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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  July 2, 2019 1:00am-1:34am +03

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that's right well what the place would sigh and the city government here would say is that they have given these protests this plane seat over warning they told them that they were coming in about an hour and a half ago now they told them that the place would be moving in and that they would be clearing this building as i'm talking to you i can now start feeling the to guess a mile eyes stinging the eyes and we are probably with further away than we were probably about 7 or 800 meters away from the building where that tear gas is being fired into the crowds but even at this distance we can feel it stinging the ice on the back of the throat so the pictures you're seeing what the protest is that getting it will be that much worse not most of the protesters certainly those right outside the building that we saw earlier on monday were carrying at least mosques if not gas mosques they were also wrapping clingfilm around their arms earlier on
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today because the gas when it gets into the skin to take in this whole whether they can really sting the skin as well but whether that is any match for the quantities of take us that these places seem to be firing in now or not it's very hard to say where i am at the moment while i can types the tear gas is not too strong but we are a little light back now so it's pretty different in that what we can say is that what has been a confrontation free day on monday has suddenly turned into one the way home protection of the already happening is imminent. yeah. absolutely and you know and as we're looking at these live pictures right now anti-government protesters in hong kong taking to the streets once again on what began as a commemoration of the 22nd anniversary of the sixty's and over to china hong kong is of course seen a wave of demonstrations of the past we protesters demanding the withdrawal of what was an unpopular. that would allow extraditions of people from hong kong to chinese
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mainland that was how it all began but from what we've seen today it's gone well beyond that as protesters stormed the legislative complex and we saw the pictures earlier of the protesters inside that complex the police now moving in an attempt to clear them not just from inside the building but from around the whole area it would seem and as you say and you this is this came after a warning that they gave to protesters a statement that they had put out. saying that they were they were ready to come in and to to to clear the area and it certainly appears that they're doing that right now. just give us a sense of i mentioned there how this this takes things to another level the school hearing scenes that we've seen here in hong kong. that this this gets to the whole
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heart of hong kong's relationship with mainland china and what sort of a relationship it still wants to have with. indeed we talked the protesters in the crowd when i was told you earlier on monday they said that the extradition laws that they are so opposed to that they want taken off the table entirely from their point of view is just the start now that is that you demand but it's not there only them on those on the resignation of the chief executive carol and that you talk to many of the protest is and they say they want all of these protests to be the beginning of much rights democracy for hong kong a complete contrast to what they say as more interference from beijing so leaders in beijing the government leaders here in hong kong what they will make of all of this well it's very hard to say on the one hand they'll be horrified by these sorts of protests on the streets of hong kong but only yalda name. maybe thinking well if
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we can show that we were as restrained as possible when it comes to the authorities the place spent all day holding but not going in the protests to do that thing but the protest has turned violent without any interference from the place whatsoever and that does seem to be the case that was the smashing the windows of the legislative council building when largely the place where no it's be seen and then they occupied the building and saying to extent of damage inside the building again with the police no x. if you see well they can patrol you then as hooligans as rioters and not just protest is being forced into something by the police now they say a gas comes in waves of this town here as you can say i've also got a gas mask if i put out all i want out of. putting it on as long as i possibly can but we really are feeling it now in the air and as i said a few moments ago some distance back from. the legislative council building which is the one that is surrounded by the protesters and indeed occupied by protesters
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in the time up in talking to you like minutes ago the police vans lot of a couple of 100 mates is closer to where i am now they've moved in the place of going at a fairly swift pace and the bands of following behind and no doubt the cameras we're seeing pictures from right in the hospital of this a showing the confrontation more clearly than we can see it from here we moved because we found ourselves in a position between where the place where marching and where the protesters behind their own barricades were holding out we thought we could get on to an overpass that overlooks the whole scene but then the place started coming back and they were clearing us as well as anyone that they feel is a protester as well so i don't make it clear they weren't stopping for anybody so we had to jump over a couple of will to get where we are now we believe because we're behind the police lines but obviously an extremely fluid situation that has really come to a head in what the last 2025 minutes. all right and you will let you take
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a pause for a moment. collect yourself and hopefully. protect yourself from any any incoming tear gas right now we're looking at what is a very fluid situation there right now are police charging him with batons and tear gas around the complex the legislative complex in hong kong advancing towards the hong kong legislature an attempt to clear the protesters who have been occupying that building for over 3 hours now they had put out a statement to hong kong police saying that they were ready to move in and morning protesters to clear the area this this all began after hundreds of protesters had stormed the legislature on the anniversary of the city's 997 returned to china from british rule they went to a number of protesters and went in there. and charged in. putting graffiti on the walls and on the desks and essentially occupying the inside of that
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building we had a live picture a little bit earlier inside that building but it doesn't appear that we have that right now. i would imagine that has quite a lot to do with what is on hold unfolding before us what we're seeing there huge numbers of riot police moving in there and as andrew was saying there earlier. they. saw it seems they're well aware that all of this is unfolding in front of them and on live television over. there where aware of the criticism that they have taken for not appearing to have to use too much force in dealing with this and still with us there just. tell us little bit more about what is unfolding in front of you.
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yeah well we're trying to work out. in order to be out to show you what's going on and indeed see for ourselves but also because as you can imagine there's a pretty dangerous situation what we're trying to do is work out a position where we can be site but also see what's going on because as the place waned scene we found ourselves between the protests and the place and we had to climb over a couple of walls a couple of roadways to get to where we are now but what is meant is we haven't got direct sides of the some of the pictures that you're seeing of the immediate vicinity of the building where the majority of my guests 10 maybe 20000 protesters all unhappy now for some hours so when it begins here in a moment we'll probably try and move closer because we're now at probably a few 100 meters behind the place lines rules of trying to get some hard to put eyes on the situation but certainly even from where we are meant to be a good 6700 meters back now from where we are and from where the protest is even here we can really feel they take us stinging all wrongs and getting into our eyes
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perhaps not right now meeting the helmet but i'm wary of taking it off because obviously things are being brought in by police and protesters and if needs be we've got the gas mask after as have most of the protesters i've been with them most of monday and the protesters came prepared they were expecting a confrontation with the place they were expecting rubber bullets they were expecting tear gas because the place used those things in the previous protests back in june 2 or 3 weeks ago now. so what are we hearing and seeing at the moment from here what we can hear the place moving the barricades that the protests just become about place. you can hear the protesters or rather the police clearing the barriers that the protesters had put to try and stop the place from coming in. the protesters from what i can see level. so moved back
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a bit they've gone close. to the ledge co building so in a sense what the place achieving here is they are moving the protesters into an even more enclosed space they were already in quite an enclosed space but they had created for themselves the protesters by putting barricades up. on the roads that lead to the ledge close the legislative council the parliament here in hong kong that buildings they had essentially encircled themselves the protesters in barricades in order to stop the place coming in but with a place and now doing is taking advantage of the fact that all the protesters are in the same so called area and they're coming in from all those approaches and they're moving the barricades and we're approaching i'm going to keep approaching the back of one of those barricades here now as we get closer though on the 2nd the road that as we get closer i can feel more and more and more and more of that tear gas so clearly there's a lot of it now in the air and i've got my back to it paul paul was behind the
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cameras having to walk into the tear gas essentially is really struggling here but will keep moving on then i'll give him a towel to cover to cover his eyes and face now we can hear. announcements by the place both just in we stop here in order not to get too much close to the tear gas we can hear announcements over loudspeakers from the place i'm not sure what they're saying perhaps cat could help translate some of these announcements will be in a moment but they're not right now walking in the place they seem here anyway to be standing their ground and waiting i can't speak for the other entry points to the edge go building nor to where the vast majority of the protesters are right up against that building. or andrea as we're talking to you we're looking at live pictures right now this is a wide shot of the huge numbers of police who have converged around this.
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this unfolded just about 15 minutes ago right now we're looking at live pictures as well right now of what appear to be some protesters looks like they're giving they're talking to giving some sort of announcement. many of them many of them wearing the hard hats and the and the mosques to protect themselves from. from the gas huge numbers of police. moving in around there are now. earlier we had we were able to see what was going on inside the legislative building but we don't have that now and we haven't had access to it for some time now and that's probably because of this police action that we're seeing right now. for the record as we're talking to you and. we're seeing a number of. police who are. not moving at the moment but just just
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positioned stationary right now. but it's pretty clear from whatever angle we're looking at there are police that appear to be outnumbering protesters so. whatever it is that the police or. whatever operation it is that it is it's almost as if they're trying to come to overwhelm them with with with sheer force of numbers more than anything else acutely aware of course. of the perception that they may be. being too heavy handed in their response to this and remember also as we're talking to you we're also looking at. clearing barricades right now. as the police prepare to to move in further it appears i'm not sure if and you can still hear me. as we're talking to you and you are seeing this this one position where these police barricades are moving i can and
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what we've got right here what we've got right here is one of those barricades that was in place most of monday and this barricade was put in place. by the protesters themselves earlier on monday and as you can see the place here have now the story that barricade and that's how they got in but they're holding here anyway they're holding their position just if you like the protesters saw each of the barricades i heard you talking about numbers there and i'm not seeing the same pictures that you are but i would be very surprised amazed if the police could have the same numbers as the protesters because there were thousands and thousands of protesters still inside the barricades that they had created master around the ledge co building just before the police went in and while i certainly saw hundreds of places going in they didn't from what i could see much the numbers of protesters inside having said that of course they are heavily. prepared they have
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right shields they have the tear gas i want to see you i haven't seen it but they have rubber bullets as well and i think i haven't seen this but i think you've seen it in the pictures that the place are using bathrooms as well. inside so even if the numbers are not as high as the protesters and i'm not saying they're not but i'd be amazed if they are then in a sense you would think that. they have mike told me aside because of the way that they have come prepared now just in the last 5 minutes we've heard loudspeakers by the police telling people to clear and telling people that they're going to come in and make arrests in full simply move people if they don't so i think right here again i can't speak for other approaches to this building right here we have a brief pause while the place telling people to get out now i haven't seen anybody come out here not one person not one person has left
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a protester i mean and come out through this barricade so if the place all suggesting that there is safe passage for those who want to leave right now but they can get sound right now while they're not taking up that option or all of being off of it all from i really can't say from here up one perspective and it's this one and i can't tell you exactly what's going on right in the heart of things but certainly the confrontation that we've been expecting all day on monday the place seemed incredibly restrained given what was going on right in the heart of hong kong well but confrontation took a long time coming but now what is it midnight just gone yeah i'm hearing a note from count of lost track of time midnight just go in the place of going in all right we'll let you take a pause for a moment and you we're going to go now to wayne hay who. is also in amongst that scene right now wayne tell us where you are right now and what you're seeing. yes says i'm well as you know we were talking to you just
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a few minutes ago from inside the legislative council building where the protest is a few hours ago had stormed into going up into that debating chamber well very quickly they left there for the most part when word came through that the police were moving in we were probably one of the last to leave. we got out of their building which is only less than 100 meters in that direction and as we left the building the police in full riot gear were charging down this road towards this area here chasing the protesters down the road entering mentioning the use of beds and we certainly saw that as i just stepped out of the shot here and allow brandon to perhaps show you what's going on here at the moment just bear with us it's fairly dark through that area there you can see the riot police standing around at the moment a period of relative calm i would say has descended upon this particular intersection here but as i mentioned the police charge down this road here to the point where they are now using batons as they went we saw some tear gas being used but not
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a lot and it seems as if they have come from at least 2 different directions 2 different main roads to chase the protest is away from that legislative council building for this at this stage in this particular area or to seems that they have achieved that immediate goal of clearing that hong kong parliament building if you like but still if we look further into the distance the protesters a still there still a lot of shouting going on there's a lot of ambulances and police vehicles that have moved into the area as well police buses so a big police presence coming in from not just one direction but multiple directions when word came out that they were coming they moved fairly swiftly has to be said to come into this area there was not a lot of warning apart from that one statement that they released no chance for negotiation it seems that that period passed a long time ago and their motive for coming here was to clear the area around the
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building clear the building itself which they have managed to do so we haven't seen any police go inside the legislative council building as far as we could tell but certainly a big presence on the streets right now even if at the moment they are standing by and a relative period of calm. has come upon us yeah that's certainly the sense that we're getting here and looking at these live pictures. right now away in contrast to the them the pictures that we. we saw a little bit earlier but almost about half an hour ago when pete police 1st started to move in and throw throwing those there tear gas canisters but we're looking at what is a slightly static situation right now as many many of the police are standing there with riot gear at the moment not appearing to move in at this point at least from that that live picture that we're looking at right now and some of the other life means that we also have access to. so it would seem at least from the pictures that
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we're getting and i don't know if you're getting the sense at all wayne that the police response. has been has been measured has been restrained if i can if i can call it that or have you seen indications of something else that. will certainly it was measured throughout the course of monday there is absolutely no doubt about that we saw a little bit of violence some minor clashes it has to be said between police and protesters early on monday morning that was around the time that the syrian money was held to mark the 22nd anniversary of the handover of hong kong from great britain to china there is a and i had an adverse reinvent that's held every year so clearly police were very determined to make sure that the protesters did not disrupt that very brief ceremony monday morning after that the police retreated we didn't really see much of a police presence there was some inside the legislative council building but not
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a lot and as we have been mentioning when it came about 9 o'clock in the evening local time so about 3 and a half hours ago that police presence inside the building seemed to completely disappear as those protesters moved inside the building they were in there for around 3 hours. before the police moved back into this area what we've seen so far is a very brief clash as i say those police officers in riot gear moved down the short distance running talking 150 meters or so from the building to where they are now it was all very swift like i say they were using battens they did find some tear gas but that has been it for now and they are waiting at this intersection apparently not willing at the moment to advance beyond this area certainly we can see some small groups of protesters just beyond that police line but no big numbers at the moment it seems that they have retreated much further away from this area and again the legislative council building as far as i can see i can see it down
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the road there is pretty much all cleared of protesters now there may be a few stragglers inside the building i'm just going to move out a shot again as if we can get branden to zoom in because there is some more police movement now to the list of we're we are standing the police starting to move down the road although again it seems like they may have stopped the police right in the foreground here in behind us beginning to fall back and perhaps maybe. retreating to have a look at what's going on there you can see in that now it's a bit dark but you can see in the distance there it's a big number of riot police there blocking that road getting these shields ready and what they traditionally do as we see in riot situations protest situations around the world when they want to clear the area they will start banging their backs ins against those plastic riot shields and that is a sign that enough's enough it's time to get out they're going to start marching
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towards the protest as and that may be what we're about to see there they are definitely forming out into a line there's a group of people in front of them but it looks at the moment from what i can see to be mainly media and then much further down that road where. those are riot police are there are still protesters again there's no confrontation happening here right now there's no protests just throwing projectiles at the police says we have seen in the past half an hour or so but it seems as if the police may be getting ready for another clearance operation to perhaps continue to move down that road more riot police i can see coming from this direction as well so we're seeing a big number of police that's for sure yeah we're certainly seeing an indication from from the live pictures that we're looking at wayne police getting into position to do something as you say they are all lined up there in riot gear and just to update our viewers who are just joining us right now this. decision by the
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police to move in began just over half an hour ago they arrived by bus and initially ran into position as protesters had gathered around the legislative council building in the heart there of hong kong. hundreds of protesters who had occupied that legislature complex in what began as you say were peaceful protests on the 22nd anniversary of hong kong handover to china from british rule but things have certainly spiraled beyond that to us in the hours since then the protesters moved to occupy that ledge the looted building as they smashed their way in. and basically took control of the building and the pictures the new showing there that they sprayed graffiti throughout the inside of the building on the rules and on the desks and. carrying flags one of them carrying flags of the. former hong kong flag when it was under british rule which is
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something along the few people. that was about almost 4 hours ago now and as i said just about half an hour ago police made a decision to move in after they had give. a warning through a statement. about an hour before maybe longer saying that they were ready to move in warning protesters that they would and that they would come in and were ready to clear the area when they initially moved in they threw what appeared to be tear gas canisters and started to move into position in full riot gear and we're looking at a live shot right now number of them in one of those positions and then as one was telling us earlier it looks like that they were getting ready for something and they're moving in slowly moving in right now away now i'm not sure where you are in relation to this right now but we're looking at these pictures of that riot police in full gear moving in now to tell us what's what's happening in front.
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yes i can see that from where we are that is exactly the intersection where we are standing has some of those at the riot police that we showed you just a few minutes ago forming up and again starting to push down the main road i can see them fanning out as well making sure that they are in a line right across that quite wide road so several lines on either side one of the main arterials through hong kong so it seems and i. guess the protesters who remain in this area out of the area hold together again but have succeeded in what seems to be in their 1st mission the police and that was to clear the legislative council building and the area in the immediate vicinity that is what the done now it seems they're ready to take the next step and that is to push the protesters even further away i would say those police that you can see there are probably
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about 200 meters or so from the legislative council building up perhaps just a little bit about has some of the police that i can see from here and the terms of equipment they have certainly they have shields and battens as you see some of the police near us. taking some of their equipment off and having a break for now they have tear gas guns and also they have side arms as well they have pistols on them there's no suggestion that they are loaded but they are certainly there i can see them so that is the scene here at the moment and perhaps just on that there's no indication from what we've seen over the course of monday that anyone on the protesters side is armed certainly we've seen them smashing up bricks and rocks and things like that throughout this protest movement over the past 3 weeks throwing projectiles bottles and pieces of brick etc at the police but it as far as anything more serious goes in that there is no indication that this
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protest movement is a violent one in terms of any weapons they may be carrying this is a very young movement for the most part mostly young people a lot of students mainly men it has to be said but also a lot of women who have been coming to these protests particularly in this particular site the hard core group of protesters if you like who have been gathering during these rallies at the legislative council building for the most part they have been fairly young so i would imagine once that notice came out that the police were going to take action we were inside the legislative council building at the time but i would imagine once that notice came through that many of the protesters would have taken the decision to leave certainly we noticed inside the building itself that it emptied out fairly quickly a few diehards if you like remained inside the building most of them took that advice from the police fairly seriously and decided to leave the building and perhaps many also decided to leave the area because after all even though we've
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seen protests over the past 3 weeks and they have been intensifying over the past few years really as i say this is a young group of protesters for the most part so most of them would have been through situations like this very often if not at all before so at the moment again still see. to be a standoff you could see a lot of police vehicles behind me as the riot police continue to push down that road and perhaps get the protesters out of this area old together yeah and certainly seems to. every indication of that happening right now that there is a very kind of slow measured movement from the police there at this point is worth reminding ourselves that this this whole operation by the police began. just over half an hour ago now perhaps 45 minutes ago i believe after the protesters that you're talking about they're mostly young people had stormed the legislative complex about 4 hours ago and essentially occupying the inside of that
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building smashing of dollars and windows to get inside some pro police now attempting to clear them out of that whole area. and all of this of course began several weeks ago in protest at the extradition bill that the hong kong government was trying to get through that so many people in hong kong were opposed to because they saw it as a way to get political opponents to have to arrest. the political opponents of beijing and bring them to mainland china for trial but things have moved well beyond that at this point this is about much more than an unpopular extradition or isn't it. certainly is has i mean you're right this extradition law was 1st tabled for its reading back in april that was its 1st reading then it was due to go through a 2nd reading last month and you remember that very large protests that took took
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place on june the 12th that resulted in that 2nd reading all that bill being postponed by the government they bowed to the pressure being placed on them by the protesters and ultimately the chief executive terry lamb and to a government. the decision more recently to suspend that bill altogether that isn't enough for these protesters they want this bill canceled altogether it's a bill as you mentioned that would allow hong kong to sin criminal suspects to mainland china to face the justice system over there to face the trials in the chinese judicial system and it's a system that of course critics say is far from ideal they have a very high conviction rate so people here who have been protesting don't want that to happen but as you say it's bigger than that now it is about wanting this government in hong kong which they feel is coming under increasing pressure increasing influence from beijing to stand up and listen to them to stand up and
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listen to the young people in particular of hong kong that they will not accept this apparent movement of hong kong closer to beijing so the extradition bill is very important to the people here but it's being seen as just another example of what they see as this place hong kong coming under increasing influence from beijing and there are many other examples that have come up over the past few years and of course this 50 year deal that was signed between great britain and china comes to an end in 2047 so there is a concern among this movement which is again a fairly young movement that the closer we get to that deadline and no one knows what will happen after 2047 what will the political makeup of hong kong be will there be any independence judicial independence any form of democracy left or will it just simply become another province of china no one knows what it will look like
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in the concern is among these protestors that the closer we get to that deadline that the worse the situation here for them is going to be that we're going to see a continuing deterioration of democracy in this country a deterioration of humor. the rights of freedom of speech of freedom of assembly and that is why the people have come out so strongly over the past few weeks all right for the moment when hey live for us there in hong kong let's get the view from beijing now katrina you is standing by for us there in the chinese capital so it's an open question as to how. mainland china is going to be viewing this and how they're going to respond to this. well that is the question i mean certainly the people here in beijing will be watching this and asked this is something that they would have thought is unthinkable really from their perspective now.


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