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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  June 26, 2019 6:00am-6:34am +03

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this is about creating opportunity for the palestinian people this is about creating opportunity for the people throughout the middle east because senior white house advisor jared kushner lays out an ambitious and fiercely criticized economic plan the palestinians. hello i'm the star and this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up saudi arabia's crown prince is due to arrive in south korea shortly it's his 1st a trip abroad since a u.n. official accused him of involvement in jamal khashoggi. the war of words builds
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between iran and the u.s. donald trump threatens obliteration. and the data set for congressional testimony by former special counsel robert mueller. has launched the united states a $50000000000.00 formula for peace between israelis and palestinians the u.s. president's son in law and senior advisor opened a conference in bahrain on palestinian economic development part of a wider initiative to end decades of conflict palestinian leaders there have already rejected the plan boycotting the gathering. in jordan outlines just want to question the has announced. shows business leaders and government officials are in mahna mahna to discuss the us his latest effort to resolve the israeli palestinian conflict a $50000000000.00 economic overhaul for the palestinian people and the region the
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us president's son in law has been working on this plan which relies on both private and public funding since 2017 this effort is better referred to as the opportunity of the century if leadership has the courage to pursue it this is about creating opportunity for the palestinian people this is about creating opportunity for the people throughout the middle east if implemented correctly and competently the economic plan i will go through now will lead to growth and better lives cushion or end other u.s. officials say this could be the solution to decades of war occupation and mistrust the palestinians disagree they're not at the conference the white house plan ignores a strategy supported for decades by the international diplomatic community negotiated borders and land swaps a guaranteed right of return for palestinian refugees an agreement i'm
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a legal status of jerusalem and security guarantees for israel even so repeated u.s. brokered talks have not succeeded in 2 states living side by side in security and peace by direct message to the palestinian people is that despite what those who have let you down in the past tell you president trump and america have not given up on you this workshop is for you. the vision we developed and released if executed correctly will lead to a better future for the palestinian people a future of dignity prosperity and opportunity is the gathering worth it if only to highlight its importance ultimately everything will have to be settled between the israelis and the palestinians but what is important is that this meeting illustrates regional support for do this process in other words the arab states are unified. in their support for the. peace plan
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the israeli palestinian conflict once again is getting attention but it's not clear this latest effort will be the way to peace for the palestinians and the israelis rosalyn jordan al-jazeera washington structure of the palestinian authority and its rival hamas have both denounced the u.s. plan accusing trump of trying to buy them off in return for not having their own states senior political leaders says the whole thing is a false. the conference held at the moment in bahrain is a political conference with an economic coverup it is totally a political event with the financial and economic camouflage simply for the reason that this conference and the deal called the deal of the century is aimed at achieving the following 1st to lay the foundation for terminating the palestinian kohls sake and giving the green light to the zionist enemy to extend its occupation and control over the entire west bank how hosp on the matheson has more from gaza
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city. it's estimated there are 2000000 people living in gaza at the moment that's about 5600 every square kilometer but the streets of gaza city are quieter this tuesday morning because there's a general strike which is opposed to the economic part of the u.s. plan to try to find a solution to the israeli palestinian crisis according to palestinian official figures in 2852 percent of gazans didn't have jobs gaza's infrastructure is struggling on tuesday morning israel said it wasn't sending any fuel to gaza's only power plant and they said it was because gazans had been flying balloons carrying flares into israel in the hopes of setting fires. under the u.s. plan with gaza would be entitled to a share of about $28000000000.00 in faster that would be designed to rebuild the infrastructure and it hopes to create about
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a 1000000 jobs but people here in gaza say that's not the point the main priority for them is a political solution gazans say that the u.s. plan is designed to distract from the main political objectives the right to return to land which they say is theirs and the removal of controls put on them by mainly the israelis now the israelis say those controls are necessary to stop weapons coming to gaza that could be used against them but the gazans say those controls are at least in part responsible for the. poor state of gaza's economy removes the trolls and the economy. the people of gaza the important point is to find a political solution to this crisis i don't need them with the start talking about the money well as that bahrain conference was getting under way the un agency responsible for palestinian refugees was asking for more than a $1000000000.00 at its annual pledging conference in new york it's been struggling to cope since the white house cut $300000000.00 of funding last year she has
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returned she has more from the united nations. after the trumpet ministration cut off all funding for the un relief and works agency $42.00 countries stepped up and increased their share of funding in order to make up the shortfall this meeting in part is to remind and should be those donors to ensure that funding continues in 2019 what's fascinating about the timing of this is it does happen on the same day as gerard cushion his workshop in bahrain for the financial aspects of his deal of the century and the same arguments that were being used by gerard cushion or for his deal were being used by jason green blatt the trumpet ministration negotiator for ending funding for the un agency that looks after refugees we're doing this for the palestinians the un refugee agency isn't good enough for them we want the palestinians to prosper even though as a result of that funding shortfall there could be enormous humanitarian
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consequences it is also interesting that there's a suspicion here that it is intimately connected to the question of plan that there's a thought in washington perhaps that if you end funding for the un refugee agency the relief the refugee agency that works for the palestinians then perhaps you can say there is no longer a refugee problem there's no issue of the right of return and that's very much on the minds you can tell of delegates of this conference that they want to keep the funding for the un relief and works agency to make sure that the issue of refugees doesn't disappear that the trump administration can't simply say look now that the un russia has gone maybe there is a refugee problem and we can just move on with the deal of the century. saudi arabia's crown prince mohammed bin farmer and begins a 2 day visit to south korea on wednesday and ahead of this weekend's g. 20 summit in japan it's the highest level visit to south korea by a saudi leader in more than 2 decades and it's the crown prince 1st foreign visit since a u.n. special investigator said the death of journalist jamal khashoggi was an extra
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judicial killing that saudi arabia was responsible for while our correspondent robin bride now joins us live from seoul from the timing of this visit is significant talk us through the crown prince of show jewel and sole. that's right this does have been salmond is due to be arriving we understand at the blue house as the presidential office shortly his arrival here into south korea has been delayed by about an hour or so he will be meeting with jay and the president of south korea they will be signing a memorandum of understanding on a number of different trade agreements and then an important luncheon with the heads of south korean business and industry the major conglomerates there being represented among them samsung also who. motors are s.k. and l.g. so this is very much being build about trade about deepening the trade links
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between saudi arabia and south korea but as you mentioned there it does come against this backdrop of the report by the special rapporteur rapport tour of the u.n. concluding that saudi arabia is responsible for this extra judicial killing of jamal khashoggi so this is very much being seen also as a way of society arabia trying to reestablish its reputation on the world stage and to some extent also the reputation of its crown prince to some extent the report as it is being presented to the u.n. this this wednesday when they overshadow events but also may overshadow to some degree the g. 20 that is coming up as it did of course the g. 20 the end of last year that was very much just in the wake of show she's death when the crown prince was on a stage at these photo ops being largely shunned by most of the other world leaders have corresponded there for us and sell thanks for that update. donald trump has
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threatened to obliterate iran if it attacks anything american the u.s. president delivered the warning via twitter and a new war of words with iran tehran has condemned new u.s. sanctions as idiotic. reports from the iranian capital. in his 1st public appearance since iran shot down a u.s. surveillance drone last week president hassan rouhani did not hold back he said the latest sanctions targeting iran's supreme leader ayatollah ali khamenei are the irrational actions of a confused government didn't know it they are suffering from mental disability the white house is afflicted with mental retardation and doesn't know what to do with the supreme leader occupies such a protected position in public life that in iran insulting him is illegal the u.s. supplying pariah status to someone so highly revered has angered leaders into her own right but if only you don't buy into lobbyist he is not only the leader of iran
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and he is the leader of iran and those who love the revolution and all muslims shia and all around the world iran's leader doesn't only belong terror on many people in lebanon syria iraq afghanistan pakistan kuwait and everywhere shia and non shia love him follow him and obey him and someone who has lost his mind does such a stupid and strange thing and for washington. iran is under such sweeping sanctions that the latest american move is entirely symbolic but later this week washington has said it will add iran's foreign minister zarif to the sanctions list attacking the country's top diplomat is something to her and says permanently close is the path to diplomacy mccain i'm going to go if you're being honest and want to negotiate simultaneously do you want to impose sanctions on the foreign minister so it is clear that you are lying as the u.s.
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continues its pressure campaign russia has vowed to help iran cow. new u.s. sanctions. iran has been and remains our ally and partner and we consistently develop our relations both bilateral and multilateral which means any attempt to portray tehran as a main threat to regional security or to bring it into line with isis or other terrorist groups is unacceptable to us. but some u.s. officials remain undeterred the president has held the door open to real negotiations to completely and verifiably eliminate iran's nuclear weapons program its pursuit of ballistic missile delivery systems its support for international terrorism and its other malign behavior worldwide all that iran needs to do is to walk through that open door on tuesday foreign minister zarif said once again iran's religious views mean it will never pursue
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a nuclear weapon and he also reminded people that america is the only nation to ever drop nuclear bombs on another country world leaders want cooler heads to prevail and washington keeps saying that it wants to calm things down through dialogue but the decision to sanction iran's supreme leader is something so insulting that for to one it might make a negotiated solution nearly impossible. to her own. now former u.s. special counsel robert muller will publicly testify before 2 congressional committees next month well issued a report in april and russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election in a statement last month he raised questions i have whether donald trump had obstructed justice but said a sitting president can't be charged with a crime. and has the details from washington. some new information coming out that now former special counsel robert muller is going to testify before 2 house
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committees in open session he's doing this under subpoena now this is all going to happen july 17th and it is going to be run on all of the television programs this is not going to be welcome news u.s. president donald trump because after the special counsel submitted his report to the attorney general the attorney general waited a few weeks to put that report out but he did summarize the findings basically saying no conclusion no obstruction in the investigation into russian interference in the 26th election now if you read the report that's not exactly what the special counsel was saying there were muller said he didn't want to do this you do want to testify he said read the report but the bottom line is not many americans and not all members of congress have actually read the $400.00 plus pages much less the $45.00 page summary so this is going to be a chance for democrats to set the narrative to put out all the damaging information in the report on camera that can be looped around for the american people to watch over and over again now there are some democrats in the house who have said this
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report should lead to impeachment hearings the leadership has not wanted to go there they say the american public is not for impeachment this will be the democrats' best chance to try and change public opinion and whether or not the u.s. president should be impeached on the weather is next and then announces their crackdown in egypt will tell you who has been arrested and what the government's calling a counterterrorism operation and zimbabweans fer the return of hyperinflation as their local dollar is revived 10 years after it became less. out of the weather in the u.s. seems to settle into a gentle repetitive pact. big showers build over texas and drift slowly eastwards in the following 24 to 48 hours sometimes producing tornadoes yes but not that many
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often producing heavy rain even damaging hail but these are dotted green so these shells are not widespread and this is a general area where they are wrapped around a low she's somewhere up in the over the counter as you can see generally speaking then this is warm summer where there was some outbreaks of big sherry rain still landing on the ground which is salt or yet we haven't forgotten about it still flooding around the midwest in particular down through the ohio valley and science woods on the california coast attention the ice the gentle it 80 in san francisco or rather woman not in central valley there's a few showers up in the mountains but no longer any snow falling still snow on the ground margy for the caribbean a few light showers a bigger one still of a haiti or dominican republic even catching jamaica but of course it's really where the wind comes from the high ground so panama costa rican also is where you do see some fairly heavy downpours back in the forecast once again with some big thunderstorms still around in central and southern mexico.
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after years of overgrazing the damage caused to the precious grasslands of chile is being reversed with one of the world's biggest ever conservation projects. they're pretty emblematic of the pedigree and if they're plentiful and they're like this one is then you know that the system is coming back and that they feel no threat. and that's what you're going for rewilding patagonia on al-jazeera.
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hello again i'm the star of the attained a reminder of the news this hour senior white house advisor jared question has unveiled the economic policy of the u.s. middle east peace plan he says it's the opportunity of the century for palestinians but they rejected the plan saying a political solution is needed fast. the war of words between iran and the u.s. has escalated yet again donald trump is threatening to obliterate parts of iran if it attacks anything american and iran's president says new u.s. sanctions could kill any hopes of diplomacy. and former u.s. special counsel robert muller will publicly testify before 2 committees next month he issued his report and april on russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election which raised questions over whether donald trump obstructed justice. now amnesty international says egypt is using counterterrorism as cover for
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a crackdown on its opponents it follows the arrest of 8 people including human rights lawyers journalists politicians and activists they're accused of having links to the banned muslim brotherhood group they also accused of plotting protests during the upcoming anniversary of the military coup which deposed president mohamed morsi and 20. died last week after collapsing in court earlier we spoke to dalia funny who is an assistant professor at long island university and a member of the egyptian ruler of nor association she says the government has almost complete power to shut down political opponents they're accused of allegedly carrying out possibly planning to carry out by wind and disorderly acts and so you have to remember than egypt the terrorism law is so broad and sweeping that disorderly acts also includes insulting the state or working in concert to for example run for elections or possibly contest of already in the state and so
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technically in many ways are terrorism charges old will there terrorism trials are very broad and sweeping in so you can see some of them are accused of having associations for example the muslim brotherhood now again these are secular and leftist activists and so we're seeing is here we are coming upon a nother anniversary june 30th anniversary and this is a way to kind of put fabricated charges to spread fear amongst society brazil's supreme court has rejected a request to free former president who is in our started a silver from prison and as lawyers say the judge who convicted him of corruption was biased that judges more of his now serving as justice minister and a president. that is monitoring developments from what is aries. this latest appeal to free the former president of brazil lula da silva from prison was inspired by revelations in the us online newspaper the intercept that the judge who
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put him behind bars so your model was undermined was compromised by colluding with the prosecutors in the car wash or lover case which accused of corruption he has denied those charges all along he said the case against him has always been politically motivated to remove him from the presidential race last year opening the way for a job also now to win an overwhelming victory and take over the presidency earlier this year defense to lay himself in prison has said he will continue to fight against the case taken they will continue to question the impartiality of the judge now justice minister sergio model they will do everything they can to keep their case alive intercepted due to release further revelations in the coming weeks about what they say is the case is that the problems with the case against lula in the meantime the last thing the president would like to see is lula is a free for as
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a free man he was ahead in those opinion polls during the presidential campaign he wants to see him remain behind bars and will do everything to ensure that's the case and his team will keep fighting. the u.s. house of representatives has approved a 4500000000 dollars aid package to address surging numbers of asylum seekers coming across the mexican border and into its new standards for migrants in custody border officials are facing renewed criticism after reports of children in appalling conditions at detention centers president donald trump has vowed to veto the legislation meanwhile trump is delaying raids that would remove thousands of undocumented immigrants from the country however immigration officials are still deporting people who show up at court for routine appearances kristensen amy spoke with. pregnant woman whose deportation order was put on hold just hours before her removal was due to take place. the family of alamo centeno santiago
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anxiously awaits word the pregnant mother of these 2 american born children has been in jail for about 3 months and is scheduled to be deported to her native guatemala the following day. i saw media finally a call. and it's lunch time. she says she's had severe stomach problems while in custody at a facility dealing with a mumps outbreak she just went to the doctor but missed a meal in the process her mother is distraught so it's lower than most i could but i don't know what will happen with the children it's sad that they could deport her because they need her we all need her a deportation order was issued for santiago because she missed a court appearance the 34 year old crossed the southern border 15 years ago and
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filed for asylum claiming she faced violence and threats back home. neither immigration and customs enforcement nor the jail would comment on her claims of in adequate medical care. santiago was arrested outside a local courthouse where she'd appeared to settle a domestic dispute according to the immigrant defense fund federal agents have made more than $200.00 courthouse arrests in new york in the last year that's a 17 fold increase since donald trump became president in 2016 the stepped up enforcement comes as the trumpet ministration pressures congress to make it more difficult for immigrants to obtain the silent but some do ya those lawyer says she's entitled to due process she asked the court to stay her deportation until her appeal could be heard there's been no allegations that she is violent or that she is a danger to her community she is a mother of 2 and to whisk her away and not give her access to the courts and not
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have her be able to reside. in forums in which we have those eye injuries all these kind of issues is just really an affront to our entire legal process and it's been hard on the children who don't know if and when they will see her again santiago told us she had nowhere to live in guatemala and if deported she would try to return kristen salumi al-jazeera queens new york mauritanian police have raided the headquarters of 2 opposition parties following a disputed presidential election offices have been fighting with protesters who denounced the victory of ruling party candidate mohamed old guys wanting the government says it's also arrested more than 100 foreigners accusing outside forces of trying to stir up the on rest. they declared a preplanned conspiracy to undermine the security and stability of the country they
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recognized the 28000 parliament and local elections which were organized by the same commission that organized this presidential election but they don't recognize it and want to go to the streets i want to make it clear that this is a pre-planned agenda by foreign hands now zimbabwe's government is banning the use of foreign currencies as a grave toward reintroducing the zimbabwean dollar the president says it's an important step in repairing the economy that people fear the return of hyper inflation reports from harare. zimbabwe's government says the batting the use of foreign currencies will stop the black market money trade of rising inflation until a new local currency is introduced the government has made the temporary. the only legal tender some might say using multiple cards was not sustainable for businesses which needed already limited foreign countries for the imports and not to pay the
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salaries of local employees with the money and see the limper one student never seen before mostly it's what he tells you now i also need to inform because of i'm able to purchase the fire engine from what it is which applies to the foreign currency it is sold this is the shift. to be sustained so that we are able to then focus on for the actual. zimbabwe stopped using its own dollar more than a decade ago after the hyperinflation exists of printing and shortages people can still keep foreign currency but they must change it to local money before purchasing goods are doing analysis of countries that it will rise to the past and it is taking an average of 50 years. resistant to the stuff used to sit in a physical. so people with it you know are used to us laws that are more stable paid too much to become what we do clinics addicted to divorced people that it was
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made to take a long time for people to fully trust in difference with. other economists disagree because none of them treat the world they wish to be a target to current still pretty easy to cheat because of right now the reason they're not here in trouble 101 is a regional bank could move to control the money supply could be common because it is not all encouraged this victim an opportunity to return money supply and actually begin to return written money to productive bits rejecting the content of its original which is the problem with. union leaders are against the bad and using foreign currencies if the government does this really nice police immediately it are now owns us to last a lot of people we will immediately mobilize we cause for my section monetary policy changes often lead to uncertainty in zimbabwe this latest one is no different all most people can do is wait and see how the markets react. al-jazeera
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. has more on our website including detailed coverage of that conference in bahrain where jared kushner has been unveiling parts of the u.s. as mideast peace plan al-jazeera and dot com. hello i'm mr doha with your headlines on al-jazeera senior white house advisor jared kushner has unveiled the economic policy of the u.s. middle east peace plan he says it's the opportunity of the century for palestinians the palestinian authority and its rival hamas have both denounced the u.s. plan accusing trunk of trying to buy them off and return for not having their own state. the conference held at the moment in bahrain is a political conference with an economic coverup it is totally a political event with the financial and economic come of floors simply for the reason that this conference and the deal called the deal of the century is aimed at
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achieving the following 1st to lay the foundation for terminating the palestinian cause sick and giving the green light to the zionist enemy to extend its occupation and control over the entire west bank saudi arabia's crown prince mohammed bin sellers due to arrive in seoul on wednesday for a 2 day visit ahead of the g 20 summit in japan and it's his 1st foreign visit since a un special investigator said saudi arabia was responsible for the extrajudicial killing of journalist. the us president has threatened iran with ability to ration donald trump made the comment on twitter after the iranian president suggested the white house was idiotic for imposing new sanctions on supremely leader early coming former u.s. special counsel robert muller will publicly testify before 2 congressional committees next month will issued a report in april on russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election in
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a statement last month he raised questions over whether donald trump had obstructed justice but said a sitting president can't be charged with a crime and the u.s. house of representatives has approved a $4500000000.00 aid package to address surging numbers of asylum seekers coming across the mexican border as includes new standards for migrants in custody border officials are facing renewed kris's as the criticism after reports of children in appalling conditions at detention centers president donald trump has vowed to veto the legislation. brazil's supreme court has rejected an appeal for the release of the country's jailed former president who is in a standard to sell for now as federal law argued he should be freed because the judge that convicted him of corruption was biased well those are the headlines and you join me here for more news after death rise. the countdown to the 2020 us democratic primaries has begun. televised debate sees candidates go head to head to define themselves on the issues from climate change to foreign policy john is in
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miami on june the 26th and 27th for the 1st u.s. democratic debate on al-jazeera. 3 quarters of the nerds are now significantly affected by human activity the few remaining pockets of wilderness left are themselves at risk of becoming. i've been called to industry urbanisation climate change and hunting all these days you made it go systems and destroy biodiversity. 60 percent of the world sunny miles population have been wiped out since the 1970 s. .


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