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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  June 25, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm +03

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this is al jazeera. hello and welcome to the saudis are a news hour live from our martin desk coming up in the next 60 minutes iran says it's determined to reduce its commitment under the 2050 nuclear deal just hours after the u.s. imposed a new round of sanctions. palestinians boycott a u.s. led investment conference for the middle east saying their dignity cannot be paul. a prime minister in tears ethiopians mourn the loss of military leaders killed during saturday's failed rebellion in the north. he terms of your schools as england struggle image change of 286 against australia at the cricket world cup
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last year ago iowa heading into the quarter finals of the corporate america after beating champions chile. iran is remaining defiant after the u.s. placed new sanctions this time targeting its top leadership including the supremes leader ayatollah ali how many tehran says it will go ahead with its plan to reduce its commitments to the 250 nuclear deal despite the increasing pressure the u.s. national security advisor john bolton he's warned that all options remain on the table if iran continues to conceive what he called its nuclear ambitions but iran says monday's sanctions have now permanently closed all avenues for diplomacy it calls him outrageous and idiotic and accuses washington of lie and then there's russia russia's accuse. the u.s.
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is being reckless moscow is warning of a dangerous scenario if tension between washington and tehran continues to mount and then there's france saying it's working with britain and germany to try to deescalate this crisis we'll go live to roslyn jordan in washington in just a while 1st so that still it is a measure of the our correspondent in tehran so this latest batch of of sanctions aimed aimed at the top leadership of iran perhaps meant more to send a tough message than for this specific effect. that's exactly right martine the sanctions the american sanctions on iran that have been ongoing for several years now are so sweeping so complete that these new sanctions are almost entirely symbolic but in iran that is the exact problem for many people what is symbolic in this case is definitely hopeful the supreme leader
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ayatollah ali khamenei he occupies an incredibly important space in iranian public life he is in many ways untouchable criticizable if you will and so these sanctions that are targeting him the highest office of the country for many iranian leaders are a source of anger and are no doubt going to escalate tensions between iran and the united states even further. in his 1st public appearance since iran shot down a u.s. surveillance drone last week president hassan rouhani did not hold back he said the latest sanctions targeting iran's supreme leader ayatollah ali khamenei are the irrational actions of a confused government to try to know all about how they are suffering from mental disability the white house is afflicted by mental retardation and does not know what to do. the supreme leader occupies such a protected position in public life that in iran insulting him is illegal in the u.s. applying pariah status to someone so highly revered has angered leaders into iran
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you know i don't mean a person loses his mind and does something insane and stupid so want they say they will put sanctions on our leaders property but what is our leaders property a simple house and a ceremony. iran is under such sweeping sanctions that the latest american move is entirely symbolic but later this week washington has said it will add iran's foreign minister zarif to the sanctions list attacking the country's top diplomat is something to her and says permanently close is the path to diplomacy main enemy . if you're being honest and want to negotiate why simple taney asli do you want to impose sanctions on the foreign minister so it is clear that you are lying as the u.s. continues its pressure campaign russia has vowed to help iran counter new u.s. sanctions if. iran has been and remains our ally and partner and we consistently develop our relations both bilateral and multilateral which means any attempt to portray tehran as
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a main threat to regional security or to bring it into line with isis or other terrorist groups is unacceptable to us. but some u.s. officials remain undeterred the president has held the door open to real negotiations to completely and verifiably eliminated iran's nuclear weapons program its pursuit of ballistic missile delivery systems its support for international terrorism and its other malign behavior worldwide all that iran needs to do is to walk through that open door on tuesday foreign minister zarif said once again iran's religious views mean it will never pursue a nuclear weapon iran he also reminded people that america is the only nation to ever drop nuclear bombs on another country. now world leaders want cooler heads to prevail and washington says that it wants to use
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dialogue to calm things down but the decision to sanction iran's supreme leader is something so so insulting that in tehran of might make a negotiated solution nearly impossible. all right zain thank you for that same bizarre via correspondent in toronto well we will go to correspondent in washington in just a moment but let's just have a look at the tweet the most recent tweet. come out from president trump where he's talking of responding to the comments of today saying iran is very ignorant and insulting statement not only does it show that they don't understand reality any attack by iran on anything american will be met with great whelming force in the end by saying this is no more no more john kerry no more bomber ok rose children standing by for us in washington or it's a pretty similar stuff then coming out from the president on twitter but this does seem generally rosalyn to be
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a huge amount of stick and not very much carrot in terms of iran policy. well it's very much a lot of rhetoric a lot of belligerent rhetoric coming from the trumpet ministration and as we heard from zain bashar be in teheran the iranians are having none of it now of course this is a situation martain where the u.s. is also trying to build international support for its efforts to continue to isolate iran economically and diplomatically but it is finding it a very tough row to hoe to use the expression the many other countries particularly european countries are very skeptical about the u.s. efforts to further isolate iran and to try to negotiate an alternative to the 2015 iran nuclear deal they have said in recent hours that they're very concerned about the ratcheting of tensions between washington and tehran but
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the u.s. for its part is trying to say look iran is a is an existential threat not just to us not just to mid east interests but to the interests of countries in europe and in asia and it's hoping that that argument might be persuasive but so far martine they've not picked up many supporters for their efforts to further isolate iran indeed interestingly roles they didn't get the full support of the russians either did they don't both and the russians meeting in west jerusalem today the russians were quite categorically that they saying that actually this train was flying every ron reagan esque face. that's right the russians have always taken a big side that we're on the us efforts in the middle east but of course that might well be because the u.s. itself has been skeptical of russian intentions in the middle east particularly in
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the civil war inside syria but this is also a situation where at least you have both the russians and the americans in the same room talking about shared security concerns and talking about ways of trying to stabilize the middle east whether this is a harbinger of perhaps a new sort of detente between the u.s. and russia remains to be seen but there is very it is notable that the russians were very plainspoken in their skepticism on how the u.s. sees iranian efforts to extend its foreign policy objectives across the middle east obviously the russians how want to make certain that their interests are protected but again that they were speaking frankly to each other and in front of the cameras is perhaps a note worthy moment at this moment at this situation all right ruffling job live
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in washington thanks very much indeed now we can speak to. him his agenda send a political commentator he's joining us live from the iranian capital tehran thanks very much indeed for taking the time to talk to us the let's start with what iran is now planning to do iran is saying that it's now preparing to breach the 2015 nuclear deal even more say it's been warned by the french and the other europeans that this would be a very very serious mistake. thanks for our own well marking you know iran has quite a long time ever since the vehicle was destroyed back in 215. you know iran has been in. accomplice with its undertakings under the agreement but it has never received any merits of the deal neither on their the trunk of obama administration nor in time donald trump the fact is that ever since the us
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dropped the nuclear deal the europeans have been promising to iran cooperation in 11 economic areas banking trade revenues per chasing and bringing back the revenues of these crude supplies they have never done anything even in states that amounts to even less than one percent of what has been promised to tehran has not been put into operation so tehran eventually started a new shift in strategy this is rather edgy that came into practice less than 2 months ago is called resists active resistance but it means that when iran has to pay the costs all right the other side should also pay the costs are and that's why they have started modifying the deal and they will continue right effectively there with the increased amount of uranium being in is it round walking
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out of the deal completely is it scrapping the deal once this next phase of the uranium enrichment gets underway is that the end of the day. well there have been many points in the j.c. and many marriages for the americans and europeans one is called the so called you know. of your a name enrichment stock. that has been kept under the nuclear deal more importantly is the regime of inspections that have been imposed on iran on their safeguard agreements as well as the additional protocol to the n.p.t. the iran has been in compliance with this very of voluntary view of course therefore to the point is that iran plans to reduce its obligations step by step in order to provide a chance to give a chance to the europeans to you know of fulfill their promises but i
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personally believe that your all peons would make a final decision on july the 7th when iran embarks on the 2nd phase of these modifications either of you know provide tehran with the merits or more possibly as . they don't have the will or the power to provide tehran with the merits so they would. end the way right diplomatically iran is particularly isolated at this moment in so doing if it goes ahead with this modification as you put it of its commitment to the way effectively will be kissing goodbye to his only friends it's only friends who are the europeans and that perhaps russia but nobody would be in agreement with a round next action. oh no let me
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disagree with you in this regard many world countries are witness that iran has been in full compliance iran has been loyal to its undertakings and this is been the us that has been escalating the tensions the way to keep the nuclear deal live is not pressured into iran to give more and more concessions to paan in the party that has violated the nuclear deal on the other hand russians have stress that there would be no shy of supporting to iran against the new us sanctions they have made public announcement in this regard a couple of days ago busy a very influential chinese decision maker was in toronto speaking to some politicians saying that ever since iran shut down the global hot their strategic view about iran has changed and they believe now that iran carries more weight than they thought not just because of the corage to iran showed the american aggressive
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move but also because of the very sophisticated and advents technology that iran has in area of radars and myside systems that could target and shut down the american drone therefore i believe many regional nations as well as china russia they are supporting to iran they supported the wrong when the ron was in the black list of fat if as well as under u.n. u.s. e.u. sanctions the last time at a time of obama there is no reason to believe that at such a time. between the u.s. and china u.s. and russia and others they would leave tehran alone basically. chinese officials declared last week that it's time for iran china and russia to develop a strategic buns especially that was true when the russians demand that the same thing. very interesting to to tina's and i thank you very much. there are
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a lot more to come on this out of the reviews are including a quest for justice saudi journalist jamal khashoggi fiance appeals for an international investigation into his murder and why the u.n. says climate change will be particularly bad for poor communities around the world . and in sport the we'll hear from the winners at the n.b.a. basketball awards including one very emotional acceptance speech. right to bahrain now where an economic meeting to discuss u.s. plans for palestine and the broader region is under way it's an initiative that is led by the white house senior adviser jared kirshner he's behind what president calls the deal of the century the economic part of the plan proposes
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$50000000000.00 worth of investment in palestine over 10 years the palestinian authority though is boycotting the event in israel has not been invited but the u.s. national security advisor john bolton says the white house is optimistic. well i think it's a mistake for the palestinians to boycott it the thing that makes it unique is the economic aspect of it to say look the prospects for palestinians for israelis for everybody in the region. if we could find an acceptable agreement between israel and the palestinians is incredibly bright and rather than litigate decades of disputes think about the future and to go see it on that basis so we'll see how it goes i think we're optimistic i think the presence of the mystic and i hope the palestinians are optimistic to do. well has been speaking to
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al-jazeera and he told us that his economic proposal offers palestinians and the region an opportunity for stability right now from unama we're focused on the economic aspects of what could be possible if there is a resolution but what i will say is that you know all of the people i speak to you know they talk about the arab peace initiative and again it was a it was a great effort but if that was where a deal was going to be made a deal would be made a long time ago i think we all have to recognize that if there ever is a deal it's not going to be along the lines of the arab peace initiative will be somewhere between the arab peace initiative and somewhere between the israeli position. so as you have already indicated palestinians are not best pleased by this proposal being discussed in bahrain protests have been taking place and a general strike ingles that there be more in the coming days across the palestinian territory demonstrators say the billions of dollars and a 1000000 jobs that are offered by this plan by president means little if there's
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no political solution to this decades old conflict but jericho's is expected to unveil what is the economic part of this plan and as i say in bahrain. matheson is our correspondent now in gaza city. it's estimated there are 2000000 people living in the moment that's about 5600 every square kilometers but the streets of gaza city are quieter this tuesday morning because there's a general strike which is opposed to the economic part of the u.s. plan to try to find a solution to the israeli palestinian crisis according to palestinian official figures in 2852 percent of gazans didn't have jobs gaza's infrastructure is struggling on tuesday morning israel said it wasn't sending any fuel to gaza's only power plant and they said it was because gazans had been flying balloons carrying flares into israel in the hopes of setting fires. under the u.s.
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plan with gaza would be entitled to a share of about $28000000000.00 in investment that would be designed to rebuild the infrastructure and it hopes to create about a 1000000 jobs but people here in gaza say that's not the point the main priority for them is a political solution. and say that the u.s. plan is designed to distract from the main political objectives the right to return to land which they say is theirs and the removal of controls put on them by mainly the israelis not. the israelis say those controls are necessary to stop weapons coming to gaza that could be used against them but the gazans say those controls are at least in part responsible for the poor state of gaza's economy they say to remove the controls and the economy will improve for the people of gaza the important point is to find a political solution to this crisis and only then will they start talking about the
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money that have also been protests at a refugee camp for palestinians in lebanon then a harder is a correspondent. the children of the $948.00 palestinian refugees now living in lebanon they're taking part in this demonstration to protest the conference taking place in bahrain which is the scuffing the trumpet ministrations middle east economic police plan and people here are angry because they believe the trumpet ministration is pushing for a peace settlement that does not involve their right to return these refugees have been living in exile for 17 years now and they believe any solution to the israeli palestinian conflict house to involve the right to return to life is very difficult here they live in urban camps in very dire conditions and so the feeling here or the message from the refugees is that palestine is not for sale no matter how much
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money you offer us we are not going to give up our rights to return home i was you know the whole of. the deal of the century in the rejection to the buffering summit eccles the thoughts of every palestinian around the world we stand behind the palestinian national leadership and its decisions we say no to the deal of the century palestine will not be sold we cling to our right of return to palestine we claim to the land of our ancestors this is our right till the end of time when. the deal of the century is not new for the palestinians are 5 to continue whether they agree or not we don't care about what's happening we have men and refugees in europe and all around the world and they will never let go of palestine everything that's happening now is nonsense our weapons are pointed at the zionist enemy. palestinians feel the united states is not an honest broker they believe that its alliance with israel means that any settlement that they propose will be tilted in
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favor of the israelis and the question they ask here is that if they care so much about our economic conditions then why don't they live this. on gaza and why did. decide to. do united nations relief and works agency which is the only organization providing help to these people 11 on the host countries also not attending the conference in solidarity with the palestinians lebanese officials fear that the deal of the century of the so-called deal of the century will involve naturalizing and resettling palestinian refugees in the host country something that this country says it will not accept. the field say of the murdered saudi journalist jamal khashoggi has called on the un to take action on its findings over his killing she was speaking at an event held by the human rights council in geneva alongside other victims of repressive governments victoria has more.
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as a matthew had jesus came to geneva to deliver a warning the 2 for terri an oil rich states such as saudi arabia and the united arab emirates are in their words flagrantly violating human rights and that the international community must be moved to hold the leaders of these countries to account chang is fiance jamal has shows he was murdered inside the saudi consulate in istanbul last october she's called on the un to take action over his killing. this is an outrageous murder well beyond money oil policies if the u.n. and other major international organizations do not follow up such incidents all murders then who would do it. hedges is the british academic who was jailed last year on charges of spying in the u.a.e. he was in solitary confinement and now says he suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder the president pardoned him after a campaign by his wife. today's panelists myself included have been 1st time
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victims and witnesses of the growing oppression mechanisms established by authorities in states to suppress free thinking domestically and internationally the saudi government has rejected the un's recent report into his shows use murder as full of baseless allegations and clear contradictions but special rapporteur agnes callum ard says the u.n. must not allow the continued abuse of unchecked state power i want to. suggest that the killing of mr cashel is symbolic of many other killings of many hours of patterns of many hours of trends around the world for which the international community cannot. turn a blind eye to the un human rights chief michel basher lay says she regrets what she calls saudi arabia's dismissal of the un's report into her shoulder is murder
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his fiance says that such words falls far short of the action needed the turia gate in the al-jazeera that the us ambassador to nato has said if turkey completes a missile deal with russia it won't be allowed to fly the f. 35 fighter jet that earlier president at a one told party members. there's no going back on the arms deal with russia he says it's turkey's sovereign right to defend itself the 1st s. $400.00 to do arrive in turkey next month. egyptian police have arrested 8 people in connection with the 20 levon uprising of a very alleged ties to the muslim brotherhood the group includes human rights lawyers a lively german this is well as other activists they're accused of plotting protests here in the upcoming anniversary of the military coup that deposed president morsi in july. at least 19 businesses linked to the muslim brotherhood have been raided
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former president morsi died last week after collapsing in court. thousands of students in algeria demanding that all members of the political elite be removed from government on friday the former prime minister made. to former industry ministers were referred to a public prosecutor over allegations of corruption have been months of protest since president lizzie's beautifully could step down in april demonstrators or anyone linked to him gone as well. to ethiopia now which is held a state funeral for 2 generals who were killed on saturday evening the attacks were part of a failed rebellion in the northern am horror region police have shot and killed the man they accuse of leading the strike there harding has the latest from the capital addis ababa. it's a national day of mourning as if you bids farewell to its military generals or harm
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conan was killed on saturday shot dead by his bodyguard in his own home mccone and was in the process of stopping a regional rebellion in the northern i'm her state when he was killed another general was also shot and killed thousands attended the funeral service for both generals including friends of general mckiernan. i cannot finish telling you all he has done for me my wish for his family and if you can people. is that they can become missiles especially for the people off the grid now we are always crying 5 government officials were killed in the failed rebellion 2 were federal generals 3 were regional state leaders the man behind the attacks some a new siggy was shot and killed by security forces on monday and i'm harsh state he was the head of regional security as much as this is a time for the generals family to bid their farewells it's also time for the military to say good bye we have several different branches of military present
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here we also have military attaché zip from the embassies around addus to pay their respects we also know that the prime minister ahmed is inside as well this general was one of the most protected individuals in the military his death has sparked fear about the security situation in the country. you know to know. when the country's chief of staff died it was a great danger and a big failure this kind of thing is not good for us in an exclusive interview the prime minister's press secretary told us abi ahmed is in full control of the military this is something that we need to assure in terms of national security as well as regional security and particularly with regards to the incidents that have happened in the tibet the government's 100 percent in control and things have stabilized particularly within the region as well the government blocked the internet on saturday in the wake of the attacks and it's still off as an added security there's also a strong military presence in the capital the country is watching waiting to see
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what will happen next hearting al jazeera i guess ababa. still to come on this al-jazeera news out of the challenges facing albania as the e.u. pays spain's membership talks. and installed the quarter final line up is completed the couple america pizza both have getting. plenty of hot sunshine in the forecast a crust some much of the middle east not see much cloud showing up a little bit of cloud across northern pos all of the caspian we are going to say that just sinking a little further southward so just around georgia armenia it could be a few showers in the forecast for you but for much of the region as you can see it is hot dry and sunny cupola 32 celsius 35 celsius there for karate into the forty's
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for baghdad and for kuwait city or rather more pleasant 29 celsius in barry's home stay at will see some of the temperature is making their way across much of the eastern side of the mediterranean come a little further south well hot sunshine ramping up once again across much of the middle east a little more of a wind just feeding him across northern parts of saudi arabia as we go on through wednesday 41 celsius here in doha breaking 44 as we go wanted to stay with that brisk wind around that will be lifted dust and sand to contend with a lot you try to across a good parts of the southern africa little bit of cloud just moving through the western cape scraping its way across the southern capers we go on through the next day also well just catch one or 2 coastal for the most part the region is fine dry sunny and warm.
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selfless acts human brain 410000 precious pieces of literature rescued from being. besieged sorry. it's the both mean women and men who risked everything to save their rights and heritage. the love of books on al-jazeera. my name is. i've always thought of yoga as part of my heritage. understand it to be about transformation. seems to be transforming the western mentality of what about this immense region for instance just like you know there was originally going to shoot the monks. but i'm afraid that simple truth is getting lost in a world that's so commercial to decide who owns yoga on al-jazeera.
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tougher to take a look at the top stories here in the. iran says it will go ahead and reduce its commitment under the $250.00 nuclear deal that sell to the u.s. impose new sanctions on the country's supreme leader as well as other top officials if he is held a state funeral for 2 of the generals killed on saturday evening the attacks are part of a failed rebellion in the north. region police have killed the man accused of planning the strike. palestinians have launched a general strike across gaza to protest against a u.s.
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sponsored conference taking place involving rain washington is calling for $50000000000.00 of investment as part of an israeli palestinian peace plan by the palestinians say their freedom and dignity cannot be bolts. that the u.n. agency that's responsible for palestinian refugees is also in for more than a $1000000000.00 to fund it services delegates from around the world are meeting at the annual pledging conference taking place in new york last year the u.s. which is the. agency's largest stand to cut $300000000.00 putting millions of palestinian refugees at risk she have returned he is our correspondent following the meeting he's joining us live now from the u.n. in new york how's it going then with the americans deciding they're not going to fund this is that prompting other countries to step up to the plate. it is in fact i mean the shudder of that american decision to cut off all funding
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1st they reduced funding last year now on $29000.00 there is no funding from the u.s. for an era that is obviously having over this entire meeting and the most immediate concern is that there's a cash flow problem actually for the 1st few months up until the end of may and rowe was funded but if it doesn't get 2 $111000000.00 they say as soon as possible then schools were reopened 450-0000 palestinian refugee children at the end of august early september food supplies for a 1000000 people in gaza may be affected i think that the rest of the may well be funded if the donors who are donating do do give their pledges but right now they need that $200000000000.00 to ensure that supplies education isn't disrupted are not causes in the past as we've seen when education and food are disrupted it can lead to enormous instability in the occupied territories and i do remember actually when the americans announced that they were pulling out of funding for undera it was the europeans who declared at least that they were prepared to take on a bigger share of the burden is they following through on that promise.
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well i was the amazing things for them when the u.s. pulled out all the same ounce to they were they were ending or reducing and ending their funding 42 countries did step in and increase their share of on raw funding and amazingly for the un actually met that funding they actually gave the money they handed over the money last year so i think this is this meeting is in part actually to ensure that this year the same thing happens but that u.s. decision is fascinating because the same reasons why the u.s. said it was ending on refunding of a similar sort of arguments we're hearing in bahrain from jared kush not that this is all for the palestinians own good that we're stepping out of hoping fund education health care food for palestinians for their own good because under a isn't good enough for them they deserve a long term solution that jarred cushion argument about teaching amount of fish and so on so the same arguments are being used as a suspicion that by squeezing the palestinians further clearly it might make them
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more amenable to the deal of the century the financial aspects of bad also there's a suspicion and it's highly over what people are saying right now is that the u.s. is attack on russia which is the agency specifically to deal and help palestinian refugees is about perhaps pretending that there's no longer a question about refugees and the right of return if there's no u.n. agency overseeing palestinian refugees $5000000.00 of them in the diaspora and in the occupied territories if you're just looking at those perhaps in the occupied territories themselves as you specifically left in 148 well perhaps there is no question of refugees anymore there's that suspicion that like jerusalem trump is at the top of ministrations trying to say look there is no problem now because we've decided there isn't one and so therefore it undergoes there's no question of right refugee right of return and we can just move on with the political aspects of the deal of the century so that's a suspicion that we're sitting here to all right thank you for that she had she have a tansey at the u.n. in new york and he made reference to that conference is taking place in bahrain
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we'll have coverage of it of course here on al-jazeera but maybe you. craney and delegates they've all turned out of a meeting of a european based human rights body after russia's voting rights were restored the council of europe which is not linked to the e.u. suspended last year 5 years ago after it alixe the ukrainian territory of crimea its 47 members largely supported moscow's return in order to help protect the human rights of russian citizens but ukraine says there should be no concessions to russia until crimea is returned well the ukrainian president volodymyr selenski as he's added his voice saying he's disappointed with the decision to let russia return severson has more from moscow. a small victory for russia amidst all the sanctions from the european union russia has now reinstated as a voting member foetid member in the council of busy for europe to be a c.e.o. the parliamentary assembly of the council of europe has basically reinstated these
6:39 pm
rights for russia after they were taken away in 2014 after the annexation of crimea the consul sas this is important because they want don't want this division in europe they want to engage russia despite these sanctions and their concerns they want to be able to go also to russia to see the human rights situation here but the ukrainian delegation was very angry and they say this is basically a whitewash of this crimean annexation and also the involvement of russia in eastern ukraine during the war there and they basically left this session today is very angrily and also the president of ukraine dolinsky has very much protested against it it was not only ukraine but also the bell think states have voted against this new photo rights again for russia russia itself is very positive moscow said this is not only
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a victory for diplomacy but also victory for common sense without russia the council for your with simply not complete so basically this is has to cause not only a divide with ukraine but also with georgia and there's also another problem happening at the moment because many people have been protesting and have been scanned thing anti russian slogans there so does is also a problem and the president putin immediately has stopped flights from moscow to to georgia starting july 8th which not only has affected tour operators and airlines but also russian tourists who increasingly go to georgia so basically a lot of conflicts and problems on the plates here not only in in ukraine but in georgia and moscow itself. police in cambodia have charged 7 people that saturday's building collapse that killed at least $28.00 people prime minister hun sen visited
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the site in syria knoxville on monday as search teams continued to look for trapped construction workers the unfinished 7 story building was part of a recent rush of chinese investment in the area when hay has more from bangkok. like most of the development happening in syria knoxville this was a chinese project and most of the people who have now been charged following the collapse of the building that was still under construction on saturday a chinese nationals including the owner of the building and the construction supervisor who have been charged with involuntary manslaughter this is a town that just a few years ago was a sleepy coastal town popular with backpackers but is now being transformed into a gambling town really with at least 70 casinos being built or already completed most of them a chinese projects and the issue generally of chinese investment in cambodia is one that is creating a lot of tension in many communities right around the country there are concerns
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about land grabs and also poor construction standards so there is a sense that following this tragedy the government will be want to at least be seen to be taking swift action. the un special rapporteur of the human rights is young he lead says the 1000000 man army may be committing gross human rights abuses under the cover of a media blackout phone coverage is being blocked in 9 townships specifically in rakhine and chin states there is no access to the internet she has called for the government to restore coverage. she is the un special rapporteur for me and maher and she is accusing the army of acting with impunity. this is the 1st time they've ever declared an internet blackout this worries me very much and i think it's the international community as well they are acting with impunity but when it comes
6:43 pm
to clearance operations or anything curity issues the civilian doc a government has absolutely no power over the military under the current constitution and therefore that's why there is a need for a constitutional reform but without a constitutional reform and the way the situation is now the military and the security forces can do whatever they want under the name of national security but i have to remind you that this clearance operation is not geared against the run hinges this time it is geared against the rakhine buddhists community all the civilians and other ethnic minorities in the rakhine state. the u.n. has released a new report on climate change and the impact it will have specifically on the pour across the globe 8 un special rapporteur says that climate change threatens to cancel 50 years of progress in development and poverty reduction is also predicting
6:44 pm
that even in the best case scenario. then the next century there will be extreme temperatures in many regions and that many people will have to choose between starvation and migration philip alston is the un's rep on extreme poverty and human rights. all regions will actually be affected but within any regions it will be relatively poor people the concern is that there will be some form of commerce apartheid where the rich will be busily buying themselves out trying to secure protection etc people who are less well off in absolutely all regions of the world will bear the brunt of climate change so it's a really major issue in terms of poverty and the ne to try to promote a comprehensive solution to the challenge it's not really
6:45 pm
a fight against climate change that we should be looking at what the problem is that if there is going to be any chance of preventing or if a bubble warming we need to be undertaking dramatically affirmative measures now the sort of things that have been doing in that much countries that doing currently . a fair shake in terms of the scale of the need politicians are not focused on what needs to be done they're not focused on the extent of the challenge or of baby change that needs to be brought about where yes all asleep or going into a climate change horror story. 30 years after the fall of communism and albania remains one of europe's poorest countries the european commission which was open membership talks with the country soon says it still suffers from organized crime
6:46 pm
and we can situations jones are up less has more from scourge or in northern albania. really money works from dawn until dusk on his farm in albania as far north near the border with montenegro his only help comes from his son who takes their produce to market but the local population is declining and there are no longer enough consumers to buy sulaimani is produce he's tried exporting it to montenegro which needs it. if we load up a car with tomatoes and pomegranates and try exported and we are arrested for smuggling trade in jail is not a montenegrin guard to arrest us it's our own you can export things legally with paperwork but our authorities don't want to do it. really moni believes it's because she called to support the opposition democratic party and the socialists who've been in perth for 6 years don't want to help. chicago suffers the lowest per
6:47 pm
capita income in albania which is an already low $4500.00 a year and in the last 6 years it's a commie has suffered an estimated $30000.00 people have left the city to go abroad the problem say local officials is political. the mayor says not only is international investment not coming in albanian businesses and leaving intimidated by organized crime which goes largely unchecked by law enforcement or for a tease she says those same tactics of intimidation go all the way to the central government to feel the pressure it is their political pressure every day prime minister office if you don't not respect the cell that was what they have affirmed as this edition of the prime minister office of the council of ministers i am going to go off. to go total to the prosecutor's office and to say to you after this is that you are not doing this what i am seeing and based on that i am going to little
6:48 pm
bring to the table this is not illegal. this cannot be seen by a politician. mayor daley is trying to stop the exodus of businesses and young people by subsidizing projects like this one which helps local artisans sell branded souvenirs one of those artisans be a chill day who weaves textiles on traditional looms partly thanks to the project she's now brought 10 other women to form a corporative together they bring in almost $2000.00 a month but their income is still just over half of what it would be in montenegro just 2 kilometers down the road so while the mayor's efforts are helping some people stay here many of the people of god continue to leave jumpstart opal us algis. 3 members of the international space station of arrives safely back. from canada russia and the u.s. pulled out of the capsule after touching down in kazakhstan they'd spend 204 days
6:49 pm
on the space station traveling almost 150000000 kilometers. for the black rhino population as 5 from captivity in europe to rwanda and. taken to hospital in india find out more details.
6:50 pm
tracking responses now with peter marty thank you very much cricket world cup hosts
6:51 pm
england are under real pressure as they try to qualify for the same the finals are up against rivals australia in a crucial clash at lord's in london right now australia were put into bat and posted a total of $285.00 for 7 aaron finch scoring a century in the world looking to recover from a shock defeat to sri lanka last time out it's not looking too good right now 125 for 5 of the 28 overs meanwhile india's preparations for their next match against the west indies on food still being hampered by shakara rain in manchester the team were forced to train indoors at old trafford india or one of 2 undefeated teams remaining in the tournament along with new zealand meanwhile legendary west indies batsman brian lara who is working as a television pundit during the world cup has been rushed to hospital in india the 15 year old was admitted to a hospital in mumbai suffering from chest pains former windies batting great still
6:52 pm
holds the record for the highest individual school in both test and 1st class cricket. a conservative christian group or set up a fresh fundraising drive for australia's rugby star israel folau a day after the go fund me website shut down he's page on their site it's raised $1000000.00 australian dollars in less than a year a day i beg pardon for lao is trying to raise 3000000 to fund a legal fight against rugby australia sect him for a social media post attacking gay people he and his backers argue the 2nd was an act of religious discrimination we believe that this is a principle as a principle in this case that's relevant to all australians it's that freedom to be able to live freely expressing yourself without facing the cricket bat of political correctness getting around your career expelling you from your job and telling you to go to the margins of society john assented to compo has been crowned the n.b.a.'s most valuable player the 24 year old from greece pays for the movie but an
6:53 pm
excerpt of the honor at the n.b.a. awards on monday night the average moving 27 points a game and led the bucs to the best record in the regular season before they fell just 2 games short of the n.b.a. finals. mazie. amazing. thank you for you have a good parent. your paris is see the future for you and she always saw the future in you always believing it was always there for us. this family you might be my true hero actually you know. dallas mavericks don't cheat she won rookie of the year and most improved their way into pascal c.r. cam the 25 year old from cameroon was pivotal for the n.b.a. title when it's the toronto raptors being from where i'm from. and i know
6:54 pm
a lot of it a lot of kids can just look at this in can have some type of experience. and believes that it's possible so i'm just i'm just happy that i'm a part of a part of such. an amazing event with windows knowledge for me my family become a given hope we can clear out the we're just a few minutes away from the 1st match of the day at the women's world cup it's really well they finish top of their group they're playing in the knockout stages for the 1st time since 1991 they're up against china reached the quarter finals 4 years ago the team haven't been as clinical as they'd like coming through their group with one win one draw and one defeat and only reached the stage as one of the best 3rd place nations. the winners of that match will face japan or the netherlands in the quarter finals they kick off later on tuesday japan will world cup winners in 20 levon and finished as runners up in the group this time around they dutch opponents top the group with 3 wins from 3. we now know the full quarter
6:55 pm
final line up for this year's cup america with the last of the group games taking place on monday american in rio played host to the clash between time cup america champion the euro well i'm and current holders chile this game who decide the winners of group c. . in fact it was just one goal that they decided paris sentiment striker edison cavani scoring the winner as euro by go through as group winners. the other game so they could play japan the winner of this one had the chance of going through as one of the best food place finishes but it ended in a 11 draw. first half opener for japan cancelled out by. means both teams go home allowing the 3rd place team group b. paraguay to qualify for the last.
6:56 pm
quarter final line up in full for you then on thursday the hosts they play paraguayan followed by venezuela against argentina on friday and next up colombia play chile and the final game sees your ago i against peru cameroon kick off their africa cup of nations title defense later they're up against. and then straight afterwards on the same page 4 time winner has gone an action against been going to have been warming up an unusual start with pretty much the whole squad and coaching team dancing in the same to. looking for their 1st african title since $982.00. results president is 99 percent certain the country for me one grand prix will switch from sao paolo to rio de janeiro the city hasn't hosted a race since $989.00 but there are plans to build a new circuit chase carey just once a venue that attracts fans. we've talked about our races being spectacles as an
6:57 pm
american i've talked about every race being a super bowl and we want to make our races events that captivate you know really the entire city and regions you know imagination when we're here. that's all the sport so nothing thank you very much indeed now it's taken months of preparation and finally 5 endangered black rhinos of arrived in rwanda's. national power the 2 males and 3 females traveled 6000 kilometers from captivity in europe all the way to central africa the journey took 30 this is a largish shipment of rhinos between the 2 continents. right that's it for this hour news don't go away i'll be back in just a moment with much more of the day's news stay with us.
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madagascar a breathtaking tropical paradise. where its former protectors. are now its interests. we follow their journey as they put their lives on the line to. risk it gets all medical. on al-jazeera. examining the headline scientists are telling us that we have just 12 years to make unprecedented changes unflinching in this and i am told to leave toward complete innocence absolutely sharing personal stories with
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a global audience we see people making sacrifices this is what one would want to see explore in abundance of world class programming the world is watching on al-jazeera. we are going to announce the biggest a stab in the monk recitation room decades activists and seats of government we didn't want to be part of this institution and all we really didn't want technologically challenging politics and implementing direct democracy open source code to use the free for one to look we are innovators we are activists we are rebel geeks talking madrid and i'm just you know.
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iran says it's determined to reduce its commitments under the 2050 nuclear deal just aliza after the u.s. imposes a new round of sanctions a maximum pressure u.s. national security advisor john bolton says. it's the only way to get iran to the negotiating table. hello again without is there live from doha also coming up. palestinians boyko say u.s. led investment conference for the middle east saying their dignity.


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