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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  June 25, 2019 2:00pm-2:34pm +03

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the white house is afflicted by mental retardation and does not know what to do. iran's president mocks donald trump after the latest u.s. sanctions against the country the supreme leader is among those targeted. and maximum pressure u.s. national security adviser john bolton says he believes it's the only way to get around to the negotiating table. for your children there with means the whole raman live from doha also coming up in the next 30 minutes the u.s. administration prepares to lay out his economic plan for middle east peace will
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explain why palestinians are boycotting the meeting. and the prime minister's tears ethiopia mourns the loss of military leaders killed during a failed rebellion. welcome to the program the war of words between the united states and iran is intensifying after president donald trump announced new sanctions against iran the measures target iran's supreme leader ayatollah ali khamenei and other senior officials iranian president hassan rouhani has dismissed the measures as outrageous an idiotic sanctions on monday saying they're part of efforts to stop terror on developing nuclear weapons but rouhani said the moves a sign of desperation to charge. me sure that they are suffering from mental disability the white house is afflicted by mental retardation and does not know
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what to do. this means the certain failure and defeat of the united states i do not have any doubt about that from a political viewpoint no wise person would do what they're doing these days i feel that there is severe frustration and a big confusion among the u.s. leaders and the white house. correspondent is following events forced from the iranian capital tehran i mean the insults coming in thick and fast zain and certainly the iranian president fuming mad that's exactly right this was the 1st public appearance appearance from iran's president hassan rouhani since the iranian military shot down a u.s. drone just thursday less than a week ago and he did not hold back in his criticisms of the united states responding to the latest sanctions and now against the office of the supreme leader ayatollah ali herman a he said that the u.s. sanctions weren't just targeting a political figure this time they were targeting a beloved religious figure loved by muslims all over the world and he characterized
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the decision by the u.s. president donald trump as the act of someone who has lost his mind and does stupid things now we're also expecting to hear later on from washington later this week of a job god zarif iran's foreign minister we're hearing that his name will also be added to the u.s. sanctions list and mr rouhani also responded to this upcoming decision by the united states saying that there was an indication of the fact that the united states is disingenuous about wanting to hold talks and he gave some reasons why. man i never got a bomb was ok upon him if you're being honest and want to negotiate why simple tediously do you want to impose sanctions on the foreign minister so it is clear that you were lying you'd be better off waiting a little so the world would think that you're saying the right thing immediately you proved you were lying you were not after negotiation if you're after negotiation well we were doing it in the past didn't say raef negotiate with
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terrorists in a new york didn't we meet each other in the j.c. a joint commission if you yourself didn't want to negotiate. now where do we go from here that really is the question that people who are watching what's happening between tehran and washington are looking to answer and if we look to something that began the working day here in teheran iran's foreign ministry spokesman abbas mousavi tweeted early morning reaction to these sanctions saying that the latest decision by the white house of u.s. president donald trump permanently closes the path to dialogue with iran so really even though the united states keeps saying that it wants to have some sort of a discussion or some sort of mediation with the ra it's really difficult to see with tensions ratcheting up so quickly with this cycle of escalation it's difficult to see how any kind of dialogue will be possible and it will leave it there for the same of course follow vents for the through the day thank you now the escalating tensions over on have been high on the agenda the meeting between russia israel and
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the united states in west jerusalem the russian security council secretary told reporters that any attempts to present iran as a threat to international security is unacceptable and smith is live for us in west jerusalem the story we were really waiting for the meat on the bones in terms of what came out of that meeting what do you think happened. well we know that what the israelis and the americans the us want to do was impress on the russians again the threat they believe iran is to stability in the middle east and it was something of a diplomatic coup really the benjamin netanyahu israel's prime minister the round the table with the 2 most influential political players in middle east politics that is the u.s. and russia but the secretary of russia's national security council nikolai. said to russian media ahead of the meeting that he wasn't there wasn't convincing evidence yet of who was behind those attacks on the tankers in the gulf and that u.s. drone that the iranian shutdown was in a raid in a space despite u.s.
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insistence that it wasn't nevertheless out of the meeting the u.s. national security adviser john bolton he's continued his very hardline take towards the iranian government he was asked by a journalist whether he still favored regime change in iran and john bolton insisted that those were those were personal views before he became national security advisor and that is not the policy of the u.s. government if iran gave up its pursuit of nuclear weapons its fullest missile development program which is designed to create delivery vehicles for nuclear weapons and it gave them the support for terrorism to stop this other line activities across the region would be very happy secretary contango last year gave a speech where he listed 12 things that given your force or an expanded list that's the end game we want to be mixed messages from the u.s.
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in recent weeks we've seen and heard this you know the imposition of sanctions yet they're open to talks i mean how do you gauge what john bolton had to say in terms of this knowing that he has the ear of president trump. well john bolton was also asked usually john bolton was also asked what he thought of the decision of the us president trump not to go ahead with those planned attacks on targets in iran and john bolton said he said this was an exercise of restraint and discretion and we should not mistake that for weakness so he wasn't prepared to. do all offer any alternative view to the president's decision not to go ahead with those attacks but we know that john bolton also with my compare are the hawkish of the advisers towards us president and i have his ear and they are
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the ones that have been pushing for this much stronger line against iran's oil for the moment but it will leave it there thanks a lot but it's with their west jerusalem where the world food program says yemen's who the rebels have blocked a shipment meant to feed at least 100000 families the agency announced last week that it had partially suspended its aid program there accusing the who these of diverting some of its food the war in yemen is pushing millions of people to the brink of starvation the w a p has been feeding more than 10000000 people there every month. senior white house adviser jared is in the middle east to get support for what u.s. president trump calls the deal of the century is leading a 2 day workshop in bahrain hoping to bring in investment for his 50 $1000000000.00 plan before flying to bahrain he spoke to al-jazeera and said the proposal offers palestinians and the region an opportunity for stability. right now from unama we're focused on the economic aspects of what could be possible if there is a resolution but what i will say is that you know all of the people i speak to you
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know they talk about the arab peace initiative and again it was a it was a great effort but if that was where a deal was going to be made a deal would be made a long time ago i think we all have to recognize that if there ever is a deal it's not going to be along the lines of the arab peace initiative will be somewhere between the arab peace initiative and somewhere between the israeli position palestinian leaders have already rejected his plan for ending the israeli palestinian conflict does need to improve he reports from the occupied west bank palestinian state financial incentives alone cannot solve a cold that's lasted decades. israeli restrictions on palestinian businesses are so tight even salt can sift through the only palestinian salt factory is feeling the pinch palestinian businessman who believes his company's problems cannot be solved by economy incentives only this is a military area so we are restricted in getting any type of permits to. expand with existing buildings things that we want is not giveaways but actually
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business opportunities not only does the company need israeli coordination to pump water from the dead sea it also takes him a lot of time and money to export the salt using israeli controlled ports the factory that employs $25.00 workers is the only palestinian owned business on the shores of the dead sea and has hardly changed or been improved since it started in the early 1960 s. owners need israeli permission before they can build any structure in this area sometimes they never get it it took 30 years before the go had was given to. the factories the main source of salt for palestinians including many businesses in the occupied west bank like many other palestinian business is the owner of this food because in business his profits could triple if he had under strict access to land and water as well as free movement of products israel controls all water supplies in the west bank the palestinian water authority estimates that palestinians can only use 15 percent of their water resources israelis use that
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meaning 85 percent of former economy minister for the palestinian authority and businessman. says that economy prosperity needs to be in parallel with the political process so we don't believe it was serious here and there we believe in lifting occupation that that means lifting the siege on the west bank on jerusalem on gaza this will give us the space to grow the space to work in a further restriction to cripple the economy the israeli government restricts palestinians from using 60 percent of the land in the west bank to be. factories or anything else in. the core of the crisis goes back to the establishment of the palestinian authority the obligations of the people in yaki pie territory has been transferred to the palestinian authority at the same time it inherited a weak economy. is or is the doctrine of tax revenues which it collects on behalf of the palestinian authority is at the heart of the authorities financial crisis
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that says palestinians coupled with reduced aid from foreign donors as well as the long standing restrictions on businesses further blocks the route to economy progress in. the occupied west bank. will still had him fall i'll just outrage over the conditions of migrant children in a texas facility forces the u.s. to move. and we'll tell you who's being charged for a building collapse in cambodia that killed $28.00 construction workers their stories after the break. we've had several weather across much of japan recently high pressure in charge keeping a largely clear and following but we have got increasing cloud just rolling out of the east china say that's going to make its way further research as we go on
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through the next day or so it's a little more cloud coming into south korea pushing in secure much of honshu on wednesday look settled and sunny like the most of it really goes downhill very heavy rain starting to push its way through 25 celsius on the cards here colder than i would say was the korean peninsula but still warm enough that 28 celsius is 80 in found what was still left for beijing at around $32.00 degrees with a fair amount of cloud less a fair amount of plath continue across southern parts of china the heavy downpours that's set to. and as we go through websites southeast impulse probably brightening up a little by the time the day comes to say the show is never too far away but somewhat to whether it's pushing down towards the southwest corner but a clappy of rain there into the philippines has been somewhat dry than usual race and lately have seen some wet weather just developing to the east all the ladies on that i would have up into a tropical system keep a close eye on that right in there across a good part of the philippines on wednesday becomes even heavier and more spads if
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the thursday. they wanted 43000000000 pounds worth of weaponry that was 6000000000 pounds in commission. there is no hope anymore because there's always a small people for really really good business. in essence we in the united states have privatized the ultimate public function your shadow on al-jazeera.
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welcome back you're watching al-jazeera with me so romney a reminder of our top stories iranian president hassan rouhani has hit back at new sanctions imposed by the united states describing them as outrageous and idiotic he says washington is lying about wanting dialogue with the iran and that the sanctions prove it. also national security adviser john bolton denies the u.s. is pushing for regime change in iran john bolton says america's end game is to pressure iran into giving up its pursuit of nuclear weapons and support for terrorism. but white house senior adviser jared cushion will detail the 1st part of his middle east planeta meeting in bahrain in the coming hours he wants to try billions of dollars of investment to the palestinian territory the palestinians say a political solution is needed 1st. he said to europe now where ukraine and georgia have complained after the council of europe restored russia's voting rights
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moscow's rights were suspended 5 years ago as an extension of crimea the pan and european human rights body agreed on tuesday to let russian representatives return since then russia's boycotted the assembly and refused to pay its multi $1000000.00 share of the budget. battle is live for us in moscow with more on that and of course you know russia may be a firm supporter of iran who has seen lots of talk in the middle east at the moment step but it's got real problems much closer to home the ongoing conflict with ukraine the annexation of crimea and now a new spat with georgia. exactly and this all comes to light now with this new little victory that russia actually achieved in europe a because despite all the sanctions now europe has put the door a little bit open to russia they say we can better gauge russia in this and in this whole human rights discussions than basically isolate the country by accepting the
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voting rights again for russia in the european council in this be a c.e. parliamentary assembly for europe basically has more access to what's happening in russia as well and russia has said it's very positive and also slightly arrogantly sad that of course this is just a victory of common sense because europe and the european council just really needs russia to to properly function but as you say it has and immediately led to a spat because the ukraine delegation today immediately left the meeting and left the building and has sat we want to fight this decision because it was a democratic decision in the european council we want to fight this and we don't want to sit here with these murderous as they described the russian delegation because they say by installing reinstalling the voting rights basically you will sort of whitewash is the annexation of crimea the disposal of president bush put in
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said he doesn't think that europe now accepts this an accession of crimea but that's of course something that for ukraine is very very sensitive issue and this has led to a new conflict and as you sat on top of happening in georgia right now they did of course to the russian public are watching this seeing what's going on on the domestic front as well as the international front they're not entirely happy with the government or the president and you didn't saw it when we sort of focused in on the national soden last week that you know these tensions in the region around 3 impact on public opinion. yes exactly as we said back then but didn't rate things are the lowest since quite a long time also this this very famous direct line with putin with which was held on thursday had a much lower rating than in previous years and also less viewers than in previous years and now russian citizens directly are going to feel this new travel ban it's
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not really a travel ban it's a flight ban to georgia that president putin imposed over the weekend after unrest broke out in georgia and tell you russian on rest he immediately sat from july no flights are allowed to go from russia to georgia knowing that so many russians actually go to georgia on holiday and increasingly so and there's a very good relationship between the russian tourists who go there and georgians of course they all speak the same language and they have history together and now they are supposed to not go there anymore so of course that's also something that a lot of russians here are not really welcoming indeed we should leave the phenomenal spillover city in the coming days to us in the moscow thank you now the fields of murder the saudi journalist merkel showed she has called on the un to take action on its findings over his killing last week a report from special reporter agnes sun saudi arabia responsible and says that
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there are legal grounds for un achievement a new terrorist to launch an international inquiry shoji was killed inside a saudi's consular office in istanbul last october. bill a couple that a column of them with the u.n. reports conclusion of murder is really significant i don't want this incident to remain in a piece of paper confined to the reports will remain on the shelf of the united nations the u.n. must follow up this report there's no space or tolerance for such acts this is an outrageous murder well beyond money oil policies if the u.n. and other major international organizations do not swallow up such incidents all murders then who would do it where not just talking about a personal matter we're talking about a method and that fascination a premeditated murder. the u.n. special investigator on this caliber also the u.n. must not so low the continued abuse of unchecked state power if i want to.
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suggest that the killing of mr cashel is symbolic of many other killings of many of the patterns of many other trends around the world for which the international community cannot. turn a blind eye cannot stay silent i cannot. suggest that we should move on as business as usual certainly cannot pray connives the notion that business interests predominate over. over them the gross misuse of of of state power ethiopia has been holding a state funeral for the head of its military and under some above who was killed on saturday prime minister along with the president of joint thousands of mourners the chief military the military chief of me was killed in the capital while
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a failed rebellion was underway in the northern ohio region 4 other people died including the regional governor he's here has declared 3 days of national mourning and flags have been lowered to half staff at all government buildings lee harvey has more from other suburbs. the man responsible for the coup attempt in northern ethiopia over the weekend. is dead we just spoke to the prime minister's press secretary she said that the government was trying to capture him and in that process he was shot and killed on monday the coup attempt happened on saturday she said that the prime minister is very much still in control of the government she said that there is a unity both within the government and within the military we know that the division between ethnic lines was a concern and something that the intelligence chief of the military said was the purpose of this coup but the press secretary has confirmed that that is not the case that the government and the military are united we asked her also about prime
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minister meds interests and ongoing negotiations with trying to find a solution in neighboring sudan she said despite the domestic turbulence of the week and that the international negotiations to find a solution for sudan's government are ongoing the prime minister of a is committed committed to national security as much as he's also committed to region and peace and stability so the whole efforts around trying to bring peace and stability in sudan is also an extension of of those efforts that are also within the country we cannot talk about if your peer without talking about the neighbors and the regional context as well we also asked her about the internet when it would come back on it's been shut down since saturday the government shut it down in the wake of the weekend's attacks she said that it's a part of the investigation and that the internet needs to stay down until the investigation is complete because it's very much an active situation still so she did not give a timeline as to when that would be restored but did acknowledge that the
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government had shut it down for security reasons she really wanted to drive home the point of unity that the prime minister is in control of the government and that safety and security forces are united even though ethiopia went through a very divisive weekend. police cambodia charge 7 people over saturday's building globes that killed at least $28.00 people prime minister who visited the site in will on monday search teams continue looking for trapped construction workers the unfinished 7 story building was part of a recent rush of chinese investment when he has more from neighboring bangkok. like most of the development happening in sihanoukville this was a chinese project and most of the people who have now been charged following the collapse of the building that were still under construction on saturday at chinese nationals including the owner of the building and the construction supervisor who have been charged with involuntary manslaughter this is a town that just
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a few years ago was a sleepy coastal town popular with backpackers but is now being transformed into a gambling town really with at least 70 casinos being built or already completed most of them a chinese projects and the issue generally of chinese investment in cambodia is one that is creating a lot of tension in many communities right around the country there are concerns about land grabs and also poor construction standards so there is a sense that following this tragedy the government will be want to at least be seen to be taking swift action. mexico's deploying nearly $15000.00 soldiers to its border with the united states the army chief says it's part of the effort to stem the flow of illegal immigration but many of those detained the us mexico border central americans for the growing violence and poverty earlier this month 6000 troops were sent to mexico's southern border. 2 babies told the woman to be found
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the u.s. mexican border in texas as temperatures remain high. 300 migrants children being held at a remote control center following reports about how to get out of water and sanitation. children taking care of children this is how conditions were described inside this detention center in texas over 300 migrant children some as young as 2 years old who are being held in this remote border patrol station a team of lawyers inspecting the passivity say the children were covered in filth cold concrete floors with barely enough food and water to go around we are seeing sick children we are seeing dirty children we are seeing hungry children where sinks children have been separated from their parents and other family members children here within the facility are being separated from their siblings which they need to be with their siblings right now we are seeing dirty clothes on them many of them have not been many of them talk about how hungry they are the children
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were hidden behind this barbed wire fence some locked away for 3 weeks with limited medical attention up to 25 was sick with the flu in one case 3 girls all under age 15 said guards made them look after a sick toddler we really have a dire situation here both because of the unsanitary conditions that these children are being kept in unhealthy facility that's being run there that's not made for children and the number of children who are being kept there this was not a facility that was even on our radar many of the children came across the us mexico border alone and some with their families but were separated by u.s. border patrol under u.s. law they're not meant to be kept longer than 72 hours. the children have since moved to another temporary facility on the north side of el paso after public outcry it comes off the political debate around the floor a settlement a legal agreement that governs how migrant children should be treated in detention
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. definition last week a lawyer from the u.s. justice department told judges that migrant children do not require certain basic sanitary items you know if you don't have a toothbrush if you don't have you don't have a it's not. it may be that for shorter term stay in c.b.p. custody that some of those things may not be required u.s. vice president mike pence has said unsafe and on sanitary conditions are unacceptable migrants have been trying to cross the u.s. border in record numbers seeking safety from violence back home 3 months ago these migrants were held in a makeshift camp under a bridge in el paso texas a few weeks ago others held outside in the summer heat without access to basic services and on tuesday 2 babies a toddler and the woman were found dead near the us mexico border due to extreme temperatures $500000.00 have been detained since the start of the year raising
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concerns of overcrowding in border patrol facilities as politicians tussle to find a solution the numbers continue to rise to mohammed al jazeera. 3 members of the international space station have safely returned to earth the trio from canada russia and the u.s. were pulled out of the capsule shortly after touching down in kazakhstan the crew spent 204 days on the space station traveling more than 86000000 miles they came down this went up to. i indeed it and over the kennedy space center in the united states space x. falcon heavy rocket with 24 experimental satellites on board along the cargo cremated remains 152 people who. will remain in earth's orbit this latest launch as part of space x. is to bring down the cost of space travel and eventually put humans on mars of
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course you can follow all of those stories by logging onto our web site www dot com because we are following that conference in bahrain over the future potentially the palestinians and the israelis. who are watching others around the whole room and these are all top news stories iranian president hassan rouhani has hit back at new sanctions imposed by the united states describing them as outrageous and idiotic he says washington is lying about wanting dialogue with iran and the sanctions prove that. they are suffering from mental disability the white house is afflicted by mental retardation and does not know what to do this means the certain failure and defeat of the united states i do not have any doubt about that from a political viewpoint no white person would do what they're doing these days i feel
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that there is severe frustration and a big confusion among the u.s. leaders and the white house. the escalating tensions over iran have been high on the agenda at a meeting between russia israel and the united states in west jerusalem national security adviser john bolton denies the u.s. is pushing for regime change in iran john bolton says america's end game is to pressure tehran into giving up its pursuit of nuclear weapons and support for terrorism if iran gave up its pursuit of nuclear weapons. development program which is designed to create a delivery vehicle for nuclear weapons and gave the support for terrorism to stop this other line activities across the region would be very happy secretary powell last year gave a speech realistic 12 things i've given you for a story expanded that's the end game we want white house senior adviser jared cushion will detail the 1st part of his middle east plan or a meeting in bahrain in the coming hours but he wants to attract billions of
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dollars of investment to palestinian territory the palestinians say a political solution is needed 1st. has been holding a state funeral for the head of its military in addis ababa who was killed on saturday prime minister or the along with the president of joint thousands of mourners the military chief along with 4 other senior officials were killed during a failed rebellion in the northern region 4 other people died including the regional governor has declared 3 days of national mourning flags have been lowered to half staff at all government building. and of course we can and you kelly fact to follow all stories by logging on to our website at al-jazeera dot com all those stories of course updated through the day more news in half an hour inside story is next with peter dhabi stay with us.
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a major defeat. of his mayoral election the country's biggest city will now be ruled by the opposition for the 1st time in a quarter of a century so what are the consequences for the president and the. this is inside story. hello and welcome to the program busy it took a quarter of a century but opposition finally worked out how to defeat president wretch up type of republican people's party candidate. a snatched election victory for.


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