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it's ok and back to. their own says that all too diplomacy is closed following a fresh round of u.s. sanctions. this is al jazeera line from coming up in the next 30 minutes the trumpet ministration prepares to lay out his economic plan for middle east peace will explain why palestinians are boycotting the meeting also congolese refugees look for safety in neighboring uganda as fighting continues in the eastern part of the country. but outrage over the conditions of migrant children in the texas facility
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that forces the u.s. to move them. back into the program to iran says the united states is closing the channel of diplomacy forever after president donald trump announced new sanctions against iran's leadership u.s. national security adviser says that the measures are aimed at stopping iran getting nuclear weapons but john bolton says the door remains open for talks with tehran president trump yesterday imposed significant new sanctions on iran's supreme leader and other top leadership individuals and entities at the same time the president has held the door open to real negotiations to completely and verifiably eliminated iran's nuclear weapons program its pursuit of ballistic missile delivery systems its support for international terrorism and its other malign behavior worldwide. all that iran needs to do is to walk through that open door
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the new sanctions go all the way up to the supreme leader ayatollah khomeini michaela has moved to washington d.c. as promised another round of sanctions against iran these in addition to a number already put in place and directed at the country's most senior leaders president trump did not elaborate on the precise nature of the sanctions apart from saying that they would bar the leaders from access to financial instruments i want to thank our military i want to thank all of the people that have been working with me over the last number of months on this there's a lot of restraint has been shown by us a lot of restraint. and that doesn't mean we're going to show in the future no complete details provided by the treasury secretary either but speedman did confirm that some of the sanctions are a direct response to last week's attack on a u.s. drone iran contended the drone had penetrated its space an accusation denied by the
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u.s. i'm not going to identify which ones or which i've said that some of this was in the works some of this is a result of recent activities deep concern once again expressed by the u.n. secretary general he has urged all sides to show nerves of steel and he is continuing to maintain that and he wants to make sure that they. take steps to avoid any further sorts of of provocation one way or the other the u.s. is ramping up its diplomatic actions against iran the secretary of state shuttling through several gulf states including saudi arabia to shore up a wide anti iran alliance but at the same time a carrot of sorts being extended with the stick the white house releasing a statement saying the president has been clear that he's open to the possibility of future talks with iran. mike hanna washington. the u.n.
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security council is calling on all sides to show restraint behind closed doors to discuss the escalating tensions but iran's ambassador to the u.n. says tehran will lot except talks with washington while it's under sanctions. dialogue has certain rules and certain regulations you cannot started dialogue with somebody who is threatening you who is intimidating you. to date you just witnessed that the united states imposed another set of set of sanctions against iran how curious start a dialogue with somebody who is trying merely preoccupation. is to put more sanctions on iran saw that the atmosphere of such a dialogue does is not ready. calls it the deal of the century but palestinian leaders have already rejected his plan for ending the israel palestinian conflict the 1st part of the u.s.
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president's plan will be discussed at a conference in bahrain later on tuesday it aims to secure a 50000000000 dollar investment over the next 10 years but it's never able he reports in the occupied west bank palestinians say financial incentives alone can't solve a conflict that's lasted decades. israeli restrictions on palestinian businesses are so tight even salt can sift through the only palestinian salt factory is feeling the pinch palestinian businessman believes his company's problems cannot be solved by economy incentives only the military area so we are restricted in getting any type of permits to. expand what with existing buildings things that we want is not giveaways but actually business opportunities not only does the company need israeli court the nation to pump water from the dead sea it also takes him a lot of time and money to export the salt using israeli controlled ports the factory that employs $25.00 workers is the only palestinian owned business on the
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shores of the dead sea and has hardly changed or been improved since it started in the early 1960 s. owners need israeli permission before they can build any structure in this area sometimes they never get it it took us 30 years before they go ahead was given to build this sort of the factories the main source of salt for palestinians including many businesses in the occupied west bank like many other palestinian business is the owner of this food. this is profits could triple if we had under strict access to land and water as well as free movement of products israel controls all water supplies in the west bank the palestinian water authority estimates that palestinians can only use 15 percent of their water resources israelis use the meaning 85 percent of former economy minister for the palestinian authority and businessman. says that economy prosperity needs to be in parallel with the political process so we don't believe it was serious here and there we believe in
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lifting occupation that that means lifting the siege on the west bank on jerusalem on gaza this will give us the space to grow the space to work in a further restriction to cripple the economy the israeli government restricts palestinians from using 60 percent of the land in the west bank to build factories or anything else in. the core of the crisis goes back to the establishment of the palestinian authority. of the people in yaki territory has been transferred to the palestinian authority at the same time it inherited a weak economy. is or is the doctrine of tax revenues which it collects on behalf of the palestinian authority is at the heart of the authorities financial crisis that's as palestinians coupled with reduced aid from foreign donors as well as the long standing restrictions on businesses further blocks the road to economy progress in. the occupied west bank while trump is not expected to release the
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political part of his middle east peace plan until after israel's general election in september so he's attending chooses workshops what's expected what palestinian officials are boycotting the offend but some business executives are likely to go israel hasn't been invited it's sending a business delegation to saudi arabia the united arab emirates egypt jordan and morocco will send representatives along with the european union the e.u. says an economic plan isn't enough to solve the. there needs to be a political solution white house adviser jared cushion who is leading the u.s. delegation is expected to pitches $50000000000.00 investment and infrastructure plan he says it'll create more than a 1000000 jobs in palestinian territories and fund projects like water power tourism and medical facilities well before flying to bahrain he spoke to al-jazeera and said the plan offers palestinians on the region an opportunity for stability. right now from unama we're focused on the economic aspects of what could be
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possible if there is a resolution but what i will say is that you know all of the people i speak to you know they talk about the arab peace initiative and again it was a it was a great effort but if that was where a deal was going to be made a deal would be made a long time ago i think we all have to recognize that if there ever is a deal it's not going to be along the lines of the arab peace initiative will be somewhere between the arab peace initiative and somewhere between the israeli position let's cross back to one of our top stories of course the american sanctions on iran let's cross over to tehran correspondent joins me now before we get into the nitty gritty of what this means in the long term say there are new lines dropping certainly from tehran by reacting to this quite to the. yes that's exactly right so here we've just heard from iran's president hassan rouhani he was attending a meeting of the health ministry this morning he's been speaking for about a little over an hour now and he's just begun talking about the latest sanctions placed on iranian officials by the united states and we have to know this is the
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1st public affair appearance by iran's president since since the shoot down of a u.s. drone by iran's military on thursday and in response to the u.s. sanctions that were placed late last evening by the white house of u.s. president donald trump on the office of the supreme leader ayatollah ali come in a mr rouhani said that these sanctions are being placed on a globally beloved religious leader who has no political role now that is a point of debate no doubt and he said that these sanctions on the supreme leader are an act of someone who has lost his mind and does stupid things in terms of these sanctions that we're expecting to be placed on mr zarif iran's foreign minister later this week mr rouhani said that if the united states is talking about dialogue at the united states is expecting in the future to have some. form of negotiations with iran how can they expect this when they sanction the country's
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top diplomat now iran's supreme leader occupies a very special place in public life in iran he is above any form of criticism and placing him in the corner in this way will no doubt anger iran's leaders and inflame tensions even further mr zarif of course a key architect of iran's 2015 nuclear deal with world powers he is one of the most public faces of iran's government on the world stage and again the placing of his name on the u.s. sanctions list expected later this week will also go towards angering iran's leaders in a tweet early this morning iran's foreign ministry spokesman abbas mousavi said that these actions by the united states effectively permanently close the path to diplomacy between iran and america but we'll leave it in the come back to you as we get more rich thank you. still had him on al-jazeera we look out some of the
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challenges facing our band here as the european union to spends talks on its entering the bloc. hello again welcome back to international weather forecast we are seeing some storms here across parts of western europe all dealing with a low pressure over parts of ireland right now we are getting some showers here along the west coast of france down towards aberdeen peninsula but overall as we go into the middle of the week most of those showers will die down we're going to see mostly cloudy conditions along much of that area the big story though here across europe is going to be the heat and how it is going to be building over the next year day so here on tuesday from germany all the way down towards france even it's a spade we're talking about temperatures into the thirty's so berlin at $33.00 degrees paris at $33.00 zurich at $33.00 but as we go towards wednesday those temperatures are on the increase we are going into the mid thirty's in some
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locations even higher down here towards the south so berlin you can be reaching to about $36.00 degrees there and paris at $35.00 by what thursday we do think those temperatures are going to be even higher so we think thursday and into friday could be our peak heating times there well across much of the northern coast of africa we are with you know windy conditions here across benghazi those winds are coming in from the northwest and we could be seeing the surf there so rip tide could be a problem over here towards cover though it is going to be a hot day at 40 degrees over here towards algiers at $26.00 but temperatures are on the way up and plenty of sun in the forecast with a temperature of 28. my name is i mean. i've always thought of yoga as part of my heritage. understand it to be about transformation. seems to be transforming the western mentality of what about this immense region from eastern traditions like you know right there which
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yoga should belong to everyone but i'm afraid that simple truth is getting lost in a world that's so commercialized to decide who owns yoga and al-jazeera. about to watching officer with me sell rob a reminder of our top stories to her on his head back at new sanctions against iran's leadership while donald trump maintains he's open to negotiation iran says the u.s. decision is closing the channel of diplomacy forever. also protests across the occupied territory as the economic part of us present doldrums middle east peace
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plan is set to be unveiled in bahrain the conference aims to bring billions in investment and create $1000000.00 jobs in the palestinian territories. but tens of thousands of people remain trapped in an eastern province of the democratic republic of congo about 300 people have been killed in fighting between rival militias in the province in recent weeks thousands of fled across the lake to neighboring uganda catherine so he's been traveling with some of them. we've been following 14 year old appendages since saturday after a year arrived at a transit center on the shores of lake albert in western uganda from the democratic republic of congo he fled his village in the eastern province of the to. marie and got separated from his mother with a lawsuit from a man carrying a machete this is not the 1st time he's faced death with intent to kill in my final the killing of the i don't know sort of on the ground or so i saw with my old man
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if his relatives don't show up or penned you will be placed with a foster family in this area where congolese refugees have been leaving some for decades this is a refugee settlement area and most of those who are here. who have fled from tory because of the conflict mostly talked to have said that is not their war at least here they can quite exist no matter the ethnicity the conflict in the tour it dates back almost 50 years and the lenders were farmers and the hammer hiding community fort the farm land and grazing rights at the height of the violence from 100-195-0000 people were killed in 80 is some congolese like this young men one island to the other say a conflict has been politicized because of among other things minerals in the area so. that's where we live work together want to fight
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go to the forests of course mystery to our people who. are leaders in sight as to fight someone is supporting those people in the forests they meet to be a proper we completely wiping out of the main issues. congolese military officials have told us the armed groups they're fighting are well equipped organized and possibly supported by external forces at the settlement in uganda. say they're tired of running and won't return home until they feel safe. well catherine saw is lines for us not local but when many people are encountering the situation continues to get worse in the region because last week our colleague harumi tasa told us that it was really getting bad in those refugee camps in uganda the situation wasn't really getting any better. while the situation is still geier still here particularly in this reception area where we spent all
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day yesterday speaking to refugees and aid workers as well and we're seeing about an average of about 16350 people coming in every day in aid workers are saying that this number increases if there's an influx and it's going to be a big challenge but then they we also spoke to you and your officials this is there are u.n. agency for refugees who said that they have just received just about 15 percent of the budget they asked for for $21000.00 but they are managing to deal with the resources that they have there refugees are getting 3 hot meals a day some non-food items and eventually as i mentioned in that package are going to be moved to a faculty meant area where there are about 100000 other refugees most of them congolese who have been fleeing over the years from these same conflicts indeed i mean where does sort of the latest hot spot seem to be in terms of where the clashes are and where they are most sort of vicious and what are the authorities in
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congo doing it on their east and what are they doing about it on the eastern border . well there i think hotspots are now around in villages and areas around but i have been seeing some footage of burning villages in running villages in that area this footage i saw i could hear of gunshots in the background as well the footage was shot on saturday we have also received information that there's been some attacks yesterday in villages in an area called the lack we have managed to speak to the military spokesperson who said that they are advancing in the forest where these militias are hiding out but that has been quite slow because it's been raining very heavily but he gave us some figures he told us that so far they've managed to kill about $75.00 militia since the day including 3 top commanders they have rescued $85.00 civilians who had been held hostage they have found some animal some cattle that had been raided during attacks
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on those villages the military has also suffered casualties 3 fire d.c. that the military soldiers have been killed several injured now what the military is doing is trying to clear the main road this is still blocked so they're trying to clear this main road to provide a humanitarian corridor for aid to get to those who need it most in the areas that are affected but we'll leave it there catherine cousin sawyer at lake albert in uganda thank you. piers i'm hard a region 3 days of mourning after the killing of 5 senior officials in an attempted coup on saturday evening lines have been lowered to half mast at all government buildings some funerals will be held in disability or on tuesday lee harding is following events from the capital addis ababa. the man responsible for the coup attempt in northern ethiopia over the weekend. is dead we just spoke to the prime minister's press secretary she said that the government was trying to capture him
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and in that process he was shot and killed on monday the coup attempt happened on saturday she said that the prime minister is very much still in control of the government she said that there is a unity both within the government and within the military we know that the division between ethnic lines was a concern and something that be that intelligence chief of the military said was the purpose of this coup but the press secretary has confirmed that that is not the case that the government and the military are united we asked her also about prime minister meds interests and ongoing negotiations with trying to find a solution in neighboring sudan she said despite the domestic turbulence of the week and that the international negotiations to find a solution for sudan's government are ongoing prime minister of a is committed committed to national security as much as he's also committed to region and peace
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and stability so the whole efforts around trying to bring peace and stability in sudan is also an extension of of those efforts that are also within the country we cannot talk about the ethiopian without talking about the neighbors and the regional context as well we also asked her about the internet when it would come back on it's been shut down since saturday the government shut it down in the wake of the weekend's attacks she said that it's a part of the investigation and that the internet needs to stay down until the investigation is complete because it's very much an active situation still so she did not give a timeline as to when that would be restored but did acknowledge that the government had shut it down for security reasons she really wanted to drive home the point of unity that the prime minister is in control of the government and that safety and security forces are unite. did even though ethiopia went through a very divisive weekend. cambodian police have charge 7 people over saturday's building collapse that killed at least $28.00 people prime minister who visited the
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site who knew coupeville on monday search teams continue looking for truck construction workers the unfinished 7 story building was part of a recent rush of chinese investment in the area. border officials have moved more than 300 migrant children who are being held at a detention center near the mexican border and it follows reports of a hurt in adequate food water and sanitation mohammed has more. children taking care of children this is how conditions were described inside this detention center in texas over 300 migrant children some as young as 2 years old who are being held in this remote border patrol station a team of lawyers inspecting the passivity say the children are covered in filth cold concrete floors with barely enough food and water to go around we are seeing sick children we are seeing dirty children we are seeing hungry children were sinks children have been separated from their parents and other family members children
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here within the facility are being separated from their siblings which they need to be with their siblings right now we are seeing dirty clothes on them many of them have not been many of them talk about how hungry they are the children were hidden behind this barbed wire fence some locked away for 3 weeks with limited medical attention up to 25 was sick with the flu in one case 3 girls all under age 15 said guards made them look after a sick toddler we really have a dire situation here both because of the unsanitary conditions that these children are being kept in their unhealthy facility that's being run there of that's not made for children and the number of children who are being kept there this was not a facility that was even on our radar many of the children came across the us mexico border alone and some with their families but were separated by u.s. border patrol under u.s. law they're not meant to be kept longer than 72 hours. the children have since moved to another temporary facility on the north side of el paso after public
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outcry it comes off the political debate around the floor a settlement a legal agreement that governs how migrant children should be treated in detention . definition last week a lawyer from the u.s. justice department told judges that migrant children do not require certain basic sanitary items you know if you don't have a toothbrush if you don't have if you don't have a it's not. it may be that for shorter term stay in c.b.p. custody that some of those things may not be required u.s. vice president mike pence has said unsafe and on sanitary conditions are unacceptable migrants have been trying to cross the u.s. border in record numbers seeking safety from violence back home 3 months ago these migrants were held in a makeshift camp under a bridge in el paso texas a few weeks ago others held outside in the summer heat without access to basic
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services and on tuesday 2 babies a toddler and the woman were found dead near the us mexico border due to extreme temperatures $500000.00 have been detained since the start of the year raising concerns of overcrowding in border patrol facilities as politicians tussle to find a solution the numbers continue to rise for him ahmed al jazeera. mexico is deploying nearly $15000.00 soldiers to its border with the u.s. the army chief says as part of an effort to stem the flow of illegal immigration many of those detained the us mexico border are central americans fleeing gang violence and poverty earlier this month 6000 troops were sent to mexico's southern border. 30 years after the fall of communism remains one of europe's poorest countries the european commission wants to open membership talks with the country but says the level of organized crime and corruption remains an obstacle along with weak institutions john psaropoulos has more from so called in northern india.
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really money works from dawn till dusk on his farm in chicago in albania as far north near the border with montenegro his only help comes from his son who takes their produce to market but the local population is declining and there are no longer enough consumers to buy sulaimani is produce he's tried exporting it to montenegro which needs it. if we load up a car with tomatoes and pomegranates and try to explore that we are ready to pursue modeling and training jail if not the montenegran guard to arrest us it's our own you can export things legally with paperwork but our authorities don't want to do it. money believes it's because chicago supports the opposition democratic party and the socialists who've been in power for 6 years don't want to help. chicago suffers the lowest per capita income in albania which is an already low $4500.00
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a year and in the last 6 years it's a commie has suffered an estimated $30000.00 people have left the city to go abroad the problem say local officials is political. the mayor says not only is international investment not coming in albanian businesses and leaving intimidated by organized crime which goes largely unchecked by law enforcement or for a to use she says those same tactics of intimidation go all the way to the central government to feel the pressure it is their political pressure every day prime minister office if you don't not respect the cell that what they have affirmed as this edition of the prime minister office of the council of ministers i am going to go off. to girl total to the prosecutor's office and to say to you after this is that you are not doing this what i am seeing and based on that i am going to bring
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to the table this is not legal that this cannot be seen by a politician. mayor daley is trying to stop the exodus of businesses and young people by subsidizing projects like this one which helps local artisans sell branded souvenirs one of those artisans be a chill day who weaves textiles on traditional looms partly thanks to the project she's now brought 10 other women to form a corporative together they bring in almost $2000.00 a month but their income is still just over half of what it would be in montenegro just 2 kilometers down the road so while the mayor's efforts are helping some people stay here many of the people of god continue to leave jumpstart opal lost al-jazeera chicago. now 3 members of the international space station have safely returned to earth canadian american and russian astronauts were pulled out of the capsule shortly after touching down in kazakhstan the crew spent 204 days on the
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space station traveling more than 86000000 miles and as they came down something else went up over the kennedy space center in the united states space x. has launched its found can have a rocket with 24 experimental satellites on board. says it was one of the most difficult launches the company has ever attempted. the watching of 0 that means the whole room the reminder of our top stories to iran says the united states is closing the channel of diplomacy forever after president trump announced new sanctions against iran's leadership u.s. national security adviser says that the measures are aimed at stopping iran getting nuclear weapons but john bolton says that all remains open for talks with tehran. president trump yesterday imposed significant new sanctions on iran's supreme leader and other top leadership individuals and entities at the same time the
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president has held the door open to real negotiations to completely and verifiable your lemonade iran's nuclear weapons program it's pursuit of ballistic missile delivery systems its support for international terrorism and its other maligned behavior worldwide. all that iran needs to do is to walk through that open door. iran's president says washington is lying about wanting dialogue with turkey iran and these sanctions prove that has the rouhani again blamed the u.s. for violating the 2050 nuclear deal he says u.s. policy toward iran displays what he called the trumpet ministrations despair. voters have been held across the occupied territories that you cannot be part of president trumps middle east plan is said to be unveiled in bahrain the conference aims to bring billions in investments to the palestinian territories and tens of thousands of people remain trapped in the eastern province of the democratic
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republic of congo about 300 people have been killed in fighting between rival militias in it province thousands have been fleeing to neighboring uganda seeking shelter and safety cambodian police have charged 7 people over saturday's building collapse that killed at least $28.00 people prime minister hun sen visited the side of the she will on monday search teams continue looking for trapped construction workers. and 2 babies a toddler and a woman have been found dead near the u.s. mexican border in texas due to sweltering heat that's as border officials moved more than 30 migrant children being held at a remote control center following reports that they've had inadequate food water and sanitation those are the headlines he went on to say but with more news in half an hour next it's inside story to stay with us. the countdown to the 2020 us democratic primaries has begun. televised debate sees candidates go head to head to define themselves on the issues from climate change to foreign policy join is in
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miami on june the 26th and 27th for the 1st u.s. democratic debate. a major defeat for turkey's ruling party in istanbul's rerun of its mayoral election the country's biggest city will now be ruled by the opposition for the 1st time in a quarter of a century so what are the consequences for president earlier one and the a.k. party this is inside story. hello and welcome to the program i'm peter darby it took a quarter of a century but opposition finally worked out how to defeat president richard tire burdwan republican people's party candidate. a snatched election victory for us.


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