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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  June 24, 2019 9:00pm-10:01pm +03

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achrekar it just wasn't true that they had not been trading for 14 years. trading results were falsely reported and hence that was a fraud you cannot do that one penny not reported properly is wrong. the victims were everyone who invested with. investors who lost their money initially investors to put their money in after the initial fraud had occurred and so there were hundreds of millions of dollars that vanished as a result of this. i've been asked why did i break them on i wanted to protect what i had money family power there but it doesn't. do me how many people say no i don't want the power i don't want the money. and
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walk away. would you say that you are right could a criminal. this. is very interesting when you see your name. philip james baker versus the united states of america. it's overwhelming. then you face the assistant u.s. attorney as he's looking you in the eye and when you go through that circumstance there are no words that really can describe the depths of the loneliness and feel of the moment.
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ultimately. completed a plea deal with the united states government. i was sentenced to 20 years. for a wire from. bill because a criminal is he the type of financial mastermind that caused the financial crisis absolutely not this is a guy who is was not very sophisticated about his crime was not very. malicious about his crime and but he admitted that he committed a crime this is a classic example of where the justice department exits shortcut they want to generate publicity for themselves as going after financial drugs and everyone wants them to do that. and yet time and time again the people that they're going after are the little mini. they're going after the big fish are not going after the
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bankers for the most part they're certainly not going after the senior executives at the banks or other big financial institutions they were the decision makers leading up to the financial crisis. 10 years after the financial crisis except iceland. how many white collar criminals are behind bars. from credit suisse is the only bank of wall street to go to jail related to the crisis. the last just a few 1000000 not really big fish not a true. only one big bank top executive name. the number of people convicted of crimes linked to the crisis in the u.s. according to the financial times 324 people from main street. wall
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street chief executives have been to prison. even though there is today absolutely no doubt that wall street executives and politicians were complicit in trading the price. this is the story of how massive global banks made billions. by packaging toxic mortgage loans and financial products and sold them all around the world. the american politicians pulled the trigger. it all started with a political philosophical row grand ambitions of allowing everyone to own a home. our government is supporting homeownership.
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because it is good for america. it is good for families. it is good for our economy . part of the american dream that was pushed by you know all sorts of presidents clinton bush whatever for years was homeownership. authorities kept interest rates very low in order to make money. there used to bore . wall street and politicians had agreed to work together. wall street with the pursuit of profits. the politicians with the pursuit of government interference on economic growth. which could be turned into election victories for years to come. this was the beginning of the housing bubble. when the bubbles expanding everybody is aware. everybody is
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a genius. the lenders bank money the real estate development companies make money the construction workers make money everybody loves a bubble. but this was a devil's deal between politicians and wall street. the setting to a perfect storm. of what happens in a booth is lenders take more and more risk and borrowers take for the race because they both think things are safer than they appear to be and one of the way they persuade themselves. to take more risk is through financial innovations. wall street created the risky loans called subprime to americans. people afford to
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pay the bank loans. that they had just applied for. the public were given access to 0 low income and even no job. so if you want of the absolute craziness it would be the ninja loan so ninja stands for no income no job and no assets and. the idea is that you would lend money to people that gave you no information. about whether they had any income with the at any job. at any assets. it will allow you to grow enormously because now you can loan in the us context 2
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and's of millions of people at rates or. how many people out there are there who can't. get alone. tens of millions of people in the united states tens of millions of people in france and these circumstances. this goes under the general category of predation in the united states the people that were targeted for the worst loans were overwhelmingly a combination for demographic factors blacks latinos the elderly and females that is incredibly and so why almost everywhere in the world these things are crimes.
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these talks of loans became a gold rush for the whole u.s. banking and financial industry. all the major actors of wall street want a piece of the song prime part of. goldman sachs. lehman brothers morgan stanley merrill lynch bears stearns j.p. morgan citigroup and so on. the friends extended itself the loans were sought by the public by falsifying their own financial situation on loan applications. therefore the public and banks were complicit committing bank fraud.
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my name is richard on. i was senior vice president and business chief underwriters for citigroup. at the time citi group was the largest bank and. it was my responsibility to make sure that the $90000000000.00 a year that we were purchasing were going to loans that were originally aided by other banks and mortgage companies these map our policy standards. in early 2006. i discovered that over 60 percent of these mortgages did not meet our guidelines they were by definition defective
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when i discovered this in this was june of 2006. silly me i thought it was my job i started issuing warnings because i was supposed to make sure that these met our policy guidelines. and i sent an e-mail i put it in my weekly report i made committee presentations i mean i'm not a shy guy i cornered people in the hallways at the water fountain and everyone say yeah we we we know we need to fix that but nothing would happen and through 20062007 the volumes kept increasing and the rate of defective mortgages increased from $62.00 in excess of 80 percent it was 80 percent of these mortgages that we were in terms selling. and giving our representations and warranties that they were they met our
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policy guidelines did not meet our policy guidelines this is misrepresentation that is true as a matter of fact it was for all. i've seen plenty of alone documents with my own eyes other were falsified and the borrower still signed them as if they were correct. people who were typically hairdressers gardeners and such reporting incomes of over $100000.00 a year now their actual incomes would be in the range of about $16000.00 in those cases their income is inflated by it 6 times. you would have waiters in a restaurant showing that they made $150000.00
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a year i mean that clearly is. it is out of line but nonetheless the loan type permitted them to happen. richard bowen and his staff very carefully very professionally are documenting. that these loans their reps and warranties are false. but city is overwhelmingly turning around in reselling these loans. citi group did not want to know because if it looked at these places it couldn't possibly continue. to use them. it was all about generating the revenue. the people who worked on wall street conceived of the idea of securitizing mortgages. packaging mortgages up into securities they actually
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arranged to buy the mortgages they would pack of them up into securities they would file documents with the security exchange commission that they had to be able to call them securities and then they would sell them to investors all around the world and all along the way they were making money was almost like it was a perfect product that anybody who touched a mortgage i made money off of it. november the 2nd of 2007 sitting at my kitchen table i put together an e-mail. and i simply e-mailed to robert reuben who the next day on sunday at the board meeting was named chairman of the board. i also sent it to the chief risk officer the chief financial officer in the chain of order. i said urgent read a meeting at work financial issues i put that in all capital letters. i call
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for an outside investigation i said come in here from the outside and investigate what is going on here because everybody here already knows and no one contacted. throughout november throughout the summer there was no contact no one said the word. will tell you that that particular point in time. before i would even get in my car. i was doing what they do in the us i'm just looking underneath my car and good luck. it was a very frightening time. and you worry the 6th i received there was an e-mail that went out with regard to
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reorganization and in that reorganization i was stripped of all my underwriting responsibilities that next week i was put on in the street he believes and told him not to come back to the. selfless acts human bravery 10000 precious pieces of literature rescued
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from being bounced to ashes and a besieged sorry. it's the both men women and men who risked everything to save their it's imperative. the love of books on al-jazeera. the latest news as it breaks communities may be in disagreement accusing the other for these attacks and the killing with detail coverage thousands of protesters have been streaming away from the go house but the out have gone from around the world that provide what. the brunt of the sacrifice is what this is all about. the pages of this exercise book unspeakable mannerly compiled testimonies of victims of congolese mercenaries as this intimate evidence finds its way to
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international courts the central african republic is plunged into further tumult and intricate tanev of people and a nation crippled by recent history. africa on part one of a 2 part series on al-jazeera. hello again adrian forget here in doha the top stories on al-jazeera the u.s. secretary of state mike pompei was arrived in saudi arabia to try to deal with the escalating dispute between the u.s. and iran donald trump threatened to impose new sanctions on tehran iran has responded by saying that u.s. efforts to on the world against it will be useless. forming a coalition is nothing new we've seen it before they fail iran is
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a powerful country with 15 neighboring countries and we stand tall in the region so forming a coalition against such a country is not an easy thing to do even if u.s. officials come to the region every week and have meetings to try and form a coalition it's not easy to do it here piers military is still hunting. for the general behind an attempted rebellion in the state of amara also a morrow's attorney general has died after being wounded on saturday night when the state governor and an aide was also shot dead. evacuations are underway for nearly $50000.00 people in a town in southern council after a series of explosions at a munitions depos it happened at a military base in the southern province of pakistan. turkey's opposition party has won istanbul's mayoral race it's the 1st time in 25 years that president richard typer the once party has lost control of the country's economic capital.
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people are gathering across palestinian territories to speak out against washington so-called deal of the century the series of protests in gaza the occupied west bank and side with this week's summit in bahrain where senior white house adviser jared krishna is expected to reveal details of the economic part of the peace plan israel's prime minister says that he'll give it fair consideration but palestinian leaders a boycotting that meeting 8 children born with 2 ice or faces with a stray and citizenship are being returned home the children were rescued by aid agencies in syria and taken to iraq it's a story is 1st organized repatriation of its citizens from the conflict in georgia's government is proud to protest its demands for a fair electoral system a key requirement for demonstrators who surrounded parliament for the past 4 days later the georgian dream party says the next elections will give parties a share of parliamentary seats based on their share of the votes there's the headlines more news for you here on al-jazeera when we finished the man who stole
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the world.
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greed was definitely the driver. as it is almost forgotten until. citigroup was not the only one. comparable level of fraudulent mortgage loans have been seen in all the big wall street banks. and knowing the risk of bankruptcy. banks began to pour massive amount of money to buy more and more mortgage loans and package them into derivatives. the top honor writer in the peak years of 2005 in 2006 limited drugs. at $106000000000.00. to name then it was one of the largest makers and sellers of the the
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absolute most toxic loans in the entire world lehman brothers was one of the largest fraud vectors in the history of the world. my name is am time belugas. i go by the name tony. in new year 2009. 3 months after the lehman bankruptcy i was appointed by the federal court in new york to act as an examiner. i was independent of i me of the party in among the responsibilities of the court charged me and my team which was to determine how and why lehman went into
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bankruptcy. and when you're talking about the lehman bankruptcy you are talking about the largest single bankruptcy in the history of financial institutions total amount of the bankruptcy $693000000000.00. so we told the story of what happened. lehman brothers with the 4th largest global investment bank in the world. but by themis c.e.o. dick fuld. hi my name is dick fuld the chairman and chief executive officer of lehman brothers now's a terrific time to be joining lehman brothers i've been here 30 years and i can't think of a better time for you to take part in changes in opportunities that are going on. but they do you get food what would be the 1st thing that crossed your mind. a
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person who was viewed as a lion on wall street i believe that in the year 2008 the very year the bankruptcy was named by forbes as one of the top 10 executives in the country. they call them the gorilla and i think they call them that for a reason he was brusque borish take no prisoners kind of guy you know run through a wall for lehman brothers. hyper competitive. hyper narcissistic. squeeze some of those shorts squeeze him hard. not that i want to hurt him. don't get that please because that's just not who i am . soft i'm lovable. but what i really want to do
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is i want to reach in ripped out their heart and eat it before they die the man who lost them and brothers the man who presided over its decline and fall the man who could have done something about it but chose not to the man who refused to see the writing on the wall the man who you know. kicked off in many ways which became the great recession. my name is all over buddha and i was an in-house lawyer at lehman brothers for years. i discovered many things that were at least unethical. if not illegal. and eventually i decided to quit. i was earning a lot of money. but it was not enough for me to turn a blind eye to all that was happening in. the tone coming from the
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top tip fuld the guys around him were go for pushing go beyond the limits the key at lehman was to evaluate the risk and the reward and never mind the law that might be in between there if if the reward is high enough and the risk is low enough we will do it and we will sort it out later. this was a culture of risk. and this was all about money. lehman brothers risk analysis program was considered a model on wall street i mean it was brilliantly conceived. the problem was it was simply ignored you have to understand you talk about to pull folks made his fortune at lehman brothers he was a billionaire. so if you say why i think he had it wrong it ask you are you a billionaire if you made a $1000000000.00 trading i you and he had. 2 in
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the years leading up to the crisis everything the financial health of lehman brothers could not have been better at least on paper. they expanded the use of their toxic the rules. and the ratio of lending expanded. in 2008 humans was massively leveraged. lehman brothers had one of the highest leverage ratios in american financial institutions a leverage ratio is a ratio of your debt to your equity another word for equity is capital it's ratio depending on the exact time was 30 to $40.00 to $1.00 in other words for every
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dollar of suppose a capital that had it had $30.00 to $40.00 in debt. lehman became the focus of worldwide attention because they were perceived as the next weakest link they were the next domino to fall. so lehman engaged in a scheme. accounting scheme to make it look better and what they did was involved what was called repo one of. this was something that lehman used every quarter to hide some of the borrowed money. you see lehman would borrow money and they would pledge securities that they had as collateral. at the end it was $50000000000.00 each quarter they would borrow $50000000000.00 and they would give $50000000000.00 in collateral. but they would
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actually say that this was a sale this was not a pledge for a loan but this was a sale of those assets for $50000000000.00 and they would treat the $50000000000.00 not as debts but as cash that they just got. and by doing that and using that cash to pay down still other debt they could they could materially significantly move that leverage ratio. you know down. then as soon as the quarter was over and they had published their number they would undo that transaction and presto they would. give back the money take back the securities and again be leveraged just as high as they were before they did this only to fool the public and no other reason. the effect of that was in june they were able to show that their leverage had been dropped dramatically. and the street said wow lehman's doing ok. are for strong today
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so will the merge from the cycle he even stronger. we've done it before. and we will do it again so if it's the number yes my opinion they absolutely fudge the numbers they they engaged in a trend even within their own e-mails they referred to it as a drug they were on. a sham and accounting gimmick to make themselves look better so they knew what they were doing so they were i to get information to the police yes that's my that was the opinion we can reach in the report isn't it against an oh well if you file a misleading statement and you knowingly file a misleading statement and a judge concludes that you have done so or a jury does that is against the law yes there was a basis by which such a claim could be made yes we did indeed against dick fuld the c.e.o.'s yes. but nobody was arrested or charged for the us now if there were no arrests there
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were no charge there was no jury trial there was no civil case brought which the jury heard the case and then decided the case not all those things took place no. let me start by saying that i have absolutely no recollection whatsoever of hearing anything about we're seeing documents related to repeal 105 transactions while i was the c.e.o. of lehman you think it's possible that deferred didn't know now is the of course of course not. there were senior executives at lehman who were interviewed by mr valukas and others who said that yes he did know that e-mails were sent to him that showed the repo 105 portion of the financials to show the facts of this and then dick fuld answer was well they might have sent me e-mails but i don't know
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how to work a computer i don't know how to open an attachment that would have a spreadsheet to show this so i never saw it i was never aware this was historic. wall street misrepresented its financial condition. at the same time millions were spent in bonuses. this was a jackpot. place to make money and the most money was wall street. bonuses reached levels that had never been even approximated in the world. millions of dollars a year it's like the greatest job that you could ever imagine getting without putting any of your own capital with.
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its lifestyles. they were willing to take risks to support that lifestyle. there's a great bit of narcissism and antisocial personality disorders in with those they might feel like they have a sense of entitlement or they're above the law or they're too good to get high. on wall street these c.e.o.'s they can they pull away and some of them would pull in $100000000.00 a year and dick fuld had several years. it was $789100000000.00 in one year. he had a multi-million dollar home in greenwich and that's where he lived most of the time but he also kept a very fancy multimillion dollar apartment on park avenue and he had another home down in florida also worth $1015000000.00 another place in idaho
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a sun valley some sort of a cabin in the woods there but again multimillion dollar property. since 2000 you've taken home more than $480000000.00 that's almost half a $1000000000.00 your company is now bankrupt our economy is in a state of crisis but you've got to keep 480 $1000000.00. out of a very basic question for you is this fair i would say to you the 500 number is not accurate and i believe the amount that i took out of the company over to that was. i believe a little bit less than 250000000000 still a large number of the still a large number. of the time in fact both numbers were wrong and both numbers were low the true number was 530000000 420022007 dick fuld said you know i only made 3 $110.00 that's over
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$200000000.00 that he took off his total under oath i swear to tell the truth the whole truth he did it on television 1 for the world and this stood up. for what. i don't even think i could resist if you gave me the opportunity to make $550000000.00 and all i had to do was hurt $6000000000.00 people i would think about it the temptation is there the real message is we don't care how you did it we don't care where there's real we don't care whether it's honest just do it. because you'll be rich and i'll be rich. in the financial context modern executive compensation didn't just create the most criminogenic environment it created the biggest crimes in financial history and has nothing close. this is
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absolutely stunning wall street has seen very very few days like this. you never will have. the house of cards came falling down. lehman brothers 150 year old firm filed for bankruptcy brought down by bad mortgage investments lehman which has $25000.00 employees will be liquidated. someone said you know corporations die of cancer investment banks heart attacks. there was a time when these assets were completely toxic and when they completely. anybody owns it as a terrible problem and that's the situation lehman found itself in. people basically ran. to it and the government stand behind it so it collapsed. the 15th of september 2008. lehman brothers goes
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bankrupt. the new york stock exchange had its biggest drop in a single day since 911. banks began to stop lending money to each other. the collapse of lehman brothers triggered markets around the globe stocks tumbled in. the 2008 financial crisis displayed what the world now identifies as financial contagion. there was a worldwide recession you know the value of real estate plummeted people lost their homes you could go through. southwest side of chicago to see foreclosure foreclosure foreclosure home after home after home they were going belly up as a result of that. numerous businesses went out of business.
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this is a fraud but if this is not random it's not hoops. everybody got hurt i mean the impact across the world was measured in the trillions of dollars the value of. what was was turning up here in time is almost incalculable we've never seen anything like that since 1920 and. this crisis has changed the whole world to many long lost state where. without the crisis breaks it would not have happened and donald trump would not be
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president of the united states this is a major turning point you never know what it will be but the thirty's transformed the world. because you brought us the 2nd bobo it somewhat sceptical to become john's to do with the great depression. so it changes everything. the leading company executives were ever brought to justice. i lost everything. all the money everything i had. my wife my family connections i lost everything.
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i'm just a small fish and. i was brought to justice. they all went through. the system is is what it is. and until the system changes the powerful continue to walk. the you've seen that there were some very large settlements that were made but they never admitted that they did it.
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there was no ignition of guilt there was no charge of any criminal activity and i have always represented that those payments were nothing more than payment. so the extortion to the department of justice to seal the evidence to lock up the evidence so the public would never see how widespread and pervasive the fraud was that was committed and i truly believe that. these crimes are so vastly larger than any blue collar crimes it's just off the charts non comparable in terms of these things it's what balzac actually set behind every fortune that you can't explain lies that just a fraud but one a fraud executed so well that it wasn't prosecuted.
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we are now in midtown manhattan on park avenue. this is the old this is where lehman was after 911 and this building across the street is where dick fuld the c.e.o. is working today and his new company matrix capital nothing has changed he's in the same business he always was some people may think of him as some sort of. you know guy that was banished forever but now he's just fine. the world collapsed there were trillions of dollars of damage it didn't cost dick fuld a dollar the man put $550000000.00 into his pocket he kept it all and presumably he's probably grown that child quite considerably perhaps he has a 1000000000 by now the stock market has been doing very well since the crisis.
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prison was the beginning of the dems. the judge told me to. do something good with your life. and that's why i'm trying to make a difference by speaking to the public. about my failures and how they can be aware of. what the world is facing. do i think it could happen again do i think that that's i think that's yes and you know. the seeds of the next financial crisis have already been planted that they're growing. we can't see them yet but there are plenty of signs all around of of trouble brewing. i think there is no doubt that. we are going into another crisis of
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a greater stability than we have just been through. i can't predict what the instruments are going to be i can't predict the specifics but i know it will be driven by greed and misbehavior has no consequence we have shown that. we the public and decision makers. basically haven't learned because we never so much understood the crisis of the bankers have learned the lessons. and the lesson was that this is wheat this is perfect this is a sure thing i will be fabulously wealthy and i will not pay any price for it thank you lowered.
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the webs and spun sets by cateye and ways. hello it should be no surprise to see a forecast of snow in the middle of winter and it's on its way down got satellite picture here so that streak of castree santiago is the start of the drain at low levels but to be honest it's mostly going to be snow showing up on the andes if you look up to your east 10 degrees in the city itself the snow disappears for thursday's forecast and there's rain still in the northeast of ashington of what a series it stretches up probably towards us and soon of course is still
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a lot of water on the grounds to flooding river flooding from earlier heavy rains through a paragraph that might be topped up but probably not by much north of the continent and we still got masses a cloud in the caribbean light showers are a daily likelihood in any of this moron's particularly barbados and treated as well the heavier rain that we see in panama or costa rica is still there has daily showers but beyond that up through honduras guatemala to mexico but a cloud well into heavy showers in mexico so think the action is going to be offshore where a potential development of a tropical cyclones taking place but it might just end up being so only potential some may just on the storm's been around recently again from texas northeast was and you could see the developing once more there moving a daily basis and they are still likely. the weather sponsoring.
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arts. al-jazeera. hello i'm adrian for they can this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes the u.s. goes in search of support for a global coalition against iran but russia says it's ready to step in and counter any new sanctions. the. misery if you
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live the view at the end of what's supposed to be a humanitarian corridor or in syria. ethiopia's government declares it's back in control after a failed rebellion that left the country's military chief and 4 of those dead and then spore argentina and qatar's run south america's biggest international football tournament they beat the asian champions to nail to book their place in the compound their cup quarter final. president trump is preparing new sanctions just top diplomats are trying to drum up international pressure but iran may have found itself some new support right now u.s. secretary of state mike pump aoe is in saudi arabia meeting king solomon and crown prince mohammed bin salman hoping to assemble a global coalition against iran and then heads to the u.a.e.
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later on monday the u.s. president is expected to impose new sanctions as his special representative heads to european capitals boss russia has announced that it's ready to counter them with an oil for goods deal but it wants others to join all this as iran says the time is running out for european leaders to act and save the 2015 nuclear deal white house call. spotted kimberly how could a standing by for us in washington d.c. we'll speak to her in just a moment but 1st let's go to the same bus ravi who is in iran's capital saying washington says it's willing to talk to turkey with no preconditions what more are we hearing about that in iran well adrian iranian leaders here in teheran say that as long as the u.s. continues to carry out its so-called maximum pressure campaign on iran then anything that it says any of the rhetoric coming from u.s. officials iranian leaders here see is largely disingenuous they've said over and
9:51 pm
over again that they cannot trust anything that the united states says they can only interpret their intentions through their actions and so far in the experience of iran from the point of view of leaders here and to iran that those are the practical steps of the united states has taken have all been economic pressure related iranian leaders here call it economic terrorism they call it economic warfare and in a press briefing earlier today. foreign ministry spokesman abbas mousavi addressed the issue of new sanctions expected to be announced by washington later today saying what more does the u.s. have left to sanction that it hasn't already sanctioned in the past 40 years and in so far as the trips by u.s. diplomats and u.s. officials to the region to try to build some kind of operational consensus against iran mr mousavi said that the united states is wasting its time. forming a coalition is nothing new we've seen it before they failed us iran is
9:52 pm
a powerful country with 15 neighboring countries and we stand tall in the region so forming a coalition against such a country is not an easy thing to do even if u.s. officials come to the region every week and have meetings to try and form a coalition it's not easy to do so in iran has been consistent in saying that it will continue to withdraw from parts of the nuclear deal what more can you tell us about. well the ron's president hustlin rouhani almost 2 months ago decided to begin non-cooperation with the 2015 nuclear deal saying that it was in line with the tenets of the agreement that if other parties within the agreement are not complying with their commitments iran can and has begun to reduce its commitments in terms of its nuclear program now we are waiting for july 7th a deadline when you're iran has a set for other signatories to the nuclear deal to help it deal with u.s.
9:53 pm
economic pressure saying that if that doesn't happen it will continue down the path of cooperation with the joint comprehensive plan of action and we are waiting to see that come to pass in just a few days now mr moussavi during the press briefing also seemed to put a number on what might help iran do a u. turn on the non-cooperation with the nuclear deal he said before the united states pulled out of the deal iran was exporting 2800000 barrels of oil a day and if there was some meaningful change to go back to that as opposed to a monday an agreement if they were able to come back to some sort of compensation that helped them continue to sell oil in a meaningful way that might help iran to a u. turn but if there was some sort of mundane agreement something that wasn't good enough that won't be satisfactory for leaders into iran al-jazeera samus ravi reporting live from teheran let's go to washington then a white house correspondent given how could is with us live russia kimberly's says that any new sanctions on iran could be illegal and will be counted how is the
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white house likely to respond to that. well we're watching very carefully to see what dollars from might say and twitter about that right now the latest it was coming from the u.s. administration or from its u.s. secretary of state and also from a special envoy to iran brian hoke all start with secretary of state he's been tweeting following that meeting ager in that you talked about that sort of hastily arranged consultation where the united states trying to build a global coalition the u.s. secretary of state calling these means both productive and that he discussed with the saudi crown prince as well as the saudi king the heightened tensions as well as maritime security now in the midst of all of this the u.s. message adrian is to iran that the united states' position is it is willing to negotiate with iran that is the option that is available or continue to watch your economy crumble so as you pointed out the united states is preparing to put in
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place new sanctions just adding to those already tough economic sanctions of part of the united states so-called maximum pressure campaign now in the midst of all of this the u.s. special envoy to iran brian hook has been speaking from brussels he held a conference call with reporters where he continued to talk about the consultations that the united states has been undergoing in terms of trying to build this global coalition his position is the u.s. prepares to put in place more economic sanctions the view of the united states is that the ones that are in place now are working and have allowed for military spending to be reduced in iran but at the same time the united states is still concerned about iran's ability continue to conduct attacks as they call them was asked whether or not the united states has a sort of a group that they're willing or hoping would be put in place in stead of the current leadership the united states saying and words of brian hope that it remains
9:56 pm
zealously neutral what the goal is in all of this age or it is for the sort of limit. ation of iran's nuclear and missile programs as well as confronting regional aggression white house correspondent. in washington kimberly many thanks as we've been reporting that russia says that it will take steps to counter any new u.s. sanctions calling them illegal more now from step vast amounts. russia's deputy foreign minister ripped off has said that any new u.s. sanctions are counterproductive and will only increase tensions and he also said that russia wants to take countermeasures together with its partners it's not clear and he did not specify what kind of countermeasures he means and also if his european partners agree with this on friday the deputy minister is sad that russia wants to help iran with its oil exports and also with its banking system and he has been disappointed about the fact that this european system that designed currently
9:57 pm
to avoid the u.s. sanctions and help iran with oil exports is still not going anywhere and you said that the european partners are fairly under so much pressure of the united states that this is not going to going to go anywhere so that's where russia wants to stab in but again is this is syria's intention or is this a threat this is still not clear of has been very aggressive and very firm on the on the u.s. sanctions towards iran and also on any steps that the u.n. united states has taken towards iran there is a very important meeting on friday with the european partners and russia still a viking by the nuclear deal there will be some serious negotiations going on there and also in these from ing days. russian security minister and also the u.s. and israeli security ministers will meet in jerusalem and discuss syria but also of
9:58 pm
course iran will be high on the agenda. now to syria where the devastation of continued s. strikes on this being laid nearly 500 civilians many of them women and children have been killed since the russian backed syrian government offensive began 9 weeks ago on the ground syrian forces are facing accusations of conducting a scorched earth policy of destroying crops. reports now from beirut. it will be a long recovery but khaled family is thankful he survived the 3 year old was injured in an airstrike last week was the father and mother are saying they will never forget how they almost lost their younger brother. they desperately tried to pull it from the rubble before rescuers arrived. a missile believed to be dropped by syrian government planes destroyed their house in. an opposition controlled town in southern. israel.
9:59 pm
the 1st missile hit while he was playing outside with a cat and the 2nd missile hit next to our house our house was destroyed and we couldn't see anything in front of us we removed some blocks and found he's had that is when the ambulance arrived. the russian backed syrian government offensive in the north west is entering its 9th week nearly 500 civilians have been killed in air and ground bombardment that has been targeting rebel controlled towns in northern hama and southern over $300000.00 syrians have fled the area and moves closer to the turkish border. this is can change one town in south and people have fled to due to intense bombardment by assad's terrorist regime and that terrorists russian occupiers 120000 people used to live here excluding the displaced syrians. the world food program says it is helping 200000
10:00 pm
displaced syrians but its operations have been interrupted in some areas because of the violence it is home to 3000000 people half of them already refugees from other parts of syria that if he is racing against the clock to support all the ready to eat food that doesn't have to be cooked. in the camps and wherever they are while we continue our regular operation and scaling it up to some $800000.00 people every month the demands on aid are expected to grow thousands of acres of farmland have been destroyed in recent weeks many blame the syrian government for deliberately targeting the fields as they have done in past offensives to punish those who live in rebel areas and force a surrender. the opposition has not surrendered rebels are holding ground hundreds of fighters on both sides have been killed along the front lines 8 weeks.


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