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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  July 1, 2019 8:00am-8:34am +03

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ways actually trigger the 1st days of the uprising in ne her to. give us no way out or the military council except if. you were ruthless bibles and i don't believe that it is stable in the long term thank you very much eric reeves south sudan researcher our sudan researcher good to have you on. we have plenty more ahead this hour including. votes are being counted out the controversial local elections and albania that were this is watched by the european union. and we look back at the history of defiance amongst the people of hong kong ever since the territory was handed over to china. and the single and batsman comes good when it matters the actions from the hosts of the world cup clash with india and sport.
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flights have resumed at libyan the libyan capital is only functioning airports it has briefly taken out of action after being hit by an air strike forces loyal to the warlord says their attack destroyed a turkish drone that was parked on one of their ports runways and turkey says 6 of its citizens are being held by have terrorist forces it is now warn that have terrorist fighters would become a legitimate targets if they aren't released immediately after seester an administration and tobruk cut all ties with turkey on friday accusing it of supporting the rival u.n. recognized government in tripoli it has threatened to target turkish interests in libya and that includes airline flights and shipping ankara says its involvement in libya is aimed at promoting regional peace and stability. of the one head is in
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tripoli with this update. of you get airport the only operational airport in the capital tripoli has been resumed after it was halted for hours that is following the air strike by a fighter jet loyal to the warlords who for have to which had an open area near the runway that is according to authorities in him airport this is the 5th time. airport is hit by have the fighter jets since have to launch it is a military campaign to take control of the capital tripoli on april the 4th on the other hand forces loyal to world war 3 for have to say that they have targeted a turkish drawn in what we understand that the turkish foreign ministry has threatened to target have to his forces of the do not release the nationals who have been detained by have to his forces in the east of the country 2
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days ago have to his forces have threatened to target all turkish interests in libya including flights and also vessels in libya is to. their forces loyal to the. have to accuse turkey of providing the drawings to the forces loyal to the government of national accord especially after that the government forces recaptured their strategic town of what he and from have their forces which is considered a major setback to have the us forces also in the east of libya and the speaker of the. house of representatives have he has just announced that the general mobilization in the country that's following the fish threats to target have to us forces inside libya if they do not really is the turkish nationals. he is
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a libyan political analyst and director of the tripoli based sadek institute and joins us by skype from london can you explain to us what the dynamics here is with cars for says taking the 6 turkish citizens and with turkey's reaction a little about the 100 how to love how when the key strategic foreign to you. as religion and then of the mood among them well among some of the finer the traditional to the motive there was a mouthwatering passionate. already covered during the regular u.s. weapons that were left in the liberal government is a major bank is one of them because lot of the arms embargo on the other about what actions conducted on in the last few months of a huge cache of weapons nothing and have this case it's trying to divert attention
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away from other loss of the city but also the huge arms that and weapons caches that went on that including general and i think missiles but also the remnants of chinese drones and also russian weapons that were so short of assad laughters look aggressive very well and it's a tragedy for attention a lot it's going to some of the government out of that trying to destroy him stronger thunderstorms that destroyed this election 2nd storm at least 3 times a month ago which is any military one of those those also have joint conferences so really have is. the last spawning of what's a must to be a sort of it's certainly a question a question of pockets or if you're going to blois much of a factor now you touch sunless back how much of this is a proxy war between turkey and the u.a.e. in egypt to support tough there and turkey has supports the un backed government. well that's certainly no one the one that kind of or measure in terms of the political military and diplomatic right if you thought of looking to follow the
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support of the jihad and the. rhetoric symbolically speaking i think in both with the majority of the internet you can you're providing the most. political support of the budget and i hope one of them us tomorrow thought it was to trickle down and maybe you're ready for egypt russia of money by letting them buggers i'm sure the door was able to come but that last minute song trickery and the last 3 weeks provide him the diplomatic immunity to the further he's never been condemned by the un the last 5 years i don't know how life that notion or the general position with anything just an interviewer and i have been able to uncover a number of the opposition from both of this kind of comedy strong men but i was also able to draw the attention of the much meaning of our viewers make his way into many things in the every day i make is what i mean and to me things of your very general after a quick. search a little to further your theme or legacy of question question but i'm not someone
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that has been able to get a lot of people from the international community thought i would not serve in front line students to kind of. want to be following formula to know how to be in charge and i. suppose. second butterfly. and i think. you're not going to see what i've been able to do now with the 1st civilian. and regular forces resolution was ok. but also. because of the post. from the static institute thank you very much. now up to 1000000 protesters are expected in hong kong as the terror troop prepares to mark the 22nd anniversary of its handover from britain to china so even strangers have removed some barriers placed 5 prevent disruption of an official flag raising ceremony has been anger over an extradition bill that could have a criminal suspects to be sent to mainland china for trial they want the proposals
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to be completely withdrawn and more guarantees for hong kong's democracy. now joins us live from hong kong so sara set the scene there for us. well you might ever see behind me a protest is a few 100 of them at this stage they've been camped out overnight bicycling in front of us at the legislative council building which is hong kong's parliament and right behind me which is the convention center now this is where the flag raising ceremony will take place in just over an hour or so and we've just been informed by the government that they can move the flag raising ceremony inside the reason. where the where the rhine but it's also obviously due to security concerns the protesters have said since the weekend that they're going to try and disrupt this particular flag raising ceremony which marks the handover and it's attended by all the government officials including carrier so they've been put in place various measures to block the area the police have also put in their own precautions they
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blocked behind me to see a police line other 5000 police supposedly on duty today to try and stop these protests this morning or certainly to let this official flag raising ceremony go ahead and of course a softer and we have the the big july 1 much and every year that attracts around a half a 1000000 people up to half a 1000000 people this year expecting that to be big simply due to the fury over the extradition proposal by the government which is still in the title it's been sister suspended but these protesters want it dumped all together and that sarah will carry lyme hasn't been seen. since june 18th despite. protests so it's all kind of a position she's in the now you know she's she's the mouthpiece for the chinese government in hong kong and yet she has to try to piece these protesters. well as you said she hasn't been seen since june i change she did do one media
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event that was close to the public that was making some various police officials showing his support for those places who some of the queues of using excessive force in some of these bodily clashes and protests over recent weeks but her approval ratings are well down and she's clearly staying out of the spotlight due to her low approval ratings and there's a lack of fight in the government certainly from these protesters with saying 2 massive rallies in the last couple of weeks one which attracted 1000000 people last sunday it was 2000000 people of course today they're expecting more people to return to the streets so it's going to be a very long day here in hong kong given it's 1st thing in the morning now and we would have protesters here they actually march the south tonight marking july 1st doesn't start till the soft you know round up to 30 hong kong time i'm sorry clark in hong kong for us thank you. thomas is also in hong kong and he sent us this report about how people in the semi autonomous territory have defied beijing ever since the end of british rule. jews protests were hong kong's biggest ever
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but they were not the 1st the city has a history of protest i think hong kong is special in the sense that the law should have the freedom to protest but we are not a democracy so in most liberal countries actually they could have changed things by voting but how come people cannot so when the government did not listen to a puppet o.-p. in the only thing that a lot of people could do is to protest on the streets eyes of the home focused on hong kong seized from china during a 19th century war hong kong that was a british territory for more than 150 years but the colony expanded with china granted britain in 1009 year lease over adjacent land in ireland. when that expired and then a grand ceremony on the 1st of july 9097 the whole of the colony was handed back china's leaders agreed hong kong would in effect self rule for at least 50 years but quickly some in hong kong doubted beijing's commitment in 2300000000 people
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protested against proposed anti subversion legislation that would have made treason against the chinese government illegal the protests worked the proposals was shelved our goal is clear it is to win back the support and trust of the people marching 2012 against plans to include compulsory lessons in schools on china's history culture and national identity also succeeded but more ambitious protests did not those part of 20 faulting so-called umbrella revolution called for more than token democracy to hong kong and rejected beijing's prescreening of candidates for elections. the protests started violently and continued for months as a city in the shut down parts of the city center but beijing stood firm emoticon the occupy movement fizzled out. but this year's proposals to allow extradition to the chinese mainland brought protesters back to huge marches and outrage heavy handed
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policing led to the indefinite suspension of the legislation i believe this is the most unethical law and have a sense to handle this the strongest and most determined protesters a whole hall has ever seen some analysts think the protests have worked because they were targeted narrowly at specific laws that were not a top priority for beijing rather than a broader demands for democracy which to beijing is a big threat having tasted some success many protesters want to push for more to force the withdrawal of the extradition proposals not just their suspension and much more ambitious still use the momentum they have to reignite demands for democracy and to thomas out of their hong kong. syrian state media says government air defense systems have intercepted missiles fired by israeli fighter jets the missiles were launched from lebanese airspace where israeli aircrafts were said to have been spotted making low altitude flights syrian media says the attacks
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targeted military positions in the city of homs and damascus israel has carried out air strikes in syria against hezbollah and the iranians are gets in the past. that votes are being counted albania's local elections the opposition boycotted the polls and they're refusing to recognize the results prime minister eddie rama insisted on holding these elections despite months of anti-government protests that have sometimes turned violent john straw poll as has this report from tirana. these ballots are being carried in to secure centers for counting but the result is largely known they were cast mostly by socialist supporters or socialist candidates to many albanians it's a throwback to communism we have lived through a dictatorship not so far it doesn't the 30 years ago i was 10 years old at that time and i remember very well that spirit and i feel terrible when i think
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that we are easily and without even noticing her going back to that period the dictator in many people's minds is the country's socialist party leader and current prime minister eddie rama the main opposition parties boycotted these elections accusing his government of corruption they demand his resignation and a general election instead president mehta who is sympathetic to the opposition claims declared the elections canceled and rescheduled them for october to give the parties a cooling off period but the government under rama held them anyway. the results of these elections are not in doubt socialist candidates are standing unopposed in sochi one of us apologies and against weak opponents in the remaining 1st they are likely to take all the may ships the question is how many openings will accept these results on monday and what the government will do if 24 opposition leaders refused to yield to their posts rama is calling on opposition mayors and their
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parties to accept the result and he wants the opposition to resume seats in parliament they resigned in february in a bid to block the political process politics need to do. good job to unite the country but of course it takes 2 for a time i hope that our friends in opposition will reflect realize that what they did this disaster for themselves at stake is the country's european future a free and fair election is seen as key for the launch of each new membership talks which have already been postponed by months and could be set back years the socialist party is presenting itself as the guarantor of stability and the constitutional order the opposition sees itself as the more honest broker who can manage e.u. entry but to many albanians both losing legitimacy jump al-jazeera tirana.
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still ahead and their. anger in argentina where days of power cuts have paralyzed parts of the country. i'm going to see a new man in front of the chilean consulate in khaki up through just near the border with chile in the outback kama desert and this is becoming the latest flashpoint in the venezuelan migrant crisis. and the red bull comes out on top at formula one's austrian grand prix fire will be here with that story. the logan welcome back where cross united states we have been dealing with heat as well same as europe but these temperatures are into the low thirty's for many locations we have had excessive heat watches and heated visors in place and they are still going to be a problem as we begin the week here temp wise here in chicago 30 degrees here on
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monday kansas city at 32 and dallas at about 31 as we go towards tuesday the heat remains and we do expect to see some very heavy rain showers push across parts of the great lakes the it also expands up here towards the northeast in auto and it's going to be a very warm day for you at 28 degrees in new york rising to about 30 degrees there while heavy rain is going to be a big problem across parts of mexico as well as into central america take a look the forecast map we did have a lot of rain across the yucatan that is now ending but a lot of the rain is making their way towards the west and we're going to be seeing mexico with off and on rain showers at $21.00 degrees and then heavy rain down here across parts of coast rica as well as into panama out here towards the north though things are looking quite nice with much of his bonilla seeing dry conditions at about $33.00 degrees and then very quickly across parts of southern brazil it is going to be wet over the next few days a stationary boundary is really kind of lingering there brings a very heavy rain showers but up towards rio it is going to be a nice day with a temperature of $28.00 degrees.
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richard your problem is something which. these are geopolitical issues that's for governments international institutions to manage under 1000 refugees don't have the right to war freely on the other hand gord's can move freely as far and as much as they want. multinational colonialism this is a v another moment of the democratic process these companies they just want the moment europe's forbidden colony episode one on al-jazeera. examining the head scientists are telling us that we have just 12 years to make on president any changes unflinching in journalism i have to leave to leave. absolutely showing how some stories with a global audience would see people making sacrifices this is what i would want to
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see explore an abundance of programming the world is watching on al-jazeera. hello again you're watching al-jazeera and here's a reminder of our top stories sudan's help the ministry says 7 people have been killed and 181 string mass rallies throughout the country live ammunition and tear gas for far the protesters have been demanding civilian rule these were the 1st mass rallies since a violent crackdown on protesters nearly a month ago. flights have resumed at the libyan capital only functioning airports it was briefly shots after being hit by an airstrike by the
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warlord forces turkey says 6 of its citizens are being held by house starts forces and it's war that the warlords fighters will be targeted if they aren't released. and there is increased security and hong kong as it marks the 22nd anniversary of its handover from britain to china to $1000000.00 protesters are expected to denounce a bill that would allow criminals in the semi autonomous territory to be sent to mainland china for trial. donald trump has just returned home after committing to we starting talking. on north korea's nuclear program this follows an historic meeting with kim jong un and kim at the demilitarized zone between north and south korea where he became the 1st sitting u.s. president to set foot in the north are diplomatic editor james bass has this report from podgy that's near the demilitarized zone and south korea. this went just the
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way president donald trump wanted pictures that will make history and potentially reinvigorate peace efforts waiting for him the other side of the line separating north korea and south korea kim jong on a handshake on the 3rd meeting and then. became the 1st ever sitting u.s. president to step on to north korean soil. the 2 then walked back into the south underdressed reporters stepping of course that was agreed on a lot of rhetoric. a lot of friendships and didn't particularly great projects so i just thank you very quickly notice that i want to thank you chad i believe looking at this action this is an expression of his willingness to eliminate the unfortunate past and begin a new future. then what sounded like an invitation so we're inviting him right
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now so i won't have to leave. the 2 leaders of nations still technically at war a peace treaty was never signed when the korean war ended 66 years ago then went to what's known as the freedom house on the south korean side of the d.m.z. that is cool because here i've always wanted to meet you at this place as a symbol of the separation of the north and the south and a reminder of the unfortunate past meeting at such a place shows that we are willing to put an end to the unfortunate past and also open a new future to provide positive opportunities in the. at the end of 15 minutes of talks president trump announced that detailed negotiations will soon begin steve is going to do a fantastic job he's going to be representing. us in the talks and. will be we will be dealing with south korea will be dealing with president moon and his people but pretty much it's going to be the initial to also be between the united
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states and with north korea this is now the difficult bit the devil is in the detail there now need to be complex negotiations involving military scientific and nuclear experts western diplomats who've been involved in diplomacy with pyongyang in the past say on previous occasions north korea has a lie and cheated as he left south korea president trump seemed very happy but it's worth remembering the challenge ahead north korea has not yet given up any part of its sophisticated nuclear program the international community has not lifted any of it scribbling sanctions james out 0 south korea. and bill schneider now joins us live from washington d.c. he's a public policy professor at george mason university thank you very much for talking to us today on this program. we are looking at live pictures as i speak to you
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u.s. president donald trump are returning from his trip in south korea and the motorized he's walking down those steps just about to touch down on u.s. soil and as that happens bill schneider how is this trip and meeting with kim jong un playing out on the political spectrum and the u.s. . well we are beginning a political campaign over mr trump's reelection effort so everything is seen now as political democrats are pretty cynical about what mr trump was trying to do in north korea he claims that he was trying to restart negotiations he wants to show progress remember president trump is a dealmaker right by reputation and he obviously is unhappy that he was so far after 2 summit meetings with the leader of north korea unable to come to any deal so he wants to keep trying to show the american people he's keep he's continuing to
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try because that's his reputation a dealmaker what kind of political leverage does that give him particularly with his. base of supporters who are very much u.s. centric they are but they want the united states to show its clout in the world and they believe that mr trump is making some progress his critics say look what he's doing is being friendly with dictators all over the world not just north korea but also the philippines and in hungary and poland he appears to like dictators and that has democrats very angry and they're of course saying well there's no real progress here there was no real progress in the 2 previous summits in hanoi and singapore when mr trump rejected the effort by north korea to ask for a relief of sanctions in return for partial denuclearization mr trump rejected that so he's proposing here to restart talks in hopes of showing some kind of progress
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but by visiting north korea technically that demilitarized zone he's given the country legitimacy is that what the u.s. wants. well i don't think americans want legitimacy he's a brute kim is a brutal and corrupt dictator one of the worst in the world his crimes are widely known a lot of americans have been bringing up the subject of the unfortunate on a warm beer who was brutalized and whose near dead body was returned to the united states americans have not forgotten that and they know the terrible human rights record of this and of that regime in north korea mr trump obviously did not want to talk about that i doubt if he brought it up with mr kim. and that is why he's under a lot of criticism for reforming relations with north korea but president trump wants to indicate that he's a peacemaker and that he's able to make progress even with bitter enemies of the united states how much of this is about optics though i mean trump himself said he
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told him that there's no rush as far as working out a deal. what is this what it was he trying to achieve with this particularly with the view of elections going towards elections will you use the word optics he wants to achieve an optical image which we are seeing on screen of the 2 of them standing side by side shaking hands remember this was it mr trump's initiative because that will establish him he believes as a peacemaker in the world someone who's once again able to act on the world stage it's an optical effort thank you very much bill schneider as always good to speak to you. as really forces have released the palestinian minister of jerusalem affairs after arresting him earlier on sunday. he was detained at his home in the occupied east jerusalem police haven't explained yet
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why he was detained but his lawyer says it is in relation to a recent visit by the chilean president to the mosque compound israel apparently saw this as a violation of its sovereignty at least 10 others were arrested in different parts of palestine well the palestinian authority has condemned plans by the u.s. and israeli officials to inaugurate a contested archeological site pilgrimage road as a tunnel located in occupied east jerusalem which has been under israeli occupation since 1967 it lies beneath the sill one neighborhood that's going from the pool of siloam near the western wall so the tunnel was excavated over the last 6 years by the israeli antiquities authority and it was discovered in 2014 repairs after a sewage pipe burst in the middle of the still one neighborhood and the site is believed to have religious significance in judaism but palestinian officials say it's an attempt to remove their hopes for a future capital in east jerusalem bernard smith has more from someone. the tunnel
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runs underneath the east jerusalem palestinian neighborhood of silwan and comes out on the other side of the war on the other side of that wall is the western wall now having to senior u.s. officials present at the u.n. organization of this tunnel is yet a further and dorfman by the americans that they recognize the whole city of jerusalem as the capital of israel this this is the truth whether you believe or not i mean the people that that discovered this these are largely secular archaeologists scientists no particular agenda this is the truth and the truth is the only foundation on which peace will come to this area the palestinians will tell you that this is another attempt by israel to raise the historic palestinian connection to this land they want to sit there has so it just for him i am here
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thousands of jews were not allowed to me and to my family for in total this tunnels a warm israeli activist group says what we government is doing isn't trenching its sovereignty over the old city reshaping its historical landscape that israel is government has confirmed the death of a navy captain his family in opposition say was tortured in custody rafael acosta was detained earlier this month for his alleged involvement in a coup against president nicolas maduro and chief prosecutor tariq saab says his office was opening an investigation into what happened to him but didn't say what cost his death a cost as wife says he's been beaten so badly he was barely conscious at a court hearing on friday. well chile is closing its door to venezuelans escaping the economic and political chaos at home the chilean government has changed its rules to stop more migrants from arriving as tourists and us or latin american editor lucien newman reports from the desert border between she and peru so many
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israelis are walking through minefields to find sanctuary. they're cold hungry and desperate to get to chile where many have friends or family but after traveling south for more than a week these venezuelans are stranded on the peruvian side of the border because chile won't let them in without a passport and residency visa. might be an assault all and her 2 small boys are now sleeping on the street unable to wash and like almost everyone here relying on charity for warm clothes and food or they're saying. it's impossible to get a passport to venice well i've been trying for 2 years until last week we could enter chile with our national id card to store. but no longer see chilean authorities. they can't continue to pretend that tourists the worst thing for migrants is to move to another country without being able to get a work permit or access to social services. this is the at the camera desert with
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the sun is merciless by day and the nights brutally cold. and the venezuelans are being sent to the chilean consulate in the nearby peruvian town of fact not to apply for a visa families with small children are being given priority but most don't have the required documents and the process is painfully slow even chaotic. catalina and in my view a saudi arrived more than a week ago from the once prosperous venezuelan city of monaco where now power fuel and food shortages are acute. the physical men with physically and psychologically worn out with no more money and they're living out here but at least we have hope back home have no hope anymore that they'll be any change. but others have grown impatient it's easy to miss this tiny sign warning that.


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