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there's very little presence of that government that and i resent the fact that some of these groups are being funded and supported by foreign forces in fact daryn to bring you closer to the city waste and amply let me take you to this area benny and with campbell dealing with n.p.r. he well there is a boy it's been very difficult to contain that again because of security we have a militia group that have been attacking health why kids have been attacking treatment centers are through as well making very difficult indeed so all of this complexity is making it hard for the government really to deal with the situation in a region that is quite 3 chine mineral than other resources or as a catherine story there in khartoum in neighboring uganda catherine thank you u.s. national security adviser john bolton says iran should not mistake u.s. prudence for weakness bolton made the comments alongside prime minister benjamin netanyahu in israel to have been discussing regional security as tensions remain
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high between washington and tehran iran can never have nuclear weapons not against the usa and not against the world and as he made clear yesterday referring to his earlier remarks the president said i just strike stop the strike from going forward at this time yes president donald trump appears to be toning down talk of possible military action against iran he says a strike is always on the table but for now promising to step up economic pressure through more sanctions john hendren has more now from washington d.c. . president donald trump appears to have changed his tone somewhat on iran the president says he can imagine the u.s. and iran being best of friends he even went on to say he'd like to make iran great again and even thanked the persian nation for not shooting down a man's plane that was nearby with about $35.00 crew members according to iranian
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officials when it shot down an unmanned u.s. drone but the president also said he will go ahead with new sanctions against iran starting on monday and according to news reports the president approved last week a cyber strike against iran disabled computer systems that run the country's missile and rocket systems so the president appears to be operating on a number of different levels and meanwhile on saturday mike pompei of the president's secretary of state issued a statement with somewhat more bellicose rhetoric saying that iran shot down that drone over international waters not as iran says over iranian territory and pompei went on to say when the iranian regime decides to forego violence and meet our diplomacy with diplomacy it knows how it can reach us until then our diplomatic isolation and economic pressure campaign against the regime will intensify and that is where those sanctions the president is promising come into play however
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president trump was elected on a promise to pull the u.s. out of military conflicts in iraq and afghanistan and many analysts believe that he is relieved not to be clinically embroiled in yet another military conflict that could further divide his already narrow base with the 2020 election season already underway. also to come here and al-jazeera including sudan's leading protest group agrees to a proposed plan for a transitional government but the military council is yet to respond. kim jong moon and his letter from the president of the united states we have all the details on that stay with us. hello again welcome back to international weather forecast what is going to continue to stay rainy here across parts of japan right now in tokyo it is going to
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be raining pretty much till we get towards tuesday morning 21 degrees is the expected high and then as we go towards tuesday things start to clear up across the area and for a sucka things going to be quite nice to you at $28.00 degrees and across the korean peninsula the sun continues to shine in those temperatures into the low thirty's there well across central and southern parts of china it has been flooding across much of the region you can see the areas of thunderstorms we're talking about right now just in the last 24 hours 110 millimeters of rain has been the trend for some major cities and for hong kong unfortunate on monday the rain is coming towards you we expect to see some very heavy rain showers there temperature of 30 but by the time we get towards tuesday some improvement in your forecast up toward shanghai though the rain is coming back with a temperature of 29 degrees and then very quickly across parts of the philippines the rain is going to be quite heavy over the next few days it is going to be increasing as we go towards midweek so here on monday partly cloudy conditions with great shows at 32 degrees and then as we go towards tuesday the rain really begins
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to kick in 32 degrees there but out towards central indonesia things are looking quite nice with bali seeing a temperature of 33. al-jazeera well to meet some extraordinary women. who. making things happen that way. following their daily struggle to survive. for their families to thrive. e.j. the swimmin street silent as on al-jazeera.
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welcome back to the top stories here the ethiopian military says it's back in full control of the northern state after a regional coup attempt that also saw the country's military chief shot dead. and was killed at his home in the capital shot dead by his body go into the northern region the shocking killing his office along with. the army in the democratic republic of congo has begun an offensive against an armed group in the eastern territory of juba the fighting in recent weeks has killed at least 100 people displaced hundreds of thousands. and residents of istanbul voting on a controversial rerun of the mayoral election held about 3 months ago in march the opposition candidate was declared the winner of the 1st vote but that result was unknown after the ruling party for the legal challenge over alleged irregularities . ethiopia's prime minister has been helping to mediate the political crisis in
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neighboring said the leading protest group there says it has accepted a plan for a transitional government put forward by abbey ahmed however the military has yet to agree to the proposal well the plan calls for the immediate formation of a government for the next 3 years it suggests the formation of a 15 member council with 7 civilian representatives 7 minutes of members and one impartial person approved by both sides ethiopia plant also demand sudanese people have access to the internet and sudan's military shut it down earlier this month in an attempt to squash the protest movement. believe me. we received a draft of an agreement presented by the ethiopian mediator mahmoud arrear on thursday the initiates of freedom and change reviewed this draft proposal by the mediator which included all the structures of the transitional period he also demanded the creation of an appropriate and peaceful atmosphere to renew the
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political process leaders of wrapped up the latest summit of southeast asian countries known as in thailand minister has called on fellow leaders to approve a deal that would form the world's biggest free trade area the trade war between the u.s. and china has dominated the summit but territorial disputes in the south china sea the running a crisis an ocean of waste also discussed scott like scott hyde the latest from bangkok. summit coming to an official close here on sunday. the prime minister here in thailand giving a press conference and kind of distilling what came through in those meetings in the summit on sunday and that is they are focused on nations are focused on better relationships and better coordination because they have a big challenge on their hand and that's when it comes to global trade because these nations 2 biggest trading partners the united states and china are in the midst of a trade war so the nations here need to navigate they say together on how to figure out how they move forward it's a big challenge because in some nations they're almost being forced to choose sides
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so that is something that they've been discussing but also other issues are brought up particular when it comes to human rights for hin just a crisis has been brought up no solution if you will because there's kind of a tradition here at aussie on of not intervention into domestic issues so that really has been brought up overall human rights issues were brought up but nothing specific so how we move forward they say they want to engage in a trade pact free trade deal before the end of the year with these nations india and china that is a tall order because there are so many different players in hand that it's going to be difficult to negotiate through but they're saying here. for the the trade within this region it is critical that that's done within the next 6 months north korea's leader kim jong un has received a personal letter from donald trump and says he will seriously consider its contents kim jong un praised the letter and described it as excellent but stopped short of saying what it was about comes up to store the new translation talks between both countries early this week kim said he was waiting on
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a positive step from the u.s. a week ago trump confirmed that he had received a beautiful letter from kim well underlying cause as a professor of korean studies that cook when university he says it's unlikely north korea will ever agree to complete denuclearization. not scary and sad you markedly go on from whom they basically you're used to call names just a few years ago and it's obvious you know now is it working well beautiful let us do yes it will go on trial promise not scare us and in general himself science securities they will never see so you know ready it's for it but i'm my used i wrote sees it she sounds because of say 50 percent chances of success for some compromise it evoked now these on next year you've been a success you mean didn't dare ization of mosque area chance to separate it close to 0 no mention of what was scary as he'll not set on dates you play weapons completely but if they have set they're probably feeling to freeze their nuclear
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program on their current level or even make their steps back if they get sufficient it wants to yemen now where who the rebels say they've attacked fighters backed by the saudi and iran to lead coalition i say several sudanese soldiers were killed and injured in the assault on camps in northern desert who they say they also fired rockets across the border into saudi arabia targeting a military position in the city of natural. security and investment are top of the agenda qatar's emir shut to mean been handed out spends a 2nd day meeting leaders in pakistan the visits at the invitation a prime minister in one can to discuss the current tensions in the gulf region along with ways to enhance cooperation in everything from trade and energy to tourism. large parts of india are suffering their worst drought in decades and that's forcing many farmers to abandon their land as their crops failed many and moving into the cities only to find life there isn't much better elizabeth purana
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reports from one of india's hardest hit regions the western state of my russia. you are. more to left has 40000 square meter cotton farm in his village 6 months ago he now lives in this cramped rented room with his family. 2 years of drought have forced him to find work as a laborer in one of the many factories in the city of about. it is very difficult to live in the city i feel very safe but then again i do i have to live. nearly 3 quarters of the state of maharashtra is suffering drought and crop failure . farmers often take out loans to buy seeds and if they crops fail they can't pay back the money to kill it but it got. done with it there have been heavy loans because for the last couple of years there have been no rings there have been 4 or
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5 suicides in our village the plight of farmers has been a major problem in india in recent years more than 300000 farmers have killed themselves in the past 25 years a study found a 5th of those deaths were due to climate change and even a marginal increase in rainfall let a few a suicide that here. the government has encouraged farmers to insure their crops against failure through a nationwide scheme they say they have distributed more than $60000000.00 to farmers in this district this year. on the condition of crop failure there is a prime minister's scheme and i will get the insured amount. but many of those who are supposed to gain protection say it doesn't work. says insurers won't cover his silk farm and says he also can't get support. it has a rich poor people the middlemen big door so it doesn't benefit the poor farmers.
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and our mentalist say what's really needed is for farmers to stop relying on crops like cotton and sugar cane which takes lots of water to grow. if you look at b. it's continuously in drought because of sugar factories i think if this problem needs to be solved we should work on cropping patterns that changing types of crops and where and when they will take time so back in the city more day waits and hopes the rains will come and he can go back to work in his fields elizabeth al-jazeera. climate protestors a battle police a demonstration against one of germany's biggest coal mines demonstrators tried to push through a police line near the mine site in the west thousands have been taking part in a campaign to stop the mines operations on friday protesters blocked train routes to the area. people have been protesting outside georgia's parliament for a 3rd day demonstrations have mostly been peaceful after hundreds of people were
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arrested and injured in violence with police in the capital tbilisi on thursday demonstrators tried to storm parliament after a russian politician gave a speech in his native language from a putin then halted flights to georgia starting next month relations between the 2 states have been strained since the 2008 war over south said here. donald trump says he will postpone mass deportation raids against illegal migrants for 2 weeks to work with democrats on immigration issues the raids are expected to target up to 2000 families facing deportation orders in 10 u.s. cities on sunday in a tweet trump says the deportations will begin if a compromise can't be reached to close immigration loopholes. more than 70 police officers have been taken off the streets in the us city of philadelphia for violent or racist social media posts their actions were revealed in a study that looked at officers and 8 cities and found similar behavior in all of them christensen reports. philadelphia residents are demanding accountability from
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their police force. 72 officers out of 6300 have been put on administrative leave pending an investigation for posts on facebook deemed racist or advocating violence posts which according to the police commissioner could undermine police community relations makes me sick to be honest with you it really makes me sick because we are in a position to know whether posts like nice day for a chokehold equating black people with savages and denigrating muslims were found by the plain view project when they looked at social media activity of a sampling of officers in 8 cities big and small when we looked at a post we asked is it possible that this post this statement this name could affect civilian trust in civilian understanding of the police force lawyer emily
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baker white said the post berry and severity but show disturbing trends i think it speaks to to coulter and if we have a police department where folks are being encouraged for whatever reason to be divisive to engage in prejudiced or violent commentary and where they feel like they do that in order to be a part of a community that gets in the way of police forces being able to do their job as the union representing philadelphia police called the social media investigation overly broad accusing it of overlooking all of the good work done regularly by our officers the fallout from the study is ongoing not just here in philadelphia but nationwide the police departments in all 8 cities looked at by the plainview project have launched investigations reverend mark tyler says the findings contribute to an eye. vs them mentality in minority communities all we want is the
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same thing that everyone else wants to feel that if you need a police officer in a time of trouble that you're going to get help it's going to get support and that you're going to get the benefit of the doubt that you will be judged by your behavior not by what you look like on the outside. others are holding these revelation we need to better training for officers kristen salumi al-jazeera philadelphia. a quick check of the headlines here on al-jazeera ethiopia's military says it's back in full control of the northern state after a regional cooler temps but also saw the country's military chief shot dead say only mccammon was killed at his home in the capital addis ababa shot dead by his bodyguard the prime minister says the move to take i'm horace state was led by a high ranking military official. in ethiopia as head of army intelligence
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addressed the nation and called for calm. because in light of these attacks ethiopian people should remain calm and i want to take this opportunity to assure people there is nothing within the military to worry about and lastly this attack was against the people and the government and all of its armed forces this was also an attack against an entire country everyone in the military and the public should strongly oppose this attack and those who are behind this will be brought to justice and i call on everyone including those in the military to cooperate with the investigation the army in the democratic republic of congo has begun an offensive against an armed group in the eastern territory of judah fighting in recent weeks has killed at least 100 people and displaced hundreds of thousands. residents of istanbul of voting on a controversial rerun of the mirror election held about 3 months ago in march the opposition candidate was declared the winner but that result was an old after the ruling party filed a legal challenge of alleged irregularities u.s.
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national security adviser john bolton says iran should not mistake u.s. prudence for weakness bolton made the comments alongside prime minister benjamin netanyahu in israel. to have been discussing regional security as tensions remain high between washington and tehran. the leaders of wrapped up the latest summit of southeast asian countries known as r.c.n. in thailand thailand's prime minister has called on fellow leaders to approve a deal that would form the world's biggest free trade area north korea's leader kim jong il has received a personal letter from donald trump and says he will seriously consider its contents kim jong praised the letter described it as excellent comes after stall denuclearization talks between the 2 countries and we could go trying to confirm that he received quote a beautiful letter from kim. so those were the headlines that was
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continues here on al-jazeera after inside story statement that was watching by phone. will the u.s. talk to iran donald trump says he was about to strike iran off the dining of a u.s. drone and then backed off fearing a loss of life is the u.s. president being serious or is he ramping up the pressure on tehran this is inside story.
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hello and welcome to the program. the united states called off a military strike on iran at the last minute it's a move that might not sit well with regional allies saudi arabia the united arab emirates and israel one president donald trump to keep up its tough stance against tehran we'll go to our panel in a moment of 1st fintan mine and has more on the standoff in the gulf and trump strategy of maximum pressure. it was the air strike that never was according to president trump the u.s. was 10 minutes away from attacking iran but pulled back in the final moments. i said you know what they shut down and on and. drone plane whatever you want to call it and here we are sitting with $150.00 dead people and that would have taken place probably within a half an hour after i said go ahead and i didn't like it i didn't think it was i didn't think it was proportionate. to the planned strikes were spawns 2 rounds
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downing of an american surveillance drone iran has also said it's exercising restraint that i wonder is it at the same moment when the aircraft was being tracked another spy aircraft called p 8 was flying close to this drone that aircraft is man and has around 35 crew members while we could have targeted that plane it was our right to do so and yes it was american but we didn't do it we hit the unmanned aircraft. but the aborted u.s. air strike may have been about more than retaliation the u.s. is hoping that pressure on iran will convince leaders to renegotiate its nuclear deal with world powers are maximum pressure campaign against the islamic republic of iran is working iran is feeling the effects of our maximum pressure campaign iran is responsible for the escalating tensions in the region and they continue to reject diplomatic overtures to deescalate tensions in the region. it's
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a strategy trump is tripe before it aug 2017 he promised north korea fire and fury in response to their nuclear tests less than a year later he was shaking kim jong un's hand in singapore but in the middle east regional allies are pushing for the u.s. to act against iran saudi arabia blames teheran for attacks on shipping in the gulf of oman and supplying weapons used by yemen's hoopy rebels to attack saudi territory. at a gathering of regional leaders last month without the king called for decisive action to stop what he called iranian escalations israel's benjamin netanyahu a longtime opponent of iran and the nuclear deal is also pushing the u.s. to take a strong position. while conflict was averted this time tension is still high and there appears to be little room for compromise since monohan al-jazeera. here we go let's introduce our panel today joining us from tehran husain amati an
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assistant professor of political science at the university of tehran from oxford in the u.k. helen latimer a research associate at the school the oriental and african studies and from kuwait city a. professor of political science at kuwait university welcome to you all. interior on where does all this leave us relations with its key allies across the region. well i think. the u.s. allies in the region are basically pushing the united states into a sort of military control confrontation with iran which is basically based on the premise that any conflict with iran would set it back for years or decades and i think that is really a miscalculation that can lead to a regional conflict that can destabilize the entire region they are not
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basically taken into account iran's you know traditional strategic behavior in the region they want to act alone it will act within a. within an alliance and it won't go for war or conflict all alone i think it has a a coalition of state and non-state actors that can you know trigger a regional conflict so i think this premise that our saudis israelis and usa are seeing that basically is a win win situation in which a push back against iran. within the maximum pressure would diminish its regional reach and influence or a on another you know side a military confrontation can even more devastate to iran is really on realistic it is on underestimating iran's you know capabilities in terms of military and asymmetric warfare in the region and i think iran would wouldn't have anything to
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lose if it's to be faced with a regional you know an international. still lety by the united states and its allies so i think they are pushing the united states to that direction but up until now fortunately they are not this states as rationally so decided not to you know escalate things even further but we are on a. skule terry wrote for now. in oxford we may be on an escalator erode so far but in equal measure did or do the 3 allies we're talking about israel and the u.a.e. in equal measure did they want donald trump to do something yesterday i suspect that they probably did i think the 1st thing to remind everybody of is that we're really in an extremely dangerous and risky situation and that way yet again
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in a situation where some politicians who have specific objectives are completely neglecting and ignoring the likely consequences of their actions over thousands if not millions of people in the relevant countries i think for you know for the gulf states and this is they are aware of the fact that trump has already started on his election manifesto for next year and that you know their window of opportunity for really attacking iran is narrowing by the day so i suspect that they were pretty much disappointed by what happened yesterday i also think it's important to remember that you know. a few strikes are not something that will just happen with no consequences i think of previous speaker has explained that there will be very serious consequences i think it's very clear to the populations in those countries that you know it's not
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a matter of simply getting the americans to have a few asteroids or even themselves getting involved in as strikes if a conflict starts it will be all westerns because i think to some extent it's already started it will be a disaster for you know everybody. concerned in the region and again this is thousands of miles away from the u.s. you know the u.s. only have to only about their 1520 or 30000 troops in the region whereas everybody else has to worry about everybody in their countries and in kuwait city is this no less than maximum pressure because that's the the buzz word that's the key phrase we've been hearing now from the trumpet ministration as far as those allies are concerned for a long time now well if you allow me 1st of all they're not nobody could push united states around to do what the united states doesn't believe it serves us national interests neither the saudis nor the the m r r t's or other nation
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probably with the exception of israel which has. an axe to grind with the with the iranians are to be the only. owner of the nuclear power in the region nobody could push it in at this whether it's trump or any other administration this is number one number 2 there are there want to be a wide scale war i mean president trump stated that very clear and i'm glad he called after the strike even though it was a very limited strike every tahlia thought it tactical one and not stay in war because trump is the last thing he wants to be on top on. another major conflict in the middle east that could really but it uses his chances to be reelected in 2020 so he's a very smart calculating president and he doesn't want to push the envelope all the way the full scale war iran on the other hand is
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a very rational actor model and it has really dealt with this crisis in a very. in a in a very appropriate manner it's now on the driver see the americans have really looked shabby the allies in the region are now wondering once again and i started. just finished there is a trust deficit building up between the g.c.c. allies and the us administration whether it was obama who was struck a deal with the iranians behind our backs without us knowing or whether it's trump with the g.c.c. crisis or now a flip flopping all over the iranian threat or escalation or the escalation on the final point that i would like to raise at this stage is that they're they have enhanced know that if they're out of their proxies would really get involved in a wide scale war then there would be a hammer of badly also and the enhanced would also be hammered so they deterrence issue is not really working the maximum pressure that the other guy has been
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implementing and he is the iranians for the last 13 months it's not really working not color heads have to or prevail i think that has to be a wiggle room for the iranians and there has to be a face saving approach busy for the americans to strike a deal or a compromise or and there are a mediation through or the iraqis through the europeans to have the americans give the europeans some leeway as a 3rd of their companies to do some limited deals with the iranians as a show of good faith and a confidence building measure and that could really build up to the escalate the situation and to start again with another nuclear deal that they have any answer could be enticed and you cannot just push the enters or the old sticks and not carrots this policy of maximum pressure has to be reevaluated away from the edge a lot and the and the and the hocks and both sides of the aisles and then we'll you can talk about that is the escalation not a seasonal one ok has sent in tehran let's stay with that idea of wriggle room here
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is there a little bit of breathing space and i mean this in a positive sense for the government in tehran inus much as what we're talking about here is 6 mana keys all of all those royal households have worries about tehran but they're not on the same page the g.c.c. has been split for the best part of 2 years now. of course they are not on the same page on iran i mean oman and co way and especially nowadays they are no different than the hawks in the g.c.c. and i think the hocks are the ones who are trying so i agree with abdullah that they are they can't win the said the legend for the us administration but they are trying to do that and i think they are pushing the trump administration along with the you know hawks in washington.


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