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tv   Shadow World 2018 Ep 2  Al Jazeera  June 28, 2019 3:00pm-3:58pm +03

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same package waddling. will. i'm glad l.s.m. com shoe. on me had a cult. the famous peace corps argue that. you had your suitcase and i was a bit of you. but some. random . some tectonic yarn and i pushed up sunday. on the team fannie. can a need to kill a day that an i.p.s. .
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could enter less small snide long kassam bashed. in my chin and. camelback it covered he study at. the end to cut peace australia almost done get some yes that's right. i do got my color i get a bag ok. so if you just have a fortune. velika gonna cheat on your. suppleness
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of each node is good either. ya ya some zionist us dollars fucking gone on that's a nationalist mission and the c.p.b. of. peace is a no as if it must cost. scott. dr healy so islam is not anymore which you without some heat up with a summit as a nickel all the. all but i guess i thought that it was. up now days us to shoot a lot. of us into stanton. so that assists us and not what you look at as we had to now go to. mars on a critical donna small he's missed the little gold piece. of the world cos it was
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about a joy it will show me another nice. looking. program cover. up will we get to dispose of no coolness the is. not the one of the sellers that i was national was welcome to the one of the most i'd look a is that was it said. yes but oddly buffet of things gets us in a planet to talk to me. some
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young. person interviewed no such luck. with sons who blog such. across china millions of cameras are watching citizens every move and scoring their behavior one i want to east investigates china's surveillance crackdown on how busy are. the pages of this exercise bill code unspeakable mannerly compiled testimonies of victims of congolese musson. as this intimate evidence finds its way to international courts the central african republic is
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plunged into further. and intricate tale of a people and a nation crippled by recent history. a free comes one of a 2 part series on al-jazeera. the latest news as it breaks communities may be in disagreement accusing the other for these attacks and the chilling with details coverage thousands of protesters have been streaming away for minutes ago house but rousing have been studied dog from around the world sacrifice what have to be. bad the brunt of those sacrifices is what this is all about. they wanted $43000000000.00 worth of weaponry that was $6000000000.00 in commission. there is no hope of any more because there's always
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a small cobbles people from really really good most. in essence we in the united states have privatized the ultimate public function more shadow on al-jazeera. there's a problem in doha with the top stories on our jazeera u.s. president donald trump is meeting russia's vladimir foods and on the sidelines of the g. 20 summit it is their 1st meetings as the model report reaffirmed to u.s. intelligence findings that russia and to fear in the 2016 presidential election our diplomatic editor james bays has more from osaka. i'm much more positive the president about the russians than the rest of the us system about the russians a great deal of scrutiny on this very unusual relationship between these 2
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leaders how long will they meet for this time well we've only got a gap here the summit venue over an hour and 15 minutes before trump is supposed to meet the president of brazil but i can tell you previous trump putin meetings ago well over. a former u.s. secretary of state has described being kept in the dark about foreign policy rex tillerson testified before a committee in washington last month and the details have just been released to listen accused white house it was a job cost of operating independently and outside of the state department hundreds of iraqis have stormed the bahraini embassy in central baghdad and anger over the u.s. sponsored manami conference on peace in the middle east the train has a record its embassy ambassador to iraq after demonstrators broke in and took down the flag replacing it with one of their own and. one person has died after 20 odd
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attacks target his security forces and to his u.s. capitol a bomb a targeted a police vehicle near the french embassy in central tunis the other at the counter terrorism headquarters democratic leaders in the u.s. house of representatives have backed down to president trump on their border aid bill demands the house has passed a 4600000000 dollars package to help address the surge in people trying to cross into the u.s. from mexico but it doesn't include additional protections for migrant children that many democrats had wanted but now needs to be signed into law by the president. and finally a previously unknown dinosaur species has been discovered in brazil named. in the country. of around. ago and those are the headlines on al-jazeera al-jazeera.
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where people are. moralise was that we ship one of the is the. was the body but i think is more. or darkest. madness. yet it was there yet he. won't feel he's the man you know this is where a lot of toys gather to push only.
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yes some bill paley say's macnair point occurred now please don't run into a coma though prevention use tonight. i promise that is not so and i am up. to mean about such k. with right here sky spock either go. below. or your door shade 20 below. among kids are nicole russia's evil mayor so. it wasn't stunnel the she is the saddam killer man thought of the local. clock was something. you show.
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said i've got. on the now money. and with him with the little bit through the the store can you get to know. now with us on the mic you going to clinic is that it can you get. a shot of. the senate at that time on the north side is the way. it's i'm going to be all but just to you know it's the calmest lawsuit. that on a night but in the there's been
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office that does that i have a today i am lucky cina said the new candidate to test. is glad that a card that's a. serious one belief held off its. need to get her gender nice to my d.v.d.'s. then me a t. stat then yes dash me can add that name after he sued to get us to. the us where she.
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worked all night hard. to avoid. paying. so it would show you. point out shot. the video the name out there. nick up over the wall got a notch another missed it what are the. on the sick list of those discussions that are going on the someone into the i'll go along on. its own i am a sonnet dealing you know but i got out of this. another way to be.
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put as you on your. more than any opinion and. it's not cheap disposals the. midst of the southern states now that the just. the or the as.
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if everything. if. you're from want the same thing. they want to stop the slaughter they want to put an end of the violence war they want to give their children and their grandchildren a chance to lead a normal life they thank god the boys who go. for. after nearly 4 years of 250000. 1000000 refugees. osmium elation and so. peace agreement in the war.
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yet that can gain of those that. need some unique yet allowed the to reship it or get invited thelma come on and go to those words that are. just that i. thought i. was in jail.
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but. only as. a boy scout. something national. yet the thefts you could some day.
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yet not divide the. image would. lead to loss of away. culture tacky bad kicked in again. yes i'm. muslim now lori implant map but don't. move back into.
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yes i'm so good i would like to show gods it was their bible they. pled out like i did i got to know how to react to each one is up like. some nickel cope with us obviously intell. as a theme. nicomedes some of our projects get out you're knowledgeable more than you know the obviously not said oh i. said it would be a year so them they not should be able to take a box. slash
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2 cursors with so. that on it we met the option the. historian was there but as you will end up at that and says you know. a little nice of him on his way them or that i've. seen their. special menu. take. special menu. special. does the you know which are. the gene. he still goes to show an issue with.
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over toward the coast in 1999 a boeing 767 took off from new to cairo and. everything no one survived the journey 20 years on al-jazeera while the
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revisits the case of the fatal egypt crash flight 990 what really happened on al-jazeera. how we got all the weather across the middle east at the moment it's sunny we have got some longer spells of rain some rather disturbed weather continuing just around the caspian sea around the black sea anywhere from around georgia or armenia azerbaijan could see some showers long spells right over the next couple of days for the south or into the forty's mid forty's maybe high forty's for baghdad and for you a city behind that a rather more pleasant 28 celsius therefore by route after jerusalem some a values as we go on through saturday noticed by saturday that rain sinking further southwest northern parts of syria northeast of turkey could see some showers along the spells of right wanted to show was to have a to was about to start to was to minustah i can to stop pakistan they stay dry and
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sunny as is the case across the peninsula a little more cloud over towards the reds say but decidedly more hot sunshine coming through here and we're getting up to around. 4344 celsius over the next couple of days but he is sunshine across southern africa meanwhile little bit of cloud just moving through the western cape the selling k 15 celsius in cape town as we go through the next day or so generally it is looking fine dry and sunny somewhat the round harare and when the top temperature of 21. americans are struggling to pay their bread the problem isn't just live it's a pleasure city. a former governor of the bank has cost the country. we bring you the stories the economic. counting the cost on al-jazeera. and. whether someone telling someone. think
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it's how you. try out. getting down to business at the g. 20 summit donald trump i'm glad i'm a putin meet on the sidelines. but i'm so wrong when you're watching al-jazeera live my headquarters here in doha coming up in the next 30 minutes. they have reimposed their sanctions they have added new sanctions and now be out of the middle of an economy. under scrutiny in vienna a meeting on iran's nuclear deal also former secretary of state rex tillerson tells
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congress the president trumps son in law undermined u.s. foreign policy plus. i do not trees racist. and the politics of race in part 2 of the n.b.c. democratic presidential debate in the u.s. . welcome to the program the annual summit of the world's most powerful leaders is underway in osaka japan u.s. president donald trump has netware the russia's vladimir putin on the sidelines of the g. 20 for the 1st face to face talks since the helsinki summit last year the pair both gave birth statements saying they have much to discuss with trump also praising his very very good relationship with putin. well we have teams on the ground correspondents including jamal or shall kimberly healthcare but we begin with our diplomatic editor james and james of course the summit begins and one shakes the
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obligatory smiles for the folks who called us some real pressure points that certainly trump and putin to discuss including syria north korea and iran. oh absolutely these are 2 leaders who get on much better than their 2 countries get on with the other so there will be i suspect some tough talking whether we're going to hear about it behind the scenes on things like syria and ukraine also on iran because russia has made it pretty clear that the current tensions between the u.s. and iran in many ways are the fault of the u.s. and president trump pulling out of the iran nuclear deal it's not clear how much we're going to hear about what went on behind the scenes though this meeting and we are at this interesting point in this summit there's a great deal of diplomacy going on most of it not in the main hall but on the sidelines various combinations of world leaders meeting each other all we're
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hearing though are the brief comments for the cameras the smiles for the cameras and then off the record some information coming from officials that's because we're just the 1st day into the summit 24 hours time we're going to have all the news conferences and get some of the details of what has or has not been achieved here as well as the issues we discussed also of course on trade wars in particular the trade war between the u.s. and china what we're hearing so far because we had heard that they were going to try and come to some agreement is that things are looking good certainly the public comments from president trump and president xi but we're going to have to wait to find the details of what's going on in this flurry of meetings we've been seeing indeed look at the t. to unpick it all later james thank you let's cross over to kim. how could all of the correspondent i've been a soccer. james talking about sort of the bigger picture of what's going on globally but slightly surreal moments between trump and putin in terms of like to
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take on election meddling sort of touching on the domestic u.s. issues. yeah this is was certainly a meeting that was watched very closely by american audiences likely they are not going to be pleased with the outcome this is the 1st time u.s. president donald trump and russian president vladimir putin met since the release of u.s. special counsel robert muller for poor which looked into election meddling in the 2016 u.s. presidential election and concluded without a shadow of doubt that russia had intervened in terms of trying to influence the outcome of that election this was an opportunity once again for donald trump to forcefully condemn russia's actions but instead of doing that donald trump did just the opposite issuing just a light hearted warning you don't have to be the loser you are.
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a little. well above the meeting in the trump soul so could believe he has had a brief interaction with china's president and perhaps the pictures tell us a lot more than any words could at the moment. yeah the other big meeting that donald trump is expected to hold now that the one valving putin is behind him is with chinese president xi and that will take place on saturday so there was a lot of interest in the so-called class photo where as far as what was standing there it seemed that president xi sought out donald trump and this is notable given the fact that the 2 countries of the leaders of the true world's largest economies are essentially in a embroiled in a trade war that has seen you know $250000000000.00 worth of us or rather chinese goods into the united states have
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a 25 percent tariff now there's hope in all 8 of this that potentially this could be result of that but it doesn't appear that that is likely because well there were smiles and handshakes during that class photo immediately following that donald trump pointed the finger at china into rectally blaming it for intellectual property theft for concerns about security when it comes to the expansion of the 5 g. network and well there were protests by the chinese president in that working group it does not bode well in terms of foreshadowing any sort of deal resolving this trade deal at the crux of it concerns about privacy issues still out there and unresolved when they meet for this very high profile meeting on saturday so a lot of eyes watching that interaction but not feeling that it isn't tiredly optimistic in terms of resolving this massive trade dispute between the 2 worlds largest economies well even though it would be for the moment move
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a focus of its model surely joins us as well because the saudi crown prince has also been received following a sort of we wonder how he's going to be received following sort of that final report from the u.n. reports that implicates him in the middle. and of course all eyes really. have been someone who was standing very close to president trump and what one does how much of europe be hostage about his own international reputation reputation and how he is going to be received by those world leaders. indeed so well the question was more about how much of a repair job he'd have to do with other world leaders not so much with donald trump donald trump from the very beginning and made it very clear that he wasn't about to forego billions of dollars worth of saudi money for the sake of the life of $1.00 journalist who wasn't even an american citizen as the u.s. president's once described it and that's why we saw him have been some man as he approached the stage have that very warm welcome from the u.s.
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presidents and in fact after that family photo was taken whilst all the world leaders were waving to the cameras donald trump made a point of warmly shaking the hand of the crown prince the man who is widely believed to have been implicated or at least very much behind the murder of the saudi journalist. compare that to last g 20 summits which was held busy in argentina on the picture of a very lonely crown prince standing on the edge of a stage at the far end there are not many world leaders wanting to shake his hand or at least be seen publicly with him obviously that wasn't the case. earlier should they what's interesting go receipts or notes here so hellos that the saudi media particularly on digital platforms like twitter and so forth that witness a lot of engagement with the saudi public have been making a very big noise about or loud noise rather about this saying that this demonstrates the great leadership of the crown prince and that saudi is
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a world leader but obviously it's important to note the connotations behind all of this that it's not just that mohammed bin some man is or isn't being welcomed into international fold shall eurabia is the host of the next g. 20 summit his position in the center of that soldier is because he will be taking on that baton not necessarily because the world has decided to forget or forgive what has happened. in the role of have been some man in his murder well thanks a lot you will. we honor her but staying sort of in the middle east as well because iran has warned that friday's meeting in vienna with the remaining signatories to the 2050 nuclear deal will be the last chance to save the pact senior diplomats from 5 countries are meeting with the iranian counterparts on friday to tehran threaten to expand its uranium enrichment program the u.s. pulled out of the nuclear deal and reinstated sanctions against iran sparking tension in the gulf then washington post further sanctions after iranian forces
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shot down one of its drones they are using their economic choir imposing sanctions as a kind of weapons now if you're facing a very new concept their pen ization of dollars. this is what you're facing the u.s. dollar as of the pen to impose this they did vicious their policies on other countries and that should be a stopped so our correspondent joins us now from tehran and saying really iran very firm in its position and fundamentally it doesn't want to see its oil exports blocked while accusing the united states of economic terrorism but it is edging ever closer to ripping up that 2050 nuclear agreement that's exactly right this meeting in vienna comes at a very.


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