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tv   The Stream 2019 Ep 102  Al Jazeera  June 27, 2019 11:32am-12:00pm +03

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and as they will all see president says they want their demands put to china's president by the other leaders in person. 300 point state hundreds took part in what they call the titian marathon taking their demand. to the hong kong consulates of 19 of the g 20 countries all except china we need to towel all stand that we need all of their support not just us not just u.k. not just any country but all of the country need to support us joining has made it clear there won't be any discussion of hong kong at the g. 20 in japan. sidelines protesters hope their voices will be heard after thomas out of their hometown. venezuelans escaping the political and economic crises are still arriving on a daily basis in neighboring colombia 1300000 and living there. are reports from my cow on one family's search for shot. it's dark and their
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family prepares for dinner last night on the dusty streets of might they left months ago with their one year old but soon became homeless they may be hungry and have no roof over their heads but they have a reason to smile they've been accepted in the united nations came for migrants. things will be we'll have a bathroom and 3 meals a day which i had a they were in venezuela and they problem here. just being your the following morning there are a year's line up at this registration center with dozens of other families hoping to get in your guest room i've registered a month ago with my sick wife but nobody has called me this means says the system only looks at the level of will never ability is the answer and answer difficult to accept for those hungry and desperate. just like that of
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a yes thousands of destitute been a swell and scrammed the streets of this poor border town in order in search of better offer to meet these officials that long committed to not building camps fearing they would attract even more migrants but early this year concluded they had no other choice. however dane says this is not a refugee camp but a place to house migrants for a month until they can get back on their feet. in the united nations are committed to quadruple the number of people that are sheltered in this center by next year from the current 350 to almost 1500 but even that would be just a drop in the bucket compared to the scale of the crisis more has to be has to be done i think you and. the government have been very clear on that more funds are are needed to respond to this situation there's 600 people on the waiting list and
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that waiting this is growing every day. for the very years being here means getting enough food for dinner on their way daughter and their new temps they say is like a dream come true. and the more you look and this will help us not end up on the streets again they're grateful but where e that when their time is up they will be on their own again i decide that i'll just sit on my couch. next since what with peter officials defend video if you controversies at the women's well cop. the and. you going to. go a. few hours. to go out to
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a . few hours. to go out to a.
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welcome back children's rights campaigners are urging government and tech companies around the world to prioritise young people's online safety reports of cyber sexual offenses are rising in countries like the u.k. as neve bach every for some london one of the biggest risks to children used to be the stranger on the street now it's the predator. it's time secam painters meeting in london for government and tech giants to close the met on cyber groomers last year there were more than $8000.00 reported offenses against children in the u.k. the figures doubled in 4 years tech platform should have a legal g.t. of cat to protect children that means that platform should have to identify all of the very simply foreseeable risks that children could be exposed to that's things like grooming as things like child abuse imagery and then should have to take reasonable measures to address them so this is really putting into law putting into
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legislation what platforms have singularly failed to date for the last decade or so this is to talk a short music video platform that's popular with teens last week the app announced it had crossed the warm 1000000000 user mark it has an age limit of 13 but anyone can fake a birth date and open an account to talk toters it's down to parents to ensure their children are the appropriate age to use the app the site office support on cyber bullying grooming and abuse there are also safety settings for controlling who can and can't see material. but there's growing pressure on children to be discovered to get as many likes in favorable comments as possible it means that many young people deliberately keep their profiles open so that others can see them but it also means they could be seen by potential predators to. jim gamble used to lead the u.k.'s child exploitation and online protection center
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or as a leading policeman he's seen firsthand what drives the green. this is sexually motivated driven behavior and if you look at you know some of the offenders in the u.k. i think of one in particular who had been looking at images then videos then had gone online to speak to family in the philippines who rolled their child out to be abused to order and then eventually that person because this is sexually driven point you know what i want to go to the next step so when you go to somewhere you think is corruption high poverty high and the answer to those 1st questions is yes the chance of me getting away with it is high money tech companies are investing heavily in educating uses to stay safe online. this week google they expanded its digital safety curriculum for children helping youngsters teaches him parents to identify harmful quantitate campaigners say the responsibility should be on tech companies to screen users and police platforms
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popular with children and for governments to make sure they do the al-jazeera london. thank you very much pakistan have put themselves firmly in contention for a world cup semi final position of the ending new zealand's unbeaten run at the tournament news even batted 1st stage bastien in birmingham and were in trouble in their innings they were $83.00 for 5 at one stage including the loss of influential captain kane williamson. but they recovered to post $237.00 for 6 thanks to james nations $97.64 for cullen the grand i'm pakistan suffered a few wobbles in their chase including the only loss of the man. but played by a superb century and 68 from harrison hale they would get across the winning line by 6 wickets and with 5 moves to spare. so offers are made struck the winning runs to
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spark big celebrations from the largely pakistan supporting crowd ah. it means pakistan join bangladesh just one point behind england with 2 games still to play in the top 4 qualify for the semifinals india are now the only unbeaten side at the tournament hosts egypt or into the last 16 of the africa cup of nations mohammad was among their scores in a to know when over the democratic republic of congo uganda took the lead through emmanuel zimbabwe before come a bill yet equalized that game ending 11 but zimbabwe's knowledge most owner was guilty of some crucial missed chances are geria of also qualified for the last 16 with a 10 win over guinea kamath almost all got the only go 17 minutes from time. pfieffer have begun disciplinary proceedings against cameron following the game with england
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at the women's world cup several players remonstrated at length with the referee and that one stage refused to restart the last 16 match after a v.a. or reviews winter against them cameron's coach. called the 3 nil the feat a miscarriage of justice the controversy of a video reviews has overshadowed busy many games at the tournaments as referee panels say the system is working as they intended but concede it will never be perfect. when at the end of the match the result. is a fair result is a correct result then you can have still discussion on interpretation but this is part of our sport this is part of football we are not all decisions are black or white extreme there is room for interpretation the 8 her remaining sides are preparing for the quarter finals which kick off on thursday temperatures in france
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becoming extremely hot but the england coach doesn't think it will affect his players in their match against norway i actually like it been hard i really do my players like it being how we feel good in the heat yes it's going to be a factor but we plan for it with the we had 2 weeks at st george's park where they virtually lived in a sauna and that literally was the sauna not not that there was no air conditioners and george's park it was just we plan for it no we are looking for revenge after losing to england at the same stage of the last world cup the other quarter finals see italy face the netherlands germany versus sweden and the stand outside hosts france taking on the defending champions usa. the international olympic committee has voted in major changes to the way games hosts are picked as they try to reignite the appetite for cities staging the event there was a choice of just 2 candidates says the i.o.c. selected milan court to host for the 2026 winter games on member a the cost of
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betting has discouraged some cities and referendums have been lost when seeking public approval for the games future battles will be required to use existing and temporary venues and will be steered away from expensive construction projects candidate cities will now be recommended by a dedicated i.o.c. panel for the summer and winter games to determine if a vote for the hosts is required at all. so here's how the sharp decline in interest has been for cities bidding to host the olympics for the winter games in 28 cities went into the official i.o.c. candidature process 9 wanted to host the summer games in 2012 softly and rio had 7 that is but it was down to a choice of just 3 for the winter games in 28 seen the drop continued for the summer games as well they were just 5 official candidates for 2028 it was just 2022 in the same again for the winter games that have just been announced paris and
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los angeles were the only bidders for 2024 and so it was agreed that paris would host with a awarded the next summer games in 2028. advantage of the new procedure that. we're flexible it can. also again come to work competition of several candidates. but it can also come to. a point is only one candidate being proposed. rafael nadal was already upset by he's demotion below roger federer to number 3 in the wimbledon seedings and now he's got something else to worry about it of next week's tournament the french open champion was a well beaten by marin chile chima warm up event at the hooligan club in london the del losing 6363. 3 former world number ones or into the quarter
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finals of the east the international summit ahead of needing 3 sets to be alone a photo op and for the head of the fish to vote in support. and that's where we'll leave it for now more sport coming up again later peter thank you that's it for this news hour on al-jazeera has i'm seacat is with you next to stay with us. after years of overgrazing the damage caused to the precious grasslands of chile is being revised with one of the world's biggest african savation projects. they're pretty emblematic of the kind of hands as if they're plentiful and they're calm like this and. then you know that the system is coming back and that they feel no threats. and that's why you're rewilding patagonia on al-jazeera.
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across china millions of cameras a watching citizens every move in school their behavior one i want to use to investigates china's surveillance crackdown on which is the. one of the really special things about working for al-jazeera is that even as a camera woman i get to have so much empathy and contribution to
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a story as we cover this region better than anyone else would be what it is you know it's very challenging liberally particularly because you have a lot of people that are divided on political issues. people believe to tell the real story i'll just mandate is to deliver in-depth journalism we don't feel inferior to the audience across the globe. libyan forces opposed to war to say they've recaptured an important town from its fighters south of the capital. i don't have them seek it this is al jazeera live from coming up. open borders
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people drowning in the rivers donald trump blames political enemies after a father and his young daughter are found dead on the u.s. border plus. that the palestinians will substitute the freedom and dignity and self-determination for a fistful of dollars palestinian say the economic peace proposal on vale by white house adviser jared kushner has has it all wrong. i believe that on january 20th 2021 at 12 or 1 pm we're going to have a democratic president a democratic house and a democratic senate and on a crowded debate stage the 1st group of 2020 democratic presidential candidates try to stand out. of forces allied to libya's u.n. recognized governments say they have retaken the town of kerry and more than 80
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kilometers south of the capital tripoli from forces loyal to war after but half the us fighters say they still have control of that e n. which serves as one of their main bases of operation losing it would be a big setback for their 12 week campaign to seize tripoli is allied with an unofficial rival government based in the eastern city of tobruk mahmud had to wear head has the latest from tripoli. the city of that about 80 kilometers to the south was from the capital tripoli has finally fallen into the hands of forces loyal to the e.u. and it could nice to government of national accord the city of that is very strategic as it has been used as a supporting hub alongside the city of that huna for have to his forces fighting the government forces in southern tripoli forces loyal to the warlord 24 have to have taken control of the city for the past 3 months and now after
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losing the house was drawn to the town of us harbor which is in the west in the south of the very end military sources where the government say that dozens of have forces were killed in the battle for you today while also say that they have taken control of us throughout egypt luke asians in cite the city of libya and including the central command of have to his forces that has been used to run the battles in southern tripoli we know that the battle for tripoli the military campaign launched by have their forces to take control of the capital tripoli started from the city of mosul from the city of horner it seems to be a major setback for have to as forces as they now have only one city and the west of libya supporting them and the military campaign to take control of the capital tripoli meanwhile in southern to paly have to us forces have been losing strategic
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locations in civil axes including in active international airport and also in neighborhoods in the southern in the west and in the southern the western part of the capital and also in the eastern and southern part of the capital tripoli including. a little bit journey hood's. jonathan winer is a scholar at the middle east institute and a former u.s. special envoy to libya he says hof thought is not interested in a political settlement of the forces have been frozen in place with no one winning or losing territory for several months so if true it's a very big development very major it's has a population of nearly 200000 you it's not a small place it should hugely been significant so it's a big loss for general after his forces if that's what's happens but what's always been his has been he told me this more or less when i met with him in 2016 is that
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he wants to take libya western nation he doesn't really want to participate in a political deal it doesn't want to be subject to anyone else he wants to be the 1st as i understood in the tends to be a dictator subject to no political force of any kind whatsoever without any politicians country having any power that's his vision it's the kind of in his head super khadafi he had a coup after was part of the gadhafi will his family was slated to rule after him and i think that's what we have to watch for himself and his family i think people have been trying to convince him now for a very long time to agree or political arrangements in which he was part of a unified a national libyan force with others participating in some kind of military council under civilian authority and he has repeatedly rejected that form and has used the political negotiations to elevate his status is stature and for libyan families in the united states are suing have taught for alleged war crimes they say their
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relatives died in attacks carried out by his forces after as a u.s. citizen which makes him subject to american laws families of demanding $125000000.00 in damages and compensation. i source says it carried out attacks in egypt that killed several security forces 4 military checkpoints were raided in northern sinai 7 police officers and firefighters died in the attacks egypt's army stepped up their campaign against armed groups in the region last year a shocking photos of a father and his young daughter who drowned while trying to enter the u.s. have sparked outrage around the world donald trump's political opponents have been quick to blame the president's hardline immigration policies a tramp is accusing democrats of allowing the migration crisis to get worse and warning john holmes report contains disturbing images from the start of finally brace that's a trick to international attention to the dangers that central americans face on
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their way to the united states this is also a teen is and he's 23 month old daughter of the year they died last weekend in the rio grande the river that separates mexico and the united states journalists who found their bodies more your in extent in it was something that moved me deeply because it showed that up until her last breath she was joined to him not only by the shots but also in that embrace in which they passed together into death. martina's was from el salvador and he was crossing with his bucket tucked inside his t. shirt when they were swept away by strong currents his wife was waiting on the mets can side of the shoreline and survive. something bad like this happen before you see the river and it appears very calm i think that's why the father cutie could cross at the rio grande has a lot of deep powerful currents downstream earlier this month mexico agreed to
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tighten its southern border with guatemala of the president donald trump threatened to impose tariffs on mit's can goods critics say the new measures have led to migrants taking even more dangerous and isolated really it's but there's also something else that's happening in the last year or so we've seen a record surge in the number of people traveling with children to the united states 12 for asylum many of them of doing that because they've been told that if they ask for asylum as a family there's more chance that they'll be released well into the you know like 2 states at least while that process plays out but things have now changed and people that are all skiing for asylum in the united states and now being put back into mexico while that process takes place traveling with children made no longer be an advantage and as word spreads that may mean the migration dynamic alters again but the most desperate to escape and then it pulled its violence in their homelands and
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still keep coming john home and. donald trump says he hates what's happened and democrats must accept responsibility. they want to have open borders and open borders mean crime and open borders mean people drowning in the rivers and it's a very dangerous i hate it and i know it could stop immediately if the democrats changed the law they have to change the laws and then that father who probably was this wonderful guy with his daughter things like that wouldn't happen because that journey across that river that journey across that river is a very dangerous journey that's a very very dangerous journey the u.s. senate has approved a bill to provide 4600000000 dollars in emergency funds to help with the surge of asylum seekers at the border a day earlier the house of representatives approved a separate but similar bill which the senate rejected the palestinians have
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rejected the trumpet ministrations $50000000000.00 economic plan saying they won't give up their rights for money it's part of a u.s. peace initiative unveiled by senior white house advisor jared cushioning at a 2 day conference in bahrain hold on that i need reports. senior white house adviser jared questioner gathered arab dignitaries israeli businessman investors and politicians from the wider world to discuss how to kickstart the palestinian economy over the next decade that reaction when he called his plan the opportunity of the century. question is counting on allies like saudi arabia and the u.a.e. for support in soliciting $50000000000.00 in investment pledges even though lebanon rejected the plan and countries like egypt and jordan sent low ranking officials if we managed to do it 25 years ago with significantly less money i'm pretty sure that
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it can be done today with the amounts of money and with the private sector participation if we can achieve that hope of peace. for everybody to start working together to achieve what we're trying to achieve the chief of the international monetary fund christine legarde says the focus should be on the creation of jobs in areas such as agriculture tourism and construction so if there is an economy if there is urgent question of making sure that the momentum is sustained and for that it will require all the goodwill in the world on the part of all parties. private sector public sector international organizations and the parties on the ground and the neighbors the i.m.f. expects the palestinian economy to shrink by 1.6 percent this year and says unemployment stands at 30 percent in the occupied west bank and 50 percent in gaza
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but the palestinian leadership has rejected the plan and was absent in manama it hasn't had any contact with the u.s. administration since president donald trump recognized jerusalem as israel's capital a senior palestinian official says the whole basis of economic plan is built on the wrong assumptions the most basic ones is that the arabs can deliver palestine or the palestinians or that the arabs can sign on behalf of the palestinians or. the arabs will even foot the bill. or that the palestinians will substitute freedom and dignity and serve the terminations for a fistful of dollars. people in gaza and the west bank have been protesting against it many wondered if there.


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