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and more so how this has kind of filtered down to the most basic level where i have people on the street telling me they won't fly the 737 max it will need probably to something like a rebrand where boeing a forced to have to change the name to be able to hide away from the fact that this aircraft is the one that has suffered so famously but boeing as a company they will get over this they got over the 787 dreamliner and get over the problems with this aircraft but the handling of this hasn't been so great and again this is why the company has suffered so badly it's mature is that it's always a pleasure talking to you thank you for joining us thank you of course another issue we haven't addressed for the airline industry is pollution you have 800000 odd flights every day and that's a lot of carbon emissions but the growing pressure for greener skies is resulting in change things like more efficient engines and even electric planes once again here's natasha butler at the. stylish sleek and fully electric the
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evy asian prototype is a glimpse into the future and more environmentally friendly flying powered by batteries the 9 seats a plane on display at the paris a show would produce 0 carbon emissions and be fueled by sustainable sources the c.e.o. of the israeli start up behind the plane says he could fly commercially by 2022 can we build an all electric 787 to compete with today's planes were absolutely none other it acknowledges not even close to that but to fly the speed of this size and to beat those designs that are out there says the seventy's or eighty's well here it is this was build the way we believe planes in the 21st century should be build electric planes could be a sustainable option for short flights but cutting c o 2 emissions on medium and long haul travel is a bigger challenge aviation officials say that the airline industry is responsible for 2 percent of the world's carbon emissions climate activists say that is near
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it's a 5 percent and one of the problems is that the technology needed to reduce airlines carbon footprint is still out of reach some airlines are experimenting with hybrid technology and biofuels nicholas chavez company is working on a hybrid plane with the air boss the european plane maker aims to have an electric aircraft by 2035 years we are all committed to reduce by half 2050 our emissions and the larger companies such as ours are very interested to make sure that we can take the quickest way to excess that dog there are nearly 100 fuel powered aircraft at the paris air show a potent sign of how far the industry has to go to become more ecological but with the air passenger numbers expected to double in the next 2 decades this is a sense of urgency in the air. now last month italian lawmakers did something interesting they approved
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a non-binding motion to pay creditors and suppliers with many treasury bills which in simple terms means they want to create an alternative currency to the euro the move rattled the markets because on the face of it such a move could lead to an italian exit from the euro italy's euro skeptic deputy prime minister met her sell veiny is keen on the idea of the parallel currency and it comes at a crucial time given the coalition there is locked in a battle with the e.u. over its budget plan brussels wants rome to cut its public debt and to rein in its budget deficit or it could be fined run struggle with its huge debt is well known it has the largest debt in the eurozone $2.00 trillion dollars if you can imagine that as a percentage of gross domestic product that is the 2nd highest after greece and more than double the 60 percent limit set by the e.u. stability and growth pact failure to bring down the debt could lead to a fine of $3800000000.00. so doesn't look brilliant for italy which exited its 3rd
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recession in a decade we're going to talk about this with nicola nobility who is a senior economist at oxford economics is on skype from milan today nice to have you with us nicola one of you explain 1st of all this sort of quantify currency which the italians they use now how does that actually work in in simple terms well basically what happened is that like a couple of couple of weeks ago today the parliament passed. unanimously the emotion we should. from a practical point of view doesn't doesn't mean a lot in in italy to pass this motion in no way should they were basically committing the government to accelerating the payment of the public administration commercial debt also today issuance of small government bonds. and these from an economic point of view doesn't make sense doesn't make sense
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at all because if you want to pay the the basically your your creditor why note is suing a normal a normal bones normal boat and then use the usual to pay to pay them ok i'm trying to say the same so the point or the theory however you want to put it in is really exiting the euro you know we went through this what was it i go with gregg's it as it was now and then which then spawned bragg's it and now i don't even know what you would call this one but what would be the theory behind wanting to leave the euro currency well i would think i would call it a rivet exit. wary night or for italy well here is that they want to some some politicians so just that italy will be better off our
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side a euro without much weaker currency and we depose ability of of printing as much money as they want. in order to finance more dept but we don't think that the problem of italy are related to 2 currency or the lack of the say fiscal expansion so in our view this would be a huge mistake creating probably a huge financial crisis which net what very negative implications it is a silly also on a bit of a collision course with the european union there's talks of potential fines if i don't manage to bring the debt down below the the european union's prescribed levels there could be a commission sent started started the process to 2 loans the
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assess if they're supposed procedure against italy and these he my view is quite likely to happen and probably is quite lacking to up and as early as the summer now what's happening from from the italian front is that they want to make sure that they comply with the with the rules but this looks incredibly difficult at the moment for a few reasons one of them a reason is that the economy is stuck in stagnation at the other and the other problem looking forward is that the politicians in italy and i think in more of salvini lake a leader there are going debt italy needs some sort of term for fiscal stimulus so they want they want to cut taxes but there is no there is no fiscal room for that actually because you said earlier that you felt that this sort
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of new c.d.o. currency bond whatever you want to call it wasn't the answer to italy's fiscal problems in your opinion what is the answer i think at the finke at the moment to eat early should should focus in. steadily reducing some of the expenditure so italy should choose say 2 to the markets ok we're going to we're going to slowly cut expenditure we're going to put a depth on a sustainable part and we're gonna we're going to reduce d r certainty around these unfortunately i don't think given the political situation of this is going to happen nicola talking italian economics with us this week thank you so much for your time thank you finally one for the parents out there now let's be honest how many times have you been busy or tired or frankly just can't be bothered and you put the kids in front of the t.v. or a tablet or a smartphone. we do it fine it is a part of life and 2019 but the issue of screen time is troubling
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a lot of us now there are any number of studies out there both for and against in april for example the world health organization recommended children under one year old shouldn't be exposed to electronic screens at all and that children between the ages of $2.00 and $4.00 should have no more than an hour of what it calls sedentary screen time each day but equally screen time particularly educational apps can be incredibly beneficial to young people who are growing up with digital technology being the norm rather than the exception and then there are those trying to reverse the trend young start ups who see the benefit of technology but in a different way this is one of them yo toe a device which aims to give children access to music and audiobooks without a screen or the all hearing smart speaker bender is with us now from london he is the founder of your tone and great to have you with us ben why don't you give us the quick rundown 1st of all on how your toe works only because you know heaven
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forbid if something doesn't have a touch screen these days how does it work. well you know we've built this we built this products with our own kids in mind in fact my co-founder know we both have kids around the same time and we're both massive tech most technophiles we have all the kind of gadgets in the house but we really didn't we felt a little bit uncomfortable about putting i pads in front of one and 2 year olds so our background was really around music an audio content so we wanted to find a way to give kids access to basic content but in a way that they were in control. so we built this prototype we built a kind of a smart because the kids except there's no microphone in there so there's no prissy issues and then we have these we have these like smart cards that children put into the device and it starts playing music stories learning. podcasts and radio just just hold it up for me again if you would please bennett like to see that and. ok
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so that's just a piece of card as a got any magic on it and our cane is the yeah there's a little chip inside this card this is really similar to all of our contacts credit cards a little chip in there and these are these cards are really a key that unlock the content which then streams to our warrior to player ok ok let's talk about then the tech 1st before we talk about the business model is it as it were what sort of reaction have you seen from the kids with this sort of thing because they are there's no 2 ways about it they're getting used to pressing a screen to having a screen to having that interactivity with them all the time what sort of reaction do you get from this idea of popping a card in there and getting a story told to them sure so i mean we're not completely anti screens you know we do live in a world view big screens and you know we don't want to keep kids completely away from that but we see the audio best content allows them to carry on playing and getting physical exercise while they're actually engaging with the content so. what
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we're seeing so far is really strong engagement we're getting over 8 hours a week on average listening time per device which we think of that 8 hours the screen time that's that's the that's a great thing and the kind of content that people love the really engage with our radio station we have a r. and kind of music radio station and they love the in the blight and content we'll have roald dahl content coming and it's stories which are very strong but also we have cause for being quite popular as well right so that takes us to the business model and you mention to. huge authors there enid blyton and roald dahl is that how important is that to the success of the whole venture about getting that sort of content on board like any kind of contemplate form like netflix or something content is king the old cliche and it's really important that we have those key key titles in all the key markets we're in but there's also option c. for us to create new content and so we're. investing in content ourselves using
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some of the interactive capabilities of our device and yeah there's this pressure in the educational content things like phonics for learning and for learning english phonics is very important and it's really the sound of the letters and parents often struggle with that so struck parents often struggle to support their child's learning of phonics you said you weren't totally averse obviously to touch screens in the light because as you say kids are growing up in that in that era now what's your view on screen time you know you get the likes of the world health organization saying children on the one should not have any screen time and children up to 5 should have very little what's your sort of view on how much is too much. well i think parents need to make their own call on what they what they let their children experience i know from from my own personal use we try to limit our kids to 2 hours max a week and and i do see their behavior like they literally turn into kind of zombies when the when they're front of the screen you can't get any sense out of
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them and i think one of the things that the screen based content does is it doesn't help the imagination and creativity of the child because everything is presented for them in in a very rich visual form or where the audio based content they have to make the pitches themselves in their brains and there's quite a lot studies out there showing that already a best content is actually better for creativity and imagination so we're not we're not brilliant to screen or to work we don't to be one of those families that completely restricts their children because they could be socially excluded when nick other kids in the playground i'm talking about poor patrol or something but i think the w.h.o. guidelines that just came out a pretty pretty good as a pretty good start you know they've done a ton of research and this generation of children really are the 1st they're the guinea pigs are the 1st generation of children to grow up with these native touchscreens and so more research is needed to find out what the really real effect is you know poor patrol i'm only familiar with that ben gerri thank you so much for
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your time do appreciate it. thank you and that is our show for this week would love to hear from you though probably on the top screen you can tweet me or message me directly i'm at kemal a j e do you use the hashtag a jason c. as well as an e-mail account on the cost of al jazeera dot net it's our address and there's more online if you would al-jazeera dot com slash c.t.c. our page has reports and entire episodes for you to catch up on plus links to the latest business news but that is it for this edition of counting the cost i'm kemal santamaria from the whole team thanks for joining us the news on al-jazeera. voters beaten in polling stations stolen 12 european politicians on trial for their role in a referendum on catalan independence their political opponents in the prosecutor's seat for a case that traces crucial questions about democracy and self-determination. but is the outcome already decided by a hostile spanish state. the catalonia trials justice or vengeance on
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a. they want to focus 3000000000 pounds with a weapon that was 6000000000 intermix. there's no anymore because there's always a small. really really good mystery. in essence we in the united states have privatized the old public function more shadow on al-jazeera. if the o.p.'s prime minister calls for calm as the army chief is shot it's a failed to attempt against a regional government. and
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this is al jazeera live also coming out. the leadership over the badly. then it's going to be a very very bad day for them the u.s. president announces new sanctions on iran and warns traction against their own is still an option. sudan's leading protest group except supposal for a transitional government that the military juncture is yet to respond to the plan . i'm looking at odds which looks at the world's britain's largest ever sculpture exhibition opened. his army chief is being shot in the capital addis ababa prime minister made the announcement in a t.v.
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address wearing army fatigues i have a said in my column and i've been attacked by mercenaries. there's no information on the general's condition a security advisor has been issued for u.s. diplomatic staff and at this hour where the shooting happened on the same day when there was a failed attempt to oust a regional government leader in the modest state it's one of the 9 autonomous regions of the country people reported hearing gunfire in the regional capital behind a dark early on saturday evening it's unclear who is behind the reports it could tempt your harmless kid is a lecturer georgia granite college who specializes in ethiopian politics he says the failed coup doesn't reflect the country's feelings towards the prime minister. to this day i think the majesty of the field can have holes in his leadership and i think in all honesty premise that i.b.m. and his team have been really working hard so i believe some of the pretty color
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images but of course there are some shortcomings here remain or it currently is number one in the world that there are these high you know eyepiece internally displaced people it's in the collection in ethiopia right and healthy is not really great despite the fact that the premises have been putting together in such incidence as this is a virus and also the unfortunate again to the army's leaders in these shows that the situation is ok salut the political change in ethiopia is fighting from it this is a filthy thing some critics call challenges and that i think all ethiopians should come together show us some you know little label last session and of
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course in the government because if say the largest country in that region or one also has enough because i'm forced to cite our neighbor saddam's in political some ways turmoil and not that not everything around us is really great so it was the last thing that we would. see is. related or balance cong. the u.s. president appears to be telling down talk of possible military action against iran but he's promising to step up economic pressure on tehran with more sanctions foreign leaders are trying to defuse the latest faceoff it was triggered by a u.s. drone being shot down on thursday in the strait of hormuz the e.u. is top diplomat and german chancellor angela merkel are pushing for a political solution britain's middle east minister will visit to her on sunday in an attempt to deescalate the situation but things remain tense u.s.
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media are reporting the pentagon launched a cyber attack on iran shutting down computers used to control missile systems this comes after attempts by iran to hack into u.s. government infrastructure iran's government says it will respond firmly to any u.s. aggression or threats john a 100 has more from washington d.c. . president donald trump appears to have changed his tone somewhat on iran the president says he can imagine the u.s. and iran being best of friends he even went on to say he'd like to make iran great again and even thanked the persian nation for not shooting down a man's plane that was nearby with about $35.00 crew members according to iranian officials when it shot down an unmanned u.s. drone but the president also said he will go ahead with new sanctions against iran starting on monday and according to news reports the president approved last week a cyber strike against iran that disabled computer systems that run the country's
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missile and rocket systems so the president appears to be operating on a number of different levels and meanwhile on saturday mike pompei of the president's secretary of state issued a statement with somewhat more bellicose rhetoric saying that iran shot down that drone over international waters not as iran says over iranian territory and pompei went on to say when the iranian regime decides to forego violence and meet our diplomacy with diplomacy it knows how we can reach us until then our diplomatic isolation and economic pressure campaign against the regime will intensify and that is where those sanctions the president is promising come into play however president trump was elected on a promise to pull the u.s. out of military conflicts in iraq and afghanistan and many analysts believe that he is relieved not to be clinically embroiled in yet another military conflict that could further divide his already narrow base with the 2020 election season already
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underway. as tension between the u.s. and iran builds in the gulf iraq is watching developments closely it's worried about the threat to its oil exports and how it's called and he could suffer a child's strengths and reform. these time because of being loaded with iraqi crude oil. it's being pumped from iraq's biggest offshore platform in waters close to the maritime borders of kuwait and iraq oil experts in iraq are increasingly concerned about how rising tension between the u.s. and iran could affect the country's economy that's already struggling to recover after decades of war and political instability. iraq must avoid getting involved in any conflict in the region we don't want to be embroiled in other countries affairs we are focused on trying to secure our country's economy. the u.s. sent warships including an aircraft carrier and b.
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$52.00 bombers to the gulf region may. it's also sent around $2500.00 additional soldiers a patriot missile system and surveillance planes iraq exports around $3500000.00 barrels of oil a day much of it from platforms like this one but with recent u.s. iran tension and attacks on all tankers here on the arabian gulf there are rising security fears because around a 5th of the world's oil policy is along these waters and through the strait of hormuz the u.s. has accused iran of attacking 6 or all tankers in the region in recent weeks iranian leaders have repeatedly denied responsibility describing the allegations as dangerous security fears for tankers like these increased further on thursday. when iran shot down a u.s. drone because it it into to rain airspace the u.s. says it was flying in international airspace unlist say iran is trying to use
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regional and global security fears about maritime safety to its advantage. its one of iran's biggest means of defense limiting oil exports through the strait of hormuz would affect the iraqi economy hugely given that around 90 percent of its oil goes through the strait the situation is very critical frozen trump says the u.s. . military was cracked and loaded to retaliate against iran following the attack on the u.s. drone but he said he changed his mind in stopped 10 minutes before missiles were sent to as they transport close iran and the u.s. say they don't want war but iranian leaders have previously said that if they can't export their oil on the u.s. sanctions then nor can anybody else and that's a concern for the operators of ships like these as they transport millions of barrels of oil to markets around the world every. chance strafford al-jazeera of the coast of southern iraq the leading protest group in sudan says it's accepted
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a plan for a transitional government put forward by ethiopia's leader he's been helping mediate the political crisis the plan proposes the immediate formation of a government for the next 3 years it suggests the formation of a 15 member council with 7 civilian representatives 7 military members and one impartial person approved by both sides the ethiopia plan also demands sudanese people have access to the internet so than some military shut it down earlier this month to quash the protests hundreds of people in khartoum are holding night demonstrations to protest power and internet outages people gathered near car headlights and power generators to make their point sudan's ruling generals cut internet services after security forces violently disperse the sit in protest outside army headquarters thousands of demonstrations have been camped there since
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april when former president armorel bashir was removed from office mara gabriel is a sudanese human rights activist and member of the sudan doxes union she says while many people will be wary of the deal results or the desire for progress. people of course will be very skeptical about the. deal of course the trust from people toward the transatlantic council has been shaken after the attack as you mentioned but of course they remain some optimism remain that we would like to move forward because the situation now is a standstill and i don't think anyone would like to see the current situation continue. we would like to see a transition i think the the it to to see the role i think the international. community exerted pressure on the transition council but lot importantly the
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sudanese people through continuing continuation of the peace peaceful demonstration as well as civil disobedience they force the transitional council to come back and sit in to the table. the rebels say they've launched an attack in northwest yemen targeting finds us with the saudi a morality led coalition they say several sudanese soldiers were killed in injured in the assault on camps in miti hoofy say they also fired rockets across the border into saudi arabia targeting a military position in the city of mature on 5 civilians from the same family have died in an air strike by government forces in northern syria children who are among those killed in the attack in the 3 people died earlier strike on another part of the province hundreds of civilians have been killed since russian backed syrian forces stepped up their bombardment of the country's last rebel held wrong place
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you know for a trade war between the u.s. and china is dominating the latest summers of southeast asian countries known as.


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