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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  June 23, 2019 4:00pm-5:01pm +03

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so and i don't think anyone would like to see the current situation continue. while diplomatic efforts continue behind closed doors it hasn't stopped the protesters from taking to the streets during an internet blackout and immediate clampdown for them demonstrations and civil disobedience are possibly the only way to force the military genter to hand over power to civilians. khalid al jazeera u.s. president donald trump appears to be toning down talk of possible military action against iran is a strike is always on the table but for now promising to step up economic pressure through more sanctions when u.s. meat is reporting the pentagon that's launched a cyber attack on iran shutting down computers used to control missile systems and that follows attempts by iran to hack into u.s. government infrastructure and the shooting down of a surveillance drone well foreign leaders and diplomats are trying to defuse tensions and britain's middle east minister will be in tehran on sunday in an
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attempt to find a solution john hendren has a latest now from washington d.c. . president donald trump appears to have changed his tone somewhat on iran the president says he can imagine the u.s. and iran being best of friends he even went on to say he'd like to make iran great again and he even thanked the persian nation for not shooting down a man's plane that was nearby with about $35.00 crew members according to iranian officials when it shot down an unmanned u.s. drone but the president also said he will go ahead with new sanctions against iran starting on monday and according to news reports the president approved last week a cyber strike against iran disabled computer systems that run the country's missile and rocket systems so the president appears to be operating on a number of different levels and meanwhile on saturday mike pompei of the president's secretary of state issued a statement with somewhat more bellicose rhetoric saying that iran shot down that
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drone over international waters not as iran says over iranian territory and pompei went on to say when the iranian regime decides to forego violence and meet our diplomacy with diplomacy it knows how it can reach us until then our diplomatic isolation and economic pressure campaign against the regime will intensify and that is where those sanctions the president is promising come into play however president trump was elected on a promise to pull the u.s. out of military conflicts in iraq and afghanistan and many analysts believe that he is relieved not to be clinically embroiled in yet another military conflict that could further divide his already narrow base with the 2020 election season already underway. well time for a short break here najera when we come back the u.s. some vals the economic part of its middle east peace plan but palestinians reject the proposed. in india
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a vital source of food turns to dust as years of drought crippled villages more in that state's. hello get a welcome back to international weather forecasts weather was very stormy here across parts of central europe on saturday evening the storms are going to continue on sunday here across much of central europe as well over the next day things will get a little bit better but the next big story is what's going to happen here across western europe we are going to be seeing a heat wave in the making starting on monday so here on our temperature map on sunday still quite warm in paris at $28.00 degrees or normally paris the average high this time of year is about $22.00 degrees watch what happens as we go towards monday that temperature goes up to about $33.00 degrees here across much of the area as well as zurich at 30 and this is only the beginning as we go through the rest of the week those temperatures will climb paris on thursday of next week could
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reach to as high as 37 or 38 degrees so it's a very dangerous situation we'll be watching how this plays out as we go through the rest of the week where across the northern coast of africa we are looking at some very dry conditions for most areas here temperatures are quite high though along the coast for tunis it is going to be a very hot day for you at 37 degrees those winds are coming in from the south tripoli it's also going to be a nice day but a warm day at $33.00 degrees there kyra not looking too bad at $37.00 but as you go south all's one is going to be a little bit warmer with the temperature $41.00. top
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stories here on al-jazeera ethiopia's military chief of staff has been shot dead in what the prime minister says was a coup attempt in a northern state media has also reported that the governor of the state was killed along with an aide after being attacked in his office. meeting protest group says it's accepted a plan for a transitional government plan proposes the creation of a governing body made up of civilian and military members. and the us president
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says that he only stopped the strikes against iran and now donald trump. is still on the table also plans to impose additional sanctions on tehran. now the army in the democratic republic of congo has begun an offensive against a group in the eastern part of the country the fighting in recent weeks has killed at least $100.00 people and displaced hundreds of thousands well catherine sawyer joins us live now from lake albert in neighboring uganda where many people have fled catherine let's talk 1st about this offensive being launched by the congolese army in the east of the country what more do we know. well daryn what we're hearing from across the border is that these the fences started this morning and they basically is to flush out about 5 militias that are hiding out in the forest and that's cost in this villages in this area is where the fighting is going on there the aim is to block roads that have been blocked and create a safe passage for humanitarian aid to get to those who need it most and also to
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try and rescue some 80000 people or so that are still trapped in areas that are fighting now we've also been talking to some military officials who are saying that the difficulty they're facing is that they're not just fighting or they're not just trying to flush out a militia group individuals that are bosan i rose and defining a well organized well equipped militia groups that have very sophisticated weapons including guns we've had that militias have attacked several times bases all of our d.c. that's a military. in the r.c.c. so that's a challenge that is being faced we all have also spoken to the governor of utah reprograms who said that it is really not clear what these militias are fighting for but we've known that in the past that the fight. has always been about some
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line and you know the minerals that are in that area catherine what's happening then to the thousands of people fleeing the fighting who crossed over into uganda where you are. well overall about 400000 people have been displaced in that fighting many of them are in the r.c. in borneo the capital of the poorest province in other areas incomes. some of them are heading over us specially those who are right across the lake all dressed in villages that some of them are coming here in this particular column in this particular transit center we are seeing an average of about $300.00 people coming in every day now some of them are now heading to a center or reception center that is about one and a half one and a half hours from the and then from there they are going to go to another section an area where we have at least 100000 refugees most of them are in our
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congolese who have escaped in the last few years from the same conflict and here we did meet what we are noticing here is a huge family that are coming many children some of them unaccompanied we spoke to one boy in particular 14 years old a painter james who said that the last image she left in the r.c. when he was running is his mother running away being chased by a man who was welding a machine to his very worried doesn't know what the new mom is alive or not he's also heading to that's a reception area but he says that he's afraid that the father he moves away from the border he's afraid that he's not going to get information about his family who spoke to him this morning as well daryn and he said he still doesn't have any information about his family this people have come with very horrific stories about what's happening across the border to capture and store their life for some like albert and catherine thank you. residents of istanbul are back at the polling stations in a controversial rerun of the mill election held about 3 months ago in march the opposition candidate was declared the winner of the 1st vote but that result was an
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old after the ruling party fall the legal challenge over in the edged irregularities will soon end costello joins us live now from istanbul some m. so how's the voting going so far and how significant is this rerun. well let me begin with the 2nd question it is very significant in turkey because istanbul is like the heart of turkey in terms of culture in terms of economy in terms of the political influence the spied on is the capital of turkey and this is a place where president don also started this political career 1st as his party's former party's district manager and then as the mayor of istanbul so the mainly the ruling party sees the mayor ship of istanbul as the door opening to the prime minister presidency in turkey and that's why the opposition believes if they can give a blow to the ruling party in istanbul they will pave the way for themselves for
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the general elections that is going to come up on 2023 and still most citizens are in turkey the participation is always very high and right today the participation is expected to be a bow 90 percent and some people are really devoted to vote because they believe they have chosen their position and alliance candidates come in the mall as the mayor ever disapproved of action or to call political decision for them and cancel the election and all that and all the result that's why they believe they are votes counted invalid by a political influence that's why they are going to the polls they say they are reclaiming their votes and their candidate however on the other side the ruling party supporters believe that that was a rare. there were irregularities in the previous the election and. the ruling party's candidate is going to win it's
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a neck to make race. the opposition candidate had the lead in with $14000.00 votes on march 31st but this time the forces that we have spoken prior to today told us that whoever wins that the lead is going to be much more than $14000.00 and the ballot boxes are going to be closed. jane which is 5 pm stumble local time and everybody's curious about who is going to win because it is also a sign for the future of general politics about turkey so i am thank you thailand's prime minister has called on a fellow southeast asian leaders to conclude a trade deal that would form the world's largest free trade area. open the 2nd day of the latest summit of southeast asian countries known as a stand in thailand he says a free trade deal is necessary to protect the blocs 10 member states from what he called the winds of protectionism those deal would include india and china but not
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the u.s. . north korea's leader kim jong un has received a personal letter from donald trump and says he will seriously consider its contents kim jong moon praise the letter described it as excellent but stopped short of saying what it was about comes off a stall denuclearization talks between both countries earlier this week kim said he was waiting on a positive step from the u.s. we could go to confirmed that he received a quote beautiful letter from kim. security and investment are top of the agenda is qatar's emir shift i mean been hammered out these spends a 2nd day meeting leaders in pakistan the visit is at the invitation of prime minister imran khan to discuss the current tensions in the gulf region along with ways to enhance cooperation and everything from trade and energy to tourism. senior white house advisor and presidents trump son in law jared krishna has laid out the 1st part of his so-called deal of the sentries that's the middle east peace plan he says is based on $50000000000.00 of investment more than half would be
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spent on palestinian infrastructure of a 10 year is the rest would be split between egypt lebanon and jordan are the main projects the $5000000000.00 transportation kodo to connect the occupied west bank and gaza nearly 2000000000 would also be injected into the palestinian tourism industry trying to drum up support for the 179 infrastructure and business projects ahead of an international conference in bahrain next week palestinian leaders are boycotting the event they refuse to talk to the u.s. since it recognized jerusalem as israel's capital in 2017. the plan would invest about $50000000000.00 in the region that would create a 1000000 jobs in the west bank and gaza take their unemployment rate from about 30 percent to single digits it would reduce their poverty rate by half if it's implemented correctly it's a 10 year plan that would double their g.d.p. we've had a peer reviewed now by about a dozen economists in a dozen countries and we're very excited to put it forward in yemen who the rebels
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say they've attacked fighters but rather saudi an iraqi led coalition they say several sudanese soldiers were killed and injured in the assault on camps in northern miltie desert who these say they also fired rockets across the border into saudi arabia targeting a military position in the city of nashville and a large parts of india are suffering the worst drought in decades and that's forcing many farmers to abandon their land on after their crops failed many and moving to the cities to find life there isn't much better elizabeth purana reports from one of india's hardest hit regions the western state of maharashtra. you are. more to left has 40000 square metre cotton farm in his village 6 months ago he now lives in this cramped rented room with his family. 2 years of drought have forced him to find work as a laborer in one of the many factories in the city of about. it is very difficult
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to live in the city. but. i have to live. nearly 3 quarters of the state of maharashtra is suffering drought and crop failure . farmers often take out loans to buy seeds and if they crops fail they can't pay back the money. there have been heavy loans because for the last couple of years there have been no rings there have been 4 or 5 suicides in our village the plight of farmers has been a major problem in india and recent years more than 300000 farmers have killed themselves in the past 25 years a study found a 5th of those deaths were due to climate change or even a marginal increase in rainfall let a few a suicide that here. the government has encouraged farmers to insure their crops against failure through a nationwide scheme they say they have distributed more than $60000000.00 to farmers in this district this year. and the condition of crops there is
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a prime minister's scheme and i will get the insured amount. but many of those who are supposed to gain protection say it doesn't work. says insurers won't cover his silk farm and morris says he also can't get support it has a rich poor people the middlemen big door so it doesn't benefit the poor farmers. and our mentalist say what's really needed is for farmers to stop relying on crops like cotton and sugar cane which takes lots of water to grow. if you look at its continuously in drought because of sugar factories i think if this problem needs to be solved we should work on cropping patterns. but changing types of crops and where and when they will take time so back in the city pondered on morty waits and hopes the rains will come and he can go back to work in his fields elizabeth
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al-jazeera. protesters have been outside georgia's parliament for a 3rd day but most have been peaceful after hundreds of people were arrested and injured in violence with police in the capital tbilisi on thursday demonstrators tried to storm parliament after a russian politician gavrilov gave a speech in his native language in response putin announced a halt in flights in georgia starting next month and relations between both countries have been strained since the 2008 war over south a setting. for a quick check of the headlines here on al-jazeera ethiopia's army chief has died after being shot the prime minister says journalists are in the con and died as the country was trying to stop a coup attempt and i'm horace state media reporting that the head of the state is advisor were also killed. the army in the democratic republic of congo has begun an
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offensive against an armed group in the eastern part of the country the fighting in recent weeks has killed at least 100 people and displaced thousands. sudan's leading protest group says it's accepted a plan for a transitional government the plan proposes the creation of a governing body made up of civilian and military members the transitional military council has yet to respond. the u.s. president says that he only stopped airstrikes against iran for now donald trump warned that military action is still an option from also plans to impose additional sanctions on tehran. iran right now is an economic mess they're going through hell it's a bit of a hard war sanctions are going to be put on a lot more it's hard to believe you could even but it is a rod want to become a wealthy nation again. from abroad they will call it let's make the run
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rate again that makes sense make the run great again with me but never going to do it if they think that vibrant 6 years they're going to have a nuclear weapon i know too much about nuclear power a lot about it and let me tell you they're not going to have a nuclear weapon thailand's prime minister has called them fellow south east asian leaders to approve a trade deal that would form the world's biggest free trade area by of china open the 2nd day of the latest summit of southeast asian countries known as in thailand the proposed deal would include india and china but not the u.s. . voting is underway in turkey's largest city istanbul in a rerun of this year's election to choose a new mayor the result of the 1st vote was an old after legal challenge by the ruling party of alleged irregularities and protest has rallied outside georgia's parliament for a 3rd day demonstrators tried to storm parliament after a russian politician gave a speech in russian but those were the headlines the news continues here on his era
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of inside story station thanks so much. the countdown to the 2020 us democratic primaries has begun. the televised debate sees candidates go head to head to define themselves on the issues from climate change to foreign policy joining us in miami on june the 26th and 27th for the 1st u.s. democratic debate. will the u.s. talk to iran donald trump says he was about to strike iran off the dining of a u.s. drone then backed off fearing a loss of life but is the u.s. president being serious or is he ramping up the pressure on tehran this is inside story.
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hello and welcome to the program i'm peter told the united states called off a military strike on iran at the last minute it's a move that might not sit well with regional allies saudi arabia the united arab emirates and israel one president donald trump to keep up its tough stance against tehran we'll go to our panel in a moment of 1st fintan mine and has more on the standoff in the gulf and trump strategy of maximum pressure. it was the air strike that never was according to president trump the u.s. was 10 minutes away from attacking iran but pulled back in the final moments. i said you know what they shut down and and. drone plane whatever you want to call it and here we are sitting with $150.00 dead people and that would have taken place probably within a half an hour after i said go ahead and i didn't like it i didn't think it was i didn't think it was proportionate. to the planned strikes were spawns 2 rounds
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downing of an american surveillance drone iran has also said it's exercising restraint that i will not as a kid at the same moment when the aircraft was being tracked another spy aircraft called p 8 was flying close to this drone that aircraft is man and has around 35 crew members while we could have targeted that plane it was our right to do so and yes it was american but we didn't do it we hit the unmanned aircraft. but the aborted u.s. airstrike may have been about more than retaliation the u.s. is hoping the pressure on iran will convince leaders to renegotiate its nuclear deal with world powers are maximum pressure campaign against the islamic republic of iran is working iran is feeling the effects of our maximum pressure campaign iran is responsible for the escalating tensions in the region and they continue to reject diplomatic overtures to deescalate tensions in the region. it's
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a strategy trump has tried before it aug 2017 he promised north korea fire and fury in response to their nuclear tests less than a year later he was shaking kim jong un's hand in singapore but in the middle east regional allies are pushing for the u.s. to act against iran saudi arabia blames teheran for attacks on shipping in the gulf of oman and supplying weapons used by yemen's hoopy rebels to attack saudi territory. at a gathering of regional leaders last month without the king called for decisive action to stop what he called iranian escalations israel's benjamin netanyahu a longtime opponent of iran and the nuclear deal is also pushing the u.s. to take a strong position. while conflict was averted this time tension is still high and there appears to be little room for compromise since monohan al-jazeera. here we go let's introduce our panel today joining us from tehran has
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a madeon assistant professor of political science at the university of tehran from oxford in the u.k. helen lackner a research associate at the school the oriental and african studies and from kuwait city a. professor of political science at kuwait university welcome to you all has an interior and where does all this leave us relations with its key allies across the region. well i think. the u.s. allies in the region are basically pushing the united states into a sort of military control confrontation with iran which is basically based on the premise that any conflict with iran would set it back for years or decades and i think that is really a miscalculation that can lead to a regional conflict that can destabilize the entire region they are not
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basically taken into account iran's you know traditional strategic behavior in the region they want to act alone it will act within a. within an alliance and it won't go for war or conflict all alone i think it has a a coalition of state and non-state actors that can you know trigger a regional conflict so i think this premise that our saudis israelis and you're a are seeing that basically is a win win situation in which a push back against iran. within the maximum pressure would diminish its regional reach and influence or a on another you know side a military confrontation can even more devastate to iran is really on realistic it is on underestimating iran's you know capabilities in terms of military and asymmetric warfare in the region and i think iran would wouldn't have anything to
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lose if it's to be faced with a regional you know or an international. still lety by the united states and its allies so i think they are pushing the united states to that direction but up until now fortunately the united states as rationally so decided not to you know escalate things even further but we are on a. skule terry wrote for now. in oxford we may be on an escalator erode so far but in equal measure did or do the 3 allies we're talking about israel and the u.a.e. in equal measure did they want donald trump to do something yesterday i suspect that they probably did i think the 1st thing to remind everybody of is that we're really in an extremely dangerous and risky situation and that way yet again
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in a situation where some politicians who have specific objectives are completely neglecting and ignoring the likely consequences of their actions over thousands if not millions of people in the relevant countries i think for you know for the gulf states and this is they are aware of the fact that trump has already started on his election manifesto for next year and that you know their window of opportunity for really attacking iran is narrowing by the day so i suspect that they were pretty much disappointed by what happened yesterday i also think it's important to remember that you know. a few strikes are not something that will just happen with no consequences i think of previous speaker has explained that there will be very serious consequences i think it's very clear to the populations in those countries that you know it's not
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a matter of simply getting the americans to have this us try it's or even themselves getting involved in as strikes if a conflict starts it will be all westerns because i think to some extent it's already started it will be a disaster for. everybody. concerned in the region and again this is thousands of miles away from the u.s. you know the u.s. only have to only about their 1520 or 30000 troops in the region whereas everybody else has to worry about everybody in their countries and in kuwait city is this no less than maximum pressure because that's the the buzz word that's the key phrase we've been hearing now from the trumpet ministration as far as those allies are concerned for a long time now well if you allow me 1st of all they're not nobody could push united states around to do what the united states doesn't believe it serves us national interests neither the saudis nor the the m r r t's or other nation
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probably with the exception of israel which has a. an ax to grind with the with the iranians are to be the only. owner of the nuclear power in the region nobody could push it in at this whether it's trump or any other administration this is number one number 2 there are there want to be a wide scale war busy i mean president trump stated very clear and i'm glad he called after the strike even though it was a very limited strike every tahlia thought it tactical one and not stay in war because trump is the last thing he wants to be on top on. another major conflict in the middle east that could really but it uses his chances to be reelected in 2020 so he's a very smart calculating president and he doesn't want to push the envelope all the way the full scale war iran on the other hand is
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a very rational actor model and it has really dealt with this crisis in a very. in a in a very appropriate manner it's now on the driver see the americans have really looked shabby the allies in the region are now wondering once again and i started. just finished there is a trust deficit building up between the g.c.c. allies and the us administration whether it was obama who struck a deal with the iranians behind our backs without us knowing or whether it's trump with the g.c.c. crisis or now a flip flopping all over the iranian threat or escalation or the escalation on the final point that i would like to raise at this stage is that they're they have enhanced know that if they're out of their proxies would really get involved in a wide scale war then there would be a hum of badly also and the enhanced would also be hammered so they deterrence issue is not really working the maximum pressure that the other guys has been
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implementing and yes the iranians for the last 13 months is not really working not color heads have to or prevail i think there has to be wiggle room for the iranians and there has to be a face saving approach busy for the americans to strike a deal or a compromise order in the autumn mediation through or the iraqis through the europeans to have the americans give the europeans some leeway as the thought of their companies to do some limited deals with the iranians as a show of good faith and a confidence building measure and that could really build up to the escalate the situation and to start again with another nuclear deal that they have any answer could be enticed and you cannot just push the enters or the of sticks and not carrots this policy of maximum pressure has to be reevaluated away from the edge a lot and the and the and the hocks and both sides of the aisles and then we'll you can talk about that is the escalation not a seasonal one ok has sent in tehran let's stay with that idea of wriggle room here
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is there a little bit of breathing space and i mean this in a positive sense for the government in tehran inus much as what we're talking about here is 6 mana keys all of all those royal households have worries about iran but they're not on the same page the g.c.c. has been split for the best part of 2 years now. of course they are not on the same page on iran i mean on mon oncle way and especially nowadays they are no different than the hawks in the g.c.c. and i think the hocks are the ones who are trying so i agree with abdullah that they are they can't win the set the agenda for the us administration but they are trying to do that i think they are pushing the trump administration along with the you know hawks in washington to climb but tree that he eventually
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can come down from so he would be you know in a in a situation in which a war with iran would would diminish his chances for a 2nd term and. you know silence because of the the escalation in the region also can harm it reputation i think the this is the calculus there the warmongers that were there during the invasion of iraq are still in washington on the call and pushing the united states the president to do something about iran i think they have a very good partners in ahmed been saddam on hamad bin zeid bibi netanyahu they are as they've said the b. team that is pushing towards war i think they are there miscalculation can libin tie a region into. chaos and destabilisation i think it can also harm the global economy as well by you know all shocks and we've seen that 6
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percent to 6 percent rise of the prices as a result of a single incident you can imagine how a war can translate into a chaos and they acknowledge acts fear and you know prices and everything ok so i think they are pushing the united states towards a more irrational policy towards it. i think that can have really you know catastrophic. consequences regionally and internationally clearly helen in oxford this would have economically a massive impact if donald trump does do something that he backed away from doing 36 hours ago now for you helen how will this be being discussed in riyadh and is this a humiliation for mohammed bin selman because there is this compelling triangular relationship isn't there between donald trump his son in law jarrett the middle
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east peace plan which we are reportedly being told we will learn about at the end of this month when there's that big conference in bahrain and the crown prince. well 1st i'd like to say one quick thing relating to what was said earlier which is that. you know the u.s. administration is not unified i mean it's very clear that trump does not want to war but i think it's equally clear that we're told when we're dealing with people like pompei o and bolton that they do want to war and there are people for whom you know the force mageddon it's not bad news it's something that they and most extremist religious groups in that part of the world you know would actually look forward to scythe inc that's one element that we need to take into consideration i think on the issue of the relationship between m.b.'s and trump and. my recent thoughts on this topic is that really the relationship is directly between trump
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and m.b.a.'s and they have extremely similar personalities and approaches and ways of uproot of looking at the world and that they actually don't need the mediation of jehad kushner in between them i'm also my understanding about the glorious peace plan is that it's now not going to be announced until after the next israeli elections that the meeting the economic plan in bahrain which is probably going to be quite a bit of a fiasco is going to be discussing you know economic aspects without looking at the political aspects and monday standing is that certainly none of the palestinian organizations or most of the palestinian businesspeople or indeed most arab and other businesspeople are not willing to discuss these issues until and unless they have something that looks like a middle east peace plan which has some relationship to what was originally proposed by king abdullah almost 20 years ago now which basically gives it's
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a famous and notorious 2 state solution you know with with them as the capital of palestine which has been basically carved out. destroyed by trump's recognition of . the capital of israel so i think you know we we have the internal dynamics of that element have not not really very much affected by this except of course if we have a total crisis that basically may have put these things entirely in the background . when you're looking at this situation in south pardon me for interrupting her let's just put that point. city a dollar i mean the prime directive here for the trumpet ministration is isolate tehran isolate iran that's a given but is there a sense in which the allies the united arab emirates saudi arabia and israel are going to be more isolated because you have the u.a.e. seen and i quote we will not be baited into
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a conflict and yet you still have this more provocative tone out of riyadh you know i mean at the end of the day we have a symmetrical g.c.c. and all other u.s. allies there is a symmetrical relationship united states is the dominant the only hyper power in the world than all other all its allies are just followers at the end of the dead rather than on equal footing with the united states us not only in the g.c.c. little countries but it's also all other countries even in nato i mean lecturing busy even germany and major powers even england even in the france. this is a problem with the united states at the end of the day there is now clear comprehensive strategic approach to the regional problems and crises and that by itself is much to the cross deficit that the united states are allies. are
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witnessing now we said we the united states what is what is the comprehensive strategy now after 13 months around is not budging iran is that more defiant than ever the new. 10 that president trump that and the last 2nd on the last 10 minutes as he stated targeting 3. revolutionary guards targets in iran has emboldened the iranians iranians now are speaking with a lot of our boss think about their resistance they are they have summoned the sharjah the effort of the united arab emirates their revolutionary guard leaders. 3 and their very boss full man out of threatening any bullet that will be attacking iran we will turn the region upside down and we would be targeting the american interest american interests are widely open i mean at the bases from kuwait to amman are very clear and within the iranian missile site and.
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there are also our of the g.c.c. major installation whether it's all or whether it's let's look at grids whether it is water desalination are all dotted all over the gulf from kuwait all month so there is a lot of vulnerability and they are in have thought of playing on this as a deterrence now deterrence that the americans were trying to employ against the iranians have been turned on its head now the any hands are the ones who are calling the shots in a way that what they think and this is a very dangerous because that will give them more wiggle room to try to do much in and against a lot i'm going to interrupt what you say and as we are heading towards the end of our time test and i do want to get in a couple more significant points. if we flip around the science of u.s. allies there are not necessarily allies in the region allies of tiran but there are
4:42 pm
historical links there is a good relationship between tehran and oman but amman is firefighting its own issues on the back foot regional issues as well would tehran be open to the idea of talking to its allies who could then maybe communicate with donald trump. well i think iran has made it clear this open to talk to and who want but it has it all is it has also been clear on the fact that it want you know surrender so to speak it want to give up any of its you know. powers sources and within iran and the region it the basic argument is that we have embarked on a. negotiation with the world community and the result of visit was there j.c. the nuclear deal the united states didn't respect its own didn't observe its on
4:43 pm
obligations within the jaysus. and i think that is a very you know robust argument here into iran that a step back will lead to many more so as has been the case for now the nuclear deal led to us with all and again more sanctions and more push against the iranians so another step would lead to more so this this argument is basically stopping iran and its allies from you know negotiating with an administration that doesn't respect the word that it's signed helen like there in oxford very very briefly because we've got about 2 minutes left is donald trump still on a collision course with iran is he on a collision course with himself if he listens to john bolton because if donald trump is tilting the other way what's the point of john bolton and is he if he
4:44 pm
doesn't do what john bolton would like him to do or his 3 key allies in the region on a collision course with each other. well i think it's clear that there is increasing disagreement between trump and both and and one can only hope at this point that trump will replace both and by a sigh and compel indeed by people who are less. involved in infant basically fanatical anti event nion plans which just are completely ignoring the dangers that these involved i think for the m.b.a.'s certainly want to do you know would be probably voting with the vote and pump a 0 in in this argument and he definitely wants to do something but i think what is clear is that you know one wonders to what extent particularly m.b.a.'s is aware of his own military weaknesses. i mean the whole yemen operation is
4:45 pm
demonstrates that the saudi military aren't exactly the most brilliant and competent in the world and if if the conflict with iran develops beyond the occasional last strike or something else which is what would happen if it becomes a bigger conflict i think the you know the various gulf states will have to be involved and i think what the previous speakers have spoken about which has been did the complete divisions within the g.c.c. and the fact that a month certainly would do nothing other than attempt to mediate and try and bring peace and i suspect that. kuwait would also largely try and do the same. so it seems to me that you know the. current dependence on u.s. strikes is something that will continue unless they get replaced by israelis which would you know make things even worse that the saudis on their own i'm not going to
4:46 pm
do anything beyond constant ending creasing provocative statements and demands and trying to push the u.s. into deeper involvement ok ellen i'm going to have to stop you there because we are properly out of time i have to say thank you to all our guests today they were house and i'm out again. and helen like and thank you to you too for your company you can see the show again anytime on the web site al-jazeera dot com and for more discussion to check out our facebook page that's facebook dot com forward slash a.j. inside story you can join the conversation on twitter at a.j. inside story or tweet me at peter dopy one but for me it is obvious and everyone on the team here in doha thanks for watching see tomorrow of i think. i.
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mexico's most popular soap opera is changing society by tackling women's social issues head on in its 1st episode so books discovers the drama behind the scenes as it reduces day the hardships facing the mothers of disabled children and the fun social stigmas by broadcasting them to the well. child. dizzier. leah and her husband gavin worsley when 4 teenagers broke down the back the teenagers described as being of african appearance still on the run before all of this happened i wasn't scared out of black people or people of color or. whatever the focus on african gang crime began in march 26th jane when violence broke out at the moon the festival at federation square in the center of melbourne to gird shoot of african young people coming together and knowing there was a fort bragg added because of my rolling rolling feel lot some of it was because
4:48 pm
the place because i'm involved in the start of choice and they're just people in that crowd already did get the idea of the talk a lot of political pressure on. this people to commit crime interesting the race whole human gets blamed for the actions of the few. to people have to base i thought i have to feel saif side there's a lot of perception issues i think that we need to deal with as well. if he appears on the chief and a governor or a shot dead but the prime minister says a regional coup attempt has been averted. hello i'm daryn jordan this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up. believe.
4:49 pm
it's going to be a very very day. the u.s. president announces new sanctions on iran and warns that military action. polls open the controversial rerun of election to choose a new man. begins against militias in the eastern democratic republic of congo. ethiopia's military chief and a state governor been shot dead but the prime minister says a regional could tempt has been stopped says the move to take over i'm horace state was led by a very high ranking military official. appeared on television late on saturday night dressed in army fatigues he said his military chief say are at mcconnell he was shot by people he labeled mercenaries the governor of a state along with an aide died after being attacked in his office when i'm horace state is one of 9 autonomous regions in ethiopia people reported hearing gunfire in
4:50 pm
the state capital by had about 500 kilometers north of on saturday evening the u.s. embassy also issued warnings for. reports of gunfire and joins us live now on the phone from just bring us up to date on what we know so far about the killing of the army chief and other military figures as well. great to see emma conan he's the head he was the head rather of the ethiopian military so we knew that he was killed overnight but what we've recently learned is that he was shot by someone inside of the military the prime minister is calling whoever did this mercenary so it looks like it was an inside job to kill sierra mckown and so he mckown in what's important here is that he would have been in charge of ordering the security forces to take action in the haidar to help stop the attempted coup so he was since he's the head of the military he was in charge of that and he would have been the one to
4:51 pm
take orders from the prime minister to control and secure bidar so we also know that the hard regional states president and bottle mckown in and one other fishel was also killed and behead are after meeting late saturday night that we know about least 3 officials have been killed 2 we can be sure of were killed and behind are after reports of gunfire what is sitting on the streets of the capital right now. well there's a quite a strong military presence a especially around the presidential palace where the prime minister would be and lots of roads are closed especially roads leading into and out of out of here in the capital and those roads different regional groups together so that seems to be a strategic closing the other most notable thing i would say is fact that the internet is down it's been down for about 11 hours now is the sunday it is normally a quieter day but i would say this is even quieter today especially with the
4:52 pm
presence of military in the streets here and added all right tell me how being that and that it's not about me i thank you for that. well the prime minister abu ahmed came to power in 2018 at a time of unrest he quickly secured political and financial support from a number of parties like the united arab emirates the european union and the world bank it restored ties with eritrea after a long time border dispute and improved diplomatic relations with djibouti and somalia they also implemented rapid reforms lifting a state of emergency releasing thousands of political prisoners and giving half his cabinet posts to women let's bring in our he's an assistant professor at kill university and joins us by skype now from cayle in the united kingdom the prime minister said on state t.v. that mercenaries were behind the killing of the army chief but who do you think was a sponsor and why. this is i'll be gone the complete you know legal in the amount of reduce the in there are some
4:53 pm
indications that elements will. notice the government has me who's fighting for quite a significant period of time in. senate to eliminate and with no government. and also in certain amount of teachers who are charged on the federal government so this is very likely that something that came form that's even for certain elements within the government and or school events that are outside of the government but with this particular particular group so we can be sure that this is something that can for what is really strange is the fact that they started it. regionally it is equal to all forms of that if you're a government it's pretty clear that it's the federal government people from all directions and there is no possibility of regional government with the militia and they have to be able to go to the governments that are sorts well you taught. us i
4:54 pm
would just talk us through quickly what's brought about all this unrest in the end of our region anyway. the regional states and certain actors within that region how do you conclave for a significant period of time to really believe that the particularly subordinate and marginalized the shot to the man that i didn't get that all of the course of their last in 70. 3 group in that country except one particularly to the group being marginalized isn't really going to governments that try and pitting one group against another and in particular by repeating it or was it only come out of the circle to land just it's a new group in the country and i mustn't be particularly complaining this is merely because i don't think about us historically have been the dominant in that country their culture and their language in its politics but over the course of the last it's for many years that communication that then how to do it in the past was not
4:55 pm
said so i think that has in some ways. feeding into this grievance politics of all of that sort. but broadly speaking i think there is another factor the kind of allowance where this will happen because the government open that was due process but when you talk to the polls it was a lot of media to report a large social media to operate freely. you do to really prepare for the outcome or from the point of going to school that said a copy of that was the prime minister abu ahmed has moved to end political repression as you say but ethnic violence has increased with millions of people displaced i mean how big is the security and political or economic challenges facing the government and that be ahmed right now. i did it to significant it is significant because if you would be asked it is really and that was held together by force until the recent speech so if this is all language use or kowtow it's
4:56 pm
always certain and acts it's all living in organizing it sounds kinda power source has been used to keep this way it is to me that a lot of the rules in this country feel marginalized that dominate that now. everybody is losing it's all in the minds and making it so clearly used in ways that meeting possible for the country to have common to be in that works for everyone because everybody's making it on the money to move the country is literally agree with the church so all of it is very difficult because the government also someone who is 3 and instead of in terms of using violence sort of them forces begin to use violence against that that that is percent ok we have one of hose internally displaced people and through our just a final thought from you i mean there are already reports that the internet has been taken down across ethiopia but what sort of broader response do you think we're likely to see from the government in the wake of the killings and that unrest that you've just described and i'm hala. i think should be done but internet is
4:57 pm
somewhat becoming it has. all sorts of problems this is because the government doesn't really have and it was 1st which will give you problems but i think this particular cool the significant thing to do but that's a clue to europe to do. that and tweet and shutting down the internet for this particular. situation is not particularly and. especially in the locals or also should be here in the fact that people see information which immediately took it for a fact that. act upon it but i think in the past when significant political problems occurred of the government the new particularly and i think the patients and hopefully will continue with that patient and it will not cool back into the parts of the beatles tracks that do not work in the past and that maybe i won't get caught now and so on hopefully if taxes will denounce when you eat out any
4:58 pm
indications to a new government mean let's go back into the equation and kept up. many thanks indeed sir for your time thank you now the army the democratic republic of congo has begun an offensive against an armed group in the town of juggle in the east the fighting in recent weeks has killed at least 100 people and displaced hundreds of thousands well some of them have fled to the lake albert region and neighboring a ganda where catherine sawyer sent this report. james has suffered what no child should has just arrived at this refugee transit center in uganda after escaping an attack on he's village in the democratic republic of congo the 14 year old who separated from his 7 siblings and mother whom he last saw running away from with a machete i was driving by go with. my mother or. my mother. and for me i just gave birth. on one
4:59 pm
with. she he came to. the village attack is just one of many many years of conflict between the lendu and hamad ethnic groups the fight by tribal militias need to province is of a farm land and mineral reaches some say their rivalry has been politicized or paint his father was killed in another round of violence last. baraka maghera has also just arrived in uganda the 15 year rules also construct cease fire and he's one of about $4000.00 congolese who recently fled to uganda mainly from villages on the shores of lake albert which podesta d r c people are coming here with what ever they could and it's not much what we've also know from the huge families and many
5:00 pm
children some with quite difficult stories of what they experienced back home the processing they're going to be taken to a reception area and then on to a settlement will be their home for now. the u.n. refugee agency says a large number of children are arriving it's a concern. to be there we have a different way of for this but it is informing us. that this one is a moment and then live i thought we were in there. but now with the. beds that's. across the board at any tour region local government and catholic church he does are appealing for humanitarian help for up 240-0000 internally displaced. agencies i guess to get to those who most need help because the security situation remains volatile.


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