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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  June 29, 2019 1:00pm-2:01pm +03

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we coordinated with their fellow fighters inside the city along with the western military region command to set the incursion it took us weeks but the city fell into our hands in about 7 hours. funerals have been held for the soldiers who died defending the city it's estimated dozens were killed in fighting since the city was seized. the fall of the u.n. is being seen as a setback for have to his forces and their campaign to capture the capital. government forces showed off dozens of u.s. made antitank missiles they said were seized from have to his forces and rianne and they say their weapons were supplied by the united arab emirates. have to command headquarters in the un is abandoned from here have to the commanders although the forces into battle in southern tripoli over the past 3 months troops and weapons
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were sent from here to north to support the war on the capital. libyans living here say french an iraqi military officers were seen in have to hit a quarter of that money or have the kind of fact that it was a nightmare under the rule of half their forces they misuse the city's facilities including hospitals which became overcrowded with their casualties. life is turning to normal but the fighting has taken its toll on the people's lives government forces are in full control of the city some of have those forces have retreated to the nearby town of. others to the city of daraa who are now but this is the way seen anybody and remains tense and people here are worried that after those were planes could target government forces within the city. hold out there were hate. still ahead in the show wildfires in spain and record breaking temperatures in france here that's on tracks of being the hottest on record. and we're appalled
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from flint michigan where the crisis overturns it was or is far from over from the prosecution surrounding. the web and sponsored by the time i am. going to welcome back well here across the levant we are looking at temperatures that are into the high forty's in many locations we're talking a rock as well as into kuwait kuwait city though is expected to reach into the high forty's maybe $49.00 degrees there baghdad at $44.00 tehran at $38.00 where we are seeing a break in the temperatures up here across the northeastern part of turkey but those showers are going to be quite heavy at times we could even see some localized flooding across the area continuing as we go towards a sunday but you'll notice the winds are coming out of the north and that's really going to cool down the area as well so for you temperatures are coming down to
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about 20 to even a baku it tempers are coming down about 40 degrees to about 26 degrees there well here across the gulf our temperatures are not coming down we are talking mid forty's for majority of the area here in doha 45 degrees expected high here on saturday really not changing as we go toward sunday but riyadh we do expect to see a very hot day for you at 47 degrees there and then very quickly down here across much of southern africa we are seeing a storm system that is making its way towards cape down sadly really not looking too bad maybe some clouds coming in towards evening but by the time we get towards sunday we do expect to see more clouds more rain in the forecast we're temptress can be down to 14 but durban a nice day 25. the weather sponsored by qatar airways talked to al jazeera. we ask problems of assange for the instability is corruption we listen since i hadn't been so a man who are pushing the united states and president trump into conflict we meet
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with global newsmakers and talk about the stories that matter does iran. welcome back let's take you right now. in japan where the u.s. president donald trump is leasing with turkish president i jumped out of the one today there's a lot for them to discuss of course tensions have been rising between the 2
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countries over turkey's purchase of those russian made s. 400 air defense missile system there has been the prospect of turkey facing u.s. sanctions over this absolute in losing its partnership and deliveries of u.s. made f. 35 fighter jets let's listen in to what president bush is. the patriot just so when one of the other one is yet to wonder just. when he was there. he wanted to do this but he wasn't allowed tell you about restrictions apply to every baby of the by evidence. oh but as you have the most elemental of the sun they say when you could now by yourself you know pretty good business is that that's if it's not going to get on that is there a way there and we're looking at different solutions and so it's a problem of the flesh about it will get us there for a solution but it was prohibited from buying. until he said he bought something
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else and that is that if i sell the house everyone has a local you can buy us to be good decisions that way turkey has been a a friend of ours and. we've done great things together who are big trading partner we're going to be much bigger i think the $75000000000.00 is small i think it's going to be well over $100000000000.00 if you get to people that look like the obama administration you get a shock i think at least perception because we're going to have a do this conference back to the hotel we had a very good meeting with president xi of china excellent i would say actually understood as it was going to be we discuss a lot of things and we're right back on track we'll see what happens but we had a really good meeting so i think president xi will be putting out a statement maybe giving a statement but he'll be putting out a step that shortly and we will too and it will probably save our for about $330.00 or so the hotels we're going to go to the closing ceremonies and then we'll go over
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to the hotel will do a do stuff as well because he thinks of the guests for his 400 purposes of we're looking at that but it's a double it's a 2 way street it would sell the president they would let him it would let us buy the missile that he wanted to buy into space if and then everybody somebody else's as i was saying is the best if. i have to tell you he's. a nato member to somebody that i've become friendly with and you have to treat people fairly. you understand that you have to treat people fairly. you know and i don't know you mistreated carol you know i don't think he was 3 of my friends so let's see you at the hotel agree very we'll talk about jennifer when a very very good to be wished. i would say probably even better than expected and didn't go to asia arkan did. thank you it was
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a. was mary kay there was i. was i was just going to be going just very very and i was actually going to church. if. you haven't let it was. the. way show. where you have to treat people fairly i don't think he was treated fairly the words there of donald trump referring to turkish president roger type of the one he sounded rather critical of the policy of his own country united states under the administration of president barack obama saying blaming basically obama administration and u.s.
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policy in that era for not selling the type of weapons which turkey wanted that led to the current. issue of turkey buying missile systems as 400 missiles essence from russia so a lot more to look out for are we going to play back where we're going to play back the the south at this point we'll bring you more on this is soon as we get it very interesting meeting going on at the g. 20 summit as you might expect after more than 2 weeks stranded at sea a german humanitarian ship carrying rescued refugees migrants has docked now in italy in defiance of the government the captain of the sea watch 3 was detained after she forced to weigh in support by dodging police boats she says the lack of help from italian officials and wasn't in conditions on board forced their hand. and police have been leading some of the 40 people off the ship it total of 53 were
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rescued off the coast of libya but some had already been brought to shore for medical treatment finland france germany luxembourg and portugal have agreed to take the main. european powers haven't done enough to help iran avoid crippling u.s. sanctions that's the view of iran's deputy foreign minister after hours of talks in vienna on the 2015 nuclear deal the meeting was billed as the last chance to save the agreement paul brennan reports. in 2015 the negotiating teams came to the lavish public coburg in vienna to sign and seal the. nuclear deal 4 years later they're here trying to save it britain china france germany and russia have announced that instead is now operational a complex barter type system to let european countries trade with iran while avoiding u.s. sanctions tehran has set a july 7th deadline that's when its threatened to begin enriching uranium close to
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weapons grade purity if its oil exports aren't regime and believe that it was a. positive and constructive meeting. i can say want to step forward compared to the previous meetings we have but it is a sell out you know and it is it is still nothing you don't see expectations china are the biggest buyer of iranian oil has also hit out at the united states for its unilateral action we reject the unilateral imposition of sanctions and for us the energy security is important and the importation of is important to the chinese security energy security and also to the livelihood of the people president trump took the united states out of the j. c.p.o. a deal last year. and is pressurising the european signatories to do the same at the same time the us is demanding that iran must abide by the deal
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a limited stockpile of enrich uranium previously iran exported excess uranium to stay within the limits of the sanctions now prevent that the u.s. special envoy on iran is touring european capitals to muster support for president trump stance on friday he was in london we are trying to restore deterrence to reestablish deterrence against iran. we are also putting ourselves in a position where if we are attacked by iran we can respond with military force but that is only if but on the nuclear deal european countries are sticking with iran calling the agreement a major contribution to stability in the region can the instincts trading system deliver enough economic benefits to keep iran from abandoning the treaty perhaps not but it's been described as the last chance paul brennan al-jazeera. french president emmanuel mccraw as been leading calls the g 20 summit for coordinated action on climate change and they couldn't be more timely france's just
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registered its highest temperature in recorded history as europe deals with a particularly severe heat wave in the southern town of vs it hit 45 point one degrees celsius breaking the record set in a 2003 heat wave in spain more than 600 firefighters and 6 water dropping out craft are battling a massive wildfire in the catalonia region high temperatures are causing concern over the well being of players in the african cup of nations in egypt and women's world cup in france and the united nations world meteorological organization says the year is 2015 to 2019 are on course to be the hottest 5 year period worldwide since records began. well know this from the united nations world busy meteorological organization says the extreme weather is now the new normal we
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expect that heat waves will become more frequent more extreme intense and they will start earlier and they will finish later and so what we're seeing now with you know temperatures of $45.00 degrees in france it's june you know that this this we shouldn't be saying temperatures like this in june it's too early in the year the paris agreement makes professions to keep temperatures to under 2 degrees celsius above the pre-industrial era by the end of this century so we're not talking about $2525.00 the end of this century and if at all possible to go further and to keep them to less than 1.5 degrees celsius above at the moment we've got about a one percent want to grease celsius temperature increase so you know we're getting there rapidly but we're saying you know today in europe or what we saw last month in india what we will probably see and many other parts of the world in the coming
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months of the year it shows that you know climate change it plays out through our daily weather heat waves extreme heat is the clearest signal from climate from climate change it's not the only one you know there's a direct link between climate change and precipitation or rainfall doesn't necessarily mean that we're going to get more rainfall but we're seeing more of it and very very very heavy episodes and we're seeing less of that when we when a point when we really need it. politicians in the u.s. city of flint have been grilled at a town hall meeting about why they dropped criminal cases against officials accused of letting people drink lead tainted water is described as one of the worst manmade environmental disasters in america's history hi joe castro has more. it's now a new team of prosecutors that are looking into the government officials who are accused of mismanagement leading to the water crisis and they held
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a community meeting today in flint to explain why they dismissed the pending charges against 8 of those officials they say that the previous administration of prosecutors had done a shoddy job with the investigation and that's why they have to start from scratch possibly with stiffer charges to come who are those government officials they're asking the community for more patients more time but the people here say they have run out of both the line of cars waiting to receive bottled water stretches for almost a kilometer this is still daily life in point 4 years after the government 1st reported dangerous levels of lead in municipal water supplies i'm tired of it i really am it's been going on for years. it seems like it is not getting any better it's just a good word at least 12 people have died more than 90 have been hospitalized and
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thousands more have been exposed to lead tens of times above the federal limit in children that can cause severe developmental delays i know and i'm going to say a few years but on porridge and no choice today the government says the water that comes out of randy hikes tap is clean it's what is 2 month old grandson bates in the city claims lead levels have been saved since 2017 the result of switching water sources and upgrading pipes but people here are. convinced this is ok i don't believe. years about that water the people's mistrust in their government has roots in a failing economy the population of flint has dramatically declined since most auto companies closed their factories here in search of cheaper labor overseas the poisoned water only drove more people away but the poorest remain here.
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in case. the government has tried to rebuild trust gaining some back when prosecutors announced criminal charges against state and local officials accused of mismanaging the water crisis but now a newly elected prosecutor says pending charges against 8 officials have been dropped because she wants to start the investigation from scratch body needs to go to jail this is you mess up a whole city a whole generation of kids we don't know what these children were going to be able to do. 10 years from now when i'm gone i'm 71 years old who is going to carry are even as the years old flint water crisis fades from national attention the effects of lead poisoning continue to grow in the city's children a reminder for them that the crisis is far from over. castro al-jazeera flint michigan.
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and let's take you through some of the headlines we're following here on al-jazeera now u.s. president donald trump and chinese president xi jinping of met at the g 20 summit in a bid to make progress on trade talks they're locked in a dispute seen both countries slapped tariffs on hundreds of billions of dollars worth of goods. we had a very good meeting with president putin actually. the excellent as good as it was going to be we just got a lot of things and we're right back on track. we'll see what happens but we have a really good meeting and a president he will be putting out a statement maybe giving a statement but he'll be putting out a statement shortly and we will do. it while the u.s. president has extended an invitation to north korea's leader donald trump suggested
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they meet at the border when he visits south korea after the g. 20 summit concludes and north korea has just responded to that invitation from the u.s. president jiang yang's foreign minister described it as a quote interesting suggestion but noted they haven't received any official proposal forces loyal to libyan ward cleaver have to have threatened to target flights and ships coming from turkey turkey supports the u.n. recognize government based in tripoli where forces have been fighting off an advance by half to ramos 3 months after i was accusing ankara of meddling in the conflict. after more than 2 weeks stranded at sea a german humanitarian ship carrying rescued refugees and migrants has dogs in italy in defiance of the government the captain of the sea watch 3 was detained after she forced her way into court by dodging police probes he says the lack of help from
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italian officials and worsening conditions on board forced her hand and police have been leading some of the 40 people off the ship a total of 53 were rescued off the coast of libya but some are already been brought to shore for medical treatment finland france germany luxembourg and portugal have agreed to take the in those he headlines the news continues after talked to al jazeera now. saudi crown prince mohammed bin sandman arriving at the g. 20 summit and osaka a symbolic scene suggesting his acceptance as
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a leader if not endorsement of his policies underneath the surface unresolved human rights violations including the brutal murder of the saudi journalist. the persecution of female activists and clerics advocating reforms and now another name is gaining prominence inside and outside of saudi arabia his name is 7 man allowed a renowned religious leader who is now in jail after political disagreements with the saudi regime he's now unable to speak to the press but this week on talk to al jazeera we sit down with his son. a young dissident currently living in the u.s. to discuss man. and the fate of his father. we're told a lot of the thank you very much for talking to all does iraq thank you for having me i want to start by asking you about the. situation in saudi arabia now it's been
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almost 2 years since. i've been some ascended to power many consider him to be the de facto ruler of saudi arabia a lot of people in the west have pinned so much hope on this young reformist prince and his bold agenda as they described it 2 years have gone by what has changed in saudi arabia the promise was to be formed the social fabric in so maybe. was to diversify this it would economy and to promote moderate islam what has been done is actually the opposite of both of these. 3 different aspects socially the promise to reform was delivered through attack in the feminists the woman humorist defenders in saudi arabia will go hard how can you say that if
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some undelivered by a modern woman to drive that's that's an achievement that we half to respect and we have i have myself a like that. moved but at the same time if you look at the fuller picture what are the real deal forms what he wanted is to take credit for the call that that that demands. you know the state to allow women to drive for the past few decades so what he wanted was that to make a p.r. campaign to take credit for these demands and now want these campaigners these human rights defenders in saudi arabia to again to surface and talk about other issues and other human rights issues so he did make 2 targets
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in this crackdown one he targets those who could pose a threat and asked for for more human rights and in the same time that will allow him to take credit and to try to convince the west that he was the one who was behind the allowed want to drive and allow and long moment to have some sober fishel reforms that we are having in the kingdom the main issue the mill guardianship system is not just still there. it's actually be in more and more. a fact of in dealing with the with the subjects just like you have for example in the united states now for the 1st time has a female. that's true but look at this female embassador and what has been done. at the same time in syria like. jane. their names languish in jail because of the same oath of asking so arabia to adopt such
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a form to adopt a female ambassador to hearth. like it to empower women in politics so mama been some how popular is he in saudi arabia well the thing is that in so that maybe you're will never have. public poll that really can tell you the real you know. the real saudi opinion and impression of off the state and its leaders but if you want to have flicked at least a real impression over how this city public feel about the state you should look at the different various segments of soda society look at for example the liberals the families the shia the sunni the islamists the different the women men you will find i mean the leaders of all these segments of saudi society. have
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been either put in jail silenced intimidated or threatened in one way or another in the tribal leaders in serbia the even his own family the religious institutions how the real has forever been criticized for being an extreme 11 that has given birth to. what so many would consider to be terrorist movements and organizations. promised to counter the. we have seen many religious figures in prison do you think but yours being successful and not amongst those that are in prison are your father ships among although one of the most prominent religious figures well what he has done in the past 2 years one year half is that he attacked the moderate voices of the condemn the voices that. spearheaded the campaign against extremism terrorism in the kingdom even the states the state need
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needed them to terrorism after 2001 and in the when and during the terrorism and terrorist attacks in 20046 and after in saudi arabia so but why the state targeted them is is because the state fear what they have in their package the democrates discourse one of the same time the state that the n.b.a.'s that promised to curtail their religious establishment the tried to curtail these smaller voices one of the same time in power and the state sponsored threats was this state sponsored council which is the council of senior scholars in syria that that council is still issue in fact were regularly that council is
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a still sponsored by the state paid by the state government give me an example of what's wrong with this council or take the example of slot head was an is a very powerful person within that council member of this yes he is an influential member actually of that council he is very close to him b.s. in b.s. visited him late last year and it is told him literally that he is like his father so m.b.'s imply. odd that while his father the king is the head of the political or political power in saudi arabia saleh was and is the head of the religious power in syria so that alliance is still a factor and who. and if you want to know who sort of his own is look at his path was his own is the one who gave effect what like one month just before the killing of. not just along the street to kill dissidents but urge in this state to call dissidents under the. and wahhabi docs and.
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those who disagree with the state are rebelling against religion against god and against the state or is it one of them should be charged with treason is what you took with treasonous and also be executed. because of. this here's somebody who was significant religious figure that was still. in his position and has influence but in 100 not the same time you have somebody like just a moment older who is in general. for you as an example of an example of the fake campaign against extremism he has been targeting the motor voices and tried to sell that to the west like if he is. he took advantage of a lot of people in the west not knowing the dynamics of the saudi society and that in a makes the dynamics within the religious you know figures and try to sell that like
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if he is counting on the rich supplement what in fact he has cut tail in the moderate voices that could ask for more you know democracy demands and have india package the discourse by the same to empower those extremists who are in return legitimize his own employees his own group or. tom you're bitter about your father should some. although he is somebody who has millions of followers online on twitter he is somebody who traveled the most for more than you from many other countries with significant muslim populations given looked preacher and so forth why do you believe he was prism tell me a bit about some m.b.a.'s has been always obsessed with attacking those who have more popularity to and his and his father for my father my father for example has 14000000 followers on twitter it's like double than what they came came self
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harmers on twitter so that that signals one thing popularity 2nd my father has with also the state classics which is both while my father has their religious or authority in his you know teaching and although he also has the democratic he promotes the democratic discourse he asks the state. for example in 2011 he promoted and presented one of them it's actually the the most popular bit titian in saudi history which is to petition called the toward. toward a state of institutions and rights in saudi arabia asking the state to transform into a constitutional monarchy where the minorities are protected women are empowered where. the people are represented in an elected parliament in
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saudi arabia where the rights are guaranteed so these elements through the religious democrats exactly and that's why they fear him the most they feared this discourse because it is acceptable by the locals it's very popular a locally and it's very acceptable internationally and by but by even the large majority of the royal family itself so that's why. here's a transom on an order was given platforms on states rum television or media outlets or those close to it how has saudi media on both supporting carbon some been able to. between being my goal from shining a light on him as an example of progressiveness true suddenly trying to convince the people but here's a foreign agent or treater on somebody who wants harm to the kingdom and to his country that just. proves the book of of their
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discourse take the example of this already in bassett or the current saudi ambassador to the kid who. who has written his master's dissertation on my father he studied my father and he title of his published book later was son man a man in order from prison to enlightenment and he presented my father as an i can . lighten it in so arabia and in the arab world and he is now i mean he is part of how the state really thinks about my father that he is an icon of light a mint. of moderate islam but also why the state fears him the most because of that light and because of that moderate islam so
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that's another issue of why this is due in his moderate islam campaign because those people like my father were really expose his his discourse tell me what happened to your father how was your. after after the the rift between. qatar until we debut in 2017 my father tweeted that may a law harmonize between. the hearts of the leader for the past of their peoples. he did not mention names on it did not mention even lake the country the country was just calling for unity exactly so few hours after that tweet. states forces from state security showed up at the house they did not they refused to present any badges or any legal documents without any legal
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proceeding the search the house the took my father away and they said to my brothers that it's going to be just a few hours and he will be back safe and sound but what happened was was not that he was held incommunicado for 6 months we heard about. drones without being able to see him in a legal room without any legal proceeding whatsoever were you able to speak german law 6 months no i was never able to speak to him even until now. so when after that after the 6 but the 1st 6 months we i mean there was a leak about his hospitalization in prison we tried to ask we tried nobody responded to that so we told the new i told the news and it went really viral at that time so they after that they allowed some some family visits and during the found visits
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we knew the horrible treatment that he faced during his imprisonment and just really just remember my father is the most popular figure in the kingdom and he was treated. like that so just imagine those who are less known or even not known to the public or to the international media what would they do how would they. people. so in those 6 months that he was held incommunicado in the following months muhammad and some man was welcomed in washington and london and paris and other places. how do you think about what message does that send to the saudi government on one hand but they can continue doing this and get international agreement but also does it is it encouraging to those who are calling for freedom and reform in saudi arabia that while they're getting tortured or they're icons are in jail those who are essentially oppressing
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them are being celebrated it's actually very hurtful yeah it's very hurtful for a lot of people to see i mean the international media are one till the moment of killing. was trying to to promote and to. to to to portray the card prince as the one who pushed for the forms coattails deal just established meant. promotes the moderate islam and the whole wall diversified this whole economy they ignored and neglected the human rights the neglected how the internal dynamics. looked like they needed like a very long time to realize and even know there are some media campaigns
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that really still buy the the reformer kind of campaign and p.r. we speak of democracy you knew. what would you think. his death has done to shine a light on the. human rights violations and crimes that are taking place in saudi arabia. well the hershel she. was horrible but but it was a wake up call for the saudi public. which they care about more than anything and for the set for the international media for the international community the the case of shorty. is actually a very busy additive of the human rights cases in saudi arabia those
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who killed. at the saudi consulate in istanbul are still treating the voices that have similar concerns. and those who have a similar discourse of. law so i mean the same mines that treated with with the with the productivity with girls some killing are still tortured and women humor us defenders feminists humorous defending the moderate muslims and the the economists in saudi arabia they those who. are in the art are treated in the prisoners in jail after you know one you have of to the murder of 2 months to your heart president trump so you are my going to really target flights billions of dollars worth of
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deals for the life of one person who wasn't even an american as you had sort of right and this is what it comes down to really you can talk about i mean you are somebody who and i want to get into a bit about your your own history and what you're looking to do now you can talk about human rights and you can aspire to have some countries are docked your campaigns from your calls but in reality. it's about money and it's about. political influence not if they're well if they want to think lake realistically and think who they want to have a real alliance with so arabia dish should not put the eggs in the basket of m.b.'s for one thing m.b.'s is not so rabiah and b.s. is not the history of sarabia m.b.'s is not his own boil family and base is not this a republic so if you want to really. establish
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a real alliance with said rabia if you want to make sure that you have a stable relationship if you want to have a long term alliance you have to establish that with the with the saudi public will be there for ever with the saudi institutions with the even this idiot royal family who at one point they agreed. to transform into a course to show moderate so that's why m.b.a.'s came to power to kill that call to kill that coast and to just support aboard the demands toward more liberties and and freedom is saudi arabia we've seen dissidents like john hustle she has happened to them are either killed or some have been essentially rendition forcibly kidnapped from countries and back to saudi arabia you are now not only
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a significant figure because of your father maybe being a voice for him whilst he's being silent but also because of your history of writing and how the media calling for reforms or what is your message are you not worried and concerned for your own safety. there are there is always a concern but the the i mean what the larger fear is not. for myself but for the future for my society's future meanin to have basic liberties elections in so d├ębut where the people are is represented where the rights are protected and and that and only that can protect the future and the unity the current unity of syria and those who care who are those who do not care about humorous s.o.b.'s they should care about
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their own strategic interests and the interests would only be you know dealt with. by the saudi institutions and the saudi public so the saudi attorney general who the government actually ironically sent to turkey to investigates of the murder of her should she has requested that the death penalty be put centrally that your father should some order be put to death do you think the death penalty will be executed. well did we ever. think that those who were sent to the saudi consulate in istanbul wall executed that horrible girl some kellin of my friend. if those who killed jamal high shelf she were just rogue operatives all the header for the
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3rd of that operation is still is still in force is still. administering and management the situation in syria so i really can't expect anything finally your father is imprisoned and therefore he's unable to. deliver a message to his many many followers but also to those who understand his importance. in saudi society and in the region what do you think his message would be if you're was able to speak now from his jail cell i think the message is to protect the future of the peoples the peoples of the gulf. to his message is to to to. to defend the things that he has been defending all his life the basic rights basic
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liberties the the idea that islam is is moderate in nature. is peaceful in nature and and just killing people torture in others. put in people in jail arbitrarily will will will never help the message will just. well just send the counter message that they're the more the islam that you are promoting is is. just clerics to preach and silence in feminists and just. a bridge in the human rights basic human rights in saudi arabia and that's not what islam is islam is protecting human rights islam is promoting the moderate voices and also islam
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is empowering women. more than very much for the most. breathtaking tropical paradise. where its former protectors. are now diverse. we followed their journey as they put their lives from the mob to the. risk gets. on al-jazeera. across the united states indigenous families are searching for their loved ones for relatives of people who go missing finding closure is often impossible people are meeting here to raise money for the search efforts of the
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young woman advocates and family members have started to raise awareness about the high rates of violence they disproportionately impact indigenous communities most tribal police departments are understaffed and under resourced another factor is that tribes don't have jurisdiction over non-native americans for all crimes there but a lot of concerns that the federal agencies don't respond that they don't take these crimes seriously a lack of evidence is the main reason federal officials for declining to prosecute crimes on reservations that shouldn't be the end of the discussion. there should be then a ok let's see what went wrong in this case why the is no evidence or why the evidence isn't good enough and make sure that that's not happening yet.
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the u.s. and china say they fight progress in crunch g. 20 told so by the spiralling trade dispute. a low again i'm sorry is a than the saudis are a lot from dollars so coming. walter if i have to add all this is forces to target ships and planes coming from turkey accusing ankara of meddling in the libyan conflict. the captain of a refugee rescue ship is led away by italian police after docking with mission at the mediterranean. also some progress but not enough round gives a sobering assessment of the last ditch nuclear deal told. us
1:50 pm
president donald trump and chinese president xi jinping say they've made progress in trade talks at the g 20 chinese state media is reporting trump's agreed not to impose additional tariffs on china that will be more negotiations the leaders of the world's 2 biggest economies a loss in a trade war is some of what the u.s. president had to say. we had a very good meeting with president putin excellent. excellent as good as it was going to be we discussed a lot of things and we're right back on track. we'll see what happens but we had a really good meeting i think president he will be putting out a statement maybe giving a statement but he'll be putting out a statement shortly and we will to. tromp also surprised many by extending an invitation to north korean leader kim jong un the president suggested they meet at the demilitarized zone when he travels to south korea after the summit kang's
1:51 pm
foreign minister scribed it as quote an interesting suggestion but added they haven't received any official proposal earlier trump had a breakfast meeting with saudi crown prince mohammed bin salamander both ignored questions about the murder of saudi journalist. thank you all very much appreciated . very much. and thank you very much. for speaking to jamal to share all about trams breakfast meeting with the crown prince shortly but 1st to andrew thomas and andrew how much progress did they actually make on some of those divisive issues when it comes to trump and sheen. well this was the big meeting the definitive meeting between trump and g a highlight of this g. 20 conference coming of course in the midst of this trade war and terms of progress but we've only so far got those very brief comments sort of love there from
1:52 pm
president trump at the end of their meeting ended about 40 minutes ago now they met for about an hour and a half where he said the meeting went as well as it was going to go it was an excellent mating and they are right back on track and we've also heard from chin well the chinese state news agency and they say that the u.s. is not going to impose any new tariffs so in a sense before this meeting took place there was a worst case scenario and it was a best case scenario the worst case scenario was that one or other leader essentially walked out and said no progress is going to get made here it's all this is a waste of time and we see more terrorists coming the best case scenario would be the 2 leaders walked out saying well we've done a whole new deal and the trade war sensually is in its dying days it's going to be about it sounds as though we've got some kind of neutral position it's not going to get any worse at least not in the short term nor is it going to get dramatically better very very quickly so that's where we're at we should find out a little bit more in just over an hour when president trump gives a press conference and president xi through his state news agency is releases more comments as well about how they're meeting went so in a sense a neutral position for now but let's find out
1:53 pm
a little more as saturday goes on when it comes to north korea the officials there calling trump's suggestion interesting is the meeting coming together. it's looking more and more likely president trump sent out a tweet about 7 hours ago now which in a sense took most people by surprise he said he wanted it to take most people by surprise suggesting that he and chairman kim could meet on sunday in the demilitarized zone in that narrow area between north and south korea in actual fact we've done little bit of digging it looks as though this may have been in the works for a little longer than president trump was suggesting in that tweet might prompt the u.s. secretary of state missed a foreign ministers dinner on friday night here at the g. 22 attend to business well i think we all now know what that business was and in an interview with a u.s. website earlier in the week on monday president trump was asked when he visited south korea when would he go to the demilitarized zone would he meet with chairman
1:54 pm
kim and he said i might now that website the hill was asked by the white house immediately afterwards not to release that part of the conversation for security reasons but it suggests that president trump was at least thinking about this meeting a few days ago with actually take place will be quite a snub by kim jong il and if he didn't attend that meeting with president trump now that it's been open after all the demilitarized zone is only a couple of hours away from pyongyang so for him not to psych up the opportunity to meet president trump will be very very briefly would be seen as some kind of stuff and as you said that we've heard in the last few minutes from the foreign minister of north korea calling it a very interesting proposal saying nothing formal has been offered yet mind so we're going to wait for that but he said if it happened this is the foreign minister if it happened it would as yet another opportunity to deepen the friendship so as things stand now it's looking more likely than not but if it happens it will be very very brief without too much substance but of course substance in a sense is all about showing up taking part shaking hands in a sense the meeting itself will be as significant as anything that's actually set
1:55 pm
or andrew thomas thanks for that. and these are live shots of the closing session of the g. 20 summit you can see there. pictures of the delegates speaking of the world leaders speaking there in. donald trump has also met turkish president roger tired out of the one on the sidelines of the summit trump once again ignored questions about the murder of damascus shoji but he said solutions are possible regarding an impasse over turkey's plans to buy an ad fence system from russia the u.s. has previously threatened to pull the sale of f. 35 fighter jets and impose sanctions on turkey if the russia deal does go ahead the president was not allowed to buy the patriot just so when he got the other one yes 202401 what they. wanted to do this but he
1:56 pm
wasn't allowed tell you about it was racially divided i tell every maybe the other by littleness. but if you have a missile or a little of this elicit what you could now. you don't get to this is that we're looking at different solutions and there's no question about what you know the difference is. it is very meaningful for us to come together at the osaka summit we're currently going towards fulfilling the goal of a $75000000000.00 trade volume there are many steps that we need to take within the defense industry area but more importantly we have a strategic partnership and the strategic partnership encourages us to create a solidarity across many areas over belief that all solidarity will continue throughout our strategic partnership. staying in asarco we also have jim. jim our lot's been going on at the g. $10.00 to $20.00 including that interesting for want of
1:57 pm
a better word breakfast between donald trump and the saudi crown prince evidently not a lot of impact from the u.n. investigation that had some strong words to say about the saudi crown prince not a lot of impact on donald trump's attitude towards muhammad right. no no. but in fact before we get on so that breakfast there are all those statements that were made by the u.s. president to gather with his turkish counterparts are probably one of the more surprising twists of the middle east related stories that have been coming out of the g. 20 and that is maybe this admission from the united states president that it was in fact u.s. policy towards turkey with regards to its attempts by defense system that pushed and corrects words russia something that goes contrary to what's the state department as well as the punter going to has been saying over the past year or so
1:58 pm
since this crisis has emerged between the true nature and i so that is something to keep an eye on but obviously as you mentioned earlier in the day was the breakfast much anticipated meeting between the crown prince mohammed bin son man as well as donald trump an ad that breakfast although there wasn't any surprises there in the sense that nobody was expecting the u.s. president who is constantly playing to it's true the billions of dollars of saudi money that's been invested inside the united states as an excuse to essentially forego all of the u.s. is ideals that it claims to espouse towards namely human rights and peace within. international relations what was more surprising maybe was the fact that the saudi crown prince and donald trump were having this warm heart to hearts so to speak this war meeting just so soon often the united nations special envoy reports
1:59 pm
into the killing of special she was released a report that implicated the crown prince and called for an independent investigation and because that reports once again reminded journalists as well as international community that so now there are certain key questions that haven't been on such namely what was the role of mohammed bin solomon and what's happened to. audio those questions were raised once again both me just chose to ignore it in fact not just once or twice but at least 3 times donald trump himself looking squarely out the reports of a dos that question and just trolls true concluded that meeting so it seems that whilst the us and the saudi count prince wants to essentially turn the page on this episode it is still going to haunt them for want of a better road until those on service are given similar shall that from osaka coming off the weather. races stand now present a philosophy us court hands down its verdict on one of the nation's most glorious
2:00 pm
race hate crimes. are going to welcome back well here across the levant we're looking at temperatures that are into the high forty's in many locations we're talking a rock as well as into kuwait kuwait city though is expected to reach into the high forty's maybe $49.00 degrees there baghdad at $44.00 tehran at $38.00 where we are seeing a break in the temperatures up here across the northeastern part of turkey but those showers are going to be quite heavy at times we could even see some localized flooding across the area continuing as we go towards a sunday but you'll notice the winds are coming out of the north and that's really going to cool down the area as well so for you temperatures are coming down to about 20 to even a buck who it tempers are coming down about 40 degrees to about 26 degrees there well here across.


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