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nation's most glorious race hate crimes. are going to welcome back we are crossing we are looking at temperatures that are into the high forty's in many locations we're talking a rock as well as into kuwait kuwait city though is expected to reach into the high forty's maybe 49 degrees there baghdad at 44 tehran at 38 where we are seeing a break in the temperatures up here across the northeastern part of turkey but those showers are going to be quite heavy at times we could even see some localized flooding across the area continuing as we go towards a sunday but you'll notice the winds are coming out of the north and that's really going to cool down the area as well so for you temperatures are coming down to about 20 to even a buck who attempt as a coming down about 40 degrees to about 26 degrees there well here across the gulf
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our temperatures are not coming down we are talking mid forty's for majority of the area here in doha 45 degrees expected high here on saturday really not changing as we go toward sunday but riyadh we do expect to see a very hot day for you at 47 degrees there and then very quickly down here across much of southern africa we are seeing a storm system that is making its way towards cape down sadly really not looking too bad maybe some clouds coming in towards evening but by the time we get towards sunday we do expect to see more clouds more rain in the forecast we're temptress can be down to 14 but durban a nice day 25. the pages of this exercise book pose unspeakable mannerly compiled testimonies of victims of congolese mercenaries as this intimate evidence finds its way to international courts the central african republic is plunged into further tumult
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and intricate tanev of people and a nation crippled by recent history. afrikaans part one of a 2 part series on al-jazeera. welcome back you're watching al-jazeera time to recap our headlines now u.s. president donald trump and chinese president xi jinping have announced progress on trade chinese state media reports trade talks are set to resume will hold off on imposing new tariffs north korea has responded to an invitation by the u.s. president to meet kim drove one juror in his trip to south korea from yang's
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foreign minister described it as an interesting suggestion but noted they hadn't received any official proposal. in a meeting with turkey's president trump said solutions are possible over a dispute over the sale of an air defense system from russia the u.s. has previously threatened to pull the sale of f. 35 fighters and impose sanctions if the russian deal went ahead. brendan o'connor is an associate professor of american politics at the united states studies center which is. in the university of sydney good to have you with us so the nicest lines coming out of the meeting between trump and she is talk of progress are you optimistic. well talks of better than threats and 300300 1000000000 extra tariffs being put on chinese goods would have been good for the united states were to be good for china wouldn't it be good for the world economy it is progress but there's much ahead with trump i think he writes itself
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obviously as a deal micah as a negotiator the substance of this is hard to see exactly where it's going but a decrease in tension is a very good thing i mean part of the problem with this tried wall was that it was an escalation and i saw it's business people worried about visiting china from the united states threats being made by the side and that that was not good for anyone other than the talks of. not imposing times the other 2 sides any closer on some of the other really divisive issues while way in trade and so on. no it doesn't pay as saw i mean this into a real sort of gridlock on some of these intellectual property it claims of chinese spying through their sort of technology finds of unfairness there's a sort of suggestion that trump would try to use china in his reelection campaign in 2020 to ply off against the democrats and make they have position on china more
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difficult so it is really you know some people don't think there's a great deal of incentive even trying to negotiate on this issue of compromise but at least they getting back to the table the too late is the negotiating teams are coming back to the table but it's just not many good signs of where the compromise is to be found in this negotiation and that's why really i mean with us if she's been on the table since the beginning of the trump and ministration and we've seen very little progress really intense the chinese wanting to back down talking about a conciliatory tone the u.s. president kind of blamed u.s. policy itself on to the administration of obama for the problems with turkey is that an indication that perhaps a resolution of that one might be a hand. well that's a complex issue isn't it i mean many people have criticized so the coddling
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dictators like it or one inciting that from you know beans out of backwards for. terri and leaders and as plays a hard game when it's you know his allies in the in the night our country side once again it's hard to sort of know what trumps trying to do with that commentary on selling weapons we've seen and being willing obviously to sell weapons to the saudis side is that willingness to just see business is business and separated out from human rights concerns and other concerns and not surprising for trump to criticize longstanding u.s. policy policy certainly made under our play off against ties but i think that being many people in the united states saying well hang on you know what one of the turkish government offering the united states how they shine some improvements on democracy and human rights before we let them have you know the base u.s. fight applying to the base u.s. military equipment all right thanks so much for your analysis on that front in a coma. my pleasure after more than 2 weeks
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stranded at sea a german humanitarian ship carrying rescued refugees and migrants is dunks initially in defiance of the government captain of the sea watch 3 was detained after she forced her way and support by dodging police boats she says the lack of help from italian officials and worsening conditions on board forced hand and police have been leading some of the 40 people off the ship a total of 53 were rescued off the coast of libya but some would already been brought to shore for medical treatment finland france germany luxembourg and portugal have agreed to take them in. fors whalers migration crisis is on track to become the biggest in the world the worsening situation has been discussed during the latest meeting of the organization of american states and ascended on p.r.t. has more from the carbon city of methane. the immigration crisis on the u.s.
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mexican border hundreds of thousands fleeing poverty in central america deadly upheavals in nicaragua known. as you're going to station of american states annual assembly got underway in may be in the west no shortage of urgent problems to deal with it. before the tourney for nations represented here there was one issue overshadowing them all the ongoing political and economic crisis in venezuela in the fate of millions of its desperate migrants integrity of public official the secretary general of the organization promised to continue pushing for president nicolas maduro to step down. we must continue to work on applying increasing pressure and this meeting is part of that increasing pressure. but a number of countries protested the decision by the oas to receive representatives of business way less political position after the government of nicolas maduro
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withdrew from the group earlier this year because of a good way took it a step forward abandoning the general assembly altogether. but i thought here in the prepared we phased in over the last couple of years we've seen an internal dynamic taking place inside the oas that we can't embrace that undermines erode to us institutionally the simmering divisions in the region on how to move forward when it's well or have now clearly come to the surface and they're showing after months of protest crippling american sanctions and then attempt and an uprising in venezuela that have failed to provoke ridging change in the country. what all members do agree on is the magnitude of the crisis a report presented here says the exodus could reach 8000000 people by next year making it the largest in the world even surpassing the 6700000 people who have fled serious conflict or u.s. representatives appealed to the international community for more support. i meant
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to propose we were extremely worried because so far we've only been able to raise just 21 percent of the one required by the united nations response plan which was presented at the beginning of the year funding legs far behind what's needed. as my daughter is maintaining his grip on power the oas is saying the time has come to end all restrictions on the movement of venezuelans forced to flee in the region recognizing them formally as refugees something so far receiving countries have avoided doing listen to. the. honduran zamalka in the 10th anniversary of a coup against democratically elected. his ousting sent the country into a period of rest that persists today and has more. to do see go to central park where several 100 people have gathered to commemorate the anniversary of a military coup that said funders into
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a political crisis 10 years ago we caught up with the rebel under him president. who was ousted in 2009 this is what he told al jazeera a majority of the people today have taken to the streets we will not rest until we establish a regime that respect the sovereignty of the people and the right to self-determination here at this political rally which was organized by the former 100 president we were hearing overwhelmingly from people who visit the current government lacks legitimacy. that this is a dictatorship the president has and. you sold. demonstrations in honduras have been taking place for weeks and some have resulted in repressive tactics against demonstrators by authorities here in. the military police was deployed to guard the national airport in the event of disturbances but until now things have remained quite calm even now there is this line of police that are keeping an eye on the political rally but these remain peaceful that. lisa until now the. european
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powers haven't done enough to help iran avoid crippling u.s. sanctions that's the view of iran's deputy foreign minister after hours of talks in vienna on the 2015 nuclear deal the meeting was billed as the last chance to save the agreement paul brennan reports. in 2015 the negotiating teams came to the lavish public coburg in vienna to sign and seal the. nuclear deal 4 years later they're here trying to save it britain china france germany and russia have announced that instead is now operational a complex barter type system to let european countries trade with iran while avoiding u.s. sanctions tehran has set a july 7th deadline that's when its threatened to begin enriching uranium close to weapons grade purity if its oil exports aren't resume and i believe that it was a. positive and constructive meeting. i can say want to step forward
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compared to the previous meetings we have. but it is a still not enough and it is it is still not keeping you don't say expectations china the biggest buyer of iranian oil has also hit out at the united states for its unilateral action we reject the unilateral imposition of sanctions and for us the energy security is important and the importation of well is important to the chinese security energy security and also to the livelihood of the people president trump took the united states out of the j. c.p.o. a deal last year and is pressurising the european signatories to do the same at the same time the u.s. is demanding that iran must abide by the deal of limited stockpile of enrich uranium previously iran exported excess uranium to stay within the limits but the
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sanctions now prevent that. the u.s. special envoy on iran is touring european capitals to muster support for president trump stance on friday he was in london we are trying to restore deterrence to reestablish deterrence against iran. we are also putting ourselves in a position where if we are attacked by iran we can respond with military force but that is only if but on the nuclear deal european countries are sticking with iran calling the agreement a major contribution to stability in the region can the in stix trading system deliver enough economic benefits to keep iran from abandoning the treaty perhaps not but it's been described as the last chance pregnant al-jazeera the u.s. government of fort lee believes last month's drone attacks against pipelines in saudi arabia were launched from iraq rather than the amman the wall street journal says u.s. officials looking into the incident blaming rainy and backed groups operating in southern iraq until now yemen's who think rebels were thought to be behind the
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attacks the rocky government is demanding more information. don't 100 how small for washington d.c. . the united states says that drone attacks on the saudi oil industry came from iraq not as originally thought from who's the rebels in yemen these are attacks that happened in may and the iraqi prime minister mahdi denies that that is the case he says regardless of the u.s. reports our intelligence agencies and the reports of iraqi air force command have confirmed that none of this as happened and he's asked for more evidence meanwhile my pompei o the u.s. secretary of state is urging iraq not to allow its soil to be used for attacks on the saudis so it's a he said she said story at this point but it increases the narrative between the u.s. and iran the u.s. being an ally of saudi arabia that this is an escalating conflict and president
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trump has spoken both harshly about the potential for a military conflict and also a smore softly urging some kind of reproach among between the 2 countries but right now it's a he said she said story as to who actually attacked the saudi oil industry. algerian demonstrates is a showing the persistence against officials they describe as the ruling elite tens of thousands packed the streets of the capital for the 19th since a successive friday protest stothard in february and forced the resignation of president of the dozens beautifully demonstrates his now on people linked to his government to be prosecuted. the man who drove his car into a group of protesters in charlottesville virginia has been sentenced to life in prison for committing federal hate crimes before his sentencing james alex fields expressed his remorse for the attack which killed one post and then left dozens
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more injured had to call him reports. it was the moment the country realized white supremacist worm boldin taking to the streets of charlottesville virginia in mass with tiki torches they shouted a chorus of racist and anti-semitic chants was they protested the removal of the confederate statue their hate would not go unchallenged hundreds of counter protesters met them head on there were clashes and then there was this crash. james alex field was behind the wheel he was found guilty of killing heather higher and injuring dozens in this chaos he pled guilty to federal hate crime charges in exchange prosecutors dropped the death penalty and now he's learned for his crime he will spend the rest of his life in prison susan bros highers mother she says she believes her daughter's death and his sentence sends an important message the last time i saw my daughter was trying to
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defy her body and to sign the papers for her to be cremated and i held her bruised jane and bruce starman and i said i'm going to make this count for years and that's what i've done and i will continue to do you don't get to not my child down in silence that voice was. that $500.00 more raising up. this was a moment where the country's divisions were on full display and it provoked arguably one of the most controversial comments from a u.s. president provokes controversy often maybe this is very true but you also had people that were very fine people on both sides but the courts disagree at least for one saying he is not a good person he's a murderer a racist and now a prisoner for life political gain al-jazeera washington.
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let's take you through some of the headlines here now to syria now u.s. president don trump and chinese president xi jinping of announce progress on trade chinese state media reports trade talks are set to resume and trump will hold off on imposing new tariffs we had a very good meeting with president putin excellent. excellent as good as it was going to be we discussed a lot of things and we're right back on track. we'll see what happens but we had a really good meeting i think president he will be putting out a statement maybe giving a statement but he'll be putting out a statement shortly and we will go to. north korea has responded to an invitation by the u.s. president to meet kim jong un during his trip to south korea from yang's foreign minister described it as an interesting suggestion but knows that they hadn't
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received any official proposal. and in a meeting with the turkish. solutions a possible to a dispute over the sale of an added fence is them from russia the u.s. has previously threatened to pull the sale of their 35 fighters and the sanctions if the russian deal went ahead. it is very meaningful for us to come together at the osaka summit we're currently going towards fulfilling the goal of a $75000000000.00 trade volume there are many steps that we need to take within the defense industry area but more importantly we have a strategic partnership and the strategic partnership encourages us to create a solidarity across many areas over belief that our solidarity will continue throughout our strategic partnership also making news after more than 2 weeks stranded at sea german humanitarian ship carrying rescued refugees and migrants is done. in defiance of the government the captain of the sea watch 3 was detained
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after she forced her way into all by police boats. the u.s. government believes last month's drone attacks against pipelines in saudi arabia were launched from iraq rather than yemen that's according to the wall street journal it says u.s. officials looking into the incident blame iranian backed groups operating in southern iraq until now yemen's fusee rebels was thought to be behind the attacks now it's time for risking it all. on counting the cost trump's deal of the century $50000000000.00 to kickstart a more abundance ready palestinian peace process but not a single dollar pledged plus the chinese electric car maker about to take on the might of the german auto industry counting the cost on al-jazeera.
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the tiny village of tundra deep in madagascar last primeval jungle. the people who live off the land hunting fishing and farming. as there are few paying jobs money. thank you very much. to choose from my shop for that on the. market i need you can plan their life. and also doing any and some of the facets stuff that you have. to them so much about isaac for you. robert now one of the coach is one of the few villages who's ever had a proper job he used to be a forest ranger he protected the forest from those seeking to plunder its precious woods but a few years ago it was fired the game keeper has now become
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a coach he smuggles group which i read and truman. play all different and i don't. meet the. general we. need for fighting. but coaching is not without risk the tree is in such high demand that it's close to extinction for the past 3 years authorities here had banned all rosewood logging. ahead lies a 9 day journey where robert and the other smugglers will seek out foul and carry a rosewood treat while evading police and navigating madagascar's unpredictable rivers and forests. and on time going to be. big when we are.
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caught it's not only the police they have to avoid marauding thieves have also been attracted to the area. that i'm feeling i'll go look for in a move to. have a. i think that will long be dead by then. are down the bugs me but yeah i'm. saying go on for. the foundation and act in their own meaning then for the full bloom of the work to be locked up with indian public a little bit don't. contend them are. carrying packs swing as much as 50 kilos and barefoot the group also has to negotiate a demanding jungle. both on
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a monday. after a harrowing 2 day try the group spots another trafficante. rabbit is worried that he may be carrying the last of the roof of the trees from the area. a day to come on up the mccann might. be dumped on it and thrown out to. visit with its mates when i got off with a fine 10 a year. and then. a flash if you like using a scam can outlast us i can sing you a sky asylum i'm not alone. 6 days deep into the forest robert and his men have found their treasure.
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if they can get this rosewood tree to market they would make enough for the next 6 months. a tree this size confined to around $10000.00. i think. it's got your money. on the little rosewood trees grow extremely slowly they take at least 100 years to fully develop. and. foreign. workers. minimum. is going to go for the morning battling it out.
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but after a back breaking hour of trapping down this giant there's a problem the organization young and. former talk and then when i was a man and. the way to bring it down is to chop down the trees around it it's estimated that for every 100000 precious trees chopped down half a 1000000 other trees a sacrificed to bring down and transport the valuable cargo addict thing. that's going to. pull. in the middle east will see the panic of. the tosk is enormous and robert changes tactics give to the planet it is.
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going to get. chopping the tree at that height is proving increasingly difficult. the men will have to sweat and their money. so far. away from the ample yasser. hours the men toss the x. around. the heat is overbearing. words therefore mocking them being in the know it can use. cool restaurant oh now that out for all the more talk and look at all this one cure. i mean everything short and eyes. your.
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money are like yours truly. after 4 hours the 1st part of the trunk gives way. but the branches are still traveling the top of the tree. well 7 they tried to put it down by force. but ofter another 6 hours robert decides to give up. without the rest of the tree trunk it won't bring in much money or there. any hope of bringing this tree down is disappearing so is the money it would fetch they have to start searching again but the roof of
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a tree has become so rare it's like finding a needle in a haystack. tree poaching is not the only extreme way to make a better living on the island some are willing to take even more risks. while madagascar is blessed with natural resources such as spices rough fight and cold one particular resource has new it thousands to this mining town of and so on. is. this town sprang up in just a few months attracted by the promise of easy money more than $10000.00 people live crammed together in extreme poverty most of the stones they dig up are worth just a few dollars however a large a very pure fire can fetch as much as 5 or $6000.00 more than $100.00 times madagascar as minimum wage thousands to go away with the same dream the lucky ones
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might find the smallest stockpiles. bacco and massey used to be farmers the 2 brothers left their job in hopes of striking it rich and building a better future for themselves but their entire fortune from now is this small cabin just 5 square meters shed by the 2 families with their wives and children 7 people all together. i thought and i thought it was a high. land like thing that like. any out down by the fish up tonight but the shepherd and i. chatted and got on. they let champney to get out mission damage to ben actually mission to me i don't want. to report as i am number 2000000 ton and i'm beyond it down as a man how do you suffer up a bit about how we have all. the brothers work for
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a miner who owns his own mine their pay is less than $2.00 a day if they do find a stone they get a percentage of the sale. monetary time but they are still one of with memorable it would mean not so warm on them but we haven't heard eva. piling on what good are the monolith. and i mean i. only live. on a money rob. 60. but finding sapphire is not easy. to. see. bacco massey and others.


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