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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  June 27, 2019 4:00pm-5:01pm +03

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we will not start any conflict but iran's president said that the shooting down of a u.s. drone on thursday signifies that border security is a red line for the country and iran is more than able to defend itself iran's president also had a recommendation for world leaders that want to see stability in the region he said order the 2050 nuclear deal over the moments i will leave it of course follow vents with you through the day thank you. the hong kong's pro-democracy campaign is a back on the streets this time talking the justice minister is also this dozens of officers are deployed to keep protesters from blocking traffic on the roads. comes hours after another one was dispersed outside the police headquarters just as the government to withdraw a bill that would allow criminals to be extradited to mainland china. hong kong. this is yet another block guided by protesters and it's time for the justice department at these rallies to disrupt business and try. to not just be
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extradition bill but this bill all together i'll be all going to protest against secretary of justice. our request to withdraw so will continue. and continue especially. i have just suspended. its as well as demanding extradition will be dropped these protesters also want to make them just can't be inside this building work because they want an investigation or buy into what they say was excessive force used by the place during the protests like the last couple of weeks and so far that's why the government has refused well still ahead here on al-jazeera security has stepped up in indonesia head of the ruling on the disputed presidential election results. and democratic presidential candidates all 20 of them had a chance to explain why they do better than donald trump.
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hello the well publicized european heatwave which extended always the baltic states just yesterday is already cooling down in places but that was always going to be the case does a huge massive lack of clarity as you can see said the sun what it blazes brings temperatures well up so throughout france particularly northern italy and spain we're into the middle to high thirty's even the low forty's the next day or so where as we take quite a few degrees off for germany for poland for example and up to 10 degrees has been knocked off during thursday's the heat wave going from here on the leading edge of that cooler and will produce thunderstorms again you know street in hungary in northern rumania for example the cyrus woods through the northeast and turkey leaving in russia on wintry scene from moscow westwards that's really quite
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a circulation at the same time the heat is still there in southern france and in spain again low forty's could be the highest temperature records even during the summer for 2 places doesn't extend to north africa once again around the coast in north afterward to the low thirty's as best inland is hotter of course but we are talking about is a hard as it is that's no big surprise aswell not be the biggest surprise that $47.00 region $48.00. in the year 1271 and i don't tell you set out on an extraordinary journey carrying letters from the power of the great new book on. travels through. following dangerous moments from the holy land and beyond today chasing the shadow on a professor china's troubled china japan which searching questions about the relationship between east and west has changed. my view. on al-jazeera.
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talk about your watching officer with me so horribly reminder of our top stories forces allied to libya's u.n. recognize government say they've retaken the city of gharyan from forces loyal to warlord khalifa haftar but have to say this to be control of guardian which serves as one of their main bases. also tension between the u.s. and iran are showing no sign of easing with tehran saying it's on the verge of breaking the 2050 nuclear deal that follows increasing pressure from washington which has hit iran senior leaders with financial sanctions. and hong kong's
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pro-democracy campaigners are back on the streets this time they're targeting the justice minister's office protesters want the government to withdraw a bill that would allow suspects to be extradited to mainland china. now i'm listing international is accusing eritrea of conducting a campaign of intimidation against critics beyond its borders eritrean activists in several countries including the united kingdom sweet and kenya say they're being harassed malcolm webb has more on the story why ruby. bieber waldheim a not says she's never enjoyed the freedom she fought for she was 17 when she joined eritrea's rebellion and fought for independence from ethiopia she's seen here in one of the rebels' mountain hideout in the 1980 s. independence came in 1901 but she says freedom did not if they want to kill you they can kill you automatically. she owned
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a factory but she didn't join the governing party or contribute to its funding she says she's been harassed ever since including here in kenya's capital nairobi where she lives in exile she says eritrea is ambassador to kenya of terrorism and had her arrested by local police is involved in. business right he took he saw was like 56 they. had caught the same answers things he tried to deport us. rights activists say that the kind of harassment that a bieber says she's experienced here in nairobi is just the tip of the iceberg and that eritrean critics of eritrea's government you are living in exile all around the world are routinely harassed intimidated and even beaten by government supporters source i reporters who rights group amnesty international says it's
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documented cases of harassment and intimidation of eritrean human rights activists over the last 8 years has published a report and its research is say those in kenya the u.k. sweden and some other european countries a most risk yet their government he's gamed of exporting their repression from from its territory to another country and it doesn't look good. on your moderate record and it doesn't look good to the recovery of a country where it is repression is happening the report document seemingly coordinated threatening tweets from staff at eritrea's embassies. kenya didn't agree to give us an interview. bieber says the harassment has made her more critical most of our activist colleagues here in nairobi were too scared to speak to us. she's campaigned for 4 of her friends from her days as a rebel who were students arrested in eritrea she doesn't know if they're still
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imprisoned or dead the same fate she says awaits her if she ever goes home malcolm webb al-jazeera nairobi kenya overseer tackler who you saw in that report is a researcher for ethiopia and eritrea and the city international and joins me now again here on nairobi let's move the conversation on the ms detector because your report from list international makes a grim reading i've gotten through it considering what comes to mind is a childhood rhyme that sort of. goes sticks and stones will break my bones but names will never hurt me it's gone beyond names doesn't it in other countries in europe such as sweden the u.k. switzerland norway even and it's very sinister. yes. if there are people who dare to criticize their conditioning if their. number of. repression.
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then die attacks and. saw that repression is not limited to doubt that it is happening everywhere so as their government is adamant and quite muted product out of singularity. do hear about i defend outside their country when you talk about when you talk about to harassment we just be very specific on the type of harassment we're talking about what form does it take. well it takes different forms every available may seem to go ding or land of land social media text message phone calls. and every email most of the time in addition to that they use. their own government support if they disturb their meetings of their people. embassies or fish as they tweet
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about people they. do character assassination of. probably not your mother i defended including like mark implored me out on this trip are not so they use every part and particularly every development means to silence criticism it's that is the case that i mean every government gets criticism from its nationals whether they are within the country or without it and that's perhaps a sign of a mature democracy what of the eritrean government particularly afraid of. well that our government is not really a tool to take any critics into tolerate any criticism and that is reflected within their country that are it's that many people who are scared for reform it was in their country and those people have been in prison for the last close to 20 at
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bats this intolerance for criticism is also reflected outside of the country so that door like anyone. there are not allowed to criticize their human rights situation well for see her we'll leave it there for now thanks so much for your time thank you. the 10 democratic hopefuls line to take all the present trump in 2020 have taken on the stage in miami florida for the 1st night of the party's presidential primaries televised debates over 2 nights and 20 candidates and so many voters it's the 1st introduction to those hoping to win the party's nomination and reports. it's one of the most crowded and diverse group of candidates in the democratic party's history so packed with the 1st televised debates will run for 2 nights lesser known politicians like hawaii's told politics the 1st hindu member of the u.s.
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congress to raise their profile here going forward these debates will have tougher standards to qualify so for some there's little to lose and everything to gain the american people deserve a president who put your interests ahead of the rich and powerful that's not what we have right now massachusetts senator elizabeth warren doesn't have that problem she's doing well in the polls is known to the public and visited a migrant detention center in florida before the debates with a clear message to voters. that we don't know why people for money went by saying when you turn in iraq. for polenta. which is what the president of the united states is doing here. health care economic disparity and immigration were among the dominant theme as there was infighting among the candidates over how to implement policies they all broadly agree on but former san antonio there and castro showed the kind of emotion
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that helped his campaign very proud that in april i became the 1st candidate to put forward a comprehensive immigration plan and we saw those images thank you watching that image of his daughter. is heartbreaking. it should also piss us all off. outside the debate trump supporters made their voices heard the president too to join the debate was just one word boring the democratic candidates and those looking for someone to take on the president to 2020 it was an exciting start to what will be a long and hard fought process the biggest challenge for many of these candidates is creating a buzz with limited time in a crowded field most performed as expected but over the next few weeks there will be a whole without increasing polling numbers campaign cash will dry up ending their presidential hopes for those that came into these debates with good polling numbers they have a clear advantage now they need to build momentum and that will be the battle ahead
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and gallacher al-jazeera miami florida. security has been stepped up in indonesia's capital ahead of a ruling on the disputed presidential election results thousands of planes have been deployed in jakarta a former general. called on the court to overturn the april election results citing systematic fraud and abuse of power official results declared incumbent and djoko were due to the winner with 55 percent of the votes while florence lu is live for us in jakarta and this is obviously a court results that the country will be very keen to see what the judges have to say. absolutely. the whole media of indonesia is just to hear camped out outside of the constitutional court there in the court watching on television listening to the judges read out the judgment and they started reading out the judgment about an hour ago or 2 hours
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ago and they still haven't we have still haven't come to the substantial part of the verdict they've been summarizing the legal argument which is essentially that he believed that in systematic fraud and cheating at the polls and if there hadn't been the cheating says he would have won about 52 percent of the vote and therefore been declared the winner so what he's asking the court to do now is to know all invalidate the results now we're not sure as i mentioned we're not sure what which way the court is going to decide but analysts have said it is extremely difficult for applicants in presidential election results to be able to get a verdict in their favor and many legal experts lawyers and academics who've been watching this case closely say that it is probable really has a very slim chance here and so far the arguments he's made they've not been very strong he's not been able to provide very strong evidence so a lot of people a lot of legal analysts academics watching this case don't think that he is going
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to get a decision in his favor in his favor but as i mentioned we're still going to have to wait for the judges formal decision we have to remember that the court's decision is final and cannot be appealed so if the court decides against probably. really this is the end for him this is the end of his legal challenge so it's lose hope polarized has this particular election the result the arguments the ensuing arguments what we're seeing now really being for the public at large when the election happened you would be aware there was violence on the streets no you were there again gauging opinion. well we have we have to remember that the right so proper were supporters and there are quite a number of them then the reason is mostly he's aligned himself with islam it's group so he draws a lot of support from those groups and they have largely been the ones who've been protesting against the election results we saw the post-election protests in may
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that turned violent that saw 9 people killed hundreds others injured have also been protests starting yesterday a day before the verdict is due they're also protesting that just down the road 100 meters from where the court is but i would say that largely the hasn't been a huge amount of support you don't feel as if this country has been cleaved into 2 because of the election results and it has to be said that this is a joke oh effect can generally people are quite happy with the result that they've seen in the role of 1st term he's promised to develop infrastructure a lot of people feel that he has done that and people feel that he should be given a 2nd term so while there are people who are against the results who say that they believe probably should have won the presidential election this you don't get the sense that this is something that really divides the country so for the moment we leave the front but see what we do get a result think you know the u.s. is willing to face sanctions if it goes ahead with the purchase of a russian missile defense system later allies have met in brussels to talk about
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the standoff the 1st delivery of the russian s $400.00 system is due in turkey next month the u.s. is also warning turkey it will no longer be allowed to buy f. $35.00 fighter jets. or the middle east has come to a close palestinians have rejected the trumpet ministrations $50000000000.00 economic plan saying they won't give up their rights for money the proposal unveiled at a conference in bahrain is part of the u.s. peace initiative. you're watching under their arms the whole rotten reminder of our top stories forces allied to libya's u.n. recognize government say that they've retaken the city of gharyan from forces loyal to all of khalifa haftar but have to suffice to say they're still in control of gharyan which serves as one of their main bases u.s. president gul trump is talking tough on trade and nuclear talks of
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a summit the world's or with the world's largest economies g. 20 leaders have begun to arrive for the meeting in the japanese city of a soccer flying to the summit trump said that china was ripe for a new tower of suggested vietnam could be next saying it was the single worst abuser of everybody he also lashed out at india for imposing tariffs on the u.s. tension between the u.s. and iran is showing no sign of easing with tehran saying it's on the verge of breaking the 2015 nuclear deal it follows increasing pressure from washington which has hit iran senior leaders with financial sanctions hong kong's pro-democracy campaigners are back on the streets this time targeting the justice minister's office testers want the government to withdraw a bill that would allow suspects to be extradited to mainland china also the 2020 u.s. presidential candidates have been sparring on a packed debate stage in miami for the 1st time 10 democratic party candidates vocal range of topics including immigration health care and the escalating tensions
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with iran. security has been stepped up in indonesia's capital head of a ruling on the disputed presidential election results as the police have been deployed in jakarta former general probe oh we're going to called on the court to overturn the april election results citing systematic fraud and abuse of power official results declared incumbent joker were due to the winner with 55 percent. and photographs of a father and his daughter who drowned while trying to enter the u.s. a spot global outrage politicians in congress are told so over rival bills to deal with the surge in asylum seeker numbers. the u.s. is warning turkey it will face sanctions if it goes ahead with the purchase of a russian missile defense system the nato alliance have met in brussels to talk about the standoff the 1st delivery of russian s. $400.00 system is in turkey next month the u.s. is also warning turkey that will no longer be allowed to buy f. $35.00 fighter jets those with headlines are back with more news and half right
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here on al-jazeera but next it's inside story stay with us the leaders of the world's largest economies are gathering in the socket for the g. 20 summit at a time of ongoing great wars and rising tensions in the middle east. free trade and reducing inequality be overshadowed all the ones on al-jazeera for full coverage and analysis. the opportunity of the century that's what white house advisor jerry says is being presented to palestinians at a conference in bahrain but neither the israelis nor the palestinians are there so what's the point and does money trump politics this is inside story.
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hello and welcome to the program i'm imran khan washington's plan to end decades of conflict between the israelis and the palestinians has been dubbed the deal of the century although most of the details are still under wraps president donald trump is pushing prosperity as the 1st step towards peace. his son in law and senior white house advisor gerrard unveiled the economic part of the proposal that's a 2 day conference in bahrain on tuesday on ones wealthy gulf arab nations and business leaders to invest 50000000000 dollars in the palestinian territories jordan egypt and lebanon the aim is to build projects and create jobs the political part of the plan is expected to be rebuilt after these radio actions in september my direct message to the palestinian people is that despite what those who have let you down in the past tell you president trump and america have not given up on you
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this workshop is for you the vision we developed and released if executed correctly will lead to a better future for the palestinian people a future of dignity prosperity and opportunity no israeli official has been invited to the conference and palestinians a boycott in the event they say they won't talk business without a political solution 1st will bring in our guests in a moment but 1st rob matheson reports from gaza where people have been protesting against the u.s. plan. when just a question or made his opening remarks at the start of the bartering conference and tuesday he said the political issues involved in the conflict between the israelis and the palestinians were discussed at the right time well as far as these protesters in gaza are concerned this is the right time there's no question that gaza needs investment there are 2000000 people here and 52 percent of them are unemployed the united nations says it's helping to provide food aid to 1000000
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people and the infrastructure is in need of rebuilding. but the people in gaza also say that the economic element of the u.s. plan is an attempt to distract them from their political demands they want a right to return to the land that they say is theirs they want to lifting controls and restrictions that have been imposed mainly by israelis on trade and movement and in a right. the israeli say that those restrictions are necessary to stop weapons coming into gaza which could be used against israelis but the gazans say those restrictions also prevent gaza's economy from expanding these people today say that it is vitally important that there is a political solution 1st before anyone starts talking about the money. let's bring in our panel joining us from washington d.c. james norton republican strategist and former senior staff in the george w.
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bush administration in london who was the palestinian ambassador to the u.k. and in west jerusalem mitchell brock former advisor to president shimon peres and prime minister ariel sharon a welcome to you all and let's begin in washington d.c. with james norton james this peace plan has been almost universally criticized by people within foreign policy circles in fact one palestinian diplomats likened it to a divorce settlement where neither the lawyers turned up to the meeting and neither did the people getting divorced what is the strategy here. you know i think it's important to note that the trump white house has really operated as almost an isolationist white house really going back to pre-war to almost pre president roosevelt there really has been a policy of disengagement for the most part outside of a few a few efforts here or there and i'd say this is one of the key efforts obviously for the trump white house to president trump to put jerry questioner in charge of
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a middle east peace plan or planning process and so i think you know if you look at there from their perspective and i think jericho talked on this network yesterday about economics and investment and that's that's kind of who they are and that's where they come from in terms of their backgrounds they're not your traditional politicians and so i think that's where they see it and i think they're trying to say hey there could be a future but the future has to come with a strong economy and strong economic and i think that's that's where they're coming from and that's why they're starting to have these conversations because i have a national economy without a state a nation so why do it this way. you know i again i think that this white house thinks a little bit differently i think we've had plenty of white houses that have tried it the other way in terms of trying to establish the state 1st i think that that's not exactly off the table but i think they're also trying to say you know we need to make these considerations and i think it's also their way of bringing other people other countries and other investments to the table as well and so you don't have just the united states you've got you know the everybody in the region around
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this idea and this planning process i think that's why they're out there today trying to bring as many people as they can the other to have these conversations you know i think you have to look at it too it's been you know this is the 3rd year of the trump ministration and you know this is kind of where we are at this point in terms of what their thought process is and what they think they need to get done and so. this is their effort what is the palestinian position hey just explain to us why you're not at the conference. well not because we're not interested to take part in such a charade it's a charade it's simply a game that we have seen a movie that we have watched many years actually let me correct your guest from the us that they have been trying to focus on the state for the last one to 6 years actually it's the opposite for the last one to 6 years the only idea that was tested and tried was economic fees all slow the process was about focusing on the economic caught before the political horse to
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a dismal failure for all of us and we felt bad for the captive audience almost of course not just on the and behind and who all know including the world bank the i.m.f. mr tony blair himself who have tried yes the 1st job for mr blair after actually after leaving the you know a number 10 downing street wants to head the quartet and he has tied the heart of this concept of economic cart before the economic course everybody knows that the major obstacle for unleashing the palestinian economy is actually. the issue of destructions the israeli occupation our inability to use our resources our inability to conduct trade the lack of control and the moment we gain our economic sovereignty and political rights well campbell as a nation to build a 5 in prosperous economy and we have all it takes to do so. the issue here is that mr kushner has and his plan has neither a an economic cost not
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a political horse the political horse was was shot in the head when the president declared divorce a limb the united capital of israel and move the embassy and all that followed after that with regards to the refugees with their guns for the settlements and then being illegal with regards to all the moves all the way to only 3 days ago and his national security adviser in they and they show them valley promising that the u.s. will endure. control of the jordan valley and that extension which is by the way the strategic reserve out of palestine and now he talks about an economic cost that doesn't exist it's really an exaggerated numbers nobody knows where this coming money come from what it's going to go and you know mr kushner himself has been really sad this over the last few months and years cutting the entire u.s. aid from the order to the palestinian people including to hospitals and schools
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education to all of what the u.n. agency that caters for the palestinian refugees and by the way that would have cost or uncaused bastro feet in palestine because more than half a $1000000.00 palestinian children are educated by on the one thanks to the world by the way for forging the bell and and compensating that and sustaining on there what to do it's absolutely crucial. and by the way today that is the more important what schaub conference in new york for a mobilizing assistant to all or what they're for even his economic plans are not convincing them not real and the only question for us is what is the intention behind all this and we believe the minimum sure is only about one last request why not on the whole and the election season which is the israeli normalization of relationship and absence of a political solution very strong words there from the ambassador in london let me bring you in mitchell barak in west your recent this is almost
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a gift isn't it to the netanyahu government if and the us does a lot is right it's an election gift it's giving netanyahu a way of saying well here's another deal that the palestinians have rejected we're trying our hardest. no because nobody planned this election so you know this is been going on since the last election for over a year and you know i'd like to ask the ambassador what what's the risk if you just try it why don't you try and just say yes and say let's take the $50000000000.00 let's try and rehabilitate gaza and the west bank and let's try and create an economy for ourselves and get some outside investment they brought some really really serious people out to behind. a lot of very very serious american business people a lot of people that are ready to invest i think 1st of all the most significant thing that's being missed by everyone is something that sure own prime minister sharon did. which had not been done in by israel and it's certainly not be been
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done by the by the united states yet and is very respected and should be respected by both the palestinians and the arab world and that is sending his own family to try and solve these problems to negotiate on diplomatic missions many arielle sharon sent his son only to meet with arafat in those days to meet with the palestinians and they very much respected the fact that he wasn't sending an envoy just some you know foreign ministry bureaucrat and i think the same can be said for president trump and for jarrett cushion or you can criticize jarrett krishna's plan you can say he doesn't have diplomatic experience but the fact of the matter is he is basically flesh and blood of president trump he is family and one family comes in they go sheets on behalf of the president the united states in the arab world you should take that very seriously and they've come up with some in the lid and you know it let's be outside and be on these anomaly negotiating no a substitute for the real for the right people the most knowledge of people the
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best people for the job to negotiate shoulder you know saying that well as we've listened we've listed all that we've listed no no it's a start it's a start and that's how and and and james may may tell you that's how you get things done in the white house you want to get something done in the white house. find a way to jared kushner ok he's really running the show there so here you have someone who has direct access to the president both during business hours and after business hours and he's taking this is to spearhead it why don't you take advantage of that why don't you take advantage of the fact that instead of looking at a negative the president trump declare jerusalem as the capital recognize israeli sovereignty over the golan heights say well he's already given them that now what is what are the israelis have to give up for that or what are we getting for that is the palestinian busters and they want you to leave israelis have to give up for that surely the simple answer is a palestinian nation state right surely. thank you iran and you know i was the ambassador to washington and i have dealt with
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a lot of caution and greenblatt and all the white house stuff for a year and half we met the many many times my president met the president from 4 times in a very short period of time by the way we engaged at the highest level and if you're a york guest from go back to the record i was on the record in the u.s. media saying that the you know question of being part of the family might not be bad news we need somebody was close with the president we have engaged of the highest level we were transparent positive hopeful engaging i myself i've to washington to engage the throne but in the midst of the instruction of the president at the very highest level and in fact i had to prepare immediately for the arrival of president the best to washington shortly after i arrived which was may 2017 and every meeting president trump agreed with with my president on every major point including a 2 state solution of the 97 borders including the arab peace initiative a normalization often a political solution including the issue of israel has it has to abide by certain
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rules however all this started to happen because this has nothing to do with. policy or international resolutions or the long held us policy this has to do with personal favors personal interests and personal ideologies and that we start with the last thought. not ideology as he might be that is just a question of the son in law of the president but he is also somebody who is historically norn for his relationship with netanyahu netanyahu keeps bragging about sleeping in the bed of course that one question it was a child we know the history of the question was on the nothing else for the last of the 40 years we know the history of friedman the bust of the 2 as i learned that he is a directly involved implicated in the illegal settlement enterprise he is bragging and happy about his contribution to the settlements and green blood has his own siblings now on his own sons are living in an israeli illegal settlement inside the west bank and go back to the. sort of favors this is about not that he
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has been from the american election via should than i've sent we know that and this is about tom helping nothing you know and the israeli elections in this whole game of deceit we ought to know what to say we're not interested to waste our time we're not interested well let me going to let me bring in james norton hoddle more since i myself one just a 2nd about stuff let me bring in james rosen here from washington d.c. he you have a strategy that suggests money is important the palestinian economy is important but this isn't u.s. money this is money coming from the gulf states from the arab states so this isn't the u.s. playing up their own money this is encouraging investments and normalizing relations between the arab world and the israeli world at the cost of the plight of the palestinians is that an accurate way of describing it. well i don't think so i mean i don't think the united states necessarily said they're not going to invest their
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own money i think certainly united states is a long history of investing money across the globe in any area that needed economic development i again i'll go back to world war 2 when the marshall plan and rebuilding europe in the billions of dollars the united states invested there to rebuild a region that was obviously decimated after the war i think that the united states the white house the congress would look at this if there was some sort of a framework of a deal that ends up coming in place in terms of the economy i think that you could see some investment some foreign investment some foreign office money coming from the u.s. if there wasn't fact agreements from other states in the region you know again i think that. sending jury questionnaire obviously is a signal from the white house that it is a personal interest of. the president trying to have his son in law involved in this process and so you know you can look at it obviously different ways as we have on this show but i think that it does put it is in terms of priority there have been you know a few foreign policy priorities and i think that this is one for for this
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particular white house in terms of trying to move the ball down the road i don't think they're under any illusion that they're going to solve everything in the next 4872 hours but i think the conversations and trying to continue the conversations are a good thing i think the gentleman from the ambassador in terms of his meetings with the president 2 years ago i think they get that is that is a good thing in terms of communication and conversations nobody's ever going to get everything that they want in any political deal or economic deal but i do think that this white house is trying to nudge this thing is as best they can in terms of moving it forward so i think there will be u.s. investment in u.s. interests as long as there are other investments from other countries and i think president trump again was very clear with his our european allies when he 1st took office in terms of the nato alliance is in those type of things and in terms of the u.s. is willing to invest in places like nato but they also are looking for investments from them as well so i think that's that's not not very different than what we've seen from him at this point. let's bring about israel and palestine i don't need a poll to tell me that the peace plan is actually very unpopular in palestine you
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just have to take a look at all of the same is coming out from the p.l.o. and the local newspapers and just speak to people as i've been doing throughout the weeks this has been announced but i would have liked to take a look at what it might mean to israelis is this plan in israel europe europe. you've done work on this clearly it's too early to get an accurate reading on this on the specifics but in your experience do you think this plan is popular in israel well i think it is very popular i mean we polled we did a poll in december before as it was being anticipated that was going to be announced before the election was called we did a survey for the konrad adenauer foundation here in israel what we found was pretty amazing because here's the difference if you go back historically and look at presidents whether they're clinton who was wildly popular here whether it's george bush who was very popular and seen as a great friend of israel or barack obama less so but still by many seen as
4:40 pm
a friend of israel israelis always kind of felt that the united states favors the palestinians and all these kinds of peace deals and all these kinds of issues and the question is how much pressure is going to be put on israel to make concessions how much pressure is going to be put on israel to compromise because israel has traditionally uncertain peace treaties and we just celebrated i believe 40 years of the egyptian peace treaty israel's going to have to give up something to get something what changed here is when we polled israelis we said you know is the u.s. and under trump an honest broker favors the israelis or favors the palestinians so 44 percent of jewish israeli said honest broker 46 percent favors israelis so that's 90 percent right there that is clear that the united states is either neutral or on or on israeli side of course it was much less the monk the israeli arab sector the $1200000.00 people that we polled where it was only 14 percent said . favors 72 percent said favors israelis so there are more skeptical but you'll if
4:41 pm
you look at israelis in general this is a different presidency because already even before this plan is announced this president has done things that no one even expected to be done not under any agreement or any concessions and without any concessions jerusalem. the embassy is moving the embassy to jerusalem the golan heights and you know canceling the nuclear agreement with iran so those 3 things put the trump administration on a different level israelis have confidence that trump is not going to sell them down the river that is not going to force them to make compromises so it doesn't really matter what's exactly in the deal of this century in this peace plan israelis are confident it won't hurt israel's security and that's what's important to them at the same time already when i say even if i just don't know we all running out of time so i want to bring a bust. and of course the polls are going to be favorable towards donald trump he seems to have given israel a lot of what it wasn't even expecting according to mitchell barak do you have
4:42 pm
a partner for peace in the u.s. is the u.s. a reliable partner to peace for the palestinians. none of this theme this theme has been back stabbing the palestinians from day one and by the way they closed the office i used to head the embassy in washington right at the height of our engagement with the with them and that hopeful moment so they're not interested to talk to us and by the way they don't see us as a people that's why they were the close of the prometric mission and they would close the consulate general of the u.s. consul general in jerusalem that was there since 844 long before all this as a key contact between the u.s. people in government and palestine anyway you know doing all that closing our embassy the u.s. consulate giving as i enjoy most of them but if usually is the settlements all of a sudden are not illegal and not an obstacle the issue of borders giving them the golan heights and only 3 days ago the national security bulletin was in the jordan valley it telling that the now they would indorse has control of the strategic reservoir the most important for thought area that we rely on to build our state
4:43 pm
and then they tell you there's an idealism happy now we can make peace what peace there's nothing left for us and it's all about keep feeding. the aus grocery list if you may for actually winning elections that's all about it and we wonder maybe is now i mean that the neo is running out actually of items from the palestinian pockets he took everything in advance from from perhaps for the people meeting and behind and maybe and i'm not joking enough anyhow we'll seek now some sort of a control of her in as an early warning site or something because that will help them and the elections now i'm not being very serious here but this is an example of how things are going in this relationship between netanyahu and trump and his team and we palestinians have to accept that have to engage at any cost no we know we can build a thriving economy we know we have all it takes to do so by the way we have one of the most educated useful society in the world we have the highest ph d.
4:44 pm
per capita graduates only last week i brought here. the u.k. 16 startups they made shock waves in the u.k. would have voted they went with that innovation ability smart ideas in the business we don't like the human garbage that we don't like the not sort of resources we have one of them also. going to have to because you also pay because we've all running out of time. along in those we don't need question have to give us a business plan we need them to just in this occupation and leave our business on the economy dollar so there you go that was one of the questions i want to bring in very quickly will running out of time james notes and in washington d.c. these rallies are very happy with this plan clearly the palestinians on even buying in surely it's time for the u.s. to go back to the drawing board and say this isn't working well i think that this is the beginning part of a process and you know i think it's unfair to already declared a unsuccessful when you know today is kind of the 1st day of a kickoff if you will despite all the behind the scenes things that have been
4:45 pm
happening for several months or over a year so you know i do think that it is in everybody's best interests if they continue to try to talk and work things out and have conversations and show up for meetings and of course there's a lot of history of course you know your question or can't solve everything of course of course not however you know i do think that. this is something that they are trying to bring bring groups together this is the 3rd year of the administration i think you've seen kind of where they are you know at this point and i think it's probably as i said and the best interest to communicate and that's kind of were president trump has been i get i know he's been a different president one that we have not really seen before but i think when he does get behind things he has shown that he's willing to he's willing to try to deal and made things happen so i think it's probably a lot as i said in everybody's interest to communicate thank you very much gentlemen for a very spirited discussion james militant is homes a lot and thank you too for watching you can see the program again any time by
4:46 pm
visiting the website don't call and for further discussion go to a facebook page that's faced. look don't come forward a.j. inside story and you can also join the conversation on twitter handle is at a.j. inside story for me imran khan and the entire team here and now. the news year new immigration laws and projects funded by european governments have seen a rapid decline in the migrant transport for people in power travels to agadez to explore the realities faced by the drivers left out of pocket and the migrants who are choosing to return home who would like to go back to the country where they're from no more going back to or what not want to believe that. europe migration on a 0 just off one of caracas main highways immediately family collects as much water
4:47 pm
as possible from the mountain above. a nationwide blackout left millions without power a regular water supplies. but this water is not portable the health ministry is recommending people treat it with chlorine but with none available other. hopes the boiling at 1st will make it safe for her family to drink dr. says the increased consumption of untreated water in the last 3 weeks is making an already catastrophic situation worse of any one in norway no reading we don't have the precise numbers yet that we know that the public and private hospitals there's been an acute increase of cases of severe diarrhea that require hospitalization including children under 2 years of age which can be fatal local and international public health experts describe the crisis it's a complex humanitarian emergency. we are going to mount the biggest
4:48 pm
a stab in the month in the case activists in seats of government and we do the one thing we piled on this is the vision. we really don't want technologically challenging politics and implementing direct democracy open source code to use the free for one to look we are innovators we are activists we are rebel geeks madrid. pushing back the advance on tripoli forces allied to libya's u.n. recognized government say they've taken a strategic town from fighters loyal to the ward cleaver after. months of obama you watching on 0 live from doha also coming up storm clouds over
4:49 pm
the g. 20 summit in japan and donald trump talks tough of a terrorist with china and india. also protesters back on the streets of hong kong as they continue their fight against a controversial extradition law to mainland china. and how eritrea is government is accused of targeting critics well beyond its borders. welcome to the program a libyan warlord attempting to seize the capital tripoli appears to have suffered a significant setback forces allied to the un recognized government say that they've retaken around 80 kilometers south of tripoli from forces loyal to warlord khalifa haftar but after the fighters that they are still in control of the town which has been one of their main bases losing it would be a big setback for their 12 week campaign to seize tripoli after is allied with a rival government based in the eastern city of brook mahmood of the wahid has more
4:50 pm
from tripoli. the city of that about 80 kilometers to the south was from the capital tripoli has finally fallen into the hands of forces loyal to the e.u. and it could now is to government of national accord the city of as various threat to you dick as it has been used as a supporting hub alongside the city of for have to his forces fighting the government forces in southern tripoli forces loyal to the warlord 24 have to have taken control of the city for the past 3 months and now after losing the house was drawn to the town of us harbor which is in the west in the south of the very end military sources with the government say that dozens of have forces were killed in the battle for you today while also say that they have taken control of us throughout egypt luke asians in cite the city of libya and including the
4:51 pm
central command of have that his forces that has been used to run the battles in southern tripoli we know that the battle for tripoli the military campaign launched by have their forces to take control of the capital tripoli started from the city of mosul from the city of horner it seems to be a major setback for have to as forces as they now have only one city and the west of libya supporting them and the military campaign to take control of the capital tripoli meanwhile in southern to paly have to his forces have been losing strategic locations in civil axes including in active international airport and also in neighborhoods in southern the west and in the southern and western part of the capital and also in the eastern and southern part of the capital tripoli including and collective adjourned neighborhoods the u.s. president who's talking tough for hope of a summit of the. largest economies g.
4:52 pm
20 leaders have begun to arrive for the meeting in the japanese city of osaka flying to the summit trump said china was ripe for new tariffs and suggested vietnam could be next saying it was the single worst abuser of everybody you also lashed out at india for imposing tariffs on the u.s. but it's not all just trade on the agenda us iran tensions are also likely overshadow the meeting as our diplomatic editor james bays reports from a soccer. president trump on his way to meet fellow world leaders in japan among a packed agenda there's likely to be considerable discussion about 2 countries with nuclear programs that trump has treated very differently tension is rising with iran which had agreed to a deal with the international community in 2015 to give up its pursuit of nuclear weapons until the us pulled out of that deal after attacks on tankers in the gulf
4:53 pm
and the shooting down of a u.s. drone that washington blames on terror on president trump continues to talk tough. i'm not sure that their leaders care for their people if they do they'll make a deal if they don't they just think it about themselves and their selfish and this if that's what they're doing meanwhile compare that with the case of another long time us with actually has nuclear weapons and hasn't agreed to give any of them up president trump continues to talk positively about north korea and kim jong un despite the failure of a summit in hanoi earlier this year the most recent visitor to pyongyang chinese president xi could he help the u.s. restart diplomacy. this is the 20th anniversary of the g. 20 these summits were started so that leaders could come together to talk about the state of the global economy the big issue there is president trump's trade wars
4:54 pm
particularly with china. of former head of war planning at the pentagon who now heads the think tank the east west institute says it's possible that the chinese may offer help with north korea as leverage in those difficult trade negotiations as we've been talking specifically about economics here for a while they trade wars back and forth between the 2 countries and now this is an opportunity for g.d. come in and say i've worked this other issue like you asked me to and now i would like you to help me a little bit with this can you back off just a little bit the g. 20 leaders control 80 percent of the world's economy all the meetings here will be important but the most attention will be on 2 meetings when president trumps down once again with russian president putin and his face to face encounter with president xi james ways al-jazeera sucka donald trump says that he has unlimited time to strike a deal with iran to stop it developing and distributing nuclear weapons in the
4:55 pm
latest round of sanctions the white house targeted iran senior leaders including ayatollah ali khamenei the supreme leader says iran won't bow to us to man's. monitoring events for us from tehran and they say let's just begin with it really being d.-day for all sides in terms of making good on their own promises statements and intentions. yes that's right so hell the reason today is important is the day that iran's atomic energy organization said that it would breach a stockpile limit on enrich uranium agreed as part of the 2015 nuclear deal iran has said that it will breach that 300 kilogram stockpile limit and the reason it is doing so is because u.s. nuclear sanctions that were passed on iran are on the same time last year that oil sanctions to took full effect those nuclear sanctions keep iran from being able to export any excess nuclear material that was produced in the country so enrich
4:56 pm
uranium a purity of 3.67 percent had that cap instead of compromising on its production iran has chosen to breach that stockpile limit instead saying that it cannot be the only country that abides by the nuclear deal now what we have seen in the last hour or so is a report attributed to members of the u.n. nuclear watchdog agency the i.a.e.a. saying that iran has yet to get close to that breach limit but it will get there by the end of the week and of course you touched on it but it does come off the back of an escalating tensions these past few months in the gulf region. that's exactly right all of this coming at a time when we've seen last week iran shooting down a u.s. drone on thursday a u.s. surveillance showing that it said it violated its airspace and in the months before that in may and june we saw oil tankers in the waters of the gulf region in this
4:57 pm
region come under attack the united states and its allies in the region like saudi arabia the united arab emirates and bahrain blame squarely on iran shoulders pointed a finger at iran saying it was behind these but in the last 24 hours we saw a united arab emirates foreign minister during a visit in moscow rolled back on that accusation saying that there simply wasn't enough evidence to just point a finger at iran and squarely blame iran for the moment they will leave it and of course monitor events with you through the day thank you. the city asia pacific now home calls pro-democracy campaigners have turned their attention to police and justice officials they gathered outside the main offices of the justice department and were hold back by lines of police i was earlier police have broken up around the outside the headquarters of the other part of the city and protesters are trying to keep a pressure on the government to withdraw a bill that would allow suspects to be extradited to mainland china. hong kong. so this is yet another block guided by protesters and this time here at the justice
4:58 pm
department i'm at these rallies simply to disrupt business and try to rush on the government to not just let the education bill but just this bill all together i'll be all the nice protest against secretary of justice. and our request to withdraw the evil law so we'll continue to show our good man and continue our strike especially. government have just suspended but we are not. afraid it's as well as demanding extradition will be dropped these protesters also want to make it just take time to get inside this building work because they want an investigation into what they say was excessive force used by the place during the protests over the last couple of weeks and so far that's where the government has refused well still ahead here on al-jazeera democratic presidential candidates all 20 of them got a chance to explain why they do a better job than donald trump and the push to get tech platforms and governments
4:59 pm
to outsmart and catch online predators who target children those stories after the break. the web sponsored by cattle and ways. hello again welcome back to your international weather forecast well the big story here is still the heat across parts of europe where we have seen a lot of temperatures high temperatures broken across much of the area we're going to be watching this from a body right here because that is a big player on where the heat is going to be over the next few days anything north of that front is going to be more seasonable anything south of this front is where we're going to be seeing those very very hot temperatures so as we go towards the rest of day today that front starts seeing a little bit more towards the southeast we're going to be seeing some rain showers on the front as well for berlin today it is going to be
5:00 pm
a day of $23.00 degrees but out here towards the west we're still dealing with the heat woods are seeing about 35 degrees as the forecast high as we go towards thursday that front continues to make its way towards the east but here across much of the east temperatures are rebounding a little bit not for sorich but for paris we do expect to see that temperature go up to about $33.00 degrees there and that's not going to be the end of it as we go from friday to saturday we do expect to see temperatures even rise more to 35 degrees the average for this time of year 23 degrees as the normal here across another part of africa things are looking quite nice across much of the area not much in terms of rain but for temperatures we're going to be seeing benghazi at $29.00 and cairo a temperature of $41.00. the weather sponsored by the time i am lays. the produce is mexico's most watched soap opera continue to tackle real women's issues and the audience is now reacting. emboldened by the show.


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