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over 5 g. networks this is essential to our shared safety and prosperi. the process of paper collection analysis a publication and circulation east but we also need to respect the soldiers rights of each nation. about their differences foreshadow a potentially tense meeting between the leaders of the world's 2 largest economies on saturday and less hope for resolving the us china trade war but looming over all of this was trump's meeting with russian president vladimir putin their 1st since u.s. special counsel robert muller released his report detailing russian interference the 2016 u.s. election instead of forcefully confronting him issued just a lighthearted warning. a white house readout of trump's meeting with putin notes the pair discussed arms control venezuela syria and iran but there's no mention in interference and trump's
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half hearted word of caution to putin well someone expected is once again in biting criticism for trump's failure to forcefully confront russia's leader can't really help it al-jazeera. you know the al jazeera life from london there is that more still ahead we get exclusive access to the key strategic city that could prove that turning point in the battle for control of libya. body needs to go to jail. and we go to live to the u.s. city of angus still runs deep 4 years after the tainted border crisis that devastated a community. hello again it's good to have you back well parts of australia will be see
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a wintry mix over the next coming days we do have a frontal boundary that's crossing over the buy right now for adelaide seeing some windy and rainy conditions here as we go into the beginning of the weekend so on saturday 15 degrees with plenty of rain and also melbourne will be seeing 15 now in the overnight hours and also in the higher elevations that rain will probably be a mix of rain and snow as well so driving conditions could be a little bit slippery as we go from saturday in the to sunday you'll notice right here we are picking up a little bit of area white in the higher elevations and that is snowfall in those regions temperatures are going to get down to about minus 5 to minus 6 degrees up towards brisbane it is going to be a nice day temperature there about 25 where heavy rain has been a big problem here across parts of fiji over the last couple of days that you can see the storm system right there it's not a tropical system it is an area of low pressure that has been bringing some very heavy rain not only for fiji but also for parts of new caledonia now we do expect that to continue as we go toward sunday as well we could start to see
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a break by the time we get to sunday evening and monday should be a much better day down here cross much of parts of new zealand though things are looking quite nice we're going to sing christ church with a temperature of 9 in auckland temperature of 13 degrees for you. talk to al-jazeera. problems and besides that instability is corruption we listen. or push the united states and president trump into conflict we meet with global newsmakers about the stories that matter does iraq.
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welcome back a look at the headlines now iran has warned that european powers have not done enough to stop it from breaching some of the terms of the 2015 nuclear deal this after a meeting in vienna. the u.s. government believes last month's drone attacks against pipelines in saudi arabia could have been launched from iraq rather than yemen according to the wall street journal. and donald trump has given a tongue in cheek warning to vladimir putin telling him not to meddle in u.s. elections meeting between the 2 presidents stole the spotlight at this year's g. 20 summit in japan. and in other stories we're following the libyan city of ariana's back under the control of the u.n. recognized government following weeks of fighting there with forces allied to the
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water 25 to it was being used as a base to launch attacks on the capital tripoli before half the us forces retreated mom had gained exclusive access to the city. the road from tripoli to open again. the city and surrounding area have been a battlefield for the past 3 months. following the latest fighting with honey for have to his forces soldiers loyal to libya as you enter the government regained control of that again as we drive towards the city the remnants of the battle is littered on the roadside. sandbanks built to defend the city are now a stumbling block for call drivers. government forces have recaptured have those military camps like many from other riyadh who resisted have to his invasion. led was forced to leave his home city in march he says he left his family behind and
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took part in several battles until he and his comrades finally reclaim their home. his friends and neighbors are celebrating. we coordinated with their fellow fighters inside the city along with the western military region command to set the incursion it took us weeks but the city fell into our hands in about 7 hours. the funerals have been held for the soldiers who died defending the city it's estimated dozens were killed in fighting since the city was seized. the fall of the u.n. is being seen as a setback for have to his forces and their campaign to capture the capital's. government forces showed off dozens of u.s. made antitank missiles they said were seized from have to his forces in riana and they say the weapons were supplied by the united arab emirates. have to command headquarters in the un is abandoned from here have to the commanders of the forces
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into battle in southern tripoli over the past 3 months troops and weapons who were sent from here to north to support the war on the capital. libyans living here say french and im a righty military officers were seen have to hit a quarter of the fact that it was a nightmare under the rule of half her forces they misused the city's facilities including hospitals which became overcrowded with their house will to use. life is turning to normal but the fighting has taken its toll on the people's lives government forces are in full control over the city some of have those forces have retreated to the nearby town of. others to the city of daraa who are but this is the way sion anybody and remains tense and people here are worried that half those were planes could target government forces within the city.
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area. then you're not see who drove his car into a group of peaceful protesters in the u.s. city of charlottesville 2 years ago has been sentenced for committing federal hate crimes the judge said it was too great a risk to release james alex feels a female protester was killed in the attack in the state of the genya as patty culhane now reports. it was the moment the country realized white supremacist were in bold and taking to the streets of charlottesville virginia in mass with tiki torches they shouted a chorus of racist and anti-semitic chants was they protested the removal of the confederate statue their hate would not go unchallenged hundreds of counter protesters met them head on there were clashes and then there was this crowd. james alex fields was behind the wheel he
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was found guilty of killing heather higher and injuring dozens in this chaos he pled guilty to federal hate crime charges in exchange prosecutors dropped the death penalty and now he's learned for his crime he will spend the rest of his life in prison back susan bro as hires mother she says she believes her daughter's death and his sentence sends an important message for the last time i saw my daughter was to identify her body and to sign the papers for her to be cremated and i held her bruised hands and bruised arm and i said i'm going to make a discount for years and that's what i've done and i will continue to do you don't get to not my child down and silence that voice without 500 more raising up. this was a moment where the country's divisions were on full display and it provoked arguably one of the most controversial comments from a u.s. president provokes controversy often and he was very very direct route but you also
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had people that were very fine people on both sides but the courts disagree at least for one saying he is not a good person he's a murderer a racist and now a prisoner for life pedicle hang out washington. thousands of residents in the u.s. city of flint remain victims of one of the worst tainted water scandals in history many have been exposed to dangerously high levels of lead in drinking water for years but charges against government officials have recently been drops well heidi castro is in flint we can speak to him now and of course we've been watching your report heidi about the impact this crisis has had on people there what are they saying about the fact that these charges have been dropped and just the lack of justice and accountability in this case. maryam they say that this is just the continuation of years of disappointment that they feel that this government has
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failed them but a little bit of background of what the community of flint has endured it was 4 years ago that the government 1st received scientific evidence and from the f.d.a. itself that there were dangerous levels of lead in the tap water that was coming out of the faucets in people's homes here in flint it took 2 years for the local and state government to the knowledge that and try to fix the issue and in that span of time there were at least 12 deaths there were 90 hospitalizations and the most some of the most severe impacts of this lead poisoning is being shown now in the children of flint who are showing developmental delays this is an issue that even though the water according to the government now is clean now in flint the problems will still continue for years for this entire generation to come and so it is for that reason that the people here were so disappointed when a few weeks ago a new administration of prosecutors who just got on the job after the last election
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announced that criminal charges against 8 government officials would be dropped their reasoning they said is because they have little confidence that the previous group of prosecutors who left office had not done a thorough enough job and they're promising the community now that criminal charges may come back for these individuals it's notable that in all 15 people were charged here at the charges range everywhere from negligence of duty to criminal involuntary manslaughter and 7 government officials already pled guilty so the people here say everyone along that list everyone who made the decision to not tell the public about this danger and then to wait so long before correcting it that they should all be held accountable and that is exactly what they are discussing now inside this meeting miriam it's a very important story thank you for bringing it to us from flint michigan heidi.
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well in all the stories we're following the trouble ministration has turned up the pressure on venezuelan president nicolas maduro by targeting his son nicholas with sanctions the u.s. treasury department says he's been involved in propaganda and censorship and helped pressure the military to keep humanitarian aid out of the country he's also been accused of profiting from venezuelan mines now local elections in albania are going ahead on sunday despite the president canceling them and an opposition boycott jones or office brings us more on this now from the capital tehran. with 75 percent approval ratings. is set for a 2nd term as socialist party mayor albania's capital tirana was once the springboard to national power for villages mentor socialist prime minister eddie rama the main opposition democratic party is refusing to field
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a candidate for mayor saying the ruling socialists are corrupt and need to hold a general election instead it's really me is either in a president has cancelled the local elections and asked the ruling party to hold them in october but they're proceeding regardless though it's a one sided race here in the capital socialist party leaders believe they'll win thanks to their hard work started with small things cleaning the city making sure but show up in time make sure kindergarten nurseries school swore and build new ones on top of that to make up for the demographic growth is now a 1000000 people and 50 percent of the g.d.p. it has a g.d.p. growth of 11 percent in the last 3 years so clearly it is the engine of economy of culture of anything 2. with as mayor to run a has attracted investment sports facilities have been built the city's main squares and parks we landscaped tourists are expected to outnumber residents for
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the 1st time this year to cope with the tourist boom $75.00 star hotels are under construction the socialists have turned this election and talk contest of political will staging it's a tool is a victory demonstrating their resilience against their opponents they believe most albanians are on their side and that their popular majority has grown since the last general election to well over 50 percent of the total vote. but many albanians complain that much of this prosperity doesn't reach them by going against the president's. call to reschedule the elections the socialists have created a constitutional crisis. and if you don't go to the elections the general perception is that you are against the government i don't think it's so i'm not so i'm not so the world government. at the same time i do not suppose i do not spur
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the opposition. the main opposition is boycott means socialist victories will likely be challenged in the constitutional court so the political contest is likely to turn into a contest of legality several close al-jazeera to run the. oil it's france's hottest day ever as europe's wealth has in a record will breaking heat wave the southern town of the village hit 45 point one degree celsius breaking the record set in 2003 in spain more than 600 firefighters and 6 water dropping aircraft are battling a massive wildfire in the catalonia region temperatures are also high in north africa with serious concerns over the wellbeing of players in football's african cup of nations which is being played in egypt and the united nations world meteorological organization says the years 2015 to 2019 are on course to be the hottest 5 year period on record while wide plan is from the u.n.
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world meteorological organization and says the unusual weather is likely to be the new normal. we expect that heat waves will become more frequent more extreme intense and they will start earlier and they will finish later and so what we're seeing now with you know temperatures of $45.00 degrees in france it's june you know that this is we shouldn't be seeing temperatures like this in june it's too early in the year you know there's a direct link between climate change and precipitation or rainfall doesn't necessarily mean that we're going to get more rainfall but we're seeing more of it in very very very heavy episodes and we're seeing less of it when we when when when we really need it. 6000 kilometers east at least 2 people have been killed during heavy rains in southeastern russia several tribute trees of the anbar river in the siberian region of could burst their banks entire villages have been swept away as well as 13 major bridges and around 6000 people evacuated regional government has
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declared a state of emergency the italian road bridge that partially collapsed last august killing 43 people has finally been completely demolished. a ton of explosives brought down the 2 remaining towers of the marandi bridge in the city of genoa 3000 people will move from nearby buildings to safety a new bridge is due to open next april. brief look at the top stories now european powers have not done enough to help iran avoid crippen a us sanctions according to the deputy foreign minister of iran after hours of talks in vienna on the 2015 nuclear deal signatories to the equipment have been
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meeting in the austrian capital it was billed as the last chance to save the agreement to iran has threatened to increase its uranium enrichment from next month if elitist come protect it from washington sanctions but the united states is keeping up the pressure on iran it special envoy bryan hook has been touring europe to explain washington's position iran for its 40 year history thrives on terrorizing people. and it often works and they escalate tensions until there is a relaxation of pressure. we don't believe in playing by those rules anymore and this is why we have continued to deepen iran's diplomatic isolation and to intensify the economic pressure iraq has denied us reports that last months trying to tax against pipelines in saudi arabia could have been launched from iraq rather than yemen the wall street journal has a report saying that official u.s.
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sources a claim in groups backed by iran operating in southern iraq are responsible up until now yemen's who seas were believed to be behind those attacks donald trump has given a tongue in cheek warning to vladimir putin telling him not to meddle in u.s. elections the american and russian presidents met once again at the g. 20 summit in japan it 2 year investigation into russian interference in the 2016 election has clouded trump's presidency. a neo nazi who powered his car into peaceful protesters in the u.s. city of charlottesville has been sentenced to life in prison the attack by james fields killed one woman heavy heya and injured 19 others fields had sought a lesser sentence apologizing after the court viewed video of the incident but u.s. district judge michael said it was too great a risk to allow him to be released into society well that's it for myself and the team here in london there will be more news
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though at the top of the next hour from. us. we understand the differences and the similarities of cultures across the world. so no matter where you call home al-jazeera will bring in the news and current affairs that matter to. al-jazeera. hello i'm adrian finnigan this is counting the cost on al-jazeera a weekly look at the world of business and economics this week trump's deal of the century a $50000000000.00 plan to kick start a moribund israeli palestinian peace process but not a single dollar pledged. i'm dominic kane at the german car plant where the
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electric revolution is driving petrol powered people's cars to the end of the line . and we find out if there's enough lithium to power the world's ambition to go electric. president trump promised the deal of the century to bring peace between israelis and palestinians his son in law a white house adviser jared kirshner delivered an economic roadmap he called the opportunity of the century the proposal was roundly dismissed by palestinians and many others the plans called for $50000000000.00 in investments over 10 years 28000000000 would go to the palestinian territories in gaza at the israeli occupied west bank the rest to be split between jordan egypt and lebanon it's hoped the money would help to double the palestinian economy creating $1000000.00 jobs in the process that should reduce the palestinian unemployment rate to nearly single digits and lower the palestinian poverty rates by 50 percent so who's writing that
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$50000000000.00 check well question i had hoped the gulf states and private investors would see the benefits of the $179.00 proposed infrastructure and business projects including a 5000000000 dollar corridor all to connect the west bank and gaza but the plan was never going to fly without a political solution longtime campaign to hand ashrawi was typical of the pushback against the proposal saying the palestinians were capable of building a vibrant prosperous economy as a free and sovereign people for his part in an interview with al-jazeera offered a glimpse of what the political process could look like. i think we all have to recognize that if there ever is a deal it's not going to be along the lines of the arab peace initiative will be somewhere between the arab peace initiative and somewhere between the israeli position and we need to think about what are the fundamental things that are underlying important number one is security right i think the israeli population and the palestinian population and the broader middle east right now cares a lot about have security the more you have security the more you could have for
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your flow of goods for flow of people i know that's a very big issue for the palestinians as neda abraham reports from the occupied west bank palestinians say that financial incentives alone console's a decades old conflict israeli restrictions of palestinian businesses those so tight even sold can sift through the only palestinian salt factory is feeling the pinch palestinian businessman believes this company's problems cannot be solved by economy incentives only this is a military area so we are restricted in getting any type of permits. to. expand what with existing buildings things that we want is not giveaways but actually business opportunities not only does the company need israeli coordination to pump water from the dead sea it also takes him a lot of time and money to export the salt using israeli controlled ports the factory that employs $25.00 workers is the only palestinian owned business on the shores of the sea and has hardly changed or been improved since it started in the
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early 1960 s. owners need israeli permission before they can build any structure in this area sometimes they never get it it took 30 years before they go ahead was given to. the factories the main source of salt for palestinians including many businesses in the occupied west bank like many other palestinian business is the owner of this business says profits. if he had under strict access to land and water as well as free movement of products israel controls all water supplies in the west bank the palestinian water authority estimates that palestinians can only use 15 percent of their water resources israelis use that 85 percent in a further restriction to cripple the economy the israeli government restricts palestinians from using 60 percent of the land in the west bank to build factories or anything else in. the core of the crisis goes back to the establishment of the palestinian authority gay sions of the people in yaki pide territory has been
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transferred to the palestinian authority at the same time it inherited a weak economy is or is the tax revenues which it collects on behalf of the palestinian authority is at the heart of the authorities financial crisis that says palestinians coupled with reduced aid from foreign donors as well as the long standing restrictions on businesses further blocks the road to economy progress joining us now from ramallah across lawson's for economy minister for the palestinian authority a business but he currently serves as the chief executive of. syn across global group welcome to counting the cost one of the main criticisms of the proposals put forward by jarrett pushed the was that it was presented in a glossy manhattan real estate brochure style that lifted ideas from usa the very programs pulled by trunk the world bank and mckinsey reports as a form economy minister but more importantly as a businessman what did you make of it well let's try to want to speak about
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somebody entities but a stein actually has an infant small economy a lot of g.d.p. is less than $14000000000.00 a year it's actually like the size of a medium to large company in the u.s. or in the gulf region. or international and local studies have stated very clearly that that actually palestine economy has been very what identified by these international agencies and companies from outside and from inside but it's fine but everybody agrees that such condo economy can hardly grow under occupation because the obstacles have been identified the coast this have been identified and an imitation and and very limited kind of those are margins for us to grow has been also very limited so we believe it's not only to do a study of the studies have been made in 100 it's by these international experts around the world and they have been very well identified what's going on so i don't think that we are very much in need for the new studies to be launched know that
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what they're going to make administration know about that is u.s. idea also has sent some studies the world bank have stated very clearly and their regular reports if the siege on the west bank and gaza is lifted the policy and economy can get all on 15 percent yearly and if there is that is will also make access for it but it's the indians to work to expand their businesses and social life and they're done valley we can is it it could it another 100000 jobs so at the end it's surely to talk your patient and the measures on the ground by copious so you can have an economic deal without a political one alongside it definitely that's that's through those who do any of these infrastructure proposals actually make sense $500000000000.00 for a university 5000000000 dollars to link gaza and the west bank. look i mean for us businesspeople and we understand that busy strategic interest infrastructure projects go in line with the state building if there is no state building measures
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to ford by the stand to have someone at the on its land on the state attorneys what's that eally the main objective of having a statistic projects or an infrastructure project this of from one end from the other hand but a stand today has 15 local universities with 240000 students and they have been doing very well without oaks we are in need for vocational colleges and training vocational students this is something else which i agree about that also they cut a deal between the west bank and gaza but it's that is very much in need to tie that you're going to fade they're going to focus in instigate that and there was a study being made in 2005 also by the world bank for this kind of door or a town that can get all of what a bridge so options were stated but not with this amount of money how do you think palestinian donors countries like saudi arabia the u.a.e. feel about these proposals would they do you think try to pressure the palestinian
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authority at least into giving it a good hard look look you and definitional agencies including some of that up countries are invested as they always seek and back for that investment so they can hardly see em packed and that acute patient and they need to identify the projects they are investing in and they need to come and see and monitor and supervise the projects they would like to do and countries like but it's not but having is there and control of the border that is for those who wants to come in or for those who wants to leave and getting a visa from the israelis usually this is not the way to do business and they needed to encourage investments from the gulf region for for palestine but it's seen as in desperate they have been trying that up most during the last 50 years or so since occupation in 96 to 730 today i can tell you the amount of money came from princess . and desperate is extremely little and because the policy hasn't desperate wealth is exceeding $80000000000.00 in addition to the arabs and others who would like to
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see that that would like to share the future for palestinians and to really build the palestinian state and to be a part of future building for the for the for the palestinians so as far as you're concerned jared christus plan as it is is dead in the water it's a nonstarter well i don't want to say that it was born of dead but i think it was a good exercise for the bush not who has been for that isn't to understand what's been going on and they're really watch part of the sessions in manama over and over just life and most of the people have spoken loudly about the limitation for economic growth and that if you're patient and without a political well we don't see that things can happen on the ground so you can hardly decouple politics from economics this should be well known and realized by caution and the kind of american administration so talking about about political security prosperity these are the priorities for palestine they should go in order
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to put it again security prosperity without political will you can hardly have security on the ground nor press but at the under occupation could talk to somebody thanks dave for being with us. thank you. diesel was supposed to be the future but the german car industry has paid and continues to count the cost of promoting the fuel after regulators caught some of the industry cheating on emissions tests now it's spending billions to go electric but the cost could be tens of thousands of job losses the german also industry employs 1800000 people directly and indirectly livelihoods are threatened because electric cars don't need complicated combustion engines leading to the loss of more than 100000 jobs by 2035 for the economy the german car industry is a big bringing in $500000000000.00 annually to keep its global leadership b.m.w.
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dima and v.w. will spend $45000000000.00 on electric vehicle technology over the next 3 years for its part says its last fossil fuel based car will be released in 2026 but environmentalists say that's too little too late they want all manufacturers to phase out polluting engines by 2028 so how realistic is this now to serious dominic casey has been to a car plant in eastern germany to find out. this is the production line of the folks back in plant in cynical whether robotic and human workforce combine to assemble more than 300000 vehicles every year the decades virtually all the people's cars produced here have been powered by petrol engines but not for much longer now electric is the buzz word but we are convinced that not just german drivers but also european ones are ready for this and we are ready to.


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