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tv   Cahier Africain Part One  Al Jazeera  June 26, 2019 11:00pm-12:01am +03

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reactions fail will be an experience here will more people start to drift down towards the border and that will be the point at which we we see farther north people are prepared to show just how angry they are by moving up to the border of perhaps throwing stones or perhaps this is some sort of action against more than one rob thanks very much. still to come here on al-jazeera hong kong democracy campaign is the city to put pressure on its leaders. also ahead 8 arriving in uganda for people fleeing fighting in the democratic republic of congo with nothing but their lawyers. how i was there were some rather wet weather across central and southern parts of china think of the southeast not see bad over the next day or so but this area cloud and rain that's not too far away it will bring some what's the weather mainly
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to the north and east of hong kong wetter weather into central parts will become more expansive heavy a downpours as we go on through friday may well some heavy rain there into the philippines some heavy rain too across indochina but for india well the wet weather stays away from the far north we have got some lively showers into central and eastern parts of india the monsoon rains of course very much in evidence at the western ghats we got some rather heavy downpours coming through 42 celsius in new delhi no sign of the heat breaking and he time soon monsoon of course is lagging behind somewhat that wet weather continues the western parts of india which was in northeast and also into a myanma little bit of wet weather possibility to the fos out of saudi arabia as we go through thursday with the many across the arabian peninsula dry sums it up as it should be $46.00 celsius here in doha so little about the seasonal average should be about $42.00 at this time of year see
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a little bit more cloud just making its way into the west and pottle saudi arabia mecca with a high of 46. let me take. like no place. while. rain. and strong against all states on most skilled. nation comes to traffic in stadiums to. discover our newest destination defeat the women's world cup 29 t. .
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welcome back let's recap our top stories for you so far this half hour the u.n. . has called for a criminal inquiry into the saudi crown prince and one of his main advice is of the death of the journalist. was killed inside the kingdom's consulate in istanbul last october saudi arabia says khaled asked conclusions are based on prejudice and prefabricated ideas. and palestinians continue to protest against the white house advisor jar cautions economic deal they say the so-called deal of the century doesn't provide a political solution to a decades old problem. a photograph of a father and daughter who drowned in a river on the u.s. mexican border is highlighting the dangers migrants face trying to reach the u.s. some of us may find these images disturbing in victoria gate mr ford. oscar martinez and his 23 month old daughter valerie a died last weekend crossing from mexico to the united states
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a journalist who works for a mexican newspaper found their bodies on monday she hopes the photographs she took will focus international attention on migration to the u.s. where we're going to go on more your inexperience it was something that moved me deeply because it showed that up until her last breath she was joined to him not only by their shots but also in that embrace in which they passed together into death. 25 year old martinez was from el salvador he was crossing the rio grande with valerie on his back tucked inside his t. shirt when they were swept away by strong currents his wife was waiting on the mexican side of the shoreline and survived to yaml up a sound system something bad like this happen before you see the river and it appears very calm and i think that's why the father thought he could cross but the rio grande has a lot of deep powerful currents downstream. earlier this month mexico agreed to
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tighten its southern border with quite a mana after president donald trump threatened to impose tariffs on mexican goods critics say the new measures have led to migrants taking even more dangerous and isolated routes. the photographs of martinez and his daughter are reminiscent of another tragedy that made headlines 4 years ago the image of alan cody's body washed up on a turkish beach sparked global outrage he was a 3 year old syrian refugee the images of martinez and his daughter may have a similar impact serving to highlight the plight of those fleeing war and poverty in central america victoria gate and be al-jazeera. rawson jordan has more on this story for us joining us from our bureau in washington was i mean clearly the story highlighting the dangers that people feel they have to run to get to safety to get to century. that's right away from received a statement from philippa grandy the even commissioner for refugees saying that
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this dress really highlights the risks which people are willing to take in order to try to find a better life in another country and that there needs to be urgent action to address the root causes of why people are moving from their home countries to the united states or trying to move to the united states and trying to make certain that people are cared for along their journey regardless of where they end up of course this is also a engendered a lot of political discussion here in the united states democrats largely saying that this shows that the trumpet ministrations policy of basically stopping people from coming to the u.s. to ask for asylum is costing people their lives while republicans are saying that this proves that the u.s. immigration system is broken and that's how the u.s. should not be responsible for the well being of people when their home countries
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should be taking that cause it is very very dangerous the picture that we saw of the father and daughter a lying on the banks of the rio grande day has been repeated countless times just this week a woman and 4 small children were found on the u.s. side of the rio grande day in southern texas apparently they all died because of heat exposure and heat stroke but it's not clear exactly why they ended up in that particular location i used to work in southern arizona in the late in the early 1990 s. excuse me and i saw what happened when people tried to make their way from mexico into the united states some people succeeded some people were killed some people died because of heat exposure and heat stroke it's a very very dangerous situation and even though both houses of congress. have now passed a piece of legislation that would try to provide some humanitarian aid about 4 and
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a half $1000000000.00 worth to migrants who are now along the us mexico border there is no guarantee that this legislation will actually be reconciled and then signed by the u.s. president donald trump for his part the president has been on twitter today peter talking about the need to prevent illegal migration to the united states and part because he claims that it is fueling a rise in the us his crime rate and that is something which a criminologist by the way had disputed thanks very much the iranian president hassan rouhani has rejected u.s. calls for talks saying he doesn't believe washington really wants to negotiate this after the u.s. impose new sanctions targeting iran's supreme leader ayatollah khomeini and other senior officials the u.s. as the measures are to stop tehran developing and distributing nuclear weapons hard . sad that. we can see that the white house is confused and
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saying folsom nonsense and ridiculous things and choosing the wrong policy it's clear that regarding sanctions they reached the end some said americans want to talk without preconditions why don't you accept we prove it well in a further escalation in this war of words the supreme leader ayatollah khamenei says iran will remain defiant despite growing pressure from the u.s. . to do when you're the worst government in the world because of bloodshed division and plundering nation's wealth over a very long history not just 10 or 20 years that the most hated officials of this government accused the reigning nation brain cell to iran on a daily basis. the iranian nation won't be deterred by these insults iranian nation won't retreat the iranian nation has been oppressed by these cruel sanctions but that doesn't mean iran is weak that it is mighty and will achieve its goals zain
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bus ravi has the latest from the iranian capital tehran these are the 1st comments we've heard from supreme leader ayatollah ali khamenei day since he was added to the u.s. sanctions list on monday he addressed american sanctions not specifically sanctions against him but about american sanctions he acknowledged that they have indeed over the years had a devastating effect on iran's economy he said iran has been oppressed but that does not mean iran is weak it is mighty and will achieve its goals in a seeming reference to the shoot down by iran's military of a u.s. drone that last week on thursday he said iran has shown its power not just through recent events but in its resistance over the last 40 years he said iran remains mighty and dignified so very strong comments coming from him and with regards to the idea of talks he said that the united states only goal is to weaken iran in any
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way possible and any sort of call for a dialogue is a little more than deception hong kong democracy campaign is staging a sit in the city send the latest action the demonstrators say is intended to draw attention to the future of human rights in the territory and this began a crowdfunding exercise on tuesday to pay for the newspapers worldwide by weapons day and it raised more than $800000.00. earlier more than a 1000 people marched to foreign consulates calling for international support they say the chief executive kerry should have withdrawn not just perspective on the legislation allowing suspects to be taken to mainland china protesters are hoping foreign leaders will raise the issue with the chinese president xi jinping at the g. 20 in japan later this week. in ethiopia mourners have been paying tribute to army generals who were killed in an attempted rebellion on saturday dozens of people were killed in fighting during the rebellion in the region of across the weekend the regional government spokesman claiming the ceremonies have been held for the
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regional president and his deputy in more than 2 grey province if he appears military chief of staff and a retired general were laid to rest. on tuesday. has started to arrive for refugees forced from their homes by fighting in the eastern part of the democratic republic of congo however aid workers are struggling to reach tens of thousands of all these areas where rival militias have been attacking villages catherine sawyer reports now from neighboring uganda where many people have fled. 7000 congolese have come to this comp for safety on the shores of lake uganda they've escaped from fighting in the eastern province in the democratic republic most of them want to. have lost everything and the journey is too expensive i don't know around them when i'm leaving in this camp with my 5 children because i cannot afford to go to uganda my husband was killed last week and i have to stay here to get food for my children
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. aid has just begun trickling in. finding it hard to get help to tens of thousands of these still trapped in areas where attacks are still going on. that these people here are closed because of these are ethnic violence they're here we don't everything that can help them so. this is. food distribution 4000 of the 7000 people in the. m groups have been carrying out attacks religious a jew group and the lake all but ariel the tory province for more than 2 weeks now some say they're fighting over farmland fishing rights and minerals. even military offensive against the militias and so far dozens have been killed or captured government soldiers have recovered firearms and rescued nearly a 100 civilians who had been taken hostage some of the troops have also been killed
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. 400000 people happy displaced and those who can are using boats to cross into uganda thousands of arrived and more coming they'll be brought to this reception center where they'll be officially registered as refugees uganda allows refugees to settle work or go to schools and move around the country so both here are luckier than most but we've talked to have told us just still not home. patrick has been here for a month. and fisherman back home he says his village was among the fast to be a talked. to one pilot will not go back there until even after this situation comes because the violence that keeps repeating itself only on every time it is played and we get closer to where we are and who care about what beats back in the democratic republic of congo people continue to flee from their villages this is
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what they're leaving behind abandoned homes destruction and misery cathy zoi al jazeera western uganda. a german charity ship with $42.00 migrants on board has entered italian waters the operators of sea watch 3 said they decided to dock in lampedusa because the situation on board was desperate the move comes after it of these interior minister. the ship from its waters saying it would be seized as he was 3 said the migrants have become desperate after the european court of human rights on tuesday rejected their appeal to be allowed to disembark on italian shores. protesters will gather in london in the coming few hours to demand government action on climate change and the environment comes as researches report a dramatic decline in the number of insects worldwide they say pesticides are killing off the pollinators we can't live without lawrence lee. one of the problems for insects is that humans don't tend to notice if they're there or not but if
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people don't start paying more attention than the consequences could be catastrophic for all of us in country after country in europe and beyond there is evidence of bees butterflies moths and other species disappearing that knocks on to the survival of birds reptiles and fish which live off the insects of the food chain it will inevitably affect humans they pollinate 75 percent of the crops that humans grow 87 percent of all plant species on the planet need pollinating. insects would disappear then most plants would go all flowers more or less would die they get rid of chi parts and dead bodies and keep the soil healthy and do a whole bunch of stuff so essentially life on earth as we know it would come to an end if we didn't have insects this part of england is only 60 kilometers south of london yet it looks like a refuge for wildlife but declining numbers seem to be everywhere measuring insect numbers isn't that straightforward as
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a motorway it's traditionally been done is by counting a bug splats on a car windscreen they used to be the case that if you drove around a part of england like this in the summer by the end of the day you windscreen would be cakes but we've just spent most of the day in the car and there's barely a mark on it. the reasons for this are all no no farmers are usually blamed for the widespread use of pesticides in modern agriculture see actually when you spend more time you spend the more you look and say your 1st rule is no actually it's everywhere while the u.k. is seen as badly affected farmers here argue this is still possible to protect insects in terms of crop rights action is really important have that diversity in the landscape so you can see here we have cattle grazing in fields we have cropped so we have lots of different types of crops never have assigned crop in the field twice and then really try and minimise the use of the inputs we use we really try to minimize the use of insect insecticides for example because clearly that's going to be good for the environment as worse having spikes around in all the trees in
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the hedge rows well the margins you see it's all that spice for nature along saw growing food a recent global study of insect decline suggested numbers having every 25 years that suggests it isn't too late to turn things around but in the u.k. at least the reason why people keep protesting is that it seems a priority for barely any politicians al-jazeera in sussex. this is al jazeera these are the top stories the un ruppert agnes callaghan has called for a criminal inquiry into saudi arabia's crown prince and one of his main advisers over the death of the journalist. saudi arabian says can amass conclusions are based on prejudice and prefabricated ideas ashaji was killed inside the kingdom's consulate in istanbul last october. excellences state trust sponsibility
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begs the question as to whom is ultimately liable for skilling the inquiry was a human rights inquiry not a criminal investigation it does nevertheless found credible levy dance wire and further investigation of a high level saudi officials individual liability including that of the crown prince of saudi arabia and obvious key advisor salad that kept on you today u.s. sponsored conference on the economic development of the middle east is wrapping up in bahrain the 1st part of a bigger plan to solve the israeli palestinian conflict to seeking investments to improve infrastructure and to create jobs for palestinians however palestinians continue to protest against the white house advisor jared economic deal they say the so-called deal of the century doesn't provide a political solution to a decades old problem. iranian president hassan rouhani has rejected u.s.
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calls for talks saying he doesn't believe in washington he really wants to negotiate after the u.s. impose new sanctions on iran's supreme leader ayatollah khamenei and other senior officials. a photograph of a father and daughter who drowned in a river on the us mexico border highlights the dangers migrants face trying to reach the u.s. martin and his 23 month old daughter for the rio from el salvador died last weekend the photographer says the father tried to cross with the other ear on his back while his wife returned to the mexican shoreline but he became tired and the pair were swept away by the current. hong kong democracy campaign as a staging a city in the city center it's the latest action of the demonstrators say is intended to keep the momentum going over china's extradition bill activists held a crowdfunding exercise on wednesday to pay for adverts in worldwide newspapers they raised more than $800000.00 u.s. dollars in just 9 hours. those are the headlines the news continues here on
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al-jazeera after talk to al jazeera. the countdown to the 2020 us democratic primaries has begun. the televised debate sees candidates go head to head to define themselves on the issues from climate change to foreign policy join us in miami on june the 26th and 27th the 1st u.s. democratic debate on al jazeera. says. it has taken 2 years to prepare the trumpet ministration now unveiling its plan for bringing the palestinians and the israelis to the negotiating table already skeptics are voicing concern saying the american side is using money to bribe the palestinians to plan as an invasion by the trumpet ministration is to gather momentum behind efforts to commit $50000000000.00 for investments in palestine
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money that primarily is expected to come from other arab nations principally in the gulf this part of the plan is being discussed this week in bahrain where participants will talk about projects and conditions for investments in more detail then based on the outcome of this meeting the next step would be to fashion a political settlement that would translate financial commitments into reality on the ground in palestine but keep palestinian institutions are not attending the mana my meeting for example the palestinian authority which is arguing for a reverse order a political settlement 1st money later an approach that would tackle the difficult questions of establishing a palestinian state and israeli occupation of palestinian lands and allow refugees to return the israeli government is also not attending the meeting at least not officially the man who is spearheading the plan is president trump's senior adviser and son in law gerry coaster and today at the white house he sits down on talk to
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al-jazeera to explain the trumpet ministrations strategy for being. peace between the israelis and the palestinians. i. missed the question great to have you on just thank you very much for the time i just wanted to briefly start by asking you what does doing this interview at this time we've ever. mean to you thank you well it's an honor to be with you and thank you for coming to the white house and we're excited we leave in a couple hours to go to bahrain for what will be a very exciting workshop we thought was very important to speak to al-jazeera it's been a great voice in the region and somebody that we've been working with and we're hopeful that this will give us the opportunity to have a direct line to a lot of the people in the middle east now who workshopping. what will be your metrics for measuring this success of it. so i think it's already been
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a success in the sense that we have every country coming from the region we have a lot of countries coming from throughout the world despite people who tried to get them not to come they're all coming and that's a very big 1st step the 2nd step is that we've been able to get some of the top investors and people from throughout the world to come who are showing interest in helping the palestinian people in the region right now we have a lot of investment funds that won't invest in the middle east because it's not stable they don't have peace they don't have security and so we want to show people is that there is a great potential a great future for this region if it's possible so we laid out our vision a couple days ago and that's starting to get a lot of discussion in the region and we hope that this conference will be able to further discuss it figure out where people agree figure out where people have different suggestions and then hopefully form a real consensus around what the potential could be for the region if there is a peace agreement so how will you tally your metrics for measuring success with the metrics that others especially the skeptics may have about the success of
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them and i'm a workshop i think that with the whole peace process in general people are. to be skeptical there is a problem that has been unsolved for many many years and what i find is a lot of the chris a criticism we get are from people who have tried to do this in the past and who have failed and then they criticize us for not doing it the same way that they've done it again the president is not a traditional politician he wants to do things in a different way and if we can get people through this process to look at this problem differently and to see what the future can be then i think that could be a very very big successful thing we laid out our vision we put on our website and start to circulate we've seen a ton of downloads and internet traffic on it in the west bank and gaza and throughout the middle east and that's great we need to start the discussion then i will want his people to see that there can be a very bright future this plan calls for $50000000000.00 of investment both between private capital and low interest loans and grants we want to build all the necessary infrastructure we want to make sure that these different industries are
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stimulated if we do that properly. we believe that this plan will create over a 1000000 new jobs in the west bank in gaza we think it can reduce the unemployment rate to under the single digits and we think that it could decrease the poverty rate by 50 percent those are all goals that we should really strive to they cannot happen without a peace agreement but without a real plan prosperity doesn't just happen prosperity has to be planned for earned an executed very vigorously so you obviously packs a lot of information and goals in there i will try to pack them. individually but let me ask you 1st it's one thing to get people to come and attend the workshop but when things when the rubber so to speak hits the road that's the real challenge so how will you apply those metrics to the reality when the reality actually begins if it does begin to be a reality in terms of getting that money dispersing it and pumping it into projects
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right so a lot of the pledges that have been made in the past have not been fulfilled and i think that's because there was never really a product design for. let's all agree on the front end for what we're going to try to do with the capital that comes in and then let's make sure we have a mechanism to monitor that it will actually go through we believe in rewarding results not rewarding efforts and i think that if we can get everyone to buy in on the front end to what. to what an economic plan could be and i think they'll make it much easier to get people to all agree to invest capital in the flea make sure that that follows through nobody knows more about broken promises than the palestinian people there's been more promises that been made to them and broken to over the years the one thing about president trump is he's one of the few leaders people have seen in that region who actually keeps his promise whether you like his decisions or you don't like his decisions people know that when he says he's going to do something he's going to do it and one of the things he said is he wants to see this conflict come to an end he wants to help the palestinian people and part of this is his vision for what he can do to really create a different paradigm in the region so obviously the palestinians and others in the
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wider arab world on this issue. president don't trumps promises they will say he promised and he delivered to the israelis he promised to recognize drusilla as the capital of israel and he lived up to that promise but at the same time promising that to the rabies. to the palestinians that's tantamount to trying to kill their dreams for having their own capital in jerusalem . so the recognizing israel's capital is jerusalem has been law in the united states since 1906 it was passed unanimously israel's a sovereign nation a sovereign nation has the right to determine where their capital is and america has the right to recognize the decision of another sovereign nation which is what we chose to do that is a promise the president kept another promise the president kept is to get out of the j c p a way the iran deal which has been a terrible deal which has caused
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a lot of destruction throughout the region another promise the president made is that he would destroy isis and take back the caliphate and he's done that too so the president's kept his promises that impact all people throughout the region with regard to the palestinian people when the president moved the embassy to jerusalem he said that this should not impact final status negotiations issues we've been working very carefully on a very deep proposal for what we think can help bring this conflict which has been stuck forward and we're hopeful that we'll be able to put that out soon and hopefully parties will be responsible they'll gauge on it and they'll try to move forward and now beyond the workshop in. i mean is the president president donald trump committed to actually helping the palestinians achieve their own independent state as they claim we've jerusalem as its capital to help them deal with the issue of palestinian refugees and their return
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things political things that are very important to the palestinians is present don't drum and all you committed to so we are committed to trying to find a different solution for the region and people forward and again what president trump is focused on here in america is how do you improve people's lives how do you give them security had you give them prosperity there's a lot of different ways to do that the the reforms that we've done here in america have led to our economy being incredibly strong the president looks at this region and he says he doesn't want to think through traditional lenses he wants to think about how do we take all these people let them live together let them live. curiously and let them live with real opportunity and hope so we're not going discuss the political components in this workshop we're going to be doing that at a later date but i can assure you that president trump is committed to bringing real prosperity to the region and also bring safety to the region you see that in his actions with isis you see that actions with iran and you see that in terms of all the ways that he's been fighting to kind of make the region more safe let me take you back to the workshop for
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a while now the. the middle east crises the blow up unexpectedly sometimes how would you. convince or what guarantees would you give to the people who will be attending the minimal workshop that if they pledge money or investment to build palestinian infrastructure that that money will be well invested given that in the past in conflicts between these radios and the palestinians palestinian infrastructure was destroyed the government in gaza is a good case in point right and when the infrastructure is destroyed in the investment stops who suffers the most the palestinian people and so i think the point huge and the question you just asked makes my point entirely which is that right now the region is not investable in a way that it needs to be in order for it to be investable we need to resolve these core conflicts we don't resolve these core conflicts by being firm on a position without finding a way to compromise and to negotiate but we're trying to show people is that if
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there is compromise and if we are able to find a resolution that's fair to both sides we can create an apparatus where there is security and where there is prosperity these investors a lot of them are showing up because they don't just want to create returns they want to see this area do better they want to see an opportunity but these are also people who are not going to be investing if they think that they're good money's going to go after bad money and there's a lot of examples in the past how investments have been squandered how infrastructure has been destroyed but again that's because of bad leadership on behalf of the palestinians and it's also because we're in a situation where there's conflict if we. can end the conflict we can resolve the issues then that will lead to better lives for and more opportunity for the palestinian people now when there's conflict as you know obviously these rabies blame the palestinians and the palestinians and their supporters blame the israelis and that leads to the criticism at least from the palestinian side that
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by doing when i am a few up watching the cart before the horse they are arguing you should try to settle some of the political questions in order to stave off conflict then poor money into the infrastructure that's been the traditional thinking and that has not worked i mean we are where we are today and the way that people have thought about this in the past it hasn't worked so we've tried to do is help people identify what a future could look like and hopefully we get people to all agree on what a future can look like and then we get people to look at maybe let's commit to the future in the event that there is a peace agreement perhaps that will create a different condition there which people can then approach some of these political issues that have been a resolvable for a very very long time how much financial commitment if you're able to say did you actually get from the rich arab states whether in the gulf or elsewhere the fact is they are principally in the gulf so the plan this
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plan with the $50000000000.00 actually will require less annual contributions to the palestinians than we have on an annual basis to date so for a lot of the donor nations not just from the middle east but also from throughout the world right now they keep giving money every year the people's lives are not getting better there's no plan to ever resolve it but we want them to do is figure out how do you all buy into one universal plan and then let's start investing in a way that will actually lead to a domino effect of people's lives getting better you know for years and years there's been money thrown at this problem but there's been no accountability and people have not been helped. result some people are fine with the status quo they've done very well from it but the money is not trickled down to the people in their lives have not gotten better we need to create a new framework because what they've done in the past has not worked. dress for me a little bit criticism levelled at you by the palestinians workshop the minimal workshop in particular they are saying basically these radius got.
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recognition over jerusalem as the capital for example and now you are telling them the power stimulus that we will give you money which they called as you know they called it a bribe and on top of that they say this is a lot of money coming from arabs going to arabs in this case the palestinians can you address that i think that you know people mockingly call this the deal of the century i think the plan that we've laid out is actually the opportunity of the century you talk about the palestinians like they're a homogeneous body what we have is we have a lot of palestinians since we put this out who are calling us saying this is phenomenal what do we have to do to get this we want this is exactly what we need thank you for taking the time to put together such an in-depth plan thank you for getting the world interested in seeing that the way that they've been doing it to date has not worked and for highlighting the way forward so from our point of view we think that this is
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a step forward because we want people to discuss new ideas look at this problem differently and again you know people who come with criticism it's very easy to see what you're against it's much harder to say what you're for and what we've done is we've done the hard work we've studied this problem we've studied all the global economies that have been successful over the last 75 years we've studied economies where it's failed we've drawn from the best ideas we customize this plan for work here we've built it off a lot of the great work that's been done in the past and what we've done is we've put forward a very credible substantive detailed plan for how to move forward and then what we'll do is will refine it again nobody's got a good nobody's got a monopoly on good ideas will we find the. we'll get by in and then we'll go and we'll try to address the political solutions but what i do know is that a lot of the people who are criticizing are not people have been constructive these are people who've been involved in this for a very very long time and these are people who have not found solutions and who have not helped to make the palestinians people's lives better did you incidentally invite any input while preparing for this from the palestinians themselves in terms of the concept i guess as
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a concept so few things one is the reason we're doing economics 1st before the political solution is that they're both very in-depth. documents that we put together and we were told that would be too much to digest both at one time so we're putting this forward knowing that we would get criticism that we're doing this without the political but like i said you can't execute these economic plans without having a political solution so the advice we got from people in the region was to put this out 1st and we thought that that would get people to focus on this so that when they enter into the political discussion they have this in context and again over the last 2 years we've engaged extensively with a lot of palestinian leaders a lot of palestinian business community a lot of people throughout the middle east we have not been trying to impose a solution on this region that we think works we're trying to draw from the region all the best ideas in that help people create a new framework to discuss these issues that have not been able to be resolved in the past but did you get any input from the palestinian authority. we have had not
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going to comment on this question we've had with them are happening that have with them now the palestinian decision not to attend the. workshop is that a blow not at all look it was fairly predictable what they've been saying his a lot of very hot rhetoric about rejecting everything before they even see it which is not in my opinion a very responsible position the responsible thing is to say we've been trying to do this for 25 years we have not made any breakthroughs if people are coming in there trying to spend the effort to create a blueprint for us to be able to have a better future will engage with them and will listen for whatever reason they think it's better politics for them or better policy to to say all the things they've been saying but i don't see how their actions are going to lead to their lives of the people getting better i know that when president trump takes decisions or make statements he's always looking at it through the filter of will this keep the people that i was elected to represent safe or will this help them have more opportunity to live a better life right now quite frankly i'm not sure i understand what their strategy
11:39 pm
is and my hope is that as we put these as we put these elements out they'll realize that there's a lot of good elements here that will help their people have a better life and they'll engage now the main beef the palestinian authority has your plan as you know is that they saying. instead of land for peace instead of the principle of land for peace you're offering them money for peace now land for peace is the essence of the study of the saudi initiative by late king. how much overlap is there any overlap at all between your plan and the arab initiative of the saudi king below so i would say the 1st part if that's what they're saying that's a very uninformed position this is not money for peace this is economic prosperity and a business plan if there is peace right so the peace has to stand on its own but you can't just sign of peace. dreamin after you know all these years of fighting then
11:40 pm
all sudden love each other and move on with life you have to be able to articulate what a future is that could be exciting for people if you think about it for the middle east the unifying feature of a lot of the arab world over the last 70 years is the hatred of israel and they've used that often to deflect from a lot of their own shortcomings internally and so israel is not the cause of the problems throughout a lot of this region throughout a lot of these places the problem is bad governance the problem is lack of opportunity for people and lack of investment in the right way so again what we're trying to do here is we're trying to figure out what is a framework for moving forward you mentioned the air peace initiative i think that was a very very noble effort when it was done 2002 the air peace initiative says that there is no military solution to this conflict which i think is a very important recognition that has to be a negotiated solution the parties have tried negotiating for a lot of years it hasn't worked so we've tried to do is figure out a new framework for this to happen the political plan would be very in-depth we'll put that out at the right time and we hope people will judge it on its merits as
11:41 pm
opposed to rejecting it before they even see it which again is not a rational construct in terms of how to approach trying to make the lives of your people better so again the purpose is to bring people together show that there is a lot of potential for this region show that a lot of the greatest investors in the world do care about this issue care about the palestinian people want to be here in the event that we can create a peace agreement and a stable environment where capital can be invested and opportunity could be realized now. another point on the arab initiative the. u.s. ambassador to israel david friedman has is on the record as saying that he thinks that israel has the right to retain some of the west bank to the palestinians and others in the arab world that is the. a death blow to the. 2 state solution is the 2 state solution
11:42 pm
still a viable solution for you and for president donald trump so right now from unama we're focused on the economic aspects of what could be possible if there is a resolution but what i will say is that you know all of the people i speak to you know they talk about the arab peace initiative and again it was a it was a great effort but if that was where a deal was going to be made a deal would be made a long time ago i think we all have to recognize that if there ever is a deal it's not going to be along the lines of the arab peace initiative will be somewhere between the arab peace initiative and somewhere between the israeli position and we need to think about what are the fundamental things that are underlying important number one is security right i think the israeli population and the palestinian population and the broader middle east right now cares a lot about have security the more you have security the more you could have freer flow of goods freer flow of people i know that's a very big issue for the palestinians they want to be able to move through the borders i think the cost of goods are too high because it takes a long time to get through the borders but there's a direct correlation between the ramping up of terror and the threat to israel and the slowing down of the borders and so you know if we can create an environment
11:43 pm
where there's actual peace and again peace comes from compromise and we'll figure out what the right elements of that are at the right time then that is the necessary precondition to be able to implement a lot of the economic reforms that we're going to talk about at this conference now the for the palestinians as you know the main problem at this particular point in time they say yes the economy's a problem but the main problem is these radio keep ation. what they describe as the lack of real genuine israeli interest in peace they say for example that robina was killed because he was interested in peace and he was killed by an israeli by not by a palestinian so what do you say to that well i think the there israelis that say that the palestinians have no interest in peace and there are palestinians that say that israelis. no interest in peace that's what a negotiation is people start with different positions they start out with sides and again if we want to find a pathway forward that means both sides have to find
11:44 pm
a place where they both feel like they can gain more than they give and then move forward and have the opportunities to live better lives this is been spoken about for a long time a lot of the leadership that's been condemning the efforts in trying to tell people how this should be done these are the people that have failed and so you look at where the peoples' lives are today versus all the money that's gone into this area over the years it has not trickled down to the people in the way that it should be so i think it's time to try something new and again what we're trying to accomplish at the naama is we're trying to figure out how do we get people to look at this problem through a different lens when i travel through the region i share the economic vision with a lot of the different leadership in the different arab and muslim countries and the result was they said this is fabulous this is great work this is fresh thinking what we should do is bring everyone together let's present it let's not make this an american project in this make this a regional and a global project we can all come together share ideas agree on what it can be and then let's figure out how we can create the right political environments that we can execute it i have one minute left of the time and i really appreciate you now
11:45 pm
after a minute after the workshop what happens after the minimum. what are the a.b.c.'s what's going to happen right so the 1st part is we want to get everyone together hopefully get feedback we've gotten a ton of fabulous feedback so far on the vision that we've laid out people love the depth of it they love the detail of it what we hope to do is engage in a discussion on all of the different components and then what will do after that is we'll figure out how do we do some follow up and then bring the world together to agree on what an economic plan can look like going forward once we have that i think then that creates the precondition that's necessary in order to have a real discussion about the core status issues in the political issues thank you very much. thank you very much. playing. july on
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pronounce the biggest a stab in the monkey. decades activists in seats of government we didn't want to be part of this institution and all we really didn't want technologically challenging politics and implementing direct democracy open source code to use the free for one to look we are innovators we are activists we are rebel geeks madrid and i'm just you know. this is al jazeera. hello and welcome to this al-jazeera news hour live from doha i multimedia is coming up in the next 60 minutes. nevertheless found credible evidence while
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writing further investigation. a u.n. investigator calls for an inquiry into the saudi crown prince's role in the matter of journalist jamal khashoggi. donald trump's top man accused the palestinian authority of failing its people as he presents his $50000000000.00 opportunity of the century. the migrant ship that is defying italy's by. entering its waters. life on earth as we know would come to an end if we didn't have insights and a warning with a sting in its tail about the declining number of bugs and i'm here. start with your sports major changes or announce on how cities will go about bidding for the olympic games and stand by for break dancing the sport is a step closer to being included into the program for paris 2024.
11:50 pm
but 1st the kingdom of saudi arabia is responsible for the premeditated murder of saudi journalist jamal khashoggi that's the finding of a un special investigator who has relayed her findings to the body's human rights council agnes calamus report calls for a criminal inquiry into the saudi crown prince mohammed bin sound man and one of his main advisers excellences state transponder said billy t. begs a question as to whom is are geometrically liable for his killing the inquiry was their human rights inquiry not a criminal investigation it has nevertheless found credible evidence wire and further investigation of a high level saudi officials individual liability including that of the crown
11:51 pm
prince of saudi arabia and obvious key advisor souder. well saudi arabia has accused the un investigator of prejudice. as say the law is we are amongst the $36.00 countries that have complied with all the obligations under the human rights mechanisms that in kalamata has breached procedures that need to be adopted yes given to the special repertoire this is something which has skewed the procedures ushered in as part of the procedures and trials in saudi arabia we don't believe she has respected her mandate in full integrity and therefore has not been able to do her work professionally accusations have been enormous and pingers have been pointed supporting herself on non-credible ought to close all sources not just certainly not credible. all right but that was the saudi response to that report let's go live now to our correspondent. there at the
11:52 pm
u.n. in geneva and hashim we've heard the nature of the saudi. response to these special rapid tez reports haven't we before this particular response tended to revolve around procedure. of the reason martin why the saudis. are not happy with the findings of that report is that a special rapporteur. has been fairly quick to call of the saudi citizens system which she describes as lack of transparency and by her focus of the need to further investigate possibilities that compress 100 been so none may be responsible in ordering the killing of cement of. the findings was the result of an extensive work done by the team of on this caliber to travel to many countries to gather
11:53 pm
massive data from different countries to got access so some sense. intelligence material some of that came from these turkish intel as is particularly the older tape inside the consulate about the final moments of the amount of hustles the trying to connect the dots cross check all the elements with with her own team of experts and they managed to come up with those findings that this was a premeditated killing that the saudis planned in advance the whole operation and that there was a great deal of logistics and human resources involved in the killing and that this is something that would definitely come from someone in the actions of the some of the command and that compass would have meant that so men should be. should they should be more investigated the investigation into his possible involvement she doesn't seem to be impressed with the saudis additional system as she said that although the saudis arrested 11 suspects 15 suspects already 5 of
11:54 pm
them could face death penalty but she said that the got plenty for example widely believed has a top aide to mohammed bin saman and he's widely to be made it widely believed to be one of the people who orchestrated the killing goes a mile high city is not facing any charges and this explains why column aa is now asking for a criminal investigation to be launched any time soon of the saudis from day one have been saying that this is a violation of saudi national sovereignty there is no international investigation people should trust was a dish or a system and those who. will be brought to justice at this. explains why the saudis are we really not happy with the findings of the united nations requiring right ok has a man who lived in geneva thank you very much well as reporters all say be made by politicians in the british parliament the prime minister to resign may she said
11:55 pm
there is responsible must face justice. just last week the un special rapporteur argues countermarch said there is credible evidence that the saudi crown prince mohammed bin and other high level officials are personally responsible for the original jamal khashoggi promise to accept that assessment. from the gentleman we do want to see accountability for this or if it murder i raised the death of the market shortly with king at the sharm summit that's the 2nd time i've done so i've raised it with the crown prince at the g 20 last year i've stressed the importance of those responsible being held to account of 2 process being followed we expect saudi arabia to take the action necessary to ensure such violations of international and national rules can't happen again to the right direction in the right way to take this is through a judicial process and we're obviously closely following the continuing
11:56 pm
investigation we expect it to proceed in line with internationally recognized legal standards. right there. josh and now he's executive director of the arab center of washington he's joining us from fairfax in the u.s. state of virginia thanks for talking to us with all had some time now to digest the findings in this report it was released last week sometime her clear unequivocal demand is that a criminal investigation is launched into the murder who was responsible ultimately for the murder of jamal khashoggi who do you think should do that in are you confident that it will in fact take place. that is a tough question and in that sense yes the international investigation led to the conclusion that killing your mom especially was a being medicated extrajudicial executions all fingers point or evidence pointed in the direction of saudi officials who neither order or ready participated
11:57 pm
in this crime however as you have indicated in your report earlier the saudis are neither are they behind the haphazard judicial process that. person and thus far the mess to clean clearly that's not enough this is the conclusion of the courts are. their responsibility now as he's making it very clear belongs on the shoulders of the international community that means that you and itself needs to verse of this matter and then countries on that are old enough i think of the only countries that irrelevant. stank of this or relevant role in this whether turkey or any other country can actually assume this based on its own kind of legal constraints and possibilities including the u.s. if it chooses to overcome the political opposition biased political position right
11:58 pm
they can respond by the administration now many people many leaders have voiced their concern and the horror and proclaim the need for justice we just had to resume a the british prime minister but as we're speaking mohamed been sound man is in south korea on his way to the g. 20 in japan is there a danger that he's already started to rehabilitate himself in terms of the international community and nothing will be done about the men of jamal khashoggi your friend. of course i mean look the rehabilitation of those who were in charge even though the report by some of the does not necessarily or did not release or find direct responsibility of one person and this but even the saudis at mit there were some who say show saudi officials who carried out this you know from their perspective kind of an authorized if you will.
11:59 pm
control operation but there you have it addition definitely has started and the fact that more leaders are meeting with saudi officials who are suspected. of having a hole in this or having order that indicates you know or is is thicker than blood i mean. that includes the united states of america and we had our secretary of state there just the last few days conducting business as usual and his staff said that they're not sure they wouldn't confirm whether this issue was discussed or was on the agenda of that meeting is whether with the crown prince or his royal highness that. josh on thank you very much indeed the interest thank you now the palestinians have rejected out of hand the u.s.
12:00 am
administration 50000000000 dollar economic proposal it was on veiled by senior white house adviser jared krisna at a conference in bahrain on tuesday thousands of palestinians meanwhile at the marching in protest in gaza and the occupied west bank they say they won't trade their rights for money how the senior leaders have already boycotted the me saying and israel was not invited. the elephant in the room and minimize of course the occupation itself. it is the israeli occupation which was never mentioned not once with all its money for stations including land theft including theft of resources and theft of palestinian funds and system of thought of can control. and of course the stepson violinist's on demolitions the siege of gaza the constant military and cousins.


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