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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  June 29, 2019 3:00am-3:34am +03

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the iranians has it well the iranian diplomats of course are going to say you know this was a step forward but it's not enough i mean that's part of the game of diplomacy i think we have to see recognize what happened today the mechanism for facilitating legitimate trade that the europeans have been talking about was just made operational today it's called instax there were 5 additional european countries today that announced that they would participate in that that mechanism to facilitate legitimate trade with iran china reaffirmed that it would not respect the us 0 oil exports policy and it clearly is going to try to continue to buy oil from iran which is very important for the iranian perspective so i think these are important steps in the right direction and i think when the diplomats from the iranian delegation go back to tehran i think there may be i hope a positive shift in the iranian approach and they're not going to try to. put even
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more pressure by. on the situation by pulling further out of the g c p a way one of the major problem seems to be all say the fact that on the one hand the u.s. is offering negotiation some sort of dialogue and the iranians are responding by saying how can we stop talking with you when you go joe. through and so they're saying that. sanctions to this degree is a kind of economic warfare they've been weaponized. well i think iran has a point here i mean the trumpet ministrations approach has i think failed iran is less willing to talk than they were when donald trump took office they are not changing their behavior in the region that the trump ministration is concerned about the europeans and other parties to the j c p a way are sticking by the g c p a way and not coming on to the trumpet ministration side so the trump policy is failing i think their offer of talks is somewhat disingenuous the way to get back
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to progress is for the united states to rethink its policy and eventually return to the j c p a way for the iranians to stay inside the limits of the g c p a way and i think that may be possible if the deal can survive another year and a half or so because most of the us democratic presidential candidates support us re entry into the j c p way if iran is complying all right there is so the start of the end of the tunnels so it sorry to interrupt but of course there is a possibility that the trump administration will get back in and i'm one of the major complaints one of the original complaints by by president jump in so it was the fact that. they didn't it didn't get far enough basically didn't cover. iran's program of ballistic missiles for instance nor did it make any mention of every round activities military activities in the region and beyond. that's true that's
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why it's called that nuclear deal not a missile deal or a regional security deal. you know the logical approach would be to build upon the j c p a way not to dismantle it remove the limits on iran's nuclear program and then try to negotiate an even broader deal i think the more appropriate approach which the europeans the russians the chinese and many democrats support is to preserve the j.c.t. way implement it fully and then have negotiations to deal with the other issues not dealt with on nuclear matters in the j c p a way and to have further talks with iran on mutual issues of concern in the region so i guess your belief is then that without the j c p a a no message whether it's florida or not the world the region the world is a much more dangerous place it certainly is because without the limits of the j.c.
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without the inspections by the i.a.e.a. of iran's nuclear activities iran is going to reconstitute eventually over time the capabilities it had prior to 2015 when the j.c. was concluded and that is going to create if we get to that point a new nuclear crisis a higher risk of war and conflict between the united states and iran we don't want to go down that road and that is where the trouble ministrations policy and iran's retaliatory actions are taking us daryl kimball thank you very much indeed for talking to us live from washington now officials in the u.s. it reportedly concluded that drone attacks targeting saudi pipeline in may but actually launch from iraq according to the wall street journal which is reporting that official u.s. sources claim iran backed militias are responsible for these groups operate in southern iraq according to the journal the iraqi government wants to know more
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about these allegations all right let's go to roslyn job now our correspondent in washington tell us more about the bullshit the wall street journal is actually saying. no martain what the journal is reporting is that this and this incident which happened at 2 different spots on the south east west pipeline which crisscrosses the country back on may 14th this was a drone attack at the time the rebels who have been fighting to take control of yemen claimed that they had carried out the attacks but it nell seems according to what's being reported in the journal that u.s. intelligence has divined that it was in fact iran backed militias based inside southern iraq that carried out the attack so again from the u.s.
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perspective this is iran again exerting its malign influence around the region and in particular attacking one of the closest partners in the middle east they're not saying exactly what the evidence was that u.s. officials presented to iraqi officials earlier this month but they do know that when the secretary of state michael pompei o spoke with the prime minister mr. vaca in the middle of it in that he brought up the incident brought up the evidence and said that the iraqi government has to be no much more aggressive in dealing with iran backed militias in the country the u.s. of course is well aware that iran and iraq do have a sort of relationship they are physical neighbors after all but the response from iraqi officials has been we're not certain that this evidence is actually conclusive you need to prove it to us and of course there's no word yet on whether
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the u.s. has presented more evidence to the iraqis about the involvement the alleged involvement of iran backed militias in the southern part of the country of course and this is a situation that simply adds another. they are of concern to the ongoing tensions between the u.s. and iran and it certainly also raises questions about a long running issue that the u.s. has had with the iraqi government because of its past engagement with the iranian government in the last 1516 years. live from washington thank you. lots more to come on this news hour including anger against us in solidarity with the palestinians thousands marching in yemen against america's so-called deal of the century. the world's largest migration crisis in the making dire warnings about the situation in venezuela. as
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a red faces only f one track these as reaction from an eventful practice sessions in all 3 of. the regional tensions trade wars personal differences have all been in the spotlight on day one of the g. 20 summit in japan and a meeting between the russian president and the u.s. president has perhaps drawn the most attention president putin invited the u.s. president to visit russia next chair from also white house correspondent kimberly halkett. smiles and even a fist bump between japanese leader shinzo india's narendra modi and u.s. president donald trump even though prior to their g 20 meeting trump criticized both. and at a g. 20 leaders family photo trump was again smiling with saudi arabia's crown prince
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mohammed bin salman even though u.s. intelligence congress and the united nations say the kingdom was responsible for the murder of journalist. also notable during that photo op chinese president xi seeking out trump in the midst of their ongoing trade war to shake hands that gesture was apparently lost on trump despite she's defense of china's digital policies trump indirectly blame she's government for intellectual property theft and risks to 5 g. security at the same time as we expand digital trade we must also ensure the resilience and security of our 5 g. networks this is essential to our shared safety and prosperi. the process of data collection analysis and circulation east but we also need to respect our soldiers and rights each nation. with their differences foreshadow a potentially tense meeting between the leaders of the world's 2 largest economies
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on saturday and less hope for resolving the us china trade war but looming over all of this was trump's meeting with russian president vladimir putin their 1st since u.s. special counsel robert muller released his report detailing russian interference the 2016 u.s. election instead of forcefully confronting him issued just a light hearted warning. a white house readout of trump's meeting with the paris cast arms control venezuela syria and iran but there's no mention. action interference and trump's half hearted word of caution to putin well someone expected is once again in biting criticism for trump's failure to forcefully confront russia's leader can't really help it al-jazeera. that russia china and india all have something in common and
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that's their rather frayed state of relations with the united states the 3 leaders have been meeting on the sidelines of the g. 20 and talked about how to bolster ties between themselves and our cooperation in the format of russia india and china could become an example of creating a modern fair multi-polar world there rejects protectionism policies of unilateral actions any legal sanctions saudi arabia's crown prince mohammed bin solomon was center stage alongside president trump for the family photo of leaders after being pretty much isolated the last 20 summit here's our correspondent jamal. there was a great deal of anticipation and questions being asked in the buildup to the g. 20 summit with regards to what kind of a reception saudi crown prince will have been some man would receive his positioning in that family photograph this time around here on the. not necessarily that significant because it is customary for the country which will host the next
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edition of the g 20 summit there are presidents have to be standing next to or south side by side with the current host and that's why we saw in those pictures this time around kind of inside a man square in the center as opposed to how he was the last time the g 20 met in one osiris in argentina where the crown prince was left essentially sun at the back corner of this stage there what's more telling isn't the surliest positioning but sort of the way in we've certainly there is dealt with and sides he approached that very warm handshake which he went forward to give with the russian president vladimir putin similar to that one that he gave back in argentina but more significantly was u.s. president donald trump ensuring that everybody saw and everybody knew that as far as trump was concerned some of them said man is a very close ally and a friend he shook his hand more than once they kept holding hands there was a great big grins and even a bit of laughing between the 2 and that is something that maybe speaks to to
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what's trump has said from the beginning particularly the case of facilities there where the trump administration said it would not be forsaking billions of dollars worth of saudi investments in the u.s. economy for the sake of the life of one saudi journalist who wasn't even an american citizen as trump. said what's also noticeable was on the other side of president donald trump or texas president budget to run and all things that u.n. report came out about social kyoto one had said that he would be making a statement about that u.n. report and the need to hold those responsible for the murder of the drone. instrumental kootenai county said to be making the statements here in the still hasn't happened but there is very clearly a big divide between turkey's position reserve the saudi crown prince other neutral allies like the market streets now europe is undergoing a record breaking heat wave misleading to concerns of
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a public health with more on this in the rest of the news from europe let's cross over now to maryam namazie and the london center how hot is it. martin i have to say it's not too bad where i'm sitting right now temperatures here in the u.k. are expected to rise but definitely not to the levels we're going to see elsewhere in the region and it has to be said that it's not just about the figures themselves that have made history it's the fact that these conditions are occurring in the month of june now france has just registered its highest temperature in recorded history of the current european he wave may have just beat according to forecast as the southern town of the a-v. hit 45 point one degree celsius breaking the record set in the 2003 heat wave in space more than 600 firefighters and 6 water dropping aircraft of battling a massive wildfire in the catalonia region temperatures are also high in north
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africa with serious concerns over the wellbeing of players in football's african cup of nations which is being played in egypt and the united nations well meteorological organization says the years 2015 to 2019 are on course to be the hottest 5 year period on record while white. clennell is from the united nations well mr logical organization says the extreme weather is now the new normal. we expect that heat waves will become more frequent more extreme so intense and they will start earlier and they will finish later and so what we're seeing now with you know temperatures of $45.00 degrees in france it's june you know that this is this we shouldn't be seeing temperatures like this in june it's too early in the year the paris agreement makes provisions to keep temperatures to under 2 degrees celsius above the pre-industrial era by the end of this century so we're not talking about $2525.00 the end of this century and if at all possible to go
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further and to keep them to less than $1.00 degrees celsius above at the moment we've got about a one percent want to grease celsius temperature increase so you know we're getting there rapidly but be a singer today in europe or what we saw last month in india what we will probably see in many other parts of the world in the coming months of the year it shows that you know climate change it plays out through our daily weather heat waves extreme heat is the clearest signal from climate from climate change it's not the only one you know there's a direct link between climate change and precipitation or rainfall doesn't necessarily mean that we're going to get more rainfall but we're seeing more of it in very very very heavy episodes and we're seeing less of that when we went by and when we really need it all 6000 kilometers east at least 2 people have been killed
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during heavy rains in southeastern russia several tributaries of the and gar river in the siberian region of could burst their banks entire villages have been swept away as well as 13 major bridges and around 6000 people now evacuated regional government has declared a state of the nijinsky. a captain of a rescue ship being refused permission to dock in italy says conditions are worsening for the 40 people on board rescued from the mediterranean sea watch 3 skipper is being threatened with arrest and his ship impounded if she enters harbor on the italian island of lampedusa and what explains. the sea watch 3 is the latest symbol of the refugee crisis on europe's open from. the standoff continues over where to take 40 migrants who were rescued from the sea off the coast of libya more than 2 weeks ago their stock on the charity ship refused permission to dock on the italian island of lampedusa italy's government adamantly
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refuses to accept responsibility a stance endorsed by the european court of human rights this week and so the migrant continues so close to land. and working out every morning. lazy you are still in the middle of the. stories. we've engaged with italy has to close those days of safety but we also have engaged in sex trade with germany from a small town it was from ours but mostly european commission it's been made very clear that none of these sectors actually happened in france and now might have something to migrants were evacuated for medical reasons in the early hours of friday but with the mediterranean sweltering in a fierce heat wave conditions are deteriorating for the remaining people on board italy's right wing interior minister is unmoved by their plight. jonah commanded
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the warrior this is an outlaw crew and now a captain that must be stopped arrested or expelled this is a ship that's 3 times ignore the rules and common sense you're using 40 human beings as a bargaining chip so i expect to find seizures arrests blocks explosions and i expect the european union to wake up block. has said that migrants can disembark but only if they head straight to germany or the netherlands on the ship faces being impounded and it's kept him prosecuted for assisting people smugglers koehler . potentially face charges of $50000.00 euro amongst with a criminal investigation that have just started by now even though she exactly followed international law rescuing people at sea and bring them to a place of safety so we are really proud of our captain that does not hesitate to even take personal consequences for doing exactly the right thing for following the
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law of the sea and for bringing these people to safety the e.u. in brussels says it's trying to coordinate a relocation plan and the italian and dutch prime ministers met on the sidelines of the g 20 summit in japan the challenge there is not confined to this best cell despite sob in his hard line stance nearly 500 migrants have landed on italy's coast over the past 16 days but not least 40 not yet emma hayward al-jazeera. in the in about half an hour for you now let's head back to doha and martin marin thanks very much indeed lots more to come here on the news hour including. the situation anybody and remains tense and people here are worried that half those were planes could target government forces within the city al-jazeera is inside the recaptured libyan city. and in sports why israel for allows case against rugby
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australia looks set to head to court peter we'll have the details. hello again welcome back well have your showers of the last 24 hours have been here across the northern part of turkey and also over here towards the caspian the showers will continue as we go towards saturday as well some of those could be quite intense with some hail as well as some gusty winds over towards back who though we do expect to see a high few of about 30 degrees maybe dropping down to about 26 by the time we get towards sunday and ankara well winds are coming out of the north and that means you could be seeing a break in the he with the time to there of about $22.00 degrees well here across much of the gulf we are looking at temperatures into the mid forty's for many locations here in doha about $45.00 degrees over towards abu dhabi it is going to be into the low forty's for you as well by the time we get to sunday
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a little bit of break though we do think humidity is going to be coming up as well miska attempt a few on sunday of about $38.00 degrees and then very quickly here across much of southern africa really not looking too bad for cape town as we go into the weekend we do expect to see attempts to there of about 15 degrees but by the time we get towards sunday we do expect to see that frontal boundary come into play we're going to be seeing some gusty winds as well as some heavy rain showers but over here towards medicare the rain showers are ending we're going to be seeing temperatures into the low twenty's but over here towards durban attempt a few about $25.00 degrees there. bravery 10000 precious pieces of literature rescued from being burnt to ashes to see sorry. just there it's the bosnian women and
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men who risked everything to save their roots and heritage. beloved books on al-jazeera. the big breaking news story can be chaotic and frantic behind the scenes. people shouting instructions if you're in a you're trying to provide the best most accurate up to date information as quickly as you can. it's when you come off air on being seen pin that you realize you've witnessed history in the making.
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let's have a look at the top stories here at the european union says it's intensifying efforts along with other world powers to help ease u.s. sanctions on iran and normalize trade diplomats from terror on 5 world powers and the e.u. were in vienna to try to save the 2015 iran says there's been progress but not enough. officials in the u.s. have reportedly concluded the drone attacks targeting saudi pipeline in may when launched from iraq according to the wall street journal the drone attacks were initially believed to have come from yemen rebels had claimed responsibility for damaging parts of the major east west oil pipeline. russian leader vladimir putin and u.s. president trump has sat down for talks for more than an hour at the g. 20 mr putin invited mr trump to visit russia next year the white house says they
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talked to control iran syria venezuela and ukraine. that al-jazeera has been to the city in libya recaptured 2 days ago from the war after and his forces there rich is being seen as a set but for have to 3 month campaign to capture the capital tripoli. head has been seeing how libyans they're getting used to life back under the control of the u.n. recognize government. the road from tripoli to open again. the city and surrounding area have been a battlefield for the past 3 months. following the latest fighting with honey for have to his forces soldiers loyal to libyan government regained control over. as we drive towards the city the remnants of the battles litter on the roadside.
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sandbanks built to defend the city now a stumbling block for call drivers. government forces have recaptured have to it's military camps like many from riyadh who resisted have to his invasion. led was forced to leave his home city in march he says he left his family behind and took part in several battles until he and his comrades finally reclaim their home. his friends and neighbors are celebrating. we coordinated with their fellow fighters inside the city along with the western military region command to set the incursion it took us weeks but the city fell into our hands in about 7 hours. the funerals have been held for the soldiers who died defending the city. it's estimated dozens were killed in fighting since the city was seized. the fall of the
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u.n. is being seen as a setback for have to his forces and their campaign to capture the capital. government forces showed off dozens of u.s. made antitank missiles they said were seized from have to his forces in riana and they say the weapons were supplied by the united arab emirates. have to command headquarters in the un is abandoned from here have to the commanders of the forces into battle in southern tripoli over the past 3 months troops and weapons who were sent from here to north to support the war on the capital. libyans living here say french an iraqi military officers were seen have to hit a quarter of that money in your mind the kind of fact that it was a nightmare under the rule of hafter forces they misuse the city's facilities including hospitals which became overcrowded with their house will to use. life is
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turning to normal but the fighting has taken its toll on the people's lives government forces are in full control of a very young city some of have those forces have retreated to the nearby town of. others to the city of daraa who are but this is the way sion in the very end remains tense and people here are worried that half those were planes could target government forces within the city. area there in yemen tens of thousands of protesters have gathered in the capital sanaa to protest against the u.s. economic plan for palestinians that was proposed in bahrain this week they said in solidarity with the palestinians themselves in rejecting their financial proposal saying a political solution must come 1st. the crisis in venezuela has taken center stage at a meeting of major latin american countries and the u.s. the organization of american states has been meeting in the colombian city of metal
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even is presented a report about the impact of the large number of venezuelans who've been escaping poverty and hardship on the country's hosting them let's get more now from our correspondent allison he's there for us live in tell us about this oas uneasy. well martin is expected to have the crisis in venice well as overshadows all busy the other problems in the region and also show the deep divisions among a number of countries represented here in mexico bolivia and why for example or openly protesting the fact that you're going to station of the american thinker as invited a number of representatives of the leader of the venezuelan opposition. to represent business where instead of the government printed in the class my daughter now my students decided to drill through withdrawal from the organization
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this year after a number of threats by the u.s. and other countries to expel him from from the organization why actually decided to stage a walkout from the summit in protest for the fact that these representatives of the opposition are here saying that they are illegitimate they are not recognizing him as the u.s. for example the. president the interim president of venezuela what everybody agrees on is on the scale of the crisis and a report was presented saying that if things continue as they are inside business whether there could be a 1000000 venezuelan refugees people leaving venezuela by the end of next year and there are a number of suggestions for the countries they're receiving countries they're saying that they should be recognized as refugees or at least they should have
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migrants aidid to move freely through the countries of the region and finally there are calls for the international community to do more for the venezuelan migrants saying that many more funds and much more money is needed they need a comparison. syrian refugees saying that there are roughly $5000.00 for each syrian refugee while only $100.00 for each ministry land that has left so far its country escaping the dire economic and social conditions there either standard i'm here to live in maybe thanking. now to mexico which is currently has sting more than 14000 design and see consent under a new agreement with the u.s. could be about to take another 60000 and now there are serious questions as to whether it can actually handle them down home and has been meeting some families who are living on the streets and. myra and her 12 year old son
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waiting on him it's compatable the next court date in the u.s. that's 6 months away it's part of a plan known as remain in mexico those mainly from honduras el salvador guatemala like myra who crossed into the u.s. to ask for asylum are being sent back to mexico to wait while the process plays out . i don't know what i'm going to do i'm scared of being left in the street with my son mexico agree to the plan reluctantly in january now under u.s. pressure it's expanding it about 60000 central americans could be sent here by the end of the year luckily for them mexico's president says they'll be taken care of it. will be offering humanitarian aid job opportunities health and education except we wanna with $5000.00 have already arrived none of that is happening everyone we talked to like miter were only given temporary papers which explicitly
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state they can't work here despite the fact that the many their next court appearance is months away we talked to 7 migration shelters all along the border they told us they'd seen nothing of the government's missed work or education programs meanwhile they're bearing the brunt of the new arrivals i think it's the perfect storm coming together which everything it's going to hit it and it's going to explode one moment down the line they want or they have no shelter all the private organizations charitable organizations churches they have not met with us they stopped for meetings since. 3 months is we don't know what the planets. we don't know either with the wave of people already crashing in we also various government ministries what they plan to do with them no one could tell us or even give us an interview the issues particularly pressing because these people are being dropped into some of the most dangerous.


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