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tv   Abdullah Alaoudh  Al Jazeera  June 30, 2019 11:32am-12:02pm +03

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not to be part of a group that wants to see standards raise so high that companies find it unbearable to keep up and actually present trump's words today said just that so i really think we should look no further than his words today telling us that it is all about the threat to corporate profits he is not trying to ignore the climate emergency or the crisis rather but he just doesn't want to take action because of the corporate threat well let me ask you a little more about the corporate threat because one of the issues that president trump has raised is that this would not play out well because there would be job losses etc but various different agencies and expense the u.n. the well bank the ilo all say that switching to a green economy will actually create more jobs than sticking with fossil fuels 18000000 more jobs globally by 2030 i believe the latest report says and so what would president trump's base i'm saying is that. you know this b.s. that put him in office and will likely reelect him i i stand firmly in that i
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believe president trump chances that reelection are very very good because he goes out there and routinely tells lies and he's convinced the electorate i'm not saying that those who didn't vote for him and who marched against you know his administration's actions those of the e.p.a. people he's put in at the e.p.a. i'm talking about the people in places like west virginia a state that i was actually born and raised in where the coal industry is pretty much dead these people have believed president trumps lies that he will bring back coal jobs frankly you know he would do better if he went there and he said i have a plan to bring renewables here and to talk about how we can create jobs that rely on renewable energy and let's talk about all of the above approach instead he chooses to peddle false hoods and tell these people in coal country like i said west virginia that he will bring back their jobs so this is really about what
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president trump wants to do and he wants to be reelected and he's trying to do it in places where jobs that relied on traditional sources of energy like coal are dead well as you say coal is dead and other countries are charging ahead with clean energy leaving america behind like china germany even saudi arabia so let me ask you this as a republican strategist yourself and you're saying the president trump is lying how does the rest of the republican policy feel about the choices he's making right now . well number one i'll say that the republican party as a whole has been very good about falling in line behind the president getting in line and saying you know what the president's got the best interests of the country at heart and he is just trying to do things in a very disruptor style so that's what's been very interesting to do the work that i do in this era because there are troubling games and frankly there are people like me who have made their career in republican politics however i'm still in the under 40 said to where i'm a sort of younger strategist that does work with
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a lot of new groups that are trying to reform the party groups like the american conservation coalition groups that have pushed back on president trump's claim about claims about wind energy you know he said he has problems with things like wind energy because of the large subsidies they take from government so you know on the one hand i think there are people like me who are millennial zz and who really believe that president trump is doing a disservice to the national conversation on how we can be responsible stewards of the environment and then there are those in the public and party who have just fallen in line and did their republican strategist speaking to us from washington d.c. thank you for joining us on al jazeera arena sudan's military council has warned that no damage or destruction will be tolerated at mass rallies planned for sunday protest leaders according for a 1000000 man march to keep up their demand for civilian rule rights groups want officials to guarantee the safety of the protesters for the sudanese professionals'
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association which is led to the protests says the security forces raided its headquarters and even stopped it from holding a news conference now japan is preparing to resume commercial whaling after a gap of more than 30 years took years says some species have now recovered enough and it no longer needs to comply with an international ban but as many on $100.00 ports the decision to hunt whales for food may need to be possible no profitable at home. for more than 30 years the international whaling commission has been locked in a fight its job is to protect whales pushed close to extinction its 3 countries norway iceland and japan have pursued the right to hunt them late last year japan argued there was scientific proof some species had recovered enough to allow sustainable hunting and it pushed again for the $9906.00 ban on commercial whaling to be lifted
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when the whaling commission rejected japan's proposal japan withdrew and its whaling fleet is preparing to presume hunting minky as well as big whiles but when the fleet returns to the water some things will be different japan says it will only hunt in its territorial waters not the open seas of the antarctica north pacific where it has until now been hunting for scientific research and it's not clear whether they'll even be a market in japan for the whale meat the ships bring to shore consumption in japan has plummeted from around $200000.00 tonnes each year in the sixty's to just $5000.00 tons each year over the last 5 that could be due to the changing tastes of a new generation but changing attitudes to hunting whales a likely affected tune and things at the international whaling commission will also be different japan's departure has arguably lift it weakened but after more than 3
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decades fight of the commercial whaling it's now free to concentrate on what it was originally formed to do commercial whaling is now back on the list of threats to the world's whales but there too is a climate crisis that's already adversely impacting the oceans and marine life within them a looming 38 that could well eclipse them all. now not just one but 2 erupting volcano is a cause in a state of emergency and papa new guinea mound to allow one shot a cloud of ash 18 kilometers high over west new brisson province forcing flights to be divested and since that eruption on wednesday another highly active volcano on land on the island has begun to erupt. still ahead on al-jazeera afghanistan so that pushovers action from the cricket world cup clash with pakistan in court.
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july on al-jazeera will the conservative new democracy be victorious in the snap elections we bring you the latest as greece votes a new documentary examines the use of modern technology and policing its impact on individual rights and civil society on the 50th anniversary of the apollo 11 lunar landing we look back at the 1st human steps on the moon and an ancient statue of apollo disappears in gaza a stunning archaeological mystery unfolds on witness 2nd round of democratic presidential candidate debates in the u.s. will be long been detroit july on al jazeera. on counting the cost trumps deal of the century $50000000000.00 to kickstart a more about this rainy palestinian peace process but not a single dollar pledged plus the chinese electric car maker about to take on the
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lights of the german auto industry counting the cost on al-jazeera. plans now it's time for sport has. pakistan have boosted their chances of reaching the semifinals of the cricket world cup they beat afghanistan in leeds in what was one of the closest matches of the competition so far so hell malik reports. pakistan needed to beat afghanistan keep the campaign on time. and at $57.00 for 3 it looked like afghanistan would be dismissed cheaply. but the batsman battled hard oscar afghan's de blas beginning with 42 wrong. they were
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restricted however to a modest but competitive 227th and on. pakistan's chase started terribly. they lost track of them on the 1st over. bar brawls amanda knox the innings they put on $72.00 runs together but pakistan last quick wickets and had to rely on the low order. it was down to all round in modeless even were hard to see them on the peg guided pakistan to the narrowest when. overturning afghanistan's total with just 2 balls to spare. pakistan's dream of a 2nd world cup is still very much aligned so homilies 0. mitchell starc starred as australia crush new zealand outboards after the post a 243 start took 5 for 26 new zealand crumbling to 157 all out
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the champions when they hit by 86 runs. australia of course already through to the semi's every team plays each other once but the top 4 advancing new zealand losing means they remain 3rd black caps are still not guaranteed a place in the semifinals pakistan's win sees them jump above the england the hosts have the chance to reclaim force if they beat india on sunday. the new york yankees and the boston red sox are playing an historic 2 game series in london it's the 1st time major league baseball is holding games in europe our correspondent lee wellings has more on whether baseball can make a dent in what is already a very crowded market. one of. the success.
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of also come from other parts of europe as well. in the.
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far east charla claire has secured pole position for sunday's austrian form the one grand prix a player set a new record to claim pool for just the 2nd time in his career. leader lewis hamilton was 2nd but will start from 4th after a friend to me right so rebels match for south and will start 2nd and. 3rd. position was so difficult out. and i would go with either because the parents never get in the 15 so let me that last that i was in an ok position is very tight right the lady and i don't know whether we're going to get to stop the laugh and i still recall one time trying to stop them so a bit of a panic the netherlands a book their spot in the semifinals of the women's world cup they did it with a 2 nil win over italy in sweden and also made it through they got there by upsetting 2 time champions germany 21 they're looking to win the title for the 1st time ever their best performance was making the final in 2003 in which they lost to
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germany. this is what the semifinal lineup looks like champions the usa face england on choose day the following day the netherlands take on sweden 3 matches in the africa cup of nations on saturday the big one between champions cameroon and gama and in a coolest draw a black star still looking for their 1st win of the tournaments top seed novak jock ridge will be looking to win his 16th grand slam when he begins the defense of his wimbledon title the service a favorite to retain the crown despite the presence of roger federer and current french open champion rafa nadal and the draw you know obviously. he's not been so happy to be part of. the beginning of my career was in you know winning much of the major events. it's a different story right now i think i'm very grateful to be part of this they've
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made me a better player. and reigning women's champion actually kerberos suffered a minor setback in her preparations a german was beaten and straight sacked by world number 3 carrying out in the final the east born international. is yet to win a grand slam title. and that's all useful for now more later all that said for man. and just a few minutes with more stay with us. the producers of mexico's most watched soap opera continue to talk real women's issues and the audience is now reacting. emboldened by the show a woman frees a cell from the horrors of sexual abuse. in a deeply emotional demonstration of the back and forth between reality and fiction
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vickie's real stories played out on sad. episode 2 of soap box mexico on al-jazeera . they call this bleeding the tree. first substance the world is addicted to now at the center of a global trade war. it's latex in its purest form found in tires phones toothbrushes satellites or mattresses it is an essential element in daily life and so deep in the ivorian forest goes from tree to tree scarring them for the precious liquid. is imposing $200000000000.00 in tariffs on china the world's largest manufacturer of rubber goods china in response imposes tariffs on synthetic rubber the west produces while in the short term this is bad for african producers in the long run some hope the continent could benefit from this trade war i know where the
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global trade war and. despite falling prices at the open calls rubber white gold at least for now. this is a dialogue reading about it for less than staying at the international media and on t.v. why should we stop this comes with skepticism because there's a lot of it on my and everyone has a voice mail being taken advantage of just because you know small community without any network to seek help join the global conversation announces iraq all they want to do is start the debate the same kind of debate that we have here in st. there is a possibility there will be meeting. is a possibility that. it's going to be very interesting. donald
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trump talks of his trip to the demilitarized zone between north and south korea but will be there to greet him. jordan this is live from doha also coming up the g. 20 summit wraps up in japan but the u.s. and china are ready to reopen trade talks but members fail to reach a consensus on climate change. washington reportedly wants to know how american weapons got into the hands of fighters loyal to the libyan warlord. and japan is set to resume commercial whaling but its people may have lost the taste for the meat. talks of a possible meeting between donald trump and kim jong il dominates a summit between the u.s. and south korean president speaking to the media in seoul president trump said
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north korean officials want to take up his offer to meet at the demilitarized zone later on sunday president who will accompany the u.s. president to the border as batch the potential meeting saying it would be historic but in a moment we'll be live with our diplomatic editor james bays who's in paris you that's near the d.m.z. but 1st let's go to rob mcbride in seoul where trump has visited the blue house official residence of moon j. and rob so we had this tantalizing prospect of president meeting the north korean leader at the d.m.z. kids but there's been some dialogue to make this happen but it will be pretty historic won't it. absolutely there's been increasing speculation here daryn that this will indeed take place as it's been mentioned now by donald trump and also by moon jay and about the possibility as you heard there. in the president of south korea saying that this would be historic and also the prospect that this might be a 3 way meeting that president moon would accompany president trump even more
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tantalizing prospect would be of course that all 3 then meet together on that famous line between the blue huts of pam and john that's what the speculation is leading towards the speculation here in south korean media has been fueled by the conspicuous absence of stephen began he's the special advisor from the u.s. on the korean affairs he wasn't at the reception last saturday evening that was held here for donald trump and there of the reports that he was up last night at the d.m.z. trying to make all the logistics for this very spontaneous and very complicated thing actually take place so we are expecting it as you mentioned there donald trump is at the presidential office the blue house for a working lunch with moon j.n. prior to that they had a photo op photo opportunity a photo spray as they call it here where they were talking about the possibility of this meeting taking place donald trump of course teasing it out for all it's worth
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keeping everybody guessing and we may be guessing right up until the moment it takes place. there is a possibility that it will be really you know. there's a possibility that. they're going to be very interesting you know they want to do it. here mccain wants to do it i'm going to do it's very complicated from the standpoint of just 6 insecurity much of the reason. both teams are working very hard in. south korea is working also when trying to implement it when i think it would be good and rob trump's been talking about trade in the success of the g. 20 what morsi been saying about the relationship between the u.s. and south korea that's right he started his day with a breakfast meeting here in seoul with the leaders of south korea's conglomerates and has been taking to twitter once more ahead of that session saying how they he
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has been toasting a new trade deal while he has been here with with moon j.n. and with business leaders like clarification it's not necessarily a new deal in itself this is actually something of a retread this was a trade deal agreed between barack obama and south korea a few years ago as with many trade deals donald trump when it came to power didn't like it said he didn't like it had been been pushing for renegotiation and so this is a slightly renegotiated deal with some concessions but nonetheless giving donald trump and south koreans the chance to toast what they seem to be terming a new deal their right to run in the south korean capital seoul rob thank you well our diplomatic editor james bays is live for us and pans to south korean in the demilitarized zone james that looks like this brief meeting between trump and kim jong un will happen at the d.m.z. just walk us through what's going on there where you are. yes i think from the from the conversations that we've heard from president moon and
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president trump's comments you're right i think they wouldn't be talking so optimistically about this meeting and how historic it could be if they didn't think it was likely to happen what i think is interesting is where kim is right now because my memory is of a year ago the meeting between kim and president moon at the d.m.z. which in some ways i think will be the pattern that will be followed here while on that occasion the north korean leader let pyongyang by car and drove to the demilitarized zone well i can tell you that takes a couple of hours it is a highway but it's not a very well maintained highway it's quite a bumpy road and so it seems likely that if this meeting is going to happen a few hours from now that the supreme leader of north korea is going to have to actually get in his motorcade and head out so we might get some reports from
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pyongyang of course it's not a place where you have open media and live pictures of everything of him leaving that would be a confirmation as i say i think the pattern of the meeting between the south korean leader and the north korean leader last year is the one that's likely to be followed in terms of how they might meet across the line at the d.m.z. and on that occasion you'll remember you saw kim step into south korea and then you saw him take moon back into north korea i suspect we may well see something very similar a photo opportunity if it does happen but still a moment of history and the moments pictures like this i think really are important because they create some momentum to a process that really in terms of the substance is not going anywhere and certainly they are pick. that will matter to the people who will see them live here in south
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korea and at a later date in a very heavy heavy heavily edited form in north korea all right james bays our diplomatic editor there in persia to south korea close to the d.m.z. james thanks for that we'll no doubt be coming back to you a little bit later in the morning now earlier on south where the summit of the world's biggest economies came to a close with world leaders agreeing to present a united front on global trade but the big developments took place on the sidelines with the u.s. and china agreeing to restart trade talks our white house correspondent kimberly hellcat reports now from a soccer. with fears of further escalation in the trade war between the united states and china chinese president xi jinping issued words of warning to u.s. president donald trump. on this issue should only china and the united states benefit from. a confrontation. of the united states donald j.
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trump those words may have resonated following that meeting on the 2nd day of the g. 20 summit trump announced a breakthrough no new u.s. tariffs on chinese goods and a restart of stalled trade talks we're going to work with china on where we left off to see if we can make a deal but the 25 percent tariffs already on 250000000000 in chinese goods into the united states remains in place the threat of tariffs on an additional $300000000000.00 more in chinese products a potential risk to the global economy have been delayed for now still unresolved the issue of huawei the chinese telecoms manufacturer the u.s. is banned from its markets and accused of facilitating espionage and intellectual property theft way i said we'll have to save that till the very end of the sea. tensions have also been escalating between the u.s. and turkey over its purchase of the russian s 400 air defense system the u.s.
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warned the buy in from the russians would threaten turkey's role in the f. 35 fighter jet program and could trigger u.s. sanctions on saturday trump blamed his predecessor president barack obama and defended the purchase by turkey's president he wanted to buy the patriot missile president obama's group said no he kept wanting to but they kept saying no no no. couldn't buy it now he needed it for defense he knew so he then went to russia it was these types of bilateral controversies that captured headlines during the 2 day meeting of leaders from the world's 20 major economies so much so the leaders final declaration stopped short of what many had hoped it was going to mean in this summit we were able to agree on fundamental principles backing a free trade system which is to ensure free fair nondiscriminatory trade and open markets as well as conditions of fair competition but the g 20 declaration failed
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to denounce protectionism and its impact on global economic growth perhaps because this was a meeting dominated by bilateral issues making resolution of global matters a struggle kimberly help at al-jazeera osaka yemen's who the rebels say they have once again launched drone attacks on 2 airports in saudi arabia who the media reports they targeted airports in the southern cities of. the saudi coalition says it intercepted a drone launched just than who have stepped up attacks on saudi cities this month meanwhile 8 people have been killed in yemen and asterix led by the saudi coalition 5 of them were children warplanes struck a residential area in a who think controlled part of thailand is fighting in southern yemen also killed 12 yemeni soldiers and 8 with the rebels united nations special representative for children conflicts says the yemeni people are being held hostage by the war which is now in its 5th year. reporter the new york times says the u.s.
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state department is investigating how american made weapons got into the hands of fighters loyal to the libyan warlord holly for have top several anti-tank missiles were found on friday after forces of libya's internationally recognized government city which is south of the capital tripoli the 2 sides of unlocked and conflict of a sense have to march on the capital in april libyan media ed these images showing the american made weapons branded with the u.s. as the recipient an inquiry is now underway. to seize the weapons and ammunitions have been sent to the specialized experts said to have been documented the military commanders and the political leaders are now fully aware of these weapons and ammunitions to make the right decisions that will be announced. it is in the libyan capital tripoli. the a.t.g. missiles these are jervy missiles anti tank misses were found dozens of them were found by the government forces as the recaptured the strategic town of little ghana
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about 880100 kilometers to the south from the capital tripoli but we know that the united arab emirates has according to the government spokesman today the united arab emirates has supplied those weapons and other weapons including draw and. fighter jets to the world really for half that we understand that the united arab emirates has been providing have to do with weapons ammunition and fighter jets since he launched his military campaign not only to recapture or to take control of the capital tripoli but in 2014 when he 1st launches his military campaign known as oppression dignity in the east of libya our time for a short break here in al-jazeera when we come back the raid before the rally saddam's military rulers warn protest leaders to have complete responsibility for any deaths.


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