things out i need to rebuild my house to finish construction and after that we will see police in the u.k.
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say they'll take no further action after being called to the home of boris johnson a leading candidate for the leadership of the governing conservative party there had been reports of a domestic incident johnson will become the next british prime minister if he wins a runoff vote against the foreign secretary jeremy hunt next month it would replace to reason may who resigned after threatening to deliver a briggs that deal acceptable to parliament johnson's been dogged by allegations over his behavior. now the largest art exhibition dedicated to sculpture in the u.k. has just opened the yorkshire sculpture international features the work of 18 new artists from 13 countries their creations will be on display in indoor and outdoor venues across the northern england county emma hayward has more from one of the host cities in wakefield. mesmerising incoming it's easy to get lost in wolfgang lives installation which uses rice granite and ashes to explore our relationship to food and life and death i think very important is very political
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but not not for the next day that if it is for the politicians but i think any look back in our history of the most important part of us important for centuries and centuries after and somehow i think i wouldn't make political statements for our little problems today. leipzig work is on show was part of the u.k.'s biggest sculpture festival which is taking place across 4 sites in yorkshire the works of 21st century sculptors are exhibited alongside that of barbara hepworth and henry moore who put british sculpture on an international footing in the 20th century here self-taught sculptor tao louis uses found objects to explore the issue of identity and black history iranian art is not reprogramming it uses different materials to make her statement the landscape here provides the perfect gallery
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setting allowing the sculpture space to breathe and it adds to the drama of the artwork damien hirst of course is no stranger to drama his work is striking against the backdrop i think that each piece each artist who is sharing has a unique vision and i think the artist that people will see in this exhibition be able to grasp hold of an idea and it will hopefully open their minds to make them look at the world in a different way to think about how they move around space to think about how things feel about our environments the aim here is to make art accessible to give people the space to reflect on life and he would al-jazeera in wakefield. all right time for a quick check of the headlines here on al-jazeera the u.k. is sending its middle east minister under marise into iran he'll be there to meet iranian leaders as tensions with the u.s.
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continue to escalate following the downing of a u.s. surveillance drone merson plans to call for urgent de-escalation in the region. meanwhile donald trump has repeatedly does not want war with iran the u.s. president confirmed he called off an attack saying he wanted to avoid mass casualties the world food program has suspended some operations in yemen after failing to reach agreement with who the rebels and distributing food supplies that decisions are expected to affect around 850000 people in the who control capital some are urgently need help. here of qatar. is on his way to the pakistani capital to hold talks with prime minister. both leaders are expected to discuss investment projects and security in the region according to a recent post from one of the imran khan social media accounts qatar will announce an investment worth $22000000000.00 in the country at least 3 construction workers have been killed in cambodia when the tower block they were building collapsed
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rescuers and sihanoukville have found 20 survivors in the rubble of the 7 story building one of many being built in the popular beach resort by chinese investors excavators are combing the daybreak for more signs of life. venezuela's president says he will take recommendations by the united nations human rights chief seriously nicolas maduro made the pledge after meeting michel bashfully she met opposition leader one guy dolf. you can count on me dr michelle bashar a as president of the republic head of state and head of government to take seriously your suggestions your recommendations and your proposals so that in venezuela human rights system even deeper prevails. and more china's president has cost as ballots in the country's presidential election $6.00 candidates are vying to succeed mohamed odeh at them as ease the 1st took office offer of coup in 2008 round one of the half 1000000 people on the table to vote in what could be the country's 1st
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peaceful transition of power in decades artane has had several military coups since to caring independence from france nearly 60 years ago well those were the headlines and the news continues here on al-jazeera after inside story statements of watching. will the u.s. attack iran there is intense debate in washington following the dunning of a u.s. drone donald trump accuses tehran of making a big mistake iran says the u.s. violated its sovereignty so what does this mean for the already tense legion this is inside story.
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hello and welcome to the program. a tense standoff between the u.s. and iran following the downing of an american surveillance drone in the strait of hormuz iranian state t.v. has been showing what it says is drone wreckage retrieved at sea the american media says president trump ordered air strikes against military targets in iran but then later changed his mind once again he lashed out at his predecessor barack obama saying he made a desperate and terrible deal with iran donald trump said he'd stop the strike against iran earlier congressional leaders were briefed on the incident and called for a robust response but they also told the president to act with caution the high kanchan wires are up in the region for a lot of different reasons some by lateral region some multilateral some of. the
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high tension one. 3rd we must act in a way that does not that does deescalate and does not escalate the tensions and the situation here the president may not intend to go to war here but we're worried that he and the administration may bumble get into a war we've been flying patterns like this for months we're trying to collect intelligence to make informed decisions we're told the iranians before they shot the drone down that you know gauge against american personnel or assets you do search your own peril the president does not want a war with iran or anybody else but he is the commander in chief. well speaking to the press during a meeting with the canadian prime minister president from called the durning of the drone quotes a very big mistake i have a feeling. i may be wrong and i may be right but i'm right a lot i have
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a feeling that it was a mistake made by somebody that should have been doing what they did i think they made a mistake and i'm not just targeting the country made a mistake i think that somebody under the command of that country made a big story the u.s. maintains it was flying in international airspace but iran disputes where the incident took place during a televised speech the head of the revolutionary guard reiterated his position began a. game saturday i mean it's a clear and concise message to the defenders of the borders of the islam aronian nation respond to all foreign aggression and our reaction is and will be categorical and absolute the borders represent a red line. ok let's get going let's bring in our guests today they are mohammad marandi he's head of american studies at the university of tehran he joins us from the iranian capital hillary mann
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leverett is c.e.o. of the political risk consultancy group strategy and formerly u.s. state department official she joins us from washington and keeping us company in london sahil shahr he's a policy fellow at the european leadership network where he leads the iran project which works to protect the iranian nuclear agreement welcome to you all mohammad marandi in tirana welcome back to inside story as far as the trumpet ministration is concerned is there as of today a plan b. when it comes to what do we do next. i think that's probably the most important problem that the team in washington has created for trump there is no exit strategy this maximum pressure policy that the united states has imposed on iran is really a dead end the iranians are saying that we after 10 years of negotiations agreed to a nuclear deal we've given significant concessions we've been flexible and now the
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united states has exited the deal it is forcing other countries not to abide by their commitments including other countries who were at the negotiating table and it is demanding that iran give new concessions and the iranians know that this is a slippery slope that will lead to disaster if you run appeases the united states then in future every time the united states wants something more they will impose sanctions again so the iranians are saying we will not appease the united states if the united states wants to talk about even other issues than the nuclear program they have to show that they are reliable partners that they can commit themselves to previous agreements and that they will implement them if those were implemented then perhaps the iranians and the americans would be able to talk about other issues but the americans have gone down a very different road and because of that not only can the iranians not renegotiate
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the nuclear deal that is impossible but they cannot negotiate with americans on any other issue because the americans are unreliable so trump is has is now standing in a dead end he can only escalate which is dangerous or he has to retreat which is something that i find it very difficult for someone like him to do to remain leverage in washington is there any chance that they can hold talks that are basically built on the idea of mutual interest. i think potentially talks based on mutual interest i have tremendous respect for my my colleague in teheran professor marandi but i think the premise that any talks with the united states based on the united states proving that it's a reliable partner are not going to work it's not just under the trump administration that the united states is not reliable the united states under multiple administrations has has found itself even though it comes the president
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comes to office constantly demeaning and insulting iran they always come to realize and understand that they need to talk to iran because of the strength of iran in its region and in geopolitics and geo economics each administration comes to understand a need to talk to iran and each administration does try to do so but then in the end is not reliable whether it was the reagan administration over in lebanon over u.s. u.s. hostages whether with the clinton administration in bosnia whether was the bush administration where i served over afghanistan or even the obama administration and now trump the united states is not reliable it's the united states is looking at its interests as it sees it and i think there are talks possible based on this idea of mutual interest and perhaps mutual respect but the idea that the united states is going to be a reliable partner would defy you know 40 years of u.s. iranian interaction particularly from the u.s. side where i see a potential possibility here is that president trump unlike his predecessors does
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see some value in having a deal with a strong iran that benefits as strong sees it the united states u.s. interests and u.s. companies this is different than prior administrations it's still not an ideal situation i would i would think from the iranian perspective or even for other international partners but it is the one difference the president puts on the table that his predecessors have not so he will show in london who's the u.s. president listening to. that's a very good question and i think we could probably have a pretty mixed answer given the fact that we now know that he called for air strikes but then recalled to the order given the fact that he felt the proportionality of the consequences which he has told media was would be about $150.00 deaths wasn't you know aquittal to the unmanned drone that
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iran had shot down i think the fact that the strikes were actually ordered shows that certain voices were winning at a point in the debate but then because they were recalled perhaps own intuition tempered or somebody else influenced him we're not quite sure but what we know in europe is it's become very difficult for europeans to see how their voice can matter on the hill and who their allies really are due to the fact that it's not just trump and his administration that aren't necessarily handling the iran file very well but also democrats have been remarkably quiet until this recent escalation and there are a number of ways in which democrats could help deescalate and help europeans. make sure that iran sees some value in staying within the constraints of the deal and also not acting out in the region in a way that could bait the trumpet administration's more hawkish voices into
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conflict mohammed into iran as far as the administration where you are is concerned what so this suspicion as to 2nd guessing what donald trump's game is here i mean you can't threaten conflict is country you can't threaten conflict and push people back to the negotiating table while the iranians believe that. it's the united states that's left the negotiating table the united states was a part of the p 5 plus one and these negotiations had taken place for over a decade so even rex tillerson the u.s. secretary of state the 1st us secretary of state under trump he was at the negotiating table until trump left so that's that's one issue that the 2nd issue is that the very fact that there is so much chaos in the white house and we really don't know what happened we don't know if they seriously were about to carry out a strike we don't know at all often what goes on in the white house in that because
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they're and everyone speaks of confusion there and that's another reason why the iranians simply cannot negotiate with the united states they're both unreliable and it's unclear what they're after the the president is constantly speaking in inconsistent ways and if he's in his. secretary of state and another senior officials like bolton there are language and their statements are inconsistent with what the president says so the iranians basically cannot count on anything that comes out of washington what's important for you ron is that the united states is waging war on iran this is an economic war trump has admitted that and he says it's a brutal these are brutal sanctions so he's brutalizing the iranian population he's attacking iranian women and children on a daily basis basically and the iranians are saying that the united states has escalated the situation through not only violating the nuclear deal but trying to
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harm ordinary iranians as much as possible. constantly threatening iran we have to remember that trump just recently spoke about destroying iran constantly speaking about our options on the table surrounding himself with people who are constantly speaking about war so the iranians they are the only side that right now are abiding by the nuclear deal for the for the last year the year the americans left the europeans have not been abiding by any part of the nuclear deal they're in complete violation because they're fearful of trump and so the iranians are saying why should we continue to abide by a nuclear deal whereas the other side is doing absolutely nothing so the iranians are in a difficult situation they believe that they're the ones who are trying to deescalate the situation that's why they've remained in the deal but on the other hand we see
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