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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  June 25, 2019 12:00am-1:01am +03

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in israel at the moment netanyahu is there and he obviously israel he would be concerned about russia's support for iran and syria but then wants to cooperate on other things i just i find it difficult to see how you can sort of turn your back home one issue for a moment and then deal with the with the alpha. well the trust is important factor but it doesn't define define the nature of the relations between the countries interests this is what defines the relations between the countries and whether your partner or partners do consider and to take into account to understand your security concerns and your interest concerns and this is exactly how russia and israel manage to build their good relations and cooperation because russia takes into account is rescued it concerns and understand its interests in the region and israel also takes into account moscow interests and
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moscow security concerns and this is the way how it works between the 2 of course it's not. ideal a smooth because russia here is in the sort of between the rock and the hard place trying to see it in several chairs small tenuously on the one hand tries to be. a good partner and defend it iranian interests in the region but on the other hand some of these the trying to appeal to the israelis and also kind of. take into account their interests and so it's a very nuanced and careful delicate diplomacy which moscow is trying to conduct which actually is pretty much appreciated in tel aviv and we can see that by the frequency of meetings between need to put in by the. phone calls and by the russian
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diplomats often visits to to israel i want to ask you about 2 more things so maybe we'll just be a little bit brief on these 11 is the middle east peace process the so-called deal of the century but 1st i want to ask you about specifically iran do you think what russia has announced today is something that can have a an impact on the on the iran situation. well if you mean that deputy foreign minister. of mansion that russia will be ready to help run out to bypass u.s. sanctions indeed that already happened during the previous cycle of u.s. and e.u. sanctions back in 20112012 while the iranian nuclear deal. have been under works so that's those mechanisms are already at place and they can be updated and that's nothing new russia. been helping iran back in that time so i
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don't think it changes any question the rational the same as china which is also quite reluctant to kind of fall under the u.s. limitations on sanctions and not to work with iran right and just quickly middle east peace situation gerrard state of the century is russia are interested i mean else because russia did used to be part of the so-called middle east quartet what about now and 29000 well russia still focuses more and work over list corded and considers it the major major peeler of the middle east peace process and this deal of the century of moscow is quite skeptical because it cannot discuss something which it never. has never seen it doesn't know what is on gender any details so how russia prefers and how russia usually works on that is that that's if you have
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a proposal let's discuss that let's gather all interested actor its global regional the 2 parties of the conflict and then see what can be can be done what is doable what is not alexei klebnikov joining us from moscow great to talk to you thank you . so as we talk there about the so-called deal of the century people have been gathering across the palestinian territories to speak out against the deal a series of protests in gaza and the occupied west bank will coincide with this week's summit in basra and that is where the senior white house adviser jared cushion was expected to reveal details of his plans for palestine israel's prime minister says he'll give it fair consideration the palestinian leaders are already boycotting amazing. i don't think it will be any results from the manana workshop because it was built on wrong foundations what is built on falsehood is false the manana workshop came to solve the problem but what problem the economic
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problem but there is a political problem it can all my problem with who for example when they say they want to give the palestinians an amount of money for the palestinians they should have an into to a statehood so you need to 1st recognize the state then after that you can save the state needs this and that. of course wanted abraham has been to one of the protests in the occupied west bank this is her report from ramallah. but as many as have always there are junction to them and i'm a summit that this expected to be held tomorrow they say that the road to solving the palestinian israeli conflict is not through economic means and they said that palestine is not for sale. in a recent poll 80 percent of palestinians say that they don't believe the u.s. plan will lead them to statehood or that the u.s. is serious about its efforts to be in president mahmoud abbas said that while economy is important and foreign aid is important the most important story here is political the palestinian authority has stopped engaging with the u.s. ever since the u.s. administration has moved its embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem and else in
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jerusalem as israel's capital and gaza hamas has also rejected the deal and palestinians there have organized a marathon against it saying that the minimum workshop was a success. this is one of the many protests that. actions have told her it was banks that are expected to. work. all right here's what's coming up for you on this news hour after fleeing deadly violence a new crisis now faces tens of thousands of displaced people in central mali. the czech republic saw its biggest demonstrations since the end of communism 30 years ago and sport. has run out south america's biggest international football i.
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the russian backed syrian government offensive against the opposition in the northwest of the country is now into its 9th week nearly 500 civilians many of them women and children have been killed and there is no sign that russia and turkey are getting any closer to reviving a deal to stop the violence so to reports now from beirut it will be a long recovery but khaled family is thankful he survived this 3 year old was injured in an airstrike last week and mine are saying they will never forget how they almost lost their younger brother. they desperately tried to pull out from the rubble before rescuers arrived was. a missile believed to be dropped by syrian government planes destroyed their house in. an opposition controlled town and centered. on. the 1st missile hit while he was playing outside with the cat and the 2nd missile hit next to our house our house was destroyed and we couldn't see anything in front
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of us we removed some blocks on found his head that is when the ambulance arrived. that was alone on my hands. the russian backed syrian government offensive in the north west is entering its 9th week nearly 500 civilians have been killed in air and ground bombardment that has been targeting rebel controlled towns in northern hama and southern over $300000.00 syrians have fled the area and moved closer to the turkish border. this is crunch a small town in south and people have fled to due to intense bombardment by assad's terrorist regime and that terrorists russian occupiers 120000 people used to live here excluding the displaced syrians. the world food program says it is helping 200000 displaced syrians but its operations have been interrupted in some areas because of the violence it is home to 3000000 people half of them already refugees
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from other parts of syria that if he is racing against the clock to support all the ready to eat food that doesn't have to cook. in the camps and wherever they are while we continue our regular operation and scaling it up to some $800000.00 people every month the demands on aid are expected to grow thousands of acres of farmland have been destroyed in recent weeks many blame the syrian government for deliberately targeting the fields as they have done in past offensives to punish those who live in rebel areas and force a surrender. the opposition has not surrendered rebels are holding ground hundreds of fighters on both sides have been killed along the front lines 8 weeks of intense bombardment and the pro-government side has taken little territory. the united nations is warning the offensive is creating a humanitarian disaster it has been calling on turkey and russia guarantors of
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a cease fire to help revive the agreement but for now their proxies engage in battle to gain political leverage. beirut the thoughts now of i mean the r word who is middle east and north africa bureau director for the office of the united nations high commissioner for refugees he says civilians must be taken to safe areas where they can get the basics food in minutes. we have calling on all parties to observe international norm international humanitarian law for some for give access to people to leave the fighting and reach safe area free safety to allow humanitarian agencies trucks as it is so that they can deliver they can deliver food supplies and medicine who are suffering also warned we have over 25250 almost 300 people at the parish we have many probably in the hundreds if not thousands that are injured and i think this situation is not really sustainable and the world the world is watching this and record on the part is to really go back to
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previous poster of the world. will have to face the consequences of this war of the casualties. are really thought that was ceasefire in some instances children women the weak the frail to find safety. in the surrounding areas or even far from the from the from the conference on it's only the principle of humanitarian. principles that got hauled in such the circumstances they need food they need water they always so need the health of those who are when the thunderstruck trapped under the rubble and also we have people who are frail who need medicine they need they need they need to really breeze they need to to run to safety and we're just asking just out to the boresight to really allow us it's a confluence situation i think someone up north to the toward the turkish border there may not be crossing but these that have been away from the fighting some went
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to other districts and government some went to hama homes. and so on other places so people basically as soon as they find a way and access a safe access away from the fighting they would take it and i'm just calling. thousands of people displaced by the fighting in central mali are struggling to feed themselves the conflict between her doesn't farmers belonging to rival ethnic groups as led to the deaths of hundreds of people welcome web as this report now from molly's mopti region i would a 1st call malaria then became constipated her mother mariam says they only have rice left to eat in their village and so eyes weight plummeted. i was. all i mean i went to a pharmacy but the medicine didn't work so i try traditional medicine but we still thin so i came to the hospital and we're still here there are always some severely
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malnourished children in hospital wards like this one in central mali worsening drought and extreme poverty play their part but the un says escalating violence in the region has made it worse. nearly 50000 people have fled their villages after a series of attacks by militia connected to the don't go on and through lonnie ethnic groups the landscapes dry at the best of times now many go on who are mostly farmers far from their crops and many fulani herders animals have been stolen or killed. banditry has made road transport too dangerous for centuries the river. played a crucial role in transporting food and other goods around this region these boats bring produce from farming areas and it's traded here at the port in the town of martinis sacks of ground up rice husks will be sold and fed to cattle the
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interdependence between the herders and the farmers as lasted for centuries as well the herders buy food from the farmers and in the dry season the farmers pay the herders to take their livestock out onto the plains for grazing but that interdependence is now strained. hundreds of been killed in the last 3 months as militia connected to both groups of burned homes and massacred villages. many of those who fled to the safety of nearby towns are hungry. instead of handing out food un's world food programme is keeping credit on cards for people to buy from local traders they have the right to trolls on their free for this is the forgotten 13 years from their village this is for their dignity of choosing what they want to . second the most. through does and those what it was. like most here try to matter jacket had to leave
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everything behind when her village was attacked and their new years and yet what we really need is peace the crisis needs to be handled and brought to me and only what any campaigning. for to matter will be raising her children alone in a camp she says her husband was killed in front of her the attacks keep happening every week the piece she longs for seems a long way off. malcolm webb al-jazeera the region mali. here's what's coming up in this news hour protesters angry with the extradition bill in hong kong hong kong are discussing ways to prevent their campaign from losing momentum. also a constructive new approach to battling plastics pollution in the philippines and in sports the location for the 2026 winter olympic games is about to be announced and they will have venues in the.
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hello that have recently been damaging in fact deadly thunderstorms and touchy christan and they're still hovering around the high ground this side of your screens are in the east here and there in the forecast too but and if anywhere to the west and it's clear skies now is just hot and that's true for turkey as well i'm closest city to aleppo is about 40 and the plains of iraq are of course in the high forty's that's all the way down towards kuwait and every now good hops around the 50 mark bit too much of a breeze for that that breeze off and bringing the hot air right the way down through bahrain to qatar and beyond 4630 c. 46 you know it's got to be dry air but more recently we've seen 50 increase humidity bite intention forecast drops to near the 40 mark you must think of the hint of it being rather more humid which is typical for july and august at least
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and we nearly there that has allowed the clouds increase and got away again and we've not settled in yet with this southwesterly drizzly stuff all of southern africa should be at the moment sunny and dry for the most part and you can see from the lack of cloud over land that is the case forecasts wise some rain if you have the east coast of south africa or otherwise inland the sun is largely out but of course it gets cold. they wanted 43000000 homes with a weapon that was 6000000000 pounds intermission. there's no hope of any more because there's always a small people for really really good business. in essence we in the united states have privatized the ultimate public function more shadow on
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al-jazeera until now the coverage of latin america that most of the world was about covering khuda taz tragedies quakes and that was it but not how cable feel how they look how they think and that's what we do we go anyway 5 and a half months are demanding it when education system that was introduced to. latin america as a 0 has come to fill a void that needed to be sealed. on the news here at al-jazeera these are all top stories the u.s.
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secretary. in the united arab emirates continues a tour of the region to gather support against iran saudi arabia on monday where he met king solomon and the crown prince mohammed bin salman to form a coalition. people are gathering across to speak out against washington so-called deal of the century a series of protests in the occupied west bank. with this week's summit in bahrain but the u.s. is expected to reveal details of its peace plan. and the russian backed syrian government offensive against the opposition in the northwest of syria is now into its 9th week nearly 500 civilians have been killed. egypt somehow the region has declared 3 days of mourning after the killing of 5 senior officials in an attempted rebellion flags have been lowered to half staff at all government buildings and a full military funeral will be held on wednesday in the city. so the regional governor and his advisor who are among those killed on saturday night an update now
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from. with. well we have some updated numbers for you leak and confirm that more than a 100 security personnel have been arrested and that connection to this attempted to be regional security personnel and more than 100 of them have now been arrested as you said 5 fishel have been killed 3 regional are federal and we expect that the number of others who have been killed and. in action with this coup attempt to be at 10 so at least 15 people in total have been killed now earlier we spoke with the prime minister's press secretary but many say to him it's an exclusive interview that will hopefully have for you later but she said that at the minute the game is that the ringleader behind the attempted coup and that he had indeed been killed keith said that the government was chasing him and trying to apprehend
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him today on monday and that it was in that operation that he was shot and killed by the government by the military so she did confirm that she said that the prime minister abi ahmed is in control of both the military and of the country she said that the military is not divided along ethnic lines that they are united and that the president or prime minister obviously image is the head of that and that he is in control we asked her about the internet that's a big issue here especially money and we don't have connection to the internet at all and she said that that is part of the security crackdown that they need the internet to be down until they can secure everything so she said that that is an open timeline she couldn't give us the time as to when the internet would be restored but said that it was directly linked to the government shutting it down and that it was linked to her security reasons again she said that the government is united that the prime minister has full control over the country we asked her
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you know with all of that everything that's happened over that we can solve the domestic issues if the prime minister is still going to be focused on negotiations with sudan with neighboring sudan she said absolutely the prime minister is definitely still dedicated to regional security especially for sudan and that the delegation is working to come up with negotiations between the sudanese military and the prime minister's office here in ethiopia. she gave a very comprehensive overview very much prime minister. hold control saying that even in their region he's going to continue his effort to keep people within the country and in the very. thing about thank you. jordan and it's a non analyst with the africa country risk diet chance market who believes the
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military will have more political influence in the country following this latest attempted takeover one of the key concerns that we're now going to have fulling on from this attempt in ethiopia is really concerns about the internal cohesion coherence of the ethiopian military itself which is storch lee in recent years has been known for its strong command from the from the top strong centralized command however the fact that we've seen these 2 probably coordinated sessions nations in this coup attempt indicates a general seagate was likely drawing on parallel informal chains of command within the military that are coming at the expense of the formal chain of command and this isn't just a worry for this kind of violence or this kind of attempt but it also raises fear that as we move towards elections as we move around looking forward at the national census which is upcoming in ethiopia that we're going to see different elements of the national and the regional security forces being drawn into the increasing political competition it's only been about a year that we've seen the ethiopian political space growing up and it's looking
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increasingly likely that we're going to see elements of the military being drawn in any political role rather than their previous role of being more a political more strongly controlled by the central government sudan's military has dismissed a plan for a transitional government put forward by the o.p.'s leader says the proposal already backed by the opposition defense from an african union initiative that mohamed has will. it was seen as a possible breakthrough but hours after saddam's opposition accepted an ethiopian plan to bring stability to the country with the proposal of the transitional government said by the military and protest leaders the military gentle voice its reservations i would have. we have received 2 separate proposals to study from ethiopia and another one from the african union but what we've agreed. is one combine proposal to be presented to us and to narrow gaps between points of view. analysts believe this plays into a tactical move by saddam's military to stall the decision i would characterize
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this as classic delay tactics and we've seen this before from the previous regime trying to play mediators off against each other trying to buy time trying to have these sort of circular conversations that ultimately end up going nowhere. details of the a u. plan were not immediately known but the ethiopian plan proposes the formation of the 15 member council with 7 civilian representatives 7 military members and one impartial person approved by both sides in previous talks both parties agreed on a 3 year transition period and the formation of a 300 member parliament with 2 thirds of the lawmakers coming from the protest movement but the major sticking point was who will lead the main decision making body the sovereign council and so the talks collapsed. and the brutal military crackdown on sudanese activists outside the headquarters resulted in dozens killed
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there's been an internet and media blackout since then. weeks later if european mediation began with the prime minister ahmed visiting the country and meeting with both the military and the opposition but he's now distracted with his own domestic issues following a failed rebellion attempt at home. protest leaders say they're still cautiously optimistic about the theo pm plan but in the meantime the protests continue. chants can still be heard on the streets at night calling for justice and the transfer of power to civilian rule for healing mohammed al jazeera for the 1st time in 25 years the mayor of turkey's largest city will not be from the governor party the opposition candidate want to repeat election in a huge setback for president reject time on the opposition narrowly won the 1st election in march before the party forced this rerun claiming fraud maybe all of its accounted for from the opposition c.h.p.
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parties got 54 percent of the vote. from the act party 45 percent with more now from istanbul. is some elections have always been more then minutes bill elections and turkey because it is the most populous city it is mainly the most influential city in both economy and politics when you look at. the election results the new mayor eckermann molo who ran for the opposition had 14000 extra votes compared to the ruling party candidate only you'll remember on march 31st and he has increased his votes up to nearly 800000 in yesterday's votes this shows us that even the ruling party supporters who have voted for a party on march 31st voted for him older the opposition on june 23 elections also the nationalist party which is the ally of our party in the
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presidential system have also voted for. the new mayor and on celebrated the new mayor after the election results were announced but since then we haven't heard from him because he also has a lot on his plate regarding the country's economic problems foreign policy problems but to morrow is tuesday and it is the day for political party group meetings party will have a meeting which is going to be chaired by presidents are drawn and then they will have a central executive committee meeting following the group meeting and president are gone is expected to elaborate on the election results and do some self critics which made them take a big blow in june 20th reelection. hundreds of thousands of people have rallied in the czech republic calling on the prime minister to step down they accuse on the basis of fraud involving a huge subsidies he was elected on an anti corruption or
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a challenge that's more we have no new organizers say 250000 people coming to this demonstration whether or not that's accurate the demonstration was certainly a large and it shows anger at the prime minister in some sections of czech society isn't dissipating. very angry because of all prime minister. because of how. because we are ashamed by having. just. so we don't agree with. yassin. publish a billionaire businessman turned politician is facing a criminal prosecution for allegedly using e.u. subsidy money to build real estate a decade ago the e.u. suspects there are conflicts of interest with his businesses he denies any wrongdoing but appointing a new justice minister shortly on police recommended
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a prosecution is what triggered the protests but now he's refusing to step down the problem is that in parliament. really isn't any majority. so it's really kind of moot point whether these demonstrations and be successful some commentators are even saying that actually the demonstration increase the support for. this is yes there are plans no confidence vote in parliament next week is likely to fail but the street protests against him which began as a small student movement are getting bigger and bigger. just take you back to our top story all the pressure being piled up on iran we've got a statement it's just been delivered it's come from the u.s. the u.k. saudi arabia and the united arab emirates this is a joint statement basically blaming teheran for destabilizing the gulf region we've
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got rosalind jordan. who can bring us up to date as i'm looking at it right here is what you just take us through the most important points. well while the statement is a bit of a mess you have to question whether it was meant to be just another broadside launched at tel han by the united states and by the u.k. saudi arabia and the united arab emirates or whether it was dealing with the more specific question a very troubling question that of the civil war still taking place in yemen a civil war in which the u.s. the saudis and the a mirage these have accused iran of providing aid and support to the rebels who were trying to wrest control of the country from the exile government of president robert hardy this is a statement which basically says that all diplomatic efforts need to be redoubled
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in order to try to stem to ron's influence across the middle east and in particular the situation in the gulf and around the strait of hormuz it makes reference to one of the 2 attacks on shipping vessels in may and in june near the strait of hormuz but it also goes into well considerable detail from all about the ongoing efforts and attacks carried out by hooty fighters against interests in the yemeni government and against neighboring saudi arabia which has been supporting the exile government in its efforts to retake control of the peninsula or government. rather lengthy statement but it does dovetail as it were with comments which the u.s. special envoy for iran brian hook made to reporters earlier on monday during a conference call mr hooke said that the u.s.
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is prepared to reenter negotiations with terror on to try to welcome the iranian government in the iranian people into the international community but that the full scope of negotiations would have to involve. not just iran's nuclear ambitions but really all of its military ambitions and that the curbs on its foreign policy and its interventions around the middle east would have to be addressed before the u.s. could either renew diplomatic ties and sanctions or otherwise welcome iran back into the international community so this seems to be part and parcel of the ongoing messaging coming from the trumpet ministration that it wants to see a very different type of behavior coming from iran and just having a look through the text myself rosen just on the say actually end of the 1st paragraph we call on iran to hold any further actions which threaten regional stability and diplomatic solutions to deescalate tensions just remind us what was being offered as well with regards to. diplomatic solutions by and by donald trump
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. well essentially it's the idea that they think that dealing with iran's nuclear ambitions would be enough to safeguard security and the u.s. is own interests in the middle east they believe that essentially iran needs to chafe and change its entire behavior all of its motivations for its engagement with other countries the u.s. wants to see a fundamental change and while the u.s. says time and again that it is not interested in carrying out regime change in essentially getting rid of the government in tehran they say that they support the political ambitions and aspirations of the iranian people brian hook was also asked on this conference call earlier on monday whether the u.s. has had any direct or a back channel of conversations with opposition groups notably the any k.
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and while he said that the u.s. does engage with the various parts of the iranian diaz he would not confirm or deny whether there have been any colloquy policy discussions with that group or with any other group for that matter about the way forward politically inside tehran roselyn joining with the latest on that joint statement saudi arabia the u.a.e. the u.k. and the u.s. thank you. something completely different now imagine a day when anyone would buy 6 software could create a convincing get awfully fake video of someone committing a crime of putting a world leader in a compromising situation well it is already here or brownouts has more how lin is a master of technological shapeshifting he just transformed me into a north korean leader kim jong un. with the click of one button we can turn you into any person readily available technology can be used to create what are called
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deep thinks me and bernie and schumer this looks like democratic presidential candidate senator elizabeth warren making a speech but it's not it's an actress on a popular american comedy show who's been transformed using deep fake technology only an expert can tell the difference how lynn says the implications for politics are disturbing you can actually create very realistic videos of someone saying things that that person never said and in times where you have elections this becomes very very dangerous recently a video of democratic congressional leader nancy pelosi doctor to make her look drunk was shared more than 2000000 times on facebook even though it was quickly identified as fake the problem is people see this and they believe it and even if 2 days later it's debunked the damage is already done they've shared it or they have
12:37 am
this in the back of their mind groups with nefarious motives could create international chaos with deep fake videos it could be you know this person has been assassinated it could change what political leaders you know can put anything in their mouth so that's i think the scary part of it and people would you know share a thing and say look i saw the video the person really said it only took a couple of clicks on the keyboard to change my image into that of lattimer putin as the technology advances rapidly experts say lawmakers had better start thinking seriously about regulating it recently a congressional committee held a hearing on fakes experts testified that at the very least platforms like facebook should be required. word to attach warning labels if you could put that warning on there same way as we do with cigarettes right you know we know that there are all
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but if people want to use them they can but they have the warnings there and you know what the warnings are the technology will soon reach a point were even experts will be unable to spot doctored videos fakes raise questions about belief truth and reality with democratic values and global stability at stake rob reynolds al jazeera los angeles still ahead for you on al-jazeera the sports news will be live in front of the women's world cup title favorites the usa with a chance to set apart a final with the hosts. welcome
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back and you here with your sports thank you so much come all defending champions the usa getting ready to take on spain in the last 16 of the women's world cup seems having to factor in extreme weather as well as their opponents strengths a going in civvies games at the moment separate is forecast to exceed 40 degree centigrade impact in france this week with paris one of the worst affected cities the u.s. so pretty easily with all that's come their way so far heading into this knockout game they've scored 18 goals and conceded none beating sweden suno last time was i mean i haven't paid attention the weather report but you know i think it's for us everything has been about making sure our recovery was happening the night of the sweden game. you know after the huddle it was like he said to them the m.v.p. right now is going to be your recovery in your hydration and your attention to detail in terms of making sure they do that and i think our players are fantastic
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at that in terms of knowing that you know the game the next game starts as soon as that game's over. our reporter paul reese is live in paris for is just how hot is it likely to get for the players out there. well and it's already starting to heat up here at the park in paris where sweden will play canada in a few hours time it's hovering around 30 do $32.00 degrees celsius as at the moment but that's really just a taste of what's to come this week the french press is full of talk of candy q. which is a a big heat wave that's coming in from from africa building up during the week and it's expected to top the record temperatures of another heat wave in 2003 that actually left about 20000 french people dead the heat the heat was so high so it's definitely a concern and it's going to be a concern with the training sessions going into the into the quarter quarterfinals
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here in paris it's set to get to about 37 degrees celsius but with a great amount of humility making it more like the more like the mid forty's and that pushes the temperatures up. getting closer what's the next men's world cup in qatar 2022 was going to be in the summer which of course caused them to move it's winter so that gives you the context of just how hot it's going to get here in france and paul has the tournament aside from the weather managed to capture the imagination of the french public. well i'm sure we have heard much is with fairly disappointing attendances some of them failing to capture the imagination of the public but that is certainly not the case with the french national team the the very well respected newspaper keep.
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8 pages today france's victory over brazil last night promised i'm not littering here and another a further 2 on the women's world cup on top of that even before you get to any mention of of dani alves you left. yesterday so the media is definitely the modulations really been captured. the crowds have been big for the french games the crowds have been loud as well and it's the same for the u.s. games as well the u.s. obviously been the greatest team in women's football over the last couple of decades that does give us a bit of a problem. going into the quarterfinals the u.s. of course just about to kick off against spain if they get through to the quarter finals they'll be playing against france which means that from the semifinals on words will no longer have one of the 2 great draws of the tournament either the usa or fronts playing so organizers will really hope that whoever does remain in the competition manages to keep the profile up of what they'll think has been
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a very successful women's world cup so far. the women's world cup in paris at the moment plenty more from paul throughout the day. argentina celebrates in reaching the quarter finals of the copper america they secured their 1st win in brazil by beating cats out sunil to progress asian champions cats are in this tournament as guest entrants early defensive error allowed lazzaro martinez to put argentina ahead but after just 4 minutes. then after the break leno messi had a really good chance to school in the city for his country instead it was sergio where he made the game safe as argentina stay on track to win this title for the 1st time since $9293.00 cattle out argentina replied venezuelan. colombia will advance his group b. one is ahead of r.g.c. the 3 straight wins the parafoil one notes from unsigned perfect record science. and one of the most sought after coaches in world football is leaving his job in
12:45 am
the english premier league rafael benitez will leave newcastle united after 3 years at the club when his contract expires on sunday the spaniard has been frustrated by a lack of investment in the squad anytus has previously been in charge of a lengthy liverpool ramit raid and chelsea. the format of world athletics will mean the ak is set to stand trial in france the 86 year old is charged with corruption and money laundering the actors we know on the house arrest in france for 4 years now let our letters governing body for 16 years in the uk sun one of 5 other people facing trial on the same charges and in the next few minutes the international olympic committee will announce the host for the 2026 winter games just a couple of beds are in consent in its early versus sweden with joint city offerings from milan court seen up against stockholm or government officials from both countries are in switzerland trying to grab a last minute votes italy are the favorites with their bid team insisting the nation's struggling economy once affect its ability to stage the games. we'll let
12:46 am
you know about that some the rest of the sports as the day progresses that is it for now thank you mr richardson 1 but is in news off for a most iridologist era we're back for another full bit of news in just 2 and a half minutes time say that. bass is a dialogue reading about it for us and staying at it on international media and on t.v. why should we stop it's comes with skepticism because there's a lot of it on my and everyone has a voice we are being taken advantage of just because you have
12:47 am
a small community without any network just eat healthy join the global conversation announces iraq all they want to do is start the debate the same kind of debate that we have here in st. it's my privilege to name al-jazeera english the broadcaster of the year the contrails are fighting each other that we've been told that we can still hear these are still largest demonstrations that's been held i will direct you g.'s suit over $700.00 to buy beer being some of the nicest losers on the planet could be appalling to think of it could be put that to. 0 english from recipients of the new crystals called the cost of the yearly war of the city of london. after years of overgrazing the damage caused to the precious grasslands a chilling is being revised with one of the world's biggest advocates of ation project. they're pretty emblematic of the patagonians out if they're plentiful and
12:48 am
they're calm like this one is then you know that the system is coming back and that they feel no threat works and that's why you're on our. patagonia on al-jazeera. says see. the u.s. secretary of state continues his middle east tour as the state department releases a joint statement with saudi arabia britain and the usa a blaming iran for destabilizing the region. over on come on santa maria and this is the world news from al-jazeera russia
12:49 am
saying it will help iran there resist any new american measures but has a top diplomat until risk while he's visiting israel iran under discussion there. was it was supposed to be a humanitarian corridor but on the ground a very different story for the people of syria. you can actually. create very realistic videos of someone saying things that that person never said and we'll take you inside the world of deep fights where you never quite sure what's real and what's not. so within the last half hour the u.s. version. the u.a.e. and saudi arabia have released a joint statement as they try to pile yet more pressure on iran blaming the islamic republic for destabilizing the whole gulf region it comes as donald trump prepares new sanctions and forces his secretary of state to increase international support
12:50 am
as well to punish iran let's take you through all the developments so far u.s. secretary on peo he's in the u.a.e. now he was in saudi arabia earlier him that king solomon he also met the crown prince mohammed bin salman hoping to form some sort of global coalition against iran the u.s. president also talking about new sanctions and we're going to have an update on that with our correspondent in just a moment but also there is russia which is announced it is ready to counter any new sanctions it's got an oil for goods deal that it wants others to join all the while though iran is saying time is running out for european leaders to act and to save the 2015 nuclear deal so here are our correspondents on this one at the moment we'll talk to dorset in tehran and i'm going to want to start with rosalynn jordan we had that joint statement rose but also news on the actual sanctions take us through it. well the u.s. president donald trump has just signed an executive order which is imposing
12:51 am
sanctions on the supreme leader of iran ayatollah common nay he has said that he would issue these sanctions against the ayatollah regardless of the incident with the drone which happened last thursday the president also told reporters just in the last few moments that while he would love to see the united states and iran reach a deal dealing with iran's nuclear ambitions and allowing or iran to return to the announced international community he said the u.s. can not support iran's meddling in other country's affairs its destabilizing influence its support for groups such as hezbollah and hamas so while i have not actually seen the document itself i imagine that it probably includes a provision such as freezing any assets that come in a may have in the united states imagine it would include a travel ban to the united states although frankly given that there have not been
12:52 am
diplomatic relations between the u.s. and iran since 1979 i can't imagine that anyone at the top ranks of the iranian government would have been allowed a visa to come to the u.s. anyway unless they were visiting the united nations and even then getting a visa is not a guarantee situation but certainly the president has also reiterated kamaal that the u.s. reserves the right to use military force if that's what it takes to hold iran accountable for what the administration has repeatedly called its destabilizing behavior and we're just been looking at some of the actually not live pictures rolls on but some recent pictures coming through there of donald trump signing that and we're going to have a listen to it in a little while and hear what he actually had to say. about that one more question to you just quickly about the joint statement which the full countries put out. well the statement was much more focused on the situation in yemen with that
12:53 am
ongoing civil war but the statement started with a direct swipe at what the u.s. calls iran's behavior in the gulf in the past month or so it cited the 2 attacks on shipping vessels near the strait of hormuz incidents which the u.s. considered quite serious and said that even though it wants iran to what change its behavior again it is willing to negotiate to find a way to bring iran back into the international community but the bulk of that statement really focused on iran's support for what the fighters who were trying to take control of the government in yemen the fighters who have launched attacks in saudi arabia which has supported the exile government of president hadi and really looked at the way that iran has tried to expand its political and diplomatic influence around the region and influence which the united states says again is
12:54 am
very destabilizing and is a threat to u.s. interests across the middle east so even as the president was getting ready to sign the sanctions there was this call for iran to step away from its behavior and the desire of the u.s. to engage in negotiations only if it thinks that iran would do so in good faith thank you for all of that that's rosalynn jordan in washington now his dosage of ari from the sanctions are coming down we're waiting to hear the exact details but you were telling us a little bit earlier that iran sort of saying well you can sanction us all you want it's not going to make any difference to how bad the situation already is. yes certainly come all and of course with this news that the highest authority in iran is now under u.s. sanctions the iranian supreme leader ayatollah ali khamenei is not going to have
12:55 am
any positive effects in terms of trying to deescalate the situation it's only going to make things worse and for the iranians and for the supreme leader himself this is only going to be another symbolic gesture from the americans showing that they are not really sincere in their desire to have any kind of dialogue with iran and their behavior over the past 4 decades has illustrated this point exactly for them according to the arabians they are not the your europeans are not holding up their end of the deal when the since the americans withdrew from the nuclear agreement of last year now this specific sanction that rosalind was just mentioning on the supreme leader is it's more it's going to be seen as a symbolic gesture because of course the supreme leader has not left iran in over 30 years he was president during the 1980 s. during the iran iraq war and since the passing of the founder of the islamic republic ayatollah khomeini the supreme leader has been inside the country he
12:56 am
hasn't traveled for security reasons outside and it's very unlikely that he has any assets specifically in the united states so this will be seen as more of a symbolic gesture targeting the highest authority in iran and this will again illustrate the country's position that the americans are not really sincere they are not looking for dialogue they're just looking to push iran into a corner and try to bully the islamic republic into negotiations thank you don't. hear more russia says it will take steps to counter the new u.s. sanctions it calls them illegal the view from moscow now with step valsin. russia's deputy foreign minister ripped off has said that any new u.s. sanctions are counterproductive and will only increase tensions and he also said that russia wants to take countermeasures together with its partners it's not clear and he did not specify what kind of countermeasures he means and also if his
12:57 am
european partners agree with this on friday the deputy minister sad that russia wants to help iran with its oil exports and also with its banking system and he has been disappointed about the fact that this european system that designed currently to avoid the u.s. sanctions and help iran with oil exports is still not going anywhere and he said that the european partners are family under so much pressure of the united states that this is not going to going to go anywhere so that's where russia wants to stab in but again is this is syria's intention or is this threat this is still not clear of has been very aggressive and very firm on the on the u.s. sanctions towards iran and also on any steps that the u.n. united states has taken towards iran there is a very important meeting on friday with the european partners and russia who are still a viking by the nuclear deal there will be some serious negotiations going on there
12:58 am
and also in these farming days. russian security minister and also the u.s. and israeli security ministers will meet in jerusalem and discuss syria but also of course iran will be high on the agenda meanwhile the escalating crisis with iran and the situation with syria are on the agenda for a 3 way summit between the u.s. israel and russia being held in jerusalem on tuesday israel's prime minister thanked russia's security council surgery for supporting his country despite the very different positions these nations hold on regional issues. if. we are paying special attention to preserving the security of israel and in order to resolve this issue want to practical level we have to bring back peace in the area and in syria to. update now from bernard smith in western. this was a long meeting between israel and russia to discuss syria primarily iranian
12:59 am
involvement in syria israel of course determined to stop iran building any sort of military base establishing any sort of permanent foothold in syria israel's military has previously destroyed attempts by around to build bases in syria and. i would like to say in the clearest way that is really russian cooperation on the security level this cooperation has already contributed plenty to the security and stability in our region it significantly changed the situation in the area on choose day the us national security adviser john bolton joins in the discussions again primarily to talk about iran when this meeting was shed jule the american said that this was an unprecedented diplomatic opportunity for discussions on syria and the iranians involvement in the region in the wider region although russia's foreign minister sergei lavrov has previously said that trying to curb iran's
1:00 am
influence in syria and the middle east is unrealistic and the news ahead here on al-jazeera. ah. there's no backing down protestors turn up again in hong kong against chinese influence over the territory. and running away from the so-called steal of the century palestinian activists and speak out against the u.s. middle east plan. how the seasonal floods in china tend to move north society very wave and then they venture disappear currently we got flooding on the ground in one gene guangdong for jan you can see why because the watch just going off shore with hong kong white being thunderstorms long lasting.


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