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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  June 23, 2019 6:00pm-7:01pm +03

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about the family u.s. national security adviser john bolton says iran should not mistake u.s. prudence for weakness bolton made the comments alongside prime minister benjamin netanyahu in israel the 2 have been discussing regional security as tensions are high but in washington and tehran iran matheson joins us live now from west jerusalem rob so what are you expecting to come out of this meeting with john bolton. well as you were talking there about the press statements that were made by john bolton and benjamin netanyahu but an hour ago when we started to get a sense of where at least the u.s. and israel were going to stand in these discussions which are also of course going to include the russia prime minister benjamin netanyahu very keen to stress that it was important to also include they the needs to get rid as he sees it of iran's military facilities that are currently in syria just across the border from israel out of syria and away from threatening israel but he was also keen to stress that
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this meeting that he has pulled together is very significant moment for israel and it should demonstrates that israel is taking a significant role on the world stage but it's also important to note as well that from a political domestic point of view this is important for the prime minister to benjamin netanyahu at the end of may and was unable to form a government and he is facing elections in september so this is a very key moment for him in terms of how each perceived by the israeli electorate and as a on the group the global stage as far as u.s. national security advisor john bolton was concerned he was very determined to set out the case for why the u.s. is taking the stance against iran that it is iran's continued pursuit of nuclear weapons. its threats to exceed the limits set in the failed iran
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nuclear deal in the coming days its continuing build up of menacing could force capabilities in syria and iraq its supply of sophisticated drones missiles and other advanced weapons the hostile surrogate forces in iraq syria lebanon yemen and afghanistan and its continued threats and acts of aggression against israel our allies in the arabian gulf and against u.s. personnel and assets across the middle east are not signs of a nation seeking peace. has unveiled more details on donald trump's so-called deal of the century his middle east peace plan and how the palestinians been responding to that or well put it simply pretty negatively almost immediately on saturday night with the details started to emerge the palestinian the palestine liberation organization through
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a spokesman has had on her show we who's a senior official of the p.l.o. said that it was all abstract priorities and she said that only a political solution was going to save their soul the existing conflict that was essentially echoing words that were mentioned by the palestinian president mahmoud abbas alley or in the day he had said at a meeting of the fatah party that on saturday if there was no political process that wasn't even any point in talking about the economic side of that hamas the entity which controls the gaza strip put it very simply it's in the said palestine isn't for sale or it's a road matheson in western rob thank you. about the way.
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hello again welcome back we are cross parts of southeast asia we are seeing some very heavy rain showers here across parts of vietnam and also into cambodia now those storms are going to continue here on monday we could even see some localized flooding later though not looking too bad the rain showers have died down a little bit across much of the region but over here towards the philippines it is going to be very very rainy over the next few days and we could be seeing some localized flooding there as well where here across parts of south western australia we had one funnel boundary come through and that caused a lot of problems in terms of rain actually for perth they saw the highest daily amount of rain that they had seen in about 15 months about 58 millimeters of rain now things are getting better across much of that area the frontal boundary is making its way towards adelaide we don't think it's going to have as much more strain as produce through but 13 degrees is going to be the forecast high here on
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sunday and into monday but as we go towards tuesday things get a little bit better for adelaide at 15 degrees melbourne some clouds in your forecast at 16 degrees there and then very quickly over towards the north in the south island of new zealand we are seeing some messy weather down across much of the south across church as going to be a cloudy day at 11 degrees and things get better would tend to be there but up towards auckland plenty of sun with a temperature of 13. mexico's most popular soap opera is changing society by tackling women essentially she is down in its last episode so books discovers the drama behind the scenes as it reduces take the high sheep's face in the mothers of disabled children and the funny social stigmas by broadcasting from the well i leave france china on al-jazeera.
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welcome back a quick amount of our top stories here on al-jazeera ethiopia's military chief of staff has been shot day the prime minister says was a coup attempt in a northern state state media has also reported that the governor of them hora state was killed along with an aide after being attacked in his office. the army of the democratic republic of congo has launched an offensive against an armed group in the town of job in the east the fighting in recent weeks has killed at least 100 people displaced hundreds of thousands. of u.s. national security advisor john bolton says iran should not mistake u.s. prudence for weakness both made the comments during a visit to israel. now u.s.
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president donald trump appears to be toning down talk of possible military action against iran he says a strike is always on the table but for now trumps promising to step up economic pressure through more sanctions john hendren has the latest from washington d.c. . president donald trump appears to have changed his tone somewhat on iran the president says he can imagine the u.s. and iran being best of friends even went on to say he'd like to make iran great again and even thanked the persian nation for not shooting down a man's plane that was nearby with about $35.00 crew members according to iranian officials when it shot down an unmanned u.s. drone but the president also said he will go ahead with new sanctions against iran starting on monday and according to news reports the president approved last week a cyber strike against iran disabled computer systems that run the country's missile and rocket systems so the president appears to be operating on
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a number of different levels and meanwhile on saturday mike pompei of the president's secretary of state issued a statement was somewhat more. bellicose rhetoric saying that iran shot down that drone over international waters not as iran says over iranian territory and pompei went on to say when the iranian regime decides to forego violence and meet our diplomacy with diplomacy it knows how it can reach us until then our diplomatic isolation and economic pressure campaign against the regime will intensify and that is where those sanctions the president is promising come into play however president trump was elected on a promise to pull the u.s. out of military conflicts in iraq and afghanistan and many analysts believe that he is relieved not to be clinically embroiled in yet another military conflict that could further divide his already narrow base with the 2020 election season already underway a joint west african military force says it's killed at least 42 i saw because it
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says they died in fighting on an island in lake chad the multinational joint task force is made up of soldiers from nigeria chad and coming. now the leading protest group in sudan says it's accepted a plan for a transitional government put forward by the ethiopian prime minister and the ahmed the military council has not yet responded a plan proposes the immediate formation of a government for the next 3 years it would be led by a 15 member council with 7 civilian representatives 7 military members and one impartial person approved by both sides the plan also demands internet access for sudanese people so downs military shut it down earlier this month during the protest movement as. we received a draft of an agreement presented by the ethiopian mediator mahmoud arrear on thursday initiate a freedom and change reviewed this draft proposal by the mediator which included
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all the structures of the transitional period he also demanded the creation of an appropriate and peaceful atmosphere to renew the political process. and you know hundreds of people in khartoum of hell demonstrations overnight to protest against power and internet outages people gathered by car headlights and power generators to highlight the problem sudan's ruling generals cut the internet after security forces violently dispersed a sit in protest outside the headquarters thousands of demonstrators have been there since april and former president bashir was removed from office. the residents of istanbul are voting on a controversial rerun of the mayoral election held about 3 months ago the opposition candidate was declared the winner back in march but that result was an old after the ruling party filed a legal challenge over alleged irregularities so. from istanbul. again today it is a neck to neck race for both the opposition candidate and the ruling party
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candidate. who are running for stumble mayorship the turnout is expected to be. expected to go higher than march 31st which was at least 83 percent now it is expected to be a bowl 991 per cent both parties both camps actually are trying to trying to encourage the voters who didn't who didn't go to the ballot boxes on march 31st that's why the ruling party is targeting the kurdish they have lost on march 31st and it's sympathizers who who actually didn't go to the ballot box in order to protest the recent policies of the ruling party and the opposition party tried to console a day the votes and preserve those votes that they have gained on march 31st it is not only a mayoral campaign or maybe your. election for turkey because this is the heart
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through here is the most populous city it's runs almost how the economy that's why more discounts if they are. if they keep in hand they have the power especially especially. who climbed. to the prime minister event for the ruling party. if they can give a blow to the ruling party and they will have a good chance for the upcoming general election on 2023 north korea's leader kim jong un has received a personal letter from donald trump and says he will seriously consider its contents. describe it as excellent but stopped short of saying what was what it was about comes out to stall denuclearization talks between both countries early this week kim said he was waiting on a positive step from the u.s.
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. leaders of wrapped up the latest some much of southeast asian countries known as in thailand the prime minister has called on senate leaders to approve a trade deal that would form the world's largest free trade area a trade war between the u.s. and china has dominated the summit but territorial disputes in the south china sea the ring of crisis and ocean waste also discussed the latest now from the thai capital. summit coming to an official close here on sunday. the prime minister here in thailand giving a press conference and kind of distilling what came through in those meetings in the summit on sunday and that is they are focused on nations are focused on better relationships and better coordination because they have a big challenge on their hand and that's when it comes to global trade because these nations 2 biggest trading partners the united states and china are in the midst of a trade war so the nations here need to navigate they say together on how to figure out how they move forward it's
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a big challenge because in some nations they're almost being forced to choose sides so that is something that they've been discussing but also other issues were brought up in particular when it comes to human rights for him just a crisis has been brought up no solution if you will because there's kind of a tradition here at aussie on of not intervention into domestic issues so that really has been brought up overall human rights issues were brought up but nothing specific so how we move forward they say they want to engage in a trade pact free trade deal before the end of the year with these nations india and china that is a tall order because there are so many different players in hand that it's going to be difficult to negotiate through but they're saying here for the trade within this region it is critical that that's done within the next 6 months in yemen who the rebels say they've attacked fighters backed by the saudi american led coalition they say several sudanese soldiers were killed and injured in the assault on camps in northern desert who say they also fired rockets across the border into saudi arabia targeting a military position in the city of. now security and investment are top of the
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agenda as qatar's emir shatter me been hammered out that he spends a 2nd day meeting leaders in pakistan the visit is at the invitation of prime minister in one car to discuss the current tensions in the gulf region along with ways to enhance cooperation and everything from trade and energy to tourism people have been protesting outside georgia's parliament for a 3rd day the demonstrations have mostly been peaceful after hundreds of people were arrested and injured in violence with police in the capital tbilisi on thursday demonstrators tried to storm parliament after a russian politician gave a speech in russian. the e.u. has threatened to impose sanctions against turkey if it doesn't stop drilling for oil and gas in the eastern mediterranean a meeting in brussels on friday called turkey's exploration waters near cyprus illegal out as it was johnson reports on how cypriots are responding to rising tensions there. this is a producer called me runs on tourism the northern port of co really used to be
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where greek cypriots spent their weekends after a turkish invasion partitions the island along ethnic lines in 1994 this became the hub of the turkish cypriots economy the greek dominated republic of cyprus to the south is now set to profit from natural gas it has signed an agreement to sell 4 trillion cubic feet to egypt turkey has responded with its own exploration and people who are worried about another war peace is all. it's nice not fighting not. so good you know people is my brother that is. in it good many turkish cypriots see the gas is an opportunity to reunite the island both side leaders to show. in the shift to shows them have to use their alternative to find
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a settlement in some otherwise busy we are not from clashes i don't save all. we are not far from this point turkey is conducting explorations of cyprus west sure the republic of cyprus hasn't awarded the area to any companies for exploration but still claims the rights to exploit it under international law turkey recognizes that cyprus controls the water surrounding it as far as the horizon that's 12 nautical miles the standard limit for territorial waters worldwide but it does not agree that cyprus or any island has the right to exploit mineral wealth for 200 nautical miles beyond that what's known as an exclusive economic zone some greek cypriots believe their government should have agreed maritime borders with turkey 1st still business indicators the us just i don't believe we handled this right we should have solved the cyprus problem 1st and then
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gone after hydrocarbons now we're drilling in turkey's drilling and no one knows what's going to happen out at sea a small spark could set off much bigger trouble. and many see turkish cypriots whom the invasion was supposed to save as equal victims. the solution will come of turkish cypriots are set free turkey is keeping them hostage in an occupied north also pretty interested in expanding their economy what they don't want is to sacrifice a tourism industry for an oil industry. al-jazeera force. part time for a quick check of the headlines here on al-jazeera ethiopia's military chief of staff has been shot dead in what the prime minister says was a coup attempt in a northern state state media has also reported that the governor of a harm region was killed along with an aide after being attacked in his office he had been forces say they now have full control of the region. the army and
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democratic republic of congo has become an offensive against an armed group in the town of jugo in the east the fighting in recent weeks has killed at least a 100 people displaced hundreds of thousands of u.s. national security advisor john bolton says iran should not mistake u.s. prudence for weakness bolton made the comments alongside 5 minutes of benjamin netanyahu in israel the 2 have been discussing regional security issues amid rising tensions between washington and tehran. iran has continued pursuit of nuclear weapons its threats to exceed the limits set in the failed iran nuclear deal in the coming days it's continuing build up of menacing could force capabilities in syria and iraq its supply of sophisticated drones missiles and other advanced weapons the hostile surrogate forces in iraq syria lebanon yemen and afghanistan and its continued threats and acts of aggression against israel our allies in the
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arabian gulf and against u.s. personnel and assets across the middle east are not signs of a nation seeking peace a joint west african military force says it's killed at least 42 i still remember as it says they died in fighting on an island in lake chad the multinational joint task force is made up of soldiers from nigeria chad and cameroon. residents of istanbul are voting on a controversial rerun of the mayoral election held about 3 months ago and i once ago president want to arrive to cost his ballot the opposition candidate was declared the winner back in march but the result was an old after the fall the legal challenge of a ledge to irregularities. minister has called on fellow southeast asian leaders to approve a trade deal that would form the world's biggest free trade area the proposed deal would include india and china but not the united states well those are the headlines the news continues on al-jazeera after soapbox next stage of watching.
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the countdown to the 2020 us democratic primaries has begun. debate sees candidates go head to head to define themselves on the issues from climate change to foreign policy joins in miami on june the 26th and 27th for the 1st us democratic debates. and. then.
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to remember her yearly movies including the removed. and even some of the schools. i say that the story that responds to this story proceeded to look at their work. went on for months had about how. do you think you will get on better than parky it would have bosses patel lighten up but one of the pickens that was timely start in on this the money have been known paul they must. step on that i like that song better about it i don't feel that. ok. since.
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listening to more but it's not about this person. and i think the point that it points to minimise leading people. but as i can see on the them the buy the cd and the nokia. i think. i thought it would be so not respond sadly because i'm going to copy the site. the essay i got beaten in the day in my left hand is a life. time of. the minute every minute and said it's a flashback but you see if they are facts about friendship that is less about. where you know that you're most just double checking and maybe you aren't done.
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yet but don't just go through your list out of focus most of them because 3 of you wanted to me an example of the code that i was going to come out of a couple of something to eat it. yes that's it not their research but remember i was doing this and this and it was difficult but. look again had this is from prove that much more it is. a split here in seattle sappiness one. is the person that is really going to didn't know they are now sending another good friend over there you haven't gotten into say even though or said they meant. either that or are you that i don't know great electron purposes a minute i'm of the family were but nothing wayne's almost so that i would ever see but the most of the muslim busted up and probably money at least they'll never leave the guinness book at the moment because that must i know i thought at least i
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mean this in art but in the middle of it i'm of the computer because he was a much much political. you see hustings done you know going to get money to keep my focus on us i know you see she done this money going to make as many of them as i make them a little stuck and i want to feel for them which are so lonely that i might be called. really getting on. my. belly. most. of all. almost good imus i got to figure this out is. so i see the way that he the us get it influences maybe when he said he has them and. that is getting us to discuss this kid they don't have.
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time for this that does exist today or the same here this time most of the setlist at that but yeah would have been made don't miss anything by then you could. begin to see how it really does. you just said about the bible but. it's. more like why. don't we stand. on its own feet. and where you can have it taken just like you they give a good gentlemen to get the hospital doesn't he killed 9 and i don't know i want to say thank you because a system that none of them are going to be a joke of course i don't know but 1st you need but i'm not going to bend you to have a fight. i want them to come up a little i know that you get. my
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. you're. 2 going to. look like a dummy this act on your tummy and. by using the free story here. when i got the ok. this time most of the sun listed that but it does is not ok youngest. is and is more like tennessee until it will bring grandma dances in a moment to. make india sorry the city doesn't put this in just 10 percent and based on the will of the some of the. m.p.'s i. am less market that. the study. is
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a. good. way. to get into the kids. as it is going to be watching for that. last campaign scene at the head. of he she. cast. them and suck. in the center of the fuckin. ok you guys you know clerics the pillars of the prison know me. ask the guy if i could go. back i'm. going to go save your. cynicism.
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you know i would hope these guys it was me but i certainly. as a physician. is sadia is that you have to be a pretty big deal you know there are these passengers who can basically get this way would be. nice yes. i could at the last year sorry. so you know i'm going to tell us he doesn't need c.n.n. look super sin to put a limit you just have been sending messages remembers the kid that's the. yes took been sundin pretty much as it is to use to just 2 years to. go is to get into these books or i'm all in because. you
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know the middle ground they really because of those well you know you have it or most of all those are the focus of the girl. ok. so you get a moment for us because there's really it's really about good our government you know nice job i want my girls. i mean i don't know why don't they know c.n.n. because i actually think i said oh yeah one. bit oh. yeah they landed them in. there was a. no hitter in the. style of those you know those . countryman he's going down with me yelling look i'm not very good at being could have been so slow in my market for
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truth doesn't examine them in my mind i said well look at the rest of the story. let's just. say well yes he'd like us that. people know that someone. will listen if you. can. well the old. you. get the one day every woman yes the women then have it does he have a machine company that's. probably going to back to single man seconds to.
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get them to. a. hybrid or other must. they step off for him how is the medical gentlemen up ya know close a live no must cause me business in the. fall i. said look it is in the uk now still if you just let it go. he knows he. has the bearings of. the state i was in a few similar. messed my mind that. this one class has come to me. sadly killings have baby bunnies from the one. in feet. 11 that isn't
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a go this missing least one that is thought isn't that i was. visiting larry i. don't see deal going on give me a spot of this that when people see a good thing i will admit it was. black but he doesn't use the scope on this from this passage say bank was going to be like oh yeah listen he went to some of the city that would estimate that he goes and so began the living is a comedian. listen to be a good deal k.b.'s the process to be understood did anyone it's going to. be attended to just say yes yes it must mean it's. going to satisfy what you say but explain something so i don't look good there's nothing really really looks like it's like that with. the nicest thing from
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a brother in this office and as a muslim program i said that a little at the point in the. there's some i think a lot i don't know. but in the noise i listened to. it's not good for the. confidence of the givers i look at the middle of the very political thought if you go to a little more than this but i will say this proposal almost 70 and ok look at some of the you can see giving us a look at it this is. what i mean but i must combine your last gift and i went up and looked it up if i'm going to but i mean the bill. is that good to have you have to put up with a how you will have either been the end of the got more common as buy up or not to listen to any other muslim woman's courses but if you're coming out of them which of course given your thumbs up those of us because they most of you have eyes back
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but you. sirak i pledge to you when you and. others work their way because i'm going to say i was a bit of years apart in the midst of the one who is here from various i'm doing it and this is very. much for me. but my degrees jennifer's are getting a little good grief because if i give up don't you have all the numbers if you. look it over to look at your c.v. in the still in the. bible never see. who could be there but there was does i do i need you on your. she's here to be so if. you want. yes. they live in the feel very very good to you it's in your very good to you know it's going to jail
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for that you're not. going to. get in with educating him and the best. thing is that you know her goal is a warrior there in the way are you really believe that with that you're with. them but alice and i will not police that canadian bambi even stand on the scene a man down there that. a lot more. land. and don says. that u.s. senate might your party status here longer than is better than you're going to be that told me years that. this was that what you didn't.
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really know what you're going to see there. so this is just useless to me. because i worry that. yes. i want. to take. a look and. talk me out on this the moment when it is as old as unless 11 thought i'm going to double. my. most u.s. . soccer moms have known men but they might to see. a loss and i don't. see another number that will. come up to help but i will see how that will fit into the brutal few. that i have
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a muslim woman. in my business. you're not getting that you can go no genuinely cuba homestead i.e. get me to. know this thing. i even started my sleeve and so. on when you have no clue what it's all or nothing else i don't like about. these. women who look down my back and i'm going to be let down because like if you diablos a 1000000 saying yeah i don't buy you is that it that is absolutely an unending 90 amoss you don't eat big chunk spent 30 my kids why would you support something i have with kids you know but more because the look went and.
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looked as soon as something could have on the street but i've got to say that. that's what it is when the center started for us with. a centrist party cohesive while the man did not support fantastic claims he says that's your season i don't know if it's. just but i mean didn't it which affords. a good side look at the day i must stand up to all of this by easiest place to put in the bodies take this system because. i bear by fire. argue or. embassy malarkey. but somebody that you know in the back. of loudness to go much more good place to be than me this is the best given as we've been at either and he's been intended.
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to be on our. side every time he knew he was. on a couch when i couldn't. even when. he didn't have to see him to get to the woman that's. spangle he said he moved to live that out is sincere in and mine ok i'm going to keep both damn don't see most children offended when women. come home very fearful of a book if they ran off with yeah you're going to. be half black and then making fun of ass look them in the book look at them from the me study i. mean they haven't even opened up maybe or you know most of. you know we. all gave
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3 they didn't make that out. trinity. the more you act so does he know the a story where the gift given didn't like him on the scene moment not just this time in this election whether that's up to mom or like i said it's just a good story and you consider it is me is that you in. every aspect from reading. your story there was no need yes really what did i think he gained going to see. a lot of us you know coming. to look at her. that the only. man who has. made that
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would still be anything. no i didn't see there wasn't a mosque see my family are not going to see what else i could muster it's. really about the love. yourself you can miss your man at least have to sew and i stole my b.n. a guy with his yoko police in most of them thought i was a whore ilona from office but on this his battle.
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he was i was right. about as i think most part of it now because he. thinks look no matter. what happened last. moment. is the kind of core moment and if you. compete in the system just get used to read. a good bit of the studies that we can learn to take aim at.
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the sincerity of it and want to get a social system in. place the dest young basic program has done that reading the books. that most of the t.v. had. to miss this had that happen but. the. dentist began to say come over that i almost without emotion. there's a superman i look and see. with that bat. computer i mean dismissed by this means is just a nice fantasy in they stored in a canyon but yet he has it on they then get them in bed get women to us and leave. they could have performed they have. no friends had fast they can escape from pyramids he lands here you see i want them to or now for something in his mind it's been to see it people have it and be the billions in the.
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shock of. how many. thank. you. the producers of mexico's most watched soap opera continue to talk of real women's issues and the audience is now reacting. emboldened by the show a woman freeze or herself from the horrors of sexual abuse. in a deeply emotional demonstration of the back and forth between reality and fiction that he's real stories played out on set episode 2 of soap box mexico on al-jazeera until now the coverage of latin america and most of the world was about
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covering khuda todd's tragedies of quakes and that was it but not so how could full feel how they look how they think and that's what we do we go anyway 5 and a half months of demanding it when education system that was introduced to. latin america al-jazeera has helped to fill a void that needed to be filled. out 0 world meet some extraordinary women. who are making things happen that way. following their daily struggle to survive. for their families to thrive. egypt's women street silent as on al-jazeera. madagascar a breathtaking tropical paradise. form our protecting.
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terrorists. we follow their journey as they put their lives on the. risking gets. this is al jazeera. this is a new life and coming up in the next 60 minutes if he appears on the chief is shot dead by his bodyguard and is part of a regional could attend the government now says his crushed. offensive begins in
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the democratic republic of congo to battle the militias that have forced hundreds of thousands of people from their homes. iran can never have nuclear weapons the u.s. national security adviser john bolton maintains the pressure on iran. and in sport house brazil are 3 to the quarter finals out. of 5 time champions thrashed karuna by delta finish top of their group. so that he and his military says it is back in full control of a northern states after a regional could tense that also sold the country's military chief shot dead prime minister ahmed says the move to take over horace state was led by a high ranking military official appeared on television late on saturday night dressed in me fatigues his military chief say autum a cannon was killed at his home in the capital addis ababa shot dead by his
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bodyguard and leader of the northern hora region was shot and killed in his office along with his aid. i'm horace stages one of 9 autonomous regions in ethiopia people reported hearing gunfire in the state capital. about 500 kilometers north of us on a barren saturday night at the u.s. embassy issued warnings for i did have a after reports of gunfire that well the prime minister came to power in 2018 after a time at a time of unrest he quickly secured political and financial support from a number of parties like the united arab emirates the european union and the world bank he restored ties with eritrea for a long time border dispute and improved diplomatic relations with djibouti and somalia have a also implemented rapid reforms lifting a state of emergency releasing thousands of political prisoners and giving hall for his cabinet posts to women well joining us here in the studios i had
6:51 pm
a friend the professor of politics at the heart institute for graduate studies. still getting information about what actually happened but it's we certainly know that the killings were in 2 separate areas and i'm horace state and military chief killed in addis ababa in the capital. what do you think happened is it these 2 incidents are related right. yes i think the government's is related and certainly it might turn out that despite the coup against himself because. it so happens that the guy who is accused of leading the coup. assam the city. he was in prison when i became to power for an islet school he was he tried at them to the queen 2009 and he was in prison so be pardoned him and made him chief of security in the region trust him maybe in his in
6:52 pm
his loyalty and the chief of the stuff is from great to grain that ukrainians were. the so-called controlling ethnicity in the in the coalition which was voting at this. until it came to power but it's from the oromo which is the largest nationality city in that your place. and he there was supposed to be an. alliance which was again it's a great the great great is actually at the moment in a separatist movement. it controls itself. that military they have the guys were rolling the opium now. or to meet the great. the federal government doesn't have that much authority so it's
6:53 pm
a complex business complex do you think the what's happened here is that the coup attempt was taking place and i'm hard at the same time they want to kill the military chief to dent the power down in the capital i think they must also have been probably planning insurrections in other regions because an insurrection one region will not be able to defy the federal government and so there must be we have to wait and see what else has been happening who has been planning other things that they certainly is an attempt to roll back the reforms of. bring me be back some of the old guard right because we have met as we were hearing he's brought in a lot of change in reform. you knew the governor of i'm horace state didn't you mention us recently and yes i met actually only last night and what was he
6:54 pm
optimistic was he positive about he was very positive about the future of if you yeah and also africa as a whole because we're also discussing at that time security and progress and peace in africa and so he was very upbeat about about things he was also showing confidence in our minds and the leadership and we were we actually came out from there in a very hopeful mode after we met him actually i don't have to just stay there for a sec because we're going to just speak to our correspondents who's on the ground in addis ababa has some new information joins us from the ethiopia's capital what do you have for us. when we have new information regarding your mccown in the chief of staff and the head of the ethiopian military we now know that he would. killed by his bodyguards it was an inside job and the prime minister is calling those who are responsibly find the mercenaries mckown and isn't particularly important here because he was actually in the process of trying to
6:55 pm
stop the attempted coup that was going on and behead are and then that is when his bodyguards. killed him so he was trying to calm the tensions and behind our had sent the military there to try and stop this too and it was that was when it happened and there was another federal general that was also killed in that attack now the entire the army intelligence general said that the coup was meant to create chaos in division especially in the military he said that the military now though has control over the situation at their command posts around the country that the military is in control with the prime minister obvious met of course over the military he said that there is peace and that the military are in control he is or reiterated that they are not divisions within the military this is particularly important because the 2 generals that were killed in addus are part of the ethnic
6:56 pm
group and the person who we believe is responsible for starting this coup and behead are he's part of the i'm harra group and so that man his name is but so no sorry is samina sygate he we believe is responsible for starting this coup interestingly he was arrested about 10 years ago for starting another coup and when trying minister obvious mad came into office he was actually pardoned and is known across ethiopia as a very pro. leader and so we have all of these different updates coming in about about him and also within but had our in the attempted coup we know that 2 regional leaders. we were killed including the regional the president. and his aides so we had to regional individual health and to federal general health
6:57 pm
care so the tensions are quite high as we're trying to get a better grip of what happened but the military at that that they have control of the situation all right thanks very much earlier. let's go back to our friend here in the studio. exactly what we were saying earlier it isn't yes it does and i think we have no to examine who was behind the killing of the 2 generals decide to take generals. so it's. bodyguards usually would be from their own ethnicity. they must have been infiltrated by or if not if there were if it was an attempt also to try to eliminate that ukraine in the army that's also the significant will most of them would exhibit if nick infighting and i think one of the mistakes maybe of the team
6:58 pm
before. it that it has entrenched this ethnicity into the structure of the state. by trying to just bring it to the open and deal with it i think it has now come to bite all right we'll leave it there thanks very much indeed for that very interesting perspective thank you very much. now the army in the democratic republic of congo has launched an offensive against a group in the town of goo in the east to fighting between tribes left at least $100.00 people dead and hundreds of thousands displaced let's speak to catherine sawyer whose life was joins us from coomber in neighboring uganda where many people have fled. what more do we know about this offensive being launched by the congolese army in the east of the country. well. all the information the latest information we are getting from across the border is coming from the spokesperson of the military who's spoken to al-jazeera and state that they have
6:59 pm
the soldiers on the ground have taken have taken one belonging to the militias and recovered some weapons of firearms is also said that they are having the military's having a very many challenges very many good qualities just advancing because it's raining quite heavily so that bond very very slow in the so their aim of this offensive basically is to flush out about militias that are hiding out in the forest and attacking villages and also clearing the roads that have been blocked creating sort of a humanitarian corridor so that aid can get to those who need it most and also trying to rescue about 80000 or so people who are trapped in some of this conflict areas now some of the military officials we've been talking to are becoming very difficult because they're not just fighting individuals with. machetes fighting
7:00 pm
a very well very well coordinated organized equipped. militia groups so this is a big problem for them more than 400000 people are displaced most of them are in the r.c. some of them are coming here to uganda we are just from a transit area and traveled to this reception area with refugees about. them across to uganda and from here they're going to be going they're going to be fact old enough that homeland area already has 100000 also refugees most of them who have over the years fled from the same conflict. james has no child and the shoot has just arrived at this refugee transit center in uganda after escaping an attack when he's village in the democratic republic of congo a 14 year old was separated from his 7 siblings and mother who he last saw running away from an attacker the the man.


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