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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  June 23, 2019 7:00pm-7:33pm +03

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being a very well very well who are doing a ted organized equipped militia group so this is a big problem for them more than 400000 people are displaced most of them are in the r.c. some of them are coming here to uganda we are just from a transit area and troubled to this just option area with refugees about $4000.00 of them have crossed for uganda and from here they are going to be going going to be settled in a settlement area make that already has 100000 also refugees most of them congolese who have over the years fled from the same conflict. james has suffered what no child should he's just arrived at this refugee transit center in uganda after escaping an attack on he's village in the democratic republic of congo the 14 year old was separated from his 7 siblings and mother who he last saw running away from and with a machete i was driving by go with. my mother or.
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my mother. and for me i just did. i'm still the one with most. of the time. he came to my mom. the village attack is just one of many many years of conflict between the lendu and hamad ethnic groups the fight by tribal militias the tory province is of a farm land and mineral reaches some say their rivalry has been politicised or paint his father was killed in another round of violence last year. has also just arrived in uganda the 15 year rules also concentrates his parents he's one of about $4000.00 congolese who resent he fled to uganda mainly from villages on the shores of lake albert which podesta dossie people are coming here with what ever they
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could and it's not much what we've also know from the huge families and many children some with quite difficult stories of what they experienced back home processing they're going to be taken to a reception area and then on to a settlement which will be their home for now. the un refugee agency says a large number of children are arriving is a concern. do they really have a different way of response it is informing. there is a. and then the fact that we were in that that. that that's. across the board at any tory region local government and catholic church he does are appealing for humanitarian help for up 240-0000 internally displaced. agencies i guess to get to those who most need help because the security situation
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remains volatile. besides the hundreds of thousands displaced people and come we have more than $80000.00 still trapped in some conflict areas in this situation is bad and sort of the old it's very difficult to get those areas to rescue them. back in uganda to pass his bed for the night he's safe for now but worries that his family will be unable to escape to catherine saw al jazeera make i'll bet you that . are probably more ahead on the news hour including take a look at why iraq's struggling economy may be heading into troubled waters. as sudan's leading protest group agrees to a proposed plan for a transitional government but the military council has yet to respond i mean as for coming up to afghanistan barely missed out on the biggest win in that cricketing history.
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that residents of istanbul are voting in a controversial rerun of the mayoral election held about 3 months ago in march the opposition candidate was declared the winner of the 1st vote but that result was an old after the ruling party filed a legal challenge over alleged irregularities and let's bring in our correspondents and it's and of course you know who joins us live from istanbul and sinan president has been campaigning as hard as anyone for this but he's obviously not even taking part in. well the yes some men present are gone is also the chairman of the ruling party as a turkish partner as there was a strict shift from turkish parliament tarion system to the presidential one last year he's both the president. and the head of the ruling out part of that's why he
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is involved in everything that a party is involved and he sees this is somebody may or may or shift election as a situation for himself and his farted that's why he has been in the field he has been campaigning himself on behalf of the ruling party candidate he has how many rallies before march 31st and again for today's election as well because they believe actually both sides believe that the sample is economic powerhouse of the country it has at least 16000000 population 10500000 voters that's why well winning istanbul is also is it also means controlling the economy activities of the country and a dominant population who is highly educated and influencing crass politics of course in in the stumbles of action on march 31st the battle was again of a fierce one it was a match and that one and the lead was just only $14000.00 which is which was seen
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as a small amount of difference in such a crowded city and the kingmaker was the kurdish votes for on be helpful to opposition party and that's why right now they are the ruling parties target is also the kurdish wards for this election so then thanks very much let's take this all we can speak not to you socially who's. office director of the german marshall fund of the united states joins us from survive scott from from from go turkey. first of all the president has often said that he who wins istanbul wins turkey it's very important for him. well this is pretty important for president add on for a number of reasons 1st of all this personally important for him because istanbul is very was born as a politician manship of istanbul are what made him out in the one in turkey and actually across the borders of turkey i see became
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a political leader in the stumble are beyond that as you know has explained very well is stumble is the economy cultural are capital of turkey sexually are perhaps an economy can cultural capital of the world all go to reduce our capital is unca and stop lights are actually comparable though or it's very easy source it is a very stumble i have actually the tears are all there on terror yet it wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that it is some of the microcosm of. so although of course you who is it is done will does not necessarily rid our interest of the country i believe that there are strong implications and school already fits so how close do you think it's going to be well i mean to paul suggest that it will not be claws at all are so are the costs so just aren't there anymore who had one are the 1st 6 anyway it are leading by a comfortable margin are but then in late you not only in turkey but in other
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countries also the polls are this you liable and they used to be so i would not articulate chances on between what this election can we be sure of a free and fair contest. well i mean some of this is a question that i have come across many times our system quit tempting turkey it is true that since the great time to turkey elections in turkey are less and less free and and they are increasing now on fear but being less free any musing on here are there actually still are you that will get its withdrawal position if you know your chance of winning i believe that this point was true and you go or do election are and i believe that it will not be disproven in this election in egypt and you guiding election take gritty ice to try just citizens are did actually are the backbone of to use election system and in the tradition action system everything just physical or mental you know and transparent so if the citizens project their
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ballots are i don't think that intrigues can be played so yes i believe that this election will be fair you know and you are right when even that thanks very much indeed for that perspective on the go only he shouts to me from go make in turkey thank you. now as tension between the united states and iran builds in the gulf iraq is watching from the sidelines with growing maybe the threat to its oil exports and how its economy could suffer for it as this report. these tankers are being loaded with iraqi crude oil it's being pumped from iraq's biggest offshore platform in waters close to the maritime borders of kuwait and iran oil experts in iraq are increasingly concerned about how rising tension between the u.s. and iran could affect the country's economy that's already struggling to recover after decades of war and political instability. iraq must avoid getting involved in any conflict in the region we don't want to be embroiled in other countries affairs
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we are focused on trying to secure our country's economy. the us sent warships including an aircraft carrier and b. $52.00 bombers to the gulf region may. it's also sent around $2500.00 additional soldiers a patriot missile system and surveillance planes iraq exports around $3500000.00 barrels of oil a day much of it from platforms like this one but with recent u.s. attention and attacks on all tankers here on the arabian gulf there are rising security fears because around a 5th of the world's oil policy is along these waters and through the strait of hormuz the u.s. has accused iran of attacking 6 because in the region in recent weeks iranian leaders have repeatedly denied responsibility describing the allegations as dangerous security fears for tankers like these increased further on thursday.
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when iran shot down a u.s. drone because it it into to rain in a space the u.s. says it was flying in international airspace unlist say iran is trying to use regional and global security fears about maritime safety to its advantage. one of iran's biggest means of defense limiting oil exports through the strait of hormuz would affect the iraqi economy hugely given that about 95 percent of its oil goes through the strait the situation is critical president trump says the u.s. military was cocked and loaded to retaliate against iran following the attack on the u.s. drone but he said he changed his mind and stopped it's 10 minutes before missiles were sent to launch as they transport both iran and the u.s. say they don't want war but iranian leaders have previously said that if they can't export their oil on the u.s. sanctions then nor can anybody else and that's a concern for the operators of ships like these as they transport millions of
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barrels of oil to markets around the world every. chance strafford al-jazeera off the coast of southern iraq g.m. and now and who through rebels say they've attacked fighters backed by the saudi american led coalition they say several sudanese soldiers were killed and injured in the assault on camps in northern miltie does it. say they also fired rockets across the border into saudi arabia targeting a military position in the city of. elite is wrapped up the latest summits of southeast asian countries known as in thailand times prime minister has called on fellow leaders to approve a deal that would form the world's largest free trade area the trade will between the united states and china has dominated the summit but territorial disputes in the south china sea the hinge of crisis and waste we also discussed as the latest now from bangkok. summit coming to an official close here on sunday. the
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prime minister here in thailand giving a press conference and kind of distilling what came through in those meetings in the summit on sunday and that is they are focused on nations are focused on better relationships and better coordination because they have a big challenge on their hand and that's when it comes to global trade because these nations 2 biggest trading partners the united states and china are in the midst of a trade war so the nations here need to navigate they say together on how to figure out how they move forward it's a big challenge because in some nations they're almost being forced to choose sides so that is something that they've been discussing but also other issues are brought up particular when it comes to human rights for him just a crisis has been brought up no solution if you will because there's kind of a tradition here at aussie on of not intervention into domestic issues so that really has been brought up overall human rights issues were brought up but nothing specific so how we move forward they say they want to engage in a trade pact free trade deal before the end of the year with these nations india and china that is
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a tall order because there are so many different players in hand that it's going to be difficult to negotiate through but they're saying here for the trade within this region it is critical that that's done within the next 6 months one of the few moments we'll have the weather with meteorologist kevin kerr it's also ahead here tonight. we look at the latest skirmish points between the u.s. president and the conjunction. and in india how drowned is turning a vital source of food to dust. one of sports a 1st for. at the world's fastest racing boat competition. the weather sets. more heavy rain and more computer communities being impacted here in southern parts of china i want to show you some newest video
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that has come in from dawn g. province in the southwestern part of china and this community has been hit hard as you can see the flooding rains here now we've already seen rivers rising here for weeks now soil is already saturated so water has nowhere to go and we are dealing with very heavy rain and also in this community 4 people are now missing because of the very heavy flooding that's been going on all these communities we've been seeing over 122110 millimeters of rain just in the last 24 hours and that is really going to continue as we go towards the next couple of days our next focus is going to be down here towards the south in the southwest dong and fujian province over the next few days are going to be seeing the heaviest of the rains so i want to show you in just a few minutes how much rain they're going to be getting but for hong kong that means you're going to getting some very heavy rain over the next few days to the north though the rain is starting to increase back there you had a few dry days but those 3 days are going to be over in terms of accumulation we are looking at possibly about $150.00 to over $250.00 millimeters of rain anywhere
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from hong kong for joe as well as over here towards taipei so the flooding risk is going to continue across much of this area to the north though it is going to be fairly dry but rain is going to be increasing. the wet spots and cattle and ways. they wanted for q 3000000000 pounds with the weaponry that was 6000000000 in. there is no end in because there's always a small. business. in essence we in the united states have privatized the ultimate public function your shadow on al-jazeera. is if this exercise bill cold unspeakable man. compiled testimonies of victims of congolese massenet's as this intimate evidence
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finds its way to international courts the central african republic is plunged into fat. and intricate tanev of people and a nation crippled by recent history. afrikaans part one of a 2 part series on al-jazeera. and again you want yards or a reminder about top stories and ethiopia's military chief has been shot dead during what the prime minister says was a coup attempt in northern states state media has also reported that the government of m. horace state was killed along with an aide after being attacked his office. the army in the democratic republic of congo has launched an offensive against an armed
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group in the town in the east that's after fighting between tribes left at least $100.00 people dead hundreds of thousands displaced. residents of istanbul of voting in a controversial rerun of the mayoral election held about 3 months ago in march the opposition candidate was declared the winner of the 1st votes but that was all too was an old after the ruling out party filed a legal challenge over and that's the regularities. if the i.p.s. prime minister has been helping mediate the political crisis in neighboring sudan the leading protest group says it's accepted a plan for a transitional government put forward by. however the military has yet to agree to the proposal in the plan calls for the immediate formation of a government for the next 3 years suggest the formation of a 15 member council with 7 civilian representatives 7 military members and one impartial person approved by both sides the ethiopia plan also demands sudanese
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people have access to the internet as you know its military shut it down earlier this month in an attempt to quash the protest movement. we received a draft of an agreement presented by the ethiopian mediator mahmoud on thursday initiate a freedom and change reviewed this draft proposal by the mediator which included all the structures of the transitional period he also demanded the creation of an appropriate and peaceful atmosphere to renew the political process a joint west african military force says it's killed at least $42.00 i still faces they died in fighting on an island in lake chad according to the multinational joint task force that's made up of soldiers from nigeria niger chad and cameroon and interests has details from nigeria's capital of the. regional forces say the 42 were killed in an operation i don't believe that area especially in bill good night or. as well as by got these are areas that were previously attacked several times
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bible quote i mean even occupied before you were there were chased out by military forces from that region now there is not the oppression that was held all that was carried out simultaneously on the communion border where a number of quantum fighters have been killed on the nigerian side too. as well as i so i feel a good book or i have taken some hit but they also on their part have launched military attacks on military targets as well as civilian targets in the region recently we've seen how. especially the shekel function has renewed its suicide mission in the northeast of nigeria so this is a continual procession that has been going on for a very long time and we've seen over the last few years how despite the losses but quite i mean i still i feel it to groups have been able to adopt restricted days and launch attacks not only on civilian targets but also all military forces in the
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region. u.s. national security adviser john bolton says iran should know it's a mistake u.s. prudence for weakness of bolton made the comments alongside prime minister benjamin netanyahu in israel to have been discussing regional security as tensions are high between washington and her own iran can never have nuclear weapons not against the usa and not against the world and as he made clear yesterday referring to his earlier remarks the president said i just right stop the strike from going forward at this time let's talk about its new joins us live now from wester islam and rob iran very much the focus of talks. absolutely nic and john bolton there speaking during a press conference that was held just before the 3 way meetings that are going to be taking place over the next couple of days and which are going to include russia as well and both israel and the u.s.
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taking the opportunity to make their stance on iran very plain they israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu also very keen to stress that one of the key elements of these talks for him is the removal of iranian and military equipment and bases from neighboring syria which israel regards as a very significant threat but the prime minister is also very anxious to these meetings should be seen as israel playing a significant role on the global stage but this is also a very important time for the prime minister in terms of domestic politics as well the prime minister benjamin netanyahu was unable to form a government at the end of may following elections and he's facing more elections coming up in september so the timing of this meeting is very important for him it is important to note the fact that russia is present these meetings there is a very strong chance and a lot of speculation that the u.s.
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and israel but particularly the u.s. are going to try to encourage russia to put pressure on iran to try to if nothing else deescalate its side of the tensions in the middle east that exist at the moment they run is. of russia's key middle east ally not least because the 2 countries are helping to support the syrian regime of president bashar al assad to what extent russia is going to be prepared to do that we're yet to find out rob thanks very much that's a picture in west jerusalem robertson reporting. u.s. president donald trump appears to be turning down talk of possible military action against iran he says a strike is always on the table but for now trump is promising to step up economic pressure through more sanctions john hendren has the latest from washington d.c. . president donald trump appears to have changed his tone somewhat on iran the president says he can imagine the u.s.
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and iran being best of friends he even went on to say he'd like to make iran great again and even thanked the persian nation for not shooting down a man's plane that was nearby with about $35.00 crew members according to iranian officials when it shot down an unmanned u.s. drone but the president also said he will go ahead with new sanctions against iran starting on monday and according to news reports the president approved last week a cyber strike against iran disabled computer systems that run the country's missile and rocket systems so the president appears to be operating on a number of different levels and meanwhile on saturday mike pompei of the president's secretary of state issued a statement with somewhat more bellicose rhetoric saying that iran shot down that drone over international waters not as iran says over iranian territory and pompei went on to say when the iranian regime decides to forego violence and meet our diplomacy with diplomacy it knows how it can reach us until then our diplomatic
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isolation and economic pressure campaign against the regime will intensify and that is where those sanctions the president is promising come into play however president trump was elected on a promise to pull the u.s. out of military conflicts in iraq and afghanistan and many analysts believe that he is relieved not to be clinically embroiled in yet another military conflict that could further divide his already narrow base with the 2020 election season already underway. charisma kim jong un has received a personal letter from donald trump and says he will seriously consider its contents in praise of that's described it as excellent but stopped short of saying what it was about its comes off the stool denuclearization talks between the 2 cars . bruce earlier this week kim said he was waiting on a positive step from the united states and we hear a trunk confirm that he had received
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a beautiful letter from kim. well let's bring in under a line called who's a professor of current studies cookman university joins us on skype from seoul an excellent letter a beautiful letter this is the world of trying to play. what can we speculate about the contents of this latest excellent letter yes it seems it's just more scary and that never comes. as a pro because been talking for quite a long emails or it's not clear there's as it talks done by the diplomats or by st get a chance. because in the past they often use spice to deliver such message but is it content will just a few days ago the changes you know wasn't. and many people suspect it is if she was going to negotiate some kind of deal to most likely the should expect some compromise to be serious to discuss no scary as you probably just said and the art
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of sleep then you clear production facilities not much definitely not every sing and if you nick she united states the all mines if the un security council the significantly. use sanctions which now make almost scary any kind of international economic activity any kind of normal trade century also so not scary if you'll be more included in those international economic systems they will start and buy and sell they will start making money and they can sacrifice some of their nuclear facilities and then more sites if you keep talking booking and talking about in your queries how optimistic do you think we should be about the potential for resolution here given that given kim jong un's very positive response saying that donald trump has shown extraordinary courage and that he would seriously contemplate the interesting content of the letter. yes but the
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studies not scary and sad you markedly go on trial who are they basically you're used to call names just a few years ago and it's all of this you know will melt it looking for the beautiful let us 3 years ago will go on trial promise not scary years and in general himself sighing securities that will cause never so you know ready is for it bought i'm my least i wrote sees it 50 percent because of say 50 percent chances of success for some kind of compromise to be evoked now these are next year if by success you mean didn't dare ization of not scatty at chance to separate equals to 0 no matter of what not scary as they'll not set on dates you play weapons completely but as i have said they're probably feeling to freeze their nuclear program on their current level or even make their steps back if they get sufficient it was gone tom is eating to use them he wants a like
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a majority of the american outline establishment but basically say all or nothing donald trump is the all right well the deal seems to be back in the frame of possibility at least under a lot of thanks very much. hong kong's religious leaders have joined protesters in criticizing the city's controversial plan to extradite criminal suspects to mainland china a bill calling for this has been shelf and i hope that many want it scrapped entirely sir claude reports from hong kong. in a city that same violent clashes and weeks of mass protest this church service office responds to those seeking us. from what i could i am a christian we feel we should pray for our city i would like to pray for them but for them to have peace in their mind on the front line religious leaders have been standing side by side with the protesters with fears that a proposed extradition law would lead to unfair trials on the mainland they've been crying continuously outside government headquarters they're also here to promote
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peace and try to prevent the crisis from escalating we feel that we have an obligation to protect the hong kong christian churches and the people are. members of the chinese communist party up or hit it from having any religious faith and party members who break the rules can be expelled and christians and other religious minorities say they're persecuted on the mainland unlike here in hong kong which enjoys a high degree of religious freedom. many. christian churches. object to. the. religious criminal hong kong is home to more than 850000 christians and more than 1500 churches christian missionaries were based here during british rule but religious leaders fear that diversity and all religions are at risk if this extradition law gets the go ahead buddhist and muslim groups haven't publicly voiced their position perry lamb has apologized twice for
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the way the government handled the bill they say religious leaders also want her to repair the government's relations with the city's young people the whole issue of soul no respect to the human dignity so this is the really just express sort of the personality saying no to this and all the extradition law has been suspended for now protesters are hoping kerry lamb will hear their prayers and dump it for good sarah clarke al-jazeera hong kong. security and invest. top of the agenda as cut to shape to mean been home at all time he spends a 2nd day meeting leaders in pakistan prime minister imran khan invited the emir the head to discuss the tensions in the gulf region they're also looking at working closely in areas from trade and energy to tourism large parts of india are suffering the worst droughts in decades and that's forcing many farmers to abandon their land and as their crops fail many of moving to the cities only to find that life there isn't much better elizabeth put
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a number of reports from one of india's hardest hit regions the western states of maharashtra. you are. more a left has 40000 square meter cotton farm in his village 6 months ago he now lives in this cramped rented room with his family. 2 years of drought have forced him to find work as a laborer in one of the many factories in the city of about. it is very difficult to live in the city i feel very supported but then again i do i have to live. nearly 3 quarters of the state of maharashtra is suffering drought and crop failure . farmers often take out loans to buy seeds and if they crops fail they can't pay back the money. bring heavy loans because for the last couple of years there have been no rings there have been 4 or 5 suicides in our village the plight of farmers has been
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a major problem in india in recent years more than 300000 farmers have killed themselves in the past 25 years a study found a 5th of those deaths were due to climate change and even a marginal increase in rainfall lead to fewer suicides that year. the government has encouraged farmers to insure their crops against failure through a nationwide scheme they say they have distributed more than $60000000.00 to farmers in this district this year. and the condition of crops there is a prime minister's scheme and i will get the insured amount. but many of those who are supposed to gain protection say it doesn't work. as insurers won't cover his silk farm and morris says he also can't.


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