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everyone but i'm afraid that simple truth is getting lost in a world that's so commercialized that is. on al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera. watching the news from our headquarters here in doha coming up in the next 60 minutes the white house is afflicted by mental retardation and does not know what to do. iran's president mocks donald trump after the latest u.s. sanctions against his country the supreme leader is among those targeted. the u.s. administration prepares to lay out its economic plans for middle east peace will explain why the palestinians are boycotting the meeting. the prime minister.
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mourns the loss of military leaders killed during a failed rebellion. 3 q. and lift off for the private space industry space x. launches 24 satellites with one of the most powerful rockets the world has ever seen. the light is from england australia at the cricket world cup. heading into the quarter finals year ago i think defending champions today as both things put their spots in the copper america last night. the war of words between the united states and iran is intensifying after the u.s. president donald trump announced new sanctions against tehran now the measures target iran's supreme leader ayatollah ali khamenei. he and other senior officials
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the iranian president hassan rouhani has hit back describing the sanctions as a religious and idiotic to a charter know it how bony is nice sure that they are suffering from mental disability the white house is afflicted by mental retardation and does not know what to do this means the certain failure and defeat of the united states i do not have any doubt about that from a political viewpoint no white person would do what they're doing these days i feel that there is severe frustration and a big confusion among the u.s. leaders and the white house well the u.s. national security advisor john bolton said the measures are aimed at stopping iran getting nuclear weapons president trump yesterday impose significant new sanctions on iran's supreme leader and other top leadership individuals and entities at the same time the president has held the door open to real negotiations to completely and verifiably eliminate iran's nuclear weapons program its pursuit of ballistic
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missile delivery systems its support for international terrorism and its other malign behavior worldwide all that iran needs to do is to walk through that open door president trump hasn't elaborated on the precise nature of the sanctions other than to say they will bar to ron's leaders from access to financial instruments the new measures follow iran shooting down of a u.s. drone last week and explosions on board oil tankers in the straits of hormuz iran has denied u.s. accusations that it was behind those blasts the u.n. security council is also weighing in on the situation calling on all parties to show restraint meeting took place behind closed doors to discuss the escalating tensions however there ambassador to the u.n. says tehran will not accept talks with washington while it's under sanctions. dialogue has certain rules and regulations you cannot start
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a dialogue with somebody who is threatening you who is intimidating you too did you just witness that the united states impose another sets of sets of sanctions against iran how can the us start a dialogue is somebody who's trying maybe preoccupation. is to put more sanctions on iran so all of that the atmosphere of such a dire does is not ready yet. joins us live from tehran this zain what's the potential impact of these sanctions well in practical measures there really will unlikely be any sort of actual impact from these sanctions and that is because even if these groups even if the supreme leader and his offices were to have some sort of financial interaction with the wider world with the united states the banking sanctions that are already in place on iran other sanctions that have been in place on iran for years are so sweeping
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so wide reaching that these really don't happen in practical impact to make things worse what they all are are highly symbolic the supreme leader in iran is above any sort of criticism and it is unimaginable to many iranians for him to be put in the corner in this way by the united states many people will find it insulting and it will no doubt inflame tensions here in iran and make any sort of negotiation with iranian leaders more difficult this will certainly be something that angers them and later on this week we are expecting the united states to announce that it is adding foreign minister joe vod zarif to the list of people sanctioned by the united states during a press briefing this morning during a speech mr rouhani iran's president in his 1st public appearance since the shoot down of a u.s. drone on thursday explained why he thinks the american offers for talks are disingenuous. man i mean we got a bomb was located on him if you're being honest and want to negotiate why simple
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tediously do you want to impose sanctions on the foreign minister so it is clear that you were lying you'd be better off waiting a little so the world would think that you're saying the right thing immediately you proved you were lying you were not after negotiation if you're after negotiation well we were doing it in the past didn't say raef negotiate with tillerson in new york didn't we meet each other in the joint commission it's you yourself didn't want to negotiate and it's the same perhaps a calculation here that washington is well aware of which is you are the touched on if you target the ayatollah you annoy iranian politicians well if annoyance and creating anger in teheran is the goal that certainly has been accomplished but the fact is that this is likely to make things moving forward more difficult if there ever is going to be dialogue between these 2 countries in an early morning tweet from the foreign ministry spokesman abbas moussavi he characterized the latest decision by the united states as something that was
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permanently closing the path to diplomacy and if you are to sort of analyze what this could mean in the future even if it is only symbolic even if it doesn't have a practical impact now politically speaking at least from the perspective here in teheran if the next u.s. president wants to try to warm relations with iran these things will be like a political dead man switch they will be some sort of political blockades to normalizing any sort of dialogue with the iranian leaders here in the capital zain thanks very much. well these increasing tensions over iran have been high on the agenda at a meeting between russia israel and the united states in west jerusalem there russia's security council secretary told reporters that any attempts to present to iran as a threat to international security are unacceptable moscow says its military intelligence shows the american drone was in iranian airspace when it was shot down and smith joins us live now from west jerusalem with that aspect of this crisis story but of
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course your reading of these comments from the russians. well peter this was something of a diplomatic coup for the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu to get to the most significant political players in middle east politics that's russia and the usa around that same table talking about syria and iran and mainly what the israelis want to do with the americans was impressed on iran the threat that it believes to be impressed on russia sort of the threat that it believes iran is to middle east stability in both benjamin netanyahu and the u.s. national security adviser john bolton spent a lot of time in opening remarks saying what a threat they thought iran was but if they were going to hope for some sort of united front with the russians against iran then the court of those common spy patricia might disappoint them because while in syria iran has not interfered with
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israel when israel has destroyed reigning in attempts to build sites in syria iran is clearly russia is clearly not yet to throw its whole weight be twat behind israel and the usa patricia of saying that the wasn't enough evidence that the tanker attacks were carried out by the iranians are also saying that the u.s. drone that was shot down by around was in the rainy airspace despite the u.s. insistence that it was outside the iranian air space so clearly the russians not prepared to fall fully in line with israeli and u.s. views on the iran and i guess this is another involvement with the russians going public with what they say happened when it comes to the durning of the drone this is another aspect that makes the story more difficult more dense particularly for the u.s. state department and john bolton to deal with as well. well
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yes because the u.s. will insist that data shows that the drone was shot down outside iranian airspace the u.s. will insist that iran was behind those attacks on the tank whereas the russians very important player in this region very influential when it comes to iran have said well no there's no clear evidence either the brains behind the tank are attacked and there is clear evidence rather the drone was in iranian airspace so the russians clearly very influential in this part of the world want to make sure want to make it clear to the americans and the israelis also that they believe there is a different narrative to what is going on here and they're not just prepared to accept the american view of iran's position in this region pizza burnet thank you very much moving on the world food program says yemen's hoofy rebels have blocked a shipment meant to feed at least 100000 families the u.n.
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agency announced last week it has partially suspended its aid program there accusing the hoose the use of diverting some of its food or in yemen's push millions of people to the brink of starvation the world food program has been feeding more than 10000000 people there every month. in the middle east to get support for what donald trump calls the deal of the century however palestinian leaders have already rejected his plan for ending the israeli palestinian conflict the 1st part of the u.s. president's proposal will be discussed at a conference in bahrain later on tuesday it aims to secure a $50000000000.00 investment over the next 10 years but isn't it abraham reports from the occupied west bank palestinian financial incentives alone can't solve a conflict this lasted for decades. israeli restrictions on palestinian businesses are so tight even salt can sift through the only palestinian salt factory is feeling the pinch palestinian businessman who believes his company's problems
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cannot be solved by economy incentives only this is a military area so we are restricted in getting any type of permits to. expand with existing buildings things that we want is not giveaways but actually business opportunities not only does the company need israeli court a nation to pump water from the dead sea it also takes him a lot of time and money to export the salt using israeli controlled ports the factory that employs $25.00 workers is the only palestinian owned business on the shores of the dead sea and has hardly changed or been improved since it started in the early 1960 s. owners need israeli permission before they can build any structure in this area sometimes they never get it it took 30 years before the go had was given to. the factories the main source of salt for palestinians including many businesses in the occupied west bank like many other palestinian businesses the owner of this
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food pickle in business says profits could triple if he had under strict access to land and water as well as free movement of products israel controls all water supplies in the west bank the palestinian water authority estimates that palestinians can only use 15 percent of their water resources israelis use that meaning 85 percent of former economy minister for the palestinian authority and businessman. says that economy prosperity needs to be in parallel with the political process so we don't believe in cosmetics surgeries here and there we believe in lifting occupation that means this thing the siege on the west bank. on gaza this will give us the space to grow the space to work in a further restriction to cripple the economy the israeli government restricts palestinians from using 60 percent of the land in the west bank to be. factories or anything else in. the core of the crisis goes back to the establishment of the palestinian authority to gauge sins of the people in the occupied territory has
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been transferred to the palestinian authority at the same time it inherited a weak economy. is or is the auction of tax revenues which it collects on behalf of the palestinian authority is at the heart of the authorities financial crisis that says palestinians coupled with reduced aid from fighting donors as well as the long standing restrictions on businesses further blocks the route to economy progress in . the occupied west bank so who is attending tuesday's workshop that's what they're calling it a workshop and what's expected well palestinian officials are boycotting the event but some business executives are likely to go no israeli officials are attending saudi arabia the united arab emirates qatar egypt jordan and morocco will send representatives along with the european union but the e.u. says an economic plan isn't enough to solve the conflict and there needs to be a political solution donald trump is expected to release that part of the plan
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after the israeli general election in september white house adviser jared who is leading the u.s. delegation will pitches $50000000000.00 investment and infrastructure plan he says it will create more than a 1000000 jobs in the palestinian territories and fund projects like water power tourism and medical facilities before flying to bahrain he spoke to al-jazeera he said the plan offers palestinians and the region an opportunity for stability. right now from unama we're focused on the economic aspects of what could be possible if there is a resolution but what i will say is that you know all of the people i speak to you know they talk about the arab peace initiative and again it was a it was a great effort but if that was where a deal was going to be made a deal would be made a long time ago i think we all have to recognize that if there ever is a deal it's not going to be along the lines of the arab peace initiative will be somewhere between the arab peace initiative and somewhere between the israeli position. lots more ground still to cover for you here on the news hour including
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congolese refugees look for safety in neighboring uganda as fighting continues in the eastern part of the country. mexican women are being disproportionately targeted in the war against drugs. and in the sports hall here from the winners of the n.b.a. basketball awards including one very emotional acceptance speech that's coming up with. the fiance of the murdered saudi journalist jamal khashoggi has called on the u.n. to take action on its findings over his killing last week a report from the special rapporteur. found saudi arabia responsible and says there are legal grounds for the u.n. chief antonio terrace to launch an international inquiry and shock she was killed inside the saudi consulate in istanbul on october the 2nd. really. be a couple in a column of some with the u.n. reports conclusion of murder is really significant i don't want this incident to
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remain a piece of paper confined to the reports will remain on the shelf of the united nations the u.n. must follow up this report there's no space 0 tolerance for such acts this is an outrageous murder well beyond money oil policies if the u.n. and other major international organizations do not follow up such incidents all murders then who would do it where not just talking about a personal matter we're talking about a method and a fascination a premeditated murder. well the u.n. special investigator agnes calmar says the u.n. must not allow the continue to be use of unchecked state power. so i want to. suggest that the killing of mr cash is symbolic of many other killings of many of the patterns of many other trends around the world for which the international community cannot. turn
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a blind eye cannot stay silent cannot. suggest that we should move on as business as usual certainly cannot turp recognise the notion that business interests predominate over. over them the gross misuse of of of state power ethiopia has been holding a state funeral for the head of its military and a suburb and was killed on saturday the prime minister met along with the president joins thousands of mourners the military chief was killed in the capital while a failed rebellion was underway in the northern hora region 4 other people died including the regional governor ethiopia has declared 3 days of mourning and flags have been lowered of mast in all government buildings the harding reports now from the capital at this. the man responsible for the coup attempt in northern ethiopia
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over the weekend. is dead we just spoke to the prime minister's press secretary she said that the government was trying to capture him and in that process he was shot and killed on monday the coup attempt happened on saturday she said that the prime minister is very much still in control of the government she said that there is a unity both within the government and within the military we know that the division between ethnic lines was a concern and something that the intelligence chief of the military said was the purpose of this coup but the press secretary has confirmed that that is not the case that the government in the military are united we asked her also about prime minister of the meds interests and ongoing negotiations with trying to find a solution in neighboring sudan she said despite the domestic turbulence of the week and that the international negotiations to find a solution for sudan's government are ongoing prime minister of a is committed
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committed to national security as much as he's also committed to a region in peace and stability so the whole efforts around trying to bring peace and stability in sudan is also an extension off of those efforts that are also within the country we cannot talk about the ethiopian without talking about the neighbors and the regional context as well we also asked her about the internet when it would come back on it's been shut down since saturday the government shut it down in the wake of the weekend's attacks she said that it's a part of the investigation and that the internet needs to stay down until the investigation is complete because it's very much an active situation still so she did not give a timeline as to when that would be restored but did acknowledge that the government had shut it down for security reasons she really wanted to drive home the point of unity that the prime minister is in control of the government and that safety and security forces are unite. even though went through a very divisive weekend. tens of thousands of people remain trapped in the east of
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the democratic republic of congo nearly 300 people have been killed in fighting between rival militias in turi province over recent weeks thousands of fled across the lake to neighboring uganda catherine soyuz been traveling with some of them. we've been following 14 year old appendage him since saturday after year arrived at a transit center on the shores of lake albert in western uganda from the democratic republic of congo he fled his village in the eastern province of the tury and got separated from his mother with loss or running from a man carrying a machete this is not the 1st time he's faced death with intent to kill in my finals the killing of the leader i don't know sort of on the ground or so i saw with my argument and. if his relatives don't show up or penned you will be placed with a foster family in this area where congolese refugees have been leaving some for decades this is
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a refugee settlement area and most of those who are here. who have fled from the tory because of the conflict mostly talked to have said that is not their war at least here they can quite exist no matter the ethnicity the conflict in the 2 it dates back almost 50 years when the lenders were farmers and the hammer harding community for the family land and grazing rights at the height of the violence from 100-195-0000 people were killed in 80 is some congolese like this young men one island who the other say a conflict has been politicized because of among other things minerals in the area so it's a. war that's where we live work together want to fight go to the forests of course mystery to our people who. are leaders insight as to fight someone is supporting those people in the form of them need to be
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a proper we completely wiping out of the main issues. congolese military officials have told us the armed groups they're fighting are well equipped organized and possibly supported by external forces. at the settlement in uganda gagne say they're tired of running and won't return home until they feel safe catherine zira western uganda. the police in cambodia have charged 7 people oversensitized building collapse that killed at least $28.00 the prime minister who visited the site in sihanoukville on monday a search teams continue looking for trapped construction workers the unfinished 7 story building was part of a recent rush of chinese investment in the area when he has more now from bangkok. like most of the development happening in sihanoukville this was a chinese project and most of the people who have now been charged following the collapse of the building that was still under construction on saturday
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a chinese nationals including the owner of the building and the construction supervisor who have been charged with involuntary manslaughter this is a town that just a few years ago was a sleepy coastal town popular with backpackers but is now being transformed into a gambling town really with at least 70 casinos being built or already completed most of them a chinese projects and the issue generally of chinese investment in cambodia is one that is creating a lot of tension in many communities right around the country there are concerns about land grabs and also poor construction standards so there is a sense that following this tragedy the government will be want to at least be seen to be taking swift action. in just a moment i'll get your european weather for you with. but also still to come on the news i will look at some of the challenges facing rural albania as far as accuse national politicians. need to revive pakistan's
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much neglected health. the hosts for the 2026 winter olympic games. sponsored by the time. hello there was still scorching weather across a good pass over here not exactly ideal for the women's world cup in france we have got some showers long spells of rain from redoubt pose about to concern ourselves with as well this is the scene in serbia where we've seen some very lively storms recently needing to some high water in this you can see a fair bit of flooding here but the main story across europe as i said it's really about that heat this is the same in paris yesterday temperatures getting up into
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the loath systems 33 degrees on the field we're looking at similar kind of temperatures as we go on through the next couple of days actually much of europe seeing those temperatures getting up into the low to mid thirty's in the 2 spots getting up around the 40 degree mark and is more the same as you go on through where the state thursday just i was something of a slight change coming through you can just see the light to shading on our colors there across the far northeast as we go on through the next couple days so some wet weather around and that's that's going to affect the temperatures as well so a few showers down towards the southeast as you can see there for a cheese they go on into wednesday we'll see that what's the weather just sliding its way down across the baltic states pushing a little further south which in these is fresh air behind. the weather.
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he says of literature rescued from being. sorry. the bosnian women. who risked everything to save their roots and heritage. beloved. on al-jazeera. in the year 1271 gun to tell you to set out on an extraordinary journey carrying letters from the poker the great coup because marco polo traveled through. following dangerous votes from the holy land and beyond today chasing the shadow. professor shallots top of china japan would searching questions about the relationship between east and west has changed . marco polo on al-jazeera.
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welcome back you're watching the al-jazeera news up you should all be here in doha the us national security advisor john bolton addressing the media in the west jerusalem let's get a listen in to what he's saying this fire. days when a prime minister is being on the bt saying that she will call a fall or not the time to say is the trick oh really i mean what this is this is a sort of juvenile behavior and it would be a waste of oxygen to comment on the other. i'll take any given skier's. thank you very much ambassador how do you relate to the latest statements from washington regarding we wanted to attack we decided not to attack house points on
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the big picture you think both america lost and that move or not at all well i think the president has spoken very clearly as to his thinking on the matter. braided as did vice president pence and secretary of state pompei own statements we've made over the weekend i made one here in jerusalem on sunday when i was with the prime minister vice president and so i thought i think is spoken on a couple of the sunday talk shows and secretary pompei you issued a statement i'm sorry answered press questions on the tarmac before he left washington that this was an exercise restraint in discretion by the united states and iran should not mistake it for weakness i don't really have anything to add to that although i'd be happy to repeat it again they should not mistake if as a sign of weakness. thank you very much i think for.
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thank you for holding this press conference the bahrain conference is set to open tonight what do you believe can be accomplished there while the palestinians are boycotting in the israelis essentially have been in it well i think it's a mistake for the palestinians to boycott it and i think what makes this particular proposal which is sort of being rolled out in pieces slowly to know a lot of mexican circumstances the thing that makes it unique is the economic aspect of it to say look the prospects for palestinians for israelis for everybody in the region. if we could find an acceptable agreement between israel and the palestinians is incredibly bright and rather than relive again. decades of disputes think about of the future and you go see it on that basis so we'll see how it goes i think we're optimistic i think the presence of the
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mystic and i hope the palestinians are optimistic to. it's natural to me and. thank you mr ambassador what's your message to iran in a few days the exceed the amount of allowable in british uranium it is a military option is the one that they well i think the president would say that all options remain on the table i wouldn't give iran advice on. what they ought to do they should give up their pursuit of deliverable nuclear weapons they should make that strategic decision they haven't done it yet all these subsidiary steps that they take simply make it more difficult for the rest of the world cross them i think the next step if indeed they do go through the limits as they have threatened they called it an ultimatum to the europeans when they issued their statement we've been in conversation with the europeans and others about that and i think it in as
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we understand it from european foreign ministry's their view their view would be that it would be a very serious mistake for iran to ignore those limits so we're in conversation we'll see what the iranians do would not be in their interest to do it but they've done a lot of things recently that are not in their interest. and. thank you mr both and what kind of role does the u.s. see for bashar assad in the future in syria and what would it take for america to support post-war reconstruction in syria there has been now for several years a. u.n. process designed to create a constitutional convention in effect that would provide for future political arrangements in syria decided by syrians not by she got it from assad or anybody
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else we think that. remember that the conflict originated in the arab spring back when people were optimistic about the prospects for self-government in the arab world that there's a chance that remains in syria if we can carry that process through we've spoken about that over the past couple days in these conversations and that political solution remains our priority. crystal post. yes i have asked their questions the 1st dates did you get any sense of hope from the talks the russians if they could in the future agree to iran's you think syria and with regard to the jordan valley with use where you spoke about the importance of security which you recommend to present in trial that israel should apply sovereignty there in order to ensure its security. and do you think that i would
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agree to that well. i always enjoy these questions on the on the 1st one. the russians themselves have said repeatedly that they would like to see iranian forces leave this goes back quite some time in one of my visits to moscow when a year for example what i met with president putin we had a discussion about the many other things but he was very clear that it was and he thought it was in russia's interest to see the iranians leave. so it's not a question i think of disagreement about the outcome but. a mutual effort to find a way to make it happen in our view that ought to be in the context of a general withdrawal of iranian forces insurgents from areas of conflict back into a nice happy peaceful life in iran without nuclear weapons now on the jordan valley
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i think this has been. appointed to many american administrations have stressed that israel's entitle to live within secure frontiers that was certainly the view of president bush maybe not so much in the prior administration but but that's a central objective the prime minister netanyahu seeks and it's one that we support now how that works in terms of. pacific aspects for the for the west bank generally that will be the subject we hope of discussions in the. end that will follow the rollout of the peace plan and i wouldn't want to step on the peace plan by telling you what's in advance but be patient it's coming. i.d.f. radio. thank you mr although i was wondering
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can you tell has tell us why he is your end game the governing iraq is an errant gene change perhaps a new new clarity yo it's not regime change. it's not a policy of the united states so good what your what your next alternative. because the e.u. stressing the past and you think that the united states should push for change will have their own just addressed because it's been 6 months since i've been in israel so i have to do a periodic like you know when i was a private citizen i said and wrote many many things they're all out there i still believe in i'm the best out of my function here today not to be a commentator on what i said for is what the policies of the u.s. government are the president sets the policies on the national security advisor not the national security decision but. i know there's a question in there and just go ahead go ahead and ask a. sorry
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i didn't mean to catch up i just wanted to get the clarifications out of the way before the question came so if you if you do have a question that's so i asked what is your end game. here if iran gave up its pursuit of nuclear weapons to missile development program which is designed to create delivery vehicles for nuclear weapons and gave the support for terrorism to stop this other line activities across the region will be very happy secretary powell last year for at least 12 things that give you for a certain expanded list that's the end game we want ok thank you very much. john bolton the u.s. national security adviser they're talking specifically about 2 areas big important areas in this region in the past few days talking about iran he said donald trump the u.s. president had been very clear when mr trump pulled back from reacting to the
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downing of that drone he said mr bolton describing that as an exercise in restraint although he was very clearly signaling the authorities in tehran do not mistake that as a weakness he was also talking about the bahrain workshop that's taking place a little later in this region he was saying the palestinians are making a mistake by boycotting what's going on in bahrain he said it is unique because of the economic aspects of it and they should be at the negotiating table and they should negotiate on how the future might go and also on iran's nuclear ambitions he said we'll see what the iranians do next let's stay with that and talk to ford izadi he's a professor at the university of tehran he joins us live from there forward is already welcome to the news so the message from mr bolton there for all from donald trump as well don't mistake where they are at the moment as coming from a position of weakness your reaction to that. i
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think the didn't attack iran. because they realize the cost of an attack would be quite high this is the. main this in us media outlets present pentagon with against iran because they realize that the death toll of americans would be quite severe because you know them leaders have said repeatedly that if their country is attacked they will fight back. that's the basic message that they have so it's not a matter of patience. it's a matter of the allies thing that in an election year president. cannot run on a peace and prosperity take it when he is using a war against iran i notice your economy minister in the last half hour being quoted as saying we have things we can do to counter the impact of these new sanctions as being discussed in the past 24 hours or so what are those things what
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can you do because you're already sustaining existing far reaching sanctions anyway . you know one has been sanctions for the last 40 years since 979 islamic revolution. has survived for the last 40 years finding ways of going out and sanctions and as sanctions get more sophisticated iranian ability to go out around them get more sophisticated to the point that the u.s. is basically doesn't have any more. things to sanction so they're sanctioning iran's foreign minister they talk about diplomacy but sanctioning the person that is leading iran's diplomacy iran's foreign minister so that shows that the u.s. is basically out of options they cannot attack iran because the price for that would
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be quite severe and they don't want to talk to iran in reality on the say they want to talk but they sanction the. practice they don't want to do that so they basically out of options. confuse mr bolton that just had a press conference predicted iran's government for last year's iran was not supposed to see for the anniversary of this one because that was last year so his predictions are not coming to and he's confused i think he is making president trump more confused than he is that he's already there are other people involved in this crisis who would agree with what you've just said not wishing to put words into your mouth you seem to be saying that the trumpet ministration is running low on things it feels it can do in the diplomatic spear what if mr trump listens
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more closely to what the likes of john bolton would be whispering in his ear. well he has said openly bassa week that if it was up to mr bolton he would be fighting with everybody that mentality that bolton has he is leading a very minor section section of the republican party democrats are against the measure of republicans against him is very hawkish as president trump has described him so i think it would be foolish for president trump to follow mr bolton's lead in military confrontations with different countries in the world and i don't think he is foolish enough to do that i think trump understands that fighting you know and fighting other countries would lead to america's downfall and tom was
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a all about making america 1st making america great again and gauging in military activities against countries that sophisticated military power. the shooting of the draw and we realize that iran's military capabilities are quite extensive engaging in military confrontation with such countries i think he is going to need his country to do a big disaster and i think he knows enough not to do that for what is already in toronto thank you. mexico is deploying nearly $15000.00 soldiers to its border with the united states army chief says as part of an effort to stem the flow of illegal migration many of those detained at the u.s. mexican border central americans fleeing gang violence and poverty earlier this month 6000 troops were sent to mexico's southern border. thousands of women are imprisoned in mexico for mine and drug related crimes despite tough laws designed
1:44 pm
to target powerful drug cartels the poorest still being disproportionately punished monreal republic reports from mexico city. more than $3000.00 women are in prison or being processed in mexico for low level drug offenses. gabby was arrested for selling in transporting marijuana and is now serving a 10 year sentence she says she had no other way of making a living and wasn't expecting such a harsh punishment if i did it out of necessity because of poverty where i'm from there's no other income where i'm from selling marijuana is like selling bride while mexico's anti-drug laws are aimed at dismantling the country's cartels human rights advocates say they're also having a disproportionate impact on poor women. a lot at a combat zone that's when we talk about the drug war many people think of el chapo they don't realize that normally those who are punished are at the bottom of the pyramid women who have been discriminated against or have been victims of violence
1:45 pm
. in mexico city to another former inmate is getting used to her new life out of prison she served a 5 year prison sentence for selling narcotics on the street a crime she says she had no choice but to commit and therefore none because armed men came to my house and pointed a gun at my 3 year old granddaughter they said my husband owed them a lot of money more than i could ever afford in my life that's when i agreed to sell their drugs i did it to save my children's lives. betty says many of her fellow prison inmates were there for similar reasons victims of circumstances mexican president under this one way lopez over the white house promise that policies that punish drug users and street dealers will be rewritten but that policy change has yet to happen in fact the trend of women ending up behind bars for low level. drug charges is actually on the rise between 20162080
1:46 pm
mexico's female prison population increased by 100 in 3 percent one former inmate told the system doesn't punish criminals it punishes poor madrid upolu jersey to mexico city. now 3 members of the international space station have safely returned to earth a trio from canada russia and the u.s. will pull out of the council shortly after touching down in classic stone the crew spent 204 days on the space station traveling more than 86000000 miles. meanwhile over at the kennedy space center in the u.s. space x. is launched its full can heavy rocket with $24.00 experimental satellites on board and on the cargo or the cremated remains of $152.00 people whose ass shoes will remain in orbit this latest launch as part of space x. his grand ambitions to bring down the cost of space travel and eventually put man on mars let's talk now to go and write he's
1:47 pm
a space analyst he joins us from toulouse in the southwest of france on skype me a great to talk to you again as ever here on al-jazeera space x. how significant is this well this really was a spectacular launch as we just saw they turned night into day at the kennedy space center it's been compared to the final launch of the apollo moon landing program which did something similar and so this rocket is very very big states combined tree of their smaller rockets to produce what they call the south can have a capable of last thing huge military satellites among other things into earth orbit on this occasion as you said they put into orbit about $24.00 satellites the last of them deployed just about an hour ago over australia these are mostly military satellites designed. to experiment. for new uses
1:48 pm
of outer space and how to project american military assets in orbit and we talk about those u.s. military assets in orbit leo is there an overlap potentially between the size the power of this thing and donald trump some bishan because just in the past 10 days 2 weeks he's been talking about mars he's been talking about the moon. when indeed if you want to go to the moon even but certainly to mars you need very big launch vehicles indeed the falcon heavy isn't as large not quite as large as the apollo saturn 5 rocket of 50 years ago but it's getting up to that size and the americans are already working on an even bigger rocket at the american government and the long musk the man behind space x. is talking about an even bigger rocket that he predicts will bring when man and went on to mars interludes thank you.
1:49 pm
pakistan says it's trying to revive its public health system after decades of neglect and corruption according to the government 45 percent of children are not getting proper nutrition and the number of women dying in childbirth is still among the highest in the world with some of the reports from mitzi in southern pakistan. this mother has just lost her 3 year old daughter's akira she had brought her to this government hospital in pakistan's parker district for treatment. vicky is one of the nearly $500.00 children under the age of 5 who die in this region every year over 40 percent of children under 5 are stunted rehab for a situation of almost 20 percent underweight and 15 percent waist it is definitely a wakeup that there is a silent emergency in the country and it's needs urgent attention from all concerned. the other girls sharing zacchaeus bed also died. most children here are
1:50 pm
killed by preventable diseases because they are malnourished bodies are too weak to fight the malnourishment here is a multi-faceted issue even the mothers are either malnourished or have stunted growth they have children every year and because they're so poor they can't provide proper nutrition for their children. there's been neglected for decades corruption and bad governance of being made worse by a lack of awareness and to see the bigger the family the less food there is to poor and so there's a whole multi sectoral approach to this more same kinds you know jeffrey creating in the open not becoming ill because then you can keep inside children with keeping side the food in the new session is that they do get so lots of different factors it's not just about an absolute lack of food. they had 6 children but he lost one child recently the others also don't get enough food every day in addition to one toddler in the family his wife is pregnant once again
1:51 pm
a sign of kind of the. on the way there's no food no electricity you can see our lives in this hut but despite the poverty in this predominantly hindu community in other areas across pakistan the population is growing doctors say stunted growth in children begins even before they're born the opposite that 40 a critical reason of malnutrition related death is lack of family planning and birth spacing that's resulting in any make mothers in miscarriages me prime minister imran khan talked about the problem of malnutrition in his inaugural speech last august but a weak economy means his governments have to slash the health budget in the largest province of the problems as have also reduced money for health care especially for mothers and children this means parents like zacchaeus will likely continue to suffer. so the pakistan. time for sports news with rope peter thank you very much just one place to start
1:52 pm
the lords in london where cricket's to all this rivals england and australia up against each other in a crucial clash at the world cup in the world's top ranked one day side but really they're under pressure to win this one after their shock defeat to sri lanka last summer and they have not got off to a good start england putting the ozzies in but australia. for last it is australia 94 loss after 16.5 i was well if england don't emerge victorious bangladesh could take advantage after this win over afghanistan on monday shocking. fast becoming the player of the world cups he scored a 55 to 29 that's the best ever bombing think is. at a world cup tournament to help with the targets of 6 to run we. been doing this and they're very happy with these 2 nominees going so far. more important matters live 10 hopefully after their. fasting 1st we have a very important game coming up against india they are the top side and there's
1:53 pm
someone you know looking at the titles it's not going to be easy but having said that you know we'll give on bush. bangladesh now 5th in the world cup table one point behind england next bangladesh are up against india choose by the top 4 progress in the semi. the full quarter final line out for this year's corporate america with the last of the group games taking place on monday dramatic in rio played host to the clash between 15 time cup american champions current holders chile this kerry would decide the winners of group c. in fact it was just one goal but did decide it. did some dirani scoring the winner through his group which is. the other game so it could all play japan the winner of this game had the chance of going through as one of the 2 best place finishes but it ended in a 11 draw. for japan cancelled out by this go for ecuador may not
1:54 pm
result means the buddies teams go home allowing the 3rd place in group b. that's how to qualify for the last 8. this is the full quarter final line up on thursday the house brazil paraguay that's followed by venezuela against argentina on friday next stop colombia play defending champions chile in the final quarter final seeds 15 time champions against. cameroon kick off their africa cup of nations title defense a little later they're up against guinea bissau and then straight off through it's on the same pitch it's 4 time when is gonna in action against have been holding up in rather unusual starwood pretty much the entire squad and coaching staff talking sitting in the center circle there looking for their 1st title since 1902. janice and t 2 current who has been crowned as the n.b.a. is the most valuable player the 24 year old from greece place for the milwaukee bucks and affected the award at the n.b.a. awards on monday you have it more than 27 points a game a lead the best record in the regular season before they fell just to get in short
1:55 pm
of the n.b.a. . mazie. amazing. if you have a good 10 at your paris is this is the future for you and show is so the future in this you always believe in the show was always there for us so the foundation of this family you're my hero you're actually here i. thought of maverick you know the don't touch one rookie of the year and most improved player by to pasco county 25 all from cameroon with pivotal for the n.b.a. title when it's trying to wrap us. and being from where i'm from and and i know a lot of a lot of kids can can can just look at this and can have some type of spirit and believes that it's possible and as i've been on the bottom a part of such. an amazing event today it was windows for knowledge for me my
1:56 pm
family but we're going to give hope to. the. the i.o.c. have announced the house for the 2026 winter olympics. i will tell him bid from now in quantity no one vote by 13 votes in switzerland ahead of a rival offering from sweden for other countries dropped out early in the bidding process due to concerns over the game some reason costs. joy seems back in milan when the result was read out r.c. president thomas back said high levels of support from the local population was a major factor. what was clear what was finally made the difference was. in the public support the $83.00 to the 55 per cent. for many members clear signal brazil's president said it's not to represent certain that brazil go in for
1:57 pm
a world switch to rio de janeiro currently held in sao paolo but that deal ends next season rio hasn't hosted f one since 1009 but there are plans to build a new circuit board that enables a 4 well. we will not lose formula one the contract with south paolo is june next year and they decided to return f want to rio obviously it will be this all leaving brazil so in agreement with local authorities and with f one bosses there's a 99 percent chance or more of having f one from 2021 in rio they will air from boss chase carey says negotiations are ongoing the city's his priority is having a venue that attracts the fans we've talked about our races being spectacles as an american i've talked about every race being a super bowl and we want to make our races events to captivate you know really the entire city and region imagination when we're here. that's it more like thanks very much so hale is here on the other side of the break with 30 minutes of al-jazeera news i will see you very soon.
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more than 10 years after the global financial crisis you've taken home more than 480000000 dollars your company is now bankrupt our economy is in the state of crisis i have a very basic question this is where millions lost their homes in the us. who is held responsible i will be fabulously wealthy and i will not be in christ for thank you the man who still looms on al-jazeera. july
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on al-jazeera will the conservative new democracy be victorious in the snap elections we bring you the latest as greece votes a new documentary examines the use of modern technology and policing its impact on individual rights and civil society on the 50th anniversary of the apollo 11 lunar landing we look back at the 1st human steps. and an ancient statue of apollo disappears in gaza a stunning archaeological mystery unfolding witnessed the 2nd round of democratic presidential candidate debates in the u.s. will be mine in detroit july on al-jazeera. across china millions of cameras are watching citizens every move and their behavior one i want to investigates china's surveillance crackdown on how does the .
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need the white house is afflicted by mental retardation and does not know what to do. iran's president looks after. the country the supreme leader is among those targeted. u.s. national security adviser john bolton says he believes it's the only way to get iran to the negotiating table. with me live from doha also coming up in the next 30 minutes the u.s. administration has.


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