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tv   Counting the Cost 2019 Ep 25  Al Jazeera  June 24, 2019 7:32pm-8:01pm +03

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protest leaders say they're still. in the meantime the protests continue. be heard on the streets at night for justice and power to civilian rule. 2 people have been pulled from the rubble of a collapsed building in southern cambodia the number of dead reached 24 prime minister hun sen visited the site and will search teams continue to look for trapped construction workers the unfinished 7 story building came down early on saturday for chinese nationals involved in its construction of been detained. in the philippines struggle to tackle plastic pollution it's estimated that more than 160000000 bottles washed up on river banks and coastlines every day now a constructive way to tackle the problem has been developed as dogon reports. for
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the last 2 years these students have been collecting rubbish every day it's helped clean up the camp and help to build some of its facilities for every 2 kilo's of plastic waste they collect this school receives a brick made of plastic and cement. and the school canteen been built with them this school to watch tower was built with bricks to. for the environmental problem because we are diverting wastes away from the landfill so we are in effect. some of the bricks are designed to allow rainwater to see through and that help stop the streets flooding for some activists this may not be the most ecological way to eliminate the problems of plastic but this is seen as an immediate solution to the growing problems of landfills across the country waste can now be used to manufacture
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building materials. but greenpeace says more needs to be done and multinational companies need to be made responsible for pushing the so-called sashay economy from coffee shampoo to cooking oil these consumer products come in cheap single use packages it's a very important that the consumers they have the purchasing power and they can actually put pressure into this manufacturers these companies they can actually influence and ask their favorite brands i love your products we use their products we buy the your products what you need to deliver it in a more sustainable in a logical way the capital manila generates almost 10000 tons of garbage every day every community here is mandated by law to have a materials recovery facility where biodegradable and recyclable waste is sorted but government figures show around only 20 percent of the villages in the country
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have one. this is one of the most impoverished areas in manila rubbish is directly affecting the lives of people here the challenge of plastic waste is a global and growing and in the battle against it people here say they feel they're on the front line. dugan al jazeera mandela. day when anyone with just a basic knowledge of creative convincing get a silly fake video of someone committing a crime or putting a world leader in a compromising situation well. already arrived reynolds reports how win is a master of technological shapeshifting he just transformed me into a north korean leader kim jong. with the click of one button we can turn you into any person readily available technology can be used to create what are called deep
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thinks me and bernie and schumer this looks like democratic presidential candidate senator elizabeth warren making a speech but it's not it's an actress on a popular american comedy show who's been transformed using deep fake technology only an expert can tell the difference how lynn says the implications for politics are disturbing you can actually create very realistic videos of someone saying things that that person never said and in times where you have elections this becomes very very dangerous recently a video of democratic congressional leader nancy pelosi doctor to make her look drunk was shared more than 2000000 times on facebook even though it was quickly identified as fake the problem is people see this and they believe it and even if 2
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days later it's debunked the damage is already done they've shared it or they have this in the back of their mind groups with nefarious motives could create international chaos with deep fake videos it could be you know this person has been assassinated it could change what political leaders you know can put anything in their mouth so that's i think the scary part of it and people would you know share things and say hey look i saw the video the person really said it only took a couple of clicks on the keyboard to change my image into that of lattimer putin as the technology advances rapidly experts say lawmakers had better start thinking seriously about regulating it recently a congressional committee held a hearing on the fakes experts testified that at the very least platforms like facebook should be required. to attach warning labels if you could put that warning on there same way as we do with cigarettes right you know we know that there are
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all but if people want to use them they can but they have the warnings there and you know what the warnings are the technology will soon reach a point were even experts will be unable to spot doctored videos fakes raise questions about belief truth and reality with democratic values and global stability at stake rob reynolds al-jazeera los angeles wow this is the real me just ahead on the news out in sports news hamilton continues to set the pace and the formula one season with all the details after the break.
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again time to support his side thank you very much adrian while argentina is celebrating reaching the quarter finals of the copa america they secured their 1st win in brazil by beating qatar to a nail to progress asian champions kut-o. in the time and as guests introns defensive error allowed martinez at the argentina head off to just 4 minutes after the break you know messi had a good chance to score number 2 for his country instead it was sergio aguero who made the game safe as argentina stay on track to win this title for the 1st time since 1993 qatar out argentino pavements well up next. if it will be time when we are satisfied because we qualify for the next round we are also happy because the team and some moments of the game played well of course there are few things to improve against our next rival but as well they are
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a team that we played against not so long ago and we lost against them 31 in a friendly they are a very interesting team while colombia will advance as group b. winners ahead of argentina after 3 straight wins one nil to maintain that perfect record so far. senegal have begun their african nations cup campaign with the when the continent's a number one ranked team beat tanzania to nail in group c. senegal are looking to win the competition for the 1st time stuff forward side humanity of liverpool is free to return to full their next game off to serving a one match ban. also in group c. algeria beat kenya to a nail and in group d. there was a heartbreak for namibia a last minute own goal saw them lose one nil to morrocco to major controversy at the women's world cup ask cameron twice threatened to walk off the pitch because of law and one of their players it was accused of spitting t.v.
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cameras clearly called cameron's ogle seen a junkie spits on the arm of england pair tony doesn't but she insists it was not on purpose cameron also protested it to evolve decisions one which awarded an england goal and another which ruled out one of this in the $13.00 nil to reach the quarter finals but coach phil neville said cameron's behavior made him ashamed of behalf of the women's game the donation website to go fund me and shut down the page set up by australian rugby star is well full well he was trying to raise $3000000.00 for a legal fight against rugby australia who sacked him last month had his $4000000.00 contract terminated because of a social media post attacking gay people or his online campaign had raise 7 $150000.00 but go fund me and closed it down because it promoted the exclusion of.
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people and violated the terms of service. pakistan have revived their hopes of reaching the semifinals at the cricket world cup they beat south africa by 49 runs at lord's a result that means south africa now have no chance of reaching the last 4 so how malik has more. this was a must win game for both teams but it was pakistan that started better the by iran tire would break fuckers i'm on an emotional hocks opening stand of 81 tell her struck again to really slow pakistan down of of the bottom big hitting horace style bailed them out his 89 a 59 balls so pakistan post 380. 5 south africa's chase dotted terribly muhammad amir removed passion mamma in the 2nd over quinten de kock and captain fatty places steady viennese putting on $87.00 together however
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a stretch that saw them losing 3 top order wickets for just 45 runs pakistan in control have shut out kong starred with 3 wickets for 50 mohammad amir finished with 2 making him the tournament's joint leading wicket taker with 15. also chipped in removing 3 tailenders pakistan eventually winning it by 49 runs their hopes of winning a 2nd world cup remain very much alive so hell malik al-jazeera. britain's andy murray has won his 1st tournament a since having hip surgery and separate the 3 time grand slam champion and he's playing partner feliciano lopez assailed a doubles title at queen's club on sunday is the 1st of win for the set 2 year old says christian clinching and take to end by 2017 mari left open the possibility of returning as a singles player ahead of the u.s. open. i need to see much and i'm just really happy that my my body is fine i'm
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feeling good and i'm healthy and you know i'm going to take my time i'm not going to rush this because i don't want to do i don't need to so it means not playing singles until a bit later find i'm just happy happy to be back on the core i mean you know no pain in my head. australia has asked to has moved to the top of tennis will the of rankings the french open champion claiming the number one spot with the win the over jemmy's. to end the final of the birmingham classic place is now in the sack as the game's leading player. marci this driver lewis hamilton has won the french this was a full straight to win the reigning world champion began the race in pole position and led from start to finish he ended up 18 seconds ahead of teammate. came in 3rd hamilton extending his advantage at the top of the overall standings to $36.00 points. and that's it for me adrian so many thanks indeed and that is where the
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user comes to a close true but of course the news continues here on out 0 daryn jordan here to update you on the day's top stories in just a moment. i will see you again thanks for watching.
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tibetan culture of dance thrives here every day generations of tibetans continue to embrace and they'd take their cultural heritage it's a reminder of who they are and whether. this is a suburb of the india capital new delhi tibet so the refugees here since 1964 buttons here have been defined as migraines are not refugees because india hasn't signed up to the 1951 un convention on refugees so tibetans here have been able to access the indian welfare system so they become self-sufficient setting up their own businesses and looking for work independently but for some it's not enough. my name is. i've always thought of yoga as part of my heritage. understand it to be
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about transformation. seems to be transforming our part of our. life every. yoga should. but i'm afraid that simple truth is getting lost and that's so commercial it is. on al-jazeera. as a u.s. increases pressure on iran russia steps in dismissing fresh sanctions illegal. hello i'm down in jordan this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up. a win for turkey's opposition candidate in the really run up to stumbles my old
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election. misery and the view at the end of what is supposed to be a humanitarian commodore in syria. and the ethiopian government declares it's back in control after a failed rebellion and left the country's military chief attorney general and 3 others dead. the u.s. is stepping up pressure on iran as russia announces a move to counter it secretary of state my comp is now in saudi arabia and he's hoping to assemble a global coalition to take a stand against iran but even if he manages that tehran has some backing of its own russia is promising to counter any action from washington without comment came from moscow with the donald trump promised new sanctions against iran to come into. fecht on monday and terence now warning that once it withdraws from parts of the
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2050 nuclear deal there's no going back unless european partners intervene against u.s. sanctions well we have a saying but ravi standing by in tehran but 1st let's go to step fasten in moscow step russia's energy minister has come out and said they'll continue to receive all of them iran and the deputy foreign minister says the russian and its partners will counter any new sanctions imposed by washington sounds russia got to do this. yes exactly sergey ripped off the deputy foreign minister has said this morning that new u.s. sanctions will only be counterproductive and will only increase sanctions and he did say that russia and its partners one to come to d.c. these sanctions he didn't specify how this will happen and also he didn't specify if these partners and he means of course the european partners in the iran deal if they agree with this but last friday the same deputy minister said that russia wants to help iran export its oil and also help iran with its banking system he
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says the country is suffering badly and these exports need to be promoted it's not clear if this is all a statement because he has been talking for the last couple of days very regularly and quite aggressively against u.s. sanctions or is this really an intention that russia wants to develop and actually go on with its also comes amid these meetings these high level meetings that will take place this week on friday there's a very crucial meeting between russia and the european partners on the iran deal and that it will be more more clear hopefully how do you appeal and partners will go on with this deal and how they will respond to this u.s. sanctions fastened in moscow steps thank you let's cross over now to tehran and talk to zain but rather the same so washington says is willing to talk to turn iran with no preconditions we heard that from us from players what more are we hearing
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from the iranians now. well leaders here in teheran are likely to see mr pompei was comments in the same way they've addressed any sort of comments coming from officials from the white house of u.s. president donald trump they consider the comments to be disingenuous and really leaders here in tehran say that they aren't taking anything that american leaders are saying too seriously in a press briefing from the foreign ministry spokesman abbas most of the earlier today he said that american officials seem divided on what policy to come forward with in terms of dealing with iran and that they are waiting to see the practical steps that america is taking and not taking the rhetoric coming from the u.s. from the united states from officials in washington too seriously at all in terms of what those practical steps that they are interpreted really iran's to experience from iranian point of view all that the practical measures they can look at that's
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all been america's maximum pressure campaign on iran's economy what iranian leaders here call economic terrorism and economic warfare in that press briefing mr mousavi also addressed the expected new round of u.s. sanctions that we're expecting to hear from washington later today and in a sort of just he said what more is there left to sentient in iran that the united states hasn't already sanctioned in the last 40 years he also addressed the visit by american officials to the region and he said that if the united states is trying to build consensus against iran in the region you american officials are wasting their time. if. forming a coalition is nothing new we've seen it before they fail that iran is a powerful country with 15 neighboring countries and we stand tall in the region so forming a coalition against such a country is not an easy thing to do even if u.s. officials come to the region every week and have meetings to try and form
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a coalition it's not easy to do the same in iran's been very consistent in saying that they'll continue to pull out of parts of the nuclear deal was the thinking behind this then. that's exactly right july 7th is the deadline for a 60 day period that president hassan rouhani iran's president of iran set almost 2 months ago when he said that iran would begin noncompliance with parts of the 2015 nuclear deal saying that it was doing so in line with the tenets of that agreement because of imbalance within the joint comprehensive plan of action or the known as the nuclear deal now the reason that iran says it is doing this is because he the u.s. pullout is basically meant that. signatory to the to the deal is not complying with it giving iran the right to not comply with parts of the agreement that it had committed to itself now during the press briefing mr mousavi seemed to put a number on what might make iran do you turn from going down the path of
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dismantling the deal so to speak on its part he said that before the united states pulled out of the deal iran was selling 2800000 barrels of oil a day and he referred to in sticks sort of a european agreement a bypass to the banking transactions that u.s. sanctions have heard and this might allow international trade with iran and the european union however this hasn't been really effective and he said that if europe or other signatories to the deal are able to help iran bypass american sanctions in some way in a meaningful way then that might help but he said any sort of mundane agreement would not be satisfactory for leaders here and wrong or right to be the entire on same thanks to the desk or someone out to west jerusalem and talk to bernard smith bernard so conflicting views there over iran from the russians and the americans you in jerusalem where the israelis and the russians a meeting iran is bound to be high on that agenda but it.
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yes it is daryn this is a long meeting the between the israelis and the russians they have met frequently over the years mainly to discuss syria and of course israel's concern of iran's involvement in syria every time that iran has tried to establish some sort of permanent military base or presence in syria those have been targeted by the israeli military they destroyed them and russia has never stopped israel from doing that and ours the civil war in syria winds down and some sort of attempts are made to meet a political solution in syria israel will want to impress on the russians again that it will not tolerate any sort of a rainy in presence in the syria impreza not on the russians because of course it's the russians with the arabians who have been bought bucking the regime of bashar al assad in syria and this meeting is ahead of a meeting tomorrow on choose day when the u.s. national national security adviser john bolton will join with the israelis and the
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russians in again along meeting to discuss iran and when this meeting was announced the u.s. said that they hope to make the point that we don't see any positive role for the iranians beyond syria to lebanon to iraq and to yemen if the reckon if the russians recognize that will be pleased said the americans but we already know the sergey lavrov the russian foreign minister will be in the past has said the trying to limit iran's influence in syria in the middle east is unrealistic bernard thank you . now voters in istanbul have shattered the act party's grip on the power of the country's largest city the opposition candidate won a rerun mayoral election it's a huge setback for president whose party has run the city for 25 years the opposition now only won the 1st election in march for that party forced a rerun claiming fraud and nearly all the votes now counted a criminal who from the opposition c.h.p.
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has won with 54 percent while the other party's banally you'll hear him is at 45 percent reports from istanbul. istanbul changes hands for the 1st time since 1904 the main opposition c.s.p. candidate. has been elected mayor of the city in a controversial round that has polarized the nation the 49 year old was relatively unknown but has managed to win the backing of crucial allies such as the kurdish people's democratic party the s.d.p. stand. i'm ready to work with the turkish president in harmony and i aspire to do that i am announcing that in front of all the residents of istanbul once the legal process is completed after receiving the men date and assuming the office i would like to visit and as soon as possible to present a road map and opinions and listen to his views. lose when is
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a major setback for ben ali yielded and former prime minister and party's candidate for the mayoral election. laws is widely interpreted here as an indication of our party's waning influence. according to the results as of now my competitors in the race i congratulate him and wish him good luck. all marsh 30 the 1st. defeated his why of all by a narrow margin of party contested the outcome claiming that some of the results weren't ratified by election officials the higher election board ordered a reelection undeterred by the decision it. held multiple rallies reminding his supporters that their victory was stolen by our party. democracy has won just as has won people care about democracy i congratulate the future president of
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the country. we increased our gains by having more votes from the uk party supporters which means they're also disgruntled. the new mayor faces the delicate task of running the country's biggest wealthiest and most populous city but his supporters already see him as the right person to run against president. in the 2023 presidential election although this is a local election it's all to come is likely to shape the future of a party which faces a deepening crisis. and people across the country all agree jewellers ruling party has failed to fix our economy in tatters. it's the board so has more now from istanbul. is some elections have always been more then minutes at the elections and tricky because it is the most populous city it is mainly the most influential city in both economy.


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