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tv   Shadow World 2018 Ep 2  Al Jazeera  July 1, 2019 11:00pm-11:59pm +03

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that was just in the lobby but over the last hour hundreds of stream dane and they're completely taken over this building they have occupied it we don't know what has happened to the right place who were inside they were definitely there they don't seem to be now we don't know where they went they must have gone somewhere and the protesters have gone right up through that building the power to that building has been largely cut just an emergency power now of the protests have been standing in windows on upper floors using flashlights to show the crowd down here that they're in the huge cheer has gone up you are still so earlier about the chance of these right saying yeah inside the chamber we've had some of that translated some of the cantonese graffiti if you want to call it that and some of that graffiti says there are no riots is only tyranny now there are 2 parts to that the 1st part there are no riots is the protest is a very very angry that at the protests a couple of weeks back now which also turned violent they were called riots as they really did not like that description and making sound like a rabble it made it sound like they didn't have political aims they're not rice is
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they say they have protesters with legitimate concerns and they want to get that know and that's what that feeds us about only tyranny or what does that refer to well presumably it refers to government by the government here in hong kong and of course the government in beijing. extraordinary stuff and i'm glad you mentioned beijing now actually understate it will come back to you later on because we have got a guest with us from beijing political analyst and i had to hang out who we quite often speak to here and i was there and i thank you for joining us these pictures quite extraordinary tell me your thoughts and we spoke to a correspondent about it earlier but tell me your thoughts on how this will be viewed in beijing right now. it seems to be the ugly face of anarchy i don't know how this you know it's it's a. democratic. rights type situation when you have hooligans and going in and destroying the siege of legitimate power it will not be you know
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very well obviously protesters. you know with their helmets and their gas masks on their holes or things like that your violence i think there is probably a calculation that they did not want to have a confrontation between this group and the police where once again it would be portrayed is police brutality it seems that they have withdrawn to feel the let these people there act out whatever it is that they think they're doing but that's quite extraordinary i mean there's a difference between what might be police brutality or the police fighting back and the situation we have here we can't even see the police at all that's is what i find quite extraordinary they seem to have just melted away. yeah it is very extraordinary i don't know who ordered but i don't think it's coming from beijing my guess is that it's under terry lamb and heard ministration i'm sure that the
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questions about it in the future but what you do see on the screen is pretty self-explanatory you have a group who say that they want to change they want peace they want rights they want the rule of law and yet they're acting in a way which is contrary to all of those peculiar ideas what's your thoughts on how kerry lamb handles this now it's late in the evening. and i think in hong kong at the moment i mean leave the protesters there overnight and start again in the morning how does she play this because she is supposed to represent the people of hong kong but she is beijing's woman in hong kong as well. well i did as i said i don't think this is being run from beijing it's not clear who is in charge what it is she's obviously the administrator it will all come down back to her in terms of this but i mean it's very clearly this is
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a visible demonstration that things are out of control in hong kong and if this continues i don't know that there will be any recourse except for ready the government to take strong action to control and i don't know what those actions would be i don't know carry land where we were forced to resign but at this point it seems that we're going to be stuck watching these pictures of these people doing i don't know what in the name of. acting lawlessly is acting lawlessly in the name of trying to have laws i know tying in with his views on what's happening in hong kong right now giving us an idea as well of what the view might be in beijing and we thank you for your time as we go back to the live pictures we've been since told that banner which you see unfold there says there are no riots is only tyranny the ban a sense that at the top of your picture next to the words hong kong there from our
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graphic is the emblem of hong kong the white flag on the red background it has been defaced spray painted however you want to term it and what we saw on the podium below that banner which is just out of shot was a colonial era british hong kong with the union flag on it referring to 22 years ago today when hong kong was handed over to china from british rule on the line for us now robert chao he is with the silent majority the hong kong movement this supports the beijing government effectively he's on the line mr chow thank you for your time just again your initial views on these extraordinary pictures we're seeing today. i think it's very clear that the current government or caroline has lost the political will to
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stand against the protesters. as i know call to see you again see see from within the legislative council the lines of riot police carrying shoes and batons and and all the standing guard. you know with the very clear line of defense against protesters to try to get. i engaged now for some strange reason no one explained why we see all these police officers leaving very quickly and in a matter of minutes they're all gone and no one knew where they were retreated to and then you see the protesters start to creep in 2 or $35.00 or 6 at one time and in no time at all the regular council building you know was all is now it's because of the. fight to do.
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a very important government building it looks like you know giving up all of the government's responsibilities to the protesters that's how i see it. robert child thank you so much for your thoughts and your time there. i've been writing these pictures along with andrew thomas for some time talking you through what we're seeing the defaced logo the graffiti on the wall our correspondent wayne hay in in then the way only holds. him out yes i see you have being rightly saying these are quite extraordinary scenes this is the debating chamber in the legislative council and i'll tell you how effectively hong kong holliman so in this room is where the law will make is to pay the bills to debate the bill and jackass bills into law and of course in this
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room is i just step aside so we can have a look around at this extraordinary scene inside this room well as we have that controversial extradition rule had its 1st reading just a few weeks ago and you may remember kemal was due to have a 2nd reading which was postponed by the government because of the pressure from the anti-government protests you had being held in the streets and we know since then that that law at has been suspended that's not good enough for the people who have now stormed into this building it up completely taken over not just this debating chamber this is up several floors and we had to come through the foyer throughout their offices up escalate is and i can tell you come out of that the entire building has largely been trashed you know windows we've seen those windows on the exterior doors have been completely smashed in the place is open there is water running across the floor and there is that graffiti that you were talking about that is being written across many all the walls inside this building at its
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tents here at the moment people don't really know what is going on in tombs all of the police but they have helped us out when they stormed in here just a short time ago they face no resistance there was no sign of the riot police as they came in by police there's room it's a crying around. now that the police coming in every now and then someone comes into this room and screams at the top of the lines that iran needs to get out and run because the police are coming so far we haven't seen that there is no sign of it at the moment so amazing c.c.'s as you made your way in when you in the team did you see any signs of not even just right placed security regular police anyone anywhere because this is what certainly i'm finding most extraordinary that they have just seem to have melted away. absolutely no are we being pretty much outside this building for the best shot of the day really since this protest began certainly at the start of monday monday morning when that syrian money was being held in another part of town not too far from here
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a syrian money to mark the 22nd anniversary of the handover that there was increased security around the city i think there was a real determination on behalf of the police at that they would not let anyone disrupt that ceremony which of course rolls by on from chief executive carol lam i had been a driver some of the fish i wanted to disrupt this or and i just figured he was very tight then but pretty much off that syria money and did early monday morning after all the security of a lot of the police presence simply disappeared by they did remain have some police that we could see inside the building the election the council building and they were facing all surround the day from protest is water bottles out the items being thrown across at them but they showed a lot of restraint certainly the police threaten them at times if you continue to pressure us continue to try to push into this building we will respond with force they kept saying over out loud hey liz a speak is that near the came and as the day
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wore on it seems that the police simply disappeared awful so i won't be too far away one would imagine they would be in the city have somewhere but as we were making our way in here there was absolutely no sign of an arab spring not just right places you mention no please. for instance when i absolutely extraordinary one stay there with me just for one moment just want to bring viewers up to date again as we look at some of our of the live shots i'll be back with you shortly but we're looking at live pictures inside the legislative council building of young kong hundreds maybe thousands of protesters are in there now the yellow hard hats they are. banas graffiti all over the benches they have as wayne hey describe it to us basically trashed the building and this is what i find quite interesting wayne is that the protests have been peaceful they have been big but they've been largely peaceful up until today any thoughts on this change of tact now.
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it was just they have been largely peaceful we've seen week a you know actually between police and protesters even earlier as i mean challenged on monday morning there was a yes like clash between police and protesters around the time of that ceremony that i mentioned to mark end of the story of the handover but i think there was a sense among certainly the hard core group of young protest is mainly a man it has to be said who have been lying most of the pressure here at the legislative council i think is it since among many of those protests is that they want to take something to the next level having said that come out from what we have witnessed not just today but throughout some of the other protests that we've seen over the past 3 weeks it doesn't seem to have been a lot of organization in terms of tactics about plans about what to do next a lot of it seems to be at home they seem to be making things up as they go along
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with even infighting among some of the protest leader is a self-proclaimed protest leaders even here in the last few minutes there being you know one protester out on the lake to and screaming or this is the people telling you what they should do without another one. would jump up and have an argument with them and perhaps suggest something different so it seems to be fairly lead in this and organic to a certain extent so i think there was a sense as i mentioned that they really want to do something they want to take things to the next level the curious thing we're talking about the police is that this was a heavily fortified group was doing was already full time to go get a place so much criticism from the crackdown on the 12th of june in particular when there were many by playing out with protest is that they want to defect was i want to try to protest is have did they do what they want to certainly i don't think
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they expected this to happen but certainly it make if the moral high ground was to say well the fees are clearly right is was true it was government from god so perhaps we were here in the hours child the danger was something along those lines ok way to leave you there for now we'll be back with you shortly it's getting very very loud inside the legislative council building certainly from wayne's fade it was this the results of the last let's say 90 minutes when the and if we can just have a little look at the outside shot 1st of all just before we move on the outside shot of the legislative council building in hong kong which was breached during daylight hours and then over the last 90 minutes protesters have pushed through they've gone through the broken glass they've been taking umbrella's and they've been passing all sorts of things in there they went into the chamber itself these
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pictures from about half an hour ago and they went in in their numbers and the benches inside the debating chamber have been defaced with graffiti in the distance the logo the emblem of hong kong the white flour on the red back. it's been 2 faced with black paint and a british era flag was unfurled as well referring of course to 22 years ago today when hong kong the territory was handed from britain to china seems that we wouldn't have expected the protests have been peaceful for many weeks now they have been large for sure but they have been largely peaceful. it's not that now the legislative council has been occupied at 10 30 in the evening. and these are the live pictures things settling a little bit now but you imagine it won't change much through the night now that they have effectively occupied the seat of power in hong kong we will return to
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this story a little bit later continuing coverage on al-jazeera of the protests in hong kong. we're leaving hong kong there for now because there is developing news concerning iran the un's nuclear watchdog the i.a.e.a. the international atomic energy agency says iran has stockpiled more enrich uranium than is allowed under the 2015 nuclear deal i eat a inspector's reported back from the islamic republic after the claims teheran has accused european powers of not doing enough to help save the nuclear deal after the u.s. withdrew from nato and subsequently placed sanctions. we'll have a little look before we speak to anyone about this that they dispute around the 2050 nuclear deal. donald trump pulled out of the agreement last year and imposed tough new sanctions 3 months later in may iran announced it would pull back on some
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of its commitments under the deal by increasing production of low enriched uranium and iranian and european leaders met on saturday in vienna to try to save the agreement but there was no breakthrough and as we said iran accused europe of not doing enough to protect it from us sanctions reaction coming up from europe in a moment and paris will be with her shortly with starting of course with also jabari in teheran tilted to talk us through this one and the implications of it. well come all it will be a very very significant development because this is something the iranians have said they were going to do and they announced it to the signatories of the 2015 nuclear agreement because they said they're not upholding their end of the deal they have informed the i.a.e.a. that they're scaling back their commitment this is part one of their reducing their
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commitment to this agreement this 300 kilogram of enrich uranium at a level of 3.67 percent they are now above that so in the past under this agreement they were supposed to sell it on the international market because of u.s. imposed sanctions nobody's buying the excess amount and the iranians are saying for this 60 day period which we've given as a notice to the european signatories of the deal we're going to keep the excess amount now what the europeans will say at this point and how the united states will react is the big question here but this is something we've been expecting we expected this to happen actually last thursday it took them a few extra days to reach the over 300 kilograms so where this goes internationally is going to be something we're monitoring very closely here but as for the iranians are saying this is something that they were planning to do they informed all the bodies involved that they were going to do it and this is just a 1st step the 2nd step of them scaling back their commitment will come after july
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7th which is the 60 day period that line they've given the europeans the 2nd part will be they're going to increase the level of enrichment from $3.00 up to 20 percent which is what they're capable of we know that in the islamic republic but they haven't decided exactly how far they're going to increase the level that will remains that remains to be seen in the coming days how the europeans will respond. from the information you have is it a definitive breach of the iran nuclear deal which a c.p.o. or does it come down to interpretations of it no come all there are cause within the g c p a way that the iranians have and they refer to it 1st one is close to $26.00 which says that if any of the parties any of the signatories feels that the other ones are not upholding their end of the deal then they are allowed to scale back their commitment and this is what the iranians have said they said this was a clause they put in for this very specific reason and this is in line with that
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agreement disses a step that they put in just to make sure if this had happened that they had some recourse that they didn't abandon it altogether so as far as the iranians are concerned this is a reduction of commitment to this deal it's not a complete abandonment of it ok thank you. off we go to paris to talk to natasha but the for some reaction from there this puts the pressure on doesn't it already iran was saying you're not doing enough to help keep the deal together and now iran pushing the envelope. well it certainly puts european powers in a very difficult position because what they've been doing ever since donald trump pulled the u.s. out of the j.c. p.o. a last year in reimposed u.s. sanctions on iran european powers have been backing they've been fighting to try and save this deal because they say that the 2015 deal is the best that there is
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out there for the time being in terms of trying to safeguard regional peace and security and over the past few weeks while tensions between the united states and iran have been escalating european powers of repeatedly been calling for a deescalation of tensions of food washington and tehran to calm the situation and they've been calling upon iran not to break its commitments to this 2015 deal because what the european powers do not want to be in a position to do is to declare that the j.c. p.o. way is in any way collapsing they don't want to see this deal collapse it would also be just a huge blow to their powers of diplomatic persuasion and credibility and they've also said that if iran was to breach this deal as far as they're concerned that they could have to re-impose sanctions and what european powers are concerned about is of course the deal collapsing having to reimpose sanctions and ultimately they're also very concerned about the situation between the u.s.
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and iran leading to conflict just quickly natasha's we keep saying european powers it's sort of a generic term exactly who we're talking about here and who's leading the charge. well we've got the e.u. we've got germany france and britain who are the main 3 european powers and of course the european union fredricka fredricka more greenies been speaking on behalf is one of the main players in this deal that was made in 2015 and what we know is that basically tehran of told these powers that what they need to do is come up with some way to lessen the impact in the impact of those u.s. sanctions on iran's economy and what the europeans have been doing at this stage is they've come up with what they call instax this is special purpose vehicle a special payment system which could be used by iranian and european companies to bypass these u.s. sanctions but at the moment it's only for very small goods humanitarian aid medical
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goods things like that is never going to persuade big multinationals such as the french or firm total to risk u.s. penalties and trade with iran again and so far britain france germany the e.u. they've not come up with any other system and that's why iran's increasingly frustrated and some experts are saying that developments today perhaps suggest that tehran is really increasing that pressure on europe to do more. thank you for those updates on the european reaction to those developments to do with iranian you rich uranium enrichment i'm sorry just looking we can look at libya as well just a quick a little update on the developing news from libya where we've heard at least 5 people have been killed by air strikes in tripoli remember that is where the u.n. recognize government is based and it has been under attack by forces loyal to the
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ward khalifa haftar who is in the ace of the country and that's after all so there was news of 6 turkish hostages who were released earlier today by khalifa haftar forces so there's been quite a few developments in libya as well and we're going to talk to a correspondent about that a little bit later on some other news for you a gun battle between security forces and taliban fighters in the afghan capital has ended with the attackers being killed the shootout followed a huge explosion that left at least 16 people dead and injured over 100 in kabul smoke was seen billowing from an area near the u.s. embassy in the city more on this from. it was a huge explosion this morning here in kabul where the attackers were managed to explode one of the logistic department of the afghan ministry of defense which is outside of the ministries building they managed to get to that point and they exploded a truck full of explosives there the rest of the attackers they managed to go on
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the rooftops of the nearby buildings where they can take the position to entrap the security forces the mischief indeed it also told us that the special forces arrived at the at the scene they cordoned down the area and they took the ability to positions against these these attackers it is really a year here and it's a quick question before the to the people of afghanistan here not only here in kabul but also other provinces that taliban excellent writing their attacks is this attacks also claimed by the taliban and they said that will be claimed responsibility for this attack just take you back to that story in libya mahmud out the one who desired correspondent in tripoli who can take us through his mind reports of people being killed by air strikes in tripoli itself. we'll. take lunch and buy a fighter jets loyal to the warlord for have to hit
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a building in neighborhood that's in southern tripoli overnight initial reports from medical sources say that 5 from their government forces dead and 8 others wondered and eyewitnesses say that there are still people under the rubble we know come that according to military experts with the government they say that that's most probably a foreign fighter jet they say that this is this could be either an egyptian or. fighter jet the explosion was huge we as energy cannot independently verify this information but the eyewitnesses and military sources say that the explosion was huge the airstrike was that. was not witnessed before or since 2014 when egyptian fighter jets targeted the. tripoli during their military operation called operation dawn in 2014 now this
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comes this last night of an airstrike just came. immediately after the military command that a command that have to his forces general hammond. threatened to intensify airstrikes in tripoli and he's also called there's a dense to stay away from military. we know that this reaction has just come after have to his forces lost. one of the. tripoli and as you know the forces loyal to the government of national called the they had been they have been supported by draw from turkey and the government of national called says that it's the only libyan in. intitled to import or buy or use foreign weapons that is according to the a galatians here because the un the better the
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government can coordinate or that can be the only libyan institution to look at nate with the u.n. security council in terms of importing weapons we know that libya is under arms embargo but the government has that it's the only libyan institution intitled to import weapons we know that the situation remains very tense especially with. military confrontations being transferred to inside tripoli thank you for that. in tripoli we return to the breaking news in the last 2 hours here on al-jazeera the extraordinary scenes coming out of hong kong's legislative council building where hundreds of protesters have stormed the building occupied it effectively that is the lobby and you can see the graffiti all over the walls there. and. this is outside where they breached earlier might remember
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earlier in the day when the glass doors were smashed in by the protesters that happened in daylight hours. and then the hundreds of protesters breached that and started to make their way inside these the live shots from inside of people with their yellow vests on with their hard hats and in them. and i'm just checking who we've got andrew thomas as our correspondent as sorry no andrew thomas i'll come to you later andrew long as with us a china affairs analyst on skype from hong kong hi andrew what do you make of the pictures we're seeing we saw protests earlier today but i don't think anyone really expected things to escalate this much well this is coming to the crunch point because they. all that want to.
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go ahead and. don't look confuse me with the other end andrew k p no i'm not a legislator i'm a independent trial strategist based in hong kong with many years of experience ready in the whole government yes i understand that so that's how i introduced you as a china affairs analyst to go ahead and tell us what you were what you were saying . mr long can you hear me. oh god hear you. ok we'll. i'm sorry about that clearly the connections not great i do apologize for that as you say andrew long is a china affairs analyst just to clear that up as he was trying to as well that is how we introduced him so these are the live pictures yes inside the legislative council building coming up towards 11 pm i think it is wednesday is in there as well able to broadcast from inside
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a building which you memorably described earlier way as being trashed. yes remarkable scenes kemal not just here inside the actual debating chamber where legislate late is where due to sit again on monday by the way to read through bills to debate bills to vote on bills now it is being completely taken over by anti government anti china anti beijing protesters and media as well who have stormed in here but as we mentioned before on the way up to this level where this chamber is there is a lot of damage to this building clearly to the exterior where the protesters spent many hours through the course throughout the course of monday knocking down doors smashing windows trying to get in falling down out barricades resisting some police who were there at the time but as the day wore on as it got towards the end
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of monday that police presence seemed to disappear the protest as we were able to enter into the building and then up to the debating chamber there is a lot of damage there is a lot of graffiti that is being written all over the walls busy including the walls inside here banners have been hung up pictures photos paintings have been pulled down from the walls there is water flooding through some of the lower levels and a lot of other damage as well the police have now announced that the people who are inside this building at the moment rioters by the. not protest is they are riots is now that is significant because it carries a much heavier jail term if they are indeed convicted by the courts the people here could be jailed for up to 10 years and that is something that these protests have been saying is one of the causes related to an early approaches in particular on june the 12th which turned particularly violent many people were arrested and the threat has been that some of those people could be charged with rioting and one of
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the banners i think that you've been speaking about kemal that is hung up in this debating chamber now makes reference to that saying no riots is just tyranny that is a reference to the fact that these people say they are not riots is they are merely protest is anti-government protest is expressing their right to assembly. this is a really generic question but describe the mood for me there because when the cameras came in earlier it just seemed absolutely chaotic the spray painting in the graffiti and all of this now now just the seems to just be sort of gentle hum behind you almost like this for the night settling in for the long haul. yes it does seem that way exactly things do appear to have calm down you're right it was very chaotic particularly as the protest has made their entrance through those broken doors and windows and then into the legislative council building
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itself it's been here for the moment still a lot of people milling around in the lower levels of the building and thousands of people outside as well still you may be seeing some live pictures of that throughout the last few hours even out there though there's a lot of people sitting down just milling around now and now that this building is being breached and there is no sign of any police in the vicinity a lot of people just taking the opportunity to race this has been a very long campaign and continues to be so so perhaps reflecting on what they've done today what they are here to achieve. if they've made an announcement in here the protest leaders if we can call them that that they will be occupying this building in particular this room this room they want everyone to stay here to not leave despite the constant rumors that the police are coming that the police are massing and that they're going to descend on this building certainly we've seen no sign of that but that is the suggestion the rumor that is going around at the moment but to be honest throughout the course of monday as the protesters have
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gathered in this area around this building those rumors have been flying thick and fast really that the police are coming they're going to crack down and it just never happened it never eventually did and eventually as i say the police seem to have just disappeared. when thank you wayne mention what was going on outside and that's where andrew thomas is our other correspondent haven't spoken to him for a while so let's get an update from you andrew tell us about the numbers out there we saw people going in and out of the building what's it like on the street. about 10000 people gathered outside the building that wayne is inside now those numbers swelled over the course of monday afternoon it's now just about 10 o'clock at night here in hong kong so the numbers are still substantial outside most people are staying put their hair on the outside for the long haul as well most not currently wearing their hard hats and gas moss they tend to put them on when they feel there's an imminent threat the place might come and clear them right now there
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doesn't seem to be that imminent threat so much the helmets and gas must have come off in a sense that's been the ebb and flow of the whole day on monday you could judge how high the tension level was at all how many people were wearing helmets as wayne has been saying there are rumors swirling though that the place are going to try and take back this building indeed the south china morning post when the newspapers here on its live look at this situation has said that it has been told that the place will be going in now actually enter and only cannot sing when i can generalize about one newspaper or just while you're talking about it i'm going to interrupt you sorry because there is a facebook post from the hong kong police force in a facebook video police warned they will take action and clear the area at lego the legislative council adding that they will quote take appropriate force in the event of obstruction or resistance people not involved in the violence are also advised to leave the vicinity as soon as possible i guess the most important thing we hear
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there andrew is that they would take appropriate force in the event of obstruction or resistance there is certainly both of those things going on right now inside and outside the legislative council building. indeed well if that is what the place is saying that makes it in a sense that much more official than the rumors that have been swirling around so we have to take that seriously and what would happen if the place came in with this many people still massed outside and clearly hundreds if not thousands now inside as well that is everybody's concern because so far while there's been violence towards property very few people have been injured we've seen a few ambulances going past these barricades that the protesters have been putting up they've actually cleared the barricades to allow ambulances in to collect a few people who've been. injured i've seen some people fine thing i've seen a couple of people who were earlier in the day had some pepper spray in their eyes when the place was right now that's a long time ago now though but largely no one really seems to be injured in any big
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way but if the 2 sides were to come together the protesters and the police will be a very very different matter there's one other thing to mention in the last hour or so we've heard from one of the legislators there in a sentence on the protest inside one of the pro-democracy legislators in hong kong and they have said that they have tried to get an emergency meeting with kerry lamb the chief executive right now to discuss what's going on in there and work out a way forward and they have said that kerry has not been taking cools i can't speculate as to why but that conversation to have a meeting hasn't happened let me read you something more as well further postings from the hong kong police all read this out for everyone as we continue to look at those live pictures the legislative council building was violently attacked by the mob and forced to elite to enter illegally the police severely condemned it the police will clear the venue in the legislative council building in
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a short period of time. in case of obstacles or resistance the police will take appropriate force the police also appealed to unrelated demonstrators to leave the legislative council building as soon as possible so that's just. sort of extrapolating on what i read a little bit earlier but the clear line there the police will clear the venue in the legislative council building in a short period of time so all of those people we're seeing inside the building right now who put up that banner. and have put up those pictures in there and who've graffitied the walls and deface the emblem of hong kong would be facing the hong kong police in a short period of time is the way that they are describing it as well if you're just joining us on al-jazeera live continuing coverage of the protest movement in hong kong it started out as a. well
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a large protest on the streets earlier today coinciding with 22 years since hong kong as a territory was handed from britain to china these were the daytime scenes. as those protesters tried to breach the doors of the legislative council reinforced glass doors we should say but they used. makeshift battering rams here's the pictures and they managed to push through there and then as night fell they started heading in taking their hard hats taking their symbolic umbrellas in throwing things there almost barricading themselves in and this was probably about 2 hours ago now they breached they went into the foyer and then they headed for that chamber the debating chamber the very place where that controversial extradition bill had been debated and was due to be debated again they've basically occupied the chamber they have gone in there. benches have been graffiti the logo the emblem
11:41 pm
of hong kong has been defaced and for a time a british era flag a colonial era flag pre $997.00 was unfurled on the podium and the banner was unveiled saying if i remember rightly there are no rioters only tyranny there's some quite extraordinary scenes and we're going to try once again to speak to andrew k. leo now who is a china fans on skype from hong kong can you hear me clearly 1st of all mr young. yes i do ok so all i want 1st of all is just your reaction to what we're seeing it started as a big protest i don't think any of us really expected this sort of escalation well it was totally unexpected but all the other body and expect to get a sense that they are going this all their lives that the council what was unexpected was the the greek. and also. penetration
11:42 pm
into the lives they fight all the police court and that was the police. absolute restraint a very. straight in the sense that the police. or using excessive force in the previous protests and this time around the police were. very very restrained extremely patient but allowing the. acts of the play is all. that the police knows according to this report. showing that they have to exercise falls to maintain law. and you just very quickly i want to tell you on the reading a government response at least to the protests earlier today with us saying that
11:43 pm
they understand the member of the public have concerns and they have put a stop to the legislative amendment exercise so that would be despite the violence that we've seen subsequently would be a big political win for the protesters well not really because the government always has. already given that they have sex ended. and also there is no chance of the bill breaking into the next legislative council as session because at the end of the session that they would. disappear and then even. pro-government political parties. will support in the bill because the elections are coming up they're going to take a lot busy of rank but their constituents. if they continue to support the bill so the bill is dead in the water and the government has already sent this message long
11:44 pm
i'm fascinated to think about how this is being viewed from beijing at the moment there's been no official reaction yet but they must be watching. while they watching the same pictures we are with amazement. i mean where do they get the. over 1000000 people it was reported that one of the top leaders in beijing call. the whole call. the chief executive as they want to do but then it was decided to the chief executive that is the bill we got less and that's another of you but a lot of us but i think that the. the realisation between. in beijing in hong kong is that there seems to be some deliberately who bought your forty's into doing something drastic and even to the extent all provoke
11:45 pm
a given that the point of the day with the destroy the one country 2 systems at once so i think that the beijing ready and the whole government aware of this was. a great deal of strains in the kind of response andrew k.p. . with his thoughts on what's happening in hong kong at the moment thank you so much for joining us we are coming up to the top of the hour hasn't sake is going to have the news out for you in just a few moments but a reminder of what we've been looking at here extraordinary scenes from hong kong on the 22nd anniversary of the british handover of hong kong to china hundreds of thousands of protesters out on the street they breach the legislative council building they rammed the glass doors earlier in the day and then the protesters moved inside through the lobby and into the legislative chamber which has been defaced with graffiti. pictures and ben is here with the live pictures in
11:46 pm
there right now as it approaches the leaven pm in hong kong a scene that as i said before none of us would have really expected earlier in that day and it does change the whole aspect of these protests in hong kong as i say hasn't taken with you in just a few moments time but the very latest. on counting the cost trumps deal of the century $50000000000.00 to kickstart a more about this rainy palestinian peace process but not a single dollar pledged plus the chinese electric car maker about to take on the might of the german auto industry counting the cost on al-jazeera. they wanted 43000000000 pounds with the weaponry that was 6000000000 pounds in commission. there is no hope of any more because there's always
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a small cobbles. really really good business. in asons we in the united states have privatized the ultimate public function more shadow on al-jazeera. examining the headline and scientists are telling us that we have just 12 years to make unprecedented changes unflinching journalism i am told to leave shortly. absolutely sharing personal stories with a global audience we've seen people making sacrifices this is what i want to see explore in abundance of world class programming the world is watching on al-jazeera . the producers of mexico's most watched soap opera continue to talk of real women's issues and the audience is now reacting. emboldened by the show
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a woman freeze or herself from the horrors of sexual abuse. in a deeply emotional demonstration of the back and forth between reality and fiction that he's real stories played out on set episode 2 of soap box mexico on al-jazeera . this is al-jazeera. has i'm sick of this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes extraordinary scenes in hong kong as protesters take over terror the territories legislative council and the police warn that they will clear the
11:49 pm
building soon. iran said it stopped more enrich uranium then it's allowed under the 2015 nuclear deal. an explosion and gun battle in the afghan capital kabul. at least 10 people are dead. and in sport we'll have all the latest from the opening day of wimbledon as top seed now back job to make his youth his way into the 2nd round. polo all began with protests over an extradition bill has become the most serious challenge to china's authority in hong kong in the 22 years since the end of british rule in the territory in an unprecedented scene protesters in hong kong have occupied the territories legislative council building but in the last few minutes the hong kong police have warned that they intend to clear the building
11:50 pm
quote in a short period of time we'll get the view from beijing in a few moments but let's begin in hong kong 1st our correspondent wayne hay is inside the legislative council building with the protesters andrew thomas is on the streets outside the building we'll go to andrew in a moment but 1st wayne hay who is inside that building so wayne tell us what is happening there now and what there is are they getting any word there about the the warning from the police that they are ready to go in. yes has them extraordinary scenes it was around 2 hours ago now that they breached the walls the perimeter of this building they had spent much of monday really trying to smash their way through reinforced glass windows and doors trying to really what we thought was make
11:51 pm
a symbolic gesture that this was an attack on what they see as a legislative council that's becoming increasingly under the control of mainland china but then a around 2 hours ago they made the decision to storm into the building itself facing. really no police resistance at that time not only did they come in to the 4 year the lobby of the building but they made their way up a couple of levels levels to where we into the actual debating chamber where hong kong lawmakers would be due to sit again on monday to debate bills to read bills to pass laws into power so is an extraordinary scene now to see these protesters sitting inside the debating chamber scrawling graffiti on the walls not just in here but in many rooms throughout this building i have to say that there was a lot of damage to this building as well has them things have calmed down
11:52 pm
a little bit now but there is a bit of nerves as well in the past few minutes after wood has got around about that police statement that you mentioned many people did leave this room perhaps choosing to go to safety on the outside of the building because they are worried that the police will come into this room and clear them out but the leaders if we can call them that remembering this is a feely organic movement this movement against what they see is a deterioration of democracy in hong kong it's fairly organic but the leaders inside this room have tried to urge the protesters here to stay put saying that this is the sit in they are here for the long haul and please don't be afraid of those messages coming from the police but clearly some people have chosen to ignore that advice and to leave this room and to leave the building and when just just looking at those live pictures right that now and looking at the protesters it looks pretty clear that most of them are largely young people. and that that sort
11:53 pm
of backs up the sense that this is a movement that has been been led by then from the beginning. yes certainly you know right from the beginning as you mentioned when they stop. at this protest against the extradition bill that's how it started out about this law that the hong kong government was trying to pass that would allow for criminals to be sent to mainland china for trial. the core of the protesters who've been gathering around this legislative council building over the past 3 weeks or so various times have been young people students mainly men it has to be said a lot of young women as well but mainly men who have been at the forefront of this attempt to try to put pressure on the government and ultimately force their way into this building we saw another very large gathering much larger than what we saw at the legislative council building earlier on monday that was
11:54 pm
a normal protest that is held every year on july 1st which marks the anniversary of the handover $997.00 from great britain to china that was a peaceful gathering and we saw on the whole different demographics there were children there were young people there were old people but that was largely a different event many people from that march did come here to the legislative council but you're right the core of the protest movement here at the government headquarters effectively hong kong's parliament have been young people so clearly this is a move for change in hong kong being led by that youth movement all right for the moment when hey live for us there inside that legislative chamber that's being. essentially taken over by those pro-democracy protesters there's got an andy thomas now who's out on the streets there so anderson and you just tell us 1st of all where you are and what's happening around you.
11:55 pm
right with the building that wayne is inside the legislative council the parliament essentially of hong kong is that one right there the dark building perhaps 300 meters the way from where i'm standing and outside about building there are perhaps 10000 protesters still. master around now an hour or 2 ago 2 hours ago now before the protests when dean saw eat they were bashing the window smashing the main but not actually going inside because at that stage of the riot place inside the building and it seemed as though neither side wanted to provoke a confrontation the president as a that stage weren't going to meet the right place but now with the right place coming out now about 2 hours ago now the riot police who were immediately behind the gloss on the ground floor of that building seemed to disappear we're not entirely sure even now where they went whether they found another way out of that building it's a big complex whether they found some of the parts of that complex to go to but they seem to disappear and that became the cue for protesters to go inside the
11:56 pm
building through the holes that they had made by smashing their way in here in the day and they surely dozens over the course of about an hour it became hundreds and it seems as though it could be in the thousands now who are inside that building a lot of nervousness both inside where you saw wayne and outside the place might come and try and take the building back it hasn't happened yet but as you mentioned at the top of the program the place have now put out a statement and i'll read a bit of it to you it says the legislative council building that one was violently attacked by rioters who forced their way in illegally. the police expressed the most serious condemnation to the action. and you can hear a lot of noise now behind us. as. people are saying to put gas masks on this could be. another rumor or it could be the place going
11:57 pm
in and concern among these protesters that they're going to start being take us on this going to. pick up my mosque. for the moment i'm going to keep talking to you without it's on because we have had a few of these moments over the course of the and they haven't resulted in anything i'll continue reading the statement. from the place the place will clear the ledge co building area in a short period of time in case the school's resistance the place will take appropriate force the place also unrelated protesters to leave the area as soon as possible now hong kong's government put out a statement a couple of hours ago now saying that those protesters hundreds of thousands of them that took part in a march monday that they were pleased that they had to that is part of the democratic in their words tradition of hong kong to be out of protest peacefully on the streets without trying to draw a very clear distinction between those protesters who were marching in the streets and these protesters that they are now calling riots is and one has to wonder what
11:58 pm
mainstream hong kong is think of all of this you certainly got the feeling that the majority want to get a w2w on the streets a couple of weeks ago and probably similar numbers again support the overall aims of the protesters on the march those being to see the proposals about extradition being taken completely off the table being got rid of not just perspired whether they support this violence graffiti extensive damages wayne has been reporting inside that building over the main stream hong kong has discussed it at that well we don't know but hong kong government perhaps beijing's government might be hoping that in a sense the public opinion the battle over all of this might be turning in their direction if this turns nasty and it's clear that the police haven't provoked to know steve because so far the place to be nowhere to be seen well maybe public opinion will swing not behind these people as a.


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