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tv   Give Us Back Our Data  Al Jazeera  June 23, 2019 7:32am-8:01am +03

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then. there's the knock truth you can just didn't examine them in my mind i suppose the can let us see. that this is. what you'd like us that. people know that there's someone in a wilderness and if you. can. get the number get a look at that yes a little bit of it does the devil machine better he just. probably going to back to single man 2nd. coming.
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others must. step groups for him how is the money gentlemen of the young no closer leave no must go that was me business and look at my whole life. that i said look you see me yet no still if you just let it go. he knows. mr billings. instead i was in the similar. messed my mind up and. this impasse with me. sound like a longs have baby made up on his from the one. in feet. 11
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that isn't a go this this at least one that he's thought isn't that i was willing are busy looking really good at something. and see deal going on give me a spot of this 70 percent book thing i will admit it when he. left but he doesn't use the scope on this from this same event but wants a boy like you to be like him yeah listen he went to some of the city that would estimate that he goes and so be done to our living is a communions for us. listen to that be a big deal to be a support system in the one this is good anyone who gets to skip your. b.s. and look at u.s.c.'s yes it looks like for instance i. well satisfy what you said but it's something i looked really really really something like that with. the christmas tree from the library and it's awesome is
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the muslim program i said look at the point in the. you know. when the noise i listened. to. it's not that. he. didn't sit down give us a closer to mellow out with a very political thought if you go to the other goes way beyond this but i would say this proposal almost 70 and ok yes it was really considered giving us a look at it this is. the quote i mean that i must combine your last gift and i went up and looked it up if donald but i mean bill. is that good tom have you ever put up with a year or have you that the in the end they got more ominous by a man not to listen when you're a muslim woman of course but i just i mean one of them which of course given your sense of the sister just because the most of you have eyes back but you.
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sirak i told you what you were doing. as well as the record as i'm going to say i was a bit of use the convenience of the one who is here from various i'm doing it and this is very. much for. the magic of things that get a physical good grief because it would have given to them you have not pulled out of this if you. look it over to your t.v. coming from the still on the enemy but no matter. who is in there but there was does i do i need you on your. she's here to be so if. you want. yes. they live in the field very very giving her kids she and very good to you know it's going to jail
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for that you're not. going to. get in with educating him and the best. thing that you never told is a warrior there in the way are you believe that with that you're with. them but alice but i will not police that i had a canadian bambi vinci on the scene a man down there that. a lot more to more land. and don says. that u.s. and. your pockets doubtless you know granted the model better than you're going to be that told me years ago. did was that what you did in the.
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river you're going to sit there and. just use the heat to where it. yes yes. i want. to take. a. look at where you talk me out on this the moment that it is as old dos and don'ts 11th i'm going to talk. to. my. most u.s. . soccer moms i know but they're my focus and. it was almost on now to. see another member of the temple. come up to help the bird but i still see i don't want to get into the brutal few. that i have
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a muslim woman. in my business. you're not getting the hugo no genuine mccue bonus that i eat or to get me to. know this is a copy of the day that is sacked oh i must tell you it's all. one pretty damn you know what it's all or nothing i'm sorry like i'm back. these. women have a look down my document with the letter gonna be like a video most of a 1000000 saying yeah i don't buy it is that i can absolutely have an ending and i need a mosque young a big chunk spent 30 my kids why would you support something i have with kids you know what more ricotta look went under.
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look that's one thing that i've honestly got to say that. that's what it ready is when the centrist party the less well. it center historically since one of them to my support that plays pieces best uses and i think. it is but this is but i mean didn't it which of course this is. when son looked up at bama suspended all innocence by easiest could that mean that by the state his system because. i bared by fire. argue or. embassy malarkey. but somebody that you know in the back. of loudness that so much more good place to be than me this is let's give it as we've been about us
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and he's been intended. to be on our. side every time he knew he was. on an account mine i couldn't. even when. it didn't have to see him to get to the limit that's. just bad hope he is having more to live that out he's sincere in and mine ok i'm going to keep both bambo see most children a few people on the ground. become very fearful of a book if they ran out of fear that they're going to. be half black and then make it when i've asked them in the book at the bottom of the story i. mean i guess maybe an open hearted maybe or you just don't know what. it would be. ok
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they didn't make that about. global trinity. the more you act so goes you know the less story well the gift given didn't allow someone to see a moment not just this time if this didn't work and whether that's up to mama like us or just a good story and you consider it as mean is that you in. every aspect from reading. your story there was to them. yes really liked and i think began going to see. a lot of us you know coming. to look in perth. in the early. may has. meant that we would still be anything.
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from. no i didn't see the part about the mosque so you try some of that up and see what else i could muster if it's. really about the ball at my feet. you can use your man up let us have to sew and i stole my b.n. a guy with his yoke go police him also talk about iraq or even on promises but on this was better look.
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he was are all serious. about it as i think also have it now because he. thinks look no matter. what. oh my goodness. moment. there is that kind of core moment and if used to. compete in the system just get used to reduce the. rate of us in the 50s that we can learn to take aim at . the city's help and want to get
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a social system in. place the dest young basic program has done that many books. that most of the t.v. had. to miss this had that happen but. it's. and it's been a while say come over that i can more without emotion. there's a superman i look and see. with that bad. company and just missed by this means is just finished and this story of iraqi any idea when they can get them in bed and get women to us and leave. they could have proposed their. local san fassel so they can escape from piranha if he lands here mostly i want them to. know something in his mind it's been to see if
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it would be and give me the billions. to. show. how many. thank. you. more a 3rd truck quantify i'm value missing a new car for. your data your identity is a commodity and you have to understand where i'm from the come from austria it is time to reclaim our cyber so you have to put in them with something that. we are creators we are optimists we are. our data just. capturing a moment in time. snapshots of other lives. other
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stories. provided attempts into someone else's work. inspiring documentaries from impassioned filmmakers i'm at the front lines i feel that i know it i have the data to prove. witness on al-jazeera. just off one of caracas his main highways the media media family collects as much water as possible from the mountain above. a nationwide blackout left millions without power a regular water supplies. but this water is not portable the health ministry is recommending people treat it with chlorine but with none available. hopes the boiling at 1st will make it safe for her family to drink dr. says the increased consumption of untreated water in the last 3 weeks is making an already
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catastrophic situation worse of anyone in norway know we don't have the precise numbers yet but we know that in the public and private hospitals there's been an acute increase of cases of severe diarrhea that require hospitalization including children under 2 years of age which can be fatal local and international public health experts describe the crisis it's a complex humanitarian emergency. al-jazeera . carry this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes or sanctions are going to be a lot. a change in tone by the u.s. president as he announces more sanctions on iran but warns military action is still
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on the table. today and leading protesters agrees to a proposed plan for a transitional government but the military council has yet to respond. we have a very extensive economic plan and then we have a very extensive political plan white house senior visor cushion a release of some details of a so-called deal of the century. and in support afghanistan narrowly missed out on the biggest one in the cricketing history. the us president donald trump appears to be toning down talk of possible military action against iran but he's promising to step up economic pressure on tehran with more sanctions or leaders are trying to defuse the latest faceoff triggered by a u.s. drone being shot down on thursday in the strait of hormuz they use top diplomat and german chancellor angela merkel she is pushing for a political solution britain's middle east minister will visit tehran on sunday in
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an attempt to deescalate the situation things do remain tense u.s. media reporting the pentagon launched a cyber attack on iran shutting down computers used to control missile systems this comes after attempts by iran to hack into u.s. government infrastructure iran's government says it will respond firmly to any u.s. aggression or threat and security council set to meet on monday after a request from the u.s. trump as war in iran against acquiring nuclear weapons if it wants a chance at rebuilding its economy. iran right now is an economic mess they're going through hell the sanctions have had a hard war sanctions are going to be put on a lot well it's hard to believe you could even put on but it's a mess there's a iran wants to become a wealthy nation to get become a prosperous they will call it let's make a run rate again does that make sense make the run greater good ok with me but that
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never going to do it if they think it viber 6 years they're going to have a nuclear weapon i know too much about nuclear power lot about nuclear and let me just tell you that not going to have a nuclear weapon let's get more from john hunter now in washington so john the president said a lot there what is the latest in this back and forth. well overall i think the general feeling at least among people in iran seems to be that president trump blinked but as you mentioned as he demurred on an actual strike on iran he did authorize according to many reports a cyber assault on rocket and missile systems on the computer systems that run the rocket and missile systems and according to their reporting those were devastating strikes and they will they are lingering the damage from those strikes but
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otherwise president trump has been talking about the prospect of diplomacy you heard him there his secretary of state mike from peo just put out a statement a little over an hour ago and he said he want to correct the record on a few things 1st of all despite reports he says president did not pass a message through oman calling for talks to iran and he elaborated on that saying when the iranian regime decides to forego violence and meet our diplomacy with diplomacy it knows how to reach us until then our diplomatic isolation economic pressure campaign and that's where the sanctions come in against the regime will intensify he also said that in the u.s. view it is clear that that drone was shot down in international waters that's contested by iran which says that was over iranian territory and then finally pompei it was said despite reports that the u.s. is evacuating contract workers out of the iraqi air base north of baghdad that that
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is not happening so john what are we hearing from from other members of congress from from the other part of government besides the president besides the white house. well the president is getting both heat and praise of course he highlighted the praise this morning saying that a lot of people have called him a war hawk in the past and now they're saying he's a dog a dove in fact lynne cheney a congresswoman and daughter of the former vice president of the same name said that he was inviting attack by being weak and he's had enough a lot of criticism on the right and on the left some people are concerned as well but in general i think there's a great sense of relief here in the united states of the u.s. is not embroiled in yet another conflict this is the president after all who in 2016 said he was going to pull the u.s. out of iraq out of afghanistan and it could well split his base of support if he were doing gaijin another conflict this time with iran all right john hendren with
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the latest in washington d.c. thank you john 3 hunter is a research professor at georgetown university and author of the book arab iranian relations dynamics a conflict an accommodation she joins us live from washington d.c. thank you so much for your time so what is it that it seems to you the u.s. has actually trying to accomplish is it clear. well i think that united states is sending actually leave rather confusing signals to tehran on the one hand for example president trump says that i am ready to talk to iran without preconditions and just right now your reports reports that point it was said that whenever iran is ready to meet all conditions you're ready to talk it seems to me that what president trump ones is essentially a victory without having to fire
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a shot and i think that unfortunately in some ways they iranian leadership here i have to say that it's not so much the president or the executive branch in iraq but rather the supreme leader and basically the revolutionary guards there are also you know mood of to back them so consequently now we are at the moment to stand up so in just a few minutes ago we played a little bit of the president from saying that he knows a lot about the nuclear and that iran he doesn't want them to get nuclear weapons in 5 or 6 years wasn't that the entire point of the iran nuclear deal. well that was the whole point of iran nuclear did this is what was so confusing never really went for not just there for the rainier and a lot of countries in the region but also for your appearance for the chinese and
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for the russians that have wired president from drew from the. nuclear deal because if indeed the united states had allowed. to function and if iran could have gotten some benefits economic benefits from the deal in many ways the hand of those elements inside iran who work so hard to bring about this nuclear deal would have been strengthened and then down the road you know another year or 2 years down the road they could have maybe even started talking about some of their regional issues and so on but present some of his advisor in particular since mr bolton and mr poem parrot came to power they have
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a mindset that really does not accept anything from iran except it toward an abject surrender and i think that industry guard seems to me they are reading the mentality of this supreme leader in particular very wrong i think that he will be willing to go a long way in risking even. many of iran's interest but i don't think that he will submit sharing hunter thank you so much for your expertise on this we appreciate it. iran says it has executed a former defense ministry employee on charges of spying for the us or such a party has more on that front iran. the judicial division of the armed forces has just released information that they have executed a person for spying for the cia and the i'm in american administration they have identified a man by the name of john. zawar who was
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a former freelance employee within the defense ministries aerospace unit now this person has apparently was suspended in 2010 and that's when he apparently confessed that he was spying for the cia and according to the information released espionage devices and documents were also found in his home we also know that his wife has also been sentenced to 15 years in prison for being an accomplice this comes at a very very important time we know we don't know exactly when this person was executed he was executed by hanging the date of his execution has not been released but the information about this person is being released today is very important given the current tensions that we've seen ongoing between the united states and iran this is just another development within this scheme of escalation between the 2 sides. if the prime minister says there has been a failed attempt to oust
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a regional government leader in the state of amara residents report of gunfire in the regional capital odds are early on saturday evening it is unclear who was behind the reported who attend and rest is highlighted the challenges facing the new central government as it tries to implement sweeping political reform they will if the o.p.'s prime minister is also dealing with the political crisis in neighboring sudan he's leading that mediation efforts there sudan's leading protest group says it's accepted a plan for a transitional government put forward by ethiopia's leader so the plan proposes the immediate formation of a government for the next 3 years it suggests the formation of a 15 member council with 7 civilian representatives 7 military members and one impartial person approved by both sides the opium ethiopian plane also demand sudanese people have access to the internet vans military shut it down earlier this month or next term to quash the protest movement hundreds of people in khartoum are holding night demonstrations to protest power and the net outages people gathered
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near a car headlights and power generators to make their point today as ruling generals cut internet services after the violent dispersal of the sit in protest outside army headquarters alison's a demonstration demonstrations had been camped out there a sense april when former president omar al bashir was removed from office he was the one to do nothing done and was as long as the internet remains calm we will hold these meetings to show the people that we are proceeding with this revolution . it is a sudanese american journalist and activist she joins us via skype from state college pennsylvania thank you so much appreciate your expertise on this so this this potential formation of a government that's basically half and half how does that the how does that sit with you. that you can actually reach out and it was a matter of fact i mean it was an incredible opportunity to think for. people i mean this is a military.


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