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tv   The Love of Books  Al Jazeera  July 1, 2019 4:00am-5:01am +03

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well pride has more on the south korean reaction from seoul this is being seen as a major personal achievement for president moon j.n. of south korea who's been under increasing pressure since the failure of the hanoi summit both here at home and also from north korea throughout the events of sunday he tactfully remained very much at the sidelines allowing donald trump to claim credit for this historic day in reality though he is seen as being the instigator of this process of reconciliation if the day's events of stepping across the border is seen by the end of this year as one of the news highlights of 2019 then it will be remembered the moon j.n. did exactly the same last year becoming the news highlight of $2800.00 starting this whole process that has led to donald trump crossing over the border but as he always has done throughout this whole process of south korea very much giving full
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credit to donald trump. you know what we really want is permanent peace on the korean peninsula mr trump will be going down in history as the president who made peace on the korean peninsula and i would like to give my appreciation to donald trump and kim jong un. if this does turn out to be a historic day for the korean peninsula and the people of north korea have yet to hear about it as always state run media in north korea needs time to edit and process these images into a form that successor to ball for the north korean leadership especially given a subject as sensitive as the leader of the united states stepping over into north korea while the networks of the world have been broadcasting live these unfolding events throughout sunday the state run broadcaster in north korea has been broadcasting the usual diet of propaganda documentaries and patrie arctic karaoke
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songs and should only be in the job a few days but the new white house press secretary got caught in a scuffle between the media and north korean security guards while trying to met kim jong un it is not a story. i. want. to hear stephanie beacham was grabbed by north korean guards as she tried to make way for u.s. pool cameras to enter a room to film the guards tried to physically prevent members of the press from entering the u.s. secret service had to step in and intervene. still ahead this half hour his ambassador to israel digs down into an ancient site in jerusalem threatening to unearth simmering tensions with palestinians thus. china's army puts on a show in hong kong to celebrate the british handover anniversary as the city braces for another mass rally.
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hello again a welcome back to international weather forecasts well finally a break in the he way that we have seen since last monday and that break is going to come in here from the north a front is coming through bring some better air some cooler air and drier air as well take a look your forecast map here on monday notice this band of clouds and rain pushing to poland and then down here towards italy that's going to be the frontal boundary and behind it we're going to be seeing much seasonal air more seasonal air there and as it goes to the south from monday into tuesday we're going to see some active weather along the front could be thunderstorms across this area but notice a change in temperatures here berlin at 2123 degrees and even paris a nice break for you at $25.00 but down towards the self across the book but in
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slow we are going to be seeing still very very hot conditions with bucharest seeing a day for you at 36 degrees well here across another part of africa not much in terms of clouds or rain temps wise to tunis it is going to be a warm day at $34.00 maybe going to $35.00 as we go towards tuesday magazine $29.00 and cairo at about $38.00 degrees and then here across parts of central africa for lagos we're going to see some rain coming into your forecast here on monday at 27 degrees and 4 across a temperature a few of 28. in the year 1271 and a gun tahlia set out on an extraordinary journey carrying letters from the pope for the great kugler com marco polo traveled through the trees following dangerous roads from the holy land and beyond today chasing the shadow market professor shah's top of china to venice with searching questions of how the relationship
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between east and west has changed. marco polo on al-jazeera. elegant reminder the top stories on our 0 gunfire has been heard at a protest in the sudanese town of casella as tens of thousands of people rallied across the country demanding civilian rule at least one protester has been shot dead at another opposition rally. and donald trump has become the 1st sitting u.s. president to set foot in north korea during an impromptu meeting with kim jong il an. airport authorities in libya say air traffic has been halted at mitiga
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airport tripoli's only functioning the civilian airport after it was hit by an airstrike the warlord highly for have to as information division says its air force destroyed a turkish drone at the mitiga military air base this is foreign turkey's foreign ministry demands the immediate release of 6 turkish citizens being held by fighters loyal to have to otherwise it says those holding them will become quote legitimate targets on saturday have to us forces threatened turkish interests in libya including airline flights and shipping turkey has been accused of supplying weapons to forces allied to the un recognized government in tripoli ankara says it's in libya to support regional peace and stability. it's going to have new. headers in tripoli so tensions risk really escalating between turkey and have to as forces. yes it really is lauren and remember this is the 1st time airport to the only
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operational airport in tripoli is hit by have to this fighter jets since he launched his military campaign in tripoli on april the force now authorities in a may to get airport have just suspended in the airport until further notice as they said and and that's following the airstrike that as they say of it is an inmate again say that this airstrike today hit near the runway with no substantial damage but on the other hand we're getting reports from the east of the country from military sources are loyal to have to his forces saying that they hit a drawn that was india made to get airport we understand that this is all originally. i mean you get a report it has been functioning since 2011 and since 2014 it's only it's been the only operational airport in the city now this comes after
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to have to spokesman threaten to target all interests in libya including flights and also vessels in libya as to the to walters and the queues have to forces the accusing get turkey of providing the government of national accord with the fight with the draw and as you know a lot in that the government forces loyal to the government of national accord have recently recaptured the strategic town of. with the help of turkish drawings and also turkish weapons and now that. the president of the divan said in a press conference in a sack or that he will investigate these threats by have to his forces but in meanwhile the foreign minister issued a statement condemning the arrest of 6 nationals in the east of the country and said that they're not released then have to his forces will be
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a legitimate target for turkey. and just one extra line that so dropped on that story in the last minute or so. eastern libyan authorities according to a statement has been issued say they've arrested 2 turks over turkey support for what they call militias in libya to a situation hotting up between have to us forces and the the turkish presence in libya or keep you posted on that story as more information breaks. that is really activists and palestinians have been protesting against the participation of u.s. diplomats in the you know gratian of a holy site called pilgrimage road u.s. ambassador david friedman and special envoy jason green blatt both took part in the inaugural ceremony pilgrimage road is a tunnel located in occupied east jerusalem which has been under israeli occupation since 967 it lies under the civil war neighborhood and was excavated by the israeli
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antiquities authority they believe it's an important holy site in judaism but palestinian officials say the tunnel is an attempt to remove their hopes for a future capital in east jerusalem but it smith has more from said one. the tunnel runs underneath the east jerusalem palestinian neighborhood of silwan and comes out on the other side of that war on the other side of that wall is the western wall now having 2 senior u.s. officials present the own organization of this tunnel is yet a further and dorfman by the americans that they recognize the whole city of jerusalem as the capital of israel this this is the truth whether you believe or not i mean the people that that discovered this these are largely secular archaeologists scientists no particular agenda this is the truth and the truth is the only foundation on which peace will come to this area the palestinians will tell you that this is another attempt by israel to raise the historic palestinian
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connection to this land they want to assert that has so it just for him i am here thousands of jews were not allowed to me and to my family for in toto this was a warm israeli activist group says what we government is doing is an trenching its sovereignty over the old city reshaping its historical landscape and israel as government has confirmed the death of a navy captain whose family and the opposition say was tortured in custody custody rafael acosta was detained earlier this month for alleged involvement in a coup against president nicolas maduro chief prosecutor terek saab said via twitter that his office was opening an investigation into what happened to him but didn't say what caused his death acosta's wife says he'd been beaten so badly he was barely conscious but a court hearing on friday a position neither one going to put out the message about is death. yes you know we
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confirm the murder of navy captain acosta on tuesday we announced his disappearance and kidnapping along with 6 other officials at the national assembly today he's unfortunate after been savagely and brutally tortured is confirmed it's not the 1st time that we denounce torture in the country at the hands of officials within the armed forces the polls have closed in albania's local elections which turned into a flashpoint for tensions that have rocked the country for weeks from minister eddie rama insisted on holding the election despite months of anti-government protests that are sometimes turned violent the opposition democratic party has boycotted the vote accusing the socialists of being corrupt saying the political crisis will end when burma resigns a unit is a meeting in brussels for a 2nd time to try to decide who will get the blocks top jobs dutch socialist france timmons is no current favorite to take over from iraq road younker as the next
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european commission president several eastern european leaders are opposed to timmons he was repeatedly accused poland and hungary of violating civil rights. it's gotten that involve in brussels what the chances of a breakthrough at this summit. well in a few hours ago they looked quite quite high a year you had the likes of donald tusk the president of the european council saying he thought the main jobs would be allocated tonight and so. calm was saying more or less the same thing but now we're hearing that this plan that apparently was drawn up on the sidelines of the g 20 summit between france germany the netherlands and spain which would give france timmons the year the job of commission president that that plans being really fought back against by the center right grouping here in the european parliament the european people's party who are saying they're clinging on to their man the hopes that. a german politician will
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get that top job we know that. the plan if it were to be. acted on would have actually given the sensorites some other key jobs including the president of the european parliament and perhaps the job of the foreign policy chief of the european union but it looks now the been a real push back against that but some delayed the start of the working dinner by several hours and so we're none the wiser as to whether that one job will be resolved tonight let alone the 4 key positions why is the role of the commission president. well it's the commission is the executive body of the e.u. it drops a distillation affecting $500000000.00 people it oversees national budgets it conducts its national trade negotiations so it really does matter but who is at their heads is quite contentious funs simmons is
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a socialist who said that he wants a basic income for you citizens he wants movement fast movement on climate change and issues like that have heard him criticism from some of the right here in brussels saying they just simply can't accept such a left wing figure he's very ambitious right now we just don't know whether he'll ever get the chance to try and put his ideas into action or whether it will be man for a very good emerges as the head of the european commission or even other names who are in the heart and then withdrawn such as michel barnier who's been up to now the chief breaks that negotiator of course for the european union and the mother thank you very much indeed. thousands of people have donated money to cover the legal costs of a german captain detained in italy on saturday her record has been accused of deliberately ramming her rescue vessel sea watch 3 into a police boat that was trying to stop her from entering the port of the producer his lawyer says she intended no harm when she hit the boat dozens of migrants were
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on board the sea watch 3 after being rescued off the coast of libya more than 2 weeks ago. i said it's because if it was not to be seawards i would have been a dead body by now i said don't you see words hong kong is bracing for mass rallies on monday the 22nd anniversary of the british handover to chinese rule the traditional pro-democracy protests are expected to be much bigger this year amid ongoing demonstrations against a proposed extradition law china's army meanwhile has been celebrating the anniversary by opening its doors sarah clarke reports. in sweltering heat they lined up military and there's this and visitors from the my land all looking to get a rare glimpse of life in the barracks at the people's liberation army garrison. i'm very excited to be involved in the show it's big and i wish hong kong will be better in the future. i'm so happy to see it and i love it every year the hong kong
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opens its doors to the public to mark the anniversary of the former british territories handover to china the destroyer is warships and weaponry on display the troops perform combat drills to show off their military might. or hold some of the i'm so very excited and so proud of china that it's there i am proud and i feel so safe to have the army here. there are 12 people like garrisons in hong kong but they abide by local laws they respect the city's autonomy but there are increasing signs of the p.l.o. is boosting its presence before me naval drills in victoria harbor this was once public land overlooking victoria harbor but this week the government transferred control to china so this can be converted into appeal a dog and the navy ships can berth in central hong kong critics speculation this is a deliberate ploy by china to make its presence felt in hong kong and reminded the
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beijing holds the ultimate authority over this former british territory in a city that lacks trust in the milan it's added to the growing army is about china's tightening grip on july 1st thousands are expected to protest over a controversial plan by the government to extradite fugitives to china to stand trial sarah clarke al-jazeera hong kong. and look at monday who was catch up with all the news by checking out our website address that is our 0 dot com and you who also watch us live by clicking on the orange. dot com. amount of top stories around his era doctors in sudan say at least 5 protesters have been killed as opposition rallies held across the country to demand civilian rule gunfire was heard at a protest in the town of casella forcing demonstrators to flee in the capital khartoum protesters have marched to the defense ministries headquarters is the 1st
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major demonstration so security forces violently broke up a protest camp on june the 3rd sudan's military overthrew president omar bashir more than 2 months ago. donald trump has become the 1st sitting u.s. president to set foot in north korea during an impromptu meeting with kim jong il and the leaders met in the demilitarized zone between north and south korea after trump suggested it in a tweet during the g. 20 summit the u.s. president said both sides would set up teams to push forward talks aimed at getting north korea to give up its nuclear weapons but trumbo said that there is no rush to strike a deal. step the course that it's agreed on a lot of there are. a lot of friendships and it's a great project so i just very quickly notice that i want to thank you just as i believe looking at this action this is an expression of his willingness to eliminate the unfortunate past and begin
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a new future airport authorities in libya say at traffic has been halted it mighty good airport to please only functioning civilian airport after it was hit by an asteroid the warde hollister have to as information division says its af orse destroyed a turkish drone at the mighty good military airbase. well this is turkey's foreign ministry demands the immediate release of 6 turkish citizens being held by fighters loyal to after or it says they'll become quote legitimate targets with origins in have to eastern libyan strongholds say they've only arrested 2 turks for supporting armed groups on saturday the warlords forces threatened turkish flights and ships in libya turkey has been accused of supplying weapons to forces allied to the un recognized government in tripoli ankara says it's in libya to support regional peace and stability. first the headlines coming up the son of a jailed dissident discusses the erosion of rights under saudi arabia's crown
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prince that's in talk to al-jazeera coming up next hour see you after that with more news by phone or. you're looking at the. saudi crown prince mohammed bin sandman arriving at the g. 20 summit and osaka a symbolic scene suggesting his acceptance as a leader if not endorsement of his policies underneath the surface unresolved human rights violations including the brutal murder of the saudi journalist. the persecution of female activists and clerics advocating reforms and now another name
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is gaining prominence inside and outside of saudi arabia his name is 7 man allowed a renowned religious leader who is now in jail after political disagreements with the saudi regime he's now unable to speak to the press but this week on talk to al jazeera we sit down with his son and. a young dissident currently living in the u.s. to discuss been said man. and the fate of his father. but on the level of the thank you very much for talking to all does iraq thank you for having me i will start by asking you about the situation in saudi arabia now it's been almost 2 years since. conference harben some money ascended to power many consider him to be the de facto ruler of saudi arabia a lot of people in the west have pinned so much hope on this young reformist prince and his bold agenda as they described it to us have gone by what has changed in
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saudi arabia the promise was to. to form the social fabric in saudi arabia was to diversify this it would economy and to promote moderate islam what has been done is actually the opposite of both of these. 3 different aspects socially and the promise to reform was delivered through attack in the feminists the woman humorist defenders in saudi arabia well how can you say that if markets are mandelbrot by a modern woman to drive that's that's an achievement that we hoth to respect and we have i have myself a like that. moved but at the same time if you look at the fuller picture what are
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the real deal forms what he wanted is to take credit for the call that that that demands. you know the state to allow women to drive for the past few decades so what he wanted was that to make a p.r. campaign to take credit for these demands and now want these campaigners these human rights defenders in saudi arabia to again to surface and talk about other issues and other human rights issues so he did make 2 targets in this crackdown one he targets those who could pose a threat and asked for for more human rights and in the same time that will allow him to take credit and to try to convince the west that he was the one who was
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behind the allowing one to drive and allow and a long moment to have some sober fishel reforms that we are having in the kingdom the the. the main issue the male guardianship system is not just still there it's actually be in more and more. a fact of in dealing with the with the subjects just like you have for example in the united states now so for the 1st time as a female. that's true but look at this female embassador and what has been done. at the same time in saudi arabia like. jane. their names languish in jail because of the same oath of asking so arabia to adopt such a form to adopt a female ambassador to have. like it to empower women in politics so mama been some how popular is he in saudi arabia well the thing is that in so that maybe you are
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will never have. public poll that really can tell you the real you know. the real saudi opinion and impression of the state and its leaders but if you want to have at least a real impression of how this city public feel about the state you should look at the different various segments of soda society look at for example the liberals the famine is the shia the sunni the islamists the different the women men you will find i mean the leaders of all these sigmas of saudi society or have been either put in jail silenced intimidated or threatened in one way or another in the tribal leaders in serbia the even his own family the religious institutions how to be a has forever been criticized for being an extreme 11 that has given birth to. what
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so many would consider to be terrorist movements and organizations my. promised to counter that. have seen many religious figures in prison do you think but yours being successful and not amongst those prism are your father ships among although one of the most prominent religious figures well what he has done in the past 2 years one here half is that he attacked the moderate voices of the condemn the voices that. spearheaded the campaign against extremism terrorism in the kingdom even the states the state need needed them to terrorism after 2001 and in the when and during the terrorism and terrorist attacks in 20046 and after in saudi arabia
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so but why the state targeted them is is because the state fear what they have in their package the democrates discourse one of the same time the state that the m.b.a.'s that promised to curtail their religious establishment the tried to curtail these moderate voices one of the same time in power and the state sponsored threats was this state sponsored council which is the council of senior scholars in syria that council is still issue in fact were regularly that council is a still sponsored by the state paid by the state government give me an example of what's wrong with this council or take the example of a slight head was on is a very powerful person within that council member of this yes he is an influential member actually of that council he is very close to him b.s.
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india's fiza to 10 late last year and it is told him literally that he is like his . father so m.b.'s implied that while his father the king is the head of the political or political power in saudi arabia is the head of the religious power in syria so that alliance is still a factor and who. and if you want to know who is not of his own is look at his head was it was and is the one who gave the threat was like one month just before the killing of. not just along the street to kill dissidents but urge in this state to call dissidents under the. and wahhabi docs and. those who disagree with the state are rebelling against religion against god and against the state of them should be charged with treason is what you took with treasonous and also be executed. because of.
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his strong here's somebody who was significant religious figure that was still. in his position and has influence but on 100 not the same time you have somebody like just a moment older who is in general. for you as an example of an example of the fake campaign against extremism he has been targeting the motor voices and tried to sell that to the west like if he is content with he took advantage of a lot of people in the west not knowing the dynamics of the saudi society and that in a makes the dynamics within the religious you know figures and try to sell that like if he is counting on the rich supplement what in fact he is coattail in the moderate voices that could ask for more you know democracy demands and half of india a package of the democratic discourse by the same to empower those extremists who
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are in return legitimize his own influence his own group. tom you're bitter about your father should somebody who has millions of followers online on twitter who somebody who traveled the muslim world i mean from many other countries with significant muslim populations given lectures and preaching and so forth why do you believe he was prism tell me a bit about some m.p.'s has been always obsessed with attacking those who have more popularity to and his and his father like for my father my father for example has 14000000 followers on twitter it's like double than what the king came self harmers on twitter so that that signals one thing popularity 2nd my father has with also the state lacks which is both while my father has their religious authority in his you know teaching and all that he also has the
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democratic he promotes the democratic discourse he asks the state. for example in 2011 he promoted and presented one of them it's actually the the most popular bit titian in saudi history which is the petition called toward. toward a state of institutions and rights in saudi arabia asking the state to transform into a constitutional monarchy where the minorities are protected women are empowered where. the people are represented in an elected parliament in saudi arabia where the rights are guaranteed so these elements through the religious democrats exactly and that's why they fear him the most they feared this discourse because it is acceptable by the locals it's very popular
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a locally and it's very acceptable internationally and by but by even the large majority of. the the royal family itself so that's why his present moment order was given platforms on streets rum television or media outlets or those close to it how has saudi media on both supporting carbon some been able to. between being my goal from shining a light on him as an example of progressiveness true suddenly trying to convince the people that here's a foreign agent or treater and somebody who wants harm to the kingdom and to his country that just. proves the book of of their discourse take the example of this already in bassett or the current saudi ambassador to the kid who. who has written his master's dissertation on my father he studied my father and he title of his
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published book later was son man a man in order from prison to enlightenment and he presented my father as an i can . lighten it in so arabia and in the arab world and he is now i mean he is part of how the state really thinks about my father that he is an icon of light a mint. of moderate islam but also why the state fused him the most because of that light and because of that moderate islam so that's another issue of why this is doing his a moderate islam campaign because those people like my father were really expose his his discourse tell me what happened to your father how was your. after after the the rift between. qatar and saudi arabia in 2017 my father
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tweeted that. male law harmonized between the hearts of the leader for the past of their peoples. he did not mention names on it did not mention even lake country the country was just calling for unity exactly so few hours after that tweet. states forces from state security showed up at the house they did not they refused to present any badges or any legal documents without any legal proceeding the search the house the took my father away and they said to my brothers that it's going to be just a few hours and he will be back safe and sound but what happened was was not that he was held incommunicado for 6 months we heard about.
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drones without being able to see him in a legal room without any legal proceeding whatsoever were you able to speak german law 6 months no i was never able to speak to him even until now. so when after that after the 6 but the 1st 6 months we i mean there was a leak about his hospitalization in prison we tried to ask we tried nobody responded to that so we told the new i told the news and it went really viral at that time so they after that they allowed some some family visits and during the found visits we knew the horrible treatment that he faced during his imprisonment and just really just remember my father is the most popular figure in the kingdom and he was treated. like that so just imagine those who are less
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known or even not known to the public or to the international media what would they do how would. they. people saw in those 6 months that he was held incommunicado in the following months muhammad and some man was welcomed in washington and london and paris and other places. how do you think about what message does that send to the saudi government on one hand but they can continue doing this and get international agreement but also does it is it encouraging to those who are calling for freedom and reform in saudi arabia that while they're getting tortured or they're icons are in jail those who are essentially oppressing them are being celebrated it's actually very hurtful yeah it's very hurtful for a lot of people to see i mean the international media are one till the moment of killed in. was trying to to promote and
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to. to to to portray the card prince as the one who pushed for the forms coattails deal is just helplessness and. promotes the moderate islam and the whole wall diversified this whole economy they ignored and neglected the human rights the neglected how the internal dynamics. looked like they needed like a very long time to realize and even know there are some media campaigns that really still buy the the reformer kind of campaign and p.r. we speak of democracy you knew. what do you think.
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his death has done to shine a light on the. human rights violations. crimes that are taking place in saudi arabia well the hustle she kill in was horrible but but it was a wake up call for the saudi public. which they care about more than anything and for the set for the international media for the international community the the case of she. is actually in her busy additive of the human rights cases in saudi arabia those who killed jamal and the saudi consulate in istanbul are still treating the voices that have similar concerns. and those who have a similar discourse of. law so i mean the same mines
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that treated with with the with the productivity with girls some killing are still tortured and women humorous defenders feminists humorous offending the moderate muslims and the the economists in saudi arabia they those who. are in the art are treated in the prisoners in jail after you know one you have of to the murder of 2 months to your hard president trumps a. really hardcore flights billions of dollars worth of deals for the life of one person who wasn't even an american as you had sort of right and this is what it comes down to really you can talk about i mean you are somebody who and i want to get into a bit about your your own history and what you're looking to do now you can talk
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about human rights and you can aspire to have some countries are docked your campaign. some of your calls but in reality it's about money and it's about. political influence not if they are well if they want to think lake realistically and think who they want to have a real alliance with so arabia dish should not put the eggs in the basket of m.b.'s for one thing and b.s. is not so rabiah and b.s. is not the history of sarabia m.b.'s is not his own boil family and base is not this a republic so if you want to really. establish a real alliance with said rabia if you want to make sure that you have a stable relationship if you want to have a long term alliance you have to establish that with the with the saudi public will be there for ever with the saudi institutions with the even
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this would be a royal family who at one point they agreed. to transform into a constitutional monarchy so that's why m.b.a.'s came to power to kill that call to kill that coast and to just support aboard the demands toward more liberties and and freedom is saudi arabia we've seen dissidents like john hustle she has happened to them are either killed or some have been essentially rendition forcibly kidnapped from countries and back to saudi arabia you are now not only a significant figure because of your father maybe being a voice for him whilst he's being silent but also because of your history of writing and how the media quoting for reforms or what is your message are you not worried and concerned for your own safety. there are there is always
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a concern but the the. i mean what the larger fear is not for myself but for the future for my society's future i mean into have basic liberties elections in so d├ębut where the people is represented where the rights are protected and and that and only that can protect the future and the unity the current unity of syria and those who care who are those who do not care about human rights is so they should care about their own strategic interests and the interests would only be you know dealt with. by the saudi institutions and the saudi public so the saudi attorney general who the government actually ironically sent to turkey to investigates of the murder or
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she has requested that the death penalty be put your father some order be put to death do you think that this death penalty will be executed. well did we ever. think that those who were sent to the saudi consulate in istanbul war executed that horrible girl some kellin of my friend. if those who killed jamal high shelf she were just rogue operatives all the header for the 3rd of that operation is still is still in force is still. administered and management the situation in syria so i really can't expect anything finally your father is imprisoned and therefore he's unable to. deliver
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a message to his many many followers but also to those who understand. his importance in saudi society and in the region what do you think his message would be if you're was able to speak now from his jail cell i think the message is to protect the future of the peoples the peoples of the gulf. to his message is to to to. to defend the things that he has been defending all his life the basic rights basic liberties the the idea that islam is moderate in nature. is peaceful in nature and and just killing people torture in others.
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put in people in jail arbitrarily will will will never help the message will just. well just send the counter message that they're the more the islam that you are promoting is is. just clerics to preach and silence and feminists and just. a bridge in the human rights basic human rights in saudi arabia and that's not what islam is islam is protecting human rights islam is promoting the moderate voices and also islam is empowering women. more than very much for that market.
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july on al-jazeera will the conservative new democracy be victorious in the snap elections we bring you the latest as greece votes a new documentary examines the use of modern technology and policing its impact on individual rights and civil society on the 50th anniversary of the apollo 11 lunar landing we look back at the 1st human steps on the moon and an ancient statue of apollo disappears in gaza a stunning archaeological mystery unfolding witnessed 2nd round of democratic presidential candidate debates in the u.s. will be mine in detroit july on al-jazeera.
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on counting the cost trump's deal of the century $50000000000.00 to kickstart a more abundance ready palestinian peace process but not a single dollar pledged plus the chinese electric car maker about to take on the lights of the job an auto industry counting the cost on al-jazeera. hello entertainer nandan the top stories. doctors in sudan say at least 5 protesters have been killed as opposition rallies are held across the country to demand civilian rule sudan's security forces reported to have fired live ammunition as well as tear gas as tens of thousands of protesters marched is the 1st major demonstrations that the military violently broke up
4:49 am
a protest camp on june the 3rd ahead of mohamed reports. their message remains the same as it has for months demanding sudan's military rulers hand over power to a civilian that government. tens of thousands of protesters marched towards the presidential palace in khartoum opposition leaders call for similar mass demonstrations nationwide dubbed the 1000000 strong march. we doubled to feel like we stopped we want people to feel like we will continue continue no matter what everyone is out so we encourage each other. in some cases police fired tear gas at protesters the rapid support forces patrolled the streets with machine guns they were accused of the crackdown at a sit in at army headquarters in khartoum on june 3rd around 100 protesters were killed. in the eastern town of gunfire was heard the military gentle says it's
4:50 am
not to blame for recent violence. the military is here to protect protesters but we can't do anything when it comes to food 3 to 5 or 6 people have been hit and we need to go there to sort out the problem you have to know that there are infiltrators people who want to change the current situation but god willing if we reach an agreement and if you understand the situation we will get rid of the snipers who are killing the people right now. sunday's mass marches with the 1st since the killings in khartoum 4 weeks ago and internet and media blackout has been forced since then. the protests coincide with the end of the african union deadline for the ruling military joint to hand over power to a u. and if european had led mediation efforts to find a political solution the opposition has accepted a plan to form a transitional government for the next 3 years the transitional military council says it's willing to negotiate. sunday was also the 30th anniversary of the
4:51 am
military coup led by omar al bashir sudan's president was overthrown by another military coup in april and is in prison charged with corruption activists in arab countries to stop supporting sudan's military rulers they will never want to lower not because they are nervous but also because they are going to be implicated if they are out of war so that's very normal very natural but we are forcing them so unless we. by that mainly i'm speaking about saudi arabia the u.a.e. then it's going to be really hard for i. didn't come to so calm or be able to wait and i think this is changing now. the protesters say their chance of defiance will continue despite threats to their lives until their demands for civilian rule are met for hillah mohammed al jazeera. trump has become the 1st sitting u.s. president to set foot in north korea during an impromptu meeting with kim jong un
4:52 am
the latest met in the demilitarized zone between north and south korea after trump suggested it in a tweet during the g. 20 summit the u.s. president said both sides would set up teams to push forward talks aimed at getting north korea to give up its nuclear weapons. effort authorities in libya say at traffic has been halted it mighty good airport to please only functioning civilian airport after it was hit by an asteroid the warlord holy for have to as information division says its air force destroyed a turkish drone at the mighty good military airbase. well this is turkey's foreign ministry it demands the immediate release of 6 turkish citizens being held by fighters loyal to have to or it says they'll become quote legitimate targets or thora g.'s and have to eastern libyan strongholds say they've only arrested 2 turks for supporting armed groups on saturday the warlords forces threatened turkish flights and ships in libya. up next marco polo a very modern journey beatrice's the journey of one of the world's most famous
4:53 am
explorers today was for that one use it. let's take a look at china. damage after. the mass i was mustered up as the news. china overtaking us america had to live minutes rather than even if she only thought.
4:54 am
she found. let me into. you so you know the little. leash you're sure shown me to order. these taught a kosher joke i believe i meant do you should you add a colorful. look at hard cold
4:55 am
water that. you'll sweet saying yellow. but. perhaps the professor was naive. to think he could find marco polo. but he'd come to the right place. this is where we did all begun.
4:56 am
venice. the place from where marco polo set out on his astonishing journey. it is the starting point of everything that has happened between china and the west ever since. but where do you begin you looking for someone who's been dead for 700 lives. with the labyrinth of endless streets and bridges. and the damp doors of the churches and plats of those. professor. was not the 1st historian to try to find marco polo in venice. but not many. have come from china.
4:57 am
or shall be on a. warrior to moscow bull or do you would. do with a unique fate tony back. come with all why when should the should i. was naive why why. was i enchanted. so you go and now you see on the eve of. your words oh my god you hear. her you khandala how does she say yes. finding marco polo is not going to be that simple. ha ha ha ha you know within the not that there was and i mean even jelani says there were if
4:58 am
we if professor to raise it is a chinese specialist and an expert on marco polo. the sollie took on the princella marco polo biami mane tell a magic marker bottled of a convey cubicle about about beyond that are in and out not in marco ball ok fine she now are gaffed so and when i gas a calf i did just that dave in downing a primo that they did this creek dog model all the modern day santa the late jetta it causes then to speak with ed the let's see now it took the question ok but in the last form to the quest the quest up isn't that still that. if marco polo were alive today who would he be.
4:59 am
maybe a student. a young man from northern italy. from venice. who is she. was high. did you should. she intend. mog call will.
5:00 am
seniority impaired other already. took to call or orchid as he didn't or submit a lady. at a journey that i'm on the. knee in a probe into the left. but in that it was thoroughly a bit of it over at there one of the lid on the cement of a little more than the. c. common market fall off savill in our view that she thought the. marco polo was 17 in 1271. and the world was a war. in the middle east the 200 year old war between christians and muslims for control of the holy land was approaching a brutal and. but the greatest threat to confronting marco polo as.


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