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tv   Inside Story 2019 Ep 173  Al Jazeera  June 22, 2019 8:32pm-9:01pm +03

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what goes on in the white house in that because everyone speaks of confusion there and that's another reason why the iranians simply cannot negotiate with the united states they're both unreliable and it's unclear what they're after the president is constantly speaking in inconsistent ways and if he's his. secretary of state and another senior officials like bolton their own language in their statements are inconsistent with what the president says so the iranians basically cannot count on anything that comes out of washington what's important for you ron is that the united states is waging war on iran this is an economic war trampas admitted that and he says it's a brutal these are brutal sanctions so it's brutalizing the iranian population he's attacking iranian women and children on a daily basis basically and the iranians are saying that the united states has escalated the situation through not only violating the nuclear deal but trying to
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harm ordinary iranians as much as possible. constantly threatening iran we have to remember that trump just recently spoke about destroying iran constantly speaking about our options on the table surrounding himself with people who are constantly speaking about war so the iranians they are the only side that right now are abiding by the nuclear deal for the for the last year at the americans left the europeans have not been abiding by any part of the nuclear deal they're in complete violation because they're fearful of trump and so the iranians are saying why should we continue to abide by a nuclear deal whereas the other side is doing absolutely nothing so the iranians are in a difficult situation they believe that they're the ones who are trying to deescalate the situation that's why they've remained in the deal but on the other hand we see
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that the europeans are constantly telling be iranians not to raise tensions whereas it's the other side that is raising tensions and the europeans are cooperating with americans to a very large degree ok mohamed let me just pause you there for a 2nd because if what we're talking about here is mixed messages from the trump white house maybe some of those mixed message. does come from john bolton president trump security advisor he has long argued for using force against iran now he's been dismissive of international diplomacy and he's advocated the use of military action he did criticize the 2050 nuclear deal saying quote only bombing by the u.s. and israel would take out iran's uranium enrichment installations quotes now he supports the m e k that's an iranian opposition group in exile formerly listed by the us as a terror organization john bolton has repeatedly told the group regime change is needed in tehran mr bolton has adopted a tough approach to iran throughout his professional life for decades he's promised
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consecutive iranian administrations the u.s. would quotes come after them hillary in washington has anything we've seen up to now breached the threshold of response because there seems to be a trickle down which is this was an unmanned drone mr trump today talking about this on twitter had it been a manned aircraft maybe we would be having a completely different conversation now. well i think what's what's potentially interesting and important to see through what is a very dangerous very serious and very very dangerous situation is that while on one hand there is chaos in some sense in the white house and in the teens here there is an intentionality to it that i think is really important to to see and to understand president trump since the 2016 campaign has focused on basically 2 things of iran iran strength he understands iran strength and either he
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wants to deal with it where iran is basically working with the united states as trump sees it in u.s. interests or he's going he looks he's looking to fundamentally weaken iran those are their 2 in some ways 2 diametrically opposed goals but for trump the idea that you can be in a negotiation with iran is real he's in a negotiation in a sense with north korea something that john bolton had also opposed previously and in a sense by iran shooting down this unmanned u.s. drone which is a large and expensive asset for the united states it gives a ron some leverage in dealing with the trauma ministration and my assessment is that trump is is trying to put that out there too to iran that you get that iran you down this really important expensive asset of the united states and trump has pulled back this is an opportunity for iran with some having the united states
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pulled back having the united states in a sense stepped out step stepped down for iran to to negotiate or at least talk with the united states not because iran is going to necessarily get that much from the united states but it can constrain the united states so iran can build its relationship with others and to continue to build its own posture in the region so he'll in london is parts of the dynamic here as far as mr trump. kind of backing him self into a corner or being backed into a corner if you will the way that he it would appear as an according to mohamed in tehran that he has 0 traction now with the europeans because they privately and publicly are still on board when it comes to the j c p o a but they can't do anything more than that because tehran and washington are at loggerheads. well i think i'd like to agree with a colleague from washington which is that iran may now be in a better place optics wise to enter some kind of a negotiation but i think that what we have to keep in mind is their current limit
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is the text and the letter of the j c p o a those constraints are ones that they feel that they've you know a lot really now a lot abide by and the things that are part of the framework that trump wish were a part of the j.c. namely ballistic missiles as well as regional behavior those are things that europeans have also frantically tried to have an add on agreement to the j.c. for in the past before trump withdrew from the deal and i actually i should correct myself trump did not withdraw from the deal he violated the deal and what we're seeing is a huge discrepancy where the u.s. is seen as an actor that can withdraw from international agreements and iran is seen as a violating it and this goes to show how the international community is really needed here to step in and urge for restraint but also highlight the fact that all
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of this escalations are occurring because of the u.s. as with for all or violation from the g c p o a and also it could be a result of those around trump who are trying to bait him into a conflict and for europeans this is extremely risky it is an absolute gamble to think that this is what is needed to get both countries to feel comfortable being in a negotiation but in fact because both countries have now shown their muscle and the u.s. has shown restraint and an awareness that war would probably break out and be very catastrophic for the middle east that we may have a very narrow window here now for diplomacy and i think europeans need to lead that effort because we need to fold to this from being a u.s. iran conversation in. into something more multilateral and i'm not just speaking about the participants in the j.c. p.o. a but if we start to talk about those things that trump wanted to speak about like ballistic missiles we really need to have
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a regional conversation on what constraints make sense for iran in the context of what other countries are also willing to concede hillary 2 points if that window for opportunity is closing just interruptions to and hold out for for a 2nd if that window for opportunity is closing picking up on that point from sahil in london saying it's got to be a multilateral approach was the approach historically before donald trump more productive because it wasn't primarily a binary choice it wasn't washington versus tehran there were lots of other people in the mix but those people are now not in the mix and they're feeling threatened and perhaps more aggressive than they were even just 4 weeks ago or 6 months ago. well the reality is that the other parties were ineffectual the europeans did not keep up their side of the of the deal with iran not even the chinese and even keep up their side neither did the russians the reality is and what trump i think lays bare to the world is that the united states in
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a lot of ways is still the is still the superpower the aggressive belligerent superpower and here i think it's important to understand again 2 things for trump he has complete disdain for the j c p a way really not because of iran but because of the europeans he does not want to benefit european companies or chinese companies in doing business with iran he's focused on iran in either one of 2 ways and they're diametrically opposed and they're really important to understand to either have a great deal that he can show that he achieved in. opposition to his predecessor president obama that doesn't have to even deal with any specifics about melissa missiles or anything else it's just a deal that trump can pack can tout as his own the diametrically excuse me oppose goal of trump which is also important to understand is that if he can't get a bigger better deal with oil with with iran that he can tout as his own then i think he is fundamentally looking to weaken if not destroy iran and i think he is
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willing to burn the persian gulf along with iran that will give him a good opportunity to focus on domestic here in the united states domestic oil and gas drilling and fracking which he sees as really important for his reelection for the united states to become an energy superpower to have energy dominance and the on the international stage so these are 2 very different goals and if he can get a deal with iran that would be great for him but if he can't this idea that he's going to settle for some middle of the road diffusing of tension keeping the price of gasoline down i don't think that they're i think his other goal though the other side of the extreme is. also they're to fundamentally weaken if not destroy iran and push up propel the united states as an energy superpower that will be to the detriment of not just iran but traditionally important oil and gas producers like author and russia ok mohamed very very briefly please mohamed because we are
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trusting towards the end of our discussion does this increase the charms of an escalation if only as a miscalculation a horse if it's a manned croft horse if there's another u.s.s. this sense july the 1988 when a u.s. naval ship misidentified a civilian aircraft well the iranians are don't believe that the u.s. misidentified that civilian aircraft and they gave false information to in the international community in the western media accepted that information until years later when it came out that they had lied and that is something that iranians believe is happening today the iranians don't believe the american version of what happened with the drone the iranians have recovered pieces of the drone in their territorial waters and they believe that the united states doesn't want the 2 to come out and the commanders of the iranian armed forces actually said that there was an american spy plane with i mean 35 americans on board that entered iranian
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airspace but when the iranians warned them to leave they left so the iranians do not want to attack american soldiers they just want to protect their sovereignty and therefore i think this shows that it's the iranians by staying within the j.c. p. o. a by refraining from attacking manned aircraft even though there were inside iranian territorial waters that iran is behaving. reasonably but that the united states is not and the big danger is you're absolutely correct if the united states goes down this road then i think it would be a tragedy for the international community of oil and gas installations in the persian gulf region will be destroyed it ok it was destroyed it will have a lot. i don't know that it. is i want to live. in london if i may and i do apologize as usual for interrupting you mohammed show in london is the 3rd way solution here i mean why not say used back channel communications to talk to the
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new relatively new iranian envoy to the u.n. he is formally a nuclear negotiator he knows what all the cards on the table oh well president rouhani himself is a former chief negotiator so i think that what we really need to do is try to figure out a way in the short term to stabilize what could turn out to be escalation in a number of flashpoints between the u.s. and iran but in the medium to long term europe russia and china really need to get together and figure out how they can sustain their year the iranian economy in some way iran has accepted that it's not going to get to any of the pre secondary sanctions levels but really you know we're on a slippery slope on the nuclear side whilst climbing a scale ation lotter on the military side and the 2 together is quite could be quite disastrous so i don't see a 3rd way solution outside of the framework which was already agreed upon in the j.c. p.o. way unfortunately the iranians improperly rightfully see what trump is offering in
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terms of talks as not genuine because in the same breath they're also announcing sanctions for example very shortly before. the japanese leader was in tehran they announced new sanctions on the petro chemical industry so it's not seen as genuine and therefore there isn't much of a 3rd way out of the current crisis other than just we're trying to at best return to as much as we can of the chase c.p.o. way and for here the unions that may mean not saying things like it's essentially game over for europeans if iran starts to blur the lines but to figure out how to ensure that those. learnings of the lines don't result in things that are unacceptable to us and will lead to conflict ok we have to leave our conversation there thank you so much to all our guests today on inside story they were mohammad marandi hillary mann leverett and sahil shah and thank you too for your company you
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can see the show again anytime on the website al-jazeera dot com and for more discussion to check out the facebook page that's facebook dot com forward slash a.j. inside story you can also talk to us on twitter i'm at peace still be one of the programs handle is at a.j. inside story from the pieces and the team here and doha thanks for watching will do it all again at the same time tomorrow. voters beaten in polling stations stolen 12 european politicians on trial for their role in a referendum on catalan independence their political opponents in the prosecutor's seat for
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a case that traces crucial questions about democracy and self-determination. but is the outcome already decided by a hostile spanish state the catalonia trials justice or vengeance on a 0. 8 years after the fall of gadhafi more is still raging in libya but it's not just a domestic showdown outside powers are involved to school the axis of evil. this so are these and easy options. tools to al-jazeera. hello again adrian finnegan here in doha the top stories on al-jazeera the iranian government has said that it will respond firmly to any u.s. aggression or threat that warning came after donald trump confirmed on friday that he called off strikes on iran at the last moment saying that he wanted to avoid
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casualties the u.k. has announced that it will send a minister to tehran to try to deescalate tension in the region more now from alan fischer in washington this was the reason the u.s. was prepared to launch an attack the doning of an unmanned military drawn by iran. these pictures are said to be the missile launch which are really in television says was filmed by the islamic republic's revolutionary guards the u.s. said the drone was over international waters a claim disputed by tehran. donald trump says while 3 sites had been identified for the strikes he cancelled the operation they came in they censor were ready to go we'd like a decision i said i want to know something before you go how many people will be killed. in this case or rainy and i said how many people are going to be killed. sir i'd like to get back to you on that great people these generals they said they came back said sir approximately 150 and i thought about it for
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a sec and i said you know what they shut down on manned. drone plane whatever you want to call it and here we are sitting with $150.00 dead people and that would have taken place probably within a half an hour after i said go ahead and i didn't like it i didn't think it was i didn't think it was proportionate in toronto the revolutionary guard put on a display of what it said was wreckage from the u.s. drone recovered in a really intended trick the head of its space division claims a manned u.s. spy plane near detroit was not targeted that i would learn as a kid at the same moment when the aircraft was being tracked another spy aircraft called p. 8 was flying close to this drone that aircraft is man and has around 35 crew members where we could have targeted that plane it was our right to do so and yes it was american but we didn't do it we hit the unmanned aircraft. well secretary of
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state my point is heading to the region to talk to allies saudi arabia and the united arab emirates the u.s. special representative in iran has been brian who promised the u.s. would continue to exert maximum economic and diplomatic pressure on iran our diplomacy does not give iran the right to respond with military force in iran needs to meet diplomacy with diplomacy and not military force iran's foreign ministry responded saying it needs diplomacy with diplomacy respect with respect and war with zealous defense the rise in tension in the region has led a number of international airlines to cancel or divert flights away from the area america's federal aviation administration says in a statement because of heightened military activity it is banning all u.s. carriers from operating in the gulf region a situation it says it's keeping under review alan fischer al-jazeera washington
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the world food program has suspended some operations in yemen after failing to reach an agreement with her 3 rebels on distributing food supplies that decisions are expected to affect around 850000 people in the who think controlled capital. venezuela's president says that he will take recommendations made by the un human rights chief seriously nicolas maduro made the pledge after meeting michel bash away police in the u.k. say they'll take no further action after being called to the home of boris johnson a leading candidate for prime minister and his partner had been reports of a domestic incident johnson will become the next british prime minister if he wins a runoff vote against foreign secretary jeremy hunt next month he would replace to resume a who resigned of the failing to deliver a briggs deal acceptable to parliament and they made of cuts a shake to mean been hammered out on is on his way to pakistan to hold talks with prime minister iran com both leaders are expected to discuss investment projects
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and security pakistan's been looking for its allies in the gulf and elsewhere to help its ailing economy there's the headlines the news continues here on out as here after correspondent. like the mother with her little. or the i don't. know what. we're.
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just 60 years after the wright brothers but man in the air scientists and engineers were grappling with the next major challenge but to man in space and keeping him alive. as an engineering challenge it was the most extreme imaginable best solution a rocket and the most complicated piece of personal protection of equipment man has ever known a space suit for the american side of the space race the design challenge was handed to a small team inside nasa crew systems the leader of that team was matthew radnofsky the mad russian an eccentric 2nd generation jewish immigrant with a can do attitude and a broad boston accent he was also my grandfather i barely knew him he died when i was just 3 years old apollo 11 was his try on more. and the
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perfectly designed space suits them and flew in his legacy. i've always been fascinated by space and i've often wondered how he did it. for me the story of the space race isn't just about the men who risked their lives to travel and. the unknown but the ones who held those lives in that time. i grew up in hartford show england a world away for america and the space race when i'm at my parents' house to ask my dad here members about grandpa. looking at our old photographs and watching a nasa film i realize how little i really know about my grandfather. your grandfather and his colleagues. worked on the space suits they designed the space suits that became. the centerpiece of what the astronauts wore
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in the mercury gemini and the apollo program the armstrong. buzz aldrin and all of the astronauts who followed them who walked on the moon. i never really quite realized that actually i always thought that oh it was a was just a very small part in this big machine and actually i realize now who's actually going to take part in a big machine i think you know a lot of people were big parts in that machine i think there were a lot of people. who took the goals that were given them. and they just went on achieved it why do you say we were born let's see i because i don't have and it was a nice comp are you planning call no you didn't me you didn't see a lot of him because he lived in texas and we were here already by the time you were born. was he please this is this some son probably home where he lived. after all if you like to talk about it. what is it like now and from all this and little the pictures and. getting an account of the mission. knowledge it's
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it feels great it's really interesting to re-evaluate a little bit and to remember that the terrific person that your grandfather was that my dad was. he was he was a he was a real character and. i think about him a lot. and it's interesting when your parents have been gone for for a while you know what do you think about. they're still there in your ear and you can hear them. anything like that but i think about this you think of our own terror not i felt well this is great i think it's. i think it's a chance for you to discover. who your grandfather was and it's true you get to know my dad in a way that maybe. this is a start i mean we have a few pictures you know you're going to go off and talk to people who knew him and
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worked with him. and i think that's just terrific i'm really glad. my grandfather's fascination with safety plating and subsequently space suits began during world war 2. matt radnofsky was stationed at 3rd light bedfordshire in england in the 3 or 6 bombardment group as a navigator in the b. 17 flying fortress. or as that's now it is a small museum operated by rough franklin on the outskirts of the old airfield. i've come here with my dad because we both want to hear my grandfather's combat story i think that some of the equipment used in the u.s. air force at that time may have influenced grandpa when he subsequently designed the astronauts clothing and equipment ralph has a good collection of that old air force equipment hair. during his time at nasa
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grandpa designed the astronauts communications helmet affectionately known as the snoopy cap it's easy to see how the influence for that came from the aviators flying helmet i always had. like this my leg and it was easier to have a headset their face. so how much some smaller complaint. was apparently when grandpa was working on the gemini projects they were the astronauts kept complaining that devices kept slipping and so grandpa said to somebody just get in aviators cap and they can wear that underneath their helmet and that will keep the comms device in place maybe we touched that device to the hat. and i had to really realize that it was so literally exactly like that but he wasn't just like all let's get this hat that i remember from the war and see if we can put together he literally was i'll just do what i did during the war that makes sense as that's really cool well also
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shows me a heated suit that the aviators water keep warm when they flew at high altitude right. commonly known as the blue bunny. because it's blow our surprise wide. you can see heating elements run in through it i'm surprised how much it looks like something worn by nasa astronauts this looks just like a cooling suit that you were underneath your your space suit so you say ok how are we going to manage to keep the national cool when they're wearing this massive suit that weighs more than 2 men you just put them in a suit that has watering through it and so again like with the new pick up you can see really clearly that this is something that he would have been it not even inspired by such an obvious against an obvious answer to a problem during the war grandpa was a navigator.


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