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tv   Counting the Cost 2019 Ep 26  Al Jazeera  June 29, 2019 1:32am-2:01am +03

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people together. when i. was a high risk could do to me. like being that i could. send me out. tonight but the. shop put on my. she had been got around. to let champney to get out mission damage to pay not to mention me at all. events report as i remember it's my long time and i'm beyond it down as i know how do you suffer up a bit about how we have all. the brothers work for a miner who owns his own mind that pays less than $2.00 a day if they do find a stone they get a percentage of the sale. monetary time but the one over with. that eva.
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and what good are the monolith. and i mean i. only live. on a money rob. but finding stuff is not easy. bacco massey and others work in the finals barely fits the sentence time that he needs his below the ground. in new hampshire. to move on. from the. start if he must. try. to control. the test.
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strips. out a solution that the time that the time has now maliki's negotiations have gone to god but i wouldn't. buy both the time of the mile and a half hour. the early. hours and hours. was all fashion arm candy. thank you. so much roman lambing long as a listener how did santa fall when i bought a poem about arming. the common man out of all things. that my. condition down here are excruciating it's a constant food 2 degrees celcius making this whole feel like an oven. to 3 legged animals. hoping no one in the compound could have. gotten this far left.
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it's also dangerous many have lost their lives in search of the precious stone. that was. from my model. mile from my samples in the live. footage she gave me on the. spirit in my mommy's a little young child who. saw it all up out of. 30 meters below ground oxygen is. none of the miners kind of food proper ventilation systems fresh as provided by the men's and. it's basic but it works most of the time. and importantly it costs very little.
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the problem is the tube is barely 25 meters long and doesn't reach. for a journey. to. 0. i mean that on the council i'll talk about. john the tub filled the last 10 years i met up with all of the amount of the stuff i go in the fall the last bag could have cost them their lives.
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month old. baby don't let the box the fun not the money. that they come. from. for the i life fruit of danger and all for less than $2.00 a day. off to more than a week in the jungle robert and his men still haven't found a rosewood tree that's big enough for running out of supplies they will soon need to head home but today i determined not to return empty handed so a few months earlier the army had chased them from the forest and they have to
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abandon a rosewood tree trunk they are now looking for the tree is a. cousin and such because you are left with that guy that got away. while the hole is smaller than they had hoped this one trunk will get them enough money to get them by for a few months for such as it is a funny thing is if the heart of the ending of book causing is a model is suggests a baby of optimism that. the trunk weighs about $100.00 kilos transporting wood principle depends on the length of the rope so much. when in the cause of a good thing a thought on its own might act as any zionism's gump a comedy to the zing busselton because using my bottom does ing. me just so long to . rebut.
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them to any humans examine me both. vocal. on you or i love you to the you for the victim lived as a pretty in love. in. the trunk needs to be taken to the river 30 kilometers away getting it downhill is a very risky part of the journey the danger is that their legs get snagged in the rope. so most of the men are not. an important role to cook argument on d.v.d. we are going to mock my. own cut out of the whole the moon boy and go into the woman. he had and now this is our wounded from
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national body let the thing that we love i love i mean that meeting is over with a little talk with. dr phil the other john john that all being a lot of other modern woman them are all down so out it came out again that. no one knows for sure how many are killed in the process of smuggling precious wood robert estimates there are at least 3 fatalities again. from. a club. of. jurors in the g.g. and i got. cheers 8 years and then that's huge. colfer going to take a jiffy just because you don't want to 2 years and that's going to come on of which is a. good. go over you. know how about
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a story. like. this one knowing. it was all finding out it. was all. done. by night. i was all fine thank god. god god almighty. god god god god. god. was saying this is. the only he needs to go to school and then have the monks in the swimming covered one 3rd of the journey. 6
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ahead. exhausted they'll spend the night here and their white clothes. all of them taking to the day's exertions. the more you give clinton a whole. project. he shows us. the argentina beautiful. despite the 2nd night profit and his companions have lost none that's a timely fashion. thank. you come back. because. it's taken nearly 30 hours to reach the river but the trip is far from over head still in the rapids.
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this is the last leg of the journey for robert and his men and the most dangerous shooting the rapids with the trunk attached to some inner tubes. 2 men are in charge of the makeshift raft if they fall overboard $400.00 commuters a bruise which will fall on top of that junk cars are just off the communion drunk when you fill up the total of 52. and the 2 days in coney cars in color which are causing me if you think of one to 3 having it out you want to keep. you know is the pilot. thank. you. thank you.
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thank you the 1st rapids you know dismisses his copilot who apparently isn't doing much else thank you. thank if our son a little piloting a car bomb a special building a family company bringing up the cause was the main thing that's come on by our somebody looked like they were physic. the raft is virtually uncontrollable. iraq has shattered his paddle and he uses his hands to slow down the law of.
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the woods as a bait and should know can look for another paddle. examiner for the building in the condition in the many colors that she. doesn't. it's taken 5 hours to travel down ruka. the others will now take the wood as far as mechanics of using cooking animals and it's not going to be. once the trunk is in the canoe it just needs to be had and. the molding rules i mean she is showing measuring these. traits of when you're going to eat and when the lack of being there and the
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longer you're using it and i mean in the end of the. a lot out that is just part and outmanned smuggling is in danger in the forests of madagascar and the authorities lack the means to stop the train but for these men the search for the ruins work is the best way to earn a living but. the venezuela colombia border has become a stomping ground for trespassers. as desperate people transgress an illegal passage. to feed an emerging field trafficking markets. we follow that perilous journey unguarded through the line of lead risking it all led. on al-jazeera.
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exposing injustice was not an accident it was a crime this is minute he nation this is propaganda is a descent from ation that is trying to push step back and holding the perpetrators to account beast is meant to be a way to simply peacekeeping force to launch the full complete with undercover investigations and in-depth reports of people in power reveals the use and abuse of power over around the world on al-jazeera. from cutting edge medical technology toxic behnam could be
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a fast untapped resource for the development of lifesaving drugs to advances in the most difficult regions of the world. again it's something that they know the worst bit in the new hope the upside to every one of innovative solutions to global health care problems to make a difference and maybe all of those words get a cure for solving the cure on al-jazeera. is a sin not you know it is it is still not continued also expectations iran says it's made progress at all sin d.n.a. to try to save the 2050 nuclear deal but insists it isn't enough.
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hello welcome to al-jazeera live from doha i'm martin denis also coming up. at the g. 20 russia's president invites donald trump to moscow and the u.s. president makes light of the issue of election meddling. feeling the heat france world says in record high temperatures now there's a warning of the hottest 5 years ever. and the world's largest migration crisis in the making warnings about the situation in venezuela. their meeting in vienna which was trying to save the nuclear deal with iran has ended with tehran saying that some progress has been made but not enough to change its stance on deals limits iran wants european leaders to protect it from u.s. sanctions which of crippled its economy and choked off its oil revenues dominate
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cain was at that meeting in vienna and said just this. as the meeting broke up there were expressions of cautious optimism from several of the dignitaries who have been in those talks that have taken place here importantly the chinese and boy to this meeting to this deal that was negotiated in which the americans then repudiated the chinese basically focused on the actions of the american government regarding sanctions on iran and gave this update the importation of all is important to the chinese security and it is security and also to the livelihood of the people of the instrument will continue and continue. on. i guess that we will not accept their folklore that they were a policy of the united states going into this meeting the iranian government made clear that it believed that this was one last possibility to try to resolve
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everything associated with this deal and the talk had been particularly tough when the meeting broke up the iranian deputy foreign minister emerged from those talks and spoke to the waiting reporters about what he took from the talks but i believe that it was a. positive and constructive meeting. i can say want to step forward compared to the previous meetings we had. but it is still not enough and it is it is still not clear to you don't say expectations. but i would certainly report back to tehran that developments took place in this meeting that progresses we made in this meeting and the final decision obviously would be by tehran to take the important thing to remember here is that the deputy foreign minister of iran was the only person of that rank from the signatory countries to the deal who attended
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this meeting the e.u. 3 that's britain france and germany sent senior civil servants from their foreign ministries not ministers the question therefore remains what their take on this meeting has been and what they will take from what the discussions that were held actually emerged with the u.s. is keeping up the pressure with its special envoy on iran brian hoke threatening to sanction any country that imports iranian oil more now from lawrence see in london . this was the end of a 7 country tour by bryan hook the american iranian and boy to try to save the course of public opinion internationally this is why we as the americans are insisting on further sanctions and pushing back in the way that we are the purpose of his visit to london was a meeting at the international maritime organization where he told reporters he presented evidence to them proving in his view that iran was responsible for the
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space of attacks on oil tankers in 2 different regions in the gulf and so that sends he went further and insisted that iranian tankers were also turning their own truckers off and endangering maritime security to try to illicitly smuggle millions of barrels of oil out swards asia i also asked him in the news conference whether given all this he expected it to be the new normal that oil tankers would have to carry security by the private or even american military and he gave a slightly elliptical answer but didn't the pits rule it out completely iran for its 40 year history thrives on terrorizing people. and it often works and they escalate tensions until there is a relaxation of pressure. we don't believe in playing by those rules any more. and this is why we have continued to deepen iran's diplomatic isolation and to
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intensify the economic pressure. it is having positive results and we are seeing them and we're very comfortable with the foreign policy that we have put in place further than that the point of the exercise really past their continued assertion that iran can never have a nuclear weapon in the j.c. p.-l. a plan not a deal as he put it but a plan was effectively defunct and already date because it had an end point to sunset clause as as as he put it his grace appoints was those in the american opinion iran is a hostile act and a malign influence much more broadly than on the on the nuclear level across the region and so he tried to link directly iranian funding of groups like hamas in gaza or hizbollah with their actions in countries like yemen and he said that the iranians were trying to as he put it lebanon lies the situation in yemen all of this of course is a much greater attempt to try to persuade particularly european countries which are
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still very skeptical of the american position that it is their in their interest to support further sanctions in the way the americans are doing but at the moment it isn't really working they haven't managed to push through and persuade the europeans entirely of the case our correspondent jabari has a view from the iranian capital. this lifeline has failed to meet iran's expectations that's according to the deputy foreign minister in vienna up us our all she he said that's the meeting was a step in the right direction but it's not enough the iranians want more they feel like there is a giant gap between what they've asked for and what they're being offered by the remaining signatories of the 2015 nuclear agreement now what will happen next is he will travel back to iran where he will hold a high level talks about what took place of this meeting and it is up to the supreme national security council of iran that is headed by the iranian president
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hassan rouhani under the guidance of iran's supreme leader ayatollah khamenei about what to do next in terms of iran's scaling back its commitments under the way and what level they will increase their richmond's currently there are 3.67 percent and we know that they are capable of going up to 20 this is part of what they're saying they're going to scale back their commitment part of that will be increasing the percentage of enrich uranium that they will produce all this of course is in response to the united states withdrawing from this historic deal last year and the iranian say that the europeans have not upheld their and that the deal because they're being bullied by the americans with sanctions if they have any dealings with iran regional tensions trade walls and personal differences were all in the spotlight on day one of the g. 20 summit in japan a meeting between the russian president and donald trump the most attention largemouth putin has invited donald trump to visit russia next year from osaka what
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tells correspondent kimberly how it. smiles and even a fist bump between japanese leader shinzo india's narendra modi and u.s. president donald trump even though prior to their g 20 meeting trump criticized both. and at a g. 20 leaders family photo trump was again smiling with saudi arabia's crown prince mohammed bin solomon even though u.s. intelligence congress and the united nations say the kingdom was responsible for the murder of journalist. also notable during that photo op chinese president xi seeking out trump in the midst of their ongoing trade war to shake hands that gesture was apparently lost on trump despite she's defense of china's digital policies trump indirectly blame she's government for intellectual property theft and risks to 5 g. security at the same time as we expand digital trade we must also ensure the
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resilience and security of our 5 g. networks this is essential to our shared safety and prosperi. the process of data collection analysis and circulation east but we also need to respect our software as rights each nation. their differences foreshadow a potentially tense meeting between the leaders of the world's 2 largest economies on saturday and less hope for resolving the us china trade war but looming over all of this was trump's meeting with russian president vladimir putin their 1st since u.s. special counsel robert muller released his report detailing russian interference the 2016 u.s. election instead of forcefully confronting pugin issued just a light hearted warning. a white house readout of trump's meeting with the paris cast arms control venezuela syria and
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iran but there's no mention of the lection. interference and from half hearted word of caution to well some unexpected is once again inviting criticism for trump's failure to forcefully confront russia's leader kimberley hellcat al-jazeera a fox for russia china and india they will want something in common and that's their rather tense relations with the u.s. the 3 leaders met on the sidelines of g 20 discuss how to bolster ties between themselves. our cooperation in the format of russia india and china could become an example of creating a modern fair multi-polar world that rejects protectionism policies of unilateral actions any legal sanctions. in yemen tens of thousands of protesters has turned out in the capital sana against the us economic plans of palestinians which is for papers in bahrain this week yemenis stood in solidarity with palestinians to reject
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the financial proposals saying a political solution must come fast mohammed al assad has more from santa most of the protesters so turned out today. against the. ring and. he described the last hour for also millions of girl are calling it a folk hero for the palestinians to sell out their causes earlier specially after the announcement of the us of us because the state department the gathering. by the. president tribe was just a family. a family business but it wasn't just something related to the state department.


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