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tv   Rewilding Patagonia  Al Jazeera  June 26, 2019 6:32am-7:02am +03

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in a statement last month he raised questions over whether donald trump had obstructed justice but said a sitting president can't be charged with a crime and the u.s. house of representatives has approved a 4500000000 dollars aid package to address surging numbers of asylum seekers coming across the mexican border is includes new standards for migrants in custody border officials are facing renewed kris's criticism after reports of children in appalling conditions at detention centers president donald trump has vowed to veto the legislation. brazil's supreme court has rejected an appeal for the release of the country's jailed former president who is in a standard to silva. he should be freed because the judge that convicted him of corruption was biased well those are the headlines and you join me here for more news after death rise. the countdown to the 2020 us democratic primaries has begun . televised debate sees candidates go head to head to define themselves on the
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issues from climate change to foreign policy john is in miami on june the 26th and 27th the 1st u.s. democratic debate. 3 quarters of the nerds are now significantly affected by human activity the few remaining pockets of wilderness left are themselves at risk of becoming this i've been called to industry urbanization climate change and hunting all these days he made it go systems and destroy biodiversity. 60 percent of the world sunny miles book relations have been wiped out since the 1970 s.
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scientists claim that the planet is witnessing a mass extinction. in response a worldwide movement is now underway to rewire the countryside to restore land to native one in the city at the tip of south america succeeding all expectations. i have come to but i've only had for me a philanthropist was dedicated the past 2 decades to the protection of this area the conservation projects you started with your husband doug has become a true inspiration. to those who believe the wilderness can heal itself they've given half a chance. but i go nia it's a blast region of mountains and forests spawning seldom chile and argentina. though famous for its a stunning landscapes for center received has been an important region for
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livestock farming many of its grasslands have been graced bare. at the region's hot lights patagonia national park. and here to find out how this became one of the biggest conservation projects in history. and you know well i think yeah i mean i'm chris and what are you a little do. former c.e.o. of welder company but they go into priest marry doug tomkins and interview newer and i've been through who had founded rival brand the north face. both fronts made them by your mentor protection center to their company ethos but greece and dog wanted to do more from the early ninety's but over $300000000.00 u.s. dollars of land for preservation across chile and argentina they build parks complete with largest campgrounds and trails to support a good story some after dogs sudden death in 10 to 15 carried the mantle as
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president of their foundation tomkins conservation what was it you saw here that may view take a decision to change you know the next 20 years. i didn't see it frankly that this the one side. he saw a landscape that was beat up and miles of fence line to take down and that convinced me this was the conservation chance of a lifetime. in 2004 in the. crease and dog bought this sheep ranch of almost 200000 acres of overgrazed grassland they said about returning it to me to along with the harmful of smaller farms using a process called rewilding rewilding is the restoration of an entire ecosystem to its natural state by removing foreign species reintroducing and protecting native ones it begins with the removal of livestock the biggest patient to flourish this
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encourages insects and overly learned most attracting birds and other small predators removing fences allows the return of therapy forces which are preyed on by apex predators those at the top of the food chain which then also multiply. species in critically low numbers totally absent or rehabilitated ultimately free and predator populations regulate one another and the ecosystem evolves into a by a long term self-sustaining wilderness. when we bought this property there were probably. 500 miles of fence line. that needed to come down and when you take the fences down you see wildlife coming back and because for 80 years it's been excluded from the best grasses prices are to keep wildlife out of the best grasses and keep your lifestyle
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and the best. so it's very exciting to see the grasslands and the forests begin to restore our selves and that's the joy of taking fences down. one on the most benefiting from this grass is that when i call those relatives of the llama and a keystone species that is one that plays a crucial role in the functioning of the ecosystem. not often you see one by itself they're pretty emblematic of the paragon ian step if they're plentiful and they're calm like this heinous then you know that the system is coming back and that they feel no threads course and that's where. i want to see what rewilding looks like up close and. kristen so still the parts they rector of conservation has agreed to show me. has
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been a guiding hand on the rewinding process since the parts beginning so no one knows the flora and fauna you're better than him. on route we bump into a few of the locals and. meow but . in some ways. part of. course of this park. the pygmy old present small birds rodents and in 6 to thrive in healthy grassland. takes me 2 years of the park but it borders on a working ranch the difference in the grass on either side is the striking. here is a good example of what happened in one place where you remove the livestock and one place where landowners decide to put more livestock then their land is able to support in terms of food. so the consequence is that you last division and you
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see the composition of the plant seeds different so if you have livestock permanently eating the grass they don't have the chance to release the feed and their recovery very slow there are some consequence like erosion that is very hard to. take over destined to be really a record for. the park kristen and the team have established a breeding center for. us to reach the darwin. baited and brought here to a climatized before being released. really. strongly associated with. going in a big grassland so i grassland without complete and main proposal of. the
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captive population is providing in the. population the main issue here. relation was so. less than 20 bird. population of riya made it by hunting and the destruction of their hobby but is now slowly growing and successfully dispersing here from a very year that have been relieved when you see that there is a line of fans right now we are removing it and that being proved they cannot be barriers that have been released to be me with their wild grier we are now in the 3rd generation and we are planning to keep this program running in the next 35 years when we are made that we can read up with relation of about 100 birthing there while. those tiny the growing real population will in turn sustain their only natural predator and the species and most excited to see they lose the king of
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pop. and come to meet at. a former herd there and hunter. in the area used to keel over tend. to protect their communities flocks there. are millions this. kid to put forth. a fair go. i know i. am but. you know words are so wide like word and and it's the parts recede into my truck in the expert if anyone can find me a pull my. butt out of.
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the middle i. understand. and only have one of course i'm going to wear you. and i want you to give us one for my i mean i mean and i said. well you know what i'm more real fast i don't have any. women. we don't need any money to reform. your way you see that only these men of the land i can see there that he can distinguish. anywhere here who most prefer to hunt at night and are chances of seeing one are very slim so we doing the next best thing sitting a camera. on the team used to monitor their activity. when i wanted one of the men
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like and it was clear that. they come over here. both because you're in jail. various terms. should grow into most curious that another cut post being here. we're going to leave this camera top for a few days and see whether we get lucky. it may be hard to actually see a pool but for crease their return credit reports and predators have been systematically persecuted for decades and decades so their numbers get precariously love every ecosystem has what's called their apex species here in patagonia its promise and if you take out the very top predator everything
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cascades down from that. comes out of order even though it's early here in the park in terms of rebalancing we can see some big changes where there are water systems and grasslands are definitely coming back the number of bullets in the park and the numbers of what not goes in the park foxes' but the success comes when all of those species are truly back in a system that's functioning without human intervention. helping to clean air and water large expanses of forest and also naturally sequester carbon a crucial way to meet again claiming change. this bridge generating forest also play host to a tree too so rare it's almost mythic and it's rehabilitation could be the parts biggest challenge. to wildlife rangers have promised to help me find it.
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again. but they're nearly in an area backed up by a factor but the. runaround heart i did i don't know probably when will it get any when i am gone and i will not use. the needle trucks will move here you seem to limit 3 other decks radio frequencies to meet in from callers on the beer. when i thought we were. both in for ya. there were no photos. perfect and they were. not. and i think i have 30. yeah. how did that destruction and poaching have brought the sometimes colder style than
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the and dear to the brink of extinction. there are fewer than 2000 left in the wide just one percent of their original population look them in chile and argentina. but i. honestly love it i want to get in and have all of. the men on the ferry there the day you. make a hairy men turn a. reform on a little boy. in the. test there's. really just 1
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may. now open a can or cannot come. out of they're going to. keep. going on where they can be and. then merely invites me back to his family home to meet his wife. their family comes from a long line of cultures ranching people found the cross but they're going here who are often fiercely proud of their way of life. many go in the nearby community of cochrane see conservation as a threat to both their livelihoods and their culture. the new word on the old ranch a shepherd for 6 years before taking a job conserving will in the park that replace that.
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we. come from. you know. sort of think. of. the seller of us as a pasture. for. those who still ranching also complained that must leave the park to peel their livestock . 16 people working on the ranch when it was closed then employed at the park 8 of them a spark wardens like the near. by 2018 the park employ more than 90 people during high season meanwhile tourism has created sustainable sources of income for local
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populations this was truly an emblematic ranch so just the image this region shifts when the land use shifts and that was really hard on people which i completely understand i would hate to have this area be 100 percent tourism the culture would fracture the structure of society would begin to fall apart and that's what i'm interested in i'm interested in working ranches alongside conservation areas so there's dignity and health on both sides. but when chris and doug started buying land local grievances were just the beginning. some chileans said it was the us. a plot to control the country's whether. the state. the duncans also infuriated conservatives when they joined the popular campaign to stop
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a giant dam project near the park. but they're high profile role in the movement in which thousands took to the street forcing the government to reject the project one of the many admirers across chile. one way there from nation hopes to contribute to local communities while also convincing them of the benefits of conservation is through a free you creation program. lena is leading a school group from the nearby settlements of 20 and more on a 2 day trip. villages yet they can use it all to the land of need but the musical the music of the overtaking we have also take. a look at why that. is about them if there's an excellent lexi's journalist good to north of us who cover us as it is obvious. quite. fond of. the us on the. in and out of the story. is it. and if you
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get i need. any of the income then i'm ok come get it come. to me. turn the letter cheek ok another listener. i want to sell a glass and he can take. it's a loan you got me i guess it'll mean to both of us are going to be very good they said. so what i'm waiting for. so. you know you're going to live that. despite living in the countryside for some of these kids is their 1st name counting in the wild. fighting you're going to get an idea. done. on monday. the one on the phone with
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a little girl she knew. i'm meeting up with her to check out come in a trap. we have heard that the woman has been spotted with the carcass of a when i go and go to check it out. to get in here get him to get up but if. you. get a you'll get all that icky. and what you're not a little don't let on. he. and i think a lot of and i sure don't and i'm. going to. put out on what he said all of us had.
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just given us so that. you know. we're not going to save us and you know it's only. a little. no luck this time but the c.b. on the team have used camera traps to look you meant over 35. to must now resident in the park. with balance returning the donkeys foundation feels ready to do what they have always done with their parks the native to the state in a $28000.00 signing ceremony with them presley and michelle bestially trees handed over the east and another park worth a combined 1000000 acres it was billed as the biggest donation of private land to a state least ery. the chilean government also contributed 9000000 acres of their own boy this land now forms 5 new national parks and expand 3 others an area 3
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times bigger than yellowstone and yosemite combined. the rudolph parts a scenic road 1700 miles long connecting 17 parks across chile boosting the economies of the communities on route. right now just another 2 days facilities are closed down until the handover process is complete so the whole team they're all saying goodbye to one another and it's not like he'll be back next year. yet it's sad. listen for yourself her dog died in a car looking accident seeing their dream finally become a reality you support in a moment. here years. the day that doug died he was on a kayaking trip with our best friends and they got caught out. a
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severe westerly when they were getting pushed farther and farther out into the center of the lake and so they decided to abandon the kayak and try to swim to shore. and it was just too much. it was in the water for over 2 hours and they got him through his helicopter to hospital and clinic and somehow the word spread so fast. had either died or was in trouble and as we drove to the hospital people were. taking their hard hats off and opening. it was so amazing really thought. it was extraordinary anyway we got so. i
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can die 20 minutes before so. soon after dogs there she list national congress voted to make him an honorary citizen it was an official recognition both of the top contribution to the country's natural heritage and of how much the public have come to be braced and what a life. here's a guy who had no limitation to life. you know you're so easily stopped by things that are difficult or seemingly impossible. with some plans to many people you know. i'll leave behind a legacy of if you don't establish some sort of value system that awards peace between human and non-human. we'll never get where we need to go. i'm using my final evening in the park to take a proper hike the only way to truly appreciate this particular place. i feel so
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lucky to have had the towns to be said one of the few remaining great wilderness of the word experience has shown me just preciousness ecosystems are and how easily they can be used for human activity whether that's also giving me hope to see that these grass roots of forest have been revived to welcome back the amazing creatures that once called them home.
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global financial crisis you've taken home more than 480000000 dollars your company is now bankrupt our economy is in the state of crisis i have a very basic question for you is this where millions lost their homes in the us a long boom was held responsible i will be fabulously wealthy and i will not be in
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christ for thank you lord the man who still moved. from. this is about creating opportunity for the palestinian people this is about creating opportunity for the people throughout the middle east before senior white house adviser jared kushner lays out an ambitious and fancy criticized economic plan for palestinians. hello i'm the star of the attack and this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up a controversial extradition law has been put on hold but in hong kong the protests continue. in the dataset congressional testimony by former special counsel robert
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muller. and an uproar in the u.s. i have a migrant children being held in filthy conditions. while the charge kushner has launched the united states' $50000000000.00 formula for peace between israelis and palestinians the u.s. president's son in law and senior advisor opened a conference in bahrain on palestinian economic development part of a wider initiative to end decades of conflict palestinian leaders there have already rejected the plan and the gathering fast roslyn jordan outlines just what jared kushner has announced to be clear. business leaders and government officials are among them all to discuss the u.s. his latest effort to resolve the israeli palestinian conflict a $50000000000.00 economic overhaul for the palestinian people and the read.


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