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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  June 24, 2019 2:00am-3:01am +03

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some people i have dubs and i have hawks you have some i had some hawks john bolton is absolutely a hawk is up to him he'd take on the whole world at one time ok but that doesn't matter because i want both sides you know some people said why did you put your i was against going into iraq for years and years and before it ever happened i was against it going into iraq and some people said oh i don't know i was totally against i was a private citizen never made sense to me i was against going into the middle east took wish france 7 trillion dollars in the middle east right now much more to come out of that interview as well he's on each account start with more details. in his extended interview given friday to n.b.c. news president trump said that he was not looking for war with iran however he said if there was one iran would see in his words obliteration like you've never seen before so again this mixed messaging that's both escolar torie and seeking to emphasize the fact that he cancelled the planned u.s. military strike on iran at the last minute now he was also asked what the u.s.
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wants in return from iran to deescalate the situation the president gave a very simple answer he said no nuclear weapons however he does acknowledge that the u.s. iran nuclear deal which the united states pulled out from last year had that very intended purpose the interview he had also asked the president for a response to the u.n. investigation that found a saudi arabia's crown prince mohammed bin some on was likely implicated in the killing of journalist. he was asked whether the president would authorize the u.s. f.b.i. to investigate saudi arabia further i think it's been heavily investigator who by everybody i mean i have to have seen so many different report about the f.b.i. here's where i am really. iran's killed many many people a day other countries in the middle east this is a hostile place is a very hostile place if you want to look at saudi arabia look at
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a rare look at other countries i won't mention names and take a look at what's happening and then you outside of the middle east and you take a look at what's happening with countries ok and i only say they spend 402450 1000000000 over a period of time. money all jobs but in the right long as they keep going a little bit with some of the speed but i'm not like a fool that says we don't want to do business with them democrats in congress of long criticized the trump administration for selling munitions and bomb. to saudi arabia to fund its campaign in yemen saying that the price was being paid by civilian lives who perished in that conflict however last month the ministry officials bypassed congress in order to push through another 7000000000 dollars in sales of baum's and aircraft support to saudi arabia the u.a.e. and jordan citing that it was national security concerns because of iran's growing
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aggression in the region. now the army in democratic republic of congo says it has killed 16 militia members in its offensive against on groups in juggler in the eastern a to reprove and the military said it captured 7 more including a former army man who has now become a militia commander fighting in the regions killed at least 300 people and forced hundreds of thousands to leave their homes this month has gotten so in our reporting from neighboring uganda where people are seeking refuge in the violence. we're at a refugee reception center here in uganda these are just some of the hundreds of thousands of companies who've been displaced by fighting any to a province in eastern congo and eventually they're going to be moved to another area where they can. settle for the meantime right now they're being provided with food by u.n.
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agency for refugees and other agencies they can cook for themselves as well and what we're being told is happening across the border in this offensive is that the military has captured one days of the militias it was a bank they recovered firearms there as well as we also spoke to the military spokesperson who told us though that the movement has been quite slow because it's been raining heavily you also say they're not just fighting individuals with crude weapons but very well organized and equipped groups he says that what they're trying to do is a clear roads that have been blocked creates a humanitarian corridor where that food can get to those who need it most and also try and rescue 80000 or so of people who are still trapped in areas where fighting is going on meanwhile a joint west african military force says it has killed at least 42 i still find says they died in fighting on an island in lake chad according to the multinational
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joint task force made up of soldiers from the. jiri unusual chad and cameroon in the news ahead on al-jazeera. brazilian police get tough on crime but the poor and the innocents are getting caught in the crossfire. hello again welcome back across we are talking about dry conditions for many areas now we do have a few thunderstorms up here towards turkey but those have actually been decreasing as we have gone through the weekend temporize though we are looking at very warm temperatures across much of iraq baghdad at $46.00 degrees here on monday as we go towards tuesday it could even go up to about $47.00 degrees there kuwait city $47.00 degrees but we are talking drier now we had been seems to me minute the
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across the gulf those ready values are now going down here in doha as well humanity is going down and by monday we do expect to see attempt or even though it comes up it's going to be feeling drier at $45.00 degrees and abu dhabi is going to be reaching about $39.00 degrees there down across the south those santa is going to be picking up some clouds possibly a shower too where the temperature of $28.00 and messy conditions along the cape down here across much of southern africa the winds are also going to be picking up anywhere from cape down poor little of his as well as over here towards durban temperatures into the mid teens across much of the area up towards durban though it is going to be a windy day here on monday maybe getting a little bit cooler and rainier as we go towards tuesday but johannesburg is going to be seeing a clear day at 16 and enter the repo it is going to be rainy the temperature of $22.00 degrees there.
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is mine spot b.s. soap opera is changed. designed by tackling women socially she is. in its last episode so books discovers the drama behind the scenes as it reduces day facing the mothers to disable children and the friends social stigmas by broadcasting to the well. charlie. just 0. 0 and these are the top stories this hour turkey's ruling ak party candidate has conceded defeat in the mayoral election in istanbul. told his followers he hopes
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the opposition candidates i mean the more you serve the city will unofficial results show the opposition candidate received over 53 percent of the vote and won even more districts than in march as an elderly. military chief and the regional president of the northern state of a have been killed in 2 related attacks the prime minister's office says the killings were part of an attempt by a high ranking military official to overthrow the regional government. and it's just been announced u.s. secretary of state my campaign is on his way to saudi arabia and the u.a.e. for crisis talks on iran it comes as iran's foreign minister says he is negotiating monetary treaties that would allow the country to bypass u.s. sanctions to iran is reportedly in talks with china india and russia to ditch the dollar in trade transactions. hundreds of thousands of protesters in prague are calling for the czech prime minister to step down over fraud allegations
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demonstrations against its have been ongoing since april when the alpha 1000000 people. so signing a petition demanding he resign has been accused of misusing european union funds with millions of euros and paying subsidies to his former company's approaches to said to be the biggest show of public discontent since the 9 $189.00 velvet revolution which overthrew communism here's the thoughts now of chile who is the senior lecturer in czech studies at the university of glasgow he told us it's unclear whether the protesters will succeed. some commentators are saying that this is the 1000000 years protesting you know it is complicated in the czech republic it could be said this after the fall of communism in $89.00 the so-called mainstream democratic parties have kind of federally discredited themselves with corruption and so a few years ago you had and the populist president salmaan kind of gaining a lot of popular support saying we are now going to take over the new deal and
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prove it through everything but unfortunately they proved themselves to be caught up as well and what small they are basically pushing the country towards the east towards all $3030.00 and regimes to want to go petition with countries like china and russia and of course quite a lot of people don't like it and there is this problem. with the corruption or alleged corruption of this prime minister who basically people are criticizing him that he doesn't really have any policies at bought from pushing. these sort of milking the state for the profit of his private companies so yes that is a good house with revolt but the problem is that in parliament. there really isn't any majority for the posing but base so it's really a kind of moot point whether these demonstration can be can be successful some comment it does not even saying that actually the demonstration crude to increase
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support for because spotty has about 30 percent of popular support at the moment so it is really very interesting what's going to happen. hundreds of protesters also a rallying in russia's capital calling for the release of all political prisoners earlier this month more than $500.00 people were arrested at an unauthorized demonstration in moscow including the opposition politician alexina valmy the protesters were demanding accountability for the arrest of an investigative journalist russia's government admitted there was no evidence against even going off and he has since been freed and protesters outside georgia's parliament for a 3rd day mostly peaceful after hundreds of people were arrested and injured in violence with police in tbilisi on thursday demonstrators trying to storm the parliament after a russian politicians very love gave a speech in russian in response vowed to be a putin announced a halt in flights to georgia starting next month north korea's leader kim jong un
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has received a personal letter from donald trump and says he will seriously consider its contents kim jong un praised the letter and described it as excellent but stopped short of saying what it was about that's come after the denuclearization talks between the 2 countries stalled earlier this week kim said he was waiting on a positive step from the u.s. from confirmed one week ago that he had received a beautiful letter from kim large parts of india are suffering their worst drought in decades and it is forcing many farmers to abandon their land but as their crops fail many a move into the cities only to find life there isn't much better elizabeth purana reports now from one of india's hardest hit regions the western state of missouri. you are. a pundit on mordor left his 40000 square meter cotton farm in his village 6 months ago he now lives in this cramped rented room with his family. 2
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years of drought have forced him to find work as a laborer in one of the many factories in the city of about. it is very difficult to live in the city i feel very safe but then what can i do i have to live. nearly 3 quarters of the state of maharashtra is suffering drought and crop failure . farmers often take out loans to buy seeds and if they crops fail they can't pay back the money. bring heavy loans because for the last couple of years there have been no rings there have been 4 or 5 suicides in our village the plight of farmers has been a major problem in india and recent years more than 300000 farmers have killed themselves in the past 25 years a study found a 5th of those deaths were due to climate change and even a marginal increase in rainfall lead to fewer suicides that year. the government has encouraged farmers to insure their crops against failure through
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a nationwide scheme they say they have distributed more than $60000000.00 to farmers in this district this year. and the condition of crops there is a prime minister's scheme and i will get the insured amount. but many of those who are supposed to gain protection say it doesn't work. says insurers won't cover his silk farm and morris says he also can't get support it has a rich poor people the middlemen big door so it doesn't benefit the poor farmers. and bar mentalists say what's really needed is for farmers to stop relying on crops like cotton and sugar cane which takes lots of water to grow. if you look at b. it's continuously in drought because of sugar factories i think of this problem needs to be solved we should work on cropping patterns. but changing types of crops and where and when they will take time so back in the city more day waits and hopes
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the rains will come and he can go back to work in his fields elizabeth al-jazeera. now brazil's president swept to power on a promise he would be tough on crime and trying to demonstrate that in his home state of rio de janeiro policing is a checkered reputation in the battle against drugs guns with innocent people sometimes caught in the crossfire in the with more from rio. and the power has been fighting for justice for more than 5 years since 1000 year old son jonathan was killed in a police raid. we often hear that that was the worst day of my life i would never imagine even in my worst nightmares losing a son i didn't believe it was happening i thought i was dying with him. there was just one of the thousands of mostly poor young black men killed by rio police in recent years more than 1500 in 2018. the number of killings has increased
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since president bush took office this year. the reason given is always that the victim fired 1st janitor was not armed this is what i demand it doesn't matter if i am black poor or if i live in a poor neighborhood i am a citizen i pay my taxes like anyone else so i demand the state gives me an answer for this murder and the answer is justice i will accept nothing else and the paolo knows the name of her son's killer he was found to have killed 3 times previously he's been assigned administrative duty is still in possession of his piece gun and badge although the statistics are shocking they only hint at the full scale of the suffering the daily violence that engender is grief and fear hidden away out of sight infidels or shanty towns such as this one. campaigners say sending the police into the furbelows with guns blazing has been proven to only increase crime shows
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of force by the president an ex-military man or part of the ideology that got him elected that a few poor neighborhoods register around 80 homicides per 100000 residents. from work countries it seems like in the same city we have 2 different countries one rich developed and calm the other one in constant war. also has an ally in the rio state governor wilson with who has suggested using missiles to blow up criminals. a task force set up to investigate questionable police killings is underfunded and understaffed no rio police officer has yet been convicted and jailed. and the power has been awarded for her work with the mothers of other victims of police operation in these. i have spent the last 5 years fighting for my son's memory.
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still clark 5 years asking god for health so i can stay strong and keep going how would you hoping that justice for jonathan is death will bring some relief for her and thousands of other breathed brazilian mothers. and their al-jazeera rio de janiero. bunch more online about 0 dot com the online team working on a developing story right now the election result the mayoral election result out of istanbul al jazeera dot com. in fact let's bring you up to date with that story and the other headlines the candidate of the turkish president has conceded defeat in the rerun of mayoral election but now the yield him from the ruling ak party addressed his followers saying he hopes opposition c.h.p. party candidate claim in. the city well the defeat brings the ak party's rule of
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turkey's most popular city to and. according to the results as of now my competitors in the race i congratulate him and wish him good luck. there were scenes of jubilation at the headquarters of the main opposition party the c.h.p. after you know more use victory unofficial results give him 53.76 percent of the vote and he won an even more district than he did in the n.l. the election back in march. the other headlines ethiopia's military chief and the regional president of the northern state of i'm here i've been killed in 2 related attacks the prime minister's office says the killings were part of an attempt by a high ranking military official to overthrow the regional government. in light of these attacks ethiopian people should remain calm and i want to take this opportunity to assure people there is nothing within the military to worry
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about and lastly this attack was against the people and the government and all of its armed forces this was also an attack against an entire country everyone in the military and the public should strongly oppose this attack and those who are behind this will be brought to justice and i call on everyone including those in the military to cooperate with the investigation as u.s. secretary of state might prompt on his way to saudi arabia and the u.a.e. for crisis talks on iran says the u.s. is prepared to negotiate with iran with no preconditions meanwhile iran's foreign minister says he's negotiating treaties that would bypass u.s. sanctions which reportedly in talks with china india and russia to ditch dollar transactions and the army and says it's killed 16 militia members in its offensive against armed groups in the eastern province of fighting in the regions killed at least $300.00 people and forced hundreds of thousands more to leave their homes this month and you are up to date with the headlines here on al-jazeera the news
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hour and 25 minutes after inside story with peter dunne. ruling turkey's powerhouse the a cave party's dominance is put to the test in istanbul rerun of its mayoral election but what does that mean for the country's democracy and also for the president mr erdogan this is inside story. hello and welcome to the program the turkish president wretch up time has always
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been keenly aware that politically speaking what happens to the 2nd city could have a major and last impact on his own political future the city is crucially important as the nation's business hub but it dealt a blow to the president's ruling justice and development party during the merrow lections in march the ruling a party contested that result of accounting irregularities and turkey's electoral board up held the complaint so turkish voters went back to the polls many saying they're concerned about unemployment and the rising cost of living mr critics blame him for the economic recession and the vote is seen as a referendum on his policies al-jazeera. sets up a discussion today from istanbul. president roosevelt said many times that whether winds winds turkey the city was the starting point for our party's political rise and dominance in recent years it was our jewel when of the mayor ship obvious
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number 1994 that catapulted him on to the national stage and helped launch the party which has managed ever since to win general elections and secure comfortable leads and this explains why when they lost the city in march it came as a major setback for john for the party and for his supporters and although this is a local election but the rerun could be a crucial moment for a party if they lose it could be an indication they are losing popular support or a need to reinvent themselves or the public sentiment in turkey is shifting to words supporting an alternative to a party. for inside story. ok let's hear how some turkish voters feel about this rerun this 2nd. i think is going to solve. most of the problems remain for still political.
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and ethical issues in the room everybody's opposed to the high alexion board's decision to rerun the ystem ball election like nobody thought this was ordinary hopefully this election will be held within the last. we are taking part in this election but with qualms this cannot be denied it's a fact we hope that irregularities will not happen in the selections years. ok let's get going let's introduce our panel today from istanbul metamath chelate managing editor of the daily sabah newspaper from london fadi a quarter manager of the turkey project at chatham house and from ankara yusuf conley formerly the editor of the how to get newspaper welcome to you all in istanbul let's go back to march and start our discussion there those claims of irregularities there was only $13000.00 votes in it but those claims how was that received by the voters. well i think there is there is 2 side of the story there is
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those voters who say that this small margin should be analyzed and should the claim should be taken seriously and the fact that the party side took it to supreme election council should be taken serious the fact that there is more than 10000000 voters in a stumble this small margin should be taken into consideration but on the other hand there is the opposition voter base who says that you know this small margin and irregularities are seen as. you know like an escape from the losing side but at the end of the day it is the supreme election counsel who is eligible who is able to make that decision whether or not the claims were you know worthy of taken into consideration and the fact that they were you know one day decided to nullify the march 31st election by you know 7 in favor of the party
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poll i think it's significant i mean this was a judicial process that our party had a right to appeal to and they did that this is part of our election process and election laws and you know there is the tiredness from mia from the elections by the by the voters at the same time so you know it there is 2 side of the stories in this whole canceling of the march 31st elections thought he had cooler in london what's the central message from the voters of istanbul to mr. i think the the voters in istanbul are deeply unhappy with the curating state of the economy food inflation is over 30 percent unemployment is in double digits the turkish lira is plummeting against the us dollar and the euro the debt burden either by the felt by the turkish private sector and or consumer is becoming
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increasingly unbearable for the number one issue for the stumble voters is the state of the national economy also we see now the majority now over 50 percent of all turkish bank deposits now are denominated in a foreign currency which is an indication of growing impatience by the turkish public over the state of the economy use of cammy in ankara if that growing impatience translates into the political sands are shifting underneath the a k p does that mean that those same san's are shifting as well under the feet of president to one pair of course we can all say dissolve so he stumbled the engine of and or the 15000 difference between the 2 contenders or the 1st drug was in a moment one ward is enough to even or lose the election that was what is the.
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door or was there to be no yield and said before the election and indeed just a case in these double really there is indeed iraq being the cause of it is all the people in the lewis is there in the country and it is ruining the image of turkey as occurred to capable lower holding in fair and just elections there's one tour of course the odd couple of these double action movie will be dominated really way the result of people users and i just into. stop you there for a 2nd just for a 2nd that's not quite an answer to my question my question was this are we in effect seeing mr erdogan on not displaying the political dexterity that he has displayed since 1904 since he took istanbul himself is he beginning to lose his political grip and people are reacting to that of course in
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a certain extend is that it is double and just buy it be the beginning of the end of him there's an expectation are there you know in. politics you cannot be sure oh editing as every election is. i go i did have a particularly you know it is it evades double but hopefully this will be the end overtone tonio. heavily ody in the country 30 her career in london there are already existing fissures within the a.k. party could this rerun of the mirror alexion make those fissures bigger make them more acute and therefore make them damaging for mr the one. i think that if i can just add one point to your previous speaker when leaders nationally distend to stay
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too long in politics normally over 10 years they become increasingly they become increasingly centralize too much power in their hands we saw that with market thatcher in the united kingdom we saw that with helmut kohl in germany where national leaders and now we see it with angela merkel in germany again so i don't need to stay too long in power they tend to they tend become less more inflexible and try to centralize as much power as as possible and measurements in istanbul i guess that's a fair point i mean the voters of istanbul are just tired surely they've heard what 6 votes not 56 votes in 5 years they're just exhausted when it comes to having to go and vote for somebody again. well that is right in fact the rerun decision was not a decision that our party initially demanded they want they demanded the recount of
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votes but the c.h.p. unfortunately stood against that and then our party had to take them take their appeal to supreme election council and the decision was made by the supreme election council. with regards to the previous points made i think if there is an exhaustion of the election is there is that perception that has taken a blow busy by using let's say on qatar and some of the other big cities and and the fact that a position has been able to consolidate its voter base against him in istanbul but we should not forget that it's been 17 years nearly 2 decades of a party being in power and entering elections and winning every single one of them in fact they warn i mean they received the most votes and they were the most popular busy and people student stood behind them by by far in the past in
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march 31st elections to there is that however fatigue in our party that our party has been able to renew itself in the past elections and i think this election was one of them and they have to take some of the points people try to make. into consideration and economy is one of them economy has to be a getting better and i think the fact that it is one of the indicators and one of the factors affecting people's decision the government has to take that into consideration and president out on has said that they will focus on economy in the past nearly 4 and a half years of nor lection period that's what this one of the 1st thing he said right after the march 31st elections but there is a rerun. the decision that was made this was not made by our party nor that the our party demanded this but there were regularities that had that our party had
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appealed and the decision was made by the supreme election council you safe enough for this agree just to stop you there gentlemen it's want to put that point to use of cannily in ankara did people go for mr m m o 2 in march granted there was only 13000 votes in it but did they go for him because he had genuinely attractive logical policies or did they go for him because he wasn't the a.k.p. . was the people went in a mood because diesel in him. the whole group. of people still hope the justices were going to move everything will be far better is indeed deflective will work it will offer to turks people who just were turkish city of earn a smooth running democracy rather than one man show that mr erdogan going to turkey
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over the past 17 years 40 in london just to be clear for those of us who are not totally across that the tapestry of turkish politics is stan bull is the jewel in the political crown of turkish politics if you lose stan bull your prestige is dented surely so what's your direction of travel if your the president even if there is a distance between you as an a k p president and the party itself. there's not doubt that it's stumbled extremely important in turkish national politics and present there dawns victory in istanbul with is an is a very important or loss that is it's an important psychological. important psychological value but i think the president erred on made a strategic error by exaggerating the importance of istanbul what is important in turkey now is not istanbul but the state of the national economy if the economy continues to deteriorate his hold on power will get weaker and weaker but if the
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economy improves then his his his tenure in an office will be solidified so i think it was a strategic error on present part to exaggerate the importance of istanbul rather than remaining laser focused on the economy but surely ferdie he's played a clever game with this particular election not the election in march this particular election he kind of has been very hands off he's been very standoffish he hasn't been out there campaigning. he has not present there don has decided this time around to take a more backseat role in the elections but ultimately for the voters of istanbul it's going to it's really it's really a competition between present erred on and the c.h.p. candidate republican people's party candidate. him or look i think at the politics in turkey is deep is a very is very personalized of individuals are much more important than parties. is
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present aired on the and present aired on is that he could be if he were to lose power then i think like in the past in previous parties you'll see that i think over time will disintegrate and disappear so what matters is really it's really present at the one who was on the ballot box rather than the official. candidate been of you know their method coming back to mr ball the opposition group ings the small opposition group in some kind of reinvented themselves a little bit in as much as they got behind the c.h.p. can they stay there can they stay united and present a can they can they coalesce around the c.h.p. as a national opposition to mr. well right now i think your position has consolidated its voter base around one thing and that is being anti add on and i don't think
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that the fact that they come from various ideological backgrounds various social backgrounds and they have different. motives and goals in their political stances and in turkish politics i think you know of course everything is possible but it is very difficult for a very conservative let's say felicity party to stand with you know c.h.b. or the fact that although they are not they are not officially part of the alliance but let's say the h d p which is which which receives a lot of votes from the current we i mean which receives mostly the votes from the kurdish voters it is very difficult for them to be in an alliance or supporting a candidate who also receives. a vote votes busy and support from a very nationalist far right good party this was a strategic game they have been in and the ultimate aim here is to
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eliminate out on from the political sphere of political arena in turkey it whether or not this is a long term. strategic. alliance i don't think that it will serve 2 parties long term interests however in the short term they have been successful and we can see that through. mystery men will lose votes which was nearly 50 percent you know and he was able to surpass nearly all the rooms votes if this were this alliance wasn't there i mean we know the traditional voter base of c.h.p. . being iran oddly 30 odd percent and our party has been. close to 50 percent in the past few years or if the fact that this alliance has brought them a result in the short term i don't think we can say that this will stay like that
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unless they come to serve some sort of other ideological compromises made it within their bases or they are they come to a consensus on how they will go forward and. just and to err on ism is not enough or that for them to stay together i'm sure a lot in it in stake but mr interrupting them at use of cannily in ankara mr in effect during this campaign surely tried to try to straddle 2 stools he was almost similar tamely pitching himself as being a victor who wasn't given the victory but he was also pushing himself as being a victim was that a canny political choice on his part or do you think that long term that may backfire. you know it is politics being weak dem always paid off and now earn or not only mama look but the government is throwing to play the role of
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victim as well and i believe. will is the real victim in this current case and it will pay off i expect personally between 4 to 6 per cent difference between. benign yielded have been the it today's election just because. of debt but also all our party while on the one hand. playing rather dirty in accusing you of being a picky candidate itself a gauging in a very. dirty campaign or getting or more cases in prisons you've been after those on in latest efforts therefore. as my friend from somerset yes indeed it's very difficult for the. automation of this group tuesday in the same boat that. separatist terrorists
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therefore the same problem that he mentioned about you but will is exists for the government flag as vell can we say now given the strength of feeling that mr erdogan is safe for now but you know events dear boy that's an expression about european politics there may be something further down the line if this does not when once the dust has settled if this doesn't play to his strengths if it plays to his weaknesses we're talking about the economy and the a.k.p. also meant that they're taking ideas out of the c.h.p. playbook they're talking about literally bread and butter issues lowering the cost of public transport mr bull that's a vote winner surely. well you know what i think is stumble elections are very significant for either side's political future in turkey at the end of the day this is we should not forget that this is also just a municipal election however if the government you know if the opposition wins
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istanbul and the government does not take that loss into consideration and answers demands of the people when it comes to the economy or other demands they may have or they have i think it is only normal for any government or any political parties power to erode and diminish in time if they fail to meet people's demands but a party and i'm only saying this looking at their past if they are able to readjust themselves if they if they are able to. you know strengthen the economy if they're able to play their diplomatic moves efficiently and successfully in international politics and if they're able to. somehow get back to their connection and their communication with the public i think is dumb or election that significance from a stumble election will be diminished at the same time that's i mean dick's theory
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t. we talk about when it comes to our don mr ed on and i think he's you know he's a political genius that we have seen for the many decades in turkey if he's able to make that shift even if the stumble is lost and i think the political. party will still be there however if people do not see that readjustment as success it's only normal for any political party or any government to not get the same supports as the previous elections and people will make that choice you know turkish took us voters are very aware and very educated when it comes to that ok fadi in london clearly it's impossible to get into mr one's head but once this chapter has been completely written you know and we're viewing this through the prism of marilyn actions in istanbul as mr the one need to tilt
2:44 am
a little bit does he need to come out not fighting but come out visibly changing changing himself changing the party and change in the country. i think that if assuming that the ruling party were to lose the were to lose the elections in istanbul i think the president erred on should become should adopt a much more conciliatory approach to politics rather than this very confrontational robust and in some and many ways ideological attitude to his opponents but i suspect that present the one will not adopt a conciliatory approach i think he will double down on a very assertive and aggressive. posture towards his opponents i doubt i don't think that there is many easy fixes easy fixes for the turkish economy any changes are going to be have to be structural and that will not be easy for president or do want to undertake and i doubt that there will be undertaken so
2:45 am
i says my my expectation is that you will see that present air don't continue with his current approach to politics rather than. rather than taking their lessons and trying to reverse course to maintain his hold on power gentlemen we have to leave it there but thank you so much for such an interesting conversation today here on inside story thanks to all our guests they were. 30 a quarter and use of currently and thank you to you tube for your company you can see the program again any time by visiting our website al-jazeera dot com and for further discussion do check our facebook page that's facebook dot com forward slash a.j. inside story you can also follow the conversation keep it going on twitter handle is a.j. inside story and i am at peter davi one for me peter dhabi and the entire team here in doha thanks for watching we'll do it all again tomorrow.
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8 years after the fall of gadhafi more is still raging in libya but it's not just a domestic showdown outside powers are involved 2 spoke about the axis of evil the abu dhabi this over these and egypt since. 2 looks to al-jazeera. the latest news as it breaks communities may be in disagreement accusing the other for these attacks 10 shillings with details coverage thousands of protesters have been streaming away from it to go house but thousands have been dog from around the
2:47 am
world sacrificed he said what have to be a fair the brunt of those sacrifices is what this is all about. more than 10 years after the global financial crisis you've taken home more than $480000000.00 your company is now bankrupt our economy is of a state of crisis and of a very basic question this is where millions lost their homes in the u.s. . who was held responsible i will be fabulously wealthy and i will be in christ for thank the lord the man who stole good will on al-jazeera. driven by outrage and spanning generations the rohinton demonstrators gathered on the very day a widely criticised repatriation agreement between the governments of bangladesh and me and more was to begin the anger was all too apparent and the fear was
2:48 am
palpable if you don't like we're so afraid that if they send one of us back to myanmar today tomorrow they'll send back 10 and the day after tomorrow they'll send back 2030 or if we were given citizenship in myanmar then there would be no need to take us back there we would go back on our own we must remember the rancho among the most persecuted minorities in the world. this is al jazeera. one come all sons of maria and this is the news hour from al-jazeera the. celebrations for the opposition in istanbul is their candidate beats president. in
2:49 am
a rerun of the city's mayoral election also in the news u.s. secretary of state mike pompei or heads to saudi arabia and the u.a.e. for crisis talks on iran but offers tehran negotiations with no preconditions and ethiopia's military chief of staff and a provincial governor is shot dead by road soldiers but the prime minister says an attempt to that regional coup has been stopped. by maryam namazie in london with the top stories from europe including prague sees its biggest rally since the fall of communism as demonstrates a step up protest of the prime minister's business interests. and it's for roger federer a hits another career a lot more with victory at the how open he's become just the 2nd man's to win this . same top level title on 10 occasions. the candidate from the party of turkish president reject has conceded defeat in the
2:50 am
rerun of its stand bowles mayoral election. from the ruling out party addressed his followers saying he hopes the opposition c.h.p. party candidate economy more you serves the city well the winner said he was willing to cooperate with president a one star. i'm ready to work with the turkish president in harmony and i aspire to do that i am announcing that in front of all the residents of istanbul once the legal process is completed after receiving the men date and assuming the office i would like to visit and as soon as possible to present a road map and opinions and listen to his views sure i need to. as now my competitors are leading the selection i congratulate him and wish him luck and election means democracy with these elections and it's been shown once again that the democratic process works in the best way a flawless internally i ask god for these results to bring good fortune to our in
2:51 am
stumble and to our is temples you chris. so these were the scenes of jubilation at the headquarters of the main opposition party the c.h.p. after human will use victory on official results gave him 53.76 percent of the votes but he did win an even more districts than he did in the an old election back in march. so here's hashim a whole bara he is in istanbul and will be talking to him shortly but we're starting with simco so i knew who is at the opposition republican people's party headquarters what a momentous night it is for them send them. yes this is a very big win for the opposition party especially our to take a stand. after decades that they have from istanbul actually the economy although as you said it was also the winner of march 31st election about right now the
2:52 am
turnout is much bigger than march 31st when we look at the if participation it's 83 percent and. that is the lead between the 2 was a run 14000 in march right now it is at 777000 votes which is an incredible number many people say we see that the main opposition party has the lead by 9 percent compared to the ruling party candidate list today's election was only about choosing the mayor of istanbul the district mayors were already chosen on march 31st but when you speak to the party or the percentages and the pollsters they tell you that the main a position party increases its vote in this strikes especially in districts where the ruling party candidate was very strong that's right and that's why the votes
2:53 am
are much higher than march 31st now this is and this is seen as a new page in istanbul. also in turkey is general politics as well we have heard billy graham from graduating his rival akram in my model but the main opposition party now believes that since they were able to give this blow this huge blow to the image of the ruling party in istanbul they believe they will have a chance to change the scenario reid turkey may need during the upcoming elections in 2023 please also let me remind you that extremely mumbles is also seen by many as a potential presidential candidate for general elections in 2023 but our he has some he has some actually. issues on the table as well because this fight this 9 percent gain and 9 percent higher over 40 against the majority of the
2:54 am
districts still belong to the ruling party saw from no one we will be watching whether the ruling party district mayor this week how cells are going to let him work because during the campaign period president are gone has always underlined that the majority of the district mayorships belong to the ruling party and this to stumble mayor seat is a symbolic seat so now we will say we will be testing we will be seeing whether he is going to be able to operate concerts of lee it without any pressure but i hear the sentiment is very emotional people are very happy because after so many years they gained istanbul but thank you for that simcoe in istanbul there with the the celebrations in this merrill race the opposition party candidate winning that vote hashim a whole bar is also with us now a little earlier and we were talking to you outside our party headquarters quieter
2:55 am
there obviously in a cinema was pointing out you know the symbolic loss for his as well for the act party. one himself used to be the man. indeed a somber atmosphere among these are porters of the party a few of their supporters managed to converge or outside the headquarters here in istanbul and they were chanting slogans denouncing some of the officials in the are quietly saying that the other ones to blame for their failure tonight but the root causes of the failure lie deeper we're talking about a general feeling among the people that the party of failed to address i think column which is in tatters and the party has been running the city since 1904 and the think now there's a general feeling that it's about time for change president doesn't have a lean 40 of the campaign and he made many about lees who was trying to tilt the ground in favor of the party's candidate. ben ali years but that didn't
2:56 am
work because i think people when they saw the election and nords in by the high election board in march many people thought it's about time to give the opposition a chance i think from today we see many within the ruling party about the need to reinvent themselves otherwise they will continue to lose influence among the people in the future thanks for all of that house from a whole bar of a reporting from istanbul we also have on school his the cheek leave from the anchor off he's the anchor office director of the german marshall fund of the united states joining us. on skype from ankara nice to have you with us i mean what i want say surprised me but what i thought was interesting was this was after the march vote when there was all this dispute this time the act party within minutes said yes we lost and it's over to you and we wish you luck
2:57 am
a completely different tone yes and of course to this. oh i don't know i just i'm interested in your thoughts on that the fact that the fact that the act party seems to have almost folded so quickly this time when the whole of course i mean that the last time the margin marked me now are these times are talking about a marginal 9.5 percent actually 8.5 percent which is a very clear are we really should generate it so that our own have no chance but to accept results right president in the past has said correct me if i'm wrong that if you control listenable then essentially you control turkey do you think that is the case and if that is the case is this really such a massive loss for well that party. yeah i mean that clearly is not the case so 1st of all busy let's not forget that turkey as it is sent to life state system are
2:58 am
bonded in one basic municipal function is such is the streams on improvements in cities is actually conducted by a minister. so if you control the stumble nor you do not want to upset you but it doesn't mean that this is just an ordinary municipal election it's sort of these not so although busy istanbul is not to reduce jeopardy to that although consulates . doesn't this isn't to control turkey who controls busy the response you have if you stumble 1st of all of conducts vast resources it's also a city that is it's not turkey's political capital i still use our cultural and actually business ice economy capitalist russia so it's significances you want an ordinary city stumbly is also a microcosm of turkey because our citizens will be stumbled herbalism we stumble come from all over our turkey so i enjoyed you going to ask someone that are you
2:59 am
from any cities well i'm from he stumbled and the 2nd question is medical digitally who are you from because if you people are on the arm or in the stomach people have come from different places so actually a political shift it is stumble might actually be a foreshadowing or get political shift into a key or to put it another way with their spillover ready effects all over to be interesting the next turkish general election i think is still 4 years away 2023 do you think that the ak party will be looking at this election result and thinking ok this is a bit of a wake up call for us now even 4 years out from an election. well i mean they certainly need to do their butts 1st of all busy this to score right i mean. imagine what has happened or keep doing the last 4 years so anything could happen in the following 4 years so what took on tonight is has no function telling
3:00 am
us what will happen in the presidential election 4 years ago in any case it did it will be an uphill battle for prison that i'm not it is it reenergize the opposition that's not on your you know job but lead you to my eyes it's no longer possible for the chip part to to say we've presented to people and opposition your presence just indeed no you cannot call she 55 percent of your population the elite i to also be an uphill battle because of this tradition of the quality of the multiple crises that want our foreign policy and internal problems of take it partly because these do salts definitely add bolden people who are such as done with alou and by john former ministers and in that suitcase full of prime minister one now thinking of funding their own breakaway parties.


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