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the elephant and and man is of course the occupation itself. senior palestinian officials condemned the u.s. sponsored bahrain conference saying it's an attempt to buy off a future palestinian state. on the whole robin you're watching al-jazeera live my headquarters here in doha also coming up president trump threatens to veto a 4 and a half 1000000000 dollar bill passed by the house to help my goods detained at the border. also activists in hong kong continue to pressure the government over a controversial extradition bill. and aid arrives in uganda for people fleeing fighting in the democratic republic of congo with nothing but their lives.
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to be company as the 2nd day of a u.s. sponsored conference in bahrain on the economic development of the middle east it's part of a larger plan to solve the israeli palestinian conflict but palestinians reject the plan and boycotting the gathering in manama now they say financial incentives cannot rule out a much needed political solution. the elephant in the room and man is of course the occupation itself. this is the israeli occupation which was never mentioned not once with all its manifestations including land including theft of resources and theft of palestinian funds and system of dirt and control. and the steps are violence on demolitions the siege of gaza the constant. the.
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west's well ahead of the international monetary fund and says any solution must focus on creating jobs christine legarde says growth is shrinking in palestine with unemployment to 30 to 50 percent in the occupied west bank and gaza you have a very very. quickly growing population about 5 millions at the moment between the 2. territories probably going to double from 5 to 10 millions in 2050 that's the estimate and in 203060 percent of the population will be working age which is great and bad great if the jobs are there difficult if there is no climate nor can patient for those young people coming to the market all senior white house advisor george cushion who unveiled the $60000000000.00 economic blueprint on tuesday called it the opportunity of
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a century for palestinians by direct message to the palestinian people is that despite what those who have let you down in the past tell you president trump and america have not given up on you this workshop is for you the vision we developed and released if executed correctly will lead to a better future for the palestinian people a future of dignity prosperity and opportunity you can change your course for the positive if we are willing to try new things and think outside of the traditional box. hume is tracking developments for us outside of the illegal settlement near ramallah and of course you know we've heard some palestinian reaction but generally it is dismissive. absolutely they. lose to the palestinian israeli conflict include it political component in line with an
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economic one the issue that we keep hearing from many palestinians here is not just economy it's about politics it's about dignity it's about ending the occupation having east jerusalem as the palestinian capital and it's at the core of it is they told really we just heard from the p.l.o. secretary general. says that this administration has been treating the palestinians not as a people who have the right to self-determination and sovereignty but as a group of people who need financial aid so this position has been reiterated in the streets in various protests that we've seen across the west bank in the past few days but also by the palestinian petitions who are saying that economy is important for the president that that economy is important for it is definitely important but the issue here isn't the political let's remember that the palestinians are now freezing a financial crisis in which they can they haven't been able to there is the salaries of their public to use for a couple of months now the future of that remain it means unclear specifically that
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the aid from international donors has been declining as well as israel's decision really to deduct part of the taxes that collects on behalf of the palestinian authority how does this sort of change the dynamics in terms of the relationship between the palestinians and the various arab neighbors because those that are in attendance will of course. the palestinian authority. were in the beginning when news 1st surfaced about this. conference and then this workshop and then and there some are apparently they are thinking about going we heard from the p.l.o. . statement that urged other countries not to go and not saying that nobody can be replacing their palestinian position however in the past few days we've seen that more and more officials coming up saying that they trust that it's going they
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have are not normalizing with israel it seems like there is an understanding of why some of these arab states were pressured to go possibly so it seems that they have given them some sort of they know that they won't be selling off the palestinian creative in the conference of course the issue here is the means to be. seen because there is the arab peace initiative that calls for no relation between the addict and israel but only after there is a solution for the palestinian israeli conflict and the fear here is that will they be doing that before the solving of the conflict let's wait and see indeed for the moment we'll leave it. thanks for. let's take a closer look though at the political solutions the palestinians actually want for 1st they're demanding an independent state as part of the 2 state solution agreed in the 1993 oslo accords that deal also called for contentious issues to be discussed after a 5 year period and these include the status of jerusalem final borders illegal
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settlements and restrictions on dancer now they were further efforts to bring peace to the region over the years but mistrust between israelis and palestinians stall the peace process during this time the building of illegal settlements has continued and the us president donald trump declared jerusalem as israel's capital last year much to the anger of palestinians and the international community so i'm a neighbor is a senior lecturer in international studies at lancaster university in the united kingdom he says president trump plan cannot work because it does not outline a future for palestinians. i think it's the p.r. move of the century to be honest i think that what what gerrard question or in trump are trying to do is move away from the political guy and of the conflict that's been rumbling on for for 70 years or so trying to get out of the by by resorting to money talking to palestinians this morning they are incredibly angry that not at all surprised that this is the strategy put forward but they are also
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adamant that they are history that future cannot be sold i am sympathetic to miss the questioner in the sense that that hasn't worked over the past 70 years there hasn't been a lasting peace between the israelis and the palestinians for myriad reasons and so it really must be time for something different but i think there are a number of serious issues in this regard in that this is not particularly a serious deal it doesn't address the longstanding political social cultural issues that have plagued the palestinian state but also when i think this is an incredibly important point the u.s. has moved its embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem which had a hugely symbolic impact on these on these talks on u.s. efforts to facilitate peace between the israelis and the palestinians and it really removed any lasting sense of neutrality that might have been there any semblance of neutrality that might say one takes a longer standing talks between the various sides and it just meant that that if
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there was to be a move towards peace it could really be facilitated by the u.s. because it wasn't seen as being a neutral and thus trustworthy partner for the palestinians the photograph of a father and daughter who drowned in a river on the us mexico border is highlighting the dangers migrants face trying to reach the u.s. martinez and his 23 month old daughter of an area from el salvador died last weekend the photographer says the father tried to cross with malaria on his back while his wife returned to the mexican shoreline but he became tired and the pair were sent away by. the current their bodies were recovered on monday now the journalist who took the photographs spoke about the images. where you can make one more your in extent in more working it was something that moved me deeply because it showed that up until her last breath she was joined to him not only by the shirts but also in that embrace and which they passed together and today it's not an area people choose to cross because they know they're easily caught but it's
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understood and his family had arrived recently and did not know this which is why they attempted the crossing in desperation this case in particular touched us because of the circumstances a father embracing his daughter and in their last breath both ground dying together . the u.s. house of representatives has approved a $4500000000.00 aid package to help asylum seekers coming across the mexican border the bill includes money to help shelter and feed migrants in custody and improve standards for their courage but president trump is threatening to veto the measure meanwhile the acting head of the u.s. border protection agency has announced his resignation and more than $100.00 migrant children have been returned to an already overcrowded detention center in texas despite reports of appalling conditions lawyers who inspected the facility said children didn't have access to so precious and hadn't showered since they crossed the mexican border about 250 children were moved away from the facility on
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the outskirts of el paso a few days ago. the iranian president hassan rouhani has rejected u.s. calls the talks saying he doesn't believe washington really wants to negotiate and that's after the u.s. impose new sanctions targeting iran's supreme leader ayatollah khomeini and other senior officials but rouhani has told the french president that iran isn't looking for war following the latest tensions with the u.s. . he has more from tehran. these are the 1st comments we've heard from supreme leader ayatollah khamenei since he was added to the u.s. sanctions list on monday he addressed american sanctions not specifically sanctions against him but about american sanctions he acknowledged that they have indeed over the years had a devastating effect on iran's economy he said iran has been oppressed but that does not mean iran is weak it is mighty and will achieve its goals in
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a seeming reference to the shoot down by iran's military of a u.s. drone last week on thursday he said iran has shown its power not just through recent events but in its resistance over the last 40 years and said iran remains mighty and dignified so very strong comments coming from him and with regards to the idea of talks he said that the united states only goal is to weaken iran in any way possible and any sort of call for a dialogue is a little more than deception. the u.s. secretary of state money pompei is meeting with india's prime minister and foreign minister to discuss trade energy and defense tension in the gulf is also on the agenda we all know that we need to keep that that waterway open. for reasons that were just described and we also know that iran is the world's largest state sponsor of terror and we know the indian people have they have suffered from terror around the world so i think there's a shared understanding of threat and
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a common purpose to ensure that we can keep energy at the right prices and deter this threat not only is a threat in that narrow confines of the middle east but the threat that scare regime poses to the entire world. saudi military officials say they've intercepted and destroyed a drone targeting homes near its border with yemen the drone was brought down near the residential area of the shot which is also home to a military base it's the latest in a series of attacks on saudi airports and infrastructure by yemen's who the rebels . the reason for what you describe is a nice collation as that we had earlier introduced a truce and when we ceased our drones and missiles the aggressor states through their spokesman alleged to have one mess of victories aluminite our missile and drone bases meanwhile the aggressor states went on with the crimes against our people we saw the truce as pointless therefore we resumed our operations and used
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what we have at hand to deter the aggressors as a result this cannot be described as an escalation from our end it is the aggressor states that despite our proposals for peace well still ahead here on al-jazeera saudi crown prince mohammed bin salon arrives in south korea before the release of a final u.n. report on the murder of saudi journalist to mark shaw she also democratic presidential candidates all 20 of them get a chance to faint white say one donald trump's job 1st and speak in just a few hours time. how low the weather is on the change for japan at the moment we've got increasing cloud just spinning out of the yellow sea the east china sea running across the korean peninsula and this law masterclass will continue to drive its way further
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east was eating away at our area of high pressure so some wetter weather coming into much of honshu q should see some very heavy rain as we go on into friday iran really popping up moving across the rest of japan in the process but it's warm right temperatures getting up to 30 degrees celsius in tokyo it's going to feel feeling very very humid in the up around a 30 degree mark across the korean peninsula as well and basing will see a high of around 35 celsius coming down in the southern parts of china down into the southeast we could touch the air as well. hong kong at around 32 degrees and what's a weather will be a little further north just to the north of hong kong getting pushed out of the way as we go through friday flood it doesn't wash away dyson like the storms just a bumbling away that across central parts of china so what that making its way into the philippines stunning increasingly unsettled here as we go through the next couple of days storms in place there for thursday it's been pretty wet recently and
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if anything it will tend to still as we head towards the weekend.
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welcome back you're watching al-jazeera himes the whole drama remind us of our top stories palestinians continue to protest against a white house adviser jarrad cushion of economic deal they say the so-called deal of the century does not provide a political solution to a decades old problem. from says he'll veto legislation aimed at helping asylum seekers crossing the mexican border the house of representatives approved a $4500000000.00 aid package which includes help to shelter and feed those in custody. and the iranian president hassan rouhani has rejected u.s. calls to talk saying he doesn't believe washington really wants to negotiate that's after the u.s. impose new sanctions on iran's supreme leader ayatollah ali khamenei and other senior officials terminate has lashed out describing the united states government as the worst in the world. crown prince mohammed bin salon is in south korea
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on a 2 day visit is his 1st foreign trip since the u.n. report held the condemned responsible for the murder of journalist jamal khashoggi un special rapporteur will present her final report on casualties death to the human rights council on wednesday but mcbride has more from seoul. a full ceremonial welcome for saudi arabia's crown prince abdullah visit to south korea. salmond wants deeper trade ties but also to rebuild his and his country's international reputation. it's his 1st trip abroad since a report by a un special rapporteur accused saudi arabia of being responsible for the murder of journalist jamal khashoggi in the saudi consulate in istanbul last year there was a verdict the brought this response from chris show she's fiance well documented and. we need to underline that this is not an exceptional situation and this is not
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the 1st crime committed by saudi arabia we gathered here to make sure that this will be the last incidence a crime committed by saudi arabia. killing may have been condemned by other countries and international bodies but from south korea there has been little criticism the government of president moon j.n. seems to have no intention of bringing up the issue here instead signing a range of proposed deals that could lead to billions of dollars in new trade as south korea tries to become an important player in saudi arabia's restructuring of its economy away from reliance on oil saudi arabia also owns one of south korea's biggest oil refineries 's oil for the south koreans can't really afford to make a big issue of show deal or any of saudi arabia's other activities we academics or the international community might find disturbing mohammed bin solomon goes on from
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here to the g 20 summit in japan it was at last year's summit in the wake of course shrugs he's killing that he was shunned by some world leaders it's not clear if he'll face the same reception this time or if the world as south korea seems to have done has moved on robin cried al-jazeera so. well south korea's present mungy and says the u.s. has been holding behind the scenes talks with north korea about a 3rd summit last meeting between u.s. president donald trump and north korean leader kim jong un collapsed in february without a deal on tuesday and north korea's said it wouldn't surrender to us that sanctions and called u.s. secretary of state peo an obstruction to the negotiations on denuclearize ation. government and a suicide bomber in egypt have killed at least 6 policemen and seriously injured 8 others the attackers targeted 3 checkpoints in the city of el arish in the northern sinai peninsula on chewstick evening no group has claimed responsibility
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for to date has begun to arrive for refugees falls from their homes by fighting in eastern democratic republic of congo but aid workers are struggling to reach tens of thousands of others trapped in areas where rival militias have been attacking villages catherine some reports from neighboring uganda where many have fled. $7000.00 congolese have come to this complex safety on the shores of lake uganda boda they've escaped from fighting in the eastern province of the tory in the democratic republic most of them want to cross into uganda but have lost everything and the johnny is too expensive i don't know round one i'm leaving in this camp with my 5 children because i cannot afford to go to uganda my husband was killed last week in jordan and i have to stay here to get food for my children. to date has just begun trickling in his are finding it hard to get help to tens of
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thousands of congolese still trapped in areas where our talks are still going on so many of these people here both because of the visa ethnic balance they're here without anything that can help them see why this is a fast food distribution 4000 of the 7000 people in the car i'm groups have been carrying out attacks from religious a jew group and the lake all but ariel the tour province for more than 2 weeks now some congolese say they're fighting over farmland fishing rights and minerals. even military offensive against the militias and so far dozens have been killed or captured government soldiers have recovered firearms and rescued nearly a 100 civilians who had been taken hostage some of the troops have also been killed . but 400000 people have been displaced and those who can are using boats to
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cross into uganda thousands of arrived and more coming they'll be brought to this reception center where they'll be officially registered as refugees uganda allows refugees to settle work or go to local schools and move around the country so both here are luckier than most of those we've talked to have told us that still not home. patrick has been here for a month. it was a. village was among the. even after this because the violence keeps repeating itself. is played and we get. to where we are and who care about our. back in the democratic republic of congo people continue to flee from their villages this is what they're leaving behind abandoned homes. destruction and.
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more than a 1000 people in hong kong have marched to foreign consulates calling for international help to scrap a controversial extradition bill they say chief executive should have withdrawn and not just the legislation allows suspects to be taken to mainland china testers are hoping foreign leaders will raise the issue with chinese president xi jinping at the g 20 summit in japan later this week. but this is one of a number of rallies held by those opposed to hong kong extradition at this particular rally. more than 10 all of europe canada the united states and japan are included and the aim of this particular international exposure and campaign for those countries to support i think very important for us to express. all of the major changes in the world. our freedom our human rights well have been
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a number of protests over recent weeks it's an attempt to keep the pressure on the government has suspended but these protests for good. calling for an investigation into the police violence against protesters that followed the indonesian election the unrest broke out after president. was declared winner of the vote in april the opposition candidate. was has gone to court to try to overturn the results saying there were millions of fraudulent votes. in jakarta. probably also beyond 2 who ran against indonesian president. in april's presidential election had filed an application with the constitutional court last month alleging winds right irregularities and cheating in the polls the president as he's popularly known won $55.00 votes 11 percentage points ahead of roughly about $17000000.00 votes which has led some analysts and academics to point out
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that if there had been cheating it would have had to have been fraud perpetrated on a massive scale and they say there is no evidence to suggest that the international observers have also declared that the elections held in april in indonesia free and fair the constitutional court is due to give its verdict which is final and cannot be appealed on thursday and a day before that decision is to you both supporters have started gathering. work and security is right access to the. roads have been closed for about $45000.00 police and military on duty and on standby the last month pro bono demonstrations turned violent after protesters clashed with leading over 9 people killed and hundreds others injured and authorities are of course keen to prevent that this time. u.s. special counsel robert mueller is set to testify before 2 congressional committees
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next month he's likely to face questions about his report into russian interference in the 2016 u.s. presidential election found no evidence of collusion but declined to rule whether president trump obstructed justice. 20 u.s. presidential hopefuls vying to take doldrums title in next year's election nor jew to announce their policies during televised debates this week and gala has been meeting democratic supporters in the important state of florida to find out where they think the party should be heading. it was a night the democratic party and its presidential candidate will never forget despite polls and predictions donald trump became the 44th president of the united states leaving the democrats to lick their wounds no you don't donald trump burst lineup of democratic candidates now have their sights set on the 2020 election the challenge will be energizing their base and making gains with white non-college educated voters the organizers say it's about getting boots on the ground an
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incredibly diverse group you know about 50 percent of them speak spanish about 20 percent of them speak creole and they'll be down in our in our base communities communicating with both voters and registering new voters data from the voter study group shows that 6000000 voters who backed barack obama in 2012 helped win in 2016 but the next presidential election may be about more than getting those people back president bill clinton once famously said that every u.s. election is about the economy and that maybe the democratic party's biggest challenge if job figures in financial markets is still doing well political analysts say the democrats will focus on the president's behavior making this an election about morals not numbers if the democrats can mount a really good attack on all the stupid things the trump has done professor joseph use in ski says the democrats may focus on the president's temperament not policy it may very well be an election about trump's behavior his morality his rhetoric
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which is not just decisive but sometimes you know phobic and racist so if they focus on those things they'll be playing to their strengths. luis a son tosses a small business owner in democratic party. activist primary concern is immigration policy but she also wants candidates to speak from the heart and don't get down like to say what you believe because a lot of times you're getting you dead because of we're scared of what the reaction might be and i think what worked so offer trump is he was not muted he said what he believed in and he stood behind the democratic party was selected presidential candidate next summer as things stand former vice president joe biden is leading the pack it in the end the 2020 race may be more about personalities than anything else. miami florida. now where more funerals are being held for those killed in a failed rebellion on saturday but these are the latest pictures coming to us from the northern region ceremonies are being held for the on higher regional president
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and his deputy ethiopia's military chief of staff and retired general were laid to rest in. on tuesday. and these are all top stories palestinians continue to protest against white house adviser jared economic deal they say the so-called deal of the century does not provide a political solution to a decades old problem. the elephant and and man are matters of course the accusation itself. is the israeli occupation which was never mentioned not once with all its manifestations including llanfair including theft of the sources of theft of palestinian lands system of doctors and control. and
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the steps are violence on demolitions the siege of gaza the constant military and vests a photograph of a father and daughter who drowned in a river on the us mexico border is highlighting the dangers why greenspace trying to reach the us martinez and his 23 month old daughter valeri of el salvador died at the weekend the photographer says the father tried to cross with malaria on his back while his wife returned to the mexican shoreline but he became tired of the pair were swept away by the current the bodies were recovered on monday. iranian president hassan rouhani has rejected u.s. calls to talks and says he doesn't believe washington really wants to negotiate after the u.s. impose new sanctions on iran's supreme leader ayatollah ali khamenei and other senior officials. saudi military officials say they've intercepted and destroyed
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a hugely drone targeting homes near its border with yemen the drone was brought down near the residential area of her niece machette which is also home to a military base. your special counsel robert mueller is set to testify before 2 congressional committees next month he'll likely face questions about his report into russian interests here in sin the 2016 u.s. presidential election no evidence of collusion but declined to rule on whether donald trump had obstructed justice those stories of course on our website at al-jazeera dot com more news in half an hour with peter but we continue now with inside story do stay with us.
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idiotic and dangerous iran mocks the u.s. for imposing sanctions on its supreme leader and says hopes for diplomacy have gone to sanctions book and what's needed to break this cycle of escalating rhetoric between washington and tehran this is inside story. welcome to the program i'm adrian finnegan the white house has lost its mind that's how iran's president described the latest round of u.s. sanctions against his country years of restrictions of severely dented the iranian economy now president donald trump is targeting iran's supreme leader and his military chiefs he signed an executive order on monday denying them access to
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financial resources the sanctions are designed to punish teheran for what the u.s. calls its destabilizing activities in the middle east and to prevent it from developing nuclear weapons but iranian leaders say that washington has closed the door on diplomacy. you know all about how bony is needed they are suffering from mental disability the white house is afflicted by mental retardation and does not know what to do this means the certain failure and defeat of the united states i do not have any doubt about that from a political viewpoint no white person would do what they're doing these days i feel that there is severe frustration and a big confusion among the u.s. leaders and the white house well the u.s. national security adviser says the door remains open for talks with iran if iran gave up its pursuit of nuclear weapons its bostick missile development program which is designed to create delivery vehicles for nuclear weapons or gave support for terrorism and to stop this other line activities across the region we'd be very
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happy secretary contests last year gave a speech for a list of 12 things i've given you for a story an expanded list that's the end game we want. so let's bring in our panel for today's discussion joining us now from ron is my stuff. journalist and political commentator.


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