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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  June 27, 2019 2:00am-3:00am +03

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well the background to that all the conditions that the u.s. does not has completely violated the j c p a way it's threatening iran with obliteration it has all economic war on iran and then it says oh we'll have we'll have unconditional talks with you just do whatever you have whatever you're ready come and talk we know we have your best interest at heart so it was you know that that skewering of perhaps logic it was very much on display in fact the russians so the russian ambassador said look at what is going on here on the one hand the americans they walk away from this deal then they threaten the signatories who do abide by the deal with punishment if they carry all abiding but then they insist iran does abide by the deal all the while once while the u.s. has completely violated the deal it doesn't really seem to make sense. thanks for that you have written live at the u.n. in new york now the united arab emirates foreign minister has said there's not enough evidence to suggest that iran carried out the recent attacks on oil tankers
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in and around gulf waters and his comments came during a visit to moscow where russia's top diplomat said strong support for allies in tehran then that's ravi has more now from the iranian capital. explosions hit oil tankers in the gulf the kind of incident world leaders worried could spark another war in the middle east on may 12th blasts damage for oil tankers near the port of. a month later on june 13th 2 more ships were attacked in the gulf of oman the u.s. and its allies were quick to blame naval mines they said were placed on ships holes by forces linked to the islamic republic of iran on wednesday one u.s. ally seem to go from certainty to doubt. we cannot point fingers at any state because we do not possess this evidence if they are other nations that position is clear evidence in the international community will listen to them and. the
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evidence has to be clear precise scientific and therefore convince the international community that we are in a region that is important to the world we do not wish for any more strikes and we do no wish for any more instability we want most ability and more development of. the us foreign minister was speaking during a news conference with russia's top diplomat in moscow sergei lavrov made no secret of his support for to her. there are no no return points although some would want to create such point but we will persuade arani him and us colleagues to step away from this dangerous line to start solving the contradiction through a civilized dialogue and of course it means stepping away from policies of ultimatums sanctions and blackmail. on monday the u.n. security council was briefed on the results of investigations carried out by iran's
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accusers the world body condemned the attacks but stopped short of pointing fingers of failing to build a global consensus to blame iran might be one reason for the you a softening its stance iran has also been. undeterred by the allegations warning the united states and neighboring countries of decisive retaliation to any aggression jarry carrying their divorced government in divorce because of a division and plundering nation's business over a very long history not just 10 or 20 years the most hated officials of this government accused a rainy a nation they insult you know on a daily basis they ring in nation won't be deterred by these insults they write me a nation won't retrieve it the comments by the american official will no doubt be a positive sign to iranian leaders but it may not be enough to undo a cycle of escalation that has been going on for months about during the weekly
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cabinet meeting on wednesday president hassan rouhani said iran does not want war with anyone but shooting down a u.s. drone last week he said was a clear sign that border security is a red line and that iran is more than able to defend itself and for world leaders seeking stability in the region iran's president had this recommendation on or the 25th to nuclear deal. life on earth as we know it would come to an end if we didn't have insights and warning with a sting in its tail about the declining number of banks. no sign of any right in the fall cost across much of the middle east we have got some wet weather just around the caucuses on the way between the black sea and the
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caspian sea a little more cloud it just slipping a little further south was on me in the azerbaijan georgia seeing some of that cloud and rain but it's elsewhere already $4748.00 celsius the kuwait city and for baghdad pleasant sunshine across the eastern side of the med will get up to around 2829 celsius for by route and jerusalem over the next couple of days is that right still continuing across the far north east of turkey pushing across towards the caspian sea elsewhere hot sunshine $32.00 celsius to kabul we get up to $34.00 in karachi houses still across the right in peninsula here in doha $43.00 celsius and rising friday will see however around $46.00 degrees possibility of some spots of right now which was the western part of saudi arabia but essentially hot and dry does sum it up not so much right in the whole course across southern africa laws clear skies a little bit of cloud just getting through the southern cape you might just catch want to coastal showers i think the majority of any coastal shabbas will be
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reserved for that eastern side of madagascar elsewhere this will sunshine all the way back with a high of 70. time
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physical of the top stories here it is there a u.n. special investigators called for a criminal inquiry into saudi arabia's crown prince mohammed bin and one of his top advisers over the murder of journalist jamal khashoggi the saudi and void to the u.n. human rights council accuse agnes kind of being prejudiced because she was killed inside the kingdom's consulate in istanbul last october. palestinians have rejected the u.s. administration's $50000000000.00 economic proposal fowls of palestinians have been marching in protests in both girls i knew up to 5 with senior adviser to in the white house jared veiled the proposals at a conference in bahrain and called it an opportunity of the century. the iranian president hassan rouhani has rejected u.s.
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calls for talks saying he doesn't believe washington really wants to negotiate that's after the u.s. impose new sanctions on the reigning supremely leader ayatollah ali how many and the other 3 near officials. now in hong kong democracy campaign is staging more demonstrations in the center of the city that's the scene live is the latest action in what they say is intended to draw attention to the future of human rights in this territory and each of us is our correspondent there in hong kong and andrew the demonstrations against this particular extradition amendment bill seem to be very sustained it seems as though the the protesters a pretty serious about this. well hong kong's government's tame has said that those extradition proposals of the put
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on indefinite hold but that's not enough for the protesters on here right in the center of hong kong that building there is the place headquarters this being the scene of quite a lot of the demonstrations in the last few days last friday that building was blockaded the place people weren't allowed out by the protesters and that's happened again right now we've seen barricades being put up around the gates of that play station none of the place in the work is inside a able to get out now largely this has been peaceful if rowdy and loud i don't exaggerate say it's too much but the have been some studies thrown up windows i haven't seen any windows smashed but certainly there was a tense scene out here about 3000 people gathered in total earlier there were about a 100000 bomb i guess who will gather in a park in the center of hong kong for a big peaceful rally much more mainstream if you like these are more about making anger with the place known and that's because of the way you the police handled some of the protests 10 days ago now when the legislation which at that stage
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hadn't been suspended was being debated in the latest of this council here in hong kong and the protests around that were met with tear gas with rubber bullets and a lot of people were arrested as well and the protesters here have various demands the full withdrawing of those extradition proposed i don't think the suspension is enough they want kerry land the chief executive to resign and they want those who were arrested during those protests a week or so but now to be released so they've got various demands now some of those demands links to previous protests and that is what this is all about right now their anger with the police is very clear right and i mean we have seen within the past couple of weeks suddenly absolute historic record numbers out on the streets of hong kong through the parent shaw if you'll feel here may because i'm not hearing. you anymore but just a little bit more of the context of all are based in the g. 20 summit of world leaders is happening in japan over this coming weekend and what
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the protesters want is for other world leaders to take a very message a message about concern for the future of hong kong. they don't think the president of china is listening to them now china has said they won't be any formal discussions about hong kong at the g. 20 but on the sidelines it might be discussed and that's what the earlier protest was all about earlier on wednesday to a certain extent that's what this is about as well making sure that hong kong is front and center not just in the minds of people in this city but of world leaders as they meet in japan andrew thomas doing an excellent job in hong kong even though he can't hear me and you tell us thank you very much indeed now for harrowing photographs of a father and his daughter who drowned in a river on the us mexico border is highlighting the dangers migrants face trying to get into the u.s. last year more than 200 people died was trying to make the crossing its very gazin
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be reports and a warning some of you may find some of the images disturbing. martinez and his 23 month old daughter valerie a died last weekend crossing from mexico to the united states a journalist who works for a mexican newspaper found their bodies on monday she hopes the photographs she took will focus international attention on migration to the u.s. where you can make one more you know in extent in working it was something that moved me deeply because it showed that up until her last breath she was joined to him not only by their shirts but also in that embrace in which they passed together into death. 25 year old martinez was from el salvador he was crossing the rio grande with valerie on his back tucked inside his t. shirt when they were swept away by strong currents his wife was waiting on the mexican side of the shoreline and survived. them something bad like this happen before you see the river and it appears very calm i think that's why the father
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thought he could cross but the rio grande has a lot of deep powerful currents downstream. earlier this month mexico agreed to tighten its southern border with quota mana after president donald trump threatened to impose tariffs on mexican goods critics say the new measures have led to migrants taking even more dangerous and isolated routes. page aggressive martinez and his daughter of reminiscent of another tragedy that made headlines 4 years ago the image of alan curry's body washed up on a turkish beach sparked global outrage he was a 3 year old syrian refugee the images of martinez and his daughter may have a similar impact serving to highlight the plight of those fleeing war and poverty in central america victoria gay to be al-jazeera. german charity ship with $42.00 migrants on board has entered italian waters see what's 3 said it decided to
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land in lampedusa off the coast of italy because the situation on board was so desperate that this move comes after the interior minister of italy imitator salvage any he bought the ship from its forces saying it will be seized see what said the migrants have become desperate after the european court of human rights on jews they rejected their appeal to be allowed to disembark initially i've been speaking to chris growe dot skee who is spokesman for sea watch he thinks the refugees and migrants aboard may now be allowed to disembark. help the situation before with italy has tried to bar us from entering and telling waters for quite a while now for over a year he has already seized other ships and also our ship has been seized a couple of times or a short while for 2 or 3 weeks but has always been released after the time because never there was. an illegal or grounds to hold us for longer so we have
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always acted in accordance with international law when we rescue people in the mediterranean and therefore there is no reason for. actually seizing our busy ship even though suddenly now made a new to korea trying to ease this procedure to seize our ship they will hopefully be disembark very soon to the port of lampedusa usually like last time which is only a couple of weeks back we wouldn't enter the port of lampedusa but the italian coast guard would in this case. where we have busy entered national waters already in a state of necessity they would send the boat to then pick up these people from our boat bring them to them produce up bring them to the what that is there where there are already hundreds of people who have arrived to the mediterranean on their own now insects are vital for the survival of the planet but researches say there's an alarming decline in their numbers they say pesticides is killing off many of the
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ponds lawrence lee has a story. one of the problems for insects is that humans don't tend to notice if they're there or not but if people don't start paying more attention than the consequences could be catastrophic for all of us in country after country in europe and beyond there is evidence of bees butterflies months and other species disappearing that knocks on to the survival of birds reptiles and fish which live off the insects of the food chain it will inevitably affect humans they pollinate 75 percent of the crops that humans grow 87 percent of all plant species on the planet need pollinating. insects would disappear then most plants would go all flowers more or less would die they get rid of chi parts and dead bodies and keep the soil healthy and do a whole bunch of stuff so essentially life on earth as we know it would come to an end if we didn't have insects this part of england is only 60 kilometers south of
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london yet it looks like a refuge for wildlife but declining numbers seem to be everywhere measuring insect numbers isn't that straightforward as a motorway it's traditionally been done is by counting a bug splats on a car windscreen they used to be the case that if you drove around a part of england like this in the summer by the end of the day you windscreen would be cakes where we've just spent most of the day in the car and barely a mark on it. the reasons for this are all known no farmers are usually blamed for the widespread use of pesticides in modern agriculture so you actually when you spend more time you spend the more you look and so your 1st rule is no nicely everywhere while the u.k. is seen as badly affected farmers here argue it is still possible to protect insects in terms of crowd rights action is really important how about diversity in the landscape so you can see here we have cattle grazing in fields we have cropped so we have lots of different types of crops never have assigned crop in the field
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twice and then really try and minimise the use of the inputs we use we really try to minimize the use of insect insecticides for example because clearly that's going to be good for the environment as worse having spikes around in all the trees in the hedge rows where margins you say it's all that spice for nature along saw growing food a recent global study of insect decline suggested numbers having every 25 years that suggests it isn't too late to turn things around but in the u.k. at least the reason why people keep protesting is that it seems a priority for barely any politicians largely al-jazeera in sussex. tough is a take a look at the top stories here it is there a u.n. special investigators called for a criminal inquiry into saudi arabia's crown prince mohammed bin sound man and one of his main advisers over the murder of journalist jamal khashoggi the saudi envoy
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to the un un human rights council they accuse agnes kalam out of being prejudiced. excellences state trust sponsibility begs a question as to whom is or to metra be liable for each killing the inquiry was a human rights inquiry not a criminal investigation it was nevertheless found credible evidence wire and further investigation of the high level saudi officials individual liability including that of the crown prince of saudi arabia and obvious key advisor saudi. palestinians have rejected the u.s. administration's 50000000000 dollar economic proposal thousands of palestinians have been marching in protesting girls and in the occupied west bank senior advisor at the white house. veiled the proposals that a conference in bahrain and called it an opportunity of the century the iranian
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president hassan rouhani has rejected u.s. calls for talks saying he doesn't believe washington really wants to negotiate that's after the u.s. imposed sanctions targeted on iran's supreme leader ayatollah ali khamenei as well as other senior officials a german charity ship with 42 migrants on board has ended italian waters sea was 3 decided to land in lampedusa because the situation on board was desperate and this comes after the italian interior minister. barred the ship from its waters saying it will be seen used in hong kong democracy campaign as a staging another mass demonstration in the center of the city is the latest action that they say is intended to draw attention to the future of human rights in the autonomous territory right up to date those are the latest headlines from us here at al-jazeera do stay with us i'll be back in about half an hour but coming up next inside story.
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the opportunity of the century that's what white house advisor it. says is being presented to palestinians as a conference in bahrain but neither the israelis know the palestinians are there so what's the point and does money trump politics this is inside story. hello and welcome to the program i'm wrong on washington's plan to end decades of
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conflict between the israelis and the palestinians has been dubbed the deal of the century although most of the details all still under wraps president don't trump is pushing prosperity as the 1st step towards peace his son in law and senior white house advisor jarred unveiled the economic part of the proposal that's a 2 day conference in bahrain on tuesday on one's wealthy gulf arab nations and business leaders to invest $50000000000.00 in the palestinian territory jordan egypt and lebanon the aim is to build projects and create jobs the political part of the plan is expected to be revealed after these radio actions in september my direct message to the palestinian people is that despite what those who have let you down in the past tell you president trump and america have not given up on you this workshop is for you. the vision we developed and released if executed
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correctly will lead to a better future for the palestinian people a future of dignity prosperity and opportunity no israeli official has been invited to the conference and palestinians a boycotting event they say they won't talk business without a political solution will bring in our guests in a moment but 1st rob matheson reports from gaza where people have been protesting against the u.s. plan. when just a question or made his opening remarks at the start of the buffering conference and tuesday he said the political issues involved in the conflict between the israelis and the palestinians would be discussed at the right time well as far as these protesters in gaza concerned this is the right time there's no question that gaza needs investment there are 2000000 people here and 52 percent of them are unemployed the united nations says it's helping to provide food aid to 1000000 people and the infrastructure is in bad need of rebuilding. but the people in gaza
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also say that the economic element of the u.s. plan is an attempt to distract them from their political demands they want a right to return to the land that they say is theirs they want to lifting controls and restrictions that have been imposed mainly by israelis on trade and movement and in a run. the israeli say that those restrictions are necessary to stop weapons coming into gaza which could be used against israelis but the gazans say those restrictions also prevent gaza's economy from expanding these people today say that it is vitally important that there is a political solution 1st before anyone starts talking about the money. let's bring in our panel joining us from washington d.c. james norton republican strategist and former senior staff in the george w. bush administration in london who was the palestinian ambassador to the u.k.
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and in west jerusalem mitchell brock former advisor to president shimon peres and prime minister ariel sharon a welcome to you all and let's begin in washington d.c. with james norton james this peace plan has been almost universally criticized by people within foreign policy circles in fact one palestinian diplomats likened it to a divorce settlement where neither the lawyers turned up to the meeting and neither did the people getting divorced what is the strategy here. you know i think it's important to note that the trump white house has really operated as almost an isolationist white house really going back to world war 2 almost pre president roosevelt there really has been a policy of disengagement for the most part outside of a few a few efforts here or there and i'd say this is one of the key efforts obviously for the trump white house to president trump to put gerry questionnaire in charge of the middle east peace plan or planning process and so i think you know if you look at there from their perspective and i think jericho talked on this network
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yesterday about economics and investment and that's that's kind of who they are and that's where they come from in terms of their backgrounds they're not your traditional politicians and so i think that's where they see it and i think they're trying to say hey there could be a future but the future has to come with a strong economy and strong economic and i think that's that's where they're coming from and that's why they're starting to have these conversations because i have a national economy without a state a nation so why do it this way around you know i again i think that this white house thinks a little bit differently i think we've had plenty of white houses that have tried it the other way in terms of trying to establish the state 1st i think that that's not exactly off the table but i think they're also trying to say you know we need to make these considerations and i think it's also their way of bringing other people other countries and other investments to the table as well and so you don't have just the united states you've got you know the everybody in the region around this idea and this planning process i think that's why they're out there today
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trying to bring as many people as they can the other to have these conversations you know i think you have to look at it too it's been you know this is the 3rd year of the trump ministration and you know this is kind of where we are at this point in terms of what their thought process is and what they think they need to get done and so. this is their effort what is the palestinian position here just explain to us why you're not at the conference. we're not because we're not interested to take part in such a charade it's a charade it's simply a game that we have seen a movie that we have watched many years actually let me correct you have guessed from the us that they have been trying to focus on the state for the last one to 6 years actually it's the opposite for the last one to 6 years the only idea that was tested and tried was economic fees all slow the process was about focusing on the economic cart before the political horse to a dismal failure for all of us and we felt bad for the captive audience almost of course now just behind and who all know including the world bank the i.m.f.
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mr tony blair himself who have tried yes the 1st job for mr blair after actually after leaving the you know a number 10 downing street was to head the quartet and he has tied the heart of this concept of economic cart before the economic course everybody knows that the major obstacle for unleashing the palestinian economy is actually. the issue of destructions the israeli occupation our inability to use our resources our inability to conduct trade the lack of control and the moment we gain our economic sovereignty and political rights well campbell as a nation to bend a 5 in prosperous economy and we have all it takes to do so. the issue here is that mr kushner has and his plan has neither a an economic cost more a political horse the political horse was was shot in the head when the president
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declared divorce a limb the united capital of israel and move the embassy and all that followed after that with regards to the refugees with their guns for the settlements and then being illegal with regards to all the moves all the way to only 3 days ago and his national security adviser in the day and they show them valley promising that the u.s. will endure. control of the jordan valley and that extension which is by the way the strategic reserve out of palestine and now he talks about an economic cost that doesn't exist it's really an exaggerated numbers nobody knows where this coming money come from what it's going to go and you know mr question of himself has been really sad this over the last few months and years cutting the entire u.s. aid from the order to the palestinian people including to hospitals and schools education to all of what the u.n. agency that caters for the palestinian refugees and by the way that would have cost
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and caused a pastoral feat in palestine because more than half a $1000000.00 palestinian children are educated by on that one thanks to the world by the way for forging the bell and and compensating that and sustaining on there what to do it's absolutely crucial. and by the way today that is the more important what schaub conference in new york for mobilizing assistant therefore even his economic plans are not convincing them not real and the only question for us is what is the intention behind all this and we believe the minimum sure is only about one last request by not only a hole and the election season which is the israeli normalization of relationship an absence of a political solution very strong words there from the ambassador in london let me bring you in jim mitchell barak in west your recent this is almost a gift isn't it to the netanyahu government if and the us does
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a lot is right it's an election gift it's giving netanyahu a way of saying well here's another deal that the palestinians have rejected we're trying our hardest. no because nobody planned this election so you know this is been going on since the last election for over a year and you know i'd like to ask the ambassador what what's the risk if you just try it why don't you try and just say yes and say let's take the $50000000000.00 let's try and rehabilitate gaza and the west bank and let's try and create an economy for ourselves and get some outside investment they brought some really really serious people out to behind. a lot of very very serious american business people a lot of people that are ready to invest i think 1st of all the most significant thing that's being missed by everyone is something that sure own prime minister sharon did. which had not been done in by israel and it's certainly not be been done by the by the united states yet and is very respected and should be respected
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by both the palestinians and the arab world and that is sending his own family to try and solve these problems to negotiate on diplomatic missions many arielle sharon sent his son only to meet with arafat in those days to meet with the palestinians and they very much respected the fact that he wasn't sending an envoy just some you know foreign ministry bureaucrat and i think the same can be said for president trump and for jarrett cushion or you can criticize jarrett krishna's plan you can say he doesn't have diplomatic experience but the fact of the matter is he is basically flesh and blood of president trump he is family and one family comes in they go shades on behalf of the president the united states in the arab world you should take that very seriously and they've come up with some in the lid and you know it let's be as i would be on these anomaly negotiate saying no a substitute for the real for the right people the most knowledge of people the best people for the job to negotiate shoulder you know saying that well we've listened to you we've listed all that we've listed no no it's a start it's
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a start and that's how and and and james may or may tell you that's how you get things done in the white house you want to get something done in the white house. find a way to jarett questionnaire ok he's really running the show there so here you have someone who has direct access to the president both during business hours and after business hours and he's taking this is to spearhead it why don't you take advantage of that why don't you take advantage of the fact that instead of looking at a negative the president trump declared jerusalem as the capital recognize israeli sovereignty over the golan heights say well he's already given them that now what is what are the israelis have to give up for that or what are we getting for that is the palestinian busters and they want you to leave israelis have to give up for that surely the simple answer is a palestinian nation state right surely. thank you iran and you know i was the ambassador to washington and i have dealt with a lot of caution and under the in blot on all the white house stuff for you in half we made the many many times my president met the president from 4 times in
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a very short period of time by the way we engaged at the highest level and if you're a new york guest from as i go back to the record i was on the record in the us media saying that the you know question of being part of the family might not be bad news we need somebody was close with the president we have engaged of the highest level we were transparent positive hopeful engaging i myself i have to washington to engage that line but mr ition of the instruction of the president at the very highest level and in fact i had to prepare immediately for the arrival of president our best to washington shortly after i arrived which was may 2017 and every meeting president trump agreed with with my president on every major point including a 2 state solution of the $167.00 borders including the arab peace initiative a normalization often a political solution including the issue of israel has it has to abide by certain rules however all this started to happen because this has nothing to do with. policy or international resolutions or the long held us policy this has to do with
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personal favors personal interests and personal ideologies and that we start with the last part. that ideology is he might be that is just a question of they son in law of the president but he is also somebody who is historically normal for his relationship with netanyahu netanyahu keeps bragging about sleeping in the bed of course no one questioned it was a child we know the history of the question was on the nothing else for the last of the 40 years we know the history of friedman the ambassador to israel and he is a directly involved implicated in the illegal settlement enterprise he is bragging and happy about his contribution to the settlements and green blood has his own siblings now on his own sons are living in an israeli legal settlement inside the west bank and go back to the. sort of favors this is about not that he has been from the american election via should than other son we know that and this
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is about tom helping nothing you know and the israeli elections and this whole game of deceit we are witnessing well i'm not interested to waste our time we're not interested well let me bring in let me bring in james an alternate almost since i myself one just a 2nd about stuff let me bring in james rosen here from washington d.c. he you have a strategy that suggests money is important the palestinian economy is important but this isn't u.s. money this is money coming from the gulf states from the arab states so this isn't the u.s. playing up their own money this is encouraging investments and normalizing relations between the arab world and the israeli world at the cost of the plight of the palestinians is that an accurate way of describing it. well i don't think so i mean i don't think the united states necessarily said they're not going to invest their own money i think certainly in the states a long history of investing money across the globe in any area that needed economic development i again i'll go back to world war 2 in the marshall plan and rebuilding
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europe in the billions of dollars the united states invested there to rebuild a region that was obviously decimated after the war i think that the united states the white house the congress would look at this if there was some sort of a framework of a deal that ends up coming in place in terms of the economy i think that you could see some investment some foreign investment some foreign office money coming from the u.s. if there wasn't fact agreements from other states in the region you know again i think that. sending jury questionnaire obviously is a signal from the white house that it is a personal interest of. the president trying to have his son in law involved in this process and so you know you can look at it obviously different ways as we have on this show but i think that it does put it is in terms of priority there have been you know a few foreign policy priorities and i think that this is one for for this particular white house in terms of trying to move the ball down the road i don't think they're under any illusion that they're going to solve everything in the next 4872 hours but i think the conversations and trying to continue the conversations
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are a good thing i think the gentleman from the ambassador in terms of his meetings with the president 2 years ago i think that again that is that is a good thing in terms of communication and conversations nobody's ever going to get everything that they want in any political deal or economic deal but i do think that this white house is trying to nudge this thing is as best they can in terms of moving it forward so i think there will be u.s. investment in u.s. interests as long as there are other investments from other countries and i think president reagan was very clear with his our european allies when he 1st took office in terms of the nato alliance is in those type of things in terms of the u.s. is willing to invest in places like nato but they also are looking for investments from them as well so i think that's that's not not very different than what we've seen from him at this point. let's bring about israel and palestine i don't need a poll to tell me that the peace plan is actually very unpopular in palestine you just have to take a look at all of the same is coming out from the p.l.o.
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and the local newspapers and just speak to people as i've been doing throughout the weeks this has been announced but i would have liked to take a look at what it might mean to israelis is this plan in israel europe europe. you've done work on this clearly it's too early to get an accurate reading on this on the specifics but in your experience do you think this plan is popular in israel well i think it is very popular i mean we polled we did a poll in december before as it was being anticipated that was going to be announced before the election was called we did a survey for the konrad adenauer foundation here in israel what we found was pretty amazing because here's the difference if you go back historically and look at presidents whether they're clinton who was wildly popular here whether it's george bush who was very popular and seen as a great friend of israel or barack obama less so but still by many seen as a friend of israel israelis always kind of felt that the united states favors the palestinians and all these kinds of peace deals and all these kinds of issues and
2:40 am
the question is how much pressure is going to be put on israel to make concessions how much pressure is going to be put on israel to compromise because israel has traditionally uncertain peace treaties and we just celebrated i believe 40 years of the egyptian peace treaty israel's going to have to give up something to get something what changed here is when we polled israelis we said you know is the u.s. and under trump an honest broker favors the israelis or favors the palestinians so 44 percent of jewish israeli said honest broker 46 percent favors israelis so that's 90 percent right there that is clear that the united states is either neutral or on or on israeli side of course it was much less among the israeli arab sector the $1200000.00 people that we polled where it was only 14 percent said. favors 72 percent said favors israelis so there are more skeptical but you know if you look at israelis in general this is a different presidency because already even before this plan is announced this
2:41 am
president has done things that no one even expected to be done not under any agreement or any concessions and without any concessions jerusalem. the embassy and moving the embassy to jerusalem the golan heights and you know canceling the nuclear agreement with iran so those 3 things put the trump administration on a different level israelis have confidence that trump is not going to sell them down the river that is not going to force them to make compromises so it doesn't really matter what's exactly in the deal of this century in this peace plan israelis are confident it won't hurt israel's security and that's what's important to them at the same time already when i say you know i just hope it will ring at this time so i want to bring a bust. and of course the polls are going to be favorable towards donald trump he seems so given israel a lot of what it wasn't even expecting according to mitchell barak do you have a partner for peace in the u.s. is the u.s. a reliable partner for the peace for the palestinians none of this theme of this
2:42 am
theme has been back stabbing the palestinians from day one and by the way they closed the office i used to head the embassy in washington right at the height of all engagement with with them and that hopeful moment so they're not interested to talk to us. about it by the way they don't see us as a people that's why they would close all of the promote the commission and they would close the consulate general of the u.s. consul general in jerusalem that was the team 44 long before all this was a key contact between the u.s. people in government and palestine anyway you know doing all that closing our embassy the u.s. consulate giving as i enjoy most of them but if usually is the settlements all of a sudden are not illegal and not the lobs the kind of the issue of border those giving them the golan heights and only 3 days ago the national security bulletin was in the jordan valley telling them that i mean. now they would indorse has control of the strategic reservoir the most important for thought area that we rely on to build our state and then they tell you there's a whale is a happy now we can make peace what peace there's nothing left for us and it's all
2:43 am
about keep feeding. them the aus grocery list if you may for actually winning elections that's all about it and we wonder maybe is no i mean that the neo is running out actually of items from the palestinian pockets he took everything in advance from trump perhaps for the people meeting and behind and maybe and i'm not joking enough that i will seek now some sort of a control over as an early warning site or something because that will help him and the elections now i'm not being very serious here but this is an example of how things are going in this relationship between netanyahu and thrown and his team and we palestinians have to accept that have to engage at any cost no we know we can build a thriving economy we know we have all it takes to do so by the way we have one of the most educated useful society in the world we have the highest ph d. per capita graduates only last week i brought here to the u.k. 16 intrapreneur startups they made shock waves in the u.k.
2:44 am
whatever they went with that innovation ability smart ideas in the business we don't like the human capital we don't like the not sure of resources we have one of the more sorry and i think i'm going to have to cut you off because we are running out of time. a lot such as a long and we don't need question have to give us a business plan we need them to just end this occupation and leave our business on economy. they go that was one of the questions i want to bring in very quickly we're running out of time james notes and in washington d.c. these rallies are very happy with this plan clearly the palestinians on even buying in surely it's time for the u.s. to go back to the drawing board and say this isn't working well i think that this is the beginning part of a process and you know i think it's unfair to ari declarative and 6. last fall when you know today is kind of the 1st day of a kick off if you will despite all the behind the scenes things that have been happening for several months or over a year so you know i do think that it is in everybody's best interests if they
2:45 am
continue to try to talk and work things out and have conversations and show up for meetings and of course there's a lot of history of course you know. can't solve everything of course of course not however you know i do think that. this is something that they are trying to bring bring groups together this is the 3rd year of the administration i think you've seen kind of where they are you know at this point and i think it's probably as i said in the best interest to communicate and that's kind of were president trump has been i get i know he's been a different president one that we have not really seen before but i think when he does get behind things he has shown that he's willing to he's willing to try to deal and make things happen so i think it's probably a lot as i said in everybody's interest to communicate thank you very much gentlemen for a very spirited discussion james militant whose homes only and thank you too for watching you can see the program again any time by this thing go website don't call and for further discussion go to a facebook page that's facebook dot com forwards a.j.
2:46 am
inside story and you can also join the conversation on twitter handle is that a.j. the inside story for me and the entire team here in the by the no. i.
2:47 am
this is a dialogue i'm reading about it for not at instinet on international media and on t.v. why should we stop it with skepticism because there's a lot of it on my and everyone has a voice we are being taken advantage of just because we are small community
2:48 am
without any network just eat healthy join the global conversation on al-jazeera all they want to do is try to depict the same kind of debate we have here in st. elsewhere this is the opportunity to understand the very different way where there are people coming out and we don't leave. al-jazeera. hello welcome to this al-jazeera news live from martine dennis coming up in the next 60 minutes i would turn a blind eye to the crime and side to the crimes none of those questions have been and so. a un investigator calls for an inquiry into the saudi crown prince's role
2:49 am
in the murder of jamal khashoggi. the elephant in the room and as of course the occupation itself. senior palestinian officials condemned the u.s. sponsored bahrain conference and say it's an attempt to buy off a future palestinian state. the hering image of a father and his daughter that's putting us migration sharply in focus we're live at the border with mexico. in the london news center with all the latest from europe including u.k. prime minister to resume a comes under heavy pressure in parliament over arms sales. to saudi arabia. with their sports major changes or announce to how cities will go about betting for the olympic games and stand by for break dancing the sport is a step closer to be included into the program for parents 2024.
2:50 am
the kingdom of saudi arabia is responsible for the premeditated murder of the saudi journalist jamal khashoggi that's what especially investigators told the bodies human rights council agnes calamansi report cool for a criminal inquiry into the saudi crown prince mohammed bin sound man and one of his key advisers. excellences state trust sponsibility begs the question as to whom is ultimately liable for its killing the inquiry was a human rights inquiry not a criminal investigation it does nevertheless found credible evidence 1000 further investigation of the high level saudi officials individual liability including that of the crown prince of saudi arabia and obvious key advisor so that. his
2:51 am
response to the un investigator was a cute her of prejudice to say that what is we are amongst the $36.00 countries that have complied with all the obligations under the human rights mechanisms that in kalamata as breach procedures that need to be adopted given to the special repertoire this is something which has skewed the procedures i should as part of the procedures and trials in saudi arabia we don't believe she has respected her mandate in full integrity and therefore has not been able to do her work professionally accusations have been launched and fingers have been pointed supporting yourself non-credible articles all sources which are certainly not credible. right we can go live now to our correspondent has his there in geneva at the u.n. and has him today's been a very important day in terms of uncovering exactly what happened to democracy what
2:52 am
8 months ago and this is when agnes cullum all the u.n. special rapporteur presented her report to the un human rights council. indeed and martin this was an opportunity for her to gauge a sense of international reaction and whether countries are willing to move forward with a panel of experts to carry out the criminal investigation and she also warned the international community that if they don't they would send the best as to countries that they can use their political and financial leverage to gether way with crimes without having to bother themselves about any risk of prosecution i spoke a while ago with agnes kalama about the work that she's been doing for quite some time to come out with those events as a gun the saudi government and house of the forward and this is what she had to tell us the state is responsible ok we tease
2:53 am
a state crime something that the saudi authorities have yet to recognize once you have determined that the state is responsible where does that mean what tease the state so what i am saying now within the category of the state there are high level officials that are creamy nearly response people for the crime it does not necessarily mean that they are responsible because they all do the crime they can be responsible because they directly or indirectly incite to the crime because they failed to prevent teton because they failed to stop it and these are the kind of scenarios that i would want the follow a criminal investigation to investigate along with the question of whether sold it . i was kind of was very cautious in the past talking about the details of the findings and the responsibilities of the different key players particularly inside the arabia what was interesting today is that she was
2:54 am
star she started stepping up the rhetoric against the u.n. and the united nations security general in particular saying that he should take action his should last the investigation to the point where says says she was frustrated over statements made by the spokesperson of didn't turn your good terrace when he said that it was not within his bandaids to ask for an international investigation still hoping that in the coming days many countries would come on board and say yes and you and all of the international experts will start very soon the criminal investigation into the murder of jamal has 60 has to live in geneva thank you. now palestinians of emphatically rejected the u.s. administration's $50000000000.00 economic proposal that was unveiled by their senior white house adviser jared at a 2 day conference in bahrain the palestinians are saying they won't trade their
2:55 am
rights for money other abdulhamid reports. senior white house adviser jared questioner gathered arab dignitaries israeli businessman investors and politicians from the wider world to discuss how to kickstart the palestinian economy over the next decade at reaction we've he called his plan the opportunity of the century. questionnaires counting on allies like saudi arabia and the u.a.e. for support in soliciting $50000000000.00 in investment pledges even though lebanon rejected the plan and countries like egypt and jordan sent low ranking officials if we managed to do it 25 years ago with significantly less money i'm pretty sure that it can be done today with the amounts of money and with the private sector participation if we can achieve that hope of peace. for everybody to start working together to achieve what we're trying to achieve the
2:56 am
chief of the international monetary fund christine legarde says the focus should be on the creation of jobs in areas such as agriculture tourism and construction. so if there is an economy if there is urgent question of making sure that the momentum is sustained and for that it will require all the goodwill in the world on the part of all parties. private sector public sector international organizations and the parties on the ground and the neighbors the i.m.f. expects the palestinian economy to shrink by 1.6 percent this year and says unemployment stands at 30 percent in the occupied west bank and 50 percent in gaza but the palestinian leadership has rejected the plan and was absent in manama it hasn't had any contact with the u.s. administration since president donald trump recognized jerusalem as israel's capital
2:57 am
a senior palestinian official says the whole basis of economic plan is built on the wrong assumptions the most basic ones is that the arabs can deliver palestine the palestinians or that the arabs can sign on behalf of the palestinians or. the arabs will even foot the bill. or that the palestinians will substitute freedom and dignity and the term a nation for a fistful of dollars people in gaza and the west bank have been protesting against it many wonder if there will be even a concern for the u.s. administration after its last tens of millions of dollars in aid money already in the manner my workshop was all about economics there was no mention of palestinian rights return of refugees or the end of the occupation core issues that should be part of the political plan yet to be revealed but there has already said if there
2:58 am
is going to be a deal it's not going to be along the lines of the 17 year old arab peace initiative which palestinian fear means the end of the 2 state solution without that hemy. but we can talk to ben white though he's a journalist and author of cracks in the wall beyond the party in palestine israel he's joining us via skype from london ben do you think the palestinians are right to be 7 phatic the against this economic deal that has been proposed by jared kirsner well there's been quite unanimous position really amongst palestinian political factions and civil society activists groups rejecting. me not just this economic workshop that's taking place in behaving but also the trump administration's approach in general since you know for the last 2 years or so the eurozone as your correspondent mentioned this is the economic part of the so-called
2:59 am
deal and the attention that's been focused on speculating about the contents of the political part of the deal and has perhaps some people distracted from the fact that turkey ministration has spent the last couple of years steadily implementing what we can safely assume is the political vision and that is included of course relocating the embassy to jerusalem it's included attacks on. and on the definition of palestinian refugees themselves it's included of course more recently comments from jumping ministration officials that indicates a pause for unilateral israeli onix ation of my respect entry and so on and this is a view that we've heard many times now there's a huge amount of skepticism about the trumpet ministrations approach to the whole issue but do you think perhaps that the palestinians might be missing an opportunity to the game given that president trump has placed an awful lot of
3:00 am
political capital into this a deal of the century is as he's called it a do you think that maybe the palaces stan eons are missing a trick here. no i mean i think i think the trumpet and donald trump himself and his administration. sees things very much through the lens of domestic politics it's the base the donald trump space includes christian zionists who take you know far right positions when it comes to israel and the palestinians also as donors who are pushing towards that type of politics as well and i don't think the palestinians are missing opportune missing an opportunity here but what is necessary is to have to perhaps go a bit further than simply boycotting or refusing to participate in initiatives like the workshop i'm just seen and actually and this is of course the difficult part.


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