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in both parties say yes way because everyone can say whatever and with no consequences and that is ok but that's the thing that's freedom of speech i hear there is such a freedom of speech here in spain that you've heard everything on the contrary at the same time so freedom of speech is not a risk now was fine is the biggest. thing in june 28th seed the party probably our government is mariano to avoid was forced out of office leaving space center left socialist party government to defend the trial. but a propaganda video produced by the new government in a bid to redeem spain's reputation with cruelty and featuring the town which again this is the real spain was quickly mocked by pretty dependent supporters. this is to respect the status of last minute but. this is.
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the new spanish government's representative in catalonia acknowledges that there was a problem you're going to hear of the calendar the law not bundle like but you'll get it that you will be saying you'll say so the law is pushed for it later but she defends the trial itself they're going to stop by and this by now at least another pretty regularly the has to go there said leave it but up a little harder but at the last of this issue and. form a supreme court judge martine piolĂ­n has a very different view. they were. really about is so. many men look at possible. lanes here. or there. or see that other corner of the sort of the next holy cause or. at the rally here or there or move. very thought i would. say here.
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on the 11th of february 29th in the eve of the trial we travelled with noel. to madrid won a bleak jail outside the spanish capital. although with meeting her client. the 64 year old speaker of the cut a lady in parliament with found guilty faces as many as 17 years in jail. oger emerged from a final briefing with a client. do you have a talk to her about. the possibility of having known sentence and using her freedom we said we still don't talk about there we go step by step i'm aware people i'm aware of every as your clients we want to see it right it's the last all right
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we're on a case where we keep. the next morning the media gathered outside spain supremes court. it's february the 12th and the 1st day of the historic battle out in trial here at madrid supremes court it's a trial that will in the next few months but spain's judicial system under the spotlight. inside the poor judicial protocols and traditions with caffie observed. but outside the atmosphere was very different. right spanish nationalists including frank you support is carrying phalange plan as opposed to peace it happened on independence support his standing side in peace facing. the house one irony that on the streets at least both sides agreed this trial was all about politics.
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and that was not the only thing on demining official attempts to portray this trial as free news for you tickled takes. west out of west as you know that but i spread out. c.-span a from fox spain's new rapidly growing far right populist party. under non fusion will provision in the spanish rule which in. well citizens and organizations to act as people's prosecutors in some trials walks an hour fishery to prosecutors of the cattle on 12 along with the state solicitor and the attorney general it's political from the very beginning you know we have a case that's based on. the you know the criminalization of an ideology and then we
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have a brush a gear which is a bleeding heart to so everything is political here. the very next day inside the spanish parliament another political crisis was brewing. to cause its budget the government needed the support of the catalog. they didn't get it the cutter lan parties sided with the opposition and the government fell. a general election was set for april and with it came yet another blow to the cool its attempts to rise above the new tickle fray. from their prison cells outside madrid several of the council on defendants announced they will be standing in the election. and what's revealed that saying to would most members of the prosecution team say now these political rivals would face each
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other across the full cost stage of the supremes course. i was now 6 weeks until the spanish general that and tens of thousands of protesters supporting culture that independence of must here in the brit i. i one of the organizations behind the march was the assembly. to cut on a pro independent civil society organization. with 2 of its former presidents on trial he spoke to its current president they are accusing our leaders legit teammates and democratic elected elected leaders of provoking the violence that in fact it was just punish parties that did the violence during the referendum of the 1st of october. for these catalogs
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the accusation of foil and spy vote is flies in the face of the evidence it's a charge they believe was trumped up to justify j.v. that needs. facing the way people are going to be afraid to continue asking for the referendum on 14 the ban on the single. so was the physical repression of the referendum and the arrest of that leader is really just an attempt to intimidate the cattle on independence movement into silence. the party pooper less jose hernandez does little to dispel that idea i think that those independent exacting to face reality well that is going to be put into prison so that when i go there i don't know item it but they are going to face reality and perhaps they will have to think it over but the thing applies for the for and different generation because i think that was the end of the whole independence process. but around catalonia we found little sign of the
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independence campaign losing momentum. in exiled president colors proved him on the sleepy home town of chama. his portrait still dominates the square. even the grand presidential palace in wasilla displayed a banner supporting the prisoners and exiles or it did until spain's and the true authority ordered the removal of was such a contentious panels from public buildings during the election. the catalans replaced it with a quote from the and when picked a ration of human rights. how ever when the jailed electoral candidate catalan vice president or elderly parents was permitted a televised press conference from prison the spanish authorities placed the page and spanish nationalist symbols of the spanish flag and
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a portrait of the king in the background. the 28th of april 29 t. election day. inside the socialist party is madrid headquarters there was a mood of optimism. what an air of gloom hung over the party popularize as the fruits came in. but across town at a rally organized by. all right populist walks the movement was triumphant. have a whole table smith that chris matic expression for says secretary general of fox he's also one of the cattle on trial prosecutors appeared to rapturous approves. that night vox went from having new parliamentary seats to 24. to
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see what taiba and fellow trial prosecutors could refinance a brand that could. cost by the end of the night it was clear the socialist party of padre sanchez had won enough seats to create a coalition called. the next morning in barcelona the cut on an independence movement was celebrating the election of its prison a candidates to both senate and congress favor sanchez should listen attentively to the results in catalonia he should open a dialogue table and he should respect the will of the majority of the catalan people that call for dialogue was repeated at a press conference by the cattle on independence party d.t.r. see that i don't know that the analysis of a famous is about the end of it is that one of them has a bit of time to the surface of the water that will go into that i was there at the end there is that is there are some other that at the moment. but
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a problem for sanchez even if he wants to reopen the dialogue is what's happening in disbelief. because what you haven't wave is trial games the result could only be in some other deficient in this country. some suggest an official pardon might be the way out but that would infuriate the spanish nationalist and boost the fortunes of the populace right. equally a guilty verdict a known jail sentences would in the vampire. i'm going to entrench a new era and some of the few teams for independence but ok we feel there's their meaning both they adore our feel we feel. suzanne about it as husband sanchez is facing up to 17 years in jail for her the political congress separated from the personal. but it will bush took out all the land everything getting up on the will
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eat a little bear you know what then they get fair on me one also letting ok i'll combine out at last for let him or at that yes or able but only because he may have blown weapons aside hours in the mean beat outfit as he would and bake you a bit and then we had leveled by. the other continents the state's reaction to the referendum has had a disturbing resonance. who had on his is married to come a day facing up to 17 years in jail. i'm going to get would have got a chance and i'm wondering. what all. night i mean are you sure. you know whatever i'm quoting and no record of the times we live bangor you know how i'm not here but as a woman what are present to us here on save us and demagogue in the head. of the nomination when i guess that. there were hopes of compromise when the 4 new
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cotton m.p.'s run out briefly out of jail to take the oath of office until 2 days later when the government made an announcement let miss off they're going to host it with other us what about the big let out or out over the coming to suspend the those other 6 fill in the samosa notice only osha will get us e.b.'s the intercept early on they will then short of the sonship 2 days after that ordeal jim carrey's was elected again this time as a euro m.p. so too was con is predictable although he's been told he'll be arrested if he goes back to take his seat meanwhile the supreme court hearings have finally ended and the accused back in jail awaiting the verdict expected later in the year the cut a lady in government's ambition meanwhile remains on alter what we want is a deal with the spanish government that allows people to decide those who think yes
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we can be a cattle a republic and those who think no we shouldn't be a cattle republic and that requires a democratic solution people must for up. in the sheer new immigration laws and projects funded by european governments have seen a rapid decline in the migrant transport trick people in power travels to agadez to explore the realities faced by the drivers left out of pocket and the migrants who are choosing to return home who would like to go back to the country where they're from you know to be good morning leon we're about to walk away not want to go yeah yeah. europe migration on a 0. mexico's
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most populous soap opera is changing society by tackling women socially she just can't own in its last episode soap box discovers the drama behind the scenes as it reduces day facing the modest of disabled children and confronts social stigmas by broadcast even to the well. challenged on al-jazeera. i really felt liberated as a journalist while joined us i'm going to the truth doesn't lie with us that's what is just bob. madagascar a breathtaking tropical paradise. former protect.
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its interests. as they put their might something to. risk it gets all. we'll call it let's make the rod great again that makes sense make the us a to get help with. the mixed messages from u.s. president donald trump who also warns that military action is still on the table following iran's downing of an american drone on thursday.
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but i mean this is a lie from doha also coming up. we have a very extensive economic plan and that we have a very extensive political plan white house senior advisor jarred cushion that releases details of his plans for palestine. the man to be britain's next prime minister under scrutiny once again about his private life after police but it's a very domestic argument. cold in conflicts the grim reality for all friends involved in mali's ethnic violence that's forced tens of thousands from the hood. so the diplomatic diplomatic efforts are ramping up to defuse tensions between iran and the united states despite president donald trump warning that military action is still on the table trump also says that the united states will impose additional citations on iran after the american drone was shot down on thursday in the strait
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of hormuz. the top diplomats and german chancellor angela merkel they're pushing for a political solution after weeks of rhetoric and fears of all out war meanwhile britain's middle east minister he'll visit tehran on sunday in an attempt to deescalate the situation and this will comes as iran's government warns it will respond firmly to any u.s. aggression or threat amid the tensions it's announced the execution of a former defense ministry employee accused of spying for washington the u.n. security council is set to meet only situation on monday after a request from the united states on friday president told trump revealed he had cooled off strikes on iran at the last minute saying he wanted to avoid mass casualties. i don't want to kill 150 of anything or anybody. unless it's absolutely necessary and most people very much agree with what i what i'm doing now . the leadership of iran behaves badly. then it's got to be
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a very very bad day for them but hopefully this far and hopefully they really care for their people and not them and hopefully we can get a redback going to do it economic bracket fantastic when they're really wealthy nation. iran wants to become a wealthy nation again. some of it. we'll call it let's make the round great again ok let's bring in chad and he joins us live now from london and rory amidst donald trump's remarks diplomacy seems to be order of the day. yes the united kingdom is sending andrew who is the u.k.'s minister for the middle east out to iran to talk to tehran to try and use britain's leverage as much as it exists to diffuse this very tense situation is
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go a tough job i think it's a tough diplomatic mission because he is going to be telling iran off for things that the u.k. and the u.s. think that tehran has done over recent weeks and days such as attacking the ships in the region and also downing the the u.s. drone but he's also trying to encourage iran to stick with the new deal that was signed back in 2015 called the j c p a now iran signed this along with the u.k. france germany the united states china and russia. of course he did united states then walked away from it last year famously but that doesn't mean that these other countries have given up on it they very much want this deal to persist they think it's the best way for keeping their weapons out of
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iran's hands and so they are trying to persuade iran to stick with it iran in the last week has said that it's tiring of this deal because the u.s. has walked away the u.s. has hit iran with sanctions so from tehran's perspective why should they continue. what iran is doing at the moment is putting pressure on the european nations particularly to come and help them out and they've done this by saying we're going to elevate the production of low. i'm to go through the limits that the j c p states stockpile limits therefore breaking the whole agreements before we if you do not help us out if you don't come. finding ways to
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do business with us to circumvent these u.s. sanctions to help our oil infrastructure to help finance sector that is something that the u.k. european countries are trying to do to try to keep this deal alive bartz they're funny at the moment difficult work and circumventing these sanctions trying to find ways of propping up the iranian economy keeping nuclear weapons out of for iranian already thanks very much roy jones in london well a president trump has been sending mixed messages to your customer explains from washington d.c. president contradicted himself yet again today speaking with reporters saying that it was probably intentional this missile strike that down the unmanned u.s. drone on wednesday now that that contradicts what he had just said a few days previously when he implied that there might have been a rogue general who had ordered this drone to be shot down and it kind of follows
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on the theme that this president has been continuing up until the last 10 minutes before a u.s. retaliatory strike on iran was supposed to take place trump on twitter confirming and even glorifying the fact that it was down to the wire that he decided to call this strike off citing his concern for you ronny and casualties all of this is happening during a time when the president has a lag of qualified military advisers surrounding him because on friday the acting u.s. defense secretary patrick shanahan left his post due to perch. no reasons and now the person who is taking over as the head of the pentagon is coming on at a time that is very tumultuous in the relationship between the u.s. and iran and that replacement is mark esper who is the current army secretary and
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trump has said that he intends to nominate asper to become the permanent u.s. defense secretary it's notable that now it's been 6 months since the united states has had anyone permanently in that role which is a record setting amount of time or as i mentioned earlier iran has said has executed a former defense ministry employee on charges of spying for the united states. via . execute by military courts off to investigate his alleged he left his post 9 years ago he was convicted after having discovered documents and spun off the documents inspired quitman we discovered at his home those jabari has more now from tehran. the judicial division of the armed forces has just released information that they have executed a person for spying for the cia and the i'm in american administration they have identified a man by the name of john. zawar who is a former freelance employee within the defense ministries aerospace unit now this
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person has apparently was suspended in 2010 and that's when he apparently confessed that he was spying for the cia and according to the information released espionage devices and documents were also found in his home we also know that his wife has also been sentenced to 15 years in prison for being an accomplice this comes at a very very important time we know we don't know exactly when this person was executed he was executed by hanging the date of his execution has not been released but the information about this person is being released today is very important given the current tensions that we've seen ongoing between the united states and iran this is just another development within this scheme of escalation between the 2 sides. senior white house adviser gerard cushion has laid out the 1st part of his so-called deal of the century the middle east peace plan based on $50000000000.00
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of investment more than half of the cash would be spent on palestinian infrastructure over 10 years the rest would be split between egypt lebanon and jordan one of the main projects is a $5000000000.00 transportation corrido to connect to the occupied west bank and gaza nearly 2000000000 dollars will also be injected into the palestinian tourism industry is drumming up support for the $179.00 infrastructure and business projects ahead of an international conference in bahrain next week the palestinian government is boycotting the event and have refused to talk to the united states since it considered jerusalem as the really capital back in 2017 the plan would invest about $50000000000.00 in the region would create a 1000000 jobs in the west bank and gaza would take their unemployment rate from about 30 percent to single digits it would reduce their poverty rate by half if it's implemented correctly it's a 10 year plan that would double their g.d.p. we've had a peer reviewed now by about a dozen economists in a dozen countries and we're very excited to put it forward boris johnson who is
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tipped to become leader of the ruling conservative party has refused to answer questions about a police visit to his home during a campaign event and police say they will take no further action over the reports of a domestic call to cation but it is the latest incident to raise questions about johnson's character he'll become the next british prime minister if he wins a runoff vote against foreign secretary jeremy hunt next month when pressed by journalists about why police were called to his house johnson quickly evaded the question. i think more people have come here today seductive interview there you there you are i think people of i did think they want to hear about that kind of thing. and this is this is how little i think. i think they did they. i think what they want to hear what they want to hear is what my plans are for the country in. british foreign secretary jeremy hunt is also seeking to become prime minister he did not rule out leaving the european union without
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a deal we don't know what the situation will be on the 31st of october but if there is no prospect of a better deal if the european union have been as inflexible as you say and if no deal is on the table then i will leave without a deal because we must keep our promise to the british people but i would do so with a heavy heart because of the risks to businesses up and down the country in the risks to the union led to speak now to a man mccann who's a journalist and author joins us on skype from derry or londonderry as it's sometimes called in. the i guess we can't really get away with out talking about the boris incident what police call run to his house after this domestic altercation g. thing is going to affect his chances of becoming leader. i actually don't think it's going to affect this chance as many may think that it ought to just chances but there's a rough part.


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