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this is al-jazeera. hello and welcome to this hour jazeera news hour live from doha i'm martin dennis coming up in the next 60 minutes president from in america have not given up on you . senior white house adviser jared presents what he calls the opportunity of the century the palestinian is. a defiant iran says it's determined to reduce its commitments under the 2050 nuclear deal in the face of new and u.s.
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sanctions. a prime minister in tears ethiopians mourn the loss of military leaders killed during saturday's failed rebellion. and barbara starr in london with the top stories from europe including 5 years after the annexation of crimea anger in ukraine as the council of europe restores russia's voting rights. to the sports australia reached the cricket world cup semifinals victory over england good lord sends them into the last 4 and piles the pressure on the hosts. right it's being called an opportunity of the century that's how the senior white house adviser jared has branded his $50000000000.00 economic plan for the palestinians and other parts of the region he thinks it'll pave the way. peace
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between palestinians and israelis but he wants a palestinian leadership to accept what washington is willing to offer he was speaking at a conference hosted by bahrain with several regional leaders the palestinian authority is boycotting the event and israel hasn't been invited by direct message to the palestinian people is that despite with those who have let you down in the past tell you president trump and america have not given up on you this workshop is for you the vision we developed and released if executed correctly will lead to a better future for the palestinian people a future of dignity prosperity and opportunity you can change your course for the positive if we are willing to try new things and think outside of the traditional box right and we'll talk to our correspondent in washington in just a little while 1st so let's find out about how palestinians have been reacting to
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this speech rob matheson is our correspondent in gaza and rob we knew the palestinians even before this got under way we knew they weren't really going to engage with it until boycotting the event from the get go any idea as to what the feeling is about the tone having been set by jared pusher. well even before john dickerson got up to speak in. going to leader of hamas the controlling group here in gaza was making a very impassioned speech to a group of palestinian faction leaders here in gaza city and reiterating the point that the palestinians have made ever since the details of this plan came out just a few days ago that there has to be a solution to this situation before an economic solution can even be discussed he described it as the common conference being dead already because it carried this seeds of failure it said that it was not to dictate the lives of palestinians let's
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listen to a little bit more about what he had to say. the conference held at the moment in bahrain is a political conference with an economic coverup it is totally a political event with the financial and economic camouflage simply for the reason that this conference and the deal called the deal of the century is aimed at achieving the following 1st to lay the foundation for terminating the palestinian cause sake and giving the green light to the zionist enemy to extend its occupation and control over the entire west bank. there was an interesting slight twist to that speech because essentially held out an offer of unity to members of the fatah party and now hamas and fatah have been a lot of heads for about 13 years since hamas took over the gaza strip a but this was an opportunity for ismail haniyeh to say to the leadership of fatah look let's come together and be unified and create almost
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a unity government in the face of this situation that we're facing in the face of this conference in rain and what that might portend we are expecting protests to be held here in gaza on the widen stage the conference in bahrain of course is going to end at the end of weight in the state but whether or not the fury that is currently being felt by palestinians is going to end at that time remains to be seen all right rob thank you for that robitussin live in go there now let's go to berlin in d.c. and bra's critics of the deal of the century has it's been dubbed by president trump have said that it's dead on arrival that you can't go steaming into some sort of economic plan. how large the sums involved without sorting out the politics how important is it for the white house that this plan get some traction. well it's important because it's been about 2 and
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a half years in the planning it was one of the early promises which donald trump made when he became u.s. president that there was a better way of resolving the tensions between the palestinians and the israelis and of course he had his son in law garrett cushion are put in charge of the project but this does basically ignore the tenets that had been put forth throughout the international diplomatic community on dealing with the core issues that could lead to 2 states israeli embattled standing in existing and what diplomats have routinely called exists co-existing in peace and in security dealing with israel's security concerns. it's dealing with the matter of palestinian refugees it's dealing with the legal status once and for all of the city of jerusalem and it's dealing with the question of all what the borders would be of a palestinian state and certainly there has been
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a real concern that the trumpet ministration is ignoring decades of international efforts to try to bridge the gaps between the israelis and the palestinians on these issues and there are some who are raising the question about whether economic development for the palestinian people can actually work when they don't have full control over the territory where they live so this is a real question of even though it's impressive that you might have the head of the i.m.f. christine lagarde there that you might have tony blair who has been the representative for the quartet which oversees these issues involving the israelis and the palestinians you have investment bankers you have venture capitals there but it's impressive you have all of these people there but you're not dealing with the fundamental issues which pretty much any middle east policy expert would say need to be addressed which is these 4 core issues all right thank you for that runs.
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correspondent who's in d.c. well now we can speak to. who is co-founder of electronic intifada that's an independent online news publication and educational rissoles which focuses on palestine he's joining us live via skype from chicago what did you make of the 10 set by jared christian. well the tone was sort of like an impatient but benevolent nanny patronize ing the palestinians you know he says oh we haven't given up on you as if it's the palestinians who are somehow being stubborn and refusing to to come along sitting on the floor crying and screaming and let's just anchor ourselves in reality jarrad cushion and the trumpet administration are the ones who as their 1st acts recognized israeli
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occupation an attic sation of jerusalem cut off all funding to under a u.n. agency that cares for the very poorest and most invulnerable busy holliston in refugees of all funding to palestinian hospitals in occupied east jerusalem the day of the lifesaving treatment indeed sadly who is he to come and say that he is just that the help that is just waiting for these stubborn palestinians to come along with him no i get exactly what you're saying but equally he pointed out that all of the policy initiatives the the vast challenges of money that have been injected into palestine he said that amounted to nothing it's time for a new thinking do you really believe that there is an opportunity perhaps for a new creative approach. well i mean look. all previous approaches have failed for the simple reason that not one single one addressed the
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core issue which is israeli military occupation settlement construction and the denial of the rights of millions of palestinians on a vast scale not one single peace initiative has ever dealt with that directly every single so-called peace initiative from the international community cobbles the israel and tries to get around the problem and perhaps a new approach would be it would be great but this isn't it because this this economic but as a reheating of failed ideas in the report it was mentioned that tony blair is is at this bar and conference for some reason well most of these ideas are recycled ideas that tony blair was pushing as core to quartet and foil a decade ago and they went nowhere then i i make a thought it's not yeah now ok i he would just say what of what do you think then
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needs to be in place 1st with jericho shoot himself said festival has to be peace what needs to be put in place in order for there to be peace before they can even think about creating a and investable environment. sure that's really simple an end to israeli military occupation settler colonialism enough oxide but that's never been on the table one has israel ever talked about ending its occupation of the west bank gaza strip in east jerusalem and syria's golan heights never the trumpet ministration isn't talking about it when has israel ever talked about giving full and equal rights to palestinian citizens of israel never what they did just last year was past the so called nation state law entrenching inequality entrenching discrimination that's why there's no peace that i mean jared pushed is talking as
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if there's no peace simply because the palestinians don't want peace there's no peace because israel runs a military dictatorship over millions of palestinians and the us supports it the prophet's ministration supports it the e.u. supports it but her and supports it by ho's think this conference novelty about the sorry to interrupt thank you very much indeed. took him to snuff and she caught it thanks a lot you almost well. well there are thousands of palestinian refugees living in lebanon and they know harder our correspondent has been speaking to some of them. the children of the $948.00 palestinian refugees now living in lebanon they're taking part in this demonstration to protest the conference taking place in bahrain which is this causing the trumpet ministrations middle east economic peace plan and people here are angry because they believe the trumpet ministration is
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pushing for a peace settlement that does not involve their right to return these refugees have been living in exile for 17 years now and they believe any solution to the israeli palestinian conflict house to involve the right to return to life is very difficult here they live in urban thomson very dire conditions and so the feeling here or the message from the manatees that palestine is not for sale no matter how much money you offer us we are not going to give up our rights to return home i was you know the whole of. the deal of the century in the rejection to the buffering summit eccles the thoughts of every palestinian around the world we stand behind the palestinian national leadership and its decisions we say no to the deal of the century palestine will not be sold we cling to our right of return to palestine we
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claim to the land of our ancestors this is our right till the end of time so you know. the deal of the century is not new for the palestinians are 5 who continue whether they agree or not we don't care about what's happening we have men and refugees in europe and all around the world and they will never let go of palestine everything that's happening now is nonsense our weapons are pointed at the zionist enemy and palestinians feel the united states is not an honest broker and they believe that its alliance with israel means that any settlement that they propose will be tilted in favor of the israelis and the question they ask here is that if they care so much about our economic conditions then why don't they live to see. on gaza and why did you as an illustration decide to cut funding to the united nations relief and works agency which is the only organization providing help to these people 11 on the host country is also not attending the battery conference in solidarity with the palestinians lebanese officials fear that the deal of the
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century of the so-called deal of the century will involve naturalizing and resettling palestinian refugees in the host country something that this country says it will not accept. we've got lots more to come on this al-jazeera news hour including quest for justice saudi journalist. appeals for an international investigation into his matter. why the u.n. says climate change will be particularly bad the poor communities around the world . and the wimbledon champion looks ahead to the defense of his title. is here with sport. no rain is iran rather is sounding defiant after the u.s. sanctions which targeted the top leadership including supreme leader ayatollah ali have been the terror on says it'll go ahead with its plan to reduce its commitment
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to the 250 nuclear deal despite the increasing pressure u.s. national security advisor john bolton he's won't all options remain on the table if iran continues to pursue its nuclear ambitions zain bazarov a report from the iranian capital tehran. in his 1st public appearance since iran shot down a u.s. surveillance drone last week president hassan rouhani did not hold back he said the latest sanctions targeting iran's supreme leader ayatollah ali khamenei are the irrational actions of a confused government to chortle know what they are suffering from mental disability the white house is afflicted with mental retardation and doesn't know what to do. the supreme leader occupies such a protected position in public life that in iran insulting him is illegal the u.s. applying pariah status to someone so highly revered has angered leaders into iran. and a lobbyist he is not only the leader of iran he is the leader of iran and those who
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love the revolution and all muslims. all around the world iran's leader doesn't only belong terror on many people in lebanon syria iraq afghanistan pakistan kuwait and everywhere shia and non shia love him follow him and obey him and someone who has lost his mind does such a stupid and strange thing and for. iran is under such sweeping sanctions that the latest american move is entirely symbolic but later this week washington has said it will add iran's foreign minister zarif to the sanctions list attacking the country's top diplomat is something to her and says permanently close is the path to diplomacy main enemy if you're being honest and want to negotiate simultaneously do you want to impose sanctions on the foreign minister so it is clear that you are lying as the u.s. continues its pressure campaign russia has vowed to help iran counter new u.s.
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sanctions if. iran has been and remains our ally and partner and we consistently develop our relations both bilateral and multilateral which means any attempt to portray tehran as a main threat to regional security or to bring it into line with isis or other terrorist groups is unacceptable to us. but some u.s. officials remain undeterred. the president has held the door open to real negotiations to completely and verifiable your women aid iran's nuclear weapons program its pursuit of ballistic missile delivery systems its support for international terrorism and its other malign behavior worldwide all that iran needs to do is to walk through that open door on tuesday foreign minister zarif said once again iran's religious views mean it will never pursue a nuclear weapon iran he also reminded people that america is the only nation to
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ever drop nuclear bombs on another country world leaders want cooler heads to prevail and washington keeps saying that it wants to calm things down through dialogue but the decision to sanction iran's supreme leader is something so insulting that for to one it might make a negotiated solution nearly impossible. to her own. and president trump went straight on to twitter he said iran's very ignorant and insulting statement put out today only shows that they don't understand reality and the attack by around on anything american will be met with great and overwhelming force and in some areas overwhelming will mean obliteration no more john kerry and that's how he ended it all right let's get to ali alpha name who's a senior fellow at the arab gulf states institute in washington and the author of iran veiled how the revolutionary guards are transforming iran from theocracy into
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military dictatorship that's a very interesting thought for sure we can't talk about that too much now 1st of all i'd like to get your thoughts on this latest round of sanctions being placed on the iranian leadership in particular the supreme leader designed more to to hurt and insult rather than to derive any real impact. here on the show the latest round of sanctions east truly symbolic. is not even designed to hurt the iran's economy earlier rounds of sanction the certainly did hit iran's economy particularly the balance banking sector and has severely restrict with iran's ability to export oil this time around i perceive it as an attempt by certain quarters certain individuals in washington who really want to prevent any kind of diplomatic negotiations between washington and tehran
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clearly you cannot expect the stomach or public to engage in negotiations with the united states at a time when its foreign minister is on their sanctions and other sanctions which is symbolic is that of sanctioning the supreme leader himself. iran has said that it's going to continue with its policy of disengaging if you like from the terms of the c.p.o. either nuclear deal or 2015 effectively when it starts to up the amount of uranium that it's emitting is that iran turning its back on the nuclear deal i'm walking away from it i see there's terence way of raising the stakes terrine is signaling that the maximum pressure campaign has not improved iran's behavior iraq is now acting more aggressively when it comes to the
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nuclear program and it is also possibly also a behind some of the acts of sabotage in attacks in the persian gulf region and in the world from oman so that is the message that tehran is sending to president trump if president trump desires to continue the maximum pressure campaign he should come to on terror on retaliate. which brings me to. a subject that you are particularly expert in given the title of your book and that is i mean there are different power structures aren't there within the iran i mean power is not conventionally from the top down. which particular branch of. government in power in iran is actually responsible for this policy is it the revolutionary guards would it be the supreme leader or would it be the president. i do see 3 major power centers within this lawmaker popping one of them being the
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supreme leader and the office of the supreme leader and then his system relies on 2 pillars one pillar is that of the professional bureaucracy of iran represented by president rouhani and his team of technocrats and the other pillar being that of the revolutionary guards over the years we have seen that there are bhushan of the gods is getting stronger and stronger and is practically transforming the regime into a military dictatorship however at times of extreme crisis particularly now that the regime is very existence is threatened by washington that we see that all 3 centers are actually getting together and i do not see any major differences between them when it comes to iran's foreign policy or security decision right ok so. there's also jews have sanctions slapped on him in a few days from now the iranians. suggest that that means that is definitely closing the door of any possible dialogue between washington and tehran but what
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about back channels do you have any sense as to there being. a form of communication going on between iran and the united states of america and if so who would be who would be handling that. i genuinely hope that responsible governments like that of japan like that of or mine and others who may be interested in mediating between tehran and washington are given a chance by both parties particularly by washington to play a constructive role they have played their role in the past and they may be the only chance that we have to prevent a terrible war in the middle east region right and what about the russians in the russians talking in west jerusalem today meeting with john bolton the u.s. national security advisor and the israelis of course not siding with the u.s.
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and israel supporting iran's claim that the drone the u.s. drone that was shot down was actually done so it really in space i mean backing iran it would seem at this crowd quite critical juncture. iran russia relationship is a love hate relationship devoid of love for iran has very little trust in moscow's programs plans and ambitious and every single time there has been a major crisis moscow has tried to marginalize iran and use iran as a bargaining chip in its own conflicts and negotiation is a word with washington's so i don't think ron is particularly optimistic and he's not really counting on russia huffing them and they almost expect russia to betray to iran then there is a major crisis right allie for me thank you very much indeed for talking to us.
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now the u.k. has issued new guidelines to companies selling weapons to saudi arabia that's after a british court ruled last week that the government broke the law by allowing arms sales to souder saudi arabia because of riyadh's involvement in the war in yemen the british government seeking to appeal against that decision and new export licenses will not be issued to companies trading weapons to saudi arabia to bahrain egypt the u.a.e. and kuwait let's say the andrew smith is a space of the campaign against the arms trade that's a group that she filed the case against the u.k. government is joining us live from london andrew thank you very much i don't really want to get into the last tuesday's judgment because i think we covered that rather well what is the detail then of this new guidance being given by the british government to come to companies that might want to trade in weapons to saudi arabia . of use new guidelines which have been brought in as
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a result of the government losing in court fees newgate lanes of curbs on any companies who are looking to export equipment to say d.p. or if you have are participating militaries in view ongoing war in yemen meanwhile the government has to retrospectively look at for licenses which it already granted for use in yemen and to me for his decisions again. while asking for correct questions and delivering the correct scrutiny i think last week's verity was a very important one in setting that precedent but ultimately we're not for woods yet we've got there's a lot more to do if we're going to end arms sales to say to leave you and you keep complicity in the war in yemen indeed the government has said that it's going to challenge that cool truth in that was the culture the pill wasn't it but it's so far away from a ban isn't it i mean this is the bottom line is that the companies will be ill
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could still in future trade in weapons with saudi arabia. well it means that all the weapons that are already with the military are away for so to military means that we can't undo any of the damage which has already been done but right now as we're speaking there can very well be u.k. made fater jets flying over yemen it will be firing u.k. made missiles and dropping u.k. made bombs however be government is not able to send any further bombs and missiles until it has carried a photo to view of the previous seals and certainly it's not great band but it certainly is something which will not have been welcomed by the u.k. government who were fated to finial it will not have been welcomed by the so do dictators ship and it will have been very bad news for the arms companies because for decades now you say to the pier has been by far the largest buyer of u.k. weapons anywhere in the world and do you think that ultimately at the end of the
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day there will this will lead to a raising of the threshold if you like before weapons are sold before contracts in licenses are signed. we certainly hope so because if a process for government doesn't fall with the process that the government has followed on arms exports to say d.b.f. for use in yemen has been unlawful invite is the exact same process we're followed when exporting to our countries as well we know from polling that the vast majority of people across the u.k. do not want to see arms exports to human rights abusing regimes and dictatorships but ultimately it's something which governments of all political colors have done i mean this is a legal question but it's also a political question and it will require political will to change it. and you say thank you very much indeed for talking to us live from london. thank you. since you come on this hour jazeera news hour the challenges facing albania is the european
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union pennsbury membership talks. ryan is on the move 5 endangered animals are sent to rwanda. and a new company the premier league without going into management detail will have the details. plenty of hot sunshine in the full cost a crust some much of the middle east not see much cloud showing up a little bit of cloud across northern pos all of the caspian we are going to say that just sinking a little further southward so just around georgia armenia it could be a few showers in the forecast for you but for much of the region as you see it is hot dry and sunny cupola 32 celsius $35.00 celsius there for karate into the forty's for baghdad and for kuwait city around will pleasant $29.00 celsius.
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stay at will see some of the temperatures making their way across much of the eastern side of the mediterranean come a little further south well out sunshine ramping up once again across much of the middle east little more of a wind just feeding him across northern parts of saudi arabia as you go on through wednesday 41 celsius here in doha breaking 44 as we go one into thursday with that brisk wind around that will be that little lift that dust and sand to contend with lousy try to across a good parts of the southern africa little bit of cloud just moving through the western cape scraping its way across the southern capers we go on through the next day well just catch one or 2 coastal for the most part the region is fine dry sunny and. madagascar. a breathtaking tropical paradise.
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tottered sick of the top stories here in the news. the senior white house adviser jared kushner has opened the u.s. economic meeting for the middle east in bahrain it's to discuss a $50000000000.00 investment plan for palestinians out in the region over the next 10 years. how the sinews have launched a general strike across girls or in protest at the conference they say their freedom and dignity cannot people. they're wrong says u.s. sanctions placed on the supreme leader and the tough against a nation that's up to washington targeted ali how many and rainy and officials with more sanctions tehran says it will continue plans. to scale down its commitment to
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the 2050 nuclear deal. that ethiopia has held funeral for 2 generals who were killed on saturday night the attacks a part of a failed rebellion in the northern region police have shot and killed the man they say let the strike pulls out from the capital addis ababa. it's a national day of mourning as ethiopia bids farewell to its military generals to harm conan was killed on saturday shot dead by his bodyguard in his own home mccone and was in the process of stopping a regional rebellion in the northern i'm higher state when he was killed another general was also shot and killed thousands attended the funeral service for both generals including friends of general mckiernan.
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i cannot finish telling you what he has done for me my wish for his family and if you people is that they can become missiles especially for the people of now we are always crying. 5 government officials were killed in the failed rebellion 2 were federal generals 3 were regional state leaders the man behind the attacks some and sygate was shot and killed by security forces on monday and i'm harsh state he was the head of regional security as much as this is a time for the generals family to bid their farewells it's also time for the military to say good bye we have several different branches of military present here we also have military i says she's a from the embassies around adice to pay their respects we also know that the prime minister ahmed is inside as well this general was one of the most protected individuals in the military his death has sparked fear about the security situation in the country. you know to know. when the country's chief of staff died it was
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a great danger and a big failure this kind of thing. it is not good for us in an exclusive interview the prime minister's press secretary told us abi ahmed is in full control of the military this is something that we need to assure in terms of national security as well as regional security and particularly with regards to the incidents that have happened and bought about the government's 100 percent in control and things have stabilized particularly within the region as well the government blocked the internet on saturday in the wake of the attacks and it's still off as an added security there's also a strong military presence in the capital the country is watching waiting to see what will happen next harding al jazeera i just ababa. thousands of students and jerry are demanding that all members of the political elite be removed from government on friday the former prime minister after made and 2 former industry minister is referred to a public prosecutor over allegations of corruption that been months of protests
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since president after these beautifully to step down demonstrators want anyone linked to him gone as well. the field say of the murdered saudi journalist jamal khashoggi has called only un to take action on its findings about his killing she was speaking at an event by the human rights council in geneva alongside other victims of repressive governments that tori against him the reports. as a matthew hedges came to geneva to deliver a warning the do for terri an oil rich states such as saudi arabia and the united arab emirates are in their words flagrantly violating human rights and that the international community must be moved to hold the leaders of these countries to account chang is fiance jamal has shows he was murdered inside the saudi consulate in istanbul last october she's called on the un to take action over his killing. this is an outrageous and well beyond money oil policy if the u.
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. when and other major international organizations do not follow up such incidents or murders then who would do it. hedges is a british academic who was jailed last year on charges of spying in the u.a.e. he was in solitary confinement and now says he suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder the president pardoned him after a campaign by his wife today's panelists myself included have been 1st time victims and witnesses of the growing oppression mechanisms established by or for a terror in states to suppress free thinking domestically and internationally the saudi government has rejected the un's recent report into his show's use murder as full of baseless allegations and clear contradictions but special rapporteur agnes callum od says the u.n. must not allow the continued abuse of unchecked state power i want to.
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suggest that the killing of mr cashel is symbolic of many other killings of many hours of patterns of many hours of trends around the world for which the international community cannot. turn a blind eye to the un human rights chief michel bash alay says she regrets what she calls saudi arabia's dismissal of the un's report into her shoulder is murder his fiance says that such words falls far short of the action needed the tory gate in the al-jazeera. now ukraine has walked out of the council of europe in protest at the readmission a russian then pays let's go to barbara sara now with more from our european broadcast center barbara. martin thank you yes moscow's rights were suspended 5 years ago over it's an extension of crimea but the pan european human rights body agreed early on tuesday to let russian representatives return so that vasant has
9:40 pm
more on the story from moscow. a small victory for russia amid all the sanctions from the european union now they're voting rights are reinstated in parliamentary assembly of the council for europe the council itself said it's important to have russia back not to have a division in europe and also to have more control over what's happening in russia by sending investigators there but on the other hand ukrainians have protested very loudly against it they basically stepped out of today's session and they have also filed an official complaint questioning the credentials of the russian delegation something that will be discussed tomorrow moscow has called it a very positive step and said not only is this a victory for diplomacy but more it's a victory of common sense basically russia's very important to be here at the council for europe but today is also a vote on the vice president of pace of these assam lee and there's only one
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candidate it's a very controversial figure it's léonie ski is a parliament member from russia who has also been accused of sexual assault but also has personal sanctions on him on his name for the next ation of crimea and that's exactly also the reason why do you grainy and delegation has protested so firmly it's as the reinstatement of russia in the council for europe is basically a whitewash of what happened in crimea and also the violence what happened in eastern ukraine and russian involvement in the war there so basically it's not only ukraine it's also a georgia who has actually questioned russia's new position there and also the baltic states have actually voted against it. in georgia scuffles have broken out between lawmakers inside parliament and the latest out of unrest after hundreds were injured at an opposition rally last week politicians clashed with each other
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after georgia's ruling dream party. refused to discuss calls for the country's interior minister georgia get caria to step down demonstrators blamed for the violent dispersal of blasters this rally. french authorities are working on safety measures ahead of a europe wide heatwave to avoid a repeat of the summer of 2003 when thousands died from weather related causes the alert level in paris has been raised to orange as temperatures in the city have climbed higher than 30 degrees celsius cool rooms have been set up to help the elderly and charity organizations have started patrols providing water to homeless people nearly 15000 people died in the summer of 2003 forcing supermarkets in france to be used as more trees. the next u.k. prime minister will be announced on july 23rd with terrorism a handing over to her successor the following day the final stage of the battle to
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succeed or is underway with a front runner and former london mayor boris johnson still under fire for not facing public scrutiny johnson gave a series of media interviews on tuesday but refused to comment on an alleged argument with his partner which resulted in neighbors calling the police. poverty and that the climbing population are holding back. all counties but farmers and even local mayors put the blame on national politicians and they say are only interested in helping their own supporters it's also uplift says more now from chicago in northern i'll bring your. silly money works from dawn until dusk on his farm in in albion years for north near the border with montenegro his only hope comes from his son who takes their produce to market but the local population is declining and there are no longer enough consumers to buy sulaimani is produce he's tried exporting it to montenegro which needs it for a new need only. if we load up
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a car with tomatoes and pomegranates and try exported and were arrested for smuggling outright in jail. it's not the modern equant guard to arrest us it's our own you can export things legally with paperwork but our authorities don't want to do it. only believes it's because she called their support to the opposition democratic party and the socialists who've been in perth for 6 years don't want to help. chicago suffers the lowest per capita income in albania which is an already low $4500.00 a year and in the last 6 years it's a commie has suffered an estimated $30000.00 people have left the city to go abroad the problem say local officials is political. the mayor says not only is international investment not coming in albanian businesses and leaving intimidated by organized crime which goes largely unchecked by law enforcement authorities she
9:45 pm
says those same tactics of intimidation go all the way to the central government to feel the pressure it is their political pressure everything prime minister office if you don't know to respect the cell that what the what they have affirmed as a this is an off the prime minister office of the council of ministers i am going to offer was to call total to the prosecutor's office and to say to you that there this is you are not doing what i am saying and based on that i am going to let all bring to the table this is not legal. this cannot be seen by a politician. mayor daley is trying to stop the exodus of businesses and young people by subsidizing projects like this one which helps local artisans sell branded souvenirs one of those artisans. who weaves textiles on traditional looms partly thanks to the project she's now brought 10 other women to form a corporative together they bring in almost $2000.00
9:46 pm
a month but their income is still just over half of what it would be in montenegro just 2 kilometers down the road so while the mayor's efforts are helping some people stay here many of the people have scored that continue to leave charm stop loss al-jazeera called better. evacuations are underway at a petrochemical plant in southern spain after a large fire broke out spewing thick black smoke above the town of san roque in near gibraltar one person has been treated for smoke inhalation residents have been want to stay indoors with the windows closed as authorities don't yet know the chemical composition of the slopes the cause of the fire is as yet unknown that is it from london i'll have more news from the broadcast center in just under 15 minutes time now though let's go back to martin in doha thank you very much barbara now to cambodia where police have charged 7 people for saturday's building collapse in which at least 28 died prime minister whom send visited the sighted
9:47 pm
sihanoukville on monday as search teams continue to look for trapped construction workers the unfinished 7 story building was part of a recent rush of chinese investment in the area the un special rapporteur ter for human rights young lead says the 1000000 man army may be committing gross human rights abuses under the cover of a media blackout phone coverage is being blocked in 9 townships in russia kind and chin states and there's no access to the internet young he leave things near mars army may be acting with impunity. this is the 1st time they've ever declared an internet blackout this worries me very much and i think it shows the international community as well they are acting with impunity but when it comes to clearance operations or any security issues the civilian dop government has
9:48 pm
absolutely no power over the military under the current constitution and therefore that's why there is a need for a constitutional reform but without a constitutional reform and the way the situation is now the military and the security forces can do whatever they want under the name of national security but i have to remind you that this clearance operation is not carried against the ro hinges this time it is geared against the rakhine buddhist community all the civilians and other ethnic minorities in the rakhine states. the un's released a new report on climate change and the impact it will have specifically on the poor across the world a un special rapporteur says climate change threatens to cancel out 50 years of progress in development and poverty reduction philip olson also predicts that even
9:49 pm
in the best case scenario there will still be extreme temperatures in many regions by next century and that many people would then have to choose between starvation and migration. take a months of preparation and finally 5 endangered black rhinos have a arrived in rwanda as i could get a national park that email and 3 females traveled 6000 kilometers from captivity in europe to central africa it took 30 hours now this is the largest shipment of ryan is between the 2 continents there are only around a 1000 black ryan is in the wild today. coming up here on the news peter will have the. women at the n.b.a. basketball.
9:50 pm
9:51 pm
time is what she is now with peter martin thank you very much sure straightly of the 1st to qualify for the cricket world cup semifinals and they victory over england has put the hosts under huge pressure at their own tournament australia made a strong start had loads and never looked back david warner with a knock of 531 is the leading run school at the tournament but aaron finch is just 4 runs behind him he owns the skipper hit $100.00 here as they posted a total of $285.00 to $7.00 in the 50 overs. england were in trouble from the 2nd ball of their reply when jason baron dove bowl james verne's he'd go on to
9:52 pm
take a 5 we could hold and the wickets kept coming a great catch a backpack commons to the end of captain owen morgan one of 4 victims for mitchell starc only been stokes put up any real resistance with a 9 but england struggled to get the partnerships together in the end they fell $64.00 runs short a 3rd defeat of the group stages now for the hosts has left them in trouble. so australia 6 to win in 7 games guarantees them a top 4 finish in a semifinal place in and remain 4th in the table but bangladesh sri lanka and pakistan below them all have a chance of overhauling them and getting into the knockout stage. meanwhile india's preparations for their next match against the west indies on thursday are being hampered by shock horror rain in manchester the team will force the train indoors at old trafford india is one of 2 undefeated teams remaining in the tournament along with new zealand meanwhile legendary west indies batsman brian lara who is
9:53 pm
working as a television pundit during the world cup has been rushed to hospital in india the 50 year old was admitted to hospital in mumbai suffering from chest pains former windies batting great still holds the record for the highest individual school in both tests and 1st class cricket. italy continue to enjoy their 1st women's world cup for 20 years they are into the quarter finals in france they were 2 no winners over china in their last 16 time valentino jet and or a galley scoring the goals the last time it's only reached this stage was in 9091 and waiting for them in the quarter finals is either japan or the netherlands they kick off a little later japan a world cup winners back in 2011 and finished as runners up in the group this time around they dutch opponents top a group with 3 wins from 3 after captaining manchester city to the premier league title then some company says he's more than ready for the next chapter of his
9:54 pm
career he's been introduced and act as the club's new player manager company returns to the belgian side where he began his career he believes his experiences in and out of football will help him in his new role. of being a manager for most of my career. people to know i just be managing of the stuff now i get to manage something related to football which just happens to know to be something i know more of than the other stuff i was managing so in reality you know it's. this same old same old. a conservative christian group set up a fresh fundraising drive for australia's rugby star israel folau a day after the go fund me website shut down his page on their site it's raised $1000000.00 australian dollars in less than a year state for now is trying to raise 3000000 to fund a legal fight against rugby australia who sect him for
9:55 pm
a social media post attacking gay people he and his backers argue he sacking was an act of religious discrimination we believe that this is a principle the principle in this case that's relevant to all of stratton's it's that freedom to be able to live freely expressing yourself without facing you know the cricket bat of political correctness getting you out of your career expelling you from your job and telling you to go to the margins of society. wimbledon is less than a week away and the top players are making their final grass court preparations in england defending champion novak djokovic was a straight sets winner of the chinese christiane. boodles exhibition event in buckinghamshire his wimbledon victory last year started an incredible run of form and success for the world number one. thinks change you know when you win a grand slam every godless or your ranking just affects your rifle your confidence in the way you feel on the court so that mental argument seems that it was.
9:56 pm
upgrades right for the last 12 months or. 2 to be number one and win 3 out of 4 slams so i mean for me i'm playing really good tennis giana sente to comp has been crowned the n.b.a.'s most valuable player the 24 year old from greece plays for the movie box and accept to be on a at the n.b.a. awards on monday night he averaged more than 27 points a game and led the bucs today best record in the regular season before they fell just 2 games short of the n.b.a. finals. you have a good parent. your paris is sees the future for you and show is so the future in this you always believe in that she was always there for us she's the foundation of this family you're my true hero you're actually here on. tellus mavericks
9:57 pm
player luca dunn church one rookie of the year most improved player went to pascal c. a cam he was pivotal as the toronto raptors won the n.b.a. title. where i'm from and and i know a lot of a lot of kids can can can just look at this. and can have some type of inspiration and believes that that is possible so i'm just i'm just happy that i'm a part of a part of such. an amazing event and be able to win this for knowledge for me my family become a given hope to god out of the employees out there ok we'll leave it there for now i'll have more support again in the 2100 g.m.t. hour but that's all for now marty thank you very much indeed. thank you for joining us for this. news don't go away there because barbara sara will be taking you through the next couple of hours should be keeping you right up to date the developments around the world.
9:58 pm
the pages of this exercise bill cold unspeakable mannerly compiled testimonies of victims of congolese mercenaries as this intimate evidence finds its way to international courts the central african republic is plunged into further tumult and intricate tanev of people and a nation crippled by recent history. afrikaans part one of a 2 part series on al-jazeera. leaders of the world's biggest economies like
9:59 pm
gathering in all soccer for the g. 20 summit with ongoing trade global security and tension in the middle east will the hopes of free trade and reduction of disparities seem to might follow us on al-jazeera for coverage and in-depth analysis. we are going to analyse the biggest a stab in the mock recitation decades activists in seats of government we didn't want to be part of this edition of all we really don't want technologically challenging politics and implementing direct democracy itself open source code to use the free for one to look we are innovators we are activists we are replicate hocking madrid on a just you know. you
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stand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the. al-jazeera. this effort is better referred to as the opportunity of the century jared cushion their launches america's $50000000000.00 formula for peace in the middle east at a conference in bahrain which is being boycotted by the palestinians. hello i'm barbara starr you're watching al-jazeera live from london also coming up on the program president trump warns of overwhelming retaliation to any attack by tehran after his iranian counterpart this misses the latest u.s. sanctions as a deal to.


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