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responsible for talking. with water as he made the remarks while visiting russia to discuss tensions. explosions hit oil tankers in the gulf the kind of incident world leaders worried could spark another war in the middle east on may 12th blasts damaged for oil tankers near the port of pajero a month later on june 13th 2 more ships were attacked in the gulf of oman the u.s. and its allies were quick to blame naval mines they said were placed on ships wholes by forces linked to the islamic republic of iran on wednesday one u.s. ally seem to go from certainty to doubt. we cannot point fingers at any state because we do not possess this evidence if they are other nations that position is clear evidence in the international community will listen to them and. kind of the evidence has to be clear precise scientific and therefore convince the
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international community that we are in a region that is important to the world we do not wish for any more strikes and we do no wish for any more instability we want most ability and more development of. the us foreign minister was speaking during a news conference with russia's top diplomat in moscow sergei lavrov made no secret of his support for to her own. there are no no return points although some would want to create such point but we will persuade our ronnie and us colleagues to step away from this dangerous line to start solving the contradiction through a civilized dialogue and of course it means stepping away from policies of ultimatums sanctions and blackmail. on monday the u.n. security council was briefed on the results of investigations carried out by iran's accusers the world body condemned the attacks but. stopped short of pointing
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fingers about failing to build global consensus to blame iran might be one reason for the u.a.e. softening its stance iran has also been undeterred by the allegations warning the united states and neighboring countries of decisive retaliation to any aggression. divorce government and of war because of division and plundering nations a very very long history not just 10 or 20 years the most hated officials of this government accused the reigning in nation then saw iran on a daily basis they ring in nation won't be deterred by these insults they write me a nation won't retrieve it the comments by the american official will no doubt be a positive sign to iranian leaders but it may not be enough to undo a cycle of escalation that has been going on for months about during the weekly cabinet meeting on wednesday president hassan rouhani said iran does not want war with anyone but shooting down a u.s.
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drone last week he said was a clear sign that border security is a red line and that iran is more than able to defend itself and for world leaders seeking stability in the region iran's president had this recommendation on or the 25th to nuclear deal. plenty more ahead on this al-jazeera news hour including nato allies turkey and the us me to discuss the standoff over a russian missile system plus homeless but hopeful we follow a venezuelan family trying to make a new start in colombia and in sport pakistan reignites their semifinal hopes at the cricket world cup peter has the action coming up later. the 1st 2020 u.s. presidential debate is underway with 10 of the 20 democratic hopefuls participating in miami it's happening over 2 nights elizabeth warren is the biggest name of the
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opening debate she is up against the likes of amy and beatle or rock the rest of the candidates including other favorites bernie sanders and joe biden will take part in the 2nd debate and gallagher is live for us in miami florida so 10 candidates in this 1st debate who's standing out so far and. while this is a very crowded field as you know this is over 2 nights 20 candidate since total and this is all about creating momentum creating more people here for her to move it and i have to say so far in this debate we're about an hour of course into it it's the women who are standing out a meek local show is doing a good job. from hawaii the 1st hindu to be afforded the house of representatives has spoken very little but she's poised she gets to the point she talked about her service to the country elizabeth warren of course is the person that's heading up the polls in tonight's list of 10 candidates is putting in
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a solid performance cory booker has spoken quite a lot detail. from texas has been attacked by some of the candidates he looks slightly nervous in this debate and this is an essential debate for these 10 candidates they need to create the men to especially those who don't have the name recognition about people like elizabeth warren. cory booker do have expected over the next few weeks a fairly big call of these 20 candidates because after these 2 debates if they don't do well if they don't create those those moments of people will remember that their campaign finance money will dry up and they will drop away and that's what some democratic voters want they say there's too many people here there's too much choice they want this thing to get whittled down fairly quickly to the candidates they want to see running but we've got 18 months left of what's going into an election the democratic party don't even pick their candidate until next summer but this is a chance for the american public to meet many of these candidates for the 1st time so far many of them are putting in a solid performance but it's
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a crowded field and it's difficult to stand out at this point in time and what about on the issues what are democratic voters looking for. or what's taking up the 1st hour of the debate is essentially immigration especially after those pictures of the father and his daughter lying dead at the rio grande there was some argument among some of the candidates about how they would put immigration policies into place but they generally all agree on these policies they're talking about gun control a moment they all agree so the devil is in the details at the moment but these debates are so crowded so diverse it is hard for any candidate to stand out there has been some infighting just a little bit people trying to distinguish themselves from one another but i think the next few weeks the next few months will see this crowded field thin down to the people that do well in the polls that raise more money because going forward that the qualifications to get into these debates are getting tougher you have to get a certain amount of donations from a certain amount of states and raise
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a certain amount of money so if they don't do well here tonight and tomorrow night it could be the end of their presidential hopes fairly soon thank you so much for that andy gallagher live for us in miami florida. palestinians have rejected the tramp administration safety $1000000000.00 economic plan saying they want to give up their rights for money the proposal is part of a peace initiative the u.s. is calling the deal of the century it was unveiled by senior white house adviser jared and a 2 day conference in bahrain hoda abdel-hamid reports. senior white house adviser jared christian are gathered arab dignitaries israeli businessmen investors and politicians from the wider world to discuss how to kickstart the palestinian economy over the next decade reaction we've he called his plan the opportunity of the century. question is counting on allies like saudi arabia and the u.s. for support in soliciting $50000000000.00 in investment pledges even though lebanon
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rejected the plan in countries like egypt and jordan sent low ranking officials if we managed to do it 25 years ago with significantly less money i'm pretty sure that it can be done with the amounts of money with the private sector participation if we can achieve that hope of peace. for everybody to start working together to achieve what we're trying to achieve the chief of the international monetary fund christine legarde says the focus should be on the creation of jobs in areas such as agriculture tourism and construction so if there is an economy if there is are chancy the question of making sure that the momentum is sustained and for that it will require all the goodwill in the world on the part of all parties. private sector public sector international organizations and the parties on the
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ground and the neighbors the i.m.f. expects the palestinian economy to shrink by 1.6 percent this year and says unemployment stands at 30 percent in the occupied west bank and 50 percent in gaza but the palestinian leadership has rejected the plan and was absent in manama it hasn't had any contact with the u.s. administration since president donald trump recognized jerusalem as israel's capital a senior palestinian official says the whole basis of economic plan is built on the wrong assumptions the most basic ones is that the arabs can deliver palestine the palestinians or that the arabs can sign on behalf of the palestinians or. the arabs will even foot the bill. or that the palestinians will substitute freedom and dignity and have the terminations for a fistful of dollars. people in gaza and the west bank have been protesting against
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it many wondered if there will be even a concern for the u.s. administration after its last tens of millions of dollars in aid money already in the manner my workshop was all about economics there was no mention of palestinian rights return of refugees and of the occupation core issues that should be part of the political plan yet to be revealed but christian has already said if there is going to be a deal it's not going to be along the lines of the 17 year old arab peace initiative which palestinian fear means the end of the 2 state solution. their report said the gyptian government gave former president mohamed morsy an ultimatum before he died or see another detained muslim brotherhood leaders were told to disband their organization or face consequences the middle east sign is paper is reporting the group was said a deadline to decide but morsi refused morsi was egypt's only democratically
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elected president he collapsed and died in a cairo courtroom last week. the u.n. special investigator on extrajudicial killings has called for a criminal inquiry into saudi arabia's crown prince and one of his main advisers over the murder of journalist. agnes column or has delivered her final report on his killing barrier ports from geneva. she led the u.n. investigation into the killing of saudi journalist. who took her months of intense work verifying evidence and studying information shared by many governments to establish the saudi arabia has responsibility for the killing of the saudi journalist excellences state trust sponsibility begs the question of to whom is or
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to metra be liable for each killing. the inquiry was a human rights inquiry not a criminal investigation it has nevertheless found credible evidence yron 1000 further investigation of the high level saudi officials individual liability including that of the crown prince of saudi arabia and of his key advisor saudi kept tiny agnes. says the santa crump prince should be investigated for his possible role in ordering the killing saudi authorities have dismissed the u.n. findings as inaccurate and contradictory to say that war is we are amongst the 36 countries that have complied with all the obligations under the human rights mechanisms that in kalamata has breached procedures that need to be adopted given to the special repertoire this is something which has skewed the procedures i should in as part of the procedures and trials in saudi arabia we don't believe she
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has respected her mandate in full integrity and therefore has not been able to do her work professionally riyad had initially denied her she was even killed but backtracked when turkish authorities will ease police footage of sandy agents who travel to turkey days before the murder more than 8 months later the turkish investigators are still trying to figure out what happened to her she says remains and who gave the order to kill him. his fiance is was with him in the moments before he entered the saudi consulate in istanbul last october. he was going to retrieve documents for their upcoming wedding frustrated over internationally in action how does just the un must step in and punish those who
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killed her fiance. we couldn't it's been 9 months since jim marrs murder so i think it's enough off talk and it's time for action i'm also expecting the word leaders to take a concrete step about this matter. as pressure was piling up against saudi arabia after the killing the authorities arrested 11 suspects and charged firm with the murder 5 of the suspects could face death penalties the un special rapporteur. bonnie a top aide to the crown prince police suspected of being involved in the murder is not facing charges this case has sparked international condemnation and talks of sanctions the u.s. president has denounced the murder but resist growing congressional calls to stop selling weapons to riyadh now that the special rapporteur has delivered the findings of a inquiry into the killing of hush it will be up to the united nations secretary
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general whether to launch a criminal investigation but many worry the u.s. might use its influence to stop any attempt to investigate senior saudi officials including the crown prince mohammed bin so 9. 0 geneva. among the stories still ahead on this news hour. protesters get back on get back out on to hong kong streets hoping to send a message to need is at the g 20 summit. eritrea's government is accused of targeting critics well beyond its borders and in sport rafael nadal suffers a setback as he prepares for wimbledon. the weather sponsored by the time. hello the bit of few heavy showers around
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recently in china last i saw but not the persistent heavy rain you might expect this time the fact is a huge gap here she can see holes in the sky and shanghai could well be drawn to as he was show starting to form for jan or granddaughter including in hong kong but the next bout of really heavy rain could well be that forming in sichuan running after the western yangtze may be on its way eastwards come the weekend hong kong is never going to be asked to sherry regime is always a possibility here this is the right time the a bit heavy persistent rain when you get a couple days off i think but there has been heavy rain around the philippines recently to the east as a tropical depression forming and this line is the active one of the moment which stretches back toward sudden vietnam and central tolland where you expect fairly regularly downpours but to the southeast beyond malaysia so throughout indonesia which also shows now very low so the way he looks dry java and bali look dry
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singapore is certainly in the potential for showers same is true of k. up as most of sumatra is also drawing the monsoon is going forward and takes on the activity with some the heaviest rain has been up in the northeast corner as you can see from the circulation but on the whole monsoon rain is still disappointing. the weather now and sponsored by cattle and ways. mining is funny but. i've always thought of yoga as part of my heritage. understand it to be about transformation. seems to be transforming the western minds are already thought about if i am answering a difference in traditional point you know life for which i know this should belong to everyone but i'm afraid that simple truth is getting lost in a world that's so commercial to decide who owns yoga on al-jazeera in the year 1271 to come to tell you set out on an extraordinary journey carrying
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letters from the pope the great new book coming out. polo travels through. dangerous village and beyond today chasing the shadow. china japan with searching questions of how the relationship between east and west has changed. on al-jazeera. they're watching the news are on al-jazeera a reminder of our top stories forces to libya's u.n. recognized government say they have retaken the strategic town of carry on from forces loyal to war. but off toss fighters dispute this snoozing it would be
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a big setback for his campaign to seize the capital tripoli photographs of a father and his daughter who drowned while trying to enter the u.s. have spock's global outrage present donald trump says he hates what happened blame the democrats for their asylum policy and palestinians have rejected the trumpet ministrations $50000000000.00 economic plan saying they won't give up their rights for money the proposal is part of a peace initiative the u.s. is calling the deal of the century. now the united states is warning turkey it will face sanctions if it goes ahead with the purchase of a russian missile defense system the nato allies have met in brussels to talk about their standoff the 1st delivery of the russianness $400.00 system is year in turkey next month the u.s. is also warning turkey it will no longer be allowed to buy f. $35.00 fighter jets and nato is considering beefing up european air and missile defenses if russia breaches a cold war era nuclear missile treaty gena how has the details from brussels nato
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has issued an ultimatum to russia either come back into full compliance with the i.n.f. treaty by the 2nd of august in other words destroy the s.s.c. 8 intermediate range missile system that russia has been developing according to nato and the united states in noncompliance with that treaty or face responsibility for the total collapse of the i.n.f. treaty and the consequences well with no sign of compliance by russia nato defense ministers have here decided on a range of consequences of countermeasures jens stoltenberg the secretary general wouldn't be drawn on the details of what those might be but he did say they would be measured and strictly defensive he did address concerns of a dramatic escalation in tensions between russia and nato as a result he said this that nato had no intention to deploy new land based nuclear missiles it would not mirror russia's actions and nato did not want
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a new arms race here's what he had to say the new russian missiles they violate the on the treaty which has been a cornerstone for aunts control for decades and that's the reason why it is so extremely serious that russia is the ploy. new mesons in clear violation of this treaty putting the whole duty in jeopardy. and also the reason why we called he knew to call or to come back into compliance and there is still a possibility to save the treaty because. they're dying which has been set is the 2nd of august. as well as that a row between nato members the u.s. and turkey already strained relations between the 2 has escalated over turkey's insistence on taking delivery of a russian missile defense system the s 400 against objections from the united states that that would undermine nato military defense systems across europe and in
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particular undermine the f. $35.00 program that advanced stealth jet fighter program due to be rolled out to nato member air forces in the years to come turkey a significant component part of that program of the message delivered by acting defense secretary mark s. purchased the 3rd day into his job here to his turkish counterpart in a bilateral earlier give up the s 400 or face being ejected from the f. 35 program and face economic sanctions the response from turkey delivered in the person of the president mr erdogan on his way to japan to meet donald trump at the g. 20 there is no backing down now he said no plan b. he believes this will all be sorted out in a face to face meeting with mr trump. a charity ship carrying $42.00 rescued refugees and migrants has entered italian water is in defiance of a government order to stay away the captain of the sea watch 3 which flies
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a dutch flag decided to sail towards the island of lampedusa because of wasting conditions on board it's amazing terry mr mateo savini has described the vessel as an outlaw ship and is calling on the netherlands to take responsibility for those on board chris is a spokesman for the sea watch ship he says despite me telling governments tried say may be allowed to disembark. we've had the situation before with italy fabien you have tried to borrow us from entering italian waters for quite a while now for over a year you have already seized other ships and also our ship has been seized a couple of times for a short while for 2 or 3 weeks but has always been released after the time because never there were any. any legal grounds to hold us for longer so we have always acted in accordance with international law when we rescue people in the mediterranean and therefore there is no reason for actually seizing our ship even
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though the being the now made a new decree trying to to this procedure to seize our ship. amnesty international is accusing eritrea of conducting a campaign of intimidation against chris critics beyond its borders return activists in several countries including the u.k. sweden and kenya say they're being harassed arkham web has a story from nairobi. where you saw to me that a bieber waldheim a not so she's never enjoyed the freedom she fought for she was 17 when she joined eritrea's rebellion in full for independence from ethiopia she's seen here in one of the rebels' mountain hideout in the 1980 s. independence came in 1901 but she says freedom did not if they want to kill you they can kill you automatically. she owned a factory but she didn't join the governing party or contribute to its funding she
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says she's been harassed ever since including here in kenya's capital nairobi where she lives in exile she says eritrea as ambassador to kenya of terrorism and had her arrested by local police is involved in. business tonight he took his saw was like 56 they. had caught the same nonsense things he tried to deport us. rights activists say that the kind of harassment that the bieber says she's experienced here in nairobi is just the tip of the iceberg and that eritrean critics of eritrea's government you are living in exile all around the world everything only harassed intimidated and even beaten by government supporters so as reporters who rights group amnesty international says it's documented cases of harassment and intimidation eritrean human rights activists over the last 8 years
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has published a report and its research is say those in kenya the u.k. sweden and some other european countries a most risk yet their government he's kind of exporting their repression from from its territory to another country and it doesn't look good. on your moderate record and it doesn't look good to the recovery of the countries where it is repression is happening the report document seemingly coordinated threatening tweets from staff at eritrea's embassies. its ambassador in kenya didn't agree to give us an interview. bieber says the harassment has made her more critical most of her activist colleagues here in nairobi were too scared to speak to us. she's campaigned for 4 of her friends from her days as a rebel who were students arrested in eritrea she doesn't know if they're still imprisoned or dead the same fate she says awaits her if she ever goes home
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malcolm webb al-jazeera nairobi kenya south africa now and almost $300.00 miners have now spent a week underground as they hold a sit in protest against several recent sackings their union says many workers at the rustenburg mine have also been victims of sexual harassment family miller reports. the 1st food supply in days arrives for miners on an underground strike 201000 miners began their sit in a more than overlook ago they say managers have ignored allegations of sexual harassment made by a real colleague of the national union of mineworkers of south africa says that until now the mine has blocked food deliveries it says striking workers have had to depend on only water and security has been tightened. or took part in the strike until a day ago he returned to the surface after becoming ill and says there are several
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other miners who are not well despite the poor conditions on the ground he tells other miners he wants to return to the protest. it was terrible underground we were living like a pig we would just find a sack to sleep in and there was no water we would have to drink whatever water we find underground all we want is for much mental listen to us at the center of the strike is cut. the training minus is 4 months she was sexually assaulted by a senior colleague but her complaints wait in what she says while she no longer works with the alleged perpetrator she was threatened after she reported the attacks was like surprise when i go to her minister trying to explain to him. this is what is it going in to me he was like saying you must know that this is this has been. suspended dismissed for saying the kudlow forces other women at the mine have told of similar incidents but are too afraid to report them
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outside the mine family members and other miners wait for news of the men underground they say they're worried about their condition as the sun sets the miners prepare for yet another cold night on the ground outside the gates of the mine anxious family members keep vigil around a fire to stay warm. a sigh. i from the allegations of sexual harassment staff at the land 6 mine complain of poor working and living conditions and unfair dismissals the mine management's told al-jazeera that it's negotiating with the union and is not available for an interview but in the statement says it's awful food and medicines been blocked by the workers' union and it wants the miners to end their strike after a court declared it illegal for me to miller al-jazeera northwest province south africa. hong kong's pro-democracy campaign is a planning more protest song fair to say earlier police dispersed a demonstration outside their headquarters activists want world leaders to discuss
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hong kong during the g 20 summit andrew thomas reports. for the 2nd time in a week hong kong police were trapped more than a 1000 protesters angry at how police that handled recent protests warmed late night around the city center headquarters what's going on here is that the protesters are trying to barricade the police inside their compound they say this is a nonviolent demonstration but they're making their anger with the place very clear . many shouted a few did throw rocks at the police stood stoically wrapped inside. earlier in the evening tens of thousands of people had rallied to packing a city center park nearby streets and every vantage point around it was a bit worried rewards in mind that things might be dying down because it's been a while and there's a weekday people getting quite exhausted from the past 2 weeks so tonight thousands
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and thousands of people who came here love the whole citizens of hong kong so i think the momentum is really right now the protesters are trying to build on a back down by hong kong's go which i would propose rules to allow extradition to the mainland china the proposals have been suspended protesters want them unambiguously dropped they also wanted investigation into police violence of previous protests the release of those arrested and the resignation of the chief executive kerry lam but the theme of this rally was free hong kong democracy now these protests are becoming about the way hong kong is governed not just the narrow issue of extradition protesters think timing is on their side wednesday's rally was organized to get attention to the g. 20 leaders as they head for their annual summit in japan we think this is a great opportunity for us to the boys out our minds to all the world leaders who will attend a g atlantis summit and as they will all see president seizing they want their
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demands put to china's president by the other leaders in person. early 0 point state hundreds took part in what they called a petition marathon taking their demand. to the hong kong consulates of 19 of the g. 20 countries all except china we need to towel off and that we need all of their support not just us not just u.k. not just any country but all of the country need to support us china has made it clear there won't be any discussion of hong kong at the g. 20 in japan. sidelines protesters hope this will be after thomas al jazeera. venezuelans escaping the political and economic crises are still arriving on a daily basis in neighboring colombia 1300000 and living there al-jazeera is on its on the amputee reports from my cow on one family's search for shot it's dark and
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their various family prepares for their last night on the dusty streets of might they left many months ago with their one year old but soon became homeless they may be hungry and have no roof over their heads but they have a reason to smile they've been accepted in the united nations came for migrants. things will be we'll have a bathroom and 3 meals a day which i had a kid they were in venezuela and they are problem here too just being part of being your the following morning that really is lining up at this registration center with dozens of other families hoping to get in your guest room i've registered a month ago with my sick wife but nobody has called me this means says the system only looks at the level of will never ability is the answer and answer difficult to accept for those hungry and desperate.


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