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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  June 29, 2019 12:00am-1:01am +03

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have it here to the agreement despite the americans not being in there any more and despite having sanctions it's difficult for european speakers yes they want to have to pay a mint mechanism that will be very difficult because you can obviously put pressure on countries and also brian hook can put pressure on countries but in the end the actors will be companies and prime hooksett something that you know most companies feel which is like do what i do i believe of do i threaten my relationship with the world's largest economy for an 18000000 for an emerging economy which is inefficient and has 1x8w1x8w. people in it so most of the european come companies especially banks also big oil companies will go we will go with the u.s. so obviously you saw that when thought dial god really said ok we will write off our investment into south us fields right all iran iran says is it wants the
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ability to sell its oil who is currently the american policy of course is to completely turn off the spigot who is buying iranian oil at the moment and will they continue to do so i guess that's a critical question. yeah it is and there's obviously a lot of smuggling going on but you know the chinese needing iranian oil the indians need iranian oil because the at the refineries actually need the heavy crude that iran can provide them and with with venezuelan production having fall off a cliff iran is the other source of heavy crude which refiners want turkey would like to buy iranian oil there are people there and probably the indians and especially the chinese will not be asked fast by iran but the threat of iranian sanctions the europeans will be right and the europeans are saying that they're desperate to save the vestiges of this nuclear deal they go to come up with this
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instead arrangement. if indeed it does come to fruition will it be enough to keep the iranian economy turning over. no it will probably not be enough and i don't see how it can actually come into fruition because again you need companies to be willing to go within stakes and you know if the threat is if you go with inspect you have you lose access to the american market most companies won't do that so that is really that's really the crux of that's where the crux of the problem and the other problem with the european says in the u.k. they're all there obsessed with bricks 8 to it that you have jeremy hunt the foreign secretary who is a leadership candidate that was focused on that the euro that the french and the as the germans don't see eye to eye on europe so they're not just cohesive o'clock as they should be all right thank you very much for that call nearly
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a mile talking to us live from london. we got a lot more to come on this al-jazeera news hour including anger against the u.s. in solidarity with palestinians thousands march in yemen against america's so-called deal of the century. 10 years after a coup in honduras al-jazeera returns to look at the challenges facing the country now. and drummer of the cover america as host brazil take on power guy peter we'll have the details in sport. the regional tensions trade rules and personal differences are in the spotlight on day one of the g. 20 summit taking place in japan a meeting between the russian president vladimir putin and the u.s. president donald trump has john obviously the most attention mr putin has invited
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the u.s. president to visit russia next year from all sarka white house correspondent kimberly how could reports. smiles and even a fist bump between japanese leader shinzo are they india's new. modi and u.s. president donald trump even though prior to their g 20 meeting trump criticized both. and at a g. 20 leaders family photo trump was again smiling with saudi arabia's crown prince mohammed bin solomon even though u.s. intelligence congress and the united nations say the kingdom was responsible for the murder of journalist. also notable during that photo op chinese president xi seeking out trump in the midst of their ongoing trade war to shake hands that gesture was apparently lost on trump despite she's defense of china's digital policies trump indirectly blame she's government for intellectual property theft and risks to 5 g.
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security at the same time as we expand digital trade we must also ensure the resilience and security of our 5 g. networks this is essential to our shared safety and prosperity. the process of data collection analysis and circulation east but we also need to respect the solvers rights of each nation. their differences foreshadow a potentially tense meeting between the leaders of the world's 2 largest economies on saturday and less hope for resolving the us china trade war but looming over all of this was trump's meeting with russian president vladimir putin their 1st since u.s. special counsel robert muller released his report detailing russian interference the 2016 u.s. election instead of forcefully confronting him trump issued just a light hearted warning. a white house
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readout of trump's meeting with putin notes the paris cust arms control venezuela syria and iran but there's no mention of the lection interference and trump's half hearted word of caution to putin well someone expected. is once again in biting criticism for trump's failure to forcefully confront russia's leader can't really help it al-jazeera. well russia china and india they all got something in common and that's got real frayed relations with the u.s. and the 3 leaders they met on the sidelines of g 20 and they talked about how to bolster their own ties. our cooperation in the format of russia india and china could become an example of creating a modern fair multi-polar world there rejects protectionism policies of unilateral actions any legal sanctions. or saudi arabia's crown prince mohammed bin soundman was sentenced sage alongside the us president for that family photo you know the
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photograph where they were all lined up you may remember the last 21 as far as he was rather isolated here's our correspondent jim. there was a great deal of anticipation and questions being asked in the buildup to the g. 20 summit with regards to what kind of a reception saudi crown prince will have been some man would receive his positioning in that family photograph this time around here on the soccer is not necessarily that significant because it is customary for the country which will host the next edition of the g 20 summit there representative to be standing next to or south side by side with the current host and that's why we saw in those pictures this time around kind of inside a man square in the center as opposed to how he was the last time the g 20 met in one osiris in argentina where the crown prince was left essentially sun at the back corner of the stage there what's more telling isn't the surliest positioning but the way in which starts on leader is dealt with and sides he approached that very
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warm handshake which he went forward to give with the russian president vladimir putin similar to that one that he gave back in argentina but more significantly was u.s. president donald trump ensuring that everybody saw and everybody knew that as far as trump was concerned some of them said man is a very close ally and a friend he shook his hand more than once they kept holding hands there was a great big grins and even a bit of laughing between the 2 and that is something that maybe speaks to to what's trump has said from the beginning particularly the case of facilities there where the trump administration said it would not be forsaking billions of dollars worth of saudi investments in the u.s. economy for the sake of the life of one saudi journalist who wasn't even an american citizen as trump once said what's also noticeable was on the other side the president donald trump or texas doesn't measure up to run and also since that
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u.n. report came out about social kyoto one had said that he would be making a statement about that u.n. report and the need to hold those responsible for the murder of the drug. he said he'd be making those statements here in a cycle that still hasn't happened but there is very clearly a big divide between sarkies position reserve the saudi crown prince and other mutual allies like the united states now every g 20 meeting at tracks the protest is the detractors and a soccer is no different our correspondent andrew thomas has been to the protests in. compared to the protest outside previous g 20 summit the country this one here in japan is very advanced 300 people and you talk to voters here about why. and i say that. just distanced the political right said.
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no difference. like the market was very slow. bring people together other it's really like the fact they want to try to get. us home. i'm trying to think of the money should be there and. 2 exactly right that's the main story is. that demonstrators demanding a clean sweep of the top in algeria showing that persistence tens of thousands packed the streets of the capital this is the 19th successive friday the protests started in february and helpful so resignation of president activities beautifully demonstrators want the prosecution of people in power linked to his regime. police have arrested the spokesman of a party linked to the ethnic group kristie and the rest is among
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a string of detentions connected to a failed rebellion in the north of the cause. injury more than 40 of those detained are party members dozens of people were killed including a national army chief and 3 senior regional officials in last weekend's violence the central government in addis ababa has a ques there marras former security chief of organizing the rebellion. the forces allied to the u.n. recognize government in libya are now in full control of that's a city just south of the capital tripoli soldiers recaptured the city after weeks of fighting with forces allied to the warlord after mahmud up to one head reports from. the road from tripoli to open again. the city and surrounding area have been
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a battlefield for the past 3 months. following the latest fighting with honey for have to his forces soldiers loyal to libyan government regained control of the yan as we drive towards the city the remnants of the battle is littered on the roadside . sandbanks built to defend the city now a stumbling block for call drivers. government forces have recaptured have those military camps like many from a riyadh who resisted have to his invasion. led was forced to leave his home city in march he says he left his family behind and took part in several battles until he and his comrades finally reclaim their home. his friends and neighbors are celebrating. we coordinated with their fellow fighters inside the city along with the western military region command to set the incursion it took us
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weeks but the city fell into our hands in about 7 hours. funerals have been held for the soldiers who died defending the city. it's estimated dozens were killed in fighting since the city was seized. the fall of the u.n. is being seen as a setback for have to his forces and their campaign to capture the capital. government forces showed off dozens of u.s. made antitank missiles they said were seized from have to his forces and rianne and they say the weapons were supplied by the united arab emirates. have to command headquarters in the un is abandoned from here have to the commanders of the forces into battle in southern tripoli over the past 3 months troops and weapons who were sent from here to north to support the war on the capital. libyans living here say french an iraqi military officers were seen have to hit
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a quarter of that money or have the kind of fact that it was a nightmare under the rule of hafter forces they misuse the city's facilities including hospitals which became overcrowded with their casualties. life is slowly returning to normal but the fighting has taken its toll on the people's lives government forces are in full control of a very young city some of have those forces have retreated to the nearby town of. others to the city of daraa who are but this is the way sion anybody and remains tense and people here are worried that after those were planes could target government forces within the city. area. lots more to come here on the al-jazeera news. clipping a report from a mexican border town where thousands of central american migrants accuse the government of breaking its promises and in sport why israel folau this case against
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rugby australia could be heading to court peter will have the details. hello again welcome back well the heavier showers of the last 24 hours have been here across the northern part of turkey and also over here towards the caspian the showers will continue as we go towards saturday as well some of those could be quite intense with some hail as well as some gusty winds over towards back who though we do expect to see a few of about 30 degrees maybe dropping down to about 26 by the time we get towards sunday and ankara well winds are coming out of the north and that means you could be seeing a break in the he with the time to there of about $22.00 degrees well here across much of the gulf we are looking at temperatures into the mid forty's for many locations here in doha about $45.00 degrees over towards abu dhabi it is going to be into the low forty's for you as well by the time we get to sunday
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a little bit of break though we do think the immunity is going to be coming up as well miska attempt a few on sunday of about $38.00 degrees and then very quickly here across much of southern africa really not looking too bad for cape town as we go into the weekend we do expect to see attempt to there of about 15 degrees but by the time we get towards sunday we do expect to see that frontal boundary come into play we're going to be seeing some gusty winds as well as some heavy rain showers but over here towards medicare the rain showers are ending we're going to be seeing temperatures in the low twenty's but over here towards durban attempt a few about $25.00 degrees there. it's my privilege to name al jazeera english the broadcaster of the year the country has a fight each other and we've been told that we can feel that yes this is the largest demonstration that's been held by their refugees since over 700000 live near some of the nicest most of the fun to be appalling to think of it could be
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plastic here. i'll just here in english trump recipient of the national crystals gold coast of the year award for the say give up. unannounced the biggest a stab in the monkey. decades activists in seats of government we didn't want to meet by them this institution and all we really didn't want technologically challenging politics and implementing direct democracy it's our open source code to use the free for one to look we are innovators we are activists we are regular. madrid and i'm just you know.
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let's have a look at the top stories in here on the out syria news. for mrs talks to save the 2050 nuclear deal in vienna are not enough even though some progress was made tehran wants europeans to protect it from u.s. sanctions and it set a deadline of july the 7th that when it will begin rainy and close to the levels needed to develop. the russian leader vladimir putin and u.s. president donald trump of sat down for talks for more than an hour at the g. 20 the white house say they discussed arms control iran syria venezuela and ukraine there was no mention of election interference. in yemen tens of thousands of protesters have gathered in the capital sanaa they
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were protesting against the u.s. economic plan for palestinians it was proposed in bahrain this week yemen is still in solidarity with palestinians to reject the financial proposal saying a political solution must come 1st. and 2 girls where there are of also been protests against what has been called the deal of the century our correspondent rob matheson is there and rob tell us tell us what girl has been like today because of course people in girls have been protesting against this economic proposal from jared for the last week or so. the tribes protests in about 5 different places here in gaza but most of them we understand have been pretty much quiet i don't if you can see over my shoulder there it's actually pretty empty here we did have quite a buildup of people about an hour ago but they have no drifted away having said that in the last 20 minutes we saw some tear gas that was being fired from the
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israeli side of the border just over my shoulder there into this very small crowds he thinks he's me here and we understand also there are about 21 people from those 5 sides who have been injured either by tear gas or by rubber bullets or by live fire we don't have a breakdown of those injuries but the crowds here very much quieter and one of the reasons could also be because there has been on thursday night there was an agreement reached by both israel and hamas the controlling group of gaza which basically led to a succession of strengthening of an existing truce that's been in place since the end of may hamas has agreed to stop people in gaza sending in devices over flying them over the border and setting fire to agricultural land in israel and it's also said that it would control much more strongly any protests that were happening at the border certainly on all 5 locations upon how much security has
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been out in force one of the reasons why the crowds here have been much smaller now for its part israel has said that it is going to expand the fishing rights the fishing limits for gaza and for fishermen in gaza up to 50 and 15 nautical miles from 10 nautical miles it also says that it is going to return about 60 gaza fishing boats but one of the most important things is that israel is going to allow more fuel to be transported back into gaza for gaza's only power station on tuesday israel said it was going to stop all those supplies because all. those aerial flayers and centuries that had been flowing across from gaza into israel but that agreement has now been reached that fuel is now being coming back into into gaza that's an important move because gaza only usually carries about 48 hours worth of fuel for its parts of station and we've reached the point at which that might have
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started to run out so the fact that the israeli fuel is now coming back in seems to have had some effects are on the crowds here as i say we haven't had nearly as much of a turnout as we were expecting but of course this is just one friday and the march of return and next friday may well be very different. than live in gaza thank you now forecasters say this year is on track to be among the hottest ever un means here meteorologists a warning if it continues the world would have seen the will is 5 year period on record in fact france has just recorded its highest ever temperature with the mercury soaring up to 45 point one degrees and students of 4000 french schools have been released from school because of the heat in northeastern spain fog it is fear the blistering heat will make their job of putting out wildfires even harder challenge reports. these are already among the worst fires in spain's
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catalonia region for 20 years and the heat wave has only just begun firefighters are warning the burning area could get 5 times as big doing what they can to douse the flames. but for these animals it was too late they died trapped inside the barn it's clearly upsetting for the farmer. distance provide safety but it's an anxious wait to find out of houses have gone up in flames. in the afternoon when we came back we saw black smoke here and when we wanted to go back home the road was cut off so we couldn't our ranch is right there and there was a lot of smoke so we came here next to fish castle to see where the fire was going and if our ranch was going to burn. away from the flames the heat is more nuisance than danger in madrid
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a little cooler 39 celsius people try to stay hydrated stay protected or just took it easy for some tourists for more northerly climbs that's what they came for sticky. cream drink lots of water it's perfect it's very harsh it's very hard for enjoying it and trying to get some time. for vulnerable people the heat can still be dangerous in france the health ministry has issued a heat wave plan for elderly care homes they don't want a repeat of 2003 as hot weather when 15000 mostly old people died. i put a small wet cloth around my neck and there isn't much more i can do i don't mean around but it's our way we don't move too much we just have to wait for it to be over there is no other solution. but forecasters suggest it won't get cooler till early next week. challenge orders are. right
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because we declare now this now who's a spokeswoman for the un world meteorology major logical and having problems with that word today organization she is joining us live from geneva thank you very much indeed presumably we should be expecting more of these heatwaves or extreme weather events now that we are definitely the temperatures in this in the globe are rising definitively. that's right it's it's obviously too early to say you know with 100 percent certainty that this particular heat wave is caused by climate change because it's still ongoing we're in the middle of it but it's absolutely consistent with what we expect from climate change we expect that heat waves will become more frequent more extreme intense and they will start earlier and they will finish later and so what we're seeing now with you
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know temperatures of $45.00 degrees and in france it's june you know that this shouldn't be seeing temperatures like this in writing early in the year and given the commitments sort of be made under the paris climate a call which of course the americans have walked away from i mean the commitment is to reduce the rising temperatures by 1.5 by 2025 i mean that doesn't seem to be enough. see that the paris agreement makes provisions to keep temperatures to under 2 degrees celsius above the pre-industrial era by the end of this century so we're not talking about 25 and 25 the end of this century and if at all possible to go further and to keep them to less than $1.00 degrees celsius above at the moment we've got about a one percent want to greece celsius temperature increase so you know we're getting there rapidly. the u.n.
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secretary general is extremely alarmed about this as you know as are many many other world leaders as is the rest of the u.n. system so he's convened a climate action summit in september to really try to ramp up the ambition and to say not just the government leaders but to you know to business leaders to civil society hey guys you know we need to do much more and as part of the preparations for this there's actually a meeting taking place in abu dhabi this weekend on starts on sunday and it will be attended by the u.n. secretary general just again to try to achieve but to try to to to galvanize people people interaction so you know we have the paris agreement we've now really need to implement it right because it seems as though there's actually an urgent see that's needed this is actually at a situation of emergency. it is very urgent at the moment in europe we're seeing the impacts on temperature
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increases it's not just temperatures it's the impact of climate change on water resources on sea level rise on our environment. on you know a whole a whole batch of issues we know which really will affect the future that our you know that we live and that generations in the future will live and what about now is actually affecting us now because the people of france italy and spain particular are enduring the highest temperatures that they've seen for a very long time if ever that's right some some people seem to think you know climate change it's a problem of the future so we don't need to do anything about it now but what we are saying you know today in europe or what we saw last month in india what we will probably see and many other parts of the world in the coming months of the year it
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shows that you know climate change it plays out through our daily weather heat waves extreme heat is the clearest signal from climate from prime a change it's not the only one you know there's a direct link between climate change and precipitation or rainfall doesn't necessarily mean that we're going to get more rainfall but we're seeing more of it and very very very heavy episodes and we're seeing less of it when me when when when we really need it all right thank you very much indeed we could talk for much longer but thank you claire tallis talking to us live from geneva. there are disagreements about the crisis in venezuela ravine expires at an annual summit of regional leaders euro grand delegates walked out of the organization of american states meeting in colombia they objected to venezuelan diplomats appointed by the opposition leader. being there now he's recognized by many of the 35 oas members as well as other countries as venezuela's leader who is trying to get rid of president
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nicolas maduro. now there are more than 14000 asylum seekers and migrants currently in mexico and under a new agreement with the united states that number could rise to another 60000 and then there are serious questions as to whether mexico can handle them john hold men has been meeting some families who are living on the streets of a mexican border town. myra and her 12 year old son waiting all of its complete with the next school in the u.s. that's 6 months away it's part of a plan learners remain in mexico those mainly from home salvador guatemala like myra who crossed into the u.s. to ask for asylum are being sent back to mexico to wait while the process plays out . i don't know what i'm going to do i'm scared of being left in the street with my son mexico agreed to the plan reluctantly in january now the u.s.
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pressure it's expanding it about 60000 central americans could be sent here by the end of the year luckily for them mexico's president says they'll be taken care. of this year will be offering humanitarian aid job opportunities health and education . except we wanna with 5000 have already arrived none of that is happening everyone we talked to like miter were only given temporary papers which explicitly state they can't work here despite the fact that the many their next court appearance is months away we talked to 7 migration shelters. they told us they'd seen nothing of the government's promised work or education programs meanwhile they're bearing the brunt of the new arrivals i think it's the perfect storm coming together in which everything. they want or
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they have shelter all the private organizations. churches they have not met with meeting since 3 months we don't know what they're planning. we don't know either with the wave of people already crushing in there is government ministries what they plan to do with them no one could tell us or even give us an interview the issues particularly pressing because these people are being dropped into some of the most dangerous areas in mexico here and one of there's been more than a 1000 murders so far this year and where we are right now we just heard shots people fleeing and then federal police turning up. it's not a big surprise that many like myra a trying to get the money together to simply get out and go home that's certainly the most convenient course of action but mexico and the u.s. . right let's go live now to john homan our correspondent who is now in mexico city
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and. the president then andres manuel lopez obrador has been talking about that deal. arrived at with president trump in order to avert the imposition of tariffs and we're getting a bit more detail about it. we are we getting that more detail because i've asked him about it in his morning press conference just to put the context on this we've been trying for a week to ask various government ministers what is their plan to deal with these people there's now more than 14000 u.s. asylum seekers that have been put over the border into mexico and this is been happening as we said in our report since january so this isn't something new this situation here but we couldn't get an answer of what they doing what they're planning to do with the but i asked the president lopez obrador well is there a plan and this is what he told me in the morning press conference. regarding
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employment we are going to sign an agreement to give jobs at my club to all of us the factories in northern mexico are offering us to open 40000 jobs they can employ 40000 migrants we are going to sign this agreement there won't be any legal issues we are solving the issue so they can be hired without so much paperwork and houses . so the president also sort of admitted that everything that we put in our report was true so he obviously knows about the situation he said that he told his work minister to start sorting it out so that they could be shelter and they could be employment for these people as we said in the report it's private society especially in tijuana that are sheltering these people there are no government shelters and this is quite urgent because as i said there's already $14000.00 but there's going to be a lot more people arriving because now the united states and mexico have agreed to
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expand this program as part of the agreement that will be the united states dropping people over the border into one of mexico's most dangerous states the state of tamaulipas which has been seeing cartel warfare for quite some time to one or itself as we mentioned in the report is also one of mexico's most dangerous cities right now so these people aren't going into safe areas they're very vulnerable and there is a sense of urgency at least from migration of the shelter manages the government has to start getting to terms with this problem down home and live in mexico city thank you. now to honduras where the opposition leader man wells elias says the country is facing its biggest crisis since the coup that depends 10 years ago this week military police opened fire at students demanding the government step down but president hu on the land though and is refusing to go correspondent man reports.
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on june 28th 2009 military coup d'etat on tourists sent shock waves across latin america. in the early morning 100 soldiers stormed the presidential palace and there was an captured president moments. he was put on an airplane and sent to neighboring effectively relieving him of his command as head of state. was there when saliva supporters took to the streets to denounce the coup and security forces were deployed to shut down nationwide protests that lasted for weeks. 10 years later we return to the hunger and capital if you take out that what you were sent to a taxi driver 20 years says the lives of many hundreds are marked by the time before and after the coup that will go. before it a coup will live better you will see as many protests. over the last decade
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economic conditions in hunter s. have declined sharply the ruling political party under the leadership of president one orlando at 9 days has lost the confidence of the majority of people. for starters the government lacks legitimacy on the other hand the country is going through a serious economic crisis and maybe if the economy weren't in crisis people would accept the government but these 2 factors together make for an explosive combination. thousands more have fled the country in migrant caravans bound for the united states. the current government however blames the country's. between political parties. the president. or a bad president. in recent weeks. intensified and authorities have grown. against the protesters. and in
12:38 am
much of the country ongoing protests have led to a heavy military presence on city streets. is only a continuation of a political crisis that began 10 years ago.
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it's time to suppose she's now with peter thank you martine mohamed so law is being criticized for defending his fellow egyptian striker mid-water who is accused of sexually harassing several women online water was st home from the africa cup of nations but 48 hours later after the intervention of several teammates including salah he's been welcomed back and will be able to play in the knockout stage. felt the punishment was too heavy he tweeted that women should be respected but that everyone deserves a 2nd chance that seems to have backfired with some egyptian supporters who are now considering boycotting the national team with many on twitter fans to stay away because of water. it's heading for ball joints ac milan have accepted a ban from next season's europa league for breaking away for financial fair play rules the 7 time european champions have failed to break even every years since 2015 well under the rules any club making losses of the 3 year period faces
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possible sanctions the biggest match of the women's world cup so far takes place later on friday as hosts france go up against defending champions the usa in paris the winners will meet england in the semifinals of the they beat norway 3 nil meanwhile cup america hosts preserve going to the semifinals for the 1st time in 12 years but they needed penalties to get past 10 men paraguayan jess's converted the winning spot kick. israel folau as the speed with rugby australia is almost certainly heading to court of the both sides failed to reach an agreement in mediation allow is a conservative christian and was sacked over a social media post attacking gay people he claims it's religious discrimination flower said he was looking for an apology and and mission that he 2nd was wrong very disappointed at the outcome tonight
12:42 am
a lot of thank you for those of support of me standing on continue to stand up for the freedoms of. this most recent i. south africa or on course for i need a 2nd win that the cricket world cup in $29.00 c. they're chasing a target of $204.00 games for lanka in durham 3 we could see each for chris morris and went back to areas. that were bowled out with 3 balls to spare in their earnings in reply so africa all $131.00 for one. over the past decade london has become a 2nd home to the top american sports there are already annual n.f.l. and n.b.a. games and on saturday and sunday major league baseball games will take place in the english capital and 2 giants of the game will be played al-jazeera is leigh winnings reports. pitching to play a major league baseball game in the u.k.
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would once have been unthinkable but on your american football and basketball games in london have been a success and that's helped bring by sponsor the stadium the hosted the olympics 7 years ago the 2 biggest names in bicycle play here on saturday and some by the boston red sox a new york yankees tickets sold quickly despite an average price of over $300.00 over 60000 people will attend each going to people you know in the london city government just with open arms they wanted to make london a world class sporting destination they've done with the olympics with the cricket world cup with what the n.f.l. is done and we're happy to be a part of that major league games have previously been played in japan mexico was a recurring this is the 1st time it's happened in europe by school buses on funds say this is that big opportunity to expand their fan by say what do you mike a bicycle coming to london i think is a great thing that's not really his or in london just europe it's just not london
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it's not as europe and baseball understands that. other american sports football and india have done global and they. do and it had. throughout the week british schoolchildren have been introduced to the going there america made have been focusing on how few london is actually now it's happening meister the people who were polled think it's the bay one of coasting by spall divide taze but the language of bicycle has crept into everyday use people stepping up to the plight deigning with a kobo and then trying to smash it out of the park. this is no exhibition guy the teams are famous rivalry battling to win the american league east the yankees are currently ahead on the most successful with 27 world series with the red sox have just 9 but the current champions were point the boston red sox. you know that
12:45 am
tends to get your motor running a little bit anyway and so we relish these games our guys will be ready to go in and hopefully we can go out and play really well what is now the home of west ham united football club will be the home of by sport for one weekend the big hitters have been sensible you can i can buy reach a new audience. al-jazeera london a 15 year old tennis player choreograph has been drawn against the oldest player in the 1st round of wimbledon of becoming the youngest qualifier since the open era began in 1968 go for me to the 5 time former champion and fellow american venus williams in round one ranked 301 in the world she's stormed to victory in the final qualifying round against korea to men and in straight sets golf is the 1st 15 year old to compete in the main draw since britain's laura robson back in 2009 the hanger says the youngest ever woman to win a title at wimbledon after winning the women's doubles in 1906 and the youngest
12:46 am
women's singles champion were back record is still held by britain's lucky dog he was 15 years and 285 days old when she won the ladies' title in 1887. and that's all the sport more coming up again later peter thank you very much indeed that's all of the news out there don't go away i'll be back shortly with much more of the day's news you do think of this here.
12:47 am
madagascar. a breathtaking tropical paradise. where its former protectors. are now in its interests. we follow their journey as they put their lives on the line to. risking gets all medical. on al-jazeera. the latest news as it breaks communities may be in disagreement accusing the other 4 of these attacks and the chilling with details coverage thousands of protesters have been streaming away from here to go house but thousands of all have been staying gone from around the world sacrificed he said what have to be a bad the brunt of the sacrifice this is what this is all about. my name is. always thought of yoga as part of my heritage. understand it to be
12:48 am
about transformation. seems to be transforming the western mentality there's a lot about this and that's very different from eastern traditions and right you know that was originally yoga should belong to everyone but i'm afraid that simple truth is getting lost in a world that's so commercialized politicized who owns. an al-jazeera. television stuff the. top political or the class level the. progress until is in vienna to try to save the 2050 nuclear deal but iran says it isn't enough.
12:49 am
hello again. without is there a live from doha also coming up. at the g. 20 russia's president invites donald trump to moscow and the u.s. makes light of the issue of election meddling. feeling the heat front swelter is in record high temperatures now there's a warning of the hottest 5 years ever. we report on the continuing armrests in honduras 10 years after the coup that brought the current government to power. a meeting in vienna trying to save the nuclear deal with iran has ended with iran saying there has been some progress but not enough diplomats from the european union and 5 world powers they want to save the 2015 treaty after the u.s.
12:50 am
withdrew iran wants europe to act on its promise of financial relief from the u.s. sanctions which are crippled its economy and choked off oil revenues but the u.s. is keeping up the pressure with a special envoy threatening to sanction any country that imports uranian oil brian hooker's told european companies they can either choose to do business with washington or tear on dominic cain begins our coverage in vienna. as the meeting broke up there were expressions of cautious optimism from several of the dignitaries who had been in those talks that have taken place here importantly the chinese and boy to this meeting to this deal that was negotiated in which the americans then repudiated the chinese basically focused on the actions of the american government regarding sanctions on iran and gave this update the importation of all is important to the chinese security and it is security and also
12:51 am
to the livelihood of the. people used to and it will continue and continue will be really you know or no. i guess that we will not accept their folklore that they were a policy of the united states going into this meeting the iranian government had made clear that it believed that this was one last possibility to try to resolve everything associated with this deal and the talk had been particularly tough when the meeting broke up the iranian deputy foreign minister emerged from those talks and spoke to the waiting reporters about what he took from the talks but i believe that it was a. positive and constructive meeting. i can say want to step forward compared to the previous meetings we had. but it is a still not enough and it is it is still not clear to you don't say expectations.
12:52 am
but i would certainly report back to tehran that developments took place in this meeting progresses we made in this meeting and the final decision obviously would be by tehran to take the important thing to remember here is that the deputy foreign minister of iran was the only person of that rank from the signatory countries to the deal who attended this meeting the e.u. 3 that's britain france and germany sent senior civil servants from their foreign ministries not ministers the question therefore remains what their take on this meeting has been and what they will take from what the discussions that were held actually emerged with. so as you mentioned earlier the u.s. envoy on iran brian hoke he's been in london that's where lawrence lee now reports from. this was the end of a 7 country tour by bryan hook the american iranian envoy to try to save the course
12:53 am
of public opinion internationally this is why we as the americans are insisting on further sanctions and pushing back in the way that we are the purpose of his visit to london was a meeting at the international maritime organization where he told reporters he presented evidence to them proving in his a few that iran was responsible for the space of attacks on oil tankers in 2 different regions in the gulf and so that sends he went further and insisted that iranian tankers were also turning their own truckers off and endangering maritime security to try to illicitly smuggle millions of barrels of oil out swards asia i also asked him in the news conference whether given all this he expected it to be the new normal that oil tankers would have to carry security by the private school even american military and he gave a slightly elliptical answer but didn't appear to rule it out completely iran for
12:54 am
its 40 year history thrives on terrorizing people. and it often works and they escalate tensions until there is a relaxation of pressure. we don't believe in playing by those rules any more. and this is why we have continued to deepen iran's diplomatic isolation and to intensify the economic pressure. it is having positive results and we are seeing them and we're very comfortable with the foreign policy that we have put in place further than that the point of the exercise really past their continued assertion that iran can never have a nuclear weapon in the j.c. p.-o. a plan not a deal as he put it but the plan was effectively defunct and already dead because it had an endpoint at sunset clause as he put it his grace appoints was those in the american opinion iran is a hostile act and a malign influence much more broadly than only on the nuclear level across the
12:55 am
region and so he tried to link directly iranian funding of groups like hamas in gaza or hizbollah with their actions in countries like yemen and he said that the iranians were trying to as he put it lebanon lies the situation in yemen all of this of course is a much greater attempt to try to persuade particularly european countries which are still very skeptical of the american position that it is their in their interest to support further sanctions in the way the americans are doing but at the moment it isn't really working they haven't managed to push through and persuade the europeans entirely of the case for let's go live to the iranian capital tehran our correspondent there is dosage of ari said said today what we have is the campaign of maximum pressure against tehran being waged by the united states continuing brian hoke saying that he thinks it's working and we also have the europeans in vienna supposedly offering a kind of lifeline if you like to the iranian economy. yes
12:56 am
martin but apparently this lifeline has failed to meet iran's expectations that's according to the deputy foreign minister in vienna. he said that the meeting was a step in the right direction but it's not enough the iranians want more they feel like there is a giant gap between what they've asked for and what they're being offered by the remaining signatories of the 2015 nuclear agreement now what will happen next is he will travel back to iran where he will hold high level talks about what took place at this meeting and then it is up to the supreme national security council of iran that is headed by the iranian president hassan rouhani under the guidance of iran's supreme leader ayatollah ali how many about what to do next in terms of iran's scaling back its commitments under the way and what level they will increase their richmond's currently there are 3.67 percent and we know that they are capable of
12:57 am
going up to 20 this is part of what they're saying they're going to scale back their commitment part of that will be increasing the percentage of enrich uranium that they will produce all this of course is in response to the united states withdrawing from this historic deal last year and the rein in say that the europeans have not upheld their and of the deal because they're being bullied by the americans with sanctions if they have any dealings with iran. live in tehran thank you very much. that is supposed to unite leaders of the world's biggest economies but regional tensions trade wars and personal differences are overshadowing the g. 20 summit in japan a meeting between the russian president vladimir putin and the u.s. president donald trump has drawn an awful lot of attention our white house correspondent kimberly how good has more from a soccer. smiles and even a fist bump between japanese leader shinzo are they india's narendra modi and u.s.
12:58 am
president donald trump even though prior to their g 20 meeting trump criticized both. and at a g. 20 leaders family photo trump was again smiling with saudi arabia's crown prince mohammed bin salman even though u.s. intelligence congress and the united nations say the kingdom was responsible for the murder of journalist. also notable during that photo op chinese president xi seeking out trump in the midst of their ongoing trade war to shake hands that gesture was apparently lost on trump despite she's defense of china's digital policies trump indirectly blame she's government for intellectual property theft and risks to 5 g. security at the same time as we expand digital trade we must also ensure the resilience and security of our 5 g. networks this is essential to our shared safety and prosperity. the process of
12:59 am
data collection analysis and circulation east but we also need to respect our sovereign rights of each nation. their differences foreshadow a potentially tense meeting between the leaders of the world's 2 largest economies on saturday and less hope for resolving the us china trade war but looming over all of this was trump's meeting with russian president vladimir putin their 1st since u.s. special counsel robert muller released his report detailing russian interference the. 16 us election thank you instead of forcefully confronting trump issued just a lighthearted warning. of. a white house readout of trump's meeting with putin notes the pair discussed arms control venezuela syria and iran but there's no mention album election interference and trump's half hearted word of caution to putin well someone expected is once again
1:00 am
inviting criticism for trump's failure to forcefully confront russia's leader can't really help it al jazeera. in yemen tens of thousands of protesters have gathered in the capital sanaa to protest against the u.s. economic plan for palestinians that was proposed in bahrain this week yemen has stood in solidarity with palestinians in rejecting the financial proposal saying a political solution must come 1st mohammed has more from santa. more to recruit 30 or so turned out today. to have good beer again at the. gathering and the biggest crowds. are also millions of dollars quarterly and a full year out of her for the palestinians to sell out of their causes. specially
1:01 am
after. 3 the video of the us did the clout the state department the. gathering but what about.


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