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meant. there really isn't any majority for. posing but bush so it's really a kind of moot point whether these demonstrations can be can be successful some comment it is not even saying that actually the demonstration quote increase the support for. this is just that our plans no confidence vote in parliament next week is likely to fail but the street protests against him which began as a small student movement are getting bigger and bigger. on to 0. 8 children born to i still faces for the straight in citizenship are being returned home the children were rescued by aid agencies in syria and taken to iraq it's a study is 1st organized repatriation of its citizens from the conflict hundreds of foreign fighters but children are being held in camps across syria the defeat of eisel last march. the opportunity now is for these young children who are coming back to australia and i can't be held responsible for the crimes of their parents i
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mean the fact that you would take a child and put them in a conflict zone like this is despicable and i for the disgusting but the children. can't be held responsible for that and when we have kissed carefully considered their cases then we have taken action to scifi repechage them and will consider any other such cases particularly in the security issues demonstrators in hong kong of staged a sit in at the city's tax offices to keep up pressure on the government over a controversial extradition bill andrew thomas reports. this is a good example of the protesters new tactics disrupting the lives of government workers the business of government while not disrupting the lives of ordinary people in this city this building is hong kong's revenue tower essentially its tax office and there are only about $150.00 protested the book the entrance but they're doing pretty good job of making it clear that they're going to keep the protest
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going albeit at a low level in between the big marches one of them due on wednesday another on the 1st of july so what is it you can still get in and out was a car passed through that door a couple of stories down and the work is going down into the lift and getting back up that way but the entrance what you can see it's on a completely. the idea is a visual representation that they're not going away and these protests often teemu in the city based it's all about keeping them immense and going well not disrupting the lives of ordinary people in the city too much the idea is to keep public opinion on the protesters side china says it won't allow any discussion on hong kong's mass protests at this week's g. 20 summit in japan. and what i can tell you for sure is that the g 20 will not discuss the hong. kong issue hong kong is china's special administrative region
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and these matters are purely internal so we will not permit any country or person to interfere the g 20 is an international economic summit and this isn't my definition this is the definition given by g 20 leaders so its focus is coordinating macro level policy and cooperation to tackle challenges in areas such as the global economy trade and finance 2 people have been pulled alive from the rubble of a collapsed building in southern come badia prime minister hun sen visited the size a search teams continue to look for trapped construction workers the unfinished 7 story building came down early on saturday killing 28 people in. the philippines is struggling to control the use of single use plastic bags it's estimated that more than 160000000 of them washed up on river banks and coastlines every day now a constructive way to tackle the problem has been developed as i was 0. reports. for the last 2 years these students have been collecting rubbish every day it's
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helped clean up the campus and help to build some of its facilities for every 2 kilo's of plastic waste they collect this school receives a brick of plastic and cement. and the school canteen been built with them this school to watch tower was built with the same bricks 2 this is for the environmental problem because we are diverting wastes away from the landfill so we are in effect an alternative to downsize to the landfill. some of the bricks are designed to allow rainwater to see through and that to help stop the streets flooding for some activists this may not be the most ecological way to eliminate the problems of plastic but this is seen as an immediate solution to the growing problems of landfills across the country waste can now be used to manufacture
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building materials but greenpeace says more needs to be done and multinational companies need to be made responsible for pushing the so-called sashay economy from coffee shampoo to cooking oil these consumer products come in cheap single use packages it's a very important that the consumers they have the purchasing power and they can actually put pressure into this manufacturers these companies they can actually influence and ask their favorite brands i love your products we use their products we buy the your products what you need to deliver it in a more sustainable in a logical way the capital manila generates almost $10000.00 tons of garbage every day every community here is mandated by law to have a materials recovery facility where biodegradable and recyclable waste is sorted but government figures show around only 20 percent of the villages in the country
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have one. this is one of the most impoverished areas in manila rubbish is directly affecting the lives of people here the challenge of plastic waste is global and growing and in the battle against it people here say they feel they're on the front line. dugan al-jazeera manila. just ahead here in colombia is looking like a team to beat america game with powered why. bargain
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time to support his son thank you very much adrian no argentina are celebrating reaching the quarter finals of the corporate america they secured their 1st win in brazil by beating qatar to nail to progress in champions qatar when the tournament as a guest and a defensive heir allowed martinez to pull argentina head off to just 4 minutes after the break the n.l. messi had a good chance at this 4 and number 2 for his country and said it was sergio quero who made the game safe as argentina stay on track to win this title for the 1st time since 1903 qatar out to argentina davis well. with effectively telling us you know we are satisfied because we qualify for the next round we are also happy because the team and some moments of the game played well of course there are few things to improve against our next rival but as well they are a team that we played against not so long ago and we lost against them 31 in
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a friendly they are a very interesting team. colombia will advance as group be winners ahead of argentina after 3 straight wins that they be part of why one nil to maintain the perfect record so far. senegal have begun their african nations cup campaign with the win the continent's number one ranked team be tense and yet nail in group c. senegal are looking to win the competition for the 1st time stuff forward side your money of liverpool is free to return of for their next game off to serving a one match ban. also in group c. algeria beat kenya to nail an in-group d. there was a heartbreak for namibia last minute own goal of saw them lose one nil to morocco not to major controversy at the women's world cup past cameron twice threatened to walk off the pitch because of flaws and one of their players was accused of spitting on a t.v.
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camera or coup already clearly call cameras seen it. spits on the arm of indian player tony duggan but she insists it was not on purpose or also protested to vod decisions that one which awarded an england goal and another which ruled out one of their as england won 3 now to reach the quarter finals but coach phil neville said cameron's behavior made him ashamed over half of the women's game. later on monday defending champions usa take on spain in the women's world cup but so far the u.s. have scored 18 goals and conceded none it is the 1st time spain have made it beyond the group stages at a world cup you know i think yes spain is a team that. definitely been a part of the you know the growth i think over europe and in a lot of these other countries and you know as a as a fan of the game and someone who grew up in a time where it wasn't that way in europe i think it's great to see one of the most
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sought after coaches in world football is leaving his job in the english premier league rafael beneath this will leave newcastle united after 3 years at the club when his contract expires on sunday than it has been forced rated by the lack of investment in the squad this has previously being in charge of the length of a poor real madrid and chelsea. the former head of wall that diac and his son have been ordered to stand trial in france the 86 year old is facing a number of charges including corruption and money laundering the whole has been under house arrest in france for 4 years was in charge of athletics governing body for 16 years his son papa is in his home country of senegal the donation website go fund me has shut down the page set up by australian rugby star is well fall well he was trying to raise $3000000.00 for a legal fight against
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a rugby australia who sacked him last month. had the his $4000000.00 contract terminated because of a social media post attacking gay people he's online campaign had raised $750000.00 but to go from me close it down because it promoted the exclusion of people and violated the terms of service britain's andy murray says a he's in no rush to be playing singles again then maria has and now his 1st has won his 1st tournament since having a hip servicing surgery something of which no one has ever returned to play singles while the 3 time grand slam champion in his playing partner feliciano lopez sealed a double sized dog queen's club on sunday it was a 1st win the for the 32 year old since clinching victory in dubai 2017. i need to see much and i'm just really happy that my my body is fine i'm feeling good and i'm healthy and you know i'm going to take my time i'm not going to rush this because i
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don't want to i don't i don't need to so if it means not playing singles until a bit later find i'm just happy happy to be back on the core i mean no no pain in my head. straight is haneke dream no won her 1st major title at hazelton national well having never won an l.p.g. a charmin before the 22 year old that held off offending champion pop song young of south korea to win by one stroke green as the 1st straining of 13 years to win a major and she's only in her 2nd full year on the women's tour. and the surfing wall that has a new women's while number one the world. took place in the rio de janeiro sunday the women's events australia sally it's given defeat a curry sell more of the united states wins if it's over take take over takes stephanie gilmore as the reigning world champion brazil's if any put the needle sent home fans into
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a frenzy as he captured the men's title beating out south africa's jordi smith. that's it for me so many thanks dude and that's it for but he is out but i'll be back crossword judge with more of those do's in just a few moments see at the. base is a dialogue reading about it for not athelstan yet on international media and on t.v. why should we stop this conversation with skepticism because there's a lot of it on my and everyone has a voice we are being taken advantage of just because we are small community without any network just eat healthy join the global conversation on al-jazeera all they want to do is start the debate the same kind of debate that we have here in st. examining the headlines scientists are telling us that we have just
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12 years to make unprecedented changes unflinching in journalism i am told to leave toward complete in a certain absolutely sharing personal stories with a global audience would simply political sacrifice this is what i want to see explore in abundance of world class programming the world is watching on al-jazeera . mexico's most popular soap opera is changing society by tackling women socially shoes ted only in its 1st episode soapbox discovers the drama behind the scene as it reduces day the hardships facing the mothers of disabled children and the friends social stigmas by broadcasting them into the well. charlie. dizzier.
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al jazeera. where ever you are. the us goes in search of support for a global coalition against iran but russia says it's ready to step in and counter any new sanctions. hello i'm adrian from again this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up. the.
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misery in the view at the end of what's supposed to be a humanitarian corridor or in syria. ethiopia declares 3 days of mourning after a failed rebellion killed 5 officials including the country's military chief. a constructive new approach to battling plastics pollution in the philippines. president trump is preparing new sanctions just top diplomats to try to drum up international pressure but iran may have found itself some new support right now u.s. secretary of state mike compare is in saudi arabia meeting king a king abdullah king solomon story and crown prince mohammed bin solomon hoping to assemble a global coalition against iran he'll then head to the u.a.e. later on monday the u.s. president is expected to impose new sanctions as his special representative heads
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to european capitals but russia has announced that it's ready to. count of them with an oil for goods deal that it wants others to join all this as iran says that time is running out for european leaders to act and save the 2015 nuclear deal a white house correspondent kimberly how could a standing by for us in washington d.c. we'll speak with her in just a moment but 1st let's go to zain buss ravi who is in iran's capital in washington says that it's willing to talk to teheran with no pre conditions what are we hearing back from iran. well iranian leaders here in teheran have said over and over again that as long as the u.s. maintains its so-called maximum pressure campaign on iran's economy then any discussion of dialogue any idea of talks is seen as largely disingenuous and during a press briefing by iran's foreign ministry spokesman abbas moussavi he said
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iranian leaders don't take a lot of what the united states is saying seriously in any case since leaders there seem so divided in terms of what policies to take towards iran now in terms of sanctions that's really all that iran has seen in terms of practical steps by which it can judge american actions mr mousavi said that as long as sanctions remain in place it is really difficult for them to consider anything else in terms of the relationship with the united states but maintaining a defensive posture now in terms of the new sanctions that we're expecting to hear from washington later today mr mousavi also commented on that saying that what more is there left for the americans to sanction that they haven't already sanctioned in the past 40 years and in so far as all of the diplomats and all of the officials from washington visiting various allies of the united states in the region mr mousavi said that when it comes to consensus building if they're trying to build some kind of consensus
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a coalition against iran in the united states is wasting its time. forming a coalition is nothing new we've seen it before they failed us iran is a powerful country with 15 neighboring countries and we stand tall in the region so forming a coalition against such a country is not an easy thing to do even if u.s. officials come to the region every week and have meetings to try and form a coalition it's not easy to do that you're saying iran has consistently said that it will continue to withdraw from parts of the nuclear deal any more news on that. exactly iranian officials are committed to the non-cooperation with the nuclear deal because they say there is an imbalance in the joint comprehensive plan of action that j.c. if your way and the u.s. pullout has created that imbalance during the press briefing mr mousavi did seem to hint at a number that might be something that changes iranian policy of non-cooperation with the nuclear deal or that might lead to a u.-turn of iran coming back towards the nuclear deal in
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a more meaningful way he said that before the u.s. pulled out of the deal it was selling iran was selling $2800000.00 barrels of oil per day and i asked about the european banking bypass instax and whether or not doc to go towards helping iran not be cooperative with the j c p o a mr mousavi said that if the europeans and other signatories to the nuclear deal are able to make some sort of meaningful impact on iran's oil sales help it deal with us economic sanctions using that 2800000 barrels a day figure as the sort of benchmark he said then that is possible but as long as there are more money dana approaches he said towards any sort of bypass he said that would simply be on satisfactory for iranian leaders say many thanks holmes is a must read the intent from white house correspondents kimberly how kind is live for us in washington kimberly russia says that any new sanctions on iran could be
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in legal and will be counted as the white house going to respond to that. well kellyanne conway special advisor to the us president speaking on the driveway of the white house in just the last hour and she has ak oh what we've been hearing from a number of top administration officials in the recent hours and days and that is that the united states' position and specifically u.s. president donald trump is hoping to try and get iran to go she ate that there is not a desire for a war but of course we saw the united states stopping short of a full on. on iran late last week so there is heightened concern in the united states and around the world and in the midst of all of this we have these very hasty consultations that are taking place the latest with the u.s. secretary of state as he meets the saudi king and crown prince the message there is that the once again the u.s. is looking to negotiate with iran or its option is watch your economy crumble so we
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do expect that the u.s. treasury could announce today more economic sanctions on iran this is in addition to the already tough financial sanctions as part of that sort of broader maximum pressure campaign that the united states has been waging for some time now the u.s. special envoy to iran brian hook has also been holding a conference call with reporters he talked about the sort of the threat assessment that the united states sees with iran how they have been consulting with global countries what we're hearing is the u.s. prepares for more sanctions what they're feeling is that the ones that are in place right now are working they have seen some success they believe with trying to reduce or runs military spending but at the same time there is concern that iran is still able to conduct attacks as they call them so what we're looking for now what we're watching for very carefully from the u.s. standpoint is it says that is looking for a deal it's trying to negotiate that is what these sanctions are all about the
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latest ones we expect to come down today the goal for the united states they say is to try and reduce the rods misawa as well as nuclear program and also to quote reduce regional aggression kimberly many thanks indeed well as we've been reporting russia says they will take steps to counter the new u.s. sanctions calling them illegal more in that conference to vast in moscow. russia's deputy foreign minister ripped off has said that any new u.s. sanctions are counterproductive and will only increase tensions and he also said that russia wants to take countermeasures together with its partners it's not clear and he did not specify what kind of countermeasures he means and also if his european partners agree with this on friday the deputy minister sat that russia wants to help iran with its oil exports and also with its banking system and he has been disappointed about the fact that this european system that designed currently
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to avoid the u.s. sanctions and help iran with oil exports is still not going anywhere and he said that the european partners are family under so much pressure of the united states that this is not going to going to go anywhere so that's where russia wants to stab in but again is this is syria's intention or is this a threat this is still not clear of has been very aggressive and very firm on the on the u.s. sanctions towards iran and also on any steps that the u.n. united states has taken towards iran there is a very important meeting on friday with the european partners and russia for are still a viking by the nuclear deal there will be some serious negotiations going on there and also in this from in days. russian security minister and also the u.s. and israeli security ministers will meet in jerusalem and discuss syria but also of
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course iran will be high on the agenda. in syria the devastation of continue their strikes on this being laid bad nearly 500 civilians many of them women and children have been killed since the russian backed syrian government offensive began 9 weeks ago on the ground syrian forces are facing accusations of conducting a scorched earth policy of destroying crops i was there as an a hoarder reports from beirut. it will be a long recovery but harlots family is thankful he survived the 3 year old was injured in an airstrike last week was the father and mother are saying they will never forget how they almost lost their younger brother. they desperately tried to pull from the rubble before rescuers arrived. a missile believed to be dropped by syrian government planes destroyed their house in. an opposition controlled town in southern. israel.
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the 1st missile hit while he was playing outside with a cat and the 2nd missile hit next to our house our house was destroyed and we couldn't see anything in front of us we removed some blocks and found he's had that is when the ambulance arrived. the russian backed syrian government offensive in the north west is entering its 9th week nearly 500 civilians have been killed in air and ground bombardment that has been targeting rebel controlled towns in northern hama and southern over $300000.00 syrians have fled the area and moved closer to the turkish border. this can change one town in south and people have fled to due to intense bombardment by assad's terrorist regime and that terrorists russian occupiers 120000 people used to live here excluding the displaced syrians. the world food program says it is helping 200000
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displaced syrians but its operations have been interrupted in some areas because of the violence it is home to 3000000 people half of them already refugees from other parts of syria that if he is racing against the clock to support all the ready to eat food that doesn't have to be cooked. in the camps and wherever they are while we continue our regular operation and scaling it up to some $800000.00 people every month the demands on aid are expected to grow thousands of acres of farmland have been destroyed in recent weeks many blame the syrian government for deliberately targeting the fields as they have done in past offensives to punish those who live in rebel areas and force a surrender. the opposition has not surrendered rebels are holding ground hundreds of fighters on both sides have been killed along the front lines 8 weeks of intense bombardment and the pro-government side has taken.


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